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tv   WRAL News at 430 AM  NBC  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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thisofshrink. > a lo it is 4: 39 and it is beautiful out there this morning. we started a bit chilly yesterday with temperatures close to freezing. nowhere close to it this morning. nice south westerly breeze there warming things up. 50 in apex and 51 in wake forest so feeling quite mild and our temperature at lunch time climbs to you 62, near 70. exercise or walk the dog whatever you like to do before you head out. temperature close to 50 degrees and mostly sunny. talking about changes later in the week coming up bill? >> thank you elizabeth. leg room is leaving some peop feeling like they are packed in
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they want them to abide by a seats guideline. leg room used to be 35-inches and shrunk to 31-inches and seats are more narrow. he will introduce a guideline limit to the author observation act in congress. the vote is expected in march. disneyland and disney world drop prices on a one day pass to $95. for most weekends and summer week days the prices go to $105. and peak demand days like july weekend expect prices to be around $112. disney hopes this will spread out visitation to it's major theme parks. happy leap day. if you are a leap day baby there are special deals today. >> participating pizza hut
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free pizza and a free cookie and mcallisters. participating krispy cream donates have an offer for an original donut. hotels and travel companies. >> did not know they were called leaplings. that's cute. more information is coming out about what michigan's government knew about issues with the water in the city of flint. >> what newly released e-mails reveal about when the congress issued the red flag. and a bizarre story out of
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abducted official charges are expected to be announced today in the deadly shooting of a pastor in ohio. william schooler was shot inside his office at st. peter's baptist church. his own brother is accused of pulling the trigger. he's in custody facing murder charges. no word on a motive. community leaders gather to remember the victims of the deadly shooting spree in kansas. three people killed and 14 others wounded in historyon. most of them were shot at the xl equipment plant where police
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cedrick ford worked there and was upset from a restraining order he received the day of the shooting. a woman and baby are in- -stephanie austin took the two month old girl. the baby was found safe in an apartment where the suspect lived still strapped in a carseat. she faces several charges including child abuse. the teenage suspect was armed during the home invasion. in montana a four-year-old girl who was the center of an amber alert was found safe on the fort peck indian reservation just a few miles from where she disappeared while playing in the park. the girl is under going a medical example to determine whether or not she was harmed. witnesses reported the child was taken by a young man. the f.b.i. is investigating.
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is scheduled to consider today whether to dismiss one of the lawsuits against bill cosby. his attorney's want janice dickenson's case to be dismissed because she was given differing accounts with interactions over the years. the model and t.v. host sued cosby in may after he denied claims from 1982. she tried to include the story but her publisher refused. the governor knew something was wrong with flint's water as far back as 2014 from released e-mails from top aids discussing switching the water supply back from the flint river to lake huron after flint started using it's own river for drinking water. researchers later found elevated levels of lead that
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investigators are looking into the issue. in response to the e-mails he said those were preliminary concerns before they knew about the led problem. turns out the third time was not the charm for the new mission. the company called off the launch after two similar cancellations in recent days. on it's website the rocket and pay load are fine but is not saying why the launch was scrubbed again or when they will try again. the rocket carries the satellite to bring internet and phone access to millions of people in asia. looking forward to a beautiful day ahead. >> the weekend was gorgeous wasn't it? >> oh yes. >> so nice to get out. feels like spring has sprung. are we over the hump yet? >> it depends on what your definition of the hump is. >> march 1 is meteorology spring. >> it is so tomorrow we begin
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it was pretty nice near 70s today and tomorrow. but spring means a lot of changeable weather so yes nice bright warm days but it won't stay that way until may so march and april we can be all over the place in terms of our conditions and this week is a prime example of that with temperatures above normal for today and tomorrow. and then towards the end of the week our weather becomes much more unsettled and cooler and talking about the chances for rain coming up over the next couple of minutes. here's a look at our durham sky cam and the lucky strike lit up nice and quiet and beautiful. i was out early yesterday morning and before i got out of bed i looked at my phone i said really it is 32 thinking about the fact it was such a warm afternoon but my friends wanted to go for a run first thing and it was cold out there. 50 this morning so much warmer
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per hour and dew point at 33. looking at a fairly dry air mass. 50 in roxboro, 52 in south hill, 50 in goldsboro and 48 degrees in southern pines. look how much warmer it is than this time yesterday. 20 degrees warmer in roxboro and south hill, 18 in southern pines and irwin and 14 in fayetteville and clinton. a nice mild start. kids will be fine wanting shorts and t-shirts because high temperatures close to 70 this afternoon. here's a front and you can see some rain along with that from west virginia on up into the great lakes and as that shifts eastward into north carolina you will get a front coming through but barely even have any cloud cover much less precipitation. you are not going to know this one comes through and behind it the air doesn't cool down really significantly either but we do have another system to change things for us by wednesday. here we are at 7 april this morning you can see sunshine.
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that's about it and all of the rain into west virginia and virginia just dissipates by the time we get to 11 or 12 today. lunch time looking beautiful and tomorrow looks pretty as well. we begin to see some increase in our cloud cover end may see some rain esy night into wednesday. probably not talking about heavy amounts. probably about a quarter of an inch or so and a few rumbles of thunder and behind that much different conditions as we wrap up the week. 69 it's the peacock the big day at 7:00 jim good man of the owner of the company is going to hit the button at 7 for the official welcoming of nbc into our family. beautiful day today and tomorrow. we started cooler tomorrow at 42. wednesday we kick off the day with showers tapering off in the afternoon. that brings us cooler air.
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friday looks wet as well. a system comes through to bring us a chilly wet day on friday. what a big difference we go from sunny and warm monday and tuesday and chilly and wet by friday and temperatures rebound. it does look fairly dry. out on the roads nice and dry this morning i-40 an area that could get backed up later this morning since it's around the fortify zone. i-40 at fayetteville looks fine this morning. our weather nice and quiet. >> thanks elizabeth. it was a night full of glitz glamoud dressiissu >> aloat the big winn
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anadol in just over two hours wral will get some new very well known and well respected news partners. >> ron has cheated in the past and i don't know anybody who trusts him. >> there is no trust. no no no this is not based on trust. >> this is not about deflating footballs it's about the cover up. >> it's always the cover up not the crime. >> always risking her life. >> today nbc and the rest of the family are joining wral at 7 this morng. today pioneer news is one of the many great nbc programs you'll be able to watch. and in case you are wondering our commitment to the community is only getting stronger. our 4:00 p.m. news will move to wral today.
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about this. we have answers. check out the special section we created on hollywood honored it's best at the 88th academy awards. >> the journalism spotlight took home the best picture. leonardo dicaprio won an oscar for the revenant. this is his first academy award after being nominated five times. he focused his speech on the issue of climate change. >> i thank you all for this amazing award tonight. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so much. >> bree larson age 26 won best actress for her performance in room and mad max took home a half dozen. coming up in the next half hour we get a full wrap of hollywood's biggest night
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tackled the issue of lack of diversity. before the oscars are the raspberry awards. 50 shades of gray took home five and dakota johnson was named worst actress and jamie dor na n for worst actor. dead pool is in the top spot for the box office again. it raked in $31.5 million in it's third straight weekend to $285.6 million domestically making it the number three all time r rated movie. gods of egypt managed to win $14 million for a second straight spot in the box office. and the animated kids film kung fu panda 3 came in third with $9 million. coming up in the next half hour on wral news raleigh police are looking at using body cameras.
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they consider the devices. a university of virginia student begs the north korea government for forgiveness. what he's accused of doing. and hilary clinton turns
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republican rival who is y raigh ins g li f s g po b ement but fr ism frtrp e ead >>d e work wi unseasonwet ngwill thatod moevne. hoa ndl eken's
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nere>> is in marvmoheery.whatever you. 6in thtaend fes on >>eah le 's ri hday alofe le biy only ve years. th's kexciti to haa apy bee we artaking big apda asl s welcome nbto r lywemoabt atmot fiallyhaenin0 so ke at ca and it's automotive beautiful morning. --it's a beautiful morning. skies are clear. temperatures feeling mild. 50 in kerri 49 in holly spngs. 52 in south ll, 50 in fayetteville, 48 in clinton. nice and mild much warmer than it wasthis time yesterday when temperatures wdown in the 30s. 49t 8: a.m 63 at noon. high near 70 this afternoon.


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