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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  February 23, 2016 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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yicoot a p ek bll sti r ese kids to be iy pm upul th ou re a sp th. t shock at th gnthere. howid they bott? >> it's easyo see how something like this could have happened. it took the about af hour to g them t. luckilyhey're safe. it tk about an hour in brazil for these rescuers to free this dog. >> people in the area ndigurut mie called crs. whoa ait uahuaou g. t unheli and has seresse werebl indet at. they areoong f aev
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eit aly, ll getut to s l th youuy a t aacle sixs. theosro youee a drer heashica co ikat hede heardhe colln bweenwo csti lkswo hatteen any closer. otherwise h would have gotten hit. eaid h could feehe wind from the cs it passed him. >> s cool, calm and collected afrwards. so,hat ppened. >> nobody was injured in this. >> the bad thing for him, though, heisas
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nt. ay a r sif your screen inre go b atoond tai brge"apt beifigutiword ats.>> diyogevi tushat idge driver iar it t ienaid he ge, s bus,egohorn dve wlo.but heaid - ink hng t may oio ing hnd hid hece? ig and tor can do i grantee s thehaou h highis juentary lreon >> ts'the f setasapne sds inus nds t do ethe
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rultfri r. tl u tmon n wasin o had hosped ontinu tafar i thi conve h peoe in th ital,bl >>no wn terory s a hands o sppinnd to in t or, b y d'tano p agsdo? ilquivalen atessa. l ere goto fee little one this i whereer animal lnihe ee to c rll.oemado?
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d te nothin okthee othni hh?it a se cpp t yn the b wants to ghereo no hh. t hoomodyboe a leapnto a ee heh trouti myf theoct opendoor >> iosee. whn tbein you'rha >> late any thedere ttle es p in as ihat'soingbe one fily late >> te t an ipami to kwday' zz
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herd. y th-a >on't yike me yeerfoa w y hxt ye pe rd yeextl f y'rcian, mean n hav trd ar ieve that y slo huma sd e toor d e re. ts v timely andls atet mmry tep tnsic. ot drsou existing blthers over t it f vement o it is ta ofredicts whathato ay >> b it lsdi hiit islaying >> if yan mov toward artum tno at rses ou f yy o you i ay.
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fitellig>>ically yes.y telogyik ts th apns >> jfrom thesptive de llo hisar ma hld toumay u to.he cp pic speed. ivi trfichisro hhe w go w? >> ono! >> and tra gakn on v tl whtar, t cdvtu ct endn a gh
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er: clod ptng provedy plus aextra ngth itchhter. go bond eftarts w.sccn latvia t by speednd atteno e tt will me a p tar wth das it'sngoo fnd ndc. hhat happs, i g s b and then -- oble
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>> do yee leop isol van th t. thdr a can kto ot ady. anddout becausethatin -- wo >> hithen. t i l dchool the was rt ig bus m of ey. hisay othis. t h tole hadean intohe mini >> o drive h t >> t f d seetco.nogihas toeomanid t c the omotorcyc. no >>gosh >> heet nomet ino notomhingn eoro no ws. bu - ttn m
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t at ba thale the road >> tt wom htime. no ce s verit out fnt whendhe laquar hell - you patehishain th's why r ety ar. s iving.
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nuutre.go girit th of those v ataden y sks ioi tetnt. >>aoue o yngyiac a hoodielles clea ey walhiding eyo si he th flo're up ihe s aer on tse crain de. omhy nll54 flht i a v thevator. ihe 85oo en quite bf imbing going .thess sca t ef this budi >> thasai, china, pe. wdrke icrtspeni thi s sheetoue ge u oth tor. ichve00 fee high. bufterpleled atts cldte make i
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e mwer,hi 378et. >> imareare gu >> vbetil. seenm er td of c wh treards tp. idkowards their bl. davmeor thom peo shemro shang f er thatheg l aigottleer. n observa se gs edhepouyste styor ahos. i tnky'sedo et t pamid inndarrest. i pf >> it' a ec lik re. se ohoseat unge seki > fd n r of llns. >>am l oh ohll
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if you're going to say "better ingredients. tter p." you er del.ich ntcing w pa'ste love your pizza, or get another one, absolutely free. get any large pizza up to 5-toppings for ju99line o atajohns >> announcer: promotional considerations provided by -- ny preptions can e dry h.act druth moash toothp relie sympto th soog formul strengtn teet anesbreath. act. strger tehdry mouth relief. oh, love. it makes you get creative, it [ laughter ] >> this guy decided to fill a room with a ton of red balloons
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his intention is to propose. >> hey. >> the only thing she has to do is find him. >> she's not game at all. she's like, oh, oh, all right, i'm going. >> thinking do i really want to do that? >> that's a lost work, i give up. >> she does come back, though, luckily for him. >> i've looked all around the house 100 times, are you in here? >> she finally works her way into the room. she is pushing balloons all over the place. she finally finds her man. >> i didn't look at anything up there. i didn't know what was going on. honey! >> oh, honey, yeah. >> fortunately for him she said yes. can you imagine having gone through all the trouble of
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>> that would have burst his bubble. >> the internet's favorite inventor, colin firth has put together a lots of cool stuff this latest invention is basically trash. >> or as he likes to say in his country, rubbish. >> this is for remote rubbish. you look outside, you see a neighbor take out a binner. >> he wants to take their crash out to the corner, why not do it like this. >> i can't wait to see what this is. >> oh, yeah. >> husbands and teenaged sons across america have just tuned in to this show like never before. >> yeah like take my money. >> colin has taken a wheelie bin and turned it into a remote controlled trash disposal unit. >> we're constantly going to be taking the trash out.
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this isn't effective. it's more for fun. inside the bin is a mobility servo that will manipulate the joystick as if somebody were actually riding in it. >> this guy is my favorite. this is cool. >> you can't actually use the trash can as a trash can. which means that men all over the world will be just playing with the trash can. >> you're talking trash. >> a fun-looking toy. how much fun would it be if you took it out in public? who to prank first? i think the obvious choice -- the bin man. >> the bloody bin goes by itself, mate! >> this guy is looking at it like he was out a little too late last night. can't figure it out. >> i think these days, people know their men and it's a prank. >> what would make it crazier is if it were talking to people. >> it would be trash talking. >> it would be. >> if the ladies are are having
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the kids get a kick out of it and go shopping with it. the next time you see a wheelie bin cruising through the streets, look close, you might spot colin. >> these things need to be flying and exploding. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the bus buzz word on face book, twitter or both. and enter to win. >> reveal the buzz word. village. v-i-l-l-a-g-e. >> and late they are week we're going to have a bonus give-away, where one of you could walk away with a flat-screen tv. good luck, everybody. dudes ready to rope swing. >> why anybody ever attempts this, i'm not sure.
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rto. he takes thatapeloll at's in y aac it vacuumlean a mo io fpaou ne i dn' ak y w wier ,an maha cle mu want. c p to f ippware u ae ithnd pullinne lmos not cacaar ll andto mepe t th. >>yitck sers g gs p. kw howyes inre butnk weeoing t tryo i knows goi g tbeliev
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e ba. whyno let's e tia ainerfes have funny h oingo goingo try se b>>hel >>ryouth t. e athou ohe'veat do>> the rack.because oe y'vad youaylwus re ou k go butly h like,ou at i thi ndo w ic onead f t do jusm? ing,ur roon aid mad ir finay he doeg.haveds
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s splaer. keng aro on e he sde - ust,us oh. aner , o.>> ivide i veauy he huin i i llai fr. sheidcty he. t wasit pafu bu afu [ ught ] s, cedopswing,dy ertts m. i'm e . ts le a d r peed and h endisleas ocobest forlast 'mot plingha il ppe
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t bel andll.
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>> wyanoeg?ff m lo evhi being w w c at.y fineat sff oh. e cric y me.>> wya: i'a noi hoon'tinut myother llarli, veeterwe..tother now. stey: o , it'sotu keep chroinn. siin nosorit. i , sh


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