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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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pna00eastincerensontreieciti [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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(burke) covered march fourth,2014. to fa we'n st eing,e mo are s. bdum,m-bum-bum 5:30. we've got you covered from the timeline of the snow, the freezing rain, to conditions on the roads. good morning, i'm bill leslie. >> and i'm renee chou. we have live team coverage of this weather system and is what it could bring this morning. eldz gardner is tracking the -- elizabeth gardner is tracking the storm's path and she'll show us who is seeing snow, sleet, and freezing rain. brian shrader has an overview of the traffic and the icy spots to look out for.
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five giving you firsthand looks at the roads. julia is live in roxboro with a big smile where they have seen some snow up there. it's probably prettier in roxboro than anywhere else. >> it is, but it is nasty in the triangle. before we get to elizabeth, there are a number of schools. wake county schools are closed. >> also on our list, and chapel hill, carboro, closed, and chatham county and clinton county, two-hour delay, and durham, as well as edgecombe county is closed. >> and harnett, and hoke county schools are delayed. >> and mecklenburg, virginia, and north hampton county schools, orange county schools are closed.
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person county school's closed, vance, wake county schools, warren county schools closed, and wayne county and wilson county delayed. >> you can find it scrolling on the bottom of screen or on we've been seeing a mixture of precipitation across the triangle. the concern, freezing rain in raleigh so far. >> that's the worst sort of precipitation. elizabeth? >> it feels like wind chill. the rain is freezing on surfaces. that's just here in raleigh. we're seeing differing conditions. i had a viewer north of where we are here with some sleet and wake county seeing some snow falling. theel perpetrator purple is where we're likely
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we'll be interested to -- purple is where we are likely see some snow, and in durham if that's changing over, and if it isn't, it will be shortly. and it should be snow along the virginia line, but 7:00 or 8:00 we'll probably see that into sleet and freezing rain, as well. we have warmer air surging from south to north today. temperatures are all below freezing. 21 in south hill, 23 in roxboro, 29 in fayetteville and clinton, so no matter where you are, if there's rain falling, it's what we would consider freezing rain, which means it falls as liquid and freezes to surfaces. sleet is the ice pellets that fall. we have a winter storm warning that's in effect right now for roxboro, and down towards hillsborough. so orange and person county in the winter storm warning. those spots. elsewhere, winter weather advisory for lesser amounts and of course looking at more sleet
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not likely to have enough freezing rain to cause glazing which causes -- or enough glazing for power outages but still slick roads are very likely in places. this morning, mid-20s, lunch time still 30s, so even through lunchtime we're below freezing and we start to climb to freezing while it change to rain and temperatures do not drop below 0. once it melts it finishes and we'll talk about what we're looking for tomorrow, and bryan, it's great to take a look at your traffic cameras, where you see a huge range in the conditions. >> already hearing about some slick conditions over the knight dale bypass. and out at 40 at lake wheeler road, right above the r in wheeler, and you can see the freezing rain. a lot of that freezing rain coming down.
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it won't take much to create some icy spots on surface roads especially, or on surface roads but bridges tricky in many spots this morning. the road weather index, roughly northern wake county under the north and west, that's where we're seeing the best chance of a little snowfall. the map syndicating we're seeing some of that switching over to a wintery mix and let's check in with aerial in live drive five in downtown durham on beautiful main street, and aerial, are you seeing that switch from snow to mixture? >> it's kind of been a mix so far this morning. we've seen both sleet and snow, and it's been on and off, bryan. right now, it slowed considerably from what we saw this morning as we were driving into durham. as you mentioned we were in downtown durham on main street, and there is definitely a layer of ice on parts of the rode and on sidewalks. i had about five minutes ago and there was that slippery, slick
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to watch out for obviously if they are going to get out today. there are plows and salt and sand trucks out all around durham. we saw one in downtown, putting a sand/salt mix out on to the roads and as i was heading into work this morning. i saw at least two clouds sitting on the side of one of the entrance ramps on to i-40 heading into raleigh. so, we talked to d.ot. over the weekend. they said that crews were out brining on saturday, and that they were said to have treated overnight to handle the wintry weather we're seeing now. >> thanks, arielle clay, and as arielle mentioned, as cold as said, those temperatures are so cold it will create some slick streets. i'll have an update in about
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>> thank you, bryan. and what a mix of winter weather. parts of the viewing area have seen actual snow, including the snow capitol. >> if you're looking for a winter post cart, check out roxboro. julia swims is up there in the county seat -- julia sims is there at the seed. what is it? >> we're still seeing snow. it has been snowing since 3:00. it gets heavy and lightens up. let me step out of the way so you can see 501 north here in roxboro. you can see the traffic is already out, the roads are covered with snow because the area got an inch or so. downtown roxboro, photographer jamie mundon shot some video downtown on manipulate street about 3:30 or 4:00 this morning and absolutely beautiful, beautiful to look at, but again, out here live, out on the
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with snow and we've seen the plows and the sand and salt truck comes by and of course folks here in person county know how to do it, know how to handle this kind of snow. if you have to be out, be careful , and take it slow. bill, rep a renee. >> julia is live in roxboro, thank you very much. you can keep up-to-date with the weather, giving you an instant look at the forecast on wral. all the details are at search "alert center." and overnight firefighters are investigating a house fire in raleigh along fox road at 220 this morning. the home had significant damage. we're still working to learn about the cause of the fire. police tell us it was an accident, and two adults and five children were displaced. and 5:38. we're watching potential slick
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moment. 440 at wade avenue in raul seclosed because of the ice and -- raleigh is closed because of there. we'll have more coming up shortly. and meanwhile, leaders are bracing in the nation's capitol to get several inches of rain. the mayor of the d.c. has a snow team and virginia's transportation in the northern part of the state will deploy about 3,500 trucks to clear the roads. >> good thing wake county schools closed schools. >> there for a little while i thought they could have gone to school, because freezing rain doesn't always cause problems but just really in the last about 15 minutes we've heard from crews that are out there and now we're hearing from dot they're closing roads because of the slick conditions and it's
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really into the bulk of the commute yet. >> and there's still more to come? >> there's definitely more to come t. doesn't take much with temperatures in the mid-20s like right -- it doesn't take much for temperatures like now to be a real mess. we're going to really encourage to you stay home. the nice thing about today is we can tell you it's going to warm up later and change over to rain. you will have an opportunity to get out. road conditions will improve, but might not be until after lunchtime. it's going to be a morning to stay put. it's not very pretty in some places, but it is very slick and dangerous. let's take a look at the radar picture and you can see what's going on. we've had a band of snow come through yesterday evening and that laid down maybe one to three inches especially from greensboro, westward, burrlington saw that snow and roxboro did you, too, and now we've gotten another band of precipitation that's come through. it being liked like for a minute we're going to have a little bit of snow, but you can see already the warmth has started to come
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atmosphere. it's not down at the surface. we're still looking at mid-20s here. but it's changed that precipitation back over to freezing rain. so it looks like rain t. might look like it's just raining out your window, but it's freezing a glaze of ice everywhere. right now t doesn't look like it's going to be enough to cause a lot of power outages but these situations can change so rapidly. keep it here. we'll be with you-all morning to let you know what's happening with this precipitation. it's comes down moderately, towards durham, looking at some sleet and freezing rain, causing some real problems. up north, to oxford and henderson, it's all snow and the radar showing it's snow up and down the i-95 corridor. i didn't see any snow on the snow cam.
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here comes that band and that one right there brought a little bit of snow and we've had the warmer air surge closer to 6:00 before that happened but it's 10:00 to 6:00. it looks wet at the airport and of course a lot of that is freezing on the roads. sometimes it's only sidewalks, cars, trees, power lines, but we are seeing the freezing rain freezing to bridges and streets. home. 25 is our temperatures, miles-per-hour. our dew point is 18, 74% relative humidity. it's 23 in roxboro, and roanoke rapids where you'll have a much better chance of that pretty snow falling, but rocky mount, to thatboro, smithfield, clinton, fayetteville, wintery precipitation in place. this low will continue to get stronger.
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it just down to the south carolina. that comes rolling in overnight and we'll have some heavy rain tomorrow morning. we're going to watch that warm air gradually pushing north ward and temperatures by this afternoon will be above freezing and we won't drop below freezing overnight tonight. the precipitation lightens up as we get through the afternoon and again those temperatures climb and it will all be rain. going to be a mess for us tomorrow morning in terms of heavy rain and the chance of thunderstorms. how about that. we go from winter weather to a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. that's wenter in north carolina. again from say northern durham coincident northward, 1/2 an inch to 2 inches of snow -- winter in north carolina -- and we're starting to see that change over, looking at a trace to maybe a 1/10th of an inch of ice from raleigh southward and we'll have some icing in the same area that's going to see snow. so snow and then ice on top of that. 36, our high temperatures this afternoon, and even though that sounds miserable, it gets us
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we're seeing accidents all over, and bryan's coming up more to talk about that, but later today, mid-afternoon, temperatures warm up above freezing. we transition to rain. it will be heavy late tonight and into early tomorrow. 57 for tuesday. we'll start the morning commute with some heavy rain, which always cause a lot of problems. and temperatures in the 50s with some afternoon highs and 30s for lows but no real problems. on saturday, 2363, so an above normal high temperatures. sunday looks really great, as well. and bryan, boy, it seems like all the sudden in the last 15 minutes, it's just turned into an ice skating rink. >> several accidents all over this morning. we have a lot of slick bridges. want to take you to 440 at wade avenue. this is on the eastbound side of 440 at wade.
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wade, and on icy mornings, i would say probably 60% or 7% of the accidents that we see on the cameras are just like this one. a slick bridge, people go across the bridge, shoes control on the bridge, then spin out over on the side of the road on the other side of the bridge. that's typically the way that these things play out and that's what we're seeing right now. 440 eastbound blocked the wade avenue. we got word from the d.ot. they as well a number of salt and sand crews trying to salt treat the slick spots. this is a really good reminder bee are seeing conditions deteriorating around -- we are seeing conditions deteriorating in chapel hill and roxboro, and with the freezing rain, we're seeing problems in raleigh. best thing to do is stay put. back to you. >> thank you, bryan. and as you heard bryan talk b the conditions are rapidly changing and we will be here with you to track this winter weather, whatever is falling from the sky and whatever is sticking to the roads.
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