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tv   Sunday Morning  NBC  February 28, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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neorat captioe le jns & jnsqualy pructs f amanil bfora >>oornin cesd to tod'm jeul aal editionuny oaran acedook hywbinighma in cion,sus th i base true sy.bust true clth's aues mteic wllamineur
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>> when you hear the words, based on a true story, inspired by actual events, what goes through your minds? >> hang on to your hat. >>ourfonht's eight nominees for best picture fall into one of those categories. ahead this "sunday morning," mining the movies with a meaning of true. >> pauley: elton john is a music legend not to mention a legendary oscar night party host. he's talking this morning with anthony mason. >> sir elton john has been writing hit songs with lyricist bernie taupin nearly 50 years now. >> never had an argument. ever. >> why? >> there's no point.
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big oscar party tonight. guess who will be performing? sir elton john. later on "sunday morning." >> in a world where studios constantly try to dazzle us with their coming attractions, movie trailers can be big business and sometimes en a f. as leewail show >> weome ie te.>> jusn y tught i w sa to gok inheat. l. >> they gets bk t movies in a hurry. >> th all ne "jaws 2>> cutting edge of the movie trailer later on "sunday morning." >> pauley: among those waiting for the envelope please tonight, is a young actress with
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ryatpe me learn. i have two movies. >> y>>venhe f disaster. >> pauley: best actress tonight's youngest contender. >> s-a-o-ior-s-se. >> coming up. sore a ronan. >> elizabeth palmer meets the film buff behind the imdb movie website. tavis smiley weighs in. david edelstein shares his oscar picks and more. first, the headlines for the sunday morning the 28th of february, 2016. hillary clinton handily defeated bernie sanders in yesterday's south carolina democratic primary. she enjoyed overwhelming support
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republican candidates ted cruz and marco rubio both released several years of tax returns yesterday. both then called on billionaire businessman drum to to do same. despite numerous violations a cease fire seems to have gone into effect in sear california the islamic state isn't observing the cease fire. a virginia police officer was killed responding to a call last night in subject you are an washington. it was her first shift after being sworn in on friday. she's the 10th officer killed in the nation so far this month. they gave out the razz he's last night in los angeles. and the win are of the golden raspberry for the worst film, the movie, "50 shades of grey" now the weather. snow is likely in the northern
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same goes for maine and the pacific northwest. everywhere else warmer than usual temperatures. showers are forecast for many areas of the start of the new week but sunny in the southeast and southwest.
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n to td musiir n neit's bot the f e duri. etmolds up is quitantt co sryrt by maha teich>> wereasoeilds bpi>>igo f befan guou tm haven mmon. tho, "tne." "bof ses
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"thehortth woralhe tsimto b bednruorrsp b estearesic none. utther that aine.clin2 ys aavicllootohe stors ouigrodwasse. hotruerehe how true se?en yar wordson a ttory"irebyua eents y m? >> hack on tour ane i chiefilmritic withhewashon pst ell i y seedu te toss the lmakesinhe sigl
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oupired y igna tome lirt taken. >> wtwas trt wrh how ain saassas eted mo recent13tic "rgo" was aut ttualescs. diplomat frran. >> you are clear toff. the nailbiter scene where they are chasing their depaing ple. didn't happen. some of tinere soovere haoele ore. b so, sen w
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moir for eampl he cged his unfortunate carom a mces lori.>> can t terne the teinof t w tu anix ach facts. is n aocuth trknever p ie latitude to say, this is entenment. >> welcome to afghanistan. he new tina fey movie out fridas based o rr barker's eperi inghanta
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>>yirs licensediv hits the road. she'srhan m 510 b nam tmovie k baker t ki wain theovie i a tv journalist, i am pri journalist. >>t ofhe expecing r life and her bok it. >> m reactu emos, p te er, ea let i notas certoitarte i fes isy,hi ctually ae. it's in the endties. >>e threhhi s.t it ay from e fact that theve i
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pr mucthatt out. it's not exactly tut'ssortf uehais sor td htory inof olivone'91 lm "stcoroveec i oreshe conscyheoryversion theenne asatio >> why wasenneled? who benefited? who has the power to cover it up. >> there are many people who saw oliver stone's "jfk" who absolutely believe the version of events that they saw in that film. that's where they get the history. >> i think for sophisticated viewers he makes the very clear that this is an almost visionary interpretation of events on his part. but i take your point that has inherent danger. responsibility lies with the
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if schools aren't teaching history that's a problem. but ld teain me lit at ts poin >> want to wd medal lm. the makers o the bi pic e" about ru jessie ow were given practically no opportunity to fudge the facts. >> the fastest sprinter jessie owens. >> owens won four gold medals at the 1936 berlin olympics and hitler watched. >> reviewed the script page by page, line by line, made a number of adjustments which they honored. and the reason that was important was so that history
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and that the facts be right. >> owens' daughters, marlene and gloria insisted on script approval. >> there was a theme that they thought, no, that doesn't need to stay in there. >> you won't tell me what it is? >> it was -- there some was nudity and we just didn't think it was needed, necessary or appropriate. >> people who make movies exercise artistic license. but this is also our life. >> this is our life. >> accuracy also matters to the los angeles press club. which thursday handed out first ever veritas award for the best film based on or inspired by
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>>on p.eduaidy t the subjectatter andtist excellence. innerpoht" a tetoobs" itiedophirisois i o ve ienedonit, wilin b tuth?>> py:
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about xeljanz. >> pauley: imdb the internet movie database. is the go-to website for movie fans which recently marked its 25th anniversary. elizabeth palmer found its creator. where else, at the movies. >> think back to the fall. it's opening night for a movie called "suffragett," there's meryl streep. and here is gina davis. the biggest hollywood insider here this evening is with his wife completely unrecognized. walking movie encyclopedia the founder of imdb. the internet movie database was
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now one of the most popular, its focus may be hollywood, but it was born here in rural england where he works, if you can call this work. >> this is the place. >> can you call up any film. >> i have 11,000 blu-ray dvds i can start any of them from just the press of a button. >> his all-time favoriteock's "verti.">> yee ifit? 2 nve9. >> he diarre rerd knovery -- have see evee
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has aetn wn yog coer eed di share withie f rypl whatidt d? wel it ha bac foatio could sh. you ulasn. thisno imasgh98 'sfu helnpaeydbotoochid hasot a wee ev dsed. th-- >> that'hoot oay a a ceo bemela
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biphie to pan e. like the time traveling iphone in true story. >> there's an iphone, advanced moho that didn't make it at the time. >> oops. >> imdb has a star meter, fans can click to rate who is hot and who is not. the actor robert pat in son got so many clicks he was invited to audition for "twilight" and landed the hero's role. >> i met rob, we have smiled about this. >> even steven spielberg uses imdb, when they met at the oscars. >> he grabbed my hand he said, thank you, i of love imdb i
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i've used the app, join the ceremony. it was just wonderful. then i got to tell him how mh i love "jaws. >> and he does. really, really loves "jaws." all movies for that matter. carl's passion is pure as ever. let's go t t the first movie you ever saw. >> i do have that. >> how old were yu? >> i was five. >> that was the beginning -- i was in love from that point. >> fast forward to imdb's 25th anniversary celebration not long ago and intimate dinner for his british staff. >> it's remarkable to have come
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little online film diary to something that has 250 million people around the world every month. cheers. cheers. happy 5. >> and later a star-studded gala in hollywood. when the pyser,nacy e iding >> i get dizzy. >>aule is in the bag. join for fre y,by march 3rd and get 1 month free. en cigar crahit, all cathinout getng relief. lyicori s ed fafo it stas relsuddraving. nevekn whe neief.
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hostn. or my deest dawhom worshi wit rpect t adoration, admiration, kisses, grath taught. >> pauley: shared a moment in the 2014 film "the grand budapest hotel" tonight she's waiting for the envelope please at the oscars. whhheveled by way o ooyn. >> not irish. >> you don't sound irish. >> pauley: with her ross cover familiar nature role in the film "brooklyn" saoirse ronan is making a name for herself. it's tough to pronounce and harder to spell. >> s-a-o-r-ios-e?
9:32 am
>> it's s-a-o-i-r-s-e. it's on irish word it means freedom or liberty. >> we need irish girls in brooklyn. >> stop feeling that i want to be an irish girl in ireland. >> nominees are -- at 21 she's the youngest two- timold c nmie sia laburyn 1946. r fien seas j 13forppting actess in "aneme dth nveca mimiarr >> >>ea >> what are you casing meryl
9:33 am l i >>ok? and no one expected us. >> passport please. >> welcome to the united states, ma'am. >> "brooklyn" is the story of young woman who leaves her family and friends in ireland to come to new york for work and finds a new lifend le 50era. >> don't know. >> best food in the world. >> i like italian food. >> how much practice did it take you -- >> i turned up the day, had read in the script she has a bit of difficulty eating spaghetti, i thought, okay, i'll act that one . going to se --
9:34 am
father and the world. >> hands down the most difficult thing i have ever done in any film. >> the movie resonates for saoirse in deeply personal way as a child of irish immigrants. >> i came here to work, they came here to work and no work at home. and the bronx was an area that had quite a large irish population. >> you are an american citizen. >> yep. >> in fact saoirse was born in the bronx and used to come to this diner with her parents. you have been here for awhile. >> i haven't been here since i was three. it was so weird. i remember everything. i remember where we used to sit. what the outside looks like. the sounds are the same. >> everything.
9:35 am
grilled cheese. the family moved back to ireland when she was three. her father had become an actor and introduced saoirse to his ent.>> ias qu itive edifftces accents. could you jus doha at breakft?>> knoor her sll w ac she g from an aman tenager "tovel bo g l-- ley: to a teage gean assinnh." an't want hurt anyone any more. >> pauley: the role opposite cate blanchette brought her to the attention of theater director. >> i happened to get in touch when she was making that movie. i'm working with a fabulous young actress. i went to see the movie, i was
9:36 am
>> pauley: he cast her in the starring role of the warrer this miller playythe crucible." >> such a strong man with a sickly -- >> blackened my name. >> in rehearsal to open next month on broadway. >> when they say this is your first play, really? >> like first ever. i've never -- apart from -- >> pauley: what was your biggest role in school? >> one year i played the local principle. which was really new for me. it was a stretch after the tree season. >> pauley: can you do a rock? >> hold on a sec. you're putting me on the spot here.
9:37 am
professional. >> a rock would be like this. a rock is a roc and if a rock had eyes. would be like that. >> pauley: oscar nomination and broadway debut could make anyone's head spin. but saoirse stays grounded and keeps ireland close. speaking with her mother every day. i remember reading that early is a particularly challenging thing for young women. >> i'm not surprise that it affects young women more. there's more pressure. not only, of course, when it comes to the way we look, the way we're all compared to each
9:38 am
to what someone else may wear on the red carpet even beyond that it comes to success. it's almost that you have to be apologetic about. >> yet there she is as "the crucible" abigail williams, saoirse ronan graces one of the tallest marquees on broadway. what did you think of it? >> it's very weird to have your face plastered all over theater. but i have to say even though i do get quite shy about that sort of stuff, there is something about seeing your name or your face attached to a broadway theater that makes you go, oh, wow, this is a bit of a dream. >> pauley: except that it's
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aleditck rtainl howke a movie. ereve quiet little he ao knew h to sel vie. >>s you man yad to sor him aftel bg doted amost maal womasnough torivenyoneo th e -- let's go in tisrao
9:42 am
able aalf tes. peaps mo rarkae tha ll time htcockdn'tivaway much. b difrence. shldave t. >> werhat he wldhinkf toy's le. exitel eded. bu hea warming a fu >> thats wenown fact trailers a al >> howo god. >>utluring a .>> noio the fi >> what do an? >> movie trailers still suffer
9:43 am
why do they sell everything in the movie trailer. >> gets that complaint a lot. >> he works for entertainment marketing company called, trailer park. one of dozens of firms that specialize in producing movie trailers like this one for the latest "mad max" film. the job he says to dazzle, collaborate with both studios and film makers to showcase the best film has to offer and that often means inching within an eyelash of a spoiler. >> ever worry that sometimes the trailer will be better than the movie itself? >> no. that's the goal. >> really? >> if the trailer is better than the movie that will get people at least to the theater.
9:44 am
trailers in theaters, originally they ran after the feature presentation. that's how they got the name "trailer." in the silent era they were filmed with silence like this one for "ben hurr" practically exhausting to read. that o salesman sh c ospai w ye aveinthsainrodt aga a again i n'thin th fa wi creepnt equa am horn, s n erne lavin market their films inuch aash wa or wll, r ele,
9:45 am
osedertiur tmotion pie,citiz k" is the title. hopefully a coming attraction. >> he did it in an artful and decree at this timetive way with tongue well in cheek where he says in the out this is a piece of balle hoo. >> these days trailers are more than that. they are big business. >> trailers are under such microscope now. you constantly of a have to out do yourself. >> in fact they become their own genre so much so that trail trailers have their own award show. like this one. appropriately called, the golden trailer award. few have won as many. >> i see every little shot, frame, moment of dialogue, that we're trying to reassemble into our two-minute puzzle. >> creating those puzzle pieces,
9:46 am
to watch entire film with the sound off. sometimes watch it all backwards. >> looking for the moments, the head turns, the looks, little smiles, just looking for fractions of a second that are going to hit me in an emotional level. those are my trailer moments. >> he's cut the trailers for the last two best pictures "bird man" and "12 years a slave." this year, he was hired to make the trailer for the oscar nominated "the revenent." >> it was about trying to convey that feeling, this real experience of the movie. >> "the revenent" is full of grand cinema to go i can't fee
9:47 am
had to find something else. >> there's a constant thread that is carrying you through which is his breath. >> he blended his breathing with the sound of drums then with the sound of a shovel digging a gave. grave. it all builds, sweeping the would-be movie goer along with the action. >> all elementsoming geer tod ofreatehi eling. >> us rall the days o trailers wie bog narr >> ever see a gh
9:48 am
>> that's the voice of the late don lafontaine. >> above grath am looms greatest heroes. >> featured in more than 5,000 trailers, that deeptoneo cognle he dubbe thr thre>>he voice over fordianvieiler. the trailr jerr feld me "comedian" feureder voice of god.>> irl we laught was . >> h dugs madeittle mself.>> justn t ef sp>> a g >> no. >> two gir. oren er.
9:49 am
hate y>> the grrerare most mornrails let the filmeak or je fo thes. atast wne. g aay much and movie goers marumb ere are oan. argumean b madehattrairsre a aa ofantr film t osrsve
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>> pauley: coming up. pauley: atealel in ms eing
9:52 am
sns rewimnd tnurns wh ca enowulsy h m th d istlon in dn. >> m. esi'om. dd firind >>hat >> n th kile w i c since iec t athst te l yle noticedwfke tach ty they broughther h ratso t dk imprtett he hur. enus to t b kilests ey noho
9:53 am
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>> "sunday morning" goes to the oscars here again is jane pauley. >> pauley: that's elton john with lady gaga performing live on the sunset strip yesterday. he of course is music legend who is about to throw another oscar night party. but only after sitting down with our anthony mason. >> for nearly half a century he's been one of music's most flamboyant performers.
9:57 am
he took the stage at the theater in los angeles last month. i think it's probably a good thing. he has more than 50 top 40 hits. but this night sir elton was also debuting some new songs. >> you can't really play more than three or four because know. >> what is that feeling like? >> it's like -- a ha. i've written this song i like it you're going to spoil it. >> on wonderful, crazy night, sir elton's 3rd studio album the singer says he wanted to celebrate his wonderful life. you have a certain tone. >> i wanted a joyous tone. i want a '70s record that
9:58 am
>> his lyricist is same song writing partner for 49 years. >> probably more important to m to writing songs because he has to write the words. so have warm hand for bernie taupin. >> they met before elton was elton. when young reginald dwight answered this ad seeking songwriters. >> i look back on my little -- i can't believe i had the balls to do it but i did. >> the record label paired him with taupin they clicked, immediately. decision. my life would have been completely different. bunking together. >> we lived at my parents' apartment in north london, he became the brother i never had.
9:59 am
way but most emotional, beautiful way. >> apart from a short separation in the late '70s, they worked together ever since. becoming one of the most successful song writing teams in history. >> do you ask him to explain it? >> no. never. >> you don't know what levon is about? >> no. but i have my own idea. every time i sing it i have this vision going on in my mind. that's the magic of those lyrics. every time you sing it you think about something different. i never get caught up in that. it's the most beautiful love song. i'm thinking about david, my boys. >> so hard for song writing
10:00 am
>> the thing with him and i we dropped our egos. >> how did you do thaty did you do that? >> because it was necessary. we've never, on my children's life ever had an argument. ever. >> why? >> there's no point. he's had harsh words with me when i haven't been behaving myself. he's told me the truth but it's never been an argument. >> elton went through an especially dark period in the '80s when he battled drugs and depression. when you were dealing with your drug problem how did you keep going? >> i did. that's what kept me alive. if i i stayed at home and not appeared for six months i wouldn't be here because i would kill myself. >> music has been my friend since i was two or three years old. when my parents were getting listening to the root.
10:01 am
it saved my life. >> feels like you traded it for an addiction to performing. >> addiction to the performing was bigger than drugs, thank god. piano is black or red. >> elton will perform again at the 23rd annual oscar party he'll throw tonight with his husband, david furnish. a benefit for his aids foundation. how intensive is the planning? >> it's amazing. it's got to be 9 0 people now. we started off with 10 people in a restaurant. in beverly hills. we raised four or five million dollars. it's hard work, because you have to go schmooze everybody. you don't get to watch the oscars sometimes -- the first half hour great then you are like -- >> you describe yourself once as
10:02 am
world. >> i think probably acceptable face of homosexuality which i realize in my later years can open a few doors. >> responsibility comes with that as far as you're concerned? >> responsibility comes with it. >> responsibility to engage world leaders like russia's president who has spoken out against homosexuality? >> i had a call from president putin i'm going to meet him some time this year, i'm not expecting to change the scenario straight away. >> have you thought about what you're going to say? >> no. i'm not going to say you have to do this, you have to do that. that's not the way to approach it. i have no expectations. if i can change things, it may take 50. may take five minutes, who knows. unless you try. >> the singer is citizen of the world now with houses in england, france, atlanta and here in beverly hills. how much time do you spend out here?
10:03 am
>> when he's playing vegas it's an oasis for his son, zachary now five and elijah is three. >> the boys love it here. they have a yard to play in. they love the weather. >> can you keep up with them? >> oh, yeah. i just love them. ten years ago if you would have said i'd be sitting in this house with two children, i'm married to my husband, you would have said you put razz it in my drink. the best decision in my whole life. >> are you surprised how you've been as a father? >> i'm totally -- i thought i would find it irritating. i'm a neat freak. i like things to be -- i like objects, i like to be in certain position. the boys are brilliant. >> fatherhood has changed the way elton john sees his future. >> they put everything in perspective. it's led to me looking what i'm going to do the rest of my life.
10:04 am
everything is arranged around their school holidays now. i will still be working but i will be cutting down and in the end i will stop. i want to see them grow up. i have such a great life. >> after four decades on tour, up ahead, sir elton can see the end of the road.mamum streng available without a prescription...
10:05 am
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and it sells for? it starts at twenty-two five. what? oh wow. i mean with all this technology. that's a game changer. >> pauley: the lack of racial diversity among tonight's ross cover nominees has controversy. that's attracted the attention of author and pbs host travis smiley. >> academy award nomination, myriad of protest and hash tags like oscar so white and calls for boycott of tonight's telecast. now, let me confess right up front here that i do intend to watch tonight for two reasons. chris rock. are you kidding me? this is a comedian's dream, the jokes are practically writing themselves. but this year's blackout is no laughing matter. how do we explain that black folk are winning in music but not film. there's been disruptive
10:07 am
artists to record, promote and distribute their music. not so much in film. but i do think that a change is going to come. i'm ambivalent about this notion that black folk have been vic testimony maized by the academy. sure, i see whole lot of black writing and directing, producing and acting talent being ignored by hollywood. but black thespian aren't the only victims. hollywood loses out because lot more tall then could be delivering box office as well given a chance. what's even harder is that industry as progressive as hollywood doesn't get that excellence in film comes in variety pack. let's be honest, the lgbt community has grained more ground in hollywood over the past decade than black folk have covered in 50 years. tonight in fact we'll see actors who have been nominated for --
10:08 am
and revel in the humanity and talent of black actors and actresses, that said, i'm not following this term snub, if you snub when you lose what are you when you win. you don't want mediocre to become the new excellent just for the sake of having black oscar nominees. so, you must accept the fact that art is subjective. you must also accept that there is right and wrong, not just better or worse. know it to be better not just on oscar night but every day. >> pauley: next -- bette davis, they're like actress whisperer.auley:oorne o his life in the mies.etirementhenasked melderple when tactual did savi gapween wweuld stving
10:09 am
why tony of aren't prepar retemt.just as as y c. it's to ofhe fe.
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we'll all be bettearomro udentibrur at persil..thp notc of stain pes has rforer tenusanstaialuati prove psil de a premm cl e maew sinithwasabi andoji ke tt n thousand an yon helpnt bss inernourhechilll erhe wld whenou get ytamins walee, yolp giv-cha vi ids ss thelo. get minsere. ge lesvery was. acorn happd he >> povi
10:11 am
seshahe'sled h cabl tvaudice. >> weud tre e, t ogoi the wind." >> you should be kissed and often and by someone who k w.>> me.he's uing audiences in hywooineti pas r yeaow. >> i have a feeling we're not in kansas any mor i therer bee movi star like cary gra >> rtne isn ju the ver ld hollyod. heeenlonal friendsto s i biggest stars turne s happye woue gethere.>> lauren bac. ou kwow to tle. just your lips toget and
10:12 am
>> bette davis.>> dou er cigarette with bette davis? >> oh, yes, many. >> you would buy your ticket for your dime or quarter or whatever you come into this place. >> we met him at the kingseate brookl splend today asurin t desionheov o espence. ieala t w it.what brce talbo paioha hasmernl li. toieheatlis beaulhe ngt sitting in dark. >> and those wonderful people out there in the dark.
10:13 am
town colfax, washington, he caught the movie bug early by college was obsessed. >> i spent every saturday in college going through every copy of the "new york times" over about 20-year period. made a list of every movie that played and how long it ran. >> rain man like. >> they should have locked month me up long ago. >> he nicknamed his record book, blacky. this is your movie bible. >> yes, it is. may 29, '42. yankee doodle dandy mid for 20 weeks. >> osborne knew he wanted to work in movies but he wasn't sure where he fit in. he moved to los angeles and tried acting. >> now that's what i call coffee. >> one thing that i never lior wd too plebody
10:14 am
tonrrupt. h pilotf bevly hillbillies. >>a suitappened.ggngcto wutde bo o lle b >> saski f pele could nc cn'ier liked . he f yng pnt i laidye an boigi swow, thatan>>m boe'epell knowl t hllywood's golde se on ne. tilycoage b w a atosaidanct soe bgaroniclin ood d hst i wokt thademy aw it kndfhocal
10:15 am
atheam t h becen rtaiport >> h reporte o mng >> wasnnti coortain thi hwoers learnedthat rdson h cntractaids,s ro t. >> you need tlt s saoi's t piden'svernia>> nio sity. hs aor.heghogr s>> osrnnstsxha cg hvi so w bese frs. arbsti, tt
10:16 am
y had perdy ced >> bhisrieiette got uy o oheir feing osborne haust seen77'sgg bck>> yn new "stao i ,t'seall good. i ink njoy it. shd wi fullai tolo i hate thatinof a mov i sd, canve'dsayomeing sotup sheipouook a m i ought,hgog klme th lt h knew iaderth'st was w fnge.
10:17 am
enfoost.oreheor thas preping r mydea at dxist >> h favorite int, er movie ml st,ettyon yr00ad ona 2 yes.owre y t? 'm sred.>> odborne. >> tfied s intoisanteoplth wldn't rr her.thing i' p ocae we hhlnabeenuc ai ar tea ht. >> pe fe has bee ll. ally hell. bu my profonal lif-- nder
10:18 am
rkfrheart. >> for robert osborne, movies are life. ette>> i thinkeave to have dreams. we need a lit carmen miranda.we nee of need gene kellyanging thatamp p d to been a asy d not aid go. occasi. >> i tnk ishening a bulends these feetere rst in my fa to gradte frocoege, ed ae twinir, and aias nur but i couldn't bear mydiab nerveany loer.
10:19 am
causbetic nee in. lyricafda proved tres pa lyrica m cseerious alctio uicil oughr acti te youctor rway if y he th neororseepren, or u changes in mo orior. well troubreathing, , hivelister musc pain wither,tid elin blurry on. common seffee zzinleep ightn and elling o has,egs,ndeet. don't drink all whil takingyric n't or uhine unl yo howyrica affect e wh hada drugalcohooble y be morkely t misuyric now i lesdiabeterve and i helittlones gef onightoo
10:20 am
enamelur ets filinedefense. t dailting inki c mat weak y colgenamelh. ititeplenishes weak spots with natural calcium strenenamel four bettecolgate enamel health.ronghey en
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whe arweon briisng t a weirdscar ni ttraghe all whitlae ofjor mineesilebt prabegar tt,mphih th aadem pyerin eresid gav a t spikei cs roc asrostl whie,ov0-ye-oldsho em ht af loo m te nmi an d iadft the whity in movie syr sllone. i would have voted for idris elba. in "beasts of no nation" among others. so, who is in contention? leo dicaprio nominated many
10:22 am
back harder. in "the revenent" he hauls his broken body over miles of frozen tundra, give him his oscar already. i hear "the revenent" will win, too, and many people love it. i found director alejandro, show off macho technique and bogus native american spirituality down right icky. ""the big short"lufor ner rn th bree larson. >> we have a hammock. swing in the hammock. >> wy te way aock for ctre >> i nee to talo m husbd. need hold hus >>tictr nner w trannde "e danish gir"m rting forenn jason
10:23 am
broken teeth. finally, i hear stallone will win for the aged rocky balance bow i can't in "creed" he was nominated for the original, but the movie won he lost best actor to peter finch for "network." rocky should win in this arena, too. past omissions, that's what the academy does well given omissions this year they better get busy. yocan'ict...the . t at tro pri we cp gue your ients through good times and bad.
10:24 am
clients have ried on u o besthng t investmts ivaetdionyou can feel ent. .in our peencecall t. rowe retirepeci your r ..o e how we can helphet you nt s e pre.insth idce. pemonts beauti unle have allergies. then your eyes see ifferently. lonase is approved to eve yourhy, watery nges ther nll spray say at compleller relief incompte
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flonase changes everything. leod lk to. wn now pl rt charleso d sur o weesn yo 's tosnd resting. chlie, spe recoveo y eek,e on "sunday ing. we get the news from holly huntre goorge e totafocu at'sfor yousiness. e trartner opleechnolog aneas push eveone fo celera innov acceting tformatio acceng n
10:26 am
>> pauley: we leave you this oscar sunday while outside hollywood in death valley. life ened up by what is known as super bloom of flowers. >> pauley: i'm jane paul ly,
10:27 am
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10:30 am >> dickerson: today on "face the nation" can anything or anyone stop donald trump or hillary clinton from going all the way to their party's nomination. and super tuesday, we'll talk to the three top republican contenders, donald trump who leads by big margins in most super tuesday states and texas senator ted cruz. there. >> there is no doubt if donald steam rolls through super tuesday, he may well be unstoppable. i don't think that will happen. >> dickerson: he's not the only one vowing to stop donald trump we'll talk to senator marco rubio. >> i will do whatever it takes. dickerson: hillary clinton with a big win. we'll talk to her rival bernie sanders about his future plus tracker numbers. it's all ahead on "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs


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