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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  March 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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that should be changed. kennard wanted it. instead allen running one-hander, he has that shot down. >> mike: slowly sneaking up the scoring column. 12 points for him now. >> tim: the duel from the scoring leaders, 19 for barber and as you said, 12 for allen. >> mike: a time-out called. >> tim: has a little bit of everything and mike krzyzewski goes all the way out near half-court to find out what the heck happened there? time-out on the floor we'll take one as well, 11:40 left
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. >> tim: you are ao watching acc network, an exclusive production of raycom sports. also streaming liveow on an the official acc me a me coklifeccrn rollsit com t
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icks orgegia c,flid a h willeforcehe terfina.rgia tec tok woniv sllwaov tournamen r theonter. >>e:yt florida stat he,o they seriend gichndspli tir heerie ims, 2ead1ngphulhaseph me: cse jeter. >> tim: anya miss as snowes snow bird. ingram under to jeter.
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his skeplo,ioars- mik krzyze olo asaying calow.c st bodyosssey c ameut: pu i hot had toune wttenngrse b, aoseall t ihlalkutwh wan ty notreametoow >> mikhaouss . fca pyi p>>the blow >> mikocu tkeepim innt. lat jones rig noomin in tohega
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>>thdu me: is gram a-ngram alny fens tim: barbas s to golo wit the pots shot clockn 1rbe fe i keay at other e: ion see womnetcrorlearheri lane bbe
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knaing'saughg on tdene. e: wawne bankeli >>len iit m: i cat rbeshng eyots le t i longme ti b a longtiweke a hftim 1974,n.tend myl gveladn u points ley wnthrevertes >>otheams a fr floimst aer erow tsll avebaoo, duke'sot thisetbl
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y. >> mike: duke building up six point lead. a frenetic pace over the last couple minutes. cat barber coming in, what he does so well getting in the paint area, abu finishing with the dunk and rowan, this is the double clutch bank shot for three. then grayson allen comes down and answers, he's getting cranked up offensively and then the steal going the other way, thornton really nice break and kennard finishing at the rim. >> tim: n.c. state hit 5 of the last 6. duke of the last 4, 4. the bojangles game summary, n.c. state shooting 59%, duke 61%. wow. >> mike: keep in mind, tim, one time-out left for n.c. state.but that was a good one. that is the one i don't like when you have a jump ball calling a time-out in the second half. i think you burned a
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now they have one left. >> tim: martin shot blocked. blue devils again. >> mike: the last one was a good one, mark gottfried knows how quickly this could turn in a 20 point game. >> tim: six points, feels like 20 to n.c. state. ingram with the turn around. oh! >> mike: plumlee got popped in the nose. ingram with the block. >> tim: n.c. state looks gassed. >> mike: they will check -- the only thing plumlee was worried about, whether it was bleeding at all. he took a goodt.tu j p
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krzewskiid io put h ine let pwhplhe h w to kr in t8rs o ala durg ball.he is ingrathetoheepac gs r back tram. g densi ste b thewolfpack. >> mike: 18 sds. al couldn' g
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beauty. >> tim: we still don't know who will win this game or who will make the big play, look at the play of the game. driven by continental tire. cat were beer with the three ball, foul, made 84 point play. keeping n.c. state in the ball game. >> mike: got them out of a big hole in one play. a play that potentially could be a momentum swinger. be interesting to see how duke answers to this. >> tim: mike three turnovers and none in the second half
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the country in that category. >> tim: they trailed 53-350 in the-50. grayson allen penetrate, drops to it plumlee. turns it over. that is an intentional foul by grayson allen. grabbed his jersey. let's see what the call is. >> mike: i couldn't tell, grabbed his arm instead, i thought it was his arm instead of his jersey. the arm was the first grab, i think that is what mike eads may be saying. >> tim: allen will get a lot of attention anyway because of some things that happened this year.
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let me tell you about it while they are at the scorer's table. download the mobile app at app, look out for the banners, in the app for your chance to enter to win the a cc mobile app presented by outback. >> mike: i think the issue is, did he grab the arm first and then the shirt? >> tim: you're right. that what is they will look for. i think he grabbed the arm first. >> mike: they they are way they won't get a reaction from one of thesech >>: kethook.
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fensive t tr bohe li b wfoultted bnes.s. c br whpoike:mazi t lheo chetehea the l t.>> se the bsecimthe e. >> t: asr imes. mike:eeneard from im, bim pal hisha
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drop steps i u a e stais rng ones to m2: left.tbees. poinbvae. t: ne-poiysenaped all. timcaar to refuse to losnheamwa b s w awogr >> mike: good block, matt jones trying to get something going to the rim, that was rowan coming for
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the step back. there is the foul. that was cody martin on the reach in. >> tim: that is four on cody martin. allen the line to extend duke's lead. trying to make it a three-point ball game. >> mike: they may be going back and forth with matt jones and -- >> tim: misses the second. unusual miss. puts the ball back in cat barbers hands. a two-point game. barber kicks it back out to martin. martin looks at shot. takes the two instead. >> mike: not a good close out by ingram. used a pump fake, got by him
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>> tim: tied at 89-89. ingram, plumlee with the put-back and is fouled. >> mike: you have to come out, he stops and helps but you have to come out from under control and he goes for the pump fake and martin making a nice play was almost a charge, pulled up in front and how about plumlee, broken nose, maybe, battling for a chance for three-point play. >> tim: foul is on cody martin, that is his fifth. cody martin has been disqualified. >> mike: beejay anya comes in in his place. >> tim: cody martin will take a seat on the bench wait to see if they live to
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two points. cody martin.asalis ou yy: >> tim: jefferson memorial, interior walls are engraved with excerpts from the declaration of independence. great trip if you're a history buff. city of monuments. most powerful city in the world. cody martin takes a seat. he's out. plumlee at the line. he has 16 points. and extends the duke lead. a three-point ball game.
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comes to its feet. for the final minute of play. day 2. rowan! >> mike: he has made circus shots, that was rushed. >> tim: well defended. >> mike: 20 seconds plus between shot and game clock. >> tim: get the ball to allen. that is where they want it. 6 on the shot clock. he has to go. allen takes it at the basket, has it blocked, knocked out of bounds. two seconds on the shot clock. timeouttime-out duke. 30.8 seconds remaining in the game. two seconds on the shot clock. our performance of the game brought to you by your local chevy dealers.
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and grayson allen. we talked about it at the beginning of the game, no question these two guys are two of the best in the -- the final during el of the final duel: >> mike: two seconds enough time to get a shot clock off. i woulden fear if you look at a situation where you set a screen for a shooter and n.c. state so worried about the shooter he slip the guy to the basket for a layup. that is how bc got beaten the other day, similar situation with one second to go. >> tim: great call. barber and allen, the players of the game only players in the conference that have an average -- cat barber scoring leader. >> ing how those two could have also very
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conversation for most improved. >> tim: no question about p it. especially grayson allen. he shot 34% from three last year. he took that way up. only averaged 4 points a game as a freshman. they beat the shot clock with a good defense. they come up duke comes away empty. >> mike: you don't have to shoot it, play the foul game. >> tim: they turn it over. >> mike: got to foul now. >> tim: beejay anya was there and open. this will be it, game, set, match, duke advances to play notre dame!
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at the clock. >> tim: still 1.3 seconds on the clock. >> mike: that was a tough defensive play. caleb martin was saying we have to blow the whistle we're trying to foul. >> tim: they were going for two anya cleared, wasn't looking for the pass. >> mike: i believe that was the right play, you didn't ned to go for the tie. there was men tie of time to get a quick hitting two and extend with fouls. >> tim: they did take their time setting the play up. 1.3 seconds left. we saw two great games today. this one was incredible. >> mike: like we figured, high scoring games in the 90s. you're duke and you like your chances with one of the
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the country at the line. shooting one and one. >> tim: as it stands now pitt will play north carolina and it looks like duke will play notre dame. don't forget two more great games tonight, clemson and georgia tech, florida state and virginia tech. virginia tech has won five in a row. tim brando and dan bonner will be on the call. they will bring you all the action. they put more time on the clock, two seconds left. >> mike: make the first one and moot point what happens. >> tim: exactly. kennard is going to the line, like automatic. 89% free-throw shooter. folks, if you're a kid and learning hoeu to play the game of basketball. watch this guy shoot free-throws.
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this year. as i say that, the announcer jinx. instant time-out with 1.4 seconds left. >> mike: a lot of times when you can take the statistics and throw them out the window in the last two minutes of a ball game, he looked tired and stiff on that one. this is now i wonder if they will look and see and check the time again and how much actually went off, if we will add another point 2 and every tenth of a second right now is -- >> tim: mike eads is check it. make sure the time is accurate. >> mike: really, you're only
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option for duke. >> tim: christian laettner? >> mike: once inbounds you foul, you're up three. put them on the line. >> tim: that's right. >> mike: it has to be a long home run pass or it will be a three quarter bomb that goes in. i think whoever catches the ball gets wrapped up quickly. >> tim: remind me of a shot against carolina. i hear him in my ear. >> mike: that is an option. i just read the mic, 1.4, i believe. yep. >> tim: a shame one of them has to lose this one because both have played tremendously.
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the half. 92-89 with 1.4 seconds left. >> mike: this is how many college coaches would agree, i would like to see the le where you can advance at the half-court. make the end of the game more exciting. >> tim: that would do it. you had a lot of good ideas today. >> mike: hope i didn't burn them all for the tournament. >> tim: we have half the week to go. not a whole lot of room. >> mike: i like your biggest guy. cat. >> tim: good if it goes. >> mike: what a game. >> tim: a tremendous game. he got the shot off in time but it wasn't close. for highlights and must see moments in this game and
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our coverage continues you've been watching coverage of atlantic coast conference basketball on the acc network, an exclusive production of raycom sports. we hope you enjoyed tim brand doe and dan bonner tonight, couple good games tonight as well. mike gminski and i will talk to you tomorrow afternoon as
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92-89, duke over n.c. the duke came away with a win and 91-89. we all live at the verizon center in washington, and i wonder if the wolfpack can keep up that pace. game for a second round
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>> it really was, both teams, so many balls going in the basket in the half, let's look at some of the highlights. duke would score, nc state would counter. brandon was sensational, they just kept trading markets. you wanted in the second half how things would settle down and then duke finally does and luke bernard who finally got the start today scored 22 points, so does brandon ingram, but they still had an opportunity and tied this game on cody martens jumpshot. and the final fling ends up a three- point game, 92-89.
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mike has a 21 in four record and those for losses to mike brey and notre dame. north carolina will play -- not play syracuse tomorrow they are going to play pittsburgh which i think is a better matchup for north carolina as opposed to having to play syracuse. those are the first two games of the day, what a comeback and quite a game between duke and their opponents. complete coverage tonight at 6 pm. >> let's hope the rest of the tournament is that exciting. we all your headquarters for all boxing's basketball. and 9 pm it is virginia tech and florida state. you can watch both games right here on wral. coming up at 5:30 pm we will introduce you to the voice of basketball.
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boy, david pounds was -- are grieving the boy was shot someone rounded a corner he was outside and they shot him. his cousin timothy stevens jr. was injured. police have not released information on a motive or suspect but believe the shooting was targeted. they said they believe it is a case of mistaken identity. another visit by a presidential candidate to the area tonight. this time the gop front-runner donald trump is holding a rally in fayetteville. it starts at 7 pm tonight but already hundreds of people are lining up. earlier today his son and daughter-in-law stopped by wral to thank the volunteers for their efforts . larry grew up in wellington and went to nc state.
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and there is also a group of protesters trying to demonstrate tonight. thousands of people are expected to pay respects to nancy reagan who is lying in repose at the presidential library in c me valley telephone you. it opened to the public at the top of the hour after a service this morning . she died sunday morning of congestive heart failure. she was 94. she will be laid next to her husband ronald reagan. presidential hopeful marco rubio will not come to our state before next month. he is locked in a fight with donald trump and instead retired major general was joined by state lawmakers in downtown raleigh today. rubio supporter representatives said trump lacks experience and understanding of foreign policy and has no real plan to keep
4:49 pm
>> it is this is not a television program. this is a reality show in the reality is the threats are real and we need someone who understands what the facts are and how to deal with that. marco rubio can do that. >> rubio campaign is opening its headquarters tonight. expect to see clay aiken on tv a little more and nothing to do with his singing. he will be on cnn as a political commentator. he sent in an online article after running as an outside for congress and has a special point of view on politics. they also noticed despite being openly liberal people feel that outsiders on both sides of the political spectrum have a lo in common. >> he is so good with people he has such a good perspective on things. i can't believe how warm it was. >> 77 so far. tomorrow we take on a different
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time getting up to that. take a look at this video, heavy rain in parts of louisiana causing massive flooding. seven 7 to 11 inches of rain fell last night. people are still crossing the flooded road. >> as high as that water is? >> the rain is still falling you can see the video going up but we always talk about do not cross roads that are covered in water because it doesn't take much to wash the car off the road and it is not safe. what's ahead for us, we had a warm afternoon and will have a one night, ben is going on that will help develop clouds and fog in the morning. and here comes a front on friday. we go back to our cool friend and the path to the east coast subtle changes. there is no soaking ahead just some small chances for rain as we go into the weekend because the system is coming in from the west. we pointed out the cathedral
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yesterday, this dome will be lifted into place during the morning tomorrow and hopefully we will capture that. and can share with you tomorrow afternoon. 77 and mostly cloudy that is the warmest we've been so far, the dewpoint in the low 50s. it is setting the stage for potential for low clouds and southwest wind of 30 miles per hour. 77 here at wral, 74 and broadening out the view everybody is warm, 79 in goldsboro officially nobody has reached 80 degrees. hopefully by the end of the hour and see if anybody has reached that. so the source of highs spreading across the state today, but look at this, you see all this low level oyster? all these clouds the atlantic flowing, we're hoping that low cloud cover will form fog and drizzle to start the day but
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leave us with partly cloudy skies the question is how quickly will this cloud dissipates allowing it to warm up maybe as high as the upper 70s work heavy rain across parts of louisiana and texas, and the rain is not going anywhere. some of the storms have been severe, a county is highlighted for tornado warnings, but not widespread severe weather like we saw yesterday. future cast, which held that forms tomorrow morning, and it could be a few sprinkles too, and after the west is the shower and the storm activity. we mentioned yesterday the potential for a two move down by tomorrow morning. it is supposed to move in by friday morning and the system will weaken considerably as it approaches for the weekend. lot of cloud but little chance for rain. mostly clear this evening, 68 and feeling great. if you outside to do sports or
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53 in roxborough, tomorrow morning a different look. it could be overcast to start the day before. in tomorrow afternoon if all goes well a strong southwesterly wind will scour out and break into a partly cloudy sky. 76 up in south hill, but as the clouds stay we may feel short of that. the weekend clouds and a small chance for rain, but look at that, what's all that messiness? we could be in the low 80s. and the warmth continues all next week but signs that next weekend could start to call that down. >> back down from 83 could be 75. >> still good growing weather.
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this is the scene as the last of the # 2nd airborne division marched in. there were no long speeches, just plenty of time for families to get reawasn'ted with each other. the last time this soldier saw his son, he was 11 days old. look how big the kid is now. chief warrant officer ravel william thought his children were going to run and jump op him while he was standing in formation ism i was like please, don't let them do that. i guess it taught them a lot. so watching them growing up on the camera and seeing themmite there, i didn't recognize my boys. >> the families spent some time together before the onlys are had to head for the unit to turn that their gear. the 118 soldiers who returned to ft. bragg this morning are the last wave of the 82nd airborne division that was in iraq.
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getting shorter. the news continues now with david and deborah. loved ones of a 15-year-old durham boy are mourning his death. >> fur. appear we are getting a look at what nash county authorities call one of the biggest drug trafficking cases they have ever busted. good afternoon.
4:59 pm
i'm traifd crabtree. >> i'm deborah morgan. relate tifsz of a 10th grader at northern high school in durham are struggling for answers after the teenager was shot and killed while standingin f oonged in the 1400 block of maplewood drive shortly after 10:30 last night. before a report. >> reporter: i stood there in the front yard and she stood there in tears telling me how her son david had just gotten brace on his teeth. how he was a little embarrassed about t now, almost unbelievably, she is planning his funeral. >> that boy was 15 years old. somebody knows something. >> she -- keyshawn begs for answers. >> we need to understand it. >> reporter: blue and his younger brother david were like night and day, he said, opposite in every way,
5:00 pm
were the best of friends. blue came home last newt to find police in his front yard and his younger brother lying on the ground. >> they was working on him in the yard, pumping his chest. >> reporter: police say 15-year- old daistled pounds and his cousin were standing outside on maplewood drive when a car turned the corner from dearborn drive and someone inside fired stevens was treated and released from the hospital but pounds died leaving behind a grief stricken mother. >> my little class clown. he was a sweet lovable boy. everybody loved him. always smiling. >> reporter: mixed with the grief, anger and frustration that violence has hit their doorstep. targeted. blue says his funny, friendly basketball-loving little brother didn't have enemies and didn't grow up in the streets.


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