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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  February 22, 2016 1:05am-2:05am EST

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.t cghfog beernt w oe itioeruthe pe, f bewa rey edso w>>deadtt wedeg sh got a do o"" t, gwen fes up about her live music video. >> that song is about blake shelton? [ laughter ] >> it is, ac, ye >> it sounds likeis. >> i will admit that that song is about that guy, yeah. >> she's hont and open that
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>> sometimes tragedy can, if you really abs an t it into something beautiful, and i don't know, healing from it. >> but the biggest story, taylor swift calls out kanye. >> i'm just so proud of her. >> gigi ha died whodid told us she's team taylor. >> that's the perfect ending to the 1989 story. i wish i could be there with her, but i was definitely with her in spirit. [cheers and applause] >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success. or take credit for your accomplish mchbts or your fame. >> taylor seemed to blast kanye, four days after the rapper
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controversial lyric i made that b famous. >> some day, you will look around and see that it was you and the people whoe you who put you there, and it will be the greatest feeling in the world. >> it was an epic night for swift. >> taylor swift. >> after her 1989 won for album of the year, she would hand out the grammys to her team back age. after the, sha another crop top and skirt and hit the after party. taylor looks back and checks for her boyfriend. but she hit the rided carpet request herwith her bestie. in true ff le, watch selena's face when we men e. and selena was there when "bad blood" won before the grammys
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>> he nc tinereg momme cou,n m st b alwwean had it. less than two years ago, we were with her when her song "all about that bass", made it to number two. >> we did it. >> i think you maidde it, baby. >> i made it, dad. >> i'm going to cry. thank you for the grammys. i love you so much. thank you. >> and of coursee he more
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>> we're talking with our style guru, josie. >> what did he think of taylor swift's look? >>ady se tr together. >> plusris s ste. 'll a cuhat. dudonufee. eerseatn de and a rudunk col maawleeasy... .. "trthrewithrublimer and smooths skin d trle makbllawl ew td h anzer
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off-to-tes.. seizin you. you'ong. d we'r to ou s at w. neial noish. qpp anrr w spk noh. too young to understand the novelty of it. >> that is joseph fines at the premiere for "risen". create being the biblical story about jesus' resurrection was obviously quite an undertaking, but hey, he did get to meet the pope. >> good job. >> and good perks, too.
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the huntsman." chris hemsworth is back, theyd topfrhime gotook- ltevhi -m anlm>> fh, own, b ars mes in this action-packeuel. fothis-paioldde o feathers and 50 pounds. all the stars had numerous wardrobe changes except for this guy.
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e ers.>> cisouldike think we are always talking about him, but no, we do give him a hard time. >> they're la, an like ou theen are the o all the power. emily and heriste tura, plays chris's wife has her own fight scene. >> it looks like you're a ass.>> i have almost five
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helsmani've missou. seeto caret t chrooks >>e e?ho igew>>h,gosh. vip. >> i'm stronger than all of you. >> shall we find ou >> behind me is the pl emily blunt calls home during the movie. she is the snow queen. >> one of of the coolest parts of the set are the 3,000 icicles. they look like the real thing, but when m,relikelly. mwiwith would be cool. >> who would win?
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cool points, charlise's 4-year-old son jackson thinks mom wins. >> he came to set today and was watching a rehearsal and was watching with my mama and says mama's spicy. >> he does call her the witch. and asks for her apple. >> not exactly sure how i would take that. straight ahead, kate hudson. >> "e.t." you heard it here first.
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gaga's monday on "e.t.." >> i'm terrified. >> our plastic surgery exclusive. >> i'm so nervous. >> we are with this reality star going under the knife.
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the tears our cameras catch it all. >> the hard part's over. >> plus, our weekend with kaley cuoko. and where are they now? hear where '80s music stars boy george, rick springfield and bill eyeidentify ol, monday. shout out, kate hudson, break it down over adele's performance. >> she seems so fearless on social media. our carly spoke to kate about being so bold. >> your fearlessness, your boldness, especially your social might yeah, we love your snapchat to adele, saucy pics in the bath. where do you get that boldness from? >> i love the saucy, that was my stylist. she was celebrating my tushie. you should see her instagram. it's amazing. all kinds of tushies. >> i love your reactions to adele.
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feel that dt when she comes on, you're going to have to bear down and wait for it. she's so amazing. and even with that bad, such, all of performances on the grammys sort of mess up. you know, that sound, you know, you heard over her voice, she's amazing. you andi ve really gotten to know each other very ,n)tell. >> sellout stores, top movies. and now we have a book, which, by the way, is also awesome. you are amazing at everything. >> i'll take that as a compliment. >> her new book is all about staying centered and healthy. >> it's a holistic approach to how to stay healthy. and that is both mentally and physically. without, sort of this pressure, you know, you have to be raw, totally.
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days a week. >> as for staying grounded in her love life, kate's dating, having fun with nick jonas. she's raising one son with her ex-and another who she just praised for her grammy win. >> advice i think is be true to yourself when you're connected intimately. it's a huge time of growth. it's just what that is, and you go there when it's uncomfortable. "e.t." you heard it here first. >> kate is always so adorable. and her book is filled with pictures from her home, and do you know this? kate has chickens. yes, chickens! there she is feeding them inside their coop. there she is gathering the eggs. it's all part of her very holistic lifestyle. >> now kate had to have caught lady gaga's spectacular tribute
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it was a hit with some, maybe not with bowie's son. but the style was on point. >> speaking of, you know what lady gaga did after the show? she hopped on a plane to new york fashion week for the other man in her life. don't worry, taylor kenny, it's her stylist. and we were there, and josie joined us here on the set with dish on the fashion transformation. black jumpsuit, bowie wig still on, gaga proved she may be the bestebri frverilesandorunw sh>>e spo mueor something that meant so much for my.and flenor so he knew i was here to support him. >> brandon maxwell used to be assistant to the original stylist for gaga.
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looks, but as brandon transitioned into her full-time stylist, all the old hollywood, they are best friends. you have someone who sees you naked that much every sin oue a tion e t drop the ball ever he just is so focussed and wants to make everything that he does great. >> brandon helped fashion gaga's marc jacobs style. >> here's the bowie look. the concept was approved by lady gaga herself in new york. that's when it all started. the dress was done, shipped to paris to the best of salons in the world where they feathered it and it was shipped back to new york for finishing touches and on a plane for final fitting in los angeles, and have to say, they were literally sewing and fitting hours before the grammys. >> right before the tribute, shy
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asking her to walk in his fall show. she said yes. and we were there as a platinum blond gaga made her debut. then hair stripped and styled into'20s-inspired finger waves. a little rehearsal withkendal nup,ndshowtime. her last minute runway transformation shocked star and you lookers. >> was that her? >> yeah. >> the blond? >> yeah. she's unrecognizable. she's a chameleon. swhat s do aft the fashion show? rest? relax? come on. it's gaga we're talking about. she performed at a jazz club. >>ext qion is, what will gaga wear to the oscars?
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us a clue, structured styles, all modern and chic. >> can you remember that? it's like 12 days away. she's a legend. i think she will be. there she is. waltzing in during entertainment tonight. >> you know, you can actually get the dress that gaga wore to the emmies, well, kind of. brandon made a ready to wear version of it, and all you need is a spare $2300. and then it's yours. so much more grammy fashion. dos and do overs. he's fixing dresses he thought weren't quite right. >> i would move the slit of the skirt over to the >> plus, we get the story behind carrie underwood's valentine's day necklace. >> and one of the stylists is
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dy aheite mthleote, 5s>> ksjo .ckcohego,is di se sfincdich usbrill to ch sfineay>>th so fallout.itic sa that bey'k ves matter pance and her new "formation" video means she's becoming anti-establishment and hating on the police. >> bey's just being bey, and i know a lot of things are going wrong, but i know that's not
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>> he's been with her 20 years. he's intimately her dress train guy. and we asked him about the rumor that she fired her entire team, including her cousin. >> no, that's a rumor. >> now ty won't be with beyonce this spring, but she will look her best. the "formation" world tour hits 37 cities starting with miami on april 27. move over tinder and there he's a 's a different kind of dating
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>> kelly osborne, welcome back, everybody. tinder, come on. there are quite a few dating apps helping singles mingle. but with some hollywood stars looking to find mr. and mrs. right, exclusivity is key. we wanted to see which celebs gave it a try. >> dating in hollywood can be very tough. have you ever used a dating app? we hear riah is the new thing. >> no comment. >> it, but it, a dating app,
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popular dating and, riah. >> weva friend have friends on it. >> it's like a celebrity tinder. >> really? >> how exclusive? just what stars are on the secret app? kelly confirmed it, and "the daily show"'s trevor ahn it. too. kelly ozsborne, you're bad! >> why do you like to talk about it? i feel like it's a secret society like ill lum nati. >> it's hard to get into. it is hard. >> the new york post page six also claims that patrick
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we were declined an interview, but it seems to use a mix of looks and instagram followers. we asked one member who agreed to talk if we kept her identity a secret. >> so the application process starts by just entering the instagram handles of the friend that referred you who has to be a member of the app already. and then they have access to your instagram. >> and you have to like -- >> you have to have like really good style, like really cool friends, and if you don't have really cool friends then they're not going to accept you. >> waiting to be accepted to riah is like waiting outside in a line in a club. you just want to see what's inside. >> no surprise, a lot of stars are wait listed. but if you are accepted, the app
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>> i saw joe jonas, and i immediately took a screen shot and sent it to my girlfriend, and a notification popped up on the screen telling me that i should protect the priefs eye of other people on the app. >> and she told us it's more about finding who's out there than finding a soul mate. >> what i like about it is everybody has to reveal who they are, but i'm not looking for love on technology, to be honest with you. >> okay. now listen to this. we heard the vetting process to get on riah is so strict and extreme that most people who sign up end up on an indifferent nit -- indefinite waiting list. then dynasty star linda evans darkest days. >> i was face down in the gravel. my face was bloody, and i went oh, my god, what just happened to me.
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her hair. >> this is not my hair. it's a wig. >> shocking confessions. >> my life just fell apart. >> that's ahead. but first, in the entertainment tonight birthdays, which super model attended college with a full scholarship in chemical my kids havoraggot bs ta moge,an alsa brlihort is i'll be working while you sleep.ot a?
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jessie's girl >> three decades later, he can still draw huge crowds. >> look how cute he still is. >> our carly steele was one of those fans catching up with rick, and he got pretty candid. >> i've kind of looked at the '80s as a happy, shiny guy, but i was dark. don't talk to strangers >> all my songs, like dark stuff. >> rick has always been brutally candid about his depression, even admitting he once attempted suicide as a teen. >> is music a way of overcoming that and pushing through that? >> it has helped give a voice to my, give me a focus, give my depression a way of getting the hell out of there. it's like a life sentence e and it doesn't go away. week. >> also helping him deal with
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31 years. >> you have been married since 1984, which is impressive in itself, in this industry, it's unheard of. >> what is the secret to your success in marriage? >> my wife. >> there's one new song called "let me in", that i wrote for her. i'm on the outside looking in can you hear me let me in >> she still inspires me. 2005' we've been through a lot of ups and downs, and i was the one saying let me in. >> at 66, rick still has that rock star swagger. what would you say is the hardest part of being on the road? >> not getting enough sleep. i could sleep for 14 hours. i love to sleep. i can't get off stage without
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i know that. >> do you personally ever get tired of playing her? >> really, honestly, trotting out, you're there for the aunts over. actor. >> he's a former soap guy, like me. ricky and the flash and "true detective"s. 'sng t he's looking to do more tv. it's been nearly 30 years since "dynasty" went off the air, but i got a chance to sit down with crystal carrington herself, talking about linda evans. the 73-year-old has a debilitating illness, severe depression and at one point thought about taking her own life. seems impossible to imagine, but it's all in her book, and linda walked me through how her world completely crumbled.
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i didn't understand depression, and my blood pressure went up. it just became a nightmare. >> as many asntoen balbundiran p drllt>> ergt
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consideration provided by look at all those stars celebrating birthdays this weekend. rihanna is 28. jennifer love hewitt is celebrating turning 37. kelsey grammer, 61. now take a look at your choices. which super model has had college with a full scholarship in chemical engineering? did you get it? she went to northwestern university. that is cindy crawford, who is a stunning 50. monday, on "e.t." >> >> i'm terrified. >> our plastic surgery exclusive. >> i'm so nervous. >> we are with this reality star going under the knife. the surgery, the bandages and
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lu th atyw nhi h,
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talent.rd oy. nd w er you will always be by my d day i die
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