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tv   CBS Overnight News  NBC  February 25, 2016 3:37am-4:00am EST

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oufifas frimillion dol dal atngd top ofals doze of ome beicted inhe united st crs e e y fo"6s." uned o fials thrl dn rior a l ospo 2-arto maybe even one of its last. [ applause ] its ranks have been thinned. president seth blatter suspended. general secretary fired. and five current executive cos ngcrimes nusatesay decide to skip the event given what happened the last time they got together in may. authorities swooped in and made arrests here and on three different continents. acting at the behest of the u.s. justice department, attorney general loretta lynch. >> they were expected to uphold the rules that keep soccer honest and to protect the
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instead, they corrupted the business of worldwide soccer to serve their interests and to enrich themselves. fifa's main job is to organize and run the biggest sporting event on earth. the world cup. a month-long tournament of national teams, the generates billions and billions of dollars and crowns a world champion every four years. it's like the olympics only bigger. the honor of hosting the games can alter a nation's fortunes and the competition is intense. it is fifa's executive committee that decides where the world cup will be held and how the billions will be divided. according to the indictment, that's where the corruption comes in. how did the racketeering enterprise work? >> the allegations are that it was all about selection. choosing where events would be held. choosing who got the rights to broadcast.
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which were very lucrative off to the recipients that created the power. >> john baretta used to run the u.s. attorney's office in the eastern district of new york with a specialty in the mafia. he was used to names like genevese and gambino and had never heard of fifa until the case ended on his desk. he knew how the game was played. you want this? you got to pay me? >> those are definitely the allegations. >> you've got to pay me $10 million. >> man millions in many instances alleged not just for low-level tournaments. the world cup itself. shakedowns? >> according to the indictment, that $10 million bribe was paid by the government of south africa to help secure the 2010 world cup. originally disguised
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controlled by former fifa vice president jack warner, a trinidadian who ran the north american central american and caribbean confederation of fifa. which was headquartered in new york. he its current leap fighting extradition to the u.s. warner is one of 25 fifa officials named in the indictments. as for the bribes, there are too many to go into here. the biggest was $150 million paid by a sports marketing firm for contracts to sell broadcasting rights. then there were the smaller tips. a stack of envelopes filled with $40,000 in cash. from an executive committee member from qatar who was buying votes in a fifa election. qatar has a high profile at fifa right now and ape source of some
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the fifa world cup is qatar. qataris were happy. it made fifa the butt of international jokes. >> some fifa executives took bribes to put the world cup in qatar. i help that's true. otherwise makes no sense. >> not just that the routine temperatures top 120 degrees in the summer or a dismal right record. they have no soccer tradition and it would seem very few fans. games there are often played in empty stadium. fifa ignored its own internal security report which warned of a high risk for terrorism. maybe the executive committee was impressed with the dazzling multimedia, virtual reality vision, of what the qatar world cup would look like in 2022. right now this is all just a mirage. most people who follow international soccer aren't surprise by all of this. the chicanery at fifa an open
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a freelance reporter. harping about it more than a decade. >> it is the biggest scandal ever in world sport. nothing like it. how did you get into this? were you a soccer fan? >> definitely not. good luck to people who enjoy it. i am a crime reporter. that's it. it is there. no doubts about it. . >> reporter: jennings who had broken big stories and the international olympic committee. was asked to take a look at fifa. he couldn't believe his luck. >> i did start thinking. ape few bad apples. a few more. my goodness, who isn't. so bribery was standard operating procedures at all
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>> there does come a time that you don't really get upset. it's another drieb. because there are so many. in fact, a way of operating. how they went on with the business. >> when he began asking rude questions at fifa news conferences a dozen years ago he was exiled to the parking lot. for years his colleagues in the sporting press considered him a gadfly. he turned out right. and eventually people started paying attention. he landed a gig with the bbc, launching kamikazee attacks on the likes of fifa president, seth blatter. >> do you know which footballers took bribes from the -- >> the aforementioned fifa vice president, jack warner. [ indiscernible ] >> if you could spit on me you would spit on me? >> jennings received vindication
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his help and invited him to london to meet with their agents. >> i shuffled down to london. went into the room. three immaculately dressed, perfect manners. business cards said they did organized crime. at that point we were in. you can see the full story of fifa on our website, the ove newl berighck.tou ca erythin just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introdlyso click it in re wi lysol. start th cli 's not aas er me it him 's easy r me cook her.
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end this. alexander hamilton referred to as the forgotten founding father. he never became president and died in a gun duel over a woman. now he is the centerpiece of a hit broadway show and also getting more props in the nation's capital. chip reid is at national portrait gallery in washington with hamilton's story. >> george washington and thomas jefferson are all over this town. but good luck finding alexander hamilton. yes, pull a $10 bill out of your wallet or come here to national portrait gallery. for the most part he has been overshadowed by the other founding fathers. now he is finally getting his turn in the spotlight.
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new york's most talked about show, hamilton serves up a history lesson like no musical ever before. until recently alexander hamilton was best known as the stoic face on the $10 bill. that changed when hamilton hit broadway. so, this is hamilton grange. >> where he lived the last couple years of his life. this would be far from t cy. >> 100 blocks north of the theater is where the real alexander hamilton lived in an area known as hamilton heights. ron churno wrote the biography on which the musical is based. >> we are sitting in his house right now. the dining room table. what is it like for you to be sitting here? >> a thrill to be in this house. this was really the only house that we know that he ever owned. >> hamilton's story is an extraordinary self-made american immigrant. born out of wedlock, he was orphaned as a child. within a few decades he became one of most influential figures
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general george washington's top aide. signer of and major force behind the constitution. creator of the u.s. financial system and founder of the coast guard and "new york post." >> was hamilton a war hero? >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> evil genius? >> not for me. >> for some people? >> some people. >> visionary? >> undoubtedly. >> insecure? >> to an extent. >> temperamental? >> definitely. >> i think what attracts people to the story of alexander hamilton is there are so many thangz bout him that you can admire. but he was an individual, you can at the same time identify with him. >> lynn manuel miranda decided to tell hamilton's story and rhyming lyrics of rap. in an interview he explained the
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>> your music is rap. i also believe that form is uniquely suited to tell hamilton's story. it has the words per measure than any musical genre. it has the rhythm. if it has density. if hamilton had anything in his writings, density. his furious disputes with the other founding fathers were legendary including a decade long rivalry with thomas jefferson. over slavery which hamilton opposed. and over the future of the young republic. >> hamilton had a vision, not only traditional agriculture. there would be cities, factories, stock exchanges, banks, corporations, central bank. the world that we know today. >> hamilton died in a duel with vice president aaron burr at age 49. at his grave in lower manhattan, there is a surge of visitors here to remember the man who history almost forgot. >> he died more than 200 years
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now getting his term in the limelight. his name is literally up in lights on broadway. doesn't get any better than that. >> alexander hamilton craze is showing no signs of slowing down. and the book has been on the best seller list for 18 weeks. six weeks longer than back in
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right back. an 18-year-old from west palm beach, florida, facing charges for allegedly impersonating a doctor is in more hot water. local car dealer says that he malakai love-robinson bounced a downpayment check for a brand new mazda before driving off with the car. love-robinson insists the bad check was an honest mistake. as far as fake doctor charges he insists he has done nothing wrong.
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>> reporter: according to police malakai love-robinson began posing as a doctor early as last year when he created his own medical center and allegedly began screening patients. with the white lab coat and stetope, i love-robsomay lookyophicia his rent malactice i ollyon film >> hars. yes. your >>cu , r? arct offis veobinsowas ere ormeical exam up uerveenwie. ented bail a s ieatress cree d pprs and people whosa negativeerne is tith ion. on again i am up>>ovbion opew
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weitgrningersen book.onics wee end as ato trts c lliamciedfatr.>> dheave e ph. thn . t ow >> ofaceok robinson po certataiming ha tionalternate .>>ayave ne som wroi whahes in he hadiof tryi hpe er robwa hedaep h csesiprciede withou acti licse.>>fothth
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t license. caioni fund 's thursday, february 25th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." >nother day of dangerous weather.
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