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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 4, 2016 12:38am-1:38am EST

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republican nomination. and in a related story, a japanese soldier fired his rifle at godzilla. [ laughter ] that's not enough to stop him. mitt romney gave a speech at the university of utah this morning, critical of donald trump. and in it, he said trump's promises are as worthless as the degree from trump university. then romney dropped the mic and it broke his toe. [ laughter ] ben carson sat out tonight's 11th republican debate and kind of the first ten. [ laughter ] chris christie was asked today about his vacant expression during donald trump's super tuesday victory speech, and told reporters, "i wasn't anything other than happy." well, if that expression means you are happy, then my wife was thrilled when i forgot her birthday. [ laughter ]
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i'm so sorry. a new study shows that the rate of unintended pregnancies in the u.s. has dropped by 18%. the drop is attributed to a new incredibly effective contraceptive. [ laughter ] no thank you. no ne. ari anu, a farm iio t trumtten slarg c reatt con ovhela e st heow la ] even cs cheend rated has reveal ameca'sospo porneate t es e oogl chs "h tear brse" eaasnn iveloped w
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ansoass [ ee [ ]t n edy r twfe jmmg aways' ment thais thorhe bitf me jue soyoted t of rdin ilaw this rrtlor a nonrgical macapredlst t awtand s has tora20les or p for a to thowo dayof eatmen 0 dinyon e e outrage meadgo to ny to ma? anetith a color 24 hours aheadti o yoing to ouohom t? [ lauger in t etice inuro, ers ting t ued la tthons were-wom althcuse poth womahae tal t make thishofo
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok?(ci'okero) l
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night" everybody. please give it up for the 8g band over there. [ cheers and applause ] also, he's been sitting in all week on drums, from the black keys, patrick carney is with us. [ cheers and applause ] it has been an honor, patrick. please come back anytime. now, do you guys know what a casserole is? a casserole is a meal where you throw a bunch of different kinds of foods in a dish and you sort of cook it up. and what you get is what you get. the reason i bring this up is we here at "late night", we come up with tons of different ideas all the time for the show. and many of them aren't quite enough to be a full sketch, a full meal, if you will. so instead of just discarding all those ideas we thought we'd throw them together, casserole
12:50 am
night casserole." [ applause ] >> seth: all right, first up, one of our writers thought instead of showing celebrities caught without their make up, it would be funny to show celebrities caught with their make up. in a segment cleverly titled, "celebrities caught with their make up." okay, let's check out the first celebrity. looks like we caught this hollywood star wearing make up. uh-oh. [ light laughter ] that was celebrities caught with their make up. [ applause ] not enough for a full sketch, but a fine, a fine piece of writing. [ light laughter ] have you heard of gaydar? great. well, gaydar is when an individual is able to look at a person and know if they are gay or not. so, here's the premise, what if american supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg had really
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popular new "late night" character, ruth gaydar ginsburg. [ light laughter ] gay. [ light laughter ] or not gay? not gay. [ light laughter ] gay. gay, gay, gay. [ light laughter ] all right. there's something there. there's something there. that might be better than casserole. [ applause ] all right. you guys heard of the word a day calendars? who's got one? great. okay. [ light laughter ] one of my writers comes to me and says what would it be like instead of a word a day if it was a sound a day calendar. it's a calendar where instead of learning new words you get to learn new sounds. [ light laughter ] let's take a look or rather a listen. [ glass shatters ]
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let's try another one. [ thump ] that was a tub of potato salad hitting the floor. [ light laughter ] see what's up next. [ creak ] [ moo ] you got it, a tree falling on to a cow. [ laughter ] you know what? we don't have time for this. let's rip through a bunch of them. [ motor revving ] [ horn ] [ pop ] [ cartoon boing ] [ cartoon twang ] [ cartoon bounce ] what are these? they're all the same. [ cartoon spring ] very well made. [ sharp whistle ] [ cartoon buzz ] [ cartoon stretch ] [ pie splat ] [ cartoon whiplash ] all right, that's way too many of these. [ moo ] we heard that one. all right, let's just do one more. [ wailing ] that's the sound of americans on the day of trump's inauguration.
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pretty good casserole here you guys. you guys been paying attention to the debates? great. real quick, just because i didn't feel like it. how many of you had a word a day calendar? great. okay. so. [ light laughter ] if you were watching the presidential debates, what happens before every presidential debate the candidates, they get a tour of the stage. it's explained to them how the candidates are going to work. and they often show -- the networks often show that footage without the sound. so you can't hear what they are actually saying. well our writers are the best writers. [ light laughter ] have dubbed over the clips with the dialog they imagine is being said. let's take a look. we'll start with john kasich. >> now, governor this is your podium. you'll be standing behind it. there will be people over there, audience members, they're in the audience. also the people to your left. my left and your left. and then you'll talk to those people during the debates other candidates will talk to people
12:54 am
yeah, they're in the center. >> did you tell him about the center? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: that's good. you know what? that's so good, let's take a look at one with jeb bush. >> okay, governor, so, what we have here -- what? >> is this water down here? [ laughter ] love water. water is funny. >> me too. >> everybody drinks it. everybody drinks water. [ light laughter ] >> that's true. that's true. >> should i use that as a joke in the debate? i think it might kill. >> uh, governor, i'm not sure -- >> pick it up and go -- ah, this is why i'm losing. >> seth: very nice. [ applause ] very nice. all right. that goes right into the casserole. all right. no idea. i cannot stress, no idea is too strange for "late night casserole" and that will become abundantly clear when you see our next and final piece. one of our writers, conner o'malley, he's a big fan of charlie rose, big fan.
12:55 am
of charlie rose. here he is, connor o'malley doing an interpretive dance to the theme music from charlie rose. [ light laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: that is a delicious casserole. we'll be right back with more
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ch>> seth: wack to ght" every rstonit ea eight emmys anisientmarkwain pre or e'arg im journar skey tango f" icop.t'ta lk. c lyfro . h,e. n brin up. i feelru en asking this. >>o, it'fi. >>avsex wir ri guy oh, bme us be te. t,ot n nick >> nnever haen youe >> heycave n n , re a piece of ass. t n bau y yokeen, si newk?
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ten. >> what are you here, like a 1 >> yeah. >> huh. >> seth: please welcome back to the sh, myood friend, tina fey everybo! [ cheers and applause ] s hre you gd, how>>eto great outo souni u d e call g t h. >> s howcars >> iwas g yw. ing adamckay -- >> seth:me write >>r ad wteof oar. >> sea >> prett ev "snosca we in>> ss rit, >> as r e kndo wa tiksmith and limnd
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>> there a womryincal rnet >> sh:o ng e. >>haou sh:o this icago une porter ea's a womam er wroook ca t "bauf oua na fgann.ane ware in thenew ter o aih,im ita ti fey r. bic bo>>he't s anytng aut'td.[ er ]ead amicnd y wto ito e toamnt thief it>>h:hat'tind ot in new mexico f anista ah >>h: so e new .i end a t ofime ere.
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>>ove erimanta, lf te albusantrgit'sike mountains and esrestauntare ineryonehali it looks lthwhe place me ieght er the keges d nde ic loom n flikeryisikery.rgeelly. so many grislit >> tre -ys h:0 ysgog to if y we we there. mye toe waurys wa >>h:s a beful spa. is a.anu n t liou ndn yow ivtu it like mnt e lile dre d ffpl ta m ie weg t and wreiklkinarnd. w vow bli tub.d i wabacknt land there g ed to walknte dy'soc itas ay uswa oh i'm sory, ac lady' cker rm.
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that tho ten lo at ndd [ blee ] 'sou thi tar >> yea ke, wasbu cut,l ts li honst bui o hen i procee d nsate.>>eth ughter ] >>ndn ono anor. ke trytoe enga hiupen't edtain m e litoure y e,owwe t lockers d i wali whas st ho. and th were gh we to i thckoo y wahem kasn host ndyself ta o hi st he [ lauger u ys f ju wase en ev -u in a locr room
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em sba [ er h:t'stile y you inakople l now and erks [ eed havtterstm. you've accplisd souc it n aus y thinsuitffn frpe. >> at ughter ] buhee ga'm or. >> sete talkingba ks w, youdaers >> yea h:bo to fi onns. t scheers you sg i'm yian yoov td me i'gotoee ino heviyosee is to b"kg lauger ] everee >>ev goingo anotr adt e . our, thounag? ersweet, very sw th a ndian art.eyonightoo mh. d e s ttthat- four i a, ve fena wheno worin g 'rli oorss andone moug. to tr. d th'mngthe ev aeag
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>> mhuanhe s iove yo mu so, so ly oi he ngt gown et ht ]lilly e saxain e bylove e uch. [ ir [ ght uger h. h: jefaas an >> et ahecay cl nk te. rtaimoi i tha litt b sthlaso instrumen ad y'r musil. >>we d a benefit did thibenet ce wt "snl" peop and then some sig this thi re a rging e d had inpart rmy g wie mcnn o e od siers ng one ani wa a
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you knopraclot. and juste deadedgodo y tnk ? lar to hthghar shouave e gh p wakealright, ddylittle gl t h:ikou -yr-ti aheldiendly to dloo lighlaug ihi ing g lilaughterh:o we stagabt s. ou texn o is coo of ear . d mewer ople i thi drs inth thavthisalled challecoin h fferhe ryif tve anyo someonehethemheoinsthei anso ts hey t, io ou aar, t wte opleour le ins. hathg conkr . >> s a sheir nk.dy tgit to them. >>htsody hnddown iyonera yan omu.
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sh: fl -- >>. s so. >>h:ndotr da s comes oud i lihetoof the shoe. gobeonest. la f talhasome t. alto sagut that. >>eteah. [ ht oe you're ndme ne . set h t.ll, now you,w,a 50eagrat et nowiouslyre , u'reacds at la buwhatouon whe re firite a owd thered" e grr?>> it te talked aut dwh ba, o ge ce, owso that t ie ht ] rthelo guy who ndt a son. and the thy so da h:m-m.o,u -- wti th swhatyo ink 'anathe'" , ou of bl] . >> seth: rig hter u can' t fin u can w it a partit jpahat woul wt u re an im
1:17 am
h:ea. >>h:.b.>> the originao.h. >> sh:hereouo. >> o d b [ >>et the y o st's you n't an the now ianso wk tws, right? h,has s ye t fore.u've dth thing. ma coupleer y yh. lauger a w again. setopese younint enouknat ythe gravy n twino ntas i ma if wevero unof "grserth hav ught ] s o oo keup for . -e you de, t ju you ybodha-- oi guu lytot agai >>ough timwe b anwape l
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sm. eaea theho veik really need do thin r any, y"ndt ev that ab soyear an, ka enghff. 's ttothat >>adou - t timwatc b bac ner rlly?watc >> ne d --no sigo he orina f we togeerndt's a inf. evody ouw, wiho , tce itas ou it. t s .ut d thos nn au tab kw, messer diapers.yoll he enouhen aru s sn. likewoths. your ba a do kno >> sh:dot kn y >>avd it? [ hter ] se trhe ouacte. ignd ss , ah. 't ain ye , right. sh: just a mp igosender or, we'll makeerey >> sh: o thank u m thaouh: now the s be ousl, ly sf.
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toay neva it rl whapotef darling? [ laught sh:ka rihis b wereacst "fulleusd succs,enorthon. . et tre hbeome rev. enficad i s outh use,ou kt'so belove yaynd iidn' ointpl ugt rned o opmee ew bu t wth 'vveeavi rafa,"ounow,otlove. busof ac d real wlkouem diu yea yeah. seth:causth actu i'm. laht ] do you eah. yeah "horertersa, e wie a re pai ep t 'er hse t. [ bs >> i mean,wawahe ing y a n he wch that.eth: y t t-- na and the t it t. >>ig.
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da. [ uger >>et rig e pit ourse- h:ea t inl i sough. t' mew p rude, rit? [ laug>> seth:h,t'real de. "wasngn id tpo gthguy'na y. u'issinghe n etllht ha ser>> oy. ugh: righ h >> doesn't [ ht seth: "e'a inwh noala becomes like d r hoe' meatels aucehs at youise do k nrophuger do we haaiito s it meanve sex th ad dy. ht ] >> mean, how, meth at ime ke -li->>e that about d's ow is a lia if youet d by aead gazi ce ] >>mit w haened. on atmpar t-- y, to vi sex . ta.luase, th. >> t" wh did t eth: the " .
1:21 am
>> seth:hu"netix's 'llouseke a porhe rn [ laht>>ha --h:t'a of. >>o, it't thacthers a al - ldn'is. et ier>>he's rea tt o 's-- rs "fof h?" heyah ] d and it rryfihe cch. set yh. >> i tnk there's a w lou're wa p you w fun "llou i bat that. la sh. w how re spod to b w tng >> s ewk >>ys name? h: piewozik. >>h:e sees bin sitcom famun itom self-consou teemder ceaselesrcofim vie uger >> wld -ke setreally, lo, heikt. e . la >> oy, goo >> seth: tha imost
1:22 am
jas "fleusno oo f ges. buthse wld b ke, wod ite os a rodyt? >>et arel leny know ed and af i releurfive ago. lisaid l's da co >>s ea anthfans tt. >>et--ak rsndpp] of nsre is aziece y havulhous iur care? here he on dru, ere. [ uger eth:us >> yepreat >> prill. e tha new album anheas dng inrvw,e was lk anthey said,wh o bu" anheai ayum"d elhid i w playink >> seth:. r y ourdght pl.ught ] >> iout. i doubt elonatatio rythg. . s cgr o s a shs 's alwaysoel s haou >>ow give itp sdy
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1:29 am
i ntgidit 'cse of a tit sff t s be lgood shoyour barn, hank y. pp >> sh:ea eveadaecauso ofuspendn,d the bt jaoah pr >> anou ve us ewl enn? >> w'sunny, th ean essi t me beingre thg i hter ] e -- tre iis. la >>ou forhis ec up i'ke, hter nasty -- you woult gea prosm by that man. o, i d to. -- c there are so pitns you pe the president,ark obama, th y got chance to yes, sir. 'sht >>e yos o. u diir yes h:ndhis isou in the of and th ie t y ar iev u. [ lauger ]
1:30 am
nee wou wea ntily. s y l-->> undecovease. lat'key j. cshkn? set i >>h: no yo has it, an, obviy me >> sh:ow iet e liimt impe jushopeha t e th use know tha has ipu n't wa t taken ou sh: rig you ha tre ose or ho have a ip tt. >> yh. but owny keemrsf thse servic, li, chine d e thg s frids, u' lik s ha?" er>> seth:ea thatotou'tnaick pe oetonanna tick thatson of ot t ra i he les i ik w ink 'slaught i lye bubeevyou'renge laug ] f
1:31 am
snow, aerobslbuh of memb a >> sh: a inkfor pe le yo y thdaho esherelo peoplehere that u'ne eaanyon into some opleou i j ztalking -- he >>y saw the after pay 4he keake [ la ] s like, "h. wh's up, hova?" like"yo, man, n a pi heas l la ] h:piur>>nouse, you k walo pe, licomi m yo fl , we a n' gd . ah >> sethere youo. ht >> wike, "t. ourp asost exte oh,sh she mos . >>hat s al f m causyoall kn e dol. knowt,igh: yeah. llnorealoori
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1:33 am
[ ck ] under da da s ug ] wow. bu- u. ank u. did i younow,li he datobl prt, kei n tervli eo g an >> "ayev wna y. >> seth: say wyowant. nois vercid t beusheard n imest re gonna beblto do on sw,tha give ito sodyls , 'rlkt cars, itre ? ive ic seth:y. l t. .>>h:o is -- t beomhiould yea y etea >> wt, don'tak ]he gs,ye a long finaant' hee. n'kn. i ne work buknow, if i s[ applse ] it, wa. feel like heou
1:34 am
keonme i dn, you knowbu u w i erybody - i kn [ laughter >>h: >>onat to sa >>h:t'ttg e. >>t'er set is ere.yot need it. s.nk you so wa. ant film cget rsnde b." seth:t a b"ut rc25th r, enick,an cnston. sh: byeah setllightcat it y ho surda >> toursla jha "s," jahwebeac
1:35 am
hellmy jn's?[squ tir[swo jimmjohn here! wh took yang?
1:36 am
[lds a d] jihn's o, john'
1:37 am
jimmy 's! ea frdelivesometi useltrage hae mys nal re sn get to it abit icr. and knos intot, i to ian.. feel the difference with k-y ultragel. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to tina fey, john stamos, jay pharoah, everybody. patrick carney, thanks for the week. 8g band. stay tuned for carson daly. see you tomorrow.
1:38 am
>> carson: well, hello there. i'm carson daly and you have tuned into "last call" from sky room. tonight, day wave debuts from teragram ballroom. and we "spotlight" the creators of the new animated series, "animals." but first, mary elizabeth winstead is one of the busiest actresses working today. she's here tonight to shine a light on one of the most highly-anticipated new films of the season, "10 cloverfield lane." from bar marmont, here she is now. >> you know, i've been doing this so long that it's like some years it feels like people are years it feels like people are you are." i mean, i guess, you know, i've played a cult leader, an alcoholic, a preppy school girl, a -- basically a werewolf. [ laughter ] >> "basically a werewolf." >> basically. whole new person. that's all you gotta do. my name's


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