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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 17, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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>> and lady gaga couture. we're with her stylist fashion week. bowie trsformati sequins and feat and fashion advice from an expert. >> 50 crafts minnesota working on this dress. >> good morning "e.t.." >> cover girls, we're with the curvy model speaking out. >> kate hudson on this racy o. > "e h d lla
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ntond e. to es sw ee low sad member gigi hadid told us she is team taylor. >> i'm just so proud of her. obviously that's the perfect ending to the 1989 story. i wish i could be there with her but i was there in spirit. >> no one's been more supportive than swift's besty selena gomez. >> a lot of people think you should date taylor swift's brother. >> after selena set next to austin swift at the grammys, they are just friends. and we have new d about rihanna's grammy no-show. >> here is what we learned. on friday three days before the
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debuting new puma fashion here at new york fashion week. >> it is noteasy. but it doesn't feel like work. >> same day in l.a. we had her in the grammy audience. on saturday night "e.t." was inside when rihanna took the stage at lionel richie cares event. >> on monday, rihanna ran through her performance of her song "kiss it better twice" and she had low energy but no mention at all of her being sick. >> later that day 4:10 p.m. less than an hour before the show started ree an why's manager told producers she decided to pull out of the show citing doctor's orders due to bronchitis. she has a talk show james corden and will perform her new song "kiss it beer" >> there's more fall out after a major grammy glitch, a of love for adele.
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>> kate hudson in tears over the performance. >> adele. >> she posted this emotional snap chat video writing, she just too much complete with a cry face emote con. >> don't you feel when she comes on you just have it bear down and wait it? she is so amazing. even with the bad -- of all the performances on the grammys to mess up, you know, that sound. but she just -- she is amazing. here's my question, was kate listening to adele when she took this picture? what's the story behind t shot? baring her booty in the bathtub on instagram, she will tell you. >> what does lady gag after the grammys? hopping on a plane to new york for the fashion week for the other man her life. don't worry because it is his stylist brandon maxwell.
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and we ha a break down of bowie transformation. >> we're so proud of you! >> the performance was off the hook, gaga. >> red wig still on, gaga proving she may be the best celebrity friendever ng 00 mfor rwa hte fo sethit me muc me. an i hi to make sure that he knew that i was to suhim. love him so much. brandon maxwell used to be the assistant to t original stylist who was with gaga and evolved with her and did the meat dress and her early looks. but as brandon transitioned into becoming her full-time stylist all that old hollywood, tony bennett, that is brandon. they are best friends. if you have someone who sees you naked that much every single youh > hen't the eve is so focused and makes
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>> brandon helped fashion gag's mark jacob's style on the red carpet. >> here is the story wi bowie look. the sketches approved by lady gaga herself in new york that's when it all started. the dress was done, shipped to paris to the salon in the world where embellishment and feathers and everything was on it. then shipp back to new york for finishing touches. on a plane for fin fittings in los angeles. i have to say they were literally sewing and fitting hours before the grammy >> next question is, what do you wear to the oscars? brandon's fashion week show gives us a clue, lots of strapless. style of the hips. all modern and chic. >> can you believe 12 days away, i don't know, i think you know, she is alegend. i think she will be. there she is. popping in during "entertainment tonight." >> she is eve these days. another major news story in the fashion world.
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because they finally put a curvy girl on one of the covers. hallelujah for that. that's super model ashley graham who cried when she got the news. now we are spending the day in the life aftrts lus" covegir yo changed so many lives. >> i'm happy to be the trailblazer. but come on, man! come on! average size american woman is 14. >> instead plus size, ashley calls herself sexy wsh curvelicious, making a history a trio of covers with hailey clauson and rondarous oo. she faced a world wind ofpress. >> good morning "e.t." just before 8:00 a.m. and i am getting sexy and ready for my sirius radio interview. >> she made the round and ashley revealed tyra banks was the first to congratulate her. >> she was like, you have officially made history and i made history on the cover of "sports illustrated" and now you have. i'm really excited for yo
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opportunity for yourself. >> these two had a day full o criss-crossing manhattan. they were with fans at sim city eventereoverght career changing. >> i might become e. retty azi. we tas. d jeter tells us when she walks down the she will be wear vera wang gown snpz we're in the preliminary stages. i don't know if i wi give too many details before the actual day. but yeah, i'm very excited she is designing the dress. >> not giving up too much information. she doesn't give a da for the wedding. she said they are still working it out. >> oh, derek jeter doesn't mess around. you know they will keep that close to the >> news on a an engagement. then our exclusive with dynasty's crystal carington.
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rideide ou o morcle, rater greas. omorr"e.toncebokha ue ng n andng tit make me like you. >> that song about blake shelton? >> it is, actually, yeah. >> it sounds like itis. >> i will admit that that song is about that guy,yeah. >> that's what we love about gwen. no skipping arrund the question and making it clear she islake.
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str rit rom is alot going on i gwenfe. s baed spnk er a gut sidhe c ouit. >> still to come, one of the greatest moments in tv history. a atig r e ages. lane da evans talks about dynasty and the deep depression that caused her hair to fall out. >> my life just fell apart. >> plus -- >> you and i have to know each other very well. >> kate hudson and her love life. uncle jesse and aun becky give us their secrets. up next. >> fi teaming up with crest white strips for grammy smile worthy moments.
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joyfum yseaday g h grammy winners justin bieber, prunebruno mars and john legend shares a kiss with wife chrissy teigen. our fashion expert joe z got star tips on how to work it >> keep it real. you know. keep it authen don't try and pose it up too much. just go ahead and it. >> my problem is standing up straight. just posture is very important. if you put your shoulders kind of forward, you've got shoulder cat muscles .
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>> "inontor n zi ersersatoiit hbog athe ra at up. >> beful. uld imagine that her fian
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>> totally true. he did. >> i've known her sinshe's five. i just wanted her to be happy. fuller house marriage news. monday marks uncle jesse and aunt becky's 25th anniversary on the show. >> never in our wildest dreamm did we think 25 later would we be here promoting the new show. we never thought we would look this good. >> i said wow, happy anniversary. you should write a book on how to have a successful marriage he wrote me back and said,yeah, marry people. >> full house on netflix on the 25th. >> i'm sure people remember this shot of john stamos. i bring that up because another star with big news baring her booty. that is kate hudson in the bathtub. and we get the story behind kate's behiid.
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where do you get the boldness from? >> my stylist.ode to the tush. >> ode to all tushes. >> you and i have gotten to know each other very >> sell out stores. top in kung fu panda. a book that's awesome. so you are just awesome at everything. >> i'll take that as a compliment. >> kate enew book "pretty happy" is about staying centered and heal >> without this pressure, you have to eat rawtotally. you have to work out like six days a week. >> after staying grounded in her love life, kate' dating, having fun with nick raising one son with ex chris robinson and another with ex fiance matt bell my who she just praised for his grammy win. >> what is the best advice your mom gives you in terms of love advice?
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to yourself when you're connected intimately. accept what that is and good there even when it's uncomfortable. >> i like that. thanks geldy and kurt for >> goldy and kurt have been together for over year s plydvi w ing. kate hnastem ngd astg ntht ab oeesser alkwou
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>> as many as21 million tuned in to the legendary cat fights between crystal and alexis. but almost two decades after her dynasty run ended, lin downward spiral began when three people she loved dearly suddenly faced health issues. >> i had never in a situation where so many people i loved were having so much trouble. >> what were some of the toughest times? >> when i was it take blood pressure medicine and i didn't like the way it made me feel. i stopped. and i was outside and blacked out. just blacked out. next thing i was faced down in the gravel and i just got up and my face was bloody and i went oh, my god what happened to me. i realized, i just needed >> to help pull herself out of of the depression, linda wrote a book that they just updated "recipes for li part cook book. part me
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that makes you happy. this makes me happy. >> she had a flight with the blue angels. >> i have to tell yousomething. i was so sick when i got off the plane. but i didn't want to tell you guys. >> linda had sickness. she had debilitateing back pain so excruciating she didn't want to be alive. >> i understand why people say, maybe i shouldn't be alive. i understand that. >> at times you contemplating that? >> absolutely. i there has to be an answer. this is not living. >> cortisone shots caused her to lose her hair. d en had famous fair. >> this is not hair. this is a wig. >> linda is having laser surgery.
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grow back. i'm fine. hiding is the part that's off. like we are ashamed of something. ashamed of what? that i survive mid back? no, i'm a warrior. >> i also asked linda about her love life.
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naked man down t runway. all on et >>da deofe
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>> trars i w tt >> jeff: these 18 strangers have volunteered to be marooned and left to fend for themselves for the next 39 days.
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waters of kaoh rong in southeast asia, a beautiful but formid iblg part of the world. scorching temperatures and stifling humidity punish the body. dehydration and heatstroke can bring down even the strongest. the smallest cut can lead to a life-threatening infection. and if they last long enough, merely exerting energy will become their biggest obstacle. this will be the most grueling 39 days in "survivor" history. they've already been divided into three tribes based on the qualities they most rely on in their daily lives. the brain tribe: >> being an e.r. doctor, it's going to be difficult for me to not show how smart i am, to express humility, but i can't deal with ignorant people because they think they know what they're talking about.


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