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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  March 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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umare top candidates amonlilythcarolina te however, it showed some unknown thany noting they a undecid both the candidates and thissues. this poll shows about a quter of democrats aren't sure who they are going to support. on the side the ai trump has out 30% of the en it cometo thliesworrieab a e y th atiol affairs. d peot rtr laws arimportan p fr >>hahepe suey mionfo ion d minatileinressd po alanreceinpo th to being fairtionpo heresss fi wanfalybilihispicpo thighes re
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a lookcaidates you need to autma vot >> afr theawewill e caatg e e'p ofe ve s nigh si wi late dewant chance rur vernwellstmie [ile
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unters g evbut harde ou're not ilour lorsorer wes,al ala mtthichpay eires, ovng wpe ensure i'bernie sde. thgecawea l lu d ean cr wju twe fnituthaty usco r pl oxi-clean.
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antew to m, reanme, camp sd n. >>y udible] exf ids. fei like ortemberthe atarnoat is ed e ad toep u k whrug?go alonwith thi'rurt bei ink publ isin t ten ae the gr s a >> thin teacher pay from 5, th wasm kethe idg
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canc wetalk ca resechs casehoexw inmay id thaner eck 's 80 -- 81. reollowi frt intomo
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the up. stells melp t n er omc he researerhotein e ses w in ls >>or st inaggrof braier rrent st ivefo n chhopes remaing ces. >> ostrtmts uts fft us ofteck. >>orr: adoor ott isedimds lo su it tonusg
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cellarsie ncer : si p. ec- >>n humatur n see n emcellnt em wn is u e nag cacithce l tr hoe. the mi ipd rvtr it a chance t rid ofthfeince rerterarcher llpsie on huue hoit'lin hun triaan adto rrt tm. th's cr
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c itas inadd toth aierand breaai cancer imen. take for gr rearchisdone s ea ev althmeitamazg gh e dier ulpoia >> ail, grhin. the tuecsethfolks right re my brhehad thatnologyck cail all -- all folk o --in e fuat. lotoy. heea end ve rhapa lileer . e wethe co ure it
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en gettoodi inro anduisia. now ng y mii rtheh tsskeucky this rain l co we. gn th will en. are fewer flash warngs 'sicks im e will srt to bak dohien. wt e cuderan more his isre. rainfa three . prly irn ssisppi pas uisianoverhextfedaet sen n. for ussundaywe e aliarmuchana lf inch bsteakenswobeh istuth iby ti re nd a thwee hi is ol talked is stdaar to me e nort e datorr. erniill pa ou e's eight.upviin o moveh nah anen ngafteoo's
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t stick all ek ngs ttoler air for turd. oudaince le bit ra. omspotty lhtrain. t buwiok and fe weoue in l dasatuaymp 7080 t'se will sardayornirewat anre the y. lot. once we get rid of the rain it st to rm back up. 83 by wednesy and if we see cooling itmay not be until next weekend. fore we let you no don't forget about the me change. goes forward one hour. advance. su >>u will s. great. >
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n: oice jok, wbett than yeday. ri that veryela little forced. and, ev yea man:stiling thatraemion. man: py awe for tuesy, but tomrow is h 'ly bng it! lucky r fe. n thoudollars day,
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>>one l teacs gingof al'tknow. r med ke give r a sh -- in let's back a ttlebit.
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tofirsre d strenafa e has toetdiis ti as week dy fou e atc dor an inn up before thsuy. w out that >> veat. > was arday ata oua al in navi ll severts ve well knowand hausatt s mohe mealtiti. >>tooutarheel scott man t y f scotfitz we he gh ce thme sct fi
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cl s r a sh r int sctzge tohospitme itution. >>rs claithat opper ofheul thateren the evin toorotwathpark>>ita beti tel.>> repntspitkethents wag arouey wo them eibe, a
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arti. reern diing zea fzger e diesbadly uncognpt zel red hewealthmagefoanit thred leher oeweem er. >>epten hee whthe hospitce ood. i persalabout opwho ha ar, fis ing down td.t yoinareryosee
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epr:dat.shhaunt heba tee died >>hathin do apaof ho atarres. >> bu. >>ater. shedinathospital 68agni ou h ed ei lie e eninat> vosaturday the ims esday. youkn arngfo thus. taoser look. s ix srtrit
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du. whshis la idate ying orup pport here. e answer comeswn death. m lindlove >>fit glanpes anng erdepeatanthte ar'td caate and caswitchat antime. take those ay and the clinton ad dropsto only 213 delegates with hundreds at stake tuesday the candidates taking them all very seriously. >> clinton just wrapped up a stop to shore her supporters there. laura leie went th rctio repor sn ar014 thtrled 1el he


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