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tv   WRAL News Noon  NBC  March 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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has a unique understanding of policy. and he spoke a lot about the debt challenges facing college students, saying president obama has worked to make the dream possible, but there is still much to be done to make it accessible. >> so why is it such a wacky election? because millions and millions and millions and millions of people look at that pretty picture of america he painted and they cannot find themselves in it to save their lives. >> campaign season that president clinton compared to a school-yard fight. he also invoked the charleston church shooting and by partisanship that ensued. saying americans need a leader right now that is willing and able to walk across the aisle with an extended hand. recall i voting, of course, now. our area later this week and today, republican front-runner
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we'll have much more on that and the election coming up tonight in our later newscast here on wral beginning at 4:00 p.m. >> all right. katherine brown, thank you very much. we apologize for that glitch. after a busy weekend the presidential candidates are folk u.s.ed on the next prime. tracey pots is in washington on what the race is looking like in michigan. >> reporter: good morning. good morning, everyone. the republicans are already very much fouk used on florida. that primary coming up next week. but first up, michigan. tomorrow where the voters are if you can focussed on water and jobs. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> reporter: auto jobs and the flint water crisis.
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>> people are not paying a water bill for poisoned water. >> reporter: both democrat wants michigan's governor to resign. our poll shows hillary clinton with a 17-point lead there and far ahead in the delegate count after last weekend. michigan. he's already tarting florida, marco rubio's home state. marco rubio yo wouldn't puerto recothis weekend. but he's trailing back home. >> i haven't given up on florida yet. >> neither has ted cruz, closing in on delegates and says he does not want a contested convention. >> you've got to unite and happening. >> reporter: trump thinks republicans will unite behind >> i'm a unifier. i'm very much a unifier and maybe people don't see that, but they will. >> reporter: the next test, tomorrow in michigan. mississippi idaho and ahawaii also vote tomorrow.
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>> thanks, tracey you're looking at live pictures now from concord in cabarrus county, that's north of charlotte where gop presidential front-runner donald trump is expected to speak at any moment. this is a live picture from the cabarrus arena and event center. again, in concord. trump also plans to appear at crown coliseum in fayetteville on wednesday. and if you remember last december, he spoke at dor ton arena in raleigh. we'll let you know what he says at the cabarrus arena later. the naacp continues its march. this is a video of a previous event as it has been going across the state, it will lead a march today at north carolina central. the group is concerned about the voter id law. today's event is just getting underway at the north carolina central student union. . in about half april hour we expect to hear about the direction raleigh leaders
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let's take a look at our live picture now from the podium at the rotary club where the mayor is getting ready -- actually we understand this is now video of the mayor, talking about the state of the city address and looking at how things are looking up, hand -- panning out for the rest of the year. the speak at the raleigh convention center today. we'll have more of that coming up later today at 5:00 and 4:00 as well. and on fuquay-varina's mayor will give his state of the town address tonight. talking about mayor john burn who says it's been a great year with positive activity from every facet of the town. burn will also spell out how town leadership is planning for growth and challenges that come. firefighters are searching for a cause of fire that tore through a townhome complex. this was shortly before 11:30 last night. unit.
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five other nearby units had to be evacuated. no one was hurt. the red cross is helping the residents who were displaced. four people now face charges in connection with a bank robbery in wendell. police have charged four people in connection with that robbery. the fourth person we understand is a 15 year old girl and has not been identified. officers say the armed suspects entered the k&s bank on wendell boulevard on february the 25thth and stole money from employees. no customers were inside at the time and no one was physically hurt. police say they're investigation is progressing but they're not ready to release anymore information about a shooting in raleigh. this was around midnight saturday along brag street. 41-year-old timothy robertson was shot in the legs while walking. he was taken to wakemed by a private vehicle. he's expected to be okay. two men are now recovering after a shooting in fuquay-varina. this happened just before noon
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yesterday. neighbors tell us they heard a fight outside and then heard gunshots. we're told 21 dug louse and mcclain were shot. she was so much more than the nation's first lady. >> next at noon, we remember nancy reagan, the influence she had in the white house and the crusade she had advocated after the white house. >> also a north carolina nascar team forced to make a pit stop. why their trip home took a lot longer than expected. >> plus, the sheriff will soon ride off into the sunset when peyton manning says his final fair we will next. >> sunshine is warming things up very quickly outside. take a look what's happening over in durham right now. some sun filtered by some clouds. but boy it starting to feel a whole lot like spring.
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0. meteorologist elizabeth gardner, the accurate forecast, specific useful weather information with elizabeth on wral news coverage you can count on. former first lady nancy reagan is being mourned throughout the political world today by both republicans and democrats. natalie morale he is has reaction to her death. >> reporter: late sunday, the hurst carrying the former first lady's body left her home in l.a. where the 94 year old died of congestive heart failure sunday. her daughter, pat at this davis, releasing a blog post overnight. i got the call around 8:30 this morning, that my mother had died peacefully in her sleep. it was how she wanted to go. this morning, new details are emerging about her funeral plans. her spokesperson releasing a statement saying mrs. reagan will be burred at the library in california next to her husband
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ordn causeetagain,ireforoufire. butyo a b of h tell ersve there. agn, thiis sheonve ths near r street and east o hammon road. so far n one wasurt and we'll continue to follow this story here on this newscas and on wl nsnd check out what is left of this-duty work bootft wau assyo p ine ngks todaat 4n wral, five sthiica lal owhef pssurand e y yho
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team h 0. 12:24 we have breaking news. sky five is over the scene on an accident on 70 east in garner. an accident involving an suv that was hit by a tractor-trailer. and it appears the driver of the suv may be trapped. emergency workers are working to get that person out. and as a landmark reference this is near garner ice house. again, 70 east and new rand road. authorities on the scene of a suv and tractor-trailer crash. we'll continue to follow this. and soon as we know more informatn, we will let you know. all pc's may not be created equal but it appears they're all vulnerable to malware attacks. it appears hackers infected some systems on friday. apple steps to protect users after being alerted to the problem. ransom wear is software that high jackets a computer and locks a user's files until the
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the program in question requires victims to pay one bitcoin which is a little more than $400 to retrieve their files. the man who invented modern e-mail has died. raymond tomlinson died over the weekend according to his employer rage i don't know. in 1971 he created a way to send a message to a specific person at a specific address. tomlinson also chose the@symbol to connect with the user name with the destination address. before his ininvestigation, electronic messages could only be sent within a limited framework. he wrote and sent the first e-mail on the system, a computer network which was a precursor to the internet. he said the text messages were entirely -- forgotten them. he was 74. amazon says it will offer full encryption on its amazon firele t
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thheilyoast year because customers weren't using it. amazon is one of 15 udg ebook,nd backipp i its encryption fight with the fbi. the fbi wants access to the ipf o sandino shooters. encryption protects user data by scrambling it and only allowing access with a password. kansas research he's say emojis may hold the kay to children's feelings to lunch. researchers are surveying kids ages 7 to 12. the kids are tasting and rating three foods, oatmeal, pizza and japanese soda with 28 face emojis and 28 words. they hope the results could cut down oood waste. i did ni's new film zootopia took the box office by storm.
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