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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  March 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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in thareais a . no i boulevard atist the mo ittafrest tor y to 540 atht. inerf ive s co t rose area10ityo on to 540. e laso at shoulabout 13 nute drivrom pil board . > wlo at ouli p,thugso un othe h de o l cltoe park. >> poliwome insi clpain ispanera eane nt whatl te -ou te i
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a womaede- then. guenar the ar shti deh . ead dsstanngfrt esy ni ay ds elesbeggin forwd with infoly ce ion. ple ft now o o othegothg gu d riopr poisyoan. r: ce ainfoat suor m ld ma
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ki on en t ard thoitalrh py th vey sp iexamininat are cainalcr iafc pl wa tolethma atcobu% cras cy also wi ce s sifor ovfi ovs. esiddidate d fl pus baami nit. >> democraoff thlast nimarco rubita abou en if donot in stat erllary cln
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shtoldpprshekit foted. ror clinn campai inmpday, facing w qutiabt hemailand whether sh fogoodne that is gog pp ot answering . repte immti a g pic st ghmii . cu cldren g to witht ei parents.chin y. seetcln se em tfair about at sa. i we eded ry nct ttle en mi to un >>repo: onother de rcruo publiclyle goingo wn for
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shnn is mpaiinin nortli cun have k ut. re ta mipeop te orcoult il s openesy. m trie > cains imary xtueunwral g u he relts thhohewera t ce r ws10:0fo50 an
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mied thypic thisbidafoe diocof raleh. >>his rng opdo i beanplace thral der consuctionalrkwa anyou oking at pi do moing. fl of 20172,pele pect t worshiin in ral. this will enar 00 ngu h e ed al. ig tafive s,ing hing wth >>fia
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man who says he shot a it6:. in yeil wi ev e gh one s chme sttt pame chch ro ad:0 bor office, counity ht d re potrning res r po leig
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those s algh onsion gh th hcommsionene reenanpre igh ci col. the recommenonllprteat 6: tonicipal ilding rgetst >>thacc tonament for today. sburgh at nd noe at. iaeochand at9:20 evkes oniac wsst on fox 5 phap
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thudeaus llbe a e nn ateyst mmb iil hebuness , eyscbipi ergy, ate anan in worful weat t w you , e talk oufor e he new ndr than miho isgoobm thismong ul be calm bu art per . reboth tare goin checinon nng mefu ow tt ter >> cait wralom >> tre ita rnf ther nodo. as we said, right stetfrhe hstg wah
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so nice thfference as are ut thor. gein r pan. thweli hakept al back to ou. beend dr ch wmethanno lo aalthtense inppening g statnt. is atwi tiony onr.p gog er bs bois brin the chs of erth da over thed e fr erout a 30 ance an sus bveig our choes up limo mo ok at this10esof misieyt for , all e way the d e sarday, ing a trace anchis not much
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thaolin, esllbeol lyfotodad tomorrowrily cudy day an tomo a of we'l enupth ouver tuay. he e st. paick's do stts 10 ayrees at e beginnpa nde ha cein ayon ba to tsa dototuou oche onandetector wednday'greeat. u 3ees the s reg about c th g. u veanincide onhiy ? johnoncois e go news is 40ig no
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areaojo nes ocd there. thergecr int area. aiis is nt this in e mo wke a look olie p, y cae where ths to thboom urap. not usina ofelckan acnt berhchapel hill point of mog.los like aty eithe 4south 40 weetoloat cames in that area. thank you tara. next in sports we are either the teams inour area stil the nning in e acc tournament. what is next for duke and unc.
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so lets realring i lufor lifewin a sand ars a da y day, f life.> good tin h ro and de llplrocko games today washinond.c. actonanttinu. duke bstate mo thou in ata scori aman d rth l abdumalik ut, and luke kearonthr end,22ts foue . maintiisamat s backd rteny.but sh a brenno thga
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wthpl nome day 2:00>>li denjo ngime toou syraga thl thwinn. odimfolye pantrsin an gott up 4.hitse thre it in syse h last ott esno. 72 orclemso ov- leadheec idat viiaech 96-8 >>coming up da wwi ve mplete cerom noh cali an 's gamenjoyourhu >>than m. > and a ick programming note. because of the 12:00 game
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noons wi air on our sister station, fo50. doctors completed the first uterus transplant in the u.s. buit did not go as planned. why the organ was removed and how the patient is doing. things got rough at donald trump'campaign rally in fayettev. and coming up on today, right after this wscast,
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n eneorpe ilofhe if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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hillary clinton makes a stop in the triangle fresh off her debate in florida and a huge day for the catholic diocese of raleigh as their new caedl gets a significant and final touch. you can see the dome is attached to the crane there and in just a few hours, that spectacular operation will begin. >> shiny and bright out there. >> thanks for joining us this morning. i'm brian trader in -- i'm brian shrader in for rick leslie. a shiny bright sky this morning. the camera is just at the right angle there for such a beautiful sunrise shot.
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about 3 or 4 minutes ago. enjoy the sunrise in your neighborhood. 60 in wake forest, 58 in durham. 56 at kerry. 57 in fayetteville, 61 in southern pines. temperatures may be closer to 60 as you are heading out the door. 73 at lunch time. more and more sunshine as we head into the afternoon and a high again near 80 degrees. temperatures over the weekend are going to dropoff a little bit, but not dra matically. however we have rain in the forecast. we'll talk about when, coming up. tara is here checking out the situation on highway 42. what is going on over there? >> reporter: an accident is blocking two lanes there. traffic able to get by in the far right lane of the morning. this is johnson county near the
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again on nc 42 in those westbound lanes. things are clear along i-40 west. 11 minutes from nc 42 where the accident is up to the split and you have a clear ride out to u.s. 1 as well as you continue on to 540 this morning. this is where the accident is again on nc 42 west. we are also following an accident on rock quarry road south of i-40 this morning and also south of i-40 near fayetteville road an accident on renaissance parkway with an overturned vehicle. back to you. thanks tara. we are following breaking news in raleigh where police are investigating after finding two men dead inside a vehicle in a parking lot. >> reporter: this is glenwood not at the mall but north of that in pleasant valley. >> reporter: brian and rene we
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commander five minutes ago and have confirmed this death investigation is being looked at as suspicious. i want to give you a look at the scene right now. as you can see in the back part of the parking lot, you are seeing investigators focus that investigation. we know around 12:30 a.m. they did respond to a welfare check. once they arrived they found two men deceased in the car. at this time they have not identified who those victims are, or the cause of death. but again this is being looked at as suspicious. anyone with information is asked to contact raleigh police. we are also following breaking news near pittsburgh, pennsylvania where police say five people have been killed in a shooting and two gunmen are at large. i can't police say they killed
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at least three others in the hospital and two have critical injuries. the gunmen barged into the party and opened fire in an ambush-style attack. >> it looks like, right now, they were all fleeing toward the back door of the residence when the second gunman fired from the side of the yard. and they all seemed to get caught on the back porch. >> reporter: police at this point did not have eye motive -- a motive. today following her latest debate with challenger bernie sanders, democrat presidential candidate hillary clinton is visiting the triangle. last night's forum aired on cnn and euna vision.
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over who is the true friend of american hispanics. he faulted her for opposing a 2007 effort to let people in the country illegally obtain drivers licenses of the again clinton will be in the triangle today and hold a get out the vote event in durham. that will be at 3:50 this afternoon. candidates are prepping for another debate at the university of miami in florida. it comes after donald trump's fayetteville. a crowd packed into the crown solace seem. he spoke about his campaign being self-funded, taking care veterans and immigration reform. >> where going to have a real wall. >> reporter: several times during his speech,
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and law enforcement officers quickly escorted the protesters out of the building. at times our cameras caught physical confrontations between demonstrators and trip supporters. torrential downpours in parts of the south have caused flooding and the rain is not letting up. areas in northwest louisiana are under a mandatory evacuation order. people are urged to stay off the roads as another foot of rain will hit the area by the end of the weekend. public meetings start today about classifying duke energy coal ash ponds in north carolina. the state department of environmental quality came up with this draft proposal. this is important because the classification will determine when each pond must be closed. the agency will present the draft to the public in 14 meetings all this month. the meetings tonight are at central carolina and wayne community colleges. today is the big day for
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>> this morning the 160- opportunity dome is expected to be raised and placed atop the new cathedral that is under construction off centennial parkway. live pictures from the scene just across the street from the tv station here. by fall of 2017 2,000 people are expected to be worshipping in this place. weather permitting, the crane will lift the dome and place it on top of the cathedral starting at 9:00 this morning and you can watch it live on going to take several hours but i expect that will be the video of the day when it is done. >> what a beautiful addition it will be to the raleigh landscape there. >> we have a perfect view of it here. the nation's first uterus transplant failed. >> what happened to that patient that underwent the procedure, and what is ahead for the others in the clinical trial.
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part of the white days after doctors celebrated the country's first uterus transplant we have learned the procedure actually failed. the recipient, a woman named lindsey, had a severe complication and doctors had to remove the uterus. she is recovering and doing all right. meanwhile the cleveland clinic plans to continue its trial of 10 women struggling to get pregnant. public viewing continue today for nancy reagan. a private funeral service is scheduled for tomorrow. mrs. reagan will be buried flexion to her husband at the library. she died sunday at her los angeles home of congestive heart failure. the white house is adding raleigh to its tech hire initiative.
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skilled workers into the tech economy by matching employers with training programs. here nc state and wake tech will work to train workers. in raleigh the program plans to place 50 workers in the jobs within the first year and 350 by the year 2020. it is 6:41. the top executive at nascar has endorsed donald trump. how brian france defended his decision and what he said about fallout. and frightening video from the midwest, where several people have died in storms.
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tokeh thatrs theou ahere heg some fi pey be reup la . loatdre licomi rom n unty iweste cln pa at ts in14 minut from ncth440 spliand you arislafrto 54th moonaccident wlling sode ofha uth we he an ered hiclon resarkway ne otherwise l clear along durham freeway a in fayetteville. that is a loat your traffic to go. th tara. get updates on news weather and traffic while you are on go online and on the wral mobile phone app. .
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ths an iistiblb every of the wk. su. fresh is what o. good morning. breaking news. gun men open fire in an ambush style attack in a backyard party in pittsburgh. right to the point. hillary clinton faces a tough questions about her eail controversy during last night's
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>> if you had been indicted. >> i'm not answering that question. on the republican side donald trump says he is going for the knockout in winner take all primary in florida and ohio. catastrophic, historic flog so atea at ousa oowagnd cu ly0 millieoacin aewtto gen bwlth aisles coyht. he ashe aive dightf fellowpassgers. >> this is "today" wit matt


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