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tv   WRA Ls 1230 Report  NBC  February 17, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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t ominol ple s wake county school leaders are looking for solutions to fix the way some students are disciplined within the district. african-american students are more likely to get suspended or arrested in wake county schools. while suspensions rose last year, the five-year trend in wake county shows some improvement but there are other concerns, african-americans are less than a quarter of the student population, but accounted for 63% of suspensions last year. and they were involved in 70% of cases sent to the criminal justice system. school leaders are looking at possible solutions, like improved alternative programs,
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giving students the best opportunity at going to college is what our teacher of the week is all about. wral's lynda loveland takes us to a middle school in hillsboro, to meet the man with the plan. >> are you wral's teacher of the week! >> yeah, he is in. pretty cool. >> this former history teacher wants nothing more than to make a difference in his students' lives. he is an avid instructor to help the students develop the skills they need to be successful in college. >> it is not about getting the test score but working hard to get it and focusing on those principals of, you know, motivation, and curiosity, and that kind of stuff. and then the other stuff takes care of itself. >> peter has a reputation for encouraging students to push their limits, to dream big. >> he will take a core group of kids that without that push, may not get there. and give them what they need. so that they are moving beyond where they thought they could have been. >> we will make some recommendations on the types of
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>> peter is more than just a teacher. he also considers himself a bit of a coach. a life coach. with this advice for his students at the end of 8th grade. >> never give up. you know, learn from your mistakes. move on from them. but never quit. sometimes they are blessings to make you better. >> with our teacher of the week, peter joseys, i'm lynda loveland, wral news, hillsboro. >> to see all of our teachers of the week, go to, and search teachers. the boys and girls club of cumberland county is testing a new program before it rolls out for the rest of the nation. it is one of five chapters selected for a pilot supporting military youth. the online portal offers another way for children and parents to discuss issues unique to military families. the senator richard berl was on hand for the announcement and called it an honor to help children this other communities. >> the opportunity for us to
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the youth and reimportantly, how programs that we can create, it makes life easier for the children of military families. >> the online program was developed through a grant from the united health foundation. feedback from the five chapters will be used to evaluate the program before it goes live in april. what beautiful weather we have out there. and not as warm as yesterday. but that is okay. with the sunshine. >> and warmer than we were with all of the weekend. and into much of last week. and we don't have any frozen stuff to deal with, neither. so you know, of course, we could talk about it, but they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. so i have 3,000 words for you in pictures coming up. let's start off with a look at the rdu skycam. it is a beautiful day to get out and do a little flying perhaps. the blue skies over north carolina. very inviting today. but maybe flying is not your thing. let's check out durham, durham county courthouse, looking pretty nice as well this morning. or this afternoon, rather. a lot of blue sky there.
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wilson, a big water tower there, and lots of blue sky around the area as well. just a fantastic day, and we finally broke the string of nasty weather. with the rain, the sleet, the snow, the freezing, we had all of that and we don't have any of that in our forecast, for the rest of the day. and the temperatures, around the local area, town by town, 54 degrees in west raleigh at the tv station and 54 at durham and a cool spot on this spot is zebulon at 49. it is not too bad. in the sunshine. and across the entire area, 50 right now in south hill. and we will get to 55 in fayetteville and 55 in clinton and 5 in newburn at this hour. the democrat -- 56 in newburn at this hour. the numbers are a little cooler from yesterday, especially the triangle and points eave. but still for the sunshine, it is making for a fairly nice day outside. rain last night. and spotty showers. but overall, things have cleared out quite nicely across central and eastern north carolina. and we mentioned in the last half hour, this trough of low pressure, you can sort of pick
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out a u-shape, if you will, and that is what has allowed the cold air to settle into the region, over the last few days. as we take a look at the upper level wind flow, you can see how that is going to break down. there is that shape. you picked it up pretty clearly, the air blowing parallel to the flight lines. like cars on a highway. and they are looking at the temperature ank, a couple of miles of -- temperatures average, a couple of miles into the atmosphere. the next couple of days, trough of low pressure is pushing to the east and allowing cold air to move out. we don't really get a big ridge building across the central and eastern part of the country like we might hope for, but it is enough that we will allow some milder air to move into the region for the weekend. and into at least the first part of next week. monday and tuesday, another trough is developing across the central and eastern part of the north american continent and it will allow some more cold air to make its way into the area,
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part of next week. we may even have a little bit of precipitation with that, at this point it doesn't look like it will be cold enough for any wintry stuff, but this time of the year, it cannot be ruled out this far out. and especially the warm weather the next couple of days, it looks like the trough will hang around, into the end of february, and perhaps the first little bit of march. for the rest of day, today, though, temperatures we have already broken the high temperature in south hill. generally low to mid-50s across the area. 56 in the area. and 52 in raleigh. and 51 in rocky mount and we are looking the last half hour and the next few day, pretty good and chillier tomorrow and with cooler air settling in and an overnight low of 30. and upper twefnts tomorrow night and we can't put the plants out quite yet, and for friday afternoon, put the plants out and it looks like it will be rather pleasant for the next few days after that. with partly cloudy skies on saturday. a high in the mid-60s. and a little more cloud cover on sunday. i expect we will stay dry for
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66 degrees. pretty nice, even with the cloud cover. our next chance of rain comes monday and tuesday. as that next shot of cold air pushes in. at this point, not excited about the possibility of the wintry precipitation with that, thankfully. but something we will watch. it is that time of the year. still around here, 66 for a couple of days this weekend. we will deal with monday when it gets here. >> that's right. let's focus on the 56. >> you got it. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> you bet. well, who says legos are just for kids? >> coming up, how a well known artist is giving visitors a fresh new encounter at the california botanical garden. >> also ahead, our pet of the day, chase.
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mega millions numbers. life-sized legos consult tours have invaded the botanical garden in california. dozens of sculptures are spread around the garden's 87 acres, including a rose, a hummingbird, a fox, and a rabbit. artist shawn kenny used half a million bricks to create works of art. the temporary nature connects exhibit officially opens to the public on friday. and remains on display through may 8. a german short-haired pointer is crowned the top dog at the 140th westminster dog show. jamie yuccas is at the event in new york city and takes us backstage. >> best in show dog tonight, for 2016, is the german short- haired pointer. >> a 3-year-old german short- haired pointer named cj is westminster kennel club's best in show.
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says cj is an old soul. >> he is a serious show dog. when we get in there, he is all business. when we go home, he is a pet. >> head judge dr. richard meed explains why he singled out cj. >> he looked bright. paying attention. >> the competition started with nearly 3,000 canines from 199 breeds. only the seven top dogs made it to the finals. >> lucy, panda, anna bell, rumor, cj, bovey, and charlie. all bounded on to the green carpet at madison square garden tuesday night. seven new breeds were added to the competition this year. all of them meeting, greeting. and primping about a mile and a half from the arena. most of the competitors hen arrived by bus -- then arrived by bus to adoring fans. >> i think they are super adorable and i want to look at
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whirlwind media tour. >> and as renee educated me earlier, cj's grandmother won best in show in 2005. valerie is the first breeder owner handler to win in 30 years. >> cj comes from championship stock and gets a big winner after winning. >> and i wonder if the dog likes chicken instead. >> he can get whatever he wants. >> he deserves it. well, we want to introduce you to our pet of the day. this is chase. carmen, tell us about chase. >> he does not want to be on tv today. chase is six months old. he is neutered. he is up to date on all of the vaccines and high crow chipped and ready to go. >> i -- micro chipped and ready to go. >> you know i think the problem is we had that dog show story right before this. >> yes. >> and you can visit him and his brothers, 3:00 to 6:00 on friday, and 12:00 to 4:00 on
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or you can visit them any time online. 959 north harrison. >> nothing like a good neck rub to calm chase down. he is a snug ler. >> he really is. the camera scared him a little bit. yes. >> they can be intimidating. >> they scare me, too. >> they can be intimidating. they kind of grow on you after a while. >> it is cat angels pet adoptions, and go check out chase and company. be sure to check out all of the sunshine out there. >> a beautiful day today. temperatures are coming out in the 50s. we will drop back into the 30s overnight tonight, about 433 433 -- 43 at 8:00. it will be chilly once the sun sets. >> a quick question for you. i saw just a ton of robbins out in the gardens this morning. and you know, in the holly bushes trying to get berries and things and is that a sign we will have more snow coming? >> i don't know. i have never heard a connection between robbins and snow. >> i was thinking, maybe they
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>> maybe they do. >> i'm going with spring. i'm going with the ground hog prediction and hoping for spring. that's it for the wral news. tune in to fox 50 at 4:00 p.m. for more news. make it is a great one, everybody. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night,
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. a bride and groom get ready to rumble on the way to the wedding. >> i don't know what this guy could have been apart from by the way about his sister. >> see if he can convince her to get to the church on time. a guide leading skiers spots something and everybody stops.
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had them terrified. kids are riding high at the scottsdale arabian horse show where -- >> i got to see the most gorgeous horses i have ever seen. >> what happens when she finally high jacks the saddle. >> i love him. >> plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini and a nervous nelly trying to park a ferrari. see why packing in is not for him. >> oh, wow! >> that was more than i expected. >> there are certain countries in the world where the divorce rate is 50%. america is one of those countries. another one, russia. meet the statistics. >> a video of a couple on the way to their wedding. a wedding i'm not sure is going to happen because this bride is trying to get away.
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car, get in the car. >> is this one of the arranged marriages? >> i don't know what this guy could have said on the way to the wedding for it to then get to this situation apart from by the way, about your sister. >> everything goes and it's boom, boom, boom, gone. >> abort mission. the wedding doesn't need to happen. the marriage is going to fail. let it go. >> i think it's great. they didn't get married. so basically this is good for marriage statistics in russia. the family that eats together -- >> staying together? >> yeah. except this is the family that eats together fights together. this is at a food court. something wasn't on the menu. >> i'm sorry. what? i'd call that a fight. >> a barney?


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