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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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problems. but his solutions don't work. >> a different tone at the republican presidential debate. the issues addressed and new this morning, find out when senator ted cruz plans to visit our state. and we are nearing the deadline for early primary voting in north carolina. find out when the polls will close. 6:00 has arrived. it's friday morning. hope you're doing well. i'm bill leslie. >> i'm renee chou. we've been spoiled this week with just fantastic weather, right, almost every day. and today won't be picture perfect, but we're going to hold onto the temperatures. >> yes, a high near 80 degrees again today, which is kind of unusual because it's going to be cloudy in the afternoon. and still temperatures are going to be almost 20 degrees above normal. let's look at the roxboro sky cam. it looks gorgeous this morning. this is a pretty look at the sunrise. it's just beginning now. you can see the pretty purple
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we will give it another 5 or 10 minutes and it will look prettier. 63 in roxboro. 66 in goldsboro. it is breezy as a cold front approaches. we will talk about how the front will alter the weather for the next few days coming up in a little bit. 79 at 4:00. so very warm and a slight chance of a shower later this afternoon. brian, what about the roads this morning? >> not much right now. fridays are typically quiet. we hope that's how it is today. 6:01. we go north raleigh to look at 540. this is westbound this morning, out toward creed more road and beyond. no delays right now from capital to i-40. the trip is taking 13 minutes. here's a look at the rest of the triangle on the live commute map and we have no accidents showing up this morning. no stalled vehicles or any unusual delays. everything's moving along right
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through garner, no backups on 40 westbound. the trip to the split is taking 8 minutes. heading out between the wade avenue and 540 interchanges and 40 westbound, a six-minute ride. and taking a look at the durham freeway this morng, northbound, delay-free, six minutes. back to you. >> thank you, brian. many questions this morning after two people were found dead inside a johnston county home. >> in there was also a young child in the home who was unharmed. we're glad to report at least that bit of good news. tara lynn is live in johnston county. what have you learned? >> reporter: we know a man and woman were both found shot and killed inside this home at this point yesterday afternoon. we don't know what led to the deaths. authorities say it appears both victims were shot at this home on unity drive. a toddler was found inside the home. now, the toddler was not hurt. officials have not released the names of the two people killed,
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her son, matt jones, was one of the victims and that it was his 2-year-old son that was at the home at the time of the deaths. >> i was very devastated because i was supposed to have kept them last night but i was very sick and couldn't, so i didn't keep them and then i felt bad and i felt responsible because something happened to the baby. it would have been on my conscious then because i couldn't keep him last night. and i've been scared for him, but he doesn't realize what's going on. he still wants to call daddy on the phone. >> the mother told us that her son's fiancie tried to get in touch with him earlier in the day and she's the one that came to the home and found the two bodies. that's something we're still trying to confirm with deputies at this point. we will bring you information as soon as we get more details. >> my heart breaks for the 2-
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tara lynn, live in johnston county. a vigil honored a man found dead in a raleigh parking lot. friends and family gathered to remember pedro miguel raez. two men were found in the car after someone called 911 to report a man slumped over the wheel of the car. police haven't made any arrests. new this morning, we have learned republican presidential candidate ted cruz will appear at fayetville tech community college on monday. our primary, of course, is on tuesday. >> this comes after cruz and the other gop candidates wrapped up a civil debate last night. tracie potts has more on that and a possible new controversy for frontrunner donald trump. tracie? >> reporter: good morning, everyone. today with the allegations of violence swirling around the
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hear if, in fact, this audiotape exists. it reportedly recorded a disputed interaction between donald trump's campaign manager and a reporter. donald trump expecting an endorsement today from former rival ben carson. and late last night, defending his campaign manager, saying a reporter fabricated claims that he roughed her up, leaving bruises. >> how did they get there? do you know how they got there? >> not much rough in this debate. >> i can't believe how civil it's been up here. >> they stuck to issues, often 3-1, with trump alone on social security, cuba, taxing china, banning muslims and a two-state solution for israel. >> he's right about the problems, but his solutions don't work. >> marco rubio desperate to win florida holds a pro-israel rally in west palm beach this morning. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct, i'm interested in being correct.
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about crowning trump too soon. to go. to get there. >> reporter: a moment of civilility in a tense race. and for the democrats, today, bernie sanders is in north carolina, illinois and ohio. ohio is where hillary clinton's hoping to make a midwest come back. in washington, i'm tracie potts, wral news. a reminder, early voting is on tuesday. we have all the voter information you need on use the my ballot feature to research the races in your zip code. people who live near a wayne county coal ash pond gathered. >> tell me what you want, what you really want? >> clean water. >> tell me what you need, what you really need? >> clean water. >> the state department of environmental quality held a public hearing at wayne community college to discuss the deadline for closing the coal ash ponds.
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the state handled the spill. >> duke energy wants to be a good neighbor,we want to be sympathetic to what the neighbors are going through now of the th've gotten a lot of new information to digest. we haven't made any changes to the water delivery service. in the coming weeks, we will work with the plant neighbors to determine next steps. >> there were similar meetings last night at robinson and central carolina community colleges. there will be 11 more meetings across the state this month. 6:07 now. the number of reported flu deaths in the state has increased. >> how many people have died and why experts say this is actually a mild season. and the white house wants to help families who need
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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6:09. we have a gorgeous sunrise for downtown raleigh. a mix of sun and clouds and it makes for a pretty shot. it looks like the sky is on fire, doesn't it? when you step outside, you will think it's summertime, too. it's very muggy, extremely warm. the warmest morning so far this week. and a bunch of them have been warm. 64 in benson. 63 in rocksboro. we've already surpassed the normal high temperature for the date in many places this morning. at lunchtime, mid-70s. we wrap up at 5:00 in the mid- 70s, too. more cloud cover today than yesterday.
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we have a slight chance of a shower, upper 60s this morning, upper 70s this afternoon. renee? >> thank you. police in pennsylvania are still trying to identify the suspect behind a deadly ambush attack. five people, including a pregnant woman, were killed in a backyard cook-out wednesday night. police believe at least two men targeted one or two of the victims. yesterday, community leaders held a vigil in honor of the victims. there is a $20,000 reward being offered for people to provide information that leads to arrests. three new flu deaths on record with the state, bringing the total number of flu-related deaths for the season up to 8. health experts say we've hit a mild season because the vaccine was a good match this year. it's not too late to get a flu shot. the season runs through may. newborns can use 10 or more diapers a day. that adds up and can be a huge financial burden for low-income families. the white house is starting a new program to make diapers more affordable.
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access to diapers up to 25 25 percent cheaper than what's currently available. about 1 in 3 families has trouble affording diapers for their babies. they're not covered by federal assistance programs. this program will start at the end of next month. 6:11. u.s. health leaders want congress to give money to fight the spread of the zika virus. weekend traffic alert.
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toa nrisin re alross the area. >> yes, poke your head out th window when i'm done talking about affic and a look at i here's a came showinsome of that this morning, here at that's in the apex area. it is a beautiful sunrise. seriously, take a look at it. let'look at the live commute maw.inodonmajor ronoelor we hrepo minor accier raig at thinte of weerulevard nes an abuckneroad at ispot 'rnoei lan the nss t , it isom keep is clup les ta t atpnar have garth ncer he'rel weng coon roay llavert fic yoneedkn
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mmute gh omhing ed to , to ght and ng de enueedrds utheelanall ofose streets,weil pl on an. 's pretty busy one out there. back to you. >> thank you, brian. next in sports, unc gears for a matcainst notre da and the s haa win in ortime against ston. today's pet picture is of molly. molly is pup relaxing with mom and dad whilon vacation. life is good with molly. to view our pet pictes, log
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y.> ndthcumbery istrying fi hiputihandled a crime that was ught video at a trump ll ndwe're looking for a er chance of rain th weekend. but will it a wash anll the warmth go away? we have a throughout talk about in terms of the weather and a whole lot of news, as well. good morning, evyone. thanks for joining us. m le. rho a goeous s withe goeois wi ho on the thingswill c itrerm t moenerday mogg o,so e betiful suise th ofou e althe acriprode fucobut ou couldthat uck
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norning. oue e ertoy, bmi s hne 80 aclou'rwe, llbove iwi , shinfost wlkwh wed ana femis. iahaat soth ilonor lookod rt chelbo we e livecamera at barbie road and trfic is westboun ju take alookat e latest e tiom 54 to the durham freeway. the southbound on e durham freeway out of downtown intop,lay-free at7 minutes. and west raleigh to rdu ble fr de 0 th morng at ma prtyrywhere.
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t it is 6:39. quiet weather today. nice and warm and a beautiful sunrise. you can see the sun and clouds all across the viewing area. the clouds are going to win out, though,s with head into the afternoon. we will see mostly cloudy skies. but the temperatures remain warm. we're starting warm this morning. it won't take much to get us up there. 64 in irwin. up near the virginia line, 73 at noon. and at 5:00, temperatures will the afternoon. we have a slight chance of showers, but i don't know that i'd bother sending kids out with their raincoats. renee? >> thank you, elizabeth. listen up, please check to see if you have these meals in your freezer.
6:41 am
giorgio, lean cuisine and stouffer's products are being voluntarily recalled because they may have small pieces of glass. nestle says the glass is in spinach and is in all three brands. the company didn't give details about how the glass got in the spinach. no injuries have been reported. cvs is spending $50 million over five years on an anti-smoking campaign with a particular emphasis on young people. it's the be the first campaign and it will work to form the first tobacco-free generation of americans. the push comes more than a year after cvs stopped selling cigarettes. this is its latest effort to boost its image as a healthcare- focused company. a success. that's how people describe a 13- year-old boy's heart transplant procedure. >> he's recovering at the hospital. he had the procedure about 24 hours after he was told he was going get the heart. he was diagnosed with cardio
6:42 am
old, meaning he has an enlarged heart. he's been in and out of the hospital throughout his childhood. the teen and his mom broke out into tears when they received the news about the new heart. >> prayers answered. 6:42 now. daylight saving time starts this weekend. some lawmakers say they're tired of turning the clock. >> find out which states are trying to change the practice. and several states, including north carolina, hold primaries next week. gop candidates are focused on
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attention coming up good morning, news time is 6:44. hit the road with what you need to know. >> leading our news today, democratic presidential
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to raleigh today. a campaign event starts at noon. it will be downtown at the duke energy center for the performing arts. doors open at 10:00 this morning, although there are already folks lining up there, the event is free on a first come first serve basis. voters in a number of states, including north carolina, head to the polls for primary races next week. ahead of the contest, republican candidates debated last night in miami. florida is a key prize in the race with 99 delegates up for grabs. ahead of tuesday's race, donald trump says he has the support of former rival ben carson. carson is expected appear with trump today. trump says he discussed education and schools with the carson campaign. carson, of course, a retired neurosurgeon. trump will host a news conference this morning in palm beach, florida snails man and woman found dead at a home in johnston county. deputies say it appears they were shot along unity drive.
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the child was not injured. police haven't released any information on possible suspects. today, marine raiders begin a long distance march to honor those who died in a black hawk helicopter crash. the aircraft went down last year off the florida coast, killing all 11 service members on board. 7 of them were camp lejeune marines. the tribute march spans 770 miles between florida and camp lejeune. the south by southwest festival opens today in austin, texas. president obama is the keynote speaker at the annual music, tech and film gathering. first lady michelle will also speak at the event next week. it is the first time in the festival's history that a sitting president and first lady have barred. while the president is in texas today, first lady michelle obama will attend the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan. the service will be held at reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. it is closed to the public. mrs. reagan will be buried alongside her husband, former
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remember to set your clocks ahead by an hour this weekend. you know, spring forward. daylight saving time begins. there is a bill in california that would ask voters to abolish the practice of changing clocks twice a year. lawmakers in nearly a dozen other states from alaska to florida are debating similar measures. now with your weather to go, here's elizabeth gardener. >> another thing happening this morning, severe weather preparedness week. we talk about different topics all week and today's topic is flooding. it's one of the most deadly weather-type eventst that we have across the country and especially here in north carolina. we have flooding from thunderstorms, from rain showers and from hurricanes in particular. most of the deaths happen when people drive their car into a flooded road. it's not when they're stuck in the house and the water is rising and they can't get out.
6:48 am
die during flooding drive their car into a flooding road. that's why we harp on that all the time. statistics show people don't take it seriously enough. another big risk is walking into floodwater. it can knock you down quickly. moving water have very, very powerful and that's probably the second greatest way people get in trouble. encourage your kids not to play in floodwaters. we don't have anything like that in the forecast, but parts of the south have severe flooding right now. definitely a gray start this morning, we had a pretty sunrise briefly. the clouds are taking over now. you can see across wake county looking to the west, it's very warm, it's breezy, southwest wind alt 13. 65 degrees and it's muggy, too, the dew point at 59. the higher the number, the more moisture there is in the atmosphere.
6:49 am
warm this morning. these temperatures are above what they were yesterday. it's been very warm every morning this week, especially from tuesday on. we just continue to build on that. from mid-60s now, it won't take that much to get into the upper 70s this afternoon. tomorrow will be a different story. we have a front dropping over us, dropping the temperature into the upper 60s. that's still above normal for this time of the year, but it's going to feel cooler than it felt over the last several days. about a 25 percent chance of rain for saturday and 40 percent chance of rain for sunday. we're going to talk about the timing, which part of the day looks wetter than another. coming up with the interactive seven-day forecast. satellite and radar showing cloud cover, here's all of that flooding happening down to the south. the high pressure system has been keeping us dry and forcing the moisture back here. it's just been stationary. the high has been stationary. it's keeping the rain back to the west and the front has been stalled, creating flooding in
6:50 am
mississippi. well, the northern part of this front will dip to the south during the day today and starts to get us into the chance of showers. a slight chance today, but a chance of more on saturday. even more on sunday and monday. still, not looking at a washout by any means. we have a slight chance of showers today. a lot of 30 percent chance on saturday, 40 sunday and monday. by tuesday, we can just kiss the system goodbye and back to warm conditions next week. a warm day today. nearly 80 degrees. 10 degrees cooler tomorrow with a high of 68. but a warm start in the morning. we start with a chance of rain at 25 to 30 percent, then dropping off during the afternoon. sunday will be just the opposite. we'll see a better chance of rain later in the day with drier conditions in the morning eighty chance of showers monday and then dry into next week. that's a look at weather and brian has traffic to go. 6:50 now, elizabeth. looking at the friday morning commute, it's starting off pretty well.
6:51 am
map. just one accident showing up on the map this morning. it's over in westboro at jones franklin road. it looks like a minor accident. maybe a little bit of a slowdown on jones franklin road approaching western boulevard, but no big delays in the area. just something to keep in mind this morning. let's look through garner on 40 westbound, around the clayton bypass. it's slowing down a little bit, but fridays tend to be easier in terms of traffic volume and this morning, the drive time between 42 and 446 looking all right at 11 minutes. beyond that, no trouble. in durham, the freeway is clear between downtown and i-40. looking good as you leave chapel hill through south durham. and 85 is looking good, as well. we will continue to track this from 7:00 to 9:00. i have a heads up about concert traffic. the garth brooks show tonight,
6:52 am
night, around 7:00 or 7:30. you can expect really busy traffic on wade avenue, blue ridge road, i-40, 440, all of those roads there around pnc arena. if you're not going to the concert, avoid west raleigh if you can, think about alternate routes. that's a look at traffic to go. back to you. >> thank you, brian. get updates on news, weather and traffic while you're on the go, online and on the wral mobile phone app. 6:52. after trying to get pregnant multiple times, one couple made a last effort. >> and it involved listening to the radio. coming up, the life changing contest they entered and the prize they won. and a basketball star and a golf great come together on the court, but it wasn't just for a photo op. see the a amazing shot steph curry was able to pull off. "the today" show is coming up here after our newscast. here's matt lauer. good morning, matt. >> renee and bill, good
6:53 am
coming up here on friday, the surprisingly civil tone last night at the debate and how donald trump is responding to growing concerns about violence at his rallies. also a coversy tied to the s.a.t., why your address, even your race, could determine how much your kids are charged online prep courses. >>nd wouldt workfor you? approach to weight lots as she shows off a slimmer, new look. and still time to vote for the couple you want to get married in the big fat today wedding. we will reveal there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy.
6:54 am
above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
6:55 am
6:55. two people found dead inside a johnston county home.
6:56 am
morning from family members and investigators about the victims and search for answers. plus, they call it body shaming, how "star wars" star responded to one person's nasty comment. that's coming up when you join us on fox 50. radio stations host a variety of giveaways and one lucky couple received a life changing prize in nevada they won a station's contest for a free in vitro fertilization procedure and now they're expecting a baby. before getting ivf, geneva suffered four ectopic pregnancies. each time she got surgery, her chances of a healthy pregnancy decreased. ivf ranges from 10 to $20,000. they entered the contest as a last resort and won. in a number of ways. the baby is due in september. nba star stef curry is doing amazing things. he can shoot from just about anywhere on the basketball
6:57 am
a long putt, as well. he was joined after a golden state warriors practice this week. he got the putt from one baseline to a makeshift hole at the other baseline and scored! what is it with that guy? he can do everything. >> if all golf courses were perfectly level smooth floors -- >> shiny -- [ laughter ] >> i still couldn't do it. >> i still couldn't do it. >> exactly. . >> that's serious skills. nbc's today show is next.
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>> we will good morning. playing nice. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> the republican for shlpresidential hopefuls abandon nasty insults and stick to the issues at last night's debate. while donald trump addresses accusations of growing violence at his campaign events. is he doing enough to discourage it? states of emergency. rescues in the south as the death toll rises from the flooding. rivers swelling to all-time highs. no relief in sight.


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