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tv   Today  NBC  March 5, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EST

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we'll show you how you can make money off of that stuff. and so many people have a little trouble getting a good night of sleep. week. we'll get you the tools. >> and if you're looking for an shape, these firefighters have it. firefighters work-out. >> you got me. >> we can't wait. me may not even work out. but we get to hang with them. plus, all of those activities, i need this, when i call my mom and i'm like, nina's in ballet, and she's 2 1/2, are they necessary? so we'll tell you what to do to raise a successful child. >> and all of those activities, we have a question for you. you're in traffic, someone cuts
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you totally pound on the steering wheel and yell [ bleep ]? whatever your word of choice, do you feel better when you're done? don't you feel relieved? there is science behind this. they told "new york magazine" that it feels satisfying to scream out a curse word because it is so taboo and it is a great, quick, easy way to express hanger. because if you say, oh, shoot or -- >> but there are some words that, for example, we took mila to a museum. she was sitting on the potty. i was about to go. now mommy has to go. we're already sort of dirty. i stand up, my phone has fallen from my back pocket into the toilet with both of -- and i beep! >> what did she say? >> she was like, mom! she's copied us a couple of times.
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>> it's the worst, and that's what gets you in check. you do not want a 2 1/2-year-old going to school and dropping a book and going, beep! >> they say if you put your hand in a bucket of cold water and you swear a lot, you can keep it in longer. i remember babysitting a little kid, and he was having a great time and he yelled out the f-bomb while i was babysitting him. i didn't even say it. so all i could think of is, when i leave and his parents come home, he's saying and and they're going to think it was me. he saw how crazy i went when he said the word -- >> henry and i could not help but laugh, we were like, oh no. and that's not good. but the other reason i think it is fun to swear is that it is taboo, but it shocks people. so if you're a person -- >> who they don't expect to see --
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does it with friends of hers that are a little older and slightly more conservative and she'll just go -- f and everybody -- she used to do it to us. and we look at our mom and we're like, mom! it does work for people like us, but for real ladies, for real classy ladies -- mom! >> it's funny. even when kathie lee does it, because she doesn't curse a lot, but when she does, you do a double-take. >> although she cusses at me a lot. >> that's a whole different animal. i don't know if you were watching the oscars, but there was a picture of whoopi goldberg and some beauty company who thought it was oprah winfrey. >> which is ridiculous. do they look alike? >> no. >> not at all. >> but we do realize -- they
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do realize that a lot of celebs look similar. we're going to have a game, two celebrities, and name who is who. shailene woodley and jennifer lawrence. jennifer lawrence is on the right. >> that's easy. >> next, lake bell and amanda peet. >> amanda peet, yeah, they both have bangs. they both do -- >> okay, here is orlando bloom. and kit harrington. upon orlando bloom is on the right. can we just say for a minute because we know what they look like because we have looked at them in magazines, we oogled them. >> we oggled. we ago -- oogelled. >> we google them on the internet. >> jordin sparks and america
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jordin is on the left. yeah. >> they do look similar. >> isla fisher and amy adams. >> amy on the right. >> amy on the left. exactly. >> their eye colors are different. >> oh, yeah, they are. >> but by the way, that is something. who do you get mistaken for? >> once i got mistaken for hulk hogan's daughter. >> wait, what's her name? >> brooke. they said you look like the daughter of, the daughter of -- here it comes, hulk hogan. >> have you ever heard that before? >> no, but she is really fun, i like her a lot, but -- and mariel hemingway. >> oh, that's interesting. >> what about you? >> i get gayle king all of the time. they're like, i love your best
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>> i wonder if that's more that you're in similar work -- >> i think there are similarities. there are days when we -- >> it's too late. >> all right. this is -- we have a question for you guys. does your husband like to dance? >> yes. >> joel likes to dance, too. >> don't you think that's a prerequisite? i know it is for me. >> no. >> or that wants to dance. as long as they don't dance crazy weird, i think a guy that likes to enjoy himself, yay. i don't even mind if they're not good at it. >> no. >> so here are some questions thatomoupleshad. >> buzeed didth >>hey askhem tmitate ea other's dance moves. he crosfirst. >> rive, of a lot of this -- sheces liverexc schocher
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[ laug >> danceshe there she goes, there she go, she's cmearhat'. >> ie it. >> hoes he? way,o. whirelovm, h a dancee wh woul lthi owhe jt li hwas ga adog .anke -- ha fe y li royte the mom atllay t me >> you a the w youyi? ee yurng d. >>oh,nowhatn'tsk
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[ la ] don'as n't as. t me i'ified. >>haime everced.w d joelan jkes it el's ,oe keepse, b imes ms ale. >> arms t. >> wchho mst'sindg,gh hoaboudo er da some willlo dae tousn e? n'ven a sw try d yes. o ojams. i d lov tt. doe sw
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ostlron." d eearright, here we go. >> ole igong. t noo sehone w goog ? >> we'llo i t eral ->>e w te le n ogl ds anyonee phe alt? e tou we goingo k? okay ing te you . i mn,heelveome off. and, methmo se coig specificays ere wome timof the n ayot it
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allt ,y' let' v l, thcr,, ce ny theay f. talkg is thma rse for onthing,e yowork wioup p ov andouyn obo wou >> iwodee a g wn. t coityoor ae. teasoi anhite th hf. e tor g o t' -- >> y s no di, id come,iouo tellhat tl i hi is o o
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>>e'he o that m tl w ex li y.. yoca. at >> tt noen >>ongriowin the ciat ier- 2/2r- can prtter weot
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does this sound familiar to you? you climb into bed, but you just can't fall asleep. maybe your to-do list is racing in your mind. >> or you're tossing and turning? can't figure out why, leaving you without a good night's rest. >> next week is sleep awareness week. here with the solutions to common sleep problems with the director of sleep meddin at meridian health, dr. carol. how are you? >> great. >> this is a common problem. how many people are not getting the sleep they need?
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all of us, we have busy schedules, day care needs, all of the demands and expectations that we have on us. so upwards of 60% to 80% of people. >> everyone says eight hours is best, what can you get by on? what's a good number if you can't get eight? >> you really don't want less than seven. once you're getting six hours, it has an impact on your health and performance. >> sometimes the problems can be right outside of your window. there are street lights, other things going on, and they can keep you up. >> there was a study done recently where they looked at 16,000 people for eight years. they found those people living in communities with 500,000 people or more actually, it was very difficult for them to get the sleep they needed. they were more likely to get less than six hours, and they would wake up confused at night. >> good we live in new york city. >> isn't the solution just black out shades and a sound machine?
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what you're sporting on your heads. >> oh, these? they work too. >> and for someone who is living in a big city, an eye mask is as important as an alarm clock. >> we have two awesome producers here, who are exhausted all of the time. we have sarah, she has two little boys. >> shoz -- she's a busy girl, her husband works. sarah, what's your issue? >> my mind is racing when i get home, i can't get rest. i just want peaceful sleep, and -- help! >> what do you think? >> that is a really common problem. most people say it is because of the distractions of the day are missing and intrusive thoughts come in your mind. but actually, one of the things that's happening, the bedroom has actually become a cue for this neural pattern in your mind. "no" different than if you're a smoker and you're used to smoking with cheesecake or
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you want to smoke. >> what should she do? >> you can get an expensive interior decorator to redesign the room, or simple things like a lightbulb to change the colors in the room. you can pick the colors you want, so you can have -- change the ambience. >> it does change your mood, i have to say. >> you could have romantic time in this color, too. >> wow, that is cool. >> any other -- >> one follow up? >> my friends suggested taking drapel -- dram mean or nyquil or ben drill. >> those medications, they will help you with some sedation, but the problem is, they have side effects. what people are doing when they reach for those pills, they don't believe that they themselves with simple techniques can control the process. >> how do you feel? >> i'm going to go back to sleep. >> we have jerrod here, he has
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changes. >> yes, it changes. >> tell her. >> i try. i work early mornings and overnight sometimes. so i want to know how do you adjust your sleep schedule accordingly when it is constantly changing. >> that's a problem. many of us have notritna work schedules, and what you have to do is come up with fatigue counter-measures, unless you're getting to get a new job. >> no! >> you're a keeper. so something you can do called a coffee nap. after consecutive hours of wakefulness, you can get a double whammy if you take the caffeine, or the coffee, and then you take a 20-minute nap. as you come out of the nap, you will be more alert. >> the coffee doesn't take effect for 20 minutes. >> i sometimes do it on airplanes. >> yeah, you have a sip, and you a double whammy when you wake
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>> and people have spouse that's work different shifts, should you just sleep in another place if your spouse is up in the middle of the night? >> it's really okay if that's what you have to do. you can't change the wiring. 60% of new homes have his and hers bedrooms. >> 60? wow. >> that is sad. >> i like to sleep next to him, sorry. get ready to rummage through your closet. we'll turn your unwanted stuff into money in your closets. >> she just called to say "i love you." the fantastic video that's gone viral right after momes are ful, le youe allerg th your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is oved to relie th i, ry congtion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. e breain ans o bodies rct by overrocingey flammaubstcethatuse mpto st agy pillsnly coro onbstanc flonntrols. x isreer tone. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes de
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it aro mo los o to foose. d ihoeopleown >>each pe me and a lot of tngs r s e keoney, rit? ox kclheox theup- metimes t d hem an m to gdwil sometis i whatve r kids? h, cth, u n teasily.t it li forkihe get b a b.c d u tallyo ces and you t r in sp , d th ey y. >>y'elus memef heclhavetaet. ey't t's ribeio t'upyoo th >>gh so ather thg aouyd
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a simy ke th ahe tt out. >>aso pi finlyli s haent and m >> make sau gnp foccer use yourhi ss nt toon keentot fiing out thr meo ufor the ni i 1 oe yove aoa ll othqus so o of league wthlu of your f not geoget yo got t tst >>idem s ovsc odo t ti impnt t o nothwh ey g,ut d t get otime,
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eso sit ou a h thinking,noetteo do ? >> the way froonti t >> we need k. we he our kith. you eednd saying itireltka >> and don bra of r doim>> i wrirn >>f kids wtorn eintnt learnr yond wh ageo uc her ng. wh do th my as you can.atare tuwi soa ang it ineritnst ket on theli c s tter go toanese at 9old. >> at whaar goacvitit3, wha
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are you sick and tired of your same old exercise routine? >> if you are, we have just the thing. >> our weekend warrior firefighters work-out will get you out of your exercise rut and right into shape. >> here is justin flexin, did you name yourself that? the group fitness manager at new york city's crunch gym, where you can do the firefighters work-out. >> and also here is the crunch
2:53 am
>> the workout was created by real firefighter, mimics the actual exam that a firefighter would have to go through. >> and it's not easy. >> we actually work in teams. >> this is a 70-pound dummy. >> there are a few ways to do this. we do a lot of cardio and strength building in the class. >> there are two ways to move this dummy. some people don't have the upper body strength to lift it and carry it. so you get low -- >> does that work your booty? >> oh, yeah. so you get low and then you drive with the lower body. >> by the way, that is hard. because there's an exercise that you do where you just kick your legs out like that. >> it's impossible. >> do you want to try it? >> i want to ride it. >> i'm not riding the dummy. >> you are going to ride the
2:54 am
>> paul can climb it because he super strong. >> what do you mean, we're not? >> hoda could do it. >> you have to hit the bell, so we have a pole. there is a lot of ways to do it, you okay one, two, three. >> are you kidding me? >> i'm injured but i'm going to try. >> boost me. i mean, boost it! one, two, three! hoist me! that was awesome. >> i just wanted to say i've been on a pole. >> normally she dances on it, but you climbed to the top. >> what's next? >> so this is the cardio part of the class. a lot of moves you can do. this is an arm burner. >> you've done this, right? >> i don't do it as much as you.
2:55 am
>> that's exhausting. >> i'm going to try. >> jenna, that's good. i'm juggling and i don't like it, but we're coming back on nbc. >> you're good. keep working it. work it! jiggle, jiggle, feel the jiggle! eck th, br what'shat,im? i swed to t mo more sings on cainsunce?yeah-fesr,nd mor rentensur re w sav ni, brto chi not br shake o harcycand uranceo. oh's aore. eah,ll autmo, teddy osevelt. expt eat ngs and a lot ke ptus ofses, buwith mck pai coul sleepand t in me
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okay it is time for okay or not okay. some celebrities have been trying to keep up with the
2:59 am
>> celebs are doing photo shoots with similar poses to the kardashians. we were asked is it okay or not okay to copy kardashian photo shoots. here is what we had to say. >> i suppose it's the highest form of flattery, but personally i always prefer originality. >> klg is na t cen. u can t redos of kim k. poung shane onto her tush. that's an okay one. >> yeah, that was good for civilization. >> what are those? >> i don't even know. >> want to give a big thank you for jenna bush hager for being here. next week, we'll have sally field and trishiaa yearwood. and we'll be stirring things up in the kitchen. and tyler henry is here. and a performance by granger smith. >> have a great weekend,
3:00 am
>> and we'll see you on monday. >> nice talking to you. "the insider" counting down the biggest stories tracking today. number one, inside hollywood's baby bump brigade. kelly and chrissy. >> i'm a little tired. >> who will be first in the race to the delivery room. >> i mean i feel huge. i feel like i'm ready to pop. >> being pregnant and in the hollywood spotlight involves a bit more scrutiny >> then simon cowell finally returns to tv. has his 2-year-old son softened his harsh judgment? >> i was. >> hola. >> along came dora. >> number three, who's hotter? batman or superman? >> very handsome, ben affleck is a little more rugged and weathered. >> inside their duel covers for


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