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tv   Today  NBC  March 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> we will good morning. playing nice. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> the republican for shlpresidential hopefuls abandon nasty insults and stick to the issues at last night's debate. while donald trump addresses accusations of growing violence at his campaign events. is he doing enough to discourage it? states of emergency. rescues in the south as the death toll rises from the flooding. rivers swelling to all-time highs. no relief in sight.
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nancy reagan's funeral being held in california today. the former first lady said to be remembered by friends from washington to hollywood, as she's laid to rest next to her beloved husband. o canada. a star-studded affair at the white house honoring the canadian prime minister. the most talked about guests, the first daughters, malia and sasha, making their state dinner debut. friday, march 11th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> i'm matt lauer with tamron hall filling in for savannah. do you like basketball? >> i love it. and i love the plaza. this is a great crowd today. >> got the tournament over in
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tournament at madison square garden. they came to play, literally and figuratively. we'll get out there later in the show. let's start this friday morning with the presidential race and the surprising display of civility at the republican's final debate before next tuesday's high stakes primaries. it was a striking turn around from their 11 previous clashes. we have complete coverage, including a new controversy for donald trump. let start with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. good morning. >> hey, matt and tamron, good morning. it was a kinder, gentler gop on display last night, and may have been the last opportunity for most marco rubio and john kasich. big week ace heads ahead in their home states. no lying ted or little marco. >> reporter: for the republicans, the 12th time is the charm. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> reporter: finally, a substantive battle over
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policy. following his controversial comment that islam hates the west, donald trump refused to back down when asked if he meant all muslims. >> i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. i don't want to be politically correct. i like to solve problems. we have a serious, serious problem. >> reporter: his challengers looking to capitalize. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct, but being correct. looking at the challenging we face, we have to work together with muslims who are not radicals. >> the answer is not simply to yell, china, bad, muslims, bad. you have to understand the nature of the threats we're facing. >> reporter: donald striking a conciliatory tone. >> we're all in this together. i think i'll have the delegates. >> reporter: even writing off kasich and rubio's chances. >> there are two of us that can, and there are two that can't. >> we have beaten donald in
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>> i listen and watch television when ted speaks. he said, i'm the only one that beat donald in contests but i beat him in 13. he never mentions that. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. >> reporter: try telling that to trump. >> i beat hillary in many polls that have been taken, and each week, i get better and better. believe me, i haven't even started on her yet. >> reporter: but that's not really true. clinton has beaten trump head to head in all but three polls since last november. cruz squeezing in a last shot. >> incredible nation we have that the son of a bartender, mailman, dishwasher and a successful businessman can all stand on this stage. >> donald trump is expected to pick up another endorsement today. the former presidential candidate ben carson will back
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as authentic and an outsider. >> peter alexander, thank you. another issue brought up at the debate, the violence we've seen at donald trump's recent campaign events, including this one in north carolina, where a man sucker punched a protester. nbc's hallie jackson has that part of the story. good morning. >> good morning to you. this morning, donald trump is on defense. not just about his rallies, but about accusations his campaign manager roughed up a reporter. overnight, trump is standing by his top aide with concerns growing about the tone of his campaign events. >> reporter: it's this shot caught on camera that has donald trump facing new fire. you can see the supporter, the 78-year-old mcgraw, sucker punches a protester at a rally, saying -- >> he deserved it. the next time we see him, we might have to kill him. >> reporter: mcgraw later arrested for assault. the protester, 26-year-old
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>> as soon as i turned, he hit me dead in the eye. >> reporter: trump addressed the issue head on in last night's debate. >> i do not condone that at all, jake. >> reporter: trump's campaign telling nbc news, we are not involved in the incident and it takes significant measures to ensure the safety of all attendees. at the often wild rallies, trump said this -- >> you know what would happen at prior rallies like this? taken out on a stretcher. we have protesters that are bad dudes. they've done bad things. they are swinging. they are really dangerous. >> reporter: now, new questions about what happened between a reporter for conservative website and crump's campaign
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audio witnessed by a "washington post" reporter. >> you okay? >> holly [ bleep ]. >> reporter: tweeting a picture of her bruises telling abc news -- >> it's hurtful. nobody wants to be touch and had violated like that. >> reporter: trump standing behind his campaign manager. >> i have secret service all over, cameras all over, nobody saw it happened and nobody complained. i know this guy, and he's a fantastic guy. >> reporter: questioning the reporter's account. >> i wasn't involved but the secret service was surrounding everybody and they said nothing happened. perhaps she made the story up. i think that's what happened. >> new this morning, trump's campaign manager, is again accusing fields of making it all up. in a tweet, calling her delusional and claiming not only has he never touched her, he's never even met her. matt and tamron? >> hallie, thank you.
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political director and moderator of "meet the press." he's in ohio ahead of tuesday's critical contest. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i want to talk about the alleged altercation in a second, but let's start with last night's debate. a week or so ago, there was a republican debate that looked like wrestle mania. la nht lke like woodstock. who benefitted most from the civil tone? >> well, what happened was if you looked at our polling and everybody else's polling in that week, marco rubio's personal ratings took a nosedive. ted cruz saw his ratings go down. donald trump was even hurt by this. individually, and the only guy that benefitted in the last week had been john kasich. individually, i understood why marco rubio laid off. why ted cruz laid off. obviously, this worked for kasich. matt, i have to say, i have stunned because this race, donald trump is four days away from putting this race away. to see cruz and rubio just sort of take a pass -- again, i get
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it's been working for him. but the other two, while i understand they didn't want to go in the gutter, they sort of -- they may have overcorrected here. >> rubio, they say this is his primary. did he do anything, in your opinion, that would help hurt his fortunes around? >> i don't know. i question whether any of the debates are going to have any impact on trump. it's not about him. i think marco rubio did fine. it was whether -- did anything happen with trump where he would come down? that's what rubio has to do. he has a lot of ground to make up. it's not just him getting to 35. he has to bring trump down. that's what i didn't see last night. i didn't see anything that trump did that made him come back to the pack. >> this issue of violence at some of the trump's rallies, the protester being punched, the alleged altercation between trump's campaign manager and this reporter, you know, did trump say what he had to say
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isn't the only answer, chuck, i will not tolerate any violence at my events? >> not only is that the only answer, he needs to take it to another level. remember what john mccain did toward the end of the '08 campaign? the mccain-palin rallies were exciting, rowdy and a little over the line, a little on edge? mccain stepped up and calmed it down himself. the candidate himself, donald trump at these events, needs to not talk about punching people in the face, singling out the media the way he does. >> needs to set the tone. >> creating this hostile atmosphere. it is on him to calm things down. he can't -- he's not responsible for how people act. i understand that. but he can set a different tone. he's going to have to have a moment where he does that, like john mccain did. it helped mccain. i think it would politically help trump if he did it. that's the irony. it would be in his political
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just in the safety of people that are there. >> chuck todd out in ohio, good luck and have a good weekend. >> thank you, sir. now to the relentless rain that soaked parts of the south this week, causing deaths and leading to widespread evacuations and even more rain is on the way. we'll get to dylan in a moment, but first, janet shamlian. >> the sheriff and national guard staged outside of a flooded neighborhood. this community reeling after three days of drenching rain. what officials are calling historic flooding. >> reporter: the rescues don't stop. life-threatening conditions everywhere, from memphis to mississippi. for residents of this flood- flood-ravaged region, it's likely to be days before they're allowed back to see how much
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>> last time, it was two weeks. probably going to be longer than two weeks this time. >> reporter: some decided to ride it out and now admit they put themselves in serious danger. >> the water came so quick. you don't -- people don't understand that. i've learned a lesson. >> reporter: this is the work of the national guard. they're doing wellness checks in the gooded neighborhoods to make sure people who decided to stay are safe. national guard truck rs thes are the only way out in louisiana. each time a truck rolled through, stranded residents begged for a ride out. >> you have to wait a little longer, okay? >> reporter: you can drive for miles and it all looks like this. >> devastating. it's devastating. nothing you can do. keep going. >> reporter: tens of millions lost. >> i have two refrigerators floating around the kitchen. >> reporter: and possessions for which there is no price tag. >> it's my grandfather's bible, my mother's father's bible.
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>> with the water reseeding in some neighborhoods, residents like that woman are able to take stock of what they can salvage. some cases, it's not very much. back to you. >> your heart goes out to these families. janet, thank you so much. >> dylan is in for al. what can the folks expect? >> unfortunately, more rain. there's going to be more like 12 inches coming. there are several rivers at major flood stage. the most ever had was 78 feet of water and is now at 53 feet of water. we are breaking records, as far as river levels are concerned. naturally, we have flood watches and flash flood warnings in effect in red. that's where we're seeing the significant flooding. with additional rainfall and for the time it takes all the water to stream into the rivers, we are going to see delayed
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as we go through today, the rain will start to push east, we'll get a bit of a break. on saturday, more rain will streak in from the gulf of mexico. some of the pockets of rain could produce heavier downpours. even though we'll lose the threat of torrential rain for long periods of time, heavier downpours could be exacerbate the problem. the bulls eye will be near new orleans, along the coast of alabama and mississippi where we could end up with 10 to 12 inches of rain. >> thank you. on to former first lady nancy reagan. she'll be laid to rest in california today. among the invited dignitaries who will attend, at least one relative of every u.s. president since john f. kennedy. natalie is at the reagan presidential library in simi valley. good morning. >> good morning to you. the service is going to begin in a few hours. it has been meticulously planned for years by nancy reagan
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it'll include classic hymns, readings from the bible and reflections from some of those closest to her. >> reporter: about 10,000 v,000 vip guests will be on hand. most selected by the first lady herself. eulogies will be delivered by former chief of staff james baker and tom brokaw, a close friend. her children will speak, as well. davis opened up about their complicated relationship and says she plans to speak about it honestly during the service. >> i have poignant memories in there that were loving. i do acknowledge that we had a challenging and sometimes contentious relationship, because it would be foolish not to acknowledge that. >> reporter: form erer canadian prime minister will read a letter from the president to mrs. reagan. other political figures include former presidents george w. bush
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ladies michelle obama, laura bush and rosalyn carter. hillary clinton is confirmed to attend, but in her role as former first lady, not current presidential candidate. every detail of the service, says her daughter, planned by nancy reagan herself. from the flowers and the music to her final resting place. >> my mother would always -- when she came up here on the anniversary of my father's death, she'd said, now, what side am i going to be on? every time. >> now, as we've reported, president obama will not be attending. the first lady representing the white house instead. while some criticized that decision, it's not, in fact, that unusual. when he was in office himself, president reagan did not attend the funeral of truman. and there's no real formal protocol when it comes to first ladies' funerals. tamron and matt? >> natalie, thank you very much.
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will anchor live coverage of the funeral on many of the nbc stations beginning at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. also this morning, new numbers on the zika virus. nearly 200 cases have been reported in the u.s., all of which are traced to travel abroad. the threat has alarmed health officials, who are asking congress to provide nearly $2 billion to fight the virus in latin america and help prevent it from spreading. some of that money would go to puerto rico, where the head of the cdc fears we could see hundreds of thousands of cases by the end of the year. capitol hill republicans are reluctant to grant the request, suggesting the use of the leftover funds for the ebola virus. canada's new prime minister justin trudeau honored at the first state dinner for a canadian leader in 20 years. it was the first to be attended by president obama's daughters. ron allen is at the white house for us. ron, they were the buzz of
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>> indeed, tamron. dreamy is a word often heard to describe justin trudeau, a political rock star. even president obama seemed to take notice saying, it's been a long time since so many americans have been so excited to see a leader from north of the border. >> reporter: a glamorous evening. the president, the prime minister and their first ladies lighting up the white house. >> to the great alliance between the united states and canada. say what you want to say >> reporter: the young family stunned canada, with his victory last fall. former known as a boxer and drama teacher before politics. family business, his dad, one of the nation's most famous leaders. also honored in his day at the white house. now, they seem lost in a political bromance. i wish someone would look at me the way that trudeau looks at
7:19 am
trubama hashtag emerges. trudeau jumped into 2016, dubbed the anti-trump, inviting americans who say they'll flee if trump wins to come to canada. year. >> reporter: this was a night to put politics aside. on the guest list, famous canadians. michael j. fox, mike meyers, ryan reynolds with wife blake lively. celebrating two leaders, seeing a lot of themselves in each other. >> may the special connection between our two countries continue to flourish in the years to come and may my gray hair come in at a much slower rate than yours has. >> mr. trudeau, the son of a former prime minister, also paid tribute to special guests. first daughters sasha, now 14, and malia, 17 and heading off to college soon. trudeau praised their strength
7:20 am
constant glare of the public spotlight. >> thank you very much, ron. you have three kids. seems like they were little kids and now they're young women overnight. how do you handle that? >> after a weekend sometimes. yeah, it is good for them. i hope they had a good time. it was a nice event. >> beautiful. dylan? >> still dealing with the rain down south but warm in the
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that's a l >> that's your latest forecast. >> thank you very much. coming up, security lines at airports across the country, longer than ever. can anything be done to fix the problem heading into spring break and the busy summer travel season? and a consy to thsa why your family could be charged more for online prep courses because of where you live, even
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steve:h? wo i am stl missinthat w emot wo pretty esome a tuday, bomorro humpday, so lets reallyring it! lufor liwin a sand doars a da y day, life. 7:30 now on a friday morning. it's the 11th day of march, 2016. yeah, that's the rolling spring break, continuing out on the plaza. throwing inging in a few basketball fans from the tournaments being held in new york, and you have a nice day in new york city. by the way, the only thing standing between us and a great concert from coldplay is a weekend weekend. because on monday, they will be here to perform some of their biggest hits live on the plaza. we are expecting another huge crowd. >> add to the cool factor, if you're coldplay's number one fan, we want to hear from you. share a photo and a message for
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your tweet may be featured during the concert. it's kind of like, you are a part of the band. >> exactly right. >> like a roa ddie. republicans running for president had a showdown in miami unlike the rest last night. focused more on policy than personal attacks, and a call for unity from front runner donald trump. >> we're all in this together. we're going to come up with solution. we'll find the answers to things. so far, i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> trump said he only sees himself and ted cruz as having a chance of securing the nomination at this point. he's confident it will be him. the funeral for nancy reagan will be held at her late husband's presidential library in california today. 1,000 invited guests are said to attend, including current first lady michelle obama, former
7:32 am
wife laura. lester holt will anchor live coverage on many of the nbc stations. health official rss are out with new numbers on the zika virus in the u.s. 200 cases all traced to travel aboard. the cdc is raising concerns about the situation in puerto rico, fearing there could be hundreds of thousands of infections there by the end of the year. if you're planning a spring break trip in the coming weeks, be warned. tsa checkpoints are maxed out across the country. lines are long, tempers flaring. tom koscostello covers aviation and is at reagan national airport. tom, people want to know, what's the problem here? >> things are moving well at reagan, but nationwide, we've seen an increase in the number of travelers. the tsa admits it simply doesn't have enough screeners to get everybody through checkpoints in a timely manner.
7:33 am
pressure to fix it and fix it fast. >> reporter: just in time for spring break, bottlenecks, backups and delays at tsa checkpoints nationwide. from atlanta -- >> at the end of the day, too many people going through too small of channels. >> reporter: -- to chicago. >> they could open more lines or have more staff available. >> reporter: at newark airport, the lines so long, passengers posted photos and complaints on social media. to here and minneapolis, where it can take up to an hour to get through the redesigned tsa checkpoint. without enough screening officers, passengers are missing their flights. the man who runs it is fed up. >> if you have children or older folks traveling, come to the airport two to two and a half hours early. >> reporter: what's the problem? more passengers. the volume is up 7% over last year.
7:34 am
as the agency works on spots weapons after failing audits. 2600 guns confiscated last year. the tsa is at the lowest staffing level in five years. >> we're doing our job as effectively as we can. i'd ask them to have patience with that. this is a much more challenging threat environment than it was a year ago. >> reporter: minnesota senator says it's not good enough. >> none of that is an excuse for not having enough tsa screeners at our airport, especially when we've worked so hard to get the budget money that they asked for. >> reporter: the tsa says it's putting more officers on overtime and staffing up. raining 192 officers each week and hoping to be ready for the summer travel season. the advice for spring break, get to the airport early. >> really early, two to two and a half early. by the way, you can always join tsa precheck, and that'll help speed you through the process. some airports like kansas city
7:35 am
using tsa. they have private screening forces to move things along. protocols and procedures. back to you. >> thank you. how many times do you go to the airport and hold your breath as you're walking around the corner to see what security looks like? >> are you a person that gets there early? i play it close. >> i do, too. the pre-check line is even longer than the regular line. >> you're there early, three, four hours? >> no, no, i don't like to spend a lot of time at the airport. let's get a check of the wln. >> have you been golfing? it's warm enough to. above average highs from the northern plains to the great lakes, in the south, as well. we won't be in the 70s and 80s in the northeast but we'll take 60s. in new york city, 63. saturday, also 63. sunday, 61. raleigh, another day in the 80s then you're in the 60s for saturday. right back to the 70s for
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lower 80s. above average up in businessismarck. temperatures, low e 7er 70s. memphis, mid to upper 70s. monday, we're looking at highs to be 15 to 25 degrees above average. not as warm as it has been, but washington, d.c. should make it to 65 degrees on monday. not bad. still focused on this area of low pressure, producing heavy pockets of rain. especially near new orleans, along the coast of mississippi and alabama. also, a storm system making its
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>> wethoughhis is weird. >> reporter: here'shat they found. darker ss are higheic. some of well exab weome t n, wyomg. puti,1. dente me f li petiew tellok h0 ot sersh lfbaoned plac >> mhe f ly have suers,kn ptivau kinof thers n p itce ey can crg. o i? y w li ?>>epor aestiy puho p covects. ip cod t o getti hi pric
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nasal aly syllay noen trw rhint allergray. ddle nre so carson and al are off this morning. we have budget cuts so dylan is doing both jobs. she's in the orange room right now. >> ran out of people. the project we're talking about today is the screening room. this is something that would allow you to watch a movie the day it hits theaters in the comfort of your home. here's how it works, you buy a box, $150. that's the box that transmits the movie. then you pay $50 perren rental. you have 48 hours to view it before it goes away. people online seem to like this. daniel writes, absolutely! if it's a movie i'm particularly interested in and want fewer
7:52 am
mark said, this makes a lot of sense for parents of young kids. i'd pay $100. in our poll, we asked, would you pay $50 to see a movie in your home the day it hits theaters? a lot of you said no because you'd rather see it on the big screen first. if you're worried this would be the end of the theater experience experience, fear not. the movies would get a cut if they partnered with this project. at this point, it's speculation and not happening yet. it could. >> i'm in. >> look, the lf was hfing apuffin ke you dsometi grand wellen youe copd it cane hard tbreathe. can be rd to geair out, which n makehard to get air in. so i talked to my door. she sa... symbicort could help you breathe better, arting whin 5 mites. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue ier for sudden symoms. symbort helps provide significant improvent of ylung funion.
7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
we begin with breaking news p i'll moped rider has been seriously hurt in a hit and run. it happened about two hours ago right around 6:00 a.m. on bassett road and j. p. taylor road. we know, the driver is still at large. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders comes to raleigh today. the campaign event for the vermont senator starts at noon. it is downtown at the duke
7:57 am
performing arts. people from maryland got there as early as 3:30 this morning. the doors open at 10:00 the event is free and on a first come, first serve basis. the weather is changing. elizabeth says we'll cool off tomorrow but still, it is not going to be that bad. >> it won't be. we'll be above normal. we'll be about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday and temperatures in the up are 70s. our raleigh skycam looking nice. it is not wet out there but certainly some cloud cover filter in overnight last night. our temperatures are mostly in the mid-60s right now. 64 in raleigh and goldsboro as well as fayetteville. it will be a high of nearly 80 this afternoon. temperatures a little cooler saturday with a high of 68. >> we have the right shoulder blocked right now on 40 westbound around gorman street. need to show down as you head through that area. scoot over at least one lane if you can. just give them a little room to
7:58 am
11 minutes to make the ride from u.s. 440 out through the fortify work zone. elsewhere around the triangle, nice an quiet along major routes. all moving along without delay. >> a protester is attacked at a donald trump rally. next if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes,
7:59 am
ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today". coming up, cover girl. opera winfrey shows off her weight loss as she drops nearly 30 pounds since joining weight watches. is her investment in the company really paying off? think you can't negotiate a discount at a major retailer? think again. we show youow t save big money on big ticket items. you're the one >> reporter: our big fat today wedding. we will reveal the lucky couple saying i do live on the show. today, march 11th, 2016.
8:01 am
next to you talk to me baby dance with me baby >> good morning, tennessee and alabama. >> good morning! texas loves today. >> i'm a small town girl and a big town fan. >> tcu is wreaking havoc in the big apple! we're back now at 8:00 on a friday morning. it's march 11th, 2016. it's school spirit time in new york city. got the big east tournament and the folks behind us, those are
8:02 am
in the mood. they've been driving around new york in that very cool bus. let me tell you something about that band though, they don't only play fight songs, they were parked outside my dressing room at about 5:30 this morning. these guys can play anything. listen. >> i love bands. our thanks to vcu. good luck in all the tournaments to all the teams. >> my dress is a little wind challenged this morning. so coming up, we'd like our finalists back for the big fat today wedding, and we'll find out who will be getting married
8:03 am
voting closes at 8:30 eastern time. >> few more minutes. >> countdown. >> absolutely. first -- >> let's head inside to sheinelle who is in for natalie. you want me to talk? >> quite a party out there. good morning. with key primaries in delegate rich states like florida and ohio four days away. the republican candidates changed their tone during thursday night's debate. hallie jackson is in miami with a recap and what comes next. good morning. >> good morning, sheinelle. the issues at the debate included everything from trade to climate change to education. with the gop civil war taking a more civil tone. >> reporter: at the republican debate debate, substance trumping style. >> so far, i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> reporter: a mostly serious night focused more on policy than personality. >> the answer is not simply to yell, china, bad, muslims, bad.
8:04 am
show this is now a two-man race. marco rubio hoping to prove it's time. his must-win florida priry just four days away. politically correct. i'm interested in being correct. >> reporter: rubio playing to the hometown crowd on issues like cuba. >> i don't know where cuba is going to sue us, but if it's in a court in miami, they'll lose. >> reporter: john kasich also facing a home state showdown with trump on tuesday. >> it'll be a new ball game. >> reporter: looking ahead to ohio and looking to build momentum. though he's dead last in delegates. >> math doesn't tell the whole story in politics. what's true today is not necessarily true tomorrow. >> reporter: also fighting for upset wins in ohio and florida, bernie sanders. momentum. >> i'm getting the feeling that what we saw in michigan, we're going to see here in florida. >> reporter: hillary clinton, meanwhile, racking up some
8:05 am
>> our characters are on television, but the real world. >> the real world has hillary clinton. >> reporter: debuting this ad from the stars of "scandal," ey's anatomy," and "how to get away with murder." the front runner hoping for hollywood help. >> more endorsements on the republican side. ted cruz will pick up support from former jeb bush backer and missouri congressman ann wagner. donald trump is rolling out an endorsement from a former rival. ben carson. a person close to carson saying he believes trump is authentic and an outsider. >> hallie jackson, thank you. today, hundreds will attend the funeral of former first lady nancy reagan at the presidential reagan library in simi valley. among those expected, politician politicians and celebrities along with close friends and family of mrs. reagan.
8:06 am
>> it's here at the ronald reagan presidential library, just a few hours away. we're expecting 1,000 people to be here to celebrate the life of one of america's most influential first ladies, nancy reagan. among the dozens of dignitaries expected, we have former presidents george w. bush and jimmy carter, as well as four of america's first ladies. including michelle obama, laura bush, hillary clinton and rose lynn -- rosalynn carter. all of the details were planned by nancy herself over the last couple years, from the program participants to the flowers. peonys were her favorite. to the scripture readings as well as the hymns. she'll be eulogized by her two children, and davis would like to share the poignant memories and funny stories of what she called her sometimes complicated relationship with her mother. also sharing their reflections, some close friends including tom brokaw and former white house
8:07 am
administration, james baker, as well. there will be an emotional moment when a close friend to the reagans, canada's former prime minister, during the reagan era, is going to read one of their love letters, between nancy and ronnie. no tribute would be complete without their love story to be shared here, as well. she'll be buried next to ronald reagan here at sundown later today. >> thank you, natalie. some of the most popular names in frozen foods are being recalled. nestle is recalling the digorno pizzas and lean cuisine meals. no injuries have been ported. a list of box codes and dates can be found on nbc guys? >> goodness. >> sheinelle, thank you very much. appreciate it. look who is here, hoda. >> hi, hoda. >> talking about one of our favorite people. >> oprah. >> oprah, that's right.
8:08 am
watches is six months old and appears to be paying off in a big way. >> reporter: oprah is showing off her new figure in the latest issue of "o" magazine. >> i lost 26 pounds, and i have eaten bread every single day. >> reporter: last fall, oprah announced her involvement with weight watches, tweeting, i believe in the weight watchers program so much, i decided to invest, join the board and partner in the weight watcher family evolution. a shrewd financial decision for oprah. the stock was sent through the roof, nearly doubling her 10% investment in the first day. the stock's future appears tied to oprah's own weight hoss. >> when the news came out she bought the stock, it jumped. when she lost 26 pounds, the stock jumped a ton. she's made over $2.5 million in profit for every pound of weight she's lost. >> reporter: the media mogul is
8:09 am
the april cover, a first for the magazine that only ever featured oprah. the women are using 2016 to get healthy. >> it was my idea to share the cover with other women who are on the same journey that i am. >> reporter: in the issue, oprah writes, my own struggles with the scale are well-known. i've never believed in hiding them. what i do believe in, strength in numbers. >> oprah absolutely feels that all the best things in life are shared. this is really nothing new for her, to want to get her arms people. >> reporter: each woman is following her own weight loss program. >> this is what 67 pounds of fat looks like. i can't lift it. >> reporter: oprah's weight struggles have been well documented over the years. >> every time, iedndfaed. ered again. y time t again. >> reporter: this time, she says, is different.
8:10 am
>> as for the business side of things, weight watchers stock rose slightly on thursday but is down 50% from the high over the past year. seems to keep going up and down. as oprah would say, like her weight does. but she seems to be on a roll, and i saw her friend gail not long ago. she's down 20 plus pounds, too. >> we're rooting for them. >> it's something people identify with. i saw oprah with ava duvernay. she had on suede leather pants. >> she looks good. >> we enjoy a fit club thing every week. 1 of 3 does weight watchers and drops weight and keeps it off. >> thank you, hoda. up next, any reason for a party. how guys are inching in on a celebration that was once reserved for women. and a tricycle and a clown suit. what was going on with madonna last night? we've got that on pop start. plus -- >> good morning.
8:11 am
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you'rek! eeze iom disr. it at diover.c >>. 'reit wt' y. e peplay seringon ftut eryt. nts,tels, do oot l fu attiwi af g uk, cd staplsant. >> . >>stedism c whtl. >>oh wavi
8:16 am
ghkhessi an id h witn c miem nour iwa all in g urstar thghasn't impressed kf >>ok. >>ouwho is n es i c auor ey tt as s bec ocuri u might wantoive andeem. ri >> aprently, a hatwio hekures>> d h tkom wh a view >>s,de> di,o trllyav bab show. g nf m a pa getting sher that what they' - i la the i now i d k i said i at dpi popu.
8:17 am
itumped% inheasyear on ale. mel dc partinaps. t resonatinitl di f t sh th lnge w ? adha fothad to be ie a goo ti hr y- jus aaturday ght. goiosa isot edshower. >> le? >>games. >> you aho gy whoorke h and i delireak never ft soute. i leer but cldn't wt o oer i wasuding. st i dd ofennol ut foxn el nthrayer's
8:18 am
enheuy rzet,ke hi otou'rd t se t x. >> h ba . ty're vi do y rft n'. >> wildefit dide knowehell >>beodyrained pe >> y canra rit? >>oh m turagn. love t like > soo a t w einnd emot eson.laopstll sta wic sal at t stat dneda sh ded i c b wu, a cadiadegner. lint, the se tud'sall cio
8:19 am
a ry, perf candyn aurbe tu od lookingou ndsmt. > ling o moizoncerts ee o ae es showasrsf eic madonna dis f her d and son fa h to wair hrs i the rnore entin nu ey seed hhehe left. > tf caon's ehevoe." am a hise child . coralations to. >>yay.
8:20 am
on divrom g she sa,f iiou ayo w bn ayuistory.but refedoay . weon kth aiswh abouteromceitshton?en him r hav se t . hinkre ag but >> g ably thasou start. >>dyla tymu >> w, yth >>oh,. in >>ck >> itcho. talkingesst or a sers of orueehe lesd cl it ao ia o the in n scou in from e sth contieoughost o th haveshlood
8:21 am
esain somth llsnd mo ou u wh anoer tot o, in e ions attormys wl ov o y.thene'et ak. ot msard. tart off lorecas n, ymuch. > nor o s ssenor shngts reed. his moing, ng c be miin a
8:22 am
naon coesndt jeff rn i w go you l i does pie can oy hagetterdealshopeig reerutf qstio thjus iis pe. tha ofrinight w. here aectays getdeal, at thbi ories.stes. we'reng unw the tave oaoad of sh le ter: she l ler yday shr. ge arl than>>ephattodon't sl pe toda sre shop ddeks s ou s i to savey t items? 'tt to te flo her p,ricetc u? ep s h on thewasher.
8:23 am
w d price eck. tele li a aertore sell for orat repo ou sretr. you enatchyose e're app tt is sple cahopy. r ictil a itceli sameod eporte wet at e,hehe thve della. shoeai ngapp. iound i betatorter: i pe>>llat the >>ter: a eal. nk f epter:hi that' ? ntil t t annsnia inrt>> reporte atem turned e io
8:24 am
is. canhr tendr adtidi >>or hheith h survis od it o hao >>orr:he b ng o theas come wo w? nep.ichard th is. bu nd sa 'm loo foras rteetnhis e ss at ti,he'seyo ve>>out a t alanp oor sn. thanagnos the p b. telou
8:25 am
youmoy. he i axtraou ex ulbehe eief al be ni ouexloest steset if yend poli ey geter deal>>an y st sa? >> youon't yo sd can' y cskving >>coortable eces there. >>ouo tarke and l u ggle, i fe linlt t easie foru. go to e b namtaers not e salesman's money. he gsdameer dr no y.>> t sthouoo aeno, wee now tpre. >> t m hit, if u'plnthere om inthe. >>ess b b mere t m pop st thatrue
8:26 am
>>ut. up whos goibe? ohich you cko garried l on "t first,s.> he neouth yotoies. oo ite a asininand sc injocoin thaln zen. it is rgrkann ive.noious inj
8:27 am
onun . puti s are ot onitinoms no injud. >>o ha se anges r her thewiay dykeerdownam. yocathatrld deofloud i wi r ofe y. nd pes no in roo. 66n ye we'lsehi teoo nrlde o ightan afow chof in go erd 3040% ay ay wile co inth60s. mid-70on ovl,have prms to repoo routesound e tgle. everytving g thy. is picaquiet fr inoftrc vo
8:28 am
raleig pirnn. we a picki up i bi a lay infrom foar0 inbound ular wooi, accints ap tobe pr causing y la the the ts, onces, ca hetrc que nder is in oheaome
8:29 am
ndo cu day's y. e are say at a t potical x a conomye t sie obst anlo t amen rizo nation ere evy no dam of g colle alcaila bihrht of evciwher jobs t a wish aly. whrecee l pay lid ancawhe r obo
8:30 am
r h of thai wean create meriifo enanhetsd t tundiysayers.ovthes foe. e'k a t' da rc2016 tle >>kthe heads heettf >> , satali her s i y'toetlosetoos t
8:31 am
>> e the. do ad them onhels is>> ah i canth btaed, >>e'nef e bn e wod, iveremorng. f y sharehoto a a eorhe b inus#td g #collay da y tweet meeadung er cing up, naomitt e twohes s has hitie easting tat a heroo a osrs. >> she's. stain slyo e urda cono le o ow threst . rs a off tod la acke >>re 70s ands
8:32 am
loing t tmi up a dowt a the are l forea contespealhrgh -e coaflouian rougippi aaba. io p w dted thdetos. untaw he pif not est, t tt lee si. ileeomai fly ve o mtf g coittc oveo th t s an de rtas
8:33 am
>> t ytfo. >> tnky > rag up ,hou >>s d w can it juheki err ch andveor eothe tiver ragiesan mssand im ilookauthor he mr three children c uctity,ste ughimye ln le, evein int j
8:34 am
t c o ha i wtah is out to hoogainontrver h n h ou nd pal oimiz od tre ten lehaf wor rd, i wasfi iou g o g done. atim , ite ter: he' to ism's routi ma w ho d it in aot s t, wotstantl mode r:et tenveasou ame >>ar ol i spend a lot of timerocery shopping. >> reporter: his first tip to bett productproductivity, out of the pile, choose five tasks that bring you joy and make them a priority every day.
8:35 am
what it is we really want to get done that'll add value to our ves. >> reporter: for sarah, that's more time writing, connecting with family and friends, taking self-time to exercise andoing fewer chor. how do those things still get done? >> can i pass it offoomeo else? i feel like i'm not being a good ther because these are things i'm supposed to be able to do. >> reporter: t number two, pete,etf e gde rald gai hourda hidir own undry achoolu >>'mh. i goo ttt sierhe so mtiooth meseha unpeed, bm d. rr:itxt , sah oftens d bse. th'sipumee ic. t yrome t puryar nu
8:36 am
scleckups, sede gtiaveit. oww goingoiit. >>orter: ttip, whennd when not to multour expert multitas sav bsle t cmon tasks exersiitds ok wit her kidsvioreo c er a rr thankoug innd helpingeoroductivendeeit ork th tlove. >> it's been a great series. >> i'm inspired. i am. >> do you make lists at home if. >> lis, never-ending lists. i've never seen an empty hamper, ever. it keeps coming. >> you have tee kids. >> and ahusband. >> it's a lot.
8:37 am
i do try -- and sheinelle and i were tkingbot- i try ter as much poib k edinbi many cedicin exred. u hat >>ip heck it y.m. sngls w
8:38 am
8:39 am
hitobc. 39kit tts. sh jneder anchyear's "insgent s bor t stal"aegia." thisse. take was fdut o my ion.iav up fe,yil evyt. nddge do
8:40 am
>>rdas gu no sd b butcand'mgo lie and fight iav . >>oodyou. >> wreus a gngnto , y mhi -- wha wasat>> tis an er aocal exolax mo share ith ew llyou? juth i t may i in wre >> tee retoth, retftop ? >> gh oug thagh wouldaven vycold, ik. extly.k u' rushtw.doou p likis is it purecoin avwoovieoming out theme s adenci thinkhey chae ten. i clyn'ect t ppen.
8:41 am
en yak abr >> ye. us d i i o hear ae cal his on 'saluteg." wer't se i" nasauce. >> ss tri this is e. howo yeelbout h i t w ing hd i ttct ery i woulbe funolay lln-pecharte rtai yet e tre e inse o . ough tld b do. ismo ou lat >>, itesngs atlchngg. tooh ef ts ers menthe fwherengut tity wakg a we ctlookingt
8:42 am
t,, it's defin end rt isfant >> in aie likth a lottoarhe othct y'rin litind dictoo d prch wga linomaup,hiotasy for a w myage. oh, >> he ve fngboau uus te away a van k rser you plainmo vi >>glm, ye the best job of moergt al chou of time i , y'rery . sneik inra dyoin whit, . lo u on nt, awas or kids. th weea ar er
8:43 am
do. doesn't hpe gh >> e' lcr and t g addictoo . bo v >> j.ow inspir l id rdhe cret for that. >> wasisitbodyo yr betioo t rs infaou es b - liashr. uske it ou s. adwo e w ack bot ot hent te. weas gooste. vi heasoota bute h goostn s we youre.
8:44 am
ou . done. lleg 1. "dio >>ne thiur b
8:45 am
8:46 am
rs "toy" o nb we are back at 8:45. we all have a few bumps and lumps on our bodies. sometimes, those imperfections are actually subtle signs that something might be wrong. nbc news/medical distributor dr. natalie azar is here with five things your body may be trying to tell you. >> good to see you. >> we take for granted sometimes the little things that go on. >> yeah. >> we should listen. >> yup. the first one we'll talk about, the first two diseases or conditions have to do with the eye. >> okay. start here. >> let's say you're looking at somebody or your own eyes and they seem to be protruding. both of them. you see more of the white of the eye. seems like it's coming out of
8:47 am
could be a condition called hyperthyroidism. it's your metabolic center of the body. one thing, if it's just one side, get checked out immediately. if it's both sides, you'll see your doctor. another thing about the thyroid and the eyes has to do with the eyebrows. in hypothyroidism, your hair can be coarse, dry and brittle. the eyebrows toward the outside of the eye, you start to thin and lose that. that was one of my medical board questions in 1999. a picture of somebody. >> interesting. next up, the tongue. >> the tongue. just like areas of the body like the skin and the nails, the tongue can also be a little clue to some medical problem. the normal tongue is a pink color. has little bumps on it. if the tongue suddenly becomes very very pale looking, it could be a sign of anemia. also, a smooth tongue could be a sign of iron deficiency, as well
8:48 am
the b12, it can be shiny and beefy red. it's a very, very classic physical exam finding for b12 deficiency. >> the first category, if it's off color, we're used to being told that. but the shine is interesting. >> contour, all matters. >> next up, the neck. >> this is interesting. this focuses on the back of the neck. if you start to see a discoloration, meaning more pigmentpig pigment and a dark texture, that's a condition. >> would you notice it easily? >> it's easy to detect. it's a very, very well-known physical exam finding. can be seen in people with obesity, but also in type 2 diabetes. i want to point out, other endocrine problems like thyroid and adrenal gland problems can give rise to this, but also underlying malignancy. always have it evaluated by a
8:49 am
>> i ran track my whole life. my knew snuknew knees, when you workout, i hear the popping and creeking. >> we'll talk about that next time, but this is yellow bumps. the yellow bumps that can be seen on the surfaces of the elbows, the tendons, and the knees. they can be over a lot of joints. they can represent lipids and seen in people with high cholesterol, as well as other conditions like pancreatitis. your cholesterol may be too high. >> is it easy to spot? you're using to hearing creeks and sounds. >> these are on the surface of the skin. they can sometimes be 3 inches but be in clusters or little individual lesions. fleshy or red, but typically yellow bumps. literally fat pockets. >> we're out of time but feet.
8:50 am
>> swelling of the ankles and feet should be evaluates. heart failure is definitely one cause. if you're short of breath, especially at night, lying on pillows. >> don't assume it's because you've been on your feet. great advice. find more on okay, your votes have been tallied. the results are in. up next, we reveal the lucky couple getting live here on the "today" show. which couple will it be?
8:51 am
8:52 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. 8:51. all week, we've asked for your help to pick our lucky couple from our big fat today wedding. we've gotten to know our lovebirds and hoda has crashed their dates which was weird. >> very weird. sorry. >> the altar has room for one bride and one groom. >> we are going to reveal the winners in a moment. first, our finalists one more time, everybody. we have kaitlyn and john from chicago. megan and john from l.a. lara and david from new york city. hi, kids! >> you all nervous? everybody excited? >> yeah. >> you have a huge family, right? >> yeah. >> little bit like "my big fat greek wedding." >> yeah. >> how have the relatives responded to you being on the show?
8:53 am
texting and everybody is supportive. >> megan, which is your birthday month. what is the actual date? >> 29th. >> youe sin money for your wedding but you've also been enjoying yourselves here in the city, right? >> yeah. >> tell us about that. >> honestly, considering we couldn't -- originally we weren't going to spend any money because we were going to save, this has been an awesome exploration of the city. >> it's like a countdown for my birthday. >> all about you. >> yes, every day. >> in november, it's his month. this is mine month. >> lara and david i, i love what you told our producers. the wedding process inspired you guys to write your love stories. tell me how that came about. >> well, when we applied, to be part of the contest, we were asked to write down our love story, how we met. it was amazing to do that. it's not something you do every day. he wrote down what he loves about me, and i just cheered up reading about it. >> it was cool to reflect on all the events that led to this point for us.
8:54 am
a great time with each other. we just look forward to living the rest of our lives, having more great moments. >> sometimes you write things down and it takes on a new meaning. >> makes us feel more ready to be married. >> we can't have everybody up there. >> so sad. >> at the altar. it's time to figure out who our viewers chose as the "today" wedding couple. ready? >> yeah. >> yes. >> the answer is in this box. one couple was leading as of last night but we'll see what happened with results. see if they held up. >> i'll take the cover off. >> i'll dig down. you ready? >> yeah. ready. look at the ring. so exciting. john. >> congratulations. >> congratulations, crazy kids. >> thank you. >> so cute. >> oh, my gosh. >> how do you feel? >> it's a dream come true.
8:55 am
>> a lot of stuff will happen. all the viewers will help choose your dress, the bridesmaids, the whole thing. don't feel bad. we have something for you guys, too. because you guys are great people and we want to help you out, we wanted to give a prize. this came from macy's. make sure you have everything you need for your wedding, too. here is a -- over there -- $2,000 gift card toward macy's wedding and your gift registry. >> wow. >> you guys will get 2k toward your wedding. congratulations to you guys, too. >> oh, boy. >> thank you so much. it's been a pleasure getting to know you. you're wonderful. >> i love all your love stories. thanks again, so much. >> thank you. >> ready, america, to choose everything about the wedding? >> oh, yeah. >> it's going to happen. >> congratulations. for more on the winning couple, they'll be streaming live on facebook in a bit. and all next week, you can vote on everything from their rings to the wedding dress leading up
8:56 am
here on march 24th. >> it'll be fun. thanks, everybody. >> you have your wedding singer. darius rucker. i only want to be with you >> yeah, that's a wedding. wedding singer. congratulations. he'll be the co-host in his anchor man seat. >> we're getting slimed. >> tan tastfantastic. >> back after your local news and weather. breaking news now.
8:57 am
crash involving a car and a school bus in johnston county. this happened in the buff lee creek subdivision of zebulon on morgan parkway. school officials tell us two students were checked out by ems but there were no serious injuries. >> democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is holding a campaign event at the duke energy center for the performing arts in raleigh today. it starts at noon. doors open at 10:00. it is first come, first served. >> we do have sunshine out there but don't get too used to it. >> over all, more clouds than sun today. we are seeing a little bit of it on the tall tower camera as we look to the west. our temperatures are warm. we are 70 degrees now in irwin and not even 9:00 in the of march. 67 in rocky mount. 64 in roxboro. a little breezy and humid out there too. we'll see 74 at lunch time and a high in the upper 70s this afternoon way slight chance of a shower. we have a few accidents
8:58 am
commute map but most are not causing any problems. they are minor accidents in the cheering stages. there is one exception to that on the north side of raleigh. we are seeing some heavy inbound delays on capital boulevard due to an earlier accident around thornton drive. we want to remind you about the garth brooks concerts tonight and other concerts saturday and sunday night. we have searching for answers in a death investigation in johnston county. two people found dead inside a home. a young child was inside but not physically harmed. who are the victims and what was nottive for the attack? we are live with new information today at noon.
8:59 am
the ardemocrionsrelaall e ys iay to keiom ba en my p break bankse the lo d ke tyeiha. can ex prersaucion.heli m no.heben ybyulpren u
9:00 am
tsorni ,"e're roc dar rueromwn r -hos>>sot pmeons ,re to th mosou wer f er nd cnoouncer r, natmoile


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