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tv   CBS Evening News  NBC  February 20, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> axelrod: technology in the the form of license plate readers has been quite effective helping police locate criminals and flag moving violations. but as anna werner reports, it's technology that's been a little too effective for one town on long island. >> suspended or remote registration. >> reporter: you better not have anything to hide if you drive into freeport, new york. >> stolen license plate. >> reporter: chief miguel bermudez and his 95 officers track every vehicle with 27 fixed cameras that read license plates at all 11 entry points. >> whether it's a stolen vehicle, an amber alert. >> reporter: if your plate shows up on a list of offenders, an alarm goes out to the entire police force. why would you want to be able to track people? >> we want to try to reduce crime. >> reporter: in fact, the police have made 28 arrests,
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norahnorfolk, virginia. but the hits keep on coming and coming. mostly for suspended registrations. is that what you thought the system would mostly do when you got it? >> no. no. we were looking at-- at stolen vehicles or vehicles wanted in crimes. >> reporter: after only three months, the freeport cameras have tracked 17 million plates in a village of 50,000. in exchange for the security, the police are drowning in data. overtime is way up. now the chief is asking state and federal governments for help. >> we currently have a force of 95 officers. we could use many more. >> reporter: the readers do make mistakes. this one misread the 800 number on this ryder truck for the plate of a stolen car. and there's the question of where all this information winds up. jason starr of the american civil liberties union. stored somewhere. it can be shared.
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it can be sent to other law enforcement agencies. it can be breached by third parties. >> reporter: license plate readers are used in nearly every state. the a.c.l.u. has filed three lawsuits, two regarding the scope of information collected, and there have been complaints about abuse. chief bermudez is adamant the plate information taken in freeport is never linked to a person unless a crime is indicated, and it's dumped after 180 days. do you understand why some of those people would be offended by being tracked when they're completely innocent? >> we're not looking at that data, though. we're looking at -- >> reporter: but you could be looking at that data. >> it's just so much coming in. it's impossible to look at that kind of information. >> suspend or revoked registration. >> reporter: so much information, he needs seven more officers just to keep up with it. anna werner, cbs news, freeport new york. >> axelrod: coming up, a campaign 2016 update.
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i tature ofses. ity job 's so mion. but with my ckaini codn sle ould gen ti thound pm.e pm ionefehoelievingstref aleve. and now. bac e pmm. >> axelrod: we close tonight in victoria, british columbia, where there's an artist exwhiewz wheels are always turning. as contessa brewer reports, his canvas is as wide as the city itself. >> reporter: if stephen lund's giraffe looks amateurish, consider the medium. >> i've drawn a lot of pictures with my bicycle and one of these. it's a g.p.s. tracking device. >> reporter: at a ted talk, he explained how his strava app tracked cycling trips for fitness and marks the route.
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that there had to be some creative potential to it. >> reporter: lund plots his path through the streets of victoria, canada. the end result-- a grasshopper, a thug, darth vader, and a mermaid that took 14 hours alone. in one year, lund logged 13,857 miles, the distance from victoria to tokyo and back. does your wife begrudge you the love affair you're carrying on with the road? >> i think of all of those people who, you know, spend that time sitting idly in front of a tv or in front of youtube. i think that my time commitment in the big picture isn't all that excessive. >> reporter: now the cycling artist is urging others to get out and g.p.s. their own doodles. >> it's just so easy to go out and experiment and explore and do something creative. >> reporter: what goes around comes around. contessa brewer, cbs news, new york. >> axelrod: recapping today's headlines in the race for president. hillary clinton has won the
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have a look at the latest numbers from nevada as the count comes in. on the republican side, polls are about to close in south carolina's republican primary where six candidates are on the ballot, some in a fight for campaign survival. and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. later on cbs, "48 hours." but first, as the polls are about to close in south carolina, we are learning a great deal about the republican primary. we'll have an update on that at the top of the hour right here on cbs. for now, i'm jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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