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tv   Today  NBC  February 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>>rnin ng of thwo leonardoaprio finins anarearseris rst >> i d notake tot thyo s very. ri nnges ess. hee wr t e. hohrn cao wtersy.>> ie aca erwi khe op's cic. this mog,lndalie enlyodithll th highlig fthe ow e darpeand, ocour the parties. klan controvers why did donald tru refeo disavowupport from thekkk and its former leader david de in an interview? >> d know what you're talking about. >>avidukend the klu klux kl he. >> honestly, i don't know dav ke o left
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un 'llk t trun le teiew. e andrews a coictetaecd t stify ailon tr 'r a .ure sh fateeor ae se, just a gersetere a werful stor ,eaer and nororubreak init rernodamo ua9th20 erromws thisy"it m savannah guri lerom ud 1n rockefellpl > gdmoertoda o mday rning. . e fou aracally>>xactright. diou the show last night? >>ye a w osde prd o.
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>>ay t see tve offe. eed enat theonerht on. e surp nt thend out in los le eyetill. go mnioyou. w aigt wa av ge to yest is so g to hr r atme ornd diew o pee. ast e s deniteetav wa meioorletlht max.chsk rpondedo the knoceeockcome
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uotela anted.otake thgrte inarrit g ckck best ct. "t btcture areenplay >>slihe vo ter:rie won st a"r" >> t y t goe. thin te eariner. >>orter: test stup to estaonosgut t yl idg spie"ou s m flow ne doowyepate yran e nd in. tehr rockn eersy ied ten. 'me amy ar oerse known as it le choar tietween
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s opening no>> isollyod ci righ wanpo weantctor e unit r ners ski thuguthe s tkl lack ofdiversity, w r in h tan in ski recye filmh b >> tanhgi ese danis isgogi >>epht eos fminio, tuly, i d l m. tokr li o iinity and >> r vicesent. the lealifiedan he ght. >> repornt a weancey ga
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imf ssat. [ apse you see,n nal mt. sndor ga. may " gr mt awardwithsi ndestportg fhe gi "t bigt" won best adaptscay we'llk aut tngorhereca weppit about th as et po fhi wee torrsu tay bes looming h a ld aingo build s. t tonalrue ase fdslfnoer y,his o ralet'egurer goo rnin forhimp,s atugdeveenepcati
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si t cmnormer clu knrandzard,id ke ump cimin cs about ahi pr te dd trump aga fi thor nte s but what hesa d refus itex nidn se nghelaep-- orr: vot ainst um againrheta. i't ainbo vid ld ysay, ymn and't tort? hto look a t t knhaou're ut. a d anan
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hone i know dav >>eporer interumpd d diw d h wuke exning hecno a armar candidatein tmphe tolthe ewk s, tformy ilu ke i cpah ep stil the n emocrac llnti rniersrust ashamonger. trp i ang a twng muine. yania afa>> no. nt to be assiait ter: theebsite g ve it mehe
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tlbi a, toat taeit.>>lwaysale rc 6'2". on't udds e tizf w i 5'2".s hands a yo kw way withmall y us. >>waus a. y woping for ai ofs,warl keinksrthpas a who sat.ea isn dsto th ck ahowst hi tea now belheir ayvehey 't workin al t dalruow th one. mr.trump, goorn >>oorning. et j srt where perusndup ear o'shott llows shotse
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whig sma big eao sweats, who i r, wchok oume peo ss cryroun theororng, wait a sre r r osmporta a obn >>, n start . i'may otple w aghat re. bu way e ata doing ecaue'se. 's 2 psben ida. he -sw i the fridaouldn't electater frany, destende ardngnalcks. whoe asol ckheck. it bachard. >> don'tots weoirueions ppoh do when you he aerson runng ats peon iienerg ck. inswerek and i will coue a yo, hasn'telpe
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ha gone dn ssng . heid it bee he's sp he losgfla,os er onla h f d . hi otherro w n g, i donm. buittima. 's shi thas. de henthpolls,s i wow -at ltgain c nd - ean t drentoa>> tle up. t'alue th hupthis iourommes o cnn ogyou we d , foerndizarf e yo time intervie't kwhd s, youef to once yoursf him. le a scratchedheea hat. disa dedaysprr. whyousent
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stkedbo vid o. >> you stis, i don't knowhoide. ee me -, no nohoe is b nev meid en y tboutit iev idke o run therefo party's p uk w aemrf . 'momyself,ow imes dve op io wassk vid duk vus ps don'ups y a fanell the groups he w un t tha e sast ab d and thelu kllan re. saidstly, d kno dke. >> sousen orit a b ear p avme yi. atiogr. idisang y.saavdidimhee a
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s b he was a thesconferen waj nnfenndy ard silyav duke lar piece th frany, h talkedbo gr. veo probl wit divowirout tono it bfao sa ou se savo disavowed dav . ebk afrth alsd vid when at the quon, i d al weekend lon feboond ter d, obouneverilo. he is p ithew york tim" ery a t reblicantat's efsvestpl il mpaign. g together and tdboriti
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ou op r nown eve ouperes has thepcashme ipportuni toto >> well i der . reersam t. %nd % and otherre 11 to win teit t ola i aittle do sitngatt 'te a thi f ote nkhanc ins. hi i'll w flori two weeks bse i a 'se terbl hedefraudeflheer sho uvote ink i'linfla. >>esrday th i dery we yay f f t republica s togr ha srgizo feyou, thaeye atir peo yo t' t c whas
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w ydo? >>he vlatehe plge, iciblyhey've alrea nesouunta wl ettould m unha milf milon o foow endorse yrd satssio, othespeedeo i se anevso inle inala, w 3500 op fou cered- erybodovedit, b i don't knfou aut eumber pe. 35 p football ad ri >> haiev see ytike that a hee in pit 3heer a tinfpeop wepp klheepnarty ouopg t t rebl pay. en i wnro, far reot crst. oodeee s.mootes teot fou
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we'r openi up they. crs are cal >>'shoose that- t' a figrpa de are service th party. let cost ac to st m pey wet to t t youuptuesday. ank you forim this in ha tnkymu et bn nle llace and sori.good mnio t' ha h p ibe >> yoursith i exrdarnt s estime ieard bmeth eceor -- w yousay? ick. esyo en you athtutha h he republisyi to td hi en h refo disaw david
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s tha met ceary fs tck he artle in th "york tkiffoverhe ltthy th gophmt,t wa he t >> i tt's ilur beern for a rlica tt trump couldthis. cld.ihi tre's aon, thaethgnstce ttopm?thwa a failu i thee etbehiny ay a a ondid c getnd tlhe failure wasn ge ist w tee nesndon . wasg. lelre you dfeke thvenen to f ru it t fd strat thad foy he a imy odayni y cltogeha af op astonng
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sh dblacs satur nhthan bac ob did against h i same stateht yrs o. cl%te tamn w thcty? cto,. >> ste, t ver tnk hck other. >> supertuesday,il ac e e c orroity its. inpong si tu areapennsyo loana. is aoolsup es esarkaas,te geora ia. 22illion peo atsk. ginginus ae
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compe nex h ure te wtho lk abou la ,ha youer ch. > comgup big d en andrs'on c triathrt reprer nvicd sotte eheli w you f for ofdid. on rn repos, t nckckers a i y
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toy"nnbc. just ahead, a clueless appearance.
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is a 7:26, i'm renee chou with your top stories. jurors will hear closing arguments in the trial of man accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend 20 years ago. chris lawing is in jail over the death of his girlfriend, lacoy mcqueen. attorneys did not present any witnesses in his defense. new overnight, a crash in raleigh shut down part of new hope road. an suv knocked out a utility pole crashing into a yard. there are no serious injuries. duke energy crews worked to replace the pole. n. new hope road. is now back open. star weekend warmth whirls into today. let's get a check on whether with elizabeth. >> so pretty, warmer than this
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out in the 30s. take a look at the fayetteville skycam, looks beautiful with sunshine. we will see sunshine for today and tomorrow. can we change gears to water in cooler temperatures wednesday to the end of the week and really into the weekend. take a look at the temperatures this morning, nice and miles. 48 in rocky mount and intrinsics. 49 in fayetteville, 50 degrees in southfield. r ghth afternoon near 70. same story again tomorrow. wednesday, 56 and chance of showers. 7:27. we have an accident on u.s.-1 northbound before walnut street. the right wing is blocked in their backups toward cary in raleigh. that trip now up to eight minutes. consider using walnut street as an alternate route if you can get there. pickup u.s.-1 from walnut street and it should be in good shape. something we will follow as we continue coverage through the morning. as we take a look at the live commute map, westbound i-40
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side a report of an accident. right at him and wrote. keep that in mind.
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why firefighters good to be alive right about now
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right about now 7:30, monday morning, leap day, february 29th, 2016. what are we going to do with the extra day? the oscar red carpet has been rolled up for another year. the stands are coming down at the dolby theater. al and natalie were there up late and up early now. >> the first hour was fun to watch. i don't know what happened after that. the 88th awards ended with a surprise with "spotlight" taking home the award for best picture. in the acting categories, lee leonardo dicaprio got his first oscar after several nominations. >> i thank you all for this amazing award tonight. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so much. >> brie larson won best actress for "room." we'll have more later on. a day before super tuesday, donald trump finds himself at
7:31 am
he's criticized for not disavowing david duke during an interview that aired sunday. this morning, trump had this to say. take a look. >> i'm sitting in a house in florida with a very bad ear piece that they gave me, and you could hardly hear what he was saying. what i heard was various groups. i don't mind disavowing anybody, and i disavowed david duke and disavowed him the day before at a major news conference. >> trump also said he does expect to do very well at the polls tomorrow. army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon is facing murder charges in the deaths of his wife and a virginia police officer. police say 32-year-old ronald hamilton killed his wife and opened fire on police. the officer killed, 28-year-old ashley gwindon was on her first day of patrol. in other news, it'll be another emotional day at erin andrews' $75 million civil trial against a man who secretly
7:32 am
it happened. morgan radford is at the courthouse this morning. good morning. >> savannah, good morning. an exclosivee >> savannah, good morning. an exclosiveexplosive day expected in court. erin andrews set to take the stand, making her case as to why she deserves $75 million. she'll also hear from the man she says damaged her career and left her publicly humiliated. high drama in court as erin andrews and the stalker who took video of her named in her hotel room are expected to testify today. her mom likely to take the stand after jurors and andrews listened to last week's emotional, gut-wrenching testimony about how the sport reporter's life changed after the scandalous hotel video went viral. >> she's not the fun person she was. she's mad. she's scared. she's not the girl that we used to know. >> reporter: now, she'll get to tell her side of the story.
7:33 am
andrews to testify to really look the jurors in the eyes and to explain to them how harmful this was to her. how upsetting. how much it has interfered with her life. >> reporter: michael barrett who spent 30 months in prison for the crime won't be in the courtroom but is expected to testify by video. divorced father of two, he was an executive with money troubles when, according to the defense, he came up with the scheme to alter the peephole in andrews' hotel door and use a cell phone to catch her naked. he planned to sell the video. finding no takers, he posted it on the internet where experts say it'll live forever. >> many people have individual copies out there. i don't know of any way -- i can't think of any way sitting here to get it off. >> reporter: claiming negligence, emotional disstress and evasion of privacy, andrews is suing for $75 million. the hotel maintains it's not at
7:34 am
responsible because he deceived, connived and manipulated the reservation system to get the room next to andrews so that he could take that video. >> i'm mad. i did nothing wrong. i think i should be allowed to go live my life. but this isn't over. >> the last time we heard publicly from barrett was when he was sentenced back in 2010. when he sobbed in open court, saying one day, he hoped that erin andrews could forgive him. >> morgan, thank you. there's new trouble for royal caribbean. for the second time in a month, the anthem of the seas has been forced to turn back to port. tamron has the latest on that. >> good morning. this is no love boat for sure. earlier this month, the massive ship cruised into a violet storm in the atlantic, battling the cruise liner and rattling people on board. now, more extreme weather and an outbreak of norovirus has another group of passengers on the ship desperate to arrive
7:35 am
>> reporter: it's been anything but smooth sailing for royal caribbean's anthem of the seas. earlier this month, a major atlantic storm battering the ship with hurricane-force winds and waves as high as 30 feet. the more than 6,000 passengers and crew on board, terrified, hunkering down for hours with flying furniture andhattered glass just one day after setting sail. >> i thought, this is it. i'm going to die. >> reporter: now, another vacation is getting cut short by weather. royal caribbean announcing on twitter, the anthem of the seas will return to port in new jersey, quote, immediately, to avoid a severe storm. the voyage ending two days earlier, skipping barbados, meaning a shortened honeymoon. >> we had excursions planned but we'd rather be home safe than worry about going through a crazy storm or something.
7:36 am
the crew told passengers of a norovirus outbreak on the ship. those on board say it's been all hands on deck to increase sanitation levels. >> everybody is required to wash their hands. before they go to eat, when they use the restroom. >> reporter: even with royal caribbean reporting an average of 9 to 10 suspects cases each day, this couple said they'd do it all over again. >> they gave everyone free internet. gave us credit toward a future cruise. we were like, let's figure out what our next one is going to be. >> if i knew what i know now then, i still would have gone through with it. >> royal caribbean says everyone who has been sick has responded well to over the counter medicine. the ship is expected back at its home port on wednesday. wednesday cannot come soon enough. these are the people that are like, what, another day in february? it's leap year? speed up the clock. get me home. >> feel terrible for those people. >> thank you very much.
7:37 am
angeles for a check of the weather from al who says winter is coming. >> that's right. we have winter weather advisories, storm warnings from minnesota all the way to michigan and on up into the u.p. of michigan, as well. take a look, here's what's happening. we have a low pressure system that'll be developing today. as it does, we look for the system to move into the plains. snow showers north of the low pressure. from omaha into chicago, as we move into tomorrow, gets to detroit and also parts of ohio. on into the u.p. of michigan. it'll be a quick hitter, so that's the good news. snowfall amounts around 4 to 6
7:38 am
that's >> that is your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. coming up, ever bring your kids to work so they can sell things to your friends? how about if your workplace is the oscars? we'll tell you about a very, very successful girl scout cookie sale. jeff rossen is here. he has a new rossen reports warning for us. >> good morning to you. it has happened to all of us. you're online and a scary message pops up, saying you have a virus on your computer. call this number now to fix it. it looks legit, but experts say it is a fake to rip you off. believe it or not, one of our "today" show hosts fell for it and let strangers into their
7:39 am
which of you was t. nu
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ad.>>so now th fedexstrened comm d help us gr bus thk itime we srt acike buness ay... re w. >>oh, lo at . okumbee. no pl its e ittehe workplace. o thll ntodown l be sommandy testing. d ere' a stct no ng pol >>uhhone wre mar. thoingbe a pem. gr yr busi witingtoolfr fed okt thweet f
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just sh itthe screen i dohaveouch sc on myac i'alous t. you pubig bugin aidhand and chheir vie [ la (toiflush) ifou n opid to manar chpain, u y beooo constipad it feellikeryone n ..xcepyo ioidnduced catio s a erent ofonstatn, may a diert ap. g for ange he crsatiowith yourr abt c, anabout prcripon treatmoption we're back at 7:43. this morning on rossen reports, the trick that hackers are using
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>> it's easy to fall for. as a matter of fact, a member of our team became a victim. today, jeff rossen is here with more. thanks for setting us up, jeff. we're all pretty smart people. >> if it can happen to one of us, it can happen to you at home. when you're online, you get pop-up ads all the time. selling you something or click here to win. now, there is an official looking warning popping up saying your computer has a virus. it's been blocked and you should call this number to fix it. would you belief itve it? how to shut it down before you lose everything. we're about to reveal the "today" show host that fell for it hard. >> reporter: you're surfing the web and out of nowhere -- >> important security message. >> reporter: -- this warning says your system has been infected, hijacked and your private and financial data is at risk. the only way to fix it? call the number on the screen. it looks legit.
7:44 am
computer. but it's actually a fake. it's really a pop-up ad. >> i just opened the door and let somebody in my computer. >> reporter: it just happened to natalie while she was online. she panicked and called the number. >> they told me that they're a reputable company, that they work with apple and microsoft. so they immediately asked for access to my computer through log me in 123. >> tell me you didn't do that. >> i know i shouldn't have done that. >> you did it? you let them in? >> i did it, jeff. >> reporter: once inside, they scanned her hard drive, telling her she has a virus. good news, for $400, they'll fix it. >> it was like the lightbulb went off. i knew at that point what they were offering wasn't true. >> reporter: security experts say these pop-up ads are misleading and dangerous. >> looks like a warning but it's just a picture telling you there's something wrong with your computer.
7:45 am
your computer. >> we're going to try this for ourself. we're going to call one of the companies that sends the pop-up warnings. went to the store and bought a brand-new mac book air. it's out of the book. we brought in our computer expert. if they say there is a virus on this, what does it mean? >> they're trying to rip us off or might try to put their malware on. >> i saw a pop-up that said to call this number about a computer virus. can you help me? >> yeah. >> reporter: the technician immediately asked to tap into my computer. once in, we watch him pope around my laptop in real time. that's him doing all that. within seconds, he has bad news. >> yeah, maybe someone else is trying to access your computer. >> reporter: he says not only is there a virus on my computer, somebody is trying to hack in. >> i'm going to clean up this machine and make this computer brand-new computer.
7:46 am
computer is brand-new. then comes the sales pitch. >> what does this cost me to get fixed? >> if you go for the one year contract, it will cost you 199.9 dollars. >> reporter: time for the big reveal. >> my name is jeff rossen. i'm the national investigative kor respondspon correspondent for nbc news and this is a new computer out of the box. >> okay. >> where's the virus? >> i'll show you. >> you were trying to sell us a package that our computer expert says we didn't need. >> sir, i'm not trying to sell you a package. i'm offering technical assistance. >> reporter: after several minutes, he still can't show us any virus. then watch this. he starts surfing the web. >> you're typing yahoo!.com. thank you very much for your time. >> doesn't matter wheth you're smart, dumb, old or young, it's one of those things where when
7:47 am
fall for it. >> reporter: unrgent warning to protect you. >> i learned a lesson. next time i think, what would jeff rossen do? run. >> good at vice. these technicians can be persistent. no matter how official they sound, we contacted apple and microsoft. both of them telling nbc news they are not affiliated with these companies who create the ads. best advice if you get the pop-up, hit escape. natalie, you should have hit escape. >> i tried but it was there frozen. also, the way it threatened that my information could be compromised that, you know, i was going to be hacked, i mean, it was scary to me. i'm not the only one who has fallen for it. hundreds of others and probably thousands of others, including my father-in-law, got the same thing on his computer. >> natalie had to bring her computer in to another person and spend hundreds of dollars to make sure a virus wasn't put on it. >> i took it to my computer
7:48 am
really been compromised or hacked. >> the good news is, jeff, you got a new computer. >> i sure did. i'm not giving it back either. thanks for being a good sport. >> good lesson. up next, a blunder involving whoopi goldberg, oprah and a tweet leading when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours.
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wil inlitt inut en yly n wille hopendthcash d. how do they make starburst taste so juicy? they use wicked small fighter jets to shoot the juiciness into every starburst. [ pilot ] it's about to get juicy. whoo! i feel so aliii... it takes guts. [ female announcer ] starburst. unexplainably juicy. we're back at 7:51. kind of an embarrassing moment out of the academy awards last night, carson. >> the oscars always make for a big night on social media. there was one tweet that stood out. you probably heard about it. the company total beauty posted this pic saying, we had no idea oprah was catted and it was
7:52 am
even oprah weighing in, posting, oprah and daughter seeing the beauty editor's mistake. we don't all look-alike. took more than a half hour, but total beauty realized their error and posted, we'd like to apologize to everyone we've offended. it was our error and there are no excuses. we're sorry. took a while to get there but they got to it. in a few minutes, we are going to be live on facebook. it's leap day. in honor of it, you'll get all the extra information -- there we go -- here at the "today" show. i'm going to walk around and we'll go dn to the control room and talk to the anchors. all the behind the scenes stuff coming to us on facebook. go to our facebook page, hit like and follow along. i'll be your host for the next hour. >> you're live streaming the whole show? >> 8:00 to 9:00. >> wow, behind the scenes in everything. avoid carson. >> go to the dressing room and look for change. the fashions afterou local news. >> announcer: this year, leap
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>>56. biesli yr to ginning a c us-1 is biprobm, w n accidentrestckco il. e look ara us-ancary p ff ng squeeov to ftlaneading toacanapex trom42 r ta 4nu also sigcantels ngn mps. we to gebackontofic us-noou try toe arou co ung n we go see acole rnesei pinfofe ty ci t ra poce c ata pl
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toy da ave with s. steve: today iur luckyy. wo (surpsed) oh,y you'ust - a thsandlars! n: tt's am thag! (s) n: oice jok, wbetter tn yestery. ria, thadeveryela le forced. and, ev yeah? man:stilmiing at raw otion. man: prey awomfor tuesdaut torrow is l'ly bt! cky fe. thoudollday,
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8:01 am
to bring you behind the o r. >> you? one a il r. can' m gosh day,monday,y9 20. oo mrsn hay lday! >>s16 ebngeray! hpypar. o noror the fst me. oog. e ! >> o o yk . >> iav'tse
8:02 am
>e'reac 8:00 moing. tth day oua . say tern. it's leap day 20. ng hd? >>p yearyr anothnehe >> happyhd >> lovat >> oe aza,t r withnahgu 'll ein a aatal arewest cot. hig. ier th, sdd bemilaaythe pla fer >>re thenge bl nday rch 14th e myin are f tuperow h ,ngdy for a wld he to t.comor rmion how youe he >>pl will yi, meer,esie
8:03 am
exactl lehe inso c f tt' hank you v ue we l feb t s alw f it l mt lo he bd uhe. annsor pres era hour,ia f todaonor of lp y. moca,e faion, e ding todnd eoong morehe "y" show extend at'st wreg. w t a so do oebk wenyqu. ing. 'st's hpeng our e for texur hon for ch mornors. caou so oodevyo theday, therahe minatiinet dmp controvers ls mio a pounce tere
8:04 am
ormelu ldavid ke. um ieidnow howe h rnceim ocialme > eli daatt p autec ra th w o tntinerlinsultset hco o. n o of the leet als in in . ns ck tinu awer ba tel him lls blse gone dceng it bec sper truo tpublicmenthod emsee' m folwe pa > hryppearso ve tue sn es shows h ahesaer i tenneee dtexas.
8:05 am
ea i m >rs bring nt uer ctrol it in regiou fn ser in ephrt fling veclrounit i powerf trk. opl rs wer ba spto cykwa eant ace. th, nrt. >>ndol ida itis ? woodds esin tda sic. ahsk his tan on t wadge lth ir n'anoet his y, sek oks dhohite s. shot land bke eaned to par t le i iadrtorry ti'v pyeolf w caon and hsakisan teehisjo >> thao n
8:06 am
ur carson >> yndt thoughrit? g n pts the r'edge. >>thole w i do rmally ve dit. o st o moti. onhank you ch. o debate ergy bace ght. neewngnd cle d p selling em campus >>d moroyou. ddlebuollege is bagriddi erg ks but t won for le i cstosndin ppved un incdefacuand udts re aldesion. r sntio n n ext b p a allight . udts at mol wh uri ndind aternativ thngn
8:07 am
on f icafe re o fooder s drinkindo oblec behaviuc as ho and-r se ty. t' cf ts usndecatns socin.reometngut the hifeinated driha ecng pple'abily to no dgs alcoh a is sltu, isometng pcur theatnk vi >> reporr: not eone on ard. thentubli s oose fm en whohought t v a student'rightoat becoumensin siness lastyehetrug t $li iu. go, . reporr: ste t c ws,edl i ra i4lu
8:08 am
ffff a cf a a 160riec alth acrs nsum gheve do t rearchope move wonut to ramenrot. e ced engy drinkavotf hey don p io mesor colle usot w sm t i gl o nut and hemeal >>hoec h t 7 ag go f cpusand bt ty , ey n tel in mp kids arwoin wnrgy d h t do ltyed se acvi? say i elat pre. tupid l it didth atre sayingbo the new thank youoling the
8:09 am
eurroundinee entstght's ca and ur guide the moe cho at ca ts you ca prelindss underurishedrenover world.en youour ns gree, u hee lingintami tos acro glo t vimi her ch liveswher walgre at thcoer of happy alth
8:10 am
deliveflawle, mple ok tsts. chse lovnevlon colstay 1 t. joanne. heng day sty with sulderpain.. hey , o trade the all day relief 2leveh 6 l? p myleve 6 ty o than me...'s arl, don't you friecomiver? ye? it sti her've t toasthis roo are yokidding? wit?lewash it febfol the ings youn't shuse. ...feb fabrireeshe hes. web inhale t smice e antry ple fee... ...tinuolimiods for... ...u 45 days hnesspluggable febrand reher. ...[inhale + exhale mnemonic]... ... two reays breappy
8:11 am
see me. to that psoriasis is mething i'm t ntag e meo know i w stop. tind wwo discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to seve plaquerias pren matyf peoplear or most carkin.8 of 10 pe saw5%sk caran at 3 mo. ile majorisaw clearae. do not usef you eal to ntyx. beretart you s beted r tubercos. inced ris of i d loweilit fightem may o. teour do ifaveannftionmpto ...s fevsweats, ills musc aes ough. orf you haecei a e or plan to. you he ohn'ase,teour dos mptomsanorse seriourgicreactiy ocr. see seme.
8:12 am
a dikind of dine, yourtoloabousentyx earnunlitecash bk on puhas. .
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s yo cas ic wheyobuy ain you pay. it cas en cas aga. d that's casck win the citi double cash card. the onard that ls yoeacaack tw everyrcha with 1% ou b 1% pay. withays en, makes of hecard em oneed. . 'jub& lee rig. ent ch igy asisumerhamiste.
8:14 am
y make a pb sckers the di beeeordina e anquisdeli inevay thli smucs to. >k14 ti forha trding. lday story of d iosrs gh s. >>'srththr g goo vis. shr mostl od he rightnto thear veitvey. a senm moe. pl like shou bot. yoshld u . yoowt'sy unempledple thatel qt me? llas ninor "c" 's fr t gd yoght. it'sls n faiha wilasid $lion for w st
8:15 am
i calckck porld erehitetes are ad ckathles. rocky is aceicon >>reereot had g >> hedid.itasnny. he wtp frd shouave wonathe oeye t his ds gir scou ow broht andpedhem sles to the sts. nceoo for aread hon vidashadbaaghr rock si biden d to t c. lastye,heyd. gh a 5,000. eo has ov? a k? pbaec idn co og.
8:16 am
>> tndou k isls butou were righ to s tha teature tcars spcheshere whe scllt tt. therup have tnk or nam t sospld b more hlt d aauryt pthatobyno ear aotlew i ond ll same nas. g t rl didot.>> wld he ghe n a ? di noing. tian thank rs >> h ttm unus didoueeoume go i ank te. >>ho i h ace yoleit >> sai wt. arhe day. ap it'sp opt. cars hen s didn'tee >>tagram shang omentsrom oarnigh plhris
8:17 am
ulou ttor,0 li up,evrt is 8,ke inra mtikar o, he em perfore. ckndhitehad 4300timetheeuhaan "tic hngordoat winsl d la heos foton no msing a c pth hisoo likeob wap him an kate. te t ych. t' go to al ack of ewe t s. y,an tookk
8:18 am
ewstn,wro be j ly yonyesy, 6 shsnd smo y, morningd tempera o6de e care ok atnt he i eashthe he southesligk o unater t rn ten. okla autwestra
8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
styrt ise io w anasorrespon for ne o ni lookerelsted nsinew sasut night. nap. ne, il srtith o saviteast e et me >>tu la gag ao lal ahe wel to wg tse the tones going ig se e ch than os i dot kn wreer blue ri ovo.whse a topr ?
8:22 am
ry al,ezi it ipi b t wars," with bunnd e ser lip. fa >>heit end,hi i have togree eid t t lo. anhewhit weinbellrs ngg. fashion. ho do we f olia wildveisdres meme ha tre edm e. i didtov thes id sot lhif.edtte veo st >> whedr i liish dr l di l. >hidrs. coutur how theta
8:23 am
, was rn worge ne hotastniitndhean b a sw ihot s lig ri. d thi ovi >>it gra grdeur o w rf i led i too >> iwafo ging colo ea w is the r? bifanrior ri l >> there are lers o re carpet, wel t if theomou tht, myave doeom ? >> amy le d w h abody. ry wh i wou mof sh cavllon a lilescwort. >> iha ough
8:24 am
aboutyo ju? who missedhe as as onrned? -at name >> which e? >> igi t fl char >> yes. not your fari er >>ress wstheou tu inou e l the beaul thphot ad itoo k te an ian to se aitor glamorou sha mare exseoto be xy ohi trds juenti t j arere osou ft, s aotat iaw l o, tho. >> ink the emblime thar, vik had tbetil d on
8:25 am
oyavority tsyteen.ylingmp. eunway lweek georga her a sci do th gorgeous fure's got. e b ths vy simpl tein the , i texve >> goeo soand lo al tha wh . k . oren tcars catchpealdionhtt00 ea weponve in o ourorto recebo goght no ishindhe es >>ls d,nsidve what ites teshers fo aigike th
8:26 am
ar w abetifu > , i'm rene itssfida ge n de >> we ha ivement noou us-stl very hngex rough ca. cause of th accide rethe lnutstntchan. it was blockg co igano lookike ey eeableo moit over htla the ghshyoseose backs awayrykw th from i-s ng down towa norbut stl a e wh isut 26nus eran yocaso rdeysas y tin th tic
8:27 am
nuemreas . juror gus toy hetr acd lling hi nt glfago. lawi ionl ke cy in tath of coy mcqueepresd whie.w overnit leigh sh down pa oforpe w ernight i rah shn rt o new peroad an keutily po and ird. ere riouriescrm er ac. rtne on r n. newro. back . t g lig today, eliza tat mu warr t. >> sar to stery. uppe60for y,story. w i ery. feels ut. oo duam , n o, 52 ild 51 d ille. re 5. cliinthafternn rrra
8:28 am
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8:31 am
backnd y have a fled th in ulhe aveig probms us herile in tpuivesh>> canonifithat here?>>'t seut hate em leearea the bs . eouli in h tnogeagai uteoa o cr.t matrftl tirstim yoveord a s inos angeles f theca he of wer. moing. >>t cle. i'llel ya i wa atleoncernthk toy,ve roaltem psi erthet. showers da look forwersnto
8:32 am
nn fas te ut moow wre l a euthwt, ter we nthwest with sno enn mountnreon. yn uer ing om loull the wnt me aay stes in bng call few sca srs lo
8:33 am
sa >> haou mu >>auncew series. alli ing haenn censnt anrr hesr je h isereo st >> a jlg inpu ownden bu rul b in rte whe yr wordop aahoic,hegehat s m the w that wasade "confe oi >>vinte. gu or inmo cpper n, oso hi >> thatlo
8:34 am
buy hataken herif it srtednincueen nd i conti had t c of c andad alst n pceor clhes. u t cln age of ro fro bbegying huand abo h t shng rees wou, goi this ie hoeeeit? llhi mp youftco someboha ybody tt medyts a wwashereak i t h a proble i m wer mmoy.>> reps pshoxp f ebe ose h ed shopp f q iasyoppe ed, i w
8:35 am
ein e casion. spp't gf obms. sce for a pd of . >> repter: f shopah, ng ckey dsn't heyor vulblnd tay be ty be vigan ir aays the edoe clsion a askiyingix qio re makrchase mre? w d i df iit? iayorit whe w?seo spend frou a d tin abo st it c aut $100 w ago, she dided
8:36 am
itit was par ofpe m t set s am. ei tte ital doese mloof ilent,nong t my jouryngey e oer >> ahoppg now? iti,, shop everyntbu bs much as i a o wouay'r r w? iap tn i i stiav a w to g w that m h behesees i . m a m presen use iot so engros eping bi s not fullyd,'shoin le. sheta alo cle veryahc, wch s h. e s erng she b heansa
8:37 am
ev likesoa lf peopl l t but inaset eas s on and ombo,eat sheas tih hfami w frs,au san as w. thi minsoo inetli . youery. eciate it, wonnuhianoordg and i paot only buo, ten ommu. omg y
8:38 am
8:39 am
hiis " e'k a 39 we heefur ovage wl a talieutnhe w gu? llrighmatt thanks
8:40 am
>>elistir"n e. nthihene to e howt a cth hisr i tos ittdhe ca. >>res it as yl tha gthe momentn en g downed caet we tlina at lnganhe rrut isiress. the d bor little he. ore h dayof tngur nd? king ampagne,ling iecrng you on t hecreaming that buterela
8:41 am
eesescarlo he oed to dt a utl colo s ied it wkept erh thck ac. ts was a den kendalne on t t wasdified. a picenda j gre has a en. wan t my it it s f feltf nd>>re yso . charze chliheorhi ti red dio wn. ent t elesed anddf cosing
8:42 am
>>t happ t mohealk outdo youaint? break wh l t' ? irinkefnd out i , u're u' t tcn . erou in rson. it iite surr dver th f on ando nkt's to see in n denily weavsttlyp it fresndnew.telylle t blheeego thoreaul. de on good, lod ah. >> iy sc rigrellacro t te anett, chaiz and lway st erg, a lth actrsehaedethe osrs aftrty.
8:43 am
to whole n look wow. no yav o,ee have t .cry. carson and ie sittin hereng t tnan disen wit t boob whenhey' in vese >>ouhodkn.>>me i te i nused>> taon l oanswers. a ofpe. w u aot o t arod he tbackwardesou . >> the n raess b that fitsrit. med ioydraulicor little whe. >>imprsi arigh othe or >> forre nextaking basics tha y cki a o.
8:44 am
8:45 am
rs t o fiesdanew tch-off etsfr the rth ca ion y it's oute. mond, dnes thay, friday, satu, sunday 's tue! tuesda irsttuday,sday t-t-day,sday t tu thatand ay! -day! ig newesda 's scrff ytuesy!ueay
8:46 am
. withodod is goes b to thes t c to ki our firleon,cos. here to teach h raikeers soaraky i rah,rolina ladirnin te you. g t >>orin aoo toge,ri did. dhapp? >> we werechelors starteoo a abb tned sngre tho iwould. g t ll >>ill e thecook th. who startsg tt'e >> s y i a se let'oot grnt haeg,bu t.
8:47 am
wll crer er andsuga and e mix wh e we to a fit. gr >> ,ano >> illy goodin . boo eat "da owooki a in the mo tr a vla extr dostrs. es jth las >> cn'id lnchnt s w eatin themal looou . . >> t oou mme. hi wt we wt hconsisy. t consistcyl beik yo w h,ine
8:48 am
catsf ou ,hiisyork, y this, a norcarolina pres itntug it we a ere hene - ect. e o aax hon d 80mites. >> lovth icing. havededr, meri pvanilla. e s the powded su i' t in lo he we'r gng t ter .is sbingnd allotoy. have the cant. oloran p ef >> want i andwhite. dd theg te w ibe t
8:49 am
yoll wp itpnu. five m n and thathalle gr y theor in softhis >> ow easy to a ice t c >>. coit. yo b l. >> tis foding t nf be tsisten oshhoiping in tootas. peect. ar >> w it. pouie we kp wh am i'rt a acoer. ma c t bo. bri iro.
8:50 am
ha itnwn>> tgo. you're dgo 'v got thethpa concy llrt. north canay ec >> whe, oo .th'r. tamron andavh le laou smu. you. agn,urmelcoso me ppl dow south, va. l lbehamplint you kov inouea off y liou >>wae bakino "todae onfaok
8:51 am
8:52 am
thsdac. sckelted "nsoredsmr' ame ls, has to be >>h nth,ar hping ring i milessll ki wspke lebratees t lp y,ha better o celebran w t hd gir who sdo outoy. dipy birthda uuram yo dahm inia >>ti. s yrp y ayonlyomy uryear fyo your ee6 >>solys. grulatnso mar t mileon h c keys a air
8:53 am
have ongoda bseu'oto driye luckner license test by ty, anappyrthd.rateay couplayys li brotr aniser ke. bothor leapdaysou yesanalelti her 21st. fi she cavf shechs. ha birda t y gu. d i a natalie osanle >> we hadhe acceso e hot sntown. lianit fa rt >> ifoet eoh
8:54 am
canait. hitodash in >> baritzvah i this a dri,. com salez >> com. cin. this is i 4rs n rser min. >> is astic, w pple haen us t the ents. weghe t.hien buls a fand, eln,ou prm ght.
8:55 am
>>the "vyfa" part >>kstunnghankyou. o ll >>t'll n. >>-h s pbly goi t tea. t's >> i t you wsa 's-oh,wh>> b ft go? >> yow ian? t g th rtoow i 't was horrible. >> [ speakingpash >> bilin >>t'ou fdingburgs. inut burge ohe t. 'll dng aood ght.iight t. hi ourer . >> dmint al
8:56 am
s >> y. d ti >> wllav in th a.>> wgu. ve w 88:5 i'ne leie. rapo are look feedback from cityl t womeras.ceafwinc aenefits ng a et ssi
8:57 am
her onha. 'skado t solulyaul. t's take t raleam noth s utther downwnraake a atg ithe teerat io,55 grin golboro. cttemperatures aluin afternoounder sun d nobrwi do tr >>delaon -1noou thran eaci t's ke at ats-d pkway loinrdalnut street. e t laneispartlly blocked, r s well. 11 mute dem i-40leigh.
8:58 am
eskinget od. > ingunt the day t ju muonder oue d hieggifrnd 20 yes . > anmembou00 r ra ur ti behavivoto ke sure atyoate
8:59 am
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th bheig shkeanse, a the faio >>pl t iehe r ptiesre thers te. >> ahr s. ramelpp all that a meomin u ann thda t w a r, niemoles, w ist and t fmanfell w"tay it's lpy, fery92016 we'ut y n yorci. niwd ide. wilongtamr w is ck aer l teaway. t bkn th ch >> fee l i oawou for two usy c teplica ancandis over un mineetre a a


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