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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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like llywside rismom clink breaking news tonight. donald trump accused of encouraging violence at his rallies. his campaign manager accused of roughing up a female reporter. the rising death toll as record floods rage. high-water scues. brawl on a plane. mayhem as fists fly. shocked passengers with the melee. you won't believe what started it all. ambush horror. five massacred, including a pregnant woman as gunmen opened fire in a backyard
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tonight, a manhunt for a pair of cold-blooded killers. why this weekend is especially high risk for heart attacks and strokes. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. a vicious punch thrown at a protester at a donald trump rally and caught on camera, led to criminal charges being filed against one of his s amid cces ncrein e envirment a ru ev. inent weeks,mp upwdy deringtest res that mer mht enage viol. tng sti eroom ton vicegain trs cam r, f re whoims phyy ha. ign init c'ser alender has full details.
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new video capturing a trump supporter sr punchingones in the face. the officers escorting jones away last night. nes yelling at the jeering crowdefore he was blindsided. et out of here. goome tomom. depukiig ak, iad te >>rn ooas h dd in myeye. >> reporte mcaw w t. esd it th n tim wee hi wavo repr: today h ate argeditult. to aign tells nbc une, tt n col over ters' behavi a gnificmeasur ee fe xahe ofavio tmp hco ll es ybody? tut o.
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set the t hnai i2008 hiliow endrt to le r and towen said, nohas ou doldmp s ds t contro d t ra ith someerti gh tnkyo t d t h risene sipp w ndf fie ed relewars ovm cs and s. onam wage that re largeish swimowhe . c' jethamlia i the reporr: he h o hi resesn der, uiana. eromes quick, p d un
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raon hours. athis ho d x do cd f. me rortehe a hst ea ibnl mi styuc ey bel mu o t c weeen dng ound the tiua about0inno and all loo lis. lentainas pedregion. deva sier warngversf daer. weav md os tn we h gnem w ne be ryery e rn sos. fishmminlong desmooe uiana,
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ieforhe t s iht saturd. epth cple of ho - e' . >>epte htend, ngiv becomeull- w nschoo e areaelod a ght,f rephere. spp rainin but unrthi is tempory. at. janetlian u. a ts u tusct i acard mascrn theitburg ea. ple at a f pay. cts, n, e remains myy. c'akmcha thde rep a ck bcu turnedor sc a aily ing las n arpisb fi adultll ththers inj e cngayin >> om boom reporter:he deeesiin thr j
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struli for wds >>t juaks ar >>orte onef heren wig mo e mr adng thaunborn tur t. s itat calcatt it'st bru rd >>epore y thirst shoer prched the nder his t at'she sec ter with-47 sti he then t victind yl el ono getmued mos being aughred lik th t anoer l. >> repor falyng enens t eat ais erhoad. >>ot the ees . buy dks, wheepsng my gds
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night bothf are o run, a lest keccoy,nk u. >>ng nigh ington th housez aared din omenge nister nadar onef the moam polal nan tisry north c's ron allnhe placndhe te >> rorr: today a thhiho esident oba welcgnada's a, prime juruhe ad otateur head >>no mame tebo siofanadn er. orter: jt, ymi stng wi hicas th o th pie trudea just former r, n lilea b.
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ist worou use? >> imi useea >>eporte e cove td.ia sche "washin >> theort ceit cult sued u're tha wi tme mister >>te tru umped ub thantiru. invi aho flee iumnso bu h ke hendou coiden americle and lo woing witmer ey cho send te r: ste di,0ests, it ryan ynolds and bla vely rissues like ng onen. grg elder steshe thld ste. ronaln,news
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ppear to ve intified ti o ounds firs. itroor a ike job pl slen from is d i gg reook jt is wlioig anieor the ca getorm n c for rrespot gel. ercely prote of s crets, and defectors, if caught, are generally executed. so this apparent leak may be a sign isis is starting to lose control. the german federal police has already said that the genuine. but it's an enormous and unprecedented trove of information, which experts are still sifting through. >> i think they probably are authentic, these documents, because they contain a great deal of detail that's been verifiable, can be verified. >> reporter: there are thousands of these forms which carry the isis seal, and list detailed information about isis recruits,
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nationalities, and whether they chose to be fighters or suicide killers. in a preliminary review of the documents, which date back to 2013 and '14, we identified six that name americans. including one douglas macarthur mccain from san diego, which nbc news first reported was killed two years ago. the name on the form is not a perfect match, but his date of birth and hometown are. >> who the recruiters were. so to me, that seems to be the single most important and significant thing. >> reporter: this syrian man said all this information was on a memory stick he stole from a senior isis commander, and then smuggled out of syria. i put it in my baby's diaper, he said, because i knew they wouldn't search there. we met him in turkey where he is now in hiding. he didn't tell us his full name, preferring to be called muhammad.
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steal it? i took the memory stick so that one day i would be able to expose isis, he said, because i knew it had important information on it. he said he joined isis early on, and so was a trusted member of the group's internal security service. but he became disillusioned. i saw rape. i saw them butchering children in front of their mothers, he said. some analysts raised doubts about the awe authenticity of the two security experts told us they do appear genuine. lester? >> richard engel, thank you. still ahead tonight, fight on a flight. a brawl breaking out on a packed airplane what the airline said passengers were doing onboard that triggered all this. also, the dangers of springing forward. why turning the clocks ahead can increase certain health risks,
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we're back now with the wild brawl aboard a packed flight. a melee among first fist-throwing passengers caught on camera, right in the middle of the aisle. it left the surrounding passengers shocked and had the police and fbi scrambling to respond. nbc's miguel almaguer has the tale of the tape. >> reporter: passengers on flight 141 called it fight night. >> there was serious punches. >> reporter: a brawl breaking out between five female passengers.
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that's when i stepped in. >> reporter: the throwdown came just after touchdown. a spirit airlines flight from baltimore to los angeles, ending in hair-pullinging and flying fists. two customers appeared to be intoxicated, playing loud music on a boom box. other customers asked them to turn down their music. the ladies refused and said, what are you going to do? a fight broke out. police boarded the plane. all five women detained then released. the friendly skies, not so friendly anymore. >> our aircrafts are fuller than ever, people are closer together. the incidents leading to an air rage incident are higher than ever. >> reporter: a fellow passenger said he was drunk, to a belligerent man refusing to leave his seat. flight attendants say unruly passengers are the toughest issue they face.
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us to de-escalate the situation. >> reporter: an ugly problem becoming far too common. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. and we are back in a moment with a huge fireball caught on camera that rocked the city in the midwest. (ray) i'd like to see more of the old lady. i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. (vo) pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental arin (rayin mu moranth (rshe nts eang
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k ur dr or pist abounar 13oday finally tonight, thousands more pay their last respects to nancy reagan on this final day of public mourning before her private funeral tomorrow. she leaves behind a life in pictures. many of them snapped by pete sousa, the white house photographer for the reagans and now the obamas, who shares the incredible stories behind the shots with our andrea mitchell. >> reporter: they are the iconic pictures of a first lady. >> i liked her. a lot of people thought she was tough as nails. but as long as you
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her, she was straight with you. >> reporter: and a portrait of a marriage. >> they were exactly the same way together, behind the scenes, as they were in public. it was very much a companionship between the two of them. >> reporter: the man white house photographer pete sousa. eyewitness to history from the frivolous -- >> in another 50 ars, how will we explain this picture? who is this man dressed up in his blue suit? why is he wearing one white glove? >> reporter: -- to the royals. >> if you look close, she is blushing. >> reporter: to the personal. mrs. reagan's recovery from breast cancer surgery. and the diplomatic. summits that went well, and those like this one in iceland that went so badly, mrs. reagan rushed out to greet her husband when he arrived at andrews air force base to make sure he was all right.
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said to me, how's ronnie? how is he doing? >> reporter: pete sousa's final trip with nancy reagan is when the family brought ronald reagan back to washington for his state funeral in 2004. >> as you look at that picture, she's talking to her husband. >> reporter: now back at the white house, as president obama's official photographer. but accompanying michelle obama to nancy reagan's funeral. you'll be there to say good-bye? >> and to photograph. that's what i do. >> reporter: capturing a first lady he followed in life, and now as she and her husband are reunited. andrea mitchell, nbc news. and that will do it for us on this thursday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for
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night. >> the following is a


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