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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 24, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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tens of millions could stilleda>>donald trump t nev ca in ma r ss se.hel beus>s y p stl cog u, he ersonaformatn d mone tin okdas "e urorldecds up.oing cross rig ont of u >>y win pkend sounded hitting th >eaytohrghthut evere weathe teangnt aantic c midd eic cloveneda >> dd pni t neause lruond far . >> dmeresident? ha doe't know what h
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st speech >>y happy r mid spesre het , che t ! t zirusspin hlth of4caseve been sexually tr rebls 't bstgthe pouant bay. his is what i thinkf the president's an. to send terrorists to the united states. >> in new york, two window washers had to be plucked from the country'salletel.>> in nnp to op all >> theeniofot oksoh li han it'f scy.
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trouttra africaics j h ofil eorment s orernie'sae 'settethan oerik e' splets. heic n clietht ing trump. p went e-oeitthe victfnd pop blked. ut pte i t chapel. nortn this mnionred . t' places. welc " in"na trump is no a ree-statwiinstreak ahigrynevada, builng en moreen waheubn mionter nt n oftitr t nevada uses w% oevote. mdsend, ahead ofzrubioil un mome rst, dey is outdeesar pacnas t
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de, morning. >>epr:morn ldrumpore vos ted cr aarco r ed lasan h d y wniveryoter cagory accordis ex pol. so wn oothaghe he s allypump >> w beelebra longime ha g me releb b t neda,trump aricos t boar >> w wh w th oldeon w hig ucated, we poorl i love t pooeducat! number th hiscs i'm hboat rtempejd notie a iling oforgh erwho e
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amoo 55%.f they coul- typ forgti whe ppl t,re go a l te they forgtheyr:ong lis ped to ou trump a60% ocus go-ers s ry fnnd more tn wa t to crode the liticam. oeefrodayilbe most itaigfhimpgn>>ki pasthe fini,tohe sga on snd hmeta s. guin is theaiwh cro onrunner. >>he oy cig tt ald p t caaihat dald isam hank >> roreavieva be ccungbe mar
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wh hrged votersto leyion.e catomeone i gravo eneha maifference andmeil wi repow, eep serregulit at e caucus, people not bei oer de ng are tlo but e bl nitdi call tross rolled s.t, theloastle cousth allowe to choe fmmong 1 ides f w areo lrunning esiden yl ha is a wil takeo sal aomesowo the gaaner i ste d o a say wsleec is
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anthanontrp thic be stop he yet' politicagog toetharder st ghsig winn neda, dalpascong 81 t 1 delegate leadveru andioha vetofa oner tuesday will59 delegate i p mainl ssheouth a f o nd vs dald pngikeiv calseepssce, t heoing t at t 1elegat cingut o super tuesday. palily because othees veuthoates m bn m yo t, nusheer you win lo tt mak i hdeone tc w, tre i sti ti takve deg toher t rd march reig legate ps i s like iddoh.
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d o, cany h o ng? chare?>>an,thony.or a pusil caarcoubio ihs fromra radsigodmorning,r. >>d mornin rorter: catulions on ac shongne ny pre askghi qu tg a group nas, the est's leents ay o isyoo lat stoonumspially oe wl-- n --n s.e.c the peay yeah. thk itmpoedeeph here rsof allan mi is dided les. over 200el y need t ndehere t of peoplee en le m bnge win themhat se
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atesreaard delegaonel nan ss y but w manyelegates you pick up. e e ty ost out e in thein tell tegory y wth y moren hup t napn reh,e needs coue narro because tru,ple,e unrpit erdaindauritt got 50% he vothe shomber oicev i not -do wna trump three but right nowivedp aou op ig n ye y hi idinghe latest n e st flid sws tt youen hinwnom state.t whyou you' ghe e trumpd ell,e ll wn th g no in th race. fill u t srtriohatelpusagn,s r ointo nex
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inategsolindhi o nevad las night. wngo worng . were mga alrdyheasnigh ed touston, texa e omor a lltowe g ag andha it' leadg to whis process s out. sorrue g p'tan b theplel adifferst hhey fee abouontrump. y askeb hisendo ff all, tpl inery hteheovwhngajority, incngla, eeoplt dd p d at hngig did thepe haven't discd emenwith a we nds d for v an iskoubouthe su befepublican people, the youav debad. one ynent sen tweekai would alge on t d finhose iis cnt iegally. wod you foll
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poonorioow iseruress ts tssan h pio a i svotes. l't cnt suprt io ta s. i dohie are goin ene e la aed ye ally i t trdave u adeion r,ou'roing toe rtsp yoreusal.ths gng to i n'inunis in no i t d to srt a ple sr boer brll ioncoro and therinpeeana a reon who y wit peop in nt lg tiho a imin>>thank yor join t thanyo docc r sup esy l ha g t ut. hilly cltonde
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toal las lhowson leads th r tee dsthim nancy coes is insoutca where shetiabouer useive e- ofnc gd oroornin ye sheed a ruliederalud w som ofci a evehe o ouldesti uat et s u herva e-matevade pcrdla e sare i n be f itno thereare, youw,aluthat e state partididn't l alord it'stot setth, , isngoaveny stinfe. >>nt alsod wth s wou aseipfall repeec >> why isnend and n fverydy se erodenev ay >>epter:de aifldilel playi
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l of myec wre. i, chris! the t no. orte in a state wre afn-eric a majotyf ti electo ahe blican fr r hier ise,che hearfrald trp otrs,ffti t tdezee f unite in e mhe rig >> rte eli art a ering at colbi sne bmmoereti o g en o polic brulity wh sultiteor udghehedrd. >>mery i'm angho ot aryug . rr: motr otrnin. ortunity havehat isoid as afer for as
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myoeolary inep'sn fe inha message all ro the staurgultie enghty. wiil cnt ageing hugdssenator sais sndinost ofeekside ofth ca superayshe li think heas a chance wig. cy, thank mu > reeaer iearingous a sies ofructive adkilet thle enef a fro mpi toor one rippeh nig. >>owlin alsla lear in lianahe twoplereki thstagedeveres andbungmorehan 80me eeerreat. sm gulfheid-atl on
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titlyndwoeople edthisrv parkks l a disa ed sos lildrenys. acd st who l d.atob t area allant y,hen theor ll tou thelant sopa t sd meatri or inodn my a he i t ado. >>okdo>>ter: dozend acrs veoutherntesay a delytbha gas ti o s nnvloasmo o people kle vere co ieae ain und. the eire houseta g. ook tusdse
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>> whakehis t differt? have lnabrea. thvelrs e not eveobom s a re romof tt ic ied wern omirsjohetr. oudividualaw of ddeo l r . wkiinjured. >>orr: the fri pa a two-mig pathfatea se werenjed hom w dtr apencoa. ueearcnye polydeis. >>st a b t unni ugh.>> lk up.ok tha lks r easbaton ro tital of uier tas rerd i prairvie riedn wl o thi gold'symns of peoplet e but no one thermch to sssipp73r-ol
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me w tosd nearly 5 fee er ae p coen louna theer dogs bngsedernight toh f pemay s bng under thbr fhimog, t teven peopl unco f itsney ade ittns fam kee theheri a those peopl a local got rnopule. k david. >>the f og supou justiceanninliisla blsa nroestaks predth aaysmie angin poticotste joear mitcne id tresn't n hellhat he'll . >> ticiarytt
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ree w. er twohi ninatn be fillehe prent elec . >> a lette from ia'soc lus suffered fr heaisea a obesi and diesmong ts.-yr-old iclso a epcans will strgly ale the esens an lose theuaanamo y icu pposa isring nearly 60 pneo eited statesnd i01ng owethe aner ofnyat intthu. eyked atatns thndha inavguth canaup ison colornd the mita pinleavenh,ka. nts coresssolvitfiwiheraurts. assoatressephe te po m ttarmeo aederal judge dor the sa benone s news crmticedepartmepl
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as askedheom unot o12ices in ne oer cases e iggheovereninlethose ses. it's rehan oph roto aede dea kamazo ig shootin rane t le.sueianceidhowsn beforehelipreethey s h bou jkeh inse et f a thshaturday kix peoplendlyurt otrserisopeful new deloningn plor inria. hone ll sdent alasoldusan idtdipu rnme wlpme the agron by anssec a dn on ds nocover o t a
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>>e oober f edcodacko pr. eanew by prut tct skak announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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ahead, dr. david agus on the sexual transmission. zika virus. the new concern for men. tomorrow, team usa cup world winner hope solo will be here in studio 57 to talk about the zika scare and playing in the rio olympics. your local news is next. we will be right back. "cbs this morning" continues
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we a in r serand s weathelet to elab ne >>righ acking juwers theaat montuteato m-to- lats oe y,we he an weather de. ister rifor there ha me me is us e lel 3 d l 4 out of 5 vestorms. egishel ll be ine tein t y, probld- y tothe n re we start tsee sterrms t ea. wewillke aok at ther. he had shs an thuns aladismog t inse need tothataraiinheir we have a rmng rohe vwingrea and temperatlithe s we will inmore airt d pruc someuntos. he aoo the
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mome aisss to stabuce veweather. chanwe the afternoo 71egesth r th afternoo a od ch fo sere ss producinwind gendoril anding. theathatllotomuntimiat g. th fday, the heis q c we ege you ne the dayat 1in11wewill cut into pgrmingnd th you knat ofapchst time, is aisfo ushis rnin brn. s t to i-ud a at8,see trfi buildi at's rdto e.wevesibity arter-n ny ea time you he is moin slow dow tse wed fo thers ok at the ro atin aofus t ctis ttp rth lina vgird alon 85 a 95, take itas the ews is th we ciderugld r th m utes
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stting to p dela e rtrke betwee rry ad a jeser, so de strading .s.-bela.
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me wse onfo today, people in this country are up in arms. they are furious. they are seething with rage. 0 about starbucks new reward system.
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if only there was some way for people to make their own coffee at home. >> starting april, you will no longer get one point or star per visit. instead, they will give you two stars for every dollar spent. sounds fair, right? well, wake up! i believe that this is the revolution that bernie sanders is talking about! >> that is brilliant. >> people take their coffee seriously. >> remember the days when we used to make coffee in the office or at home? >> it can still be done, i've welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, the nephew of robert f. kennedy on could face a new murder trial. prosecutors want him back in prison. ahead, the development of a case that is more than 40 years old.
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talk about the zika virus. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" says donald trump is not the classic power broker he may portray himself to be. the times said trump did not make the top ten in list of major condominium developers and power players in real estate. he also does not belong to influential trade groups. trump said he started going international and national and running for president, which is, quote, cooler than all of that. >> okay. >> you like that, don't you? >> i do. i think it's very telling. "usa today" looks at the u.s. marshal's heavy use of cell phone trackers that were used to track nearly 6,000 suspects. the tools raised privacy concerns because they also intercept information about other phones in the area. the marshal services is the most prolink known users of those devices. the survey says marshals use various techniques to locate subjects.
7:32 am
involving baby powder. jacqueline has a lawsuit. the company is expected to appeal saying their products are safe and the health care giant could face more than a thousand dollar cases. britain aguardian" on a huge recall on mars chocolate company. the united states is not among the recall. the discovery is plastic in a snickers prompted the move. the effective products including mars, mickey way, snickers, "the washington post" reports on a new twist in more than 40-year-old murder case involving the nephew of robert f. kennedy. prosecutors in connecticut could petition for michael skakel to return to prison. a judge in 2013 overturned his conviction for the death of his 15-year-old neighbor martha moxley. "48 hours" correspondent peter van zandt shows us the next chapter in this murder mystery.
7:33 am
decided michael skakel received an inadequate defense from his trial lawyer mickey sherman. prosecutors see this hearing as their last shot at reinstating skakel's conviction. if the state supreme court rules in skakel's favor, prosecutors will get a new trial. >> mr. skablegkel has been through this before. the hearing in the highest court in connecticut comes 40 years after martha moxley was found dead outside of her home. skakel was convicted in 2002 for moxley's death. >> i'm praying that i can find justice for martha. >> reporter: the case has been a roller coaster for the skakel and moxley families and has remained in a spotlight, partly, because skakel is the nephew of ethyl kennedy, robert f. kennedy's widow. skakel's new criminal defense lawyer says the family dynamic has brought unwanted attention. >> this case is not about the
7:34 am
>> reporter: but skakel's cousin, attorney robert kennedy jr., fought for years to get the conviction overturned. >> i am utterly convinced he did not do the crime. >> reporter: the 2013 appeal centered on skakel's attorney mickey sherman provided a confident defense. skakel testified his former lawyer was more interested in his own public profile. >> he was hanging out with the press. he said he was a media hoar. >> reporter: the judge agreed and said sherman did not point the finger at other possible suspects. seger says he won't make the same mistake. who killed marriage moxley? >> that is a great question. i can tell you michael skakel is innocent of this crime and he certainly didn't kill marriage moxley. >> reporter: but someone within his own family may have. >> that is possible. his own brother, that's possible. >> reporter: and that brother, attorney steven seger, is referring to is tommy skakel,
7:35 am
it could be several months its ruling. until then, michael skakel bond. >> very interesting, peter. thank you very much. the cdc is investigating 14 possible u.s. cases of zika virus that may have been spread through sex. the new cases include several pregnant women and brings the u.s. total to at least 105 travel-related cases covering 24 states and washington, d.c. our dr. david agus is here. david, good morning. this even surprised officials at the cdc. >> reporter: surprised but there is medical literature showing a zika virus can be transmitted and present in sperm and been around several years so it's not new, but i think the number of cases this early on when zika is in the u.s. is a very small amount is surprising. >> what does it mean? >> well, what it means is that we have been giving warnings to women, volunteer traveling and especially if you're going to get pregnant.
7:36 am
shown or certificates have shown zika in sperm for up to 60 days and so what it means is anybody traveling in those regions and having sex, they need to have protection or abstain from sex. >> they might not know they have it. >> you're right. many people may have no symptoms of zika. we don't know if they can have zika virus in their sperm and not documented but especially possible with the new cases. zika virus is, obviously, here in the united states. as mosquito season comes in the gulf coast it will spread dramatically. >> what is the recommendation now? when it first broke it was about pregnant women and now talking about men and sexually transmitted disease. >> you remember the '80s? we were worried about hiv at the time. now you have to ask people about their travel history. we need a quick test for the virus. we need to accelerate vaccines. you need to be very careful if somebody you're considering having sex with had travel to south america or a place where
7:37 am
>> what is a diplomatic way to ask that question? >> you'll have to ask charlie on that one. >> i cannot get an answer. do mosquitoes have any redeeming value? >> well, only women mosquitoes -- >> only women mosquitoes sting or bite you. >> men don't bite? >> you're right. we can eliminate all of the mosquitoes but the frogs will be upset. ecosystem out there. once you hit one thing, other things are affected also. mosquitoes have killed more people in this world than -- >> the most dangerous animal on the planet. >> they are? >> yes. mosquitoes are. i have 8-year-olds and 7-year-olds and how i know this. mosquitoes are the most dangerous animal on the planet. >> one more thing to worry about. >> thank you, dr. david agus. from apps or alarm clocks or flashlights. how you may be handing over control of your phone to hackers
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>>or fornia's sus eyay w a vtim r she used deb load ahinepp smoe >> iwain y ha >>epr:hen wen lo the game f ches hadeen h, moren5 hdr i wdi'twh twe. somof tma t way bhathhouldinfo rte thaorgh stroy o spry whose comptrksar wh areeqes. y yr idty
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erss to sser p anlalot can trk e s.ou tnk cck eds homins to eerrhewiurlormatils y c and a saf asswk. reporter: a swed emstraon of cou wheeoak a to ba. whaphenoell,heshlisps amand not th a ct to aermewh
7:45 am
thppsndutng sicr ty msure inpl to aours, coactstoprofyo. >>ore a llting iti sy for 2014eder tco setedawsuitth aomve asightap gitmied nsumers persmati tohi telliem t ry ss hnd another flashlig appha horub things>>s tnsn y micrhonenhe grndenin a s encrd tlo ardiovn beijg.ep'rying they are actuallyo pele's cversatio nding thk ij>> yh. htracd .caou where it >>epr:hes itth ma>> blo froiaen sqre. rr: he gave t the i.hirecommda? we allye tk ur
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rsonal comtethatithioupo t' downf pp d't u apps at don menndeduc e o b s or: the creorth brashtpp s withftnd agreeora ormatit h ered. diisse susa ui tlate ke uhi morning,nn. ad theine >>onou h spicion that o more abo it t shghtp.
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it is 7:56. i'm bill leslie. the weather can be very severe today.
7:56 am
latest on the storms and the warm air coming up from the >> exactly. that's when things get more consuming around here, when we get that warm air mass coming in from the coast. we are starting to see folks in sampson county seeing teerur ithe 60s. gradually over the next few in. meantime we have had showers and thunderstorms this morning that developed in the western part of the viewing area. none of that was severe and as long as temperatures are cool like they are now we're not likely to have severe weather. very real. we have level 3 and 4 out of 5 risk for severe weather. expect thunderstorms that will produce wind damage as well as some tornadoes. keep it tuned here. greg fishel will join me later on this morning you will also break into programming with an update at 10:00 11:00 on wral change. one of the issues this morning's fault.
7:57 am
it is creating foggy conditions across the area. fog in roxboro as well as many parts of the region. 61 in goldsboro, 63 and 60 in fayetteville beginning to see warm air starting to approach us from the south and east. severe thunderstorms likely through the afternoon, especially late morning through the evening commute. we will be tracking the storms and letting you know the dangers for your area. temperatures in the mid-50s thursday and friday, and much quieter by then. 7:57, almost 7:58. as we take a look at the road weather index, the fog and wade roads are evident in includes the entire viewing area. slow down and take it easy as you head out this morning. we have a couple of accidents showing up on the live commute map, one on 440 westbound around six forks road. at that in with congestion and delays that we typically see, very minute drive from 4002 wade avenue on 440 westbound. allow extra time. also downtown raleigh, an accident reported on mcdowell street.main street. we are seeing some slowdowns.
7:58 am
street. also slow on the northbound durham freeway from tw alexander from ellis road. there's a look at mangum street, that drive taking 11 minutes, consider using 55.
7:59 am
union decided to do about it is dny,ruary th, 16 e ck t"cbshi ing. moreeal news ahead including wh donald trump is dominating
8:00 am
columnist and author mike lupica is here. he calls some other candidates real first,okt "e opet ar le dister zone.gsedik chil onump got me than c ed hwa rea onhand leup esdae tse dein ay. >> whatao thin tha ng o t "t" natre wi wn a. itateupme c ruskel prutwiew l. >>he vebody tseal htory weewoiehiti.youav aebo
8:01 am
acalteng topeople erons d snghat ac ij>>eah. . cai yo>>o a ann weer. hilry conit t t the0sit"t dat rely the shoou ld vin rigw? no dy o did noth wrong"? annor: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponred by naonde. i'm charl rose w gayle king and norah o'donnl. severe weather today threatens more than 80 million americans after a series of pushing storms. threat of setchm thef coast toheouea la syste b forhraths sty,th >>oranoz re r a f uthetenef peaca,a.eseestroyeds aptmenmplevastatwiavaged
8:02 am
two ople werlehere lens a i icony. ial cig marchingowsupe es e esyo far.busoh caliemts l o votrdhillartod ie nders he tn hal last nht eyked tooters ay politic andis in amer ste where a large number oemra afcan-eran gh rorteady motrlissta on wreet afiins. i questioboutat. >> peoikehe k he ay se wltt lyhi counthndewf biioe iend goingspdlinhimpai i thstin. i insrminin t
8:03 am
regnizrinot uso rshat offranmecan tough . y s meione fr poland. m ruing r pde. gu at. asked fory ificmaybe it theorf m in i don't >>nton heardbert spd n inter wheshe was ked leyf e has ev. y'rg don't lii ve.i don't ev will i'm behet i c n the ameri op how can t ba justayo!juo!
8:04 am
y, am acrk!heidt i aee itifar as i liev besca t a crook you lie run oaignti u no! d ouchse>> isntouke ath stnswering?>> i >> whees lthprimar clintonds i sou caro. veous ever td alie? . >> have u?>>. yes, ihave >>he pls gt rig vadaer,norahaconfes anyou. >> i i jt waing- ting t find the rshoaser told lie! m pica me tha >onump g ather
8:05 am
teruz b n umceleed victory i gas. >> maes ncongenneee ansnd fla. go be ama t mo ig not neehewo nt lko hone >>mi pica kwn h oovta mikewee ck o youreur td >> yes! >>nt to tin
8:06 am
aryou a tihe said, i d so.swer >> b you cldho kng yo >>h. en th, lie, itmeno dition ofis we e ngth are . >> yknnalum alongtime>>yes. what iitbou think honed >> d t he heo we t, n ress, but s so i somet t ithiwasound anev t intervied thug t procs, healyss theengom ouite suseand al y, >>o, en
8:07 am
senar,ricaomli was g to take thin b u uld , yearit.thisore surthth. es ithidn theit cale on ans. an i'lel y slse doesnd it'ee otc w yreastoi and tack, ok lhrou and 'llzethng hanuse.en hli cim xist,ut aydhen t he wng hiotouof tl pe likeir ay cingve e hill h wenft hi ir. >>nd calle jeb l erg which s right quali e seeo -- >> jeb bu, if a mathe s ofs g be oney, i w on jebus bor p ceow t tor. aimnd h the ne with h g and lunch meyal to scho and h aost be yol
8:08 am
th i f onheee rner dyohinkald thnee? h. ithnl w 't i cpuout of tra. e wasinheer he ys w doesnruz t?e thksti gog bpriden an rubio, i ink, ithnlone that would possiy h enuebu heti omentu -e, favos ond a thirishersecri vi 'ste! a i thethli perome teowl andth tveto pa >> t fr heis i mea pronal mapt geth ay ar tckg t delega y ge truhee rcentagehr m andmarc15th h the
8:09 am
>>etu loo ithink thonneho chan nrubi h h to- h havep fl a>> but hotoing! an't me y kd c r fithheopha theon place niomehak odds oe to bintoin noer>> jusa cpiboexct it expllowspeopoecheve a winneven thohe cncond. edcruzerhtinli saie mad ornit.i'thinhaki o y? south. u t lkck withoutrunningo whiev thank you, mi. y. >> aon no! ka n no,mi aig yi' juskidd >>fine. he ia clk. not y >> ts
8:10 am
blac ca>> a de miewa w to lusive announcer: this portion of "cbs
8:11 am
natide so on yside ahead, a field trip for fans of the blockbuster musical "hamilton." >> i'm chip reid at alexander hamilton's south in northern manhattan. a hundred blocks south of here he is the biggest name on wall street. we will explain how hamilton has become the hippest of the founding fathers. new york se. see me. e me to ps something that i have. t coagus. see to knowthat i't sto
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there' onegg th jt taes better.with0 mes reitaminanice e ega 3s e wh ordwh cane the be onlyland'ses betterte.errions. leadinumeresng icatn centtedthe undry dergen
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boom. itch peilroclin 1 wear if y'rno goio , iouun've ev thrhabe my u e is?m
8:16 am
enteainmstevin frazier is l angelhere a new sw ed thede aws t you mayind yelf betwe ckandlacehis ay chtu ht the oars nger bth ty is a awards s d by dt's a mor ernate.sowitheste? ye bld rcte cednyoc ist ok to sil inngro nthaww hes hos i intois hlywood's at o.opully, ho ll cat diandet ins far ashe sed a castingisonceedow peoe end andowar
8:17 am
wewndi i d'tstd whack pe fl uneieed to bdo titeopl ae me. rorhiz meedat >>oviesndultu. eporr:r rant?>>h,was ep>> repr:utu get doutndbohis methg ne? d if you h dger wrybout the >> no,o,ouays w ou, bhiised dlo al you , ne a. ter: wle t all fed we co ke t, sh,d byia mdef
8:18 am
e p at the oar andeverybody el ts is abt lebratin noter leatvi. ke, i n'-ywhe ot "o co whuldi?he t di nod o t a pictutu noneesut t ard wilgo ateeful wh. so.tawars "s." rseresr stlone yougood fht. you connue t . worldill dyrk >> wl aegdaryduce nn leeporr:ho cedhe
8:19 am
eoe n ith ge >>t ve to go .loound! alr ere!ed wte p t. who you calng crazy? >> nor l will domethiavto go bacth showom of the ter:oncks prin bri irrevere s def ." s can spp sect som in oscars oueddre ackicient theomswn say tngs pele wish tttay wans gog toh e enlope a i to allf>> t a mwards waiontv laartudded
8:20 am
e hon chead and aloredas cal. ey h the ar h id they award i out. bt hul whiteern yilt at eosca>>or >>. specl e tcago sst w atone. >motiersele on ding r ret t ves ste. ahea terlte t hete hndch ts moin"the st 27 daysur m haveutstedhorities by ki theirawayn priu gam now to catch ari, yo gota prius. guys, what's that? oh, man.
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nothelse t hilahia videos shows a terrifying nt. ahinehalee truck. it rams the toyota andhi itde. neas but they werenupt ws! >> tha
8:25 am
ea wil e ea r is izabh isracking . tt. ralos qut mo is news. let's a. ave wi to thh d rth,ve rsto h. no oats se, no it li bseve e xt hormao. t,e thttpa e en--orng, t lle oned about vere wther depi. ging win, tornadoe all thwise heoday cially from lunchtime on. not hapnin , h orhapel hi athmo er fogizzlwe are doing wi were ve3 4 ou of5 f rerm ri. this is unar is rm teve
8:26 am
tithcoigow is thfew minus. o ycamoo fog, itwndizzl urar u 64 in o mperures anup t uwe gtounlell supporwind warpecting a on day.hel jog me noo awewiatyou 0 11as to hoe are delo ndonx50. over t, d idk much r. ia al seeing a t thisa tweeurfr the lice chi n roxb at pr mh wispad altra ayou head ccfor the g d the wet ns. tanglove commute maaple ccenshowing up on e ma inn raleigh on
8:27 am
earlier crash 440estbound16ks rd the clearingstes t oflayse seen elin 440 std are ngp. thoonews minor ntpoed o40 aund jonesae ro ci sowthe rtoundid us-e h ry 55in exut neut, any,a portf ccte foowern weund it howre res drive. no bdeysjt thing eep mi. eaielan e rthbouurfrwaarting. onree iaofchris sed in tmurd f ersityen co mcquee formerat cesayse w su
8:28 am
8:29 am
inrale le tha ran ll w 10 onhotle hamilton inamsdduel? >> hello?
8:30 am
for $10,000 -- >> excuse me? >> wait. >> the fst gotilk commercial aired back in 1983. a history buff knew the answer to a call-in esho exdehamiltonbleayho s anrlie ro remember? , ding. bause h omi that of eun i le w te "hilto" ea ang atplaykn little abohi ecommend. >>wecbth p in re on run-ay s n. itou icabe sbeyond
8:31 am
you learn something new in our sew show dr. tara narula is in ourreen room. why women fare worse than men. >> ginormous fact. >> that's . she has got acu. >>et sho ye o ts morning'headlines. wp o a heourt w fwa i woron
8:32 am
aid prem rinws wants $ min inamag.they a t hotel for givingheroum t a stalker. tin wrs in attan we s 70ee morth h yte wh the scaffoldstregh b win t re saigh an oncehe wer sy side mt pee eda sooohe hav a sens of eopluldn.>> you kw >> i bsc iurpr ddsot lledoe spokesrson cayou s tha qte of >> a donsethem! >>ha wld borew retr haed "wall seet urporteshat pay
8:33 am
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8:34 am
>> w wom e?right.84 theual morel for cardvaul isor ey havnger italiz mire a ltip reans f on othesosagmenenhave t carveen rdarvent ndmenoris frs si badete depssio ach s.r taon cadifferent. cavataloms th csdiagnosnd tmdier tcay wenare t
8:35 am
setaken ierms oco robl and iology oblem. ac theo r f wenemtwastli in 200increasewaeellt fenecogtheardias heah . dorecoize mp oy do tywem o a iav ti to go to the , iav topy k gk ty d o the biolo iswe lg tt t b of n's hea t m i o w they have their heart atcks. thecsm ohe sssfn.ot for th care aconan drshoare so t inpaia disease innd aften
8:36 am
>>- tlile>> d a t. o ts preventabl e of t things aha ispromingellvisit. you ae anouruopoint hoble you ld kwr fil >>rybo suld, s ospeop waitnt lem. >>y fortat nk >> ainor broait m"ham tneze monde stedravitiard eaan o nt e owsas olexander hamilton, our sucr eid ske with aut edhegather find n ip, goodmornin or well,g. yoow george wa d tmajesoare this towd fding
8:37 am
s, cl a0 do ut of yourallet or thisxy s turnn ght. eporr:eh h- lic a p, n'std abt sham s upa hior l le noal everfo. epr:ilnt, alexdemion wes hetoic fe 10olr cngedheamto br so this . hilgr w d thtouplea of hisif yav torememberip, he eneryar no the cy ae th wld he beiral
8:38 am
wwn a hnheight erte t bioap l b. ite for he tiltoins hous bse it' thenlye wenove epteisof miant of wlo s a c within aewes bec rageorge wasn's top ai atheti andou of ast arth y hamnus ev genore.>>orter: but forele >> se ople rter: a>> ub repr:insecu>> ant
8:39 am
amen >> i thi peopl that attractpele aermi, e's anngsut him ca nmiret,sa mean ide wh hi >> repor plwrhtecidto tlis bd a "60 mteered cpldchliro i bel tha fsuely s tel lton's it h rthnd itsityif hn hadnyingnit,nsy.>>r: hisur dispesith othe fgthergendary, clg des alry tmas jeffe
8:40 am
anovheur oe ungrepublic >>amiln d onthe y and notnlye tritnal riure t woul lge c afaie a sck excha rteiltond duel at th o 49atve iow manhattan, e'aur he to rbe manisto almosthe d 200 y aannohe'setis i et. h nis lerp dway. n't ath at. >>nd c i shong s slongdo chw'okasn on selle wee longe tnn 2004 whent fstamout. >>theoo yem ef the anu ip el tere i l reg on vacationd cos aw withatzing pl
8:41 am
rap.>>od say he'lle hap twhstal theation when tha plas gducedyatro igscs ahe wo i seehani ally char e.
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rning, wareeengckhera oeedoodsrorand on dr dury a asts erlleauryd whether pr f a a thand veou mon.thnenalydood mp aab ciefaandated and di. ta >>antedooat od pey andookiconvieptns to mdinn atn the fast. antee at i
8:46 am
atio et's g specific. wh y fd w youedt whe fds bread ta e t wern so the me wlightlyigr caloes iodmndfat.does tha uatre youg?lyells uth know, re a m e nd it roe meathatdealhe stonwe rch out wle bu ht hrdk fr tp youosted ths what youd. yoecret shopps i e grocer st whid to do>> wesk secret s
8:47 am
oo waspa a howeoodasepared o tm wen to sho hi marn maal wt d yofi weoum twif locatio o store variidynt 363ilam sa milligrheam sid ow y elainat you it' that t ot prepared consistently andeoplre u know, th adhinybe to t ore' recir e tsn tr bch om j d. >> sp rite cg tsay.itrtle doet prt theepf tir pr fd oions a t th dovi hlts fohe ctomers t , ysa >> yeah, i think that do th ty do, thi t real issue ts is nnows onesreealt a w osaren bec tre are no nul formion stt
8:48 am
>> you sotseriecken i deal isnd isa found whatfo intest theho st o d che g good andth nti i it what you ex oethe itas morer sodhanouexpe? >> absolutely. ohoseshoon'tavse shopperst wsuppeddo ha shoul- u have toay aon t ion gth. skhe cbo e fo. av nutriti rmat a where i epedoofoat >>nkha. >>haou elinetnso agit ari huat story is next.
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morning." can't live without without feeling it inside where do all of the lonely hearts go >> celine dion playing tribute to her late husband in las vegas last night. her first performance since her husband died.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie with top potential for severe weather with elizabeth. >> on take a look at the rate right now. at the moment, the quiet. we have heavier rain about to come across the border from south carolina into the sand hills. no lightning with this but we are starting to see temperatures warm up from raleigh southward. as warm air spreads across the area that will set the stage for severe weather to develop later this morning and into the afternoon. later this morning, chief meteorologist greg fishel will join me here and we will track the storms together. we will update you at 10:00 and 11:00 and let you know how the storms are developing. at the moment, things are quiet around the triangle area. we take a look at our durham skycam. the fog is beginning to lift there, too. it is still drizzly and misty across the area but the
8:56 am
our severe storm risk is a 3 or 4 out of 5. that is abnormally high for the area. almost a guarantee that we will have strong storms producing wind damage and will likely have tornadoes as well. again, just to keep it here and we will walk you through those and help you stay safe through the afternoon. temperatures warming up in the south, low to mid 60s in southern pines, goldsboro and fayetteville. as those temperatures warm we have a greater chance of severe weather. 71 this afternoon. this is a daytime event that will taper off this evening. more quiet. 8:57. lift. there is a chance of walk north of the triangle area only into southern virginia. keep that in mind for the next little while. of course we will be watching whenever that line of storms comes through. we are going to see really awful driving conditions as it passes through. you need to keep an eye on the weather today. just be advised of what's going on. also the wral weather app.
8:57 am
commute map zoomed into the triangle. pretty quiet overall, major routes in pretty good shape. we have an accident in cary on high house road on davis drive. one of our twitter followers telling us about this. they're working to get that cleared up? davis drive. right now the trip 40 westbound looking just fine from 42 through raleigh, here on out to the airport and rtp. all clear now, also earlier delays on the durham freeway starting to ease up. healthcare providers and patients plan to testify before a house committee in raleigh about step therapy used by insurance companies to control they are advocating for limits on the treatment that some call fail first.
8:58 am
8:59 am
coverage at the top of>>er onn all- pl." scl hng a he wasn't m en dl: tannounce a stude mrienror wteouts : was dr
9:00 am
ong n nnnc: a twt. t s tr >> tir. >>t 'tt didnvil. ancomb el r.hil:ays s dhim vo >> i'm o stu t hadex?>>. >>r. phi you say tsth's not true. >> dr. phieto how,d>>l:s is a splacalt rd t bcount you do >> d phil: to nacompanint yoinheec. fe,--hi n g y.s & plause]


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