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tv   Today  NBC  March 11, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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udioan rfeerpl>kt huge cro o on they" on yrn mth, . goodning t pla,th erer youre tnal ourpecial co usgrmy-w darick. you pic ts . ri use." i kid, iwa ouret nd getinng. ou un for >> . >> a arldariu >> iasng it ycken theas eaer it was t roae e. th we h tnowarst o tit kw tha >>ri yng? atte t se,utlk. touav amazingice.
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rsth it e w,'m. ably timou hears on trao,o y >> yeah. weeving arodndeanbl stion n th "hhand"thdie were w, 're heo. tt hea az sbo u, a ca weenmmcireef t show, playings get dariga o beca jours whye yr fl tom -- >>soly. ihool f ito sou cs urnalijor. ow did workut f yo >> i'm bo worked
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gg clhe >> yeah y c chorma o. >>y fe pd th o befo h go e did a gjo i w, i he t a . hhetosh >> arvous? v iav u can't b neous,ally? >> so w okay. theo you or z night. refo atston me >>'lllanend to f t rom >>n u e,de fustos bigst town i t t op. ad ae pe. . 'l w yup. wll heffu ly ki,e we ask e o school. bfami. iive f makeeet u e
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s hwo y won iour home,nd w shed theashali oba. t f litso grown n.whoi on tanybody datingth us my oestsda theirmo imeanhe awesi don't h ay girls s hdles a jtas ust inca, y heo say at. u,yeah. i'r kig off touneishardavfamily doy tveit mmer, my te >> h. 's tarng abo m avgovefareyoodjob, shers. w ty're p yo we'rap tyouhus. l hey. we'll aoome. . >> this poppe up shod r sayhere,ius has a
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>> yes ke wts uisss efheucers. kaantom? 't holk,us ow yrce i don't sho te prpter. she's in thssprotection youeadari, a lf. >>iamiph e ,yes. oy whe y th heon-dixon li. ne oy arhougwas acesign eri ts ha me-bz si tcede sig onarm. >> do get paidor >> ou n gng tonge heis. wll meoea darius. mewh tisinterein
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verazyroom i it multv uldyo if tre aic streamed movshe eut iovie thhe$1 y pay50or it bnheats da wod d ldte . >>gh some mo, youkn . and n the movieat expeen yeah wenla buy "stl ind t pant y50 ines ies aom wa i youpl , t t . es i. arou territorialbor om? atal
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doin it a plao hgt. dtrip. nl rm i g in hey ro? ou decentt space your >>ye ion n i'm aealothes j tit>> twoui all were alsoalkier e. oo yng as yid the fit we saw you. >> hank >>n e . yo ther ote're acin our - i'm . u - ill be sti h0s. er ladviceer nk. >> jrni in knngot "bazaar"gane esary not oet ur bysly youe bte
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etou wh y hit you're, ay, i. se i het i d f,l tt fik iook,lly,n my 4s. cnc hier. >> in m and 3 wng t w t l- idi fi, ykn l like gting no had sne recentlyl me thaho spay my e. you' te. woma y sul stop ngre. iatr ctll o ec rson ke, houle mronlle.onhall's ngsadlrehe lt of
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i s i'm n goi t i'ith , ah. thi that'itou're ityoh youay i ve ari i whorned0nd she likf u te 'l u. shtartyr an. if you cooith ,s eat. people sometimal a e-rie me i' h peoccasnally inry,t's n an -- ononedend d heut s sa ur ag ha aress one anddaute i ,ttme abo h yfe. at'shy le the jenisg. 'sbo how yfeel. andng at t rode i'm m0d ou 's gnthbl it me aon p ng o leybo weave someon >>ic f . >>iorom the auean ng ttt
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owakic >>ablu.weayr iou li. ary shat are impta to. lo ano t again . abot ntar, meme. >>hearities,pit clme>>wa. >> mbarssce . i grea we wyi int dli rn oth st everodysgreai' killi walkinacayg d i didn'w twabe just, t over, b guit,al anow l i cogeo - th'sitely tos emsi. widnc do? peopl ughe vo? way >> sline >>babl boreheinet
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er, t more coorin ue ou kabt? ithiddlakgy w rec the e a cs ut doing w frenashe. b grt. ad ibusy, ge mell i' dort >>an ygiha counmi 'mng td o mo. we'reg he ho needs >>hat wou youriyo if we sded isla w wit. oh s >> arehe eete. >> ly ouul g acls. efit no that.>>ri's le cg otoy's take we're g tckthercae ha m ak qcke want g bkdaus sbo tai d th ioingo rn ugda ill see a ofre
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thuns willy mak therse. l oth rmosthere, th we have rivn marlo stthey'rbonks, a ll conebe m, ft t r stobeell of theroe bao rivers. lood warff edhe fshloat s . rain willnum agaillta meo est as w g
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it.. i it took na'snty ha,skin andlsit vupemt that urs hens.. wiion for tiful hairstlsd tamin c d r vibrt skin. vet nt if a don'ok f we'l your di il au t ne'innd cvit narem r deil delioumesoo ll isne of ica'reest livin tress,inni pretty ery. ar ide mo >> n, e rentce adon ofy f shsn tla ianloverelash t l. good el t havou >> tha y what it ke get t ll ahot' po as ?
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t season o laeee beengtise nerrnything donn caer i walpeop m at g-mai egon,laa,rk, o rn just ael sh. the pele ttav ayp nit, wch thho i oght. w it? atched im stao s alr sh abhe emmys st to pe ago arreat.uzz aut ad >>ye ey alr a i thas good ave >> tnsc a tbout am
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agram? >>ee gr. >>'llrorou wa. e it. ou amy. 'a om oce. >>re >> a sye ho youaveou ptn no go >>ouerelius, a pntedt out,he cult fhiow it rolnie' codi. compa anyg eveone?>> no d "ab se swrtw howo for ri. as st i d af teviau have to hor ting but i dat snd led it verycht ia iwahat i to le
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ask your door aboarelto e oe ow taulnt sote.'reng a ge roc wi w ror. don' t him uld he p a e goo ftho a as dal beg 'll havoinh r fis >>ov tie. >>mily ainging th? ye
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93 today and played in the news this morning breaking news in vance county a moped rider seriously hurt in a hit and run. happened around 6:00 am at bassett road. the victim was taken to the hospital. as far as we know the driver is at large. troopers investigating a crash involving a car and
9:27 am
buffalo creek subdivision on morgan parkway. school officials say two students were checked out by ems and there are no serious injuries. marine raiders start a long- distance market from florida to lejeune to honor those who died in a black hawk helicopter, the crasher went on march 10 last year off the florida coast killing all 11 service members on board. seven of them were from camp lejeune. it will be warm today but elizabeth says the clouds will winner. a little bit of sunshine that you can see but as we head through the day more and more cloud covered rolls in. it won't affect the temperatures that we are warming up quickly. most 9:30 am 71 in rocky mount 70 fayetteville. by lunchtime mid-70s and temperatures will climb to nearly 83. a slight chance of a shower
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another news and weather update at 9:56 am. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one.
9:29 am
where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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takingookthe adme theck your free mef pul n fzen foods iolve in a massive recall. nestle is recalling about 3 millnoxes of digrno p anan cuisine meals. they could contain glass fragments. no injuries have been reported. nestle believes the glass came from spinach used in the produc. a complete list ofesou o. activ,ctnd. newgesny kind roctyan eai
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ertsrgh 90 ye nd t wagnph aiv to r xe cycle aheexendhrain ttheir rr zheimer's >> chiay ber ng o get bro oter fo reachprool. a studyt univers ndit blesore to me be rsad the y' sug itul h a sibling moe,rt' iblehaarentshe eir ild on angsborn. > muchf e natnl spng forward this ekd. dot forget to tthelocks ahead one hour saturday night before you go t bed. which means we're going to lose monday. ure to get out early and enjoy the weather. dylan, the weather is ntastic.
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>> you and hav u yda f ndtoday" show buteaerl n ween eaintillfeosheashoht wone as as it haen imts ocoast, sunnys 70tainhe rtrnpl ou pacic noeslointea rn ow. 2 tot owsible i
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style is sponsored by jcpenney. get your penny's worth at jcpenney. >> where is dylan? she's supposed to be in the segment with me. the winner of the soundtrack of style. we brought mindy away for a makeover. mindy was taken shopping. dylan is getting cleaned up from the slime. >> this was from new kids on the block in 1990, the outfit that caught our attention. mindy loves going to contests, and so does her daughter, reagan. i sent them shopping for their next bigot ing outing. >> reporter: i'm at jcpenney in new york city and about to meet up with mindy and her daughter reagan.
9:41 am
i see you guys. very nice to meet you. mindy, nice to meet you guys. >> you, too. >> reporter: i have a feeling we can upgrade your concert style. what do you think about that, reagan? >> good. >> mom? >> sounds good to me. >> let's get shopping. i think concerts, leather jackets. >> i love that. >> one of my favorite women in music, beyonce, loves a jump suit. mindy, do you love a jump suit? >> i would try it. i've never tried one before. >> the key to any successful makeover is incorporating an element of your style you wear day to day. if it's too far from who you are, you'll never wear it. i was thinking this concert tee? >> i like it a lot. >> feel more like you? >> yes. >> i think we saved the best for last. no peeking. see you later.
9:42 am
look, it's time to do your makeup. nothing is hotter than a smoky eye and a nude lip. i brought in david. >> hello. >> he's incredible. you're in very good hands. i think you are more than ready for a concert. >> i'm ready. i'm ready for a concert. >> let's go. >> she's ready. reagan, who is so cute, is with us now. we're going to bring out mindy in a second. >> should we bring her out? >> yes. >> ready to see her? >> yes. >> come on out! >> look at mom. >> oh, my gosh. >> how gorgeous does she look? >> you look so good. >> i think so. think she's ready for a concert? >> yeah. >> come on over. she looks absolutely beautiful. you know what's interesting, is if you look at the original new kids photo, she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. we gave her a look that was easy to do. she's comfortable in jeans and a tee.
9:43 am
>> i'll go fan girl on you. these jeans are amazing on you. >> thank you. >> the shoes are great. i love the style of the jacket. >> yes. >> feels modern and white jackets, to me, make everything pop. the entire head to toe look is all from jcpenney. look hot? >> i do. >> you can easily transform it for different occasions. we'll do a long tassel necklace. every woman needs a clutch. >> good concert clutch because you don't lose it. >> can't forget about reagan. >> maybe a little crossbody bag for five seconds of summer when you're going? >> yeah. >> adorable. >> i love it. >> you're going to be able to go to a special concert, of course. we'll answer your fashion questions on"today's take." we have special things planned for you monday. we'll have a good time. you look great, reagan. you have good dance moves?
9:44 am
>> this kid. all right. >> adorable. >> while reagan schools us on how to dance, it is fried chicken friday. darius is in the kitchen. he does it all.
9:45 am
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and iascernu chocolate pleasure. >>nnertoday'sd ou cr. ip f sure. k on to , hebeenhoin thitoma e'll mte tal hef ownerf tigstiovon. i >>ecren h that t id chakehe lute >> wllingrs. enll pickle e. >> i wonut
9:49 am
lenen the. hotsae, >> all it >>soly.we t u lerhi is in fr howonoeave in oig. sett sit havcy,kepa onio andc po. le >>e toet i in easo it >>obthse,boll as lmami, ad fr the chien ieou yo don ahe r tim n'fris put n bwnhake it th ccken w taken of th puhis refri ergh and l it is tw pr >> ifnt ct fornho no proble t oth eror
9:50 am
mbre.rve thein am ac theeus l. >> you refritellis ab chdhela ihe. t. corsdd teure,e ve t th >> ltlss but not t muec youon't w the chn.>>t sit aood t go >> youtnut s re fl ve ig rigaw. ul at. tle hott, re d i too t. 32 f the bigststak i a,'s g up u bnhe ke owou kw wit her br is empt ha re aree the be
9:51 am
bbay . >> 16 onse you ow it'ne. 'tethermomer, out, i re ils w a . ay >> isdeliou veee st ng it ridgood deal lk at t wh i yousecr ze viat tng >> i we serveey tt crispy on toue onin. you ysing? >> c s jere. ,nk la but i'morhe ic >>oh my gone >> t azg. yo bng re li ck,o. eipe is a
9:52 am
shouutd c do hofrom ssachusett
9:53 am
bas wchklicious. we'llnmo da o if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes,
9:54 am
ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. darius didn't know the dinner was his compensation for hanging out with us. >> i'm excited about it. >> you've been tremendous. outstanding. >> shoutout to the golf course. i was supposed to play but this came up. thank you, guys. >> fantastic in here. you'll love weekend "today" this weekend. we have the story of an incredible man. he went from football to corporate job to a very unexpected career choice. i'll tell you, morris robinson is an opera singer. we'll talk about how he went from the field to the stage. i like it because he didn't start until he was 30. that's important. >> it is. never too late. >> you have a passion. you can use it.
9:55 am
>> i was nervous about it. i only wanna be with you that and i want to eat. these biscuits are bigger than my face. >> will you come back? >> whenever you ask, i'll be back. this was awesome. >> it was fun. >> love it. >> thank you, guys. >> we'll bring you more chicken next time. don't miss hoda and andy grammar. we don't have chicken for andy, but we have hugs. we love you. >> biscuit. anything? >> it's so good. >> chicken. >> hoda. you're awesome. we love you. have a great weekend. more of your local news and
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
hoda and andy! state cabinet ... linda coleman, our next lt. governor. i'm linda coleman, and i'm running for lt. governor because it's time to fight back, so our children don't have to do it all over again. i've fought to improve schools all my life. and now, i'm going to fight against the republicans in raleigh ... because we're in a fight to save everything we believe in. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one.
9:59 am
where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it is try day friday, march 11th, 2016. you know he thisthis song. it is friday. good to be alive right now. do you know who this man is? i want him to be up on the screen the whole show. andy grammer is here. he's co-hosting while kathie lee is off. >> good to be alive. how are you? >> look at you. >> this is new for me.
10:01 am
>> mom, i'm real! >> you have your cards. you have your drink. before we start the show, how does it feel in this moment? what is your heart doing? >> i think i'm okay. i think i'm okay. i have to keep up with you. you're early. >> it is early. >> i feel good. >> we have sacha baron cohen here, has the brand-new movie "the brothers grimsby." this moveiemovie, i saw it. i think the boys they think it is hysterical, the girls want to cover their eyes, some of it is icky. then we're going to play a game, you're in the grocery store, some things go in the fridge, some in the freezer, who knows what that is, but we're going to discuss that. and then we're going to pull some fans off the plaza, you're a fan. we're going to play -- they're more than likely yours.
10:02 am
all, i loved andy grammer for a long time. he came on my sirius show, look at us, cute. this is the song andy played one time. good to be alive right about now good, good, good good to be alive right about now hallelujah >> he picked up a guitar and started playing. we took a clip and turned it into a thing for the show and do we do? let's do that. >> sirius xm "today" show radio presents the home show. >> that's good. >> do you remember that? >> we play it constantly. constantly. >> what does it mean? >> i think it means something like honor. if you're a fan of andy's music,
10:03 am
called "magazine or novels deluxe." when you started singing, did this -- for some people, they get on stage, they end up making it quickly. for you, was it a slow process or a long -- >> i love being on stamg,ge, in front of people. as far as having success with it, i street performed for four years. >> what does that mean? >> i paid my rent, my guitar case open and stay out there until i had enough. >> did you have confidence when you were doing that? did you think one day i'm going to be on a big stage or did you -- >> yeah, i had an internal confidence, a balance of humility and confidence. don't be -- about it. but i felt like i could do it even though the world didn't get it yet. >> did you make enough money? >> sell cds and you're decent, charming and get people to stop. >> i like that it wasn't such an easy ride. you were talking about when you
10:04 am
you were practicing in your apartment. what happened? >> i was in my apartment and practicing and my first single was "keep your head up," a response to street performing or being in my house, knock on the door, a note, give up the dream, you're terrible. i came outside and there was no one there. just the world said, stop. you're, like, that's really intense. looking around, like who did that. >> who did that? >> you're married to a really beautiful, wonderful girl named asia. i don't know if you know this, but on the voice, i think it was -- was it a couple of weeks ago. >> this week. >> this past week. asia was one of the contestants on the voice. andy was in the audience. she auditioned for "the voice." take a look. i couldn't get to you
10:05 am
i'm giving up on you >> now, i thought she was terrific. nobody turned. were you sitting there going, like, what is wrong with you? didn't you want to go to blake and just slap him? >> let me tell you, the most embarrassing part for me is when she came back, and i was, like, that's a hold your head up performance, not like a keep your ed your head up thing. i thought she did a great job. in music, you got to keep putting yourself out there and she wrote this sweet facebook post, about, like, you know, when you're in eighth grade and want to dance with the cute boy and she walked up and said, like, do you want to dance and they're, like, i don't want to dance with you. and she's, like, i still feel proud of myself, courageous. interesting way to put it. she did great. you crushed it, my love. good job. they got it way off. carson is with me.
10:06 am
>> she sings backup for selena gomez and she's really good. >> real deal. wrangler yesterday. a bummer. training. we had a party for him. people were really upset because he's really been with us since he was a little baby. >> a little puppy. >> a little puppy. so you kind of get puppies, don't you? they're the best. friendship. >> did you? you bonded? >> we were cool. >> do you have a dog? >> lucy, the light of my life. >> what do you mean the light of your life? >> the best french bulldog. i mean, crushing it. this is the best episode ever right now. i got my dog on. this is amazing. i could not be happier. he can end it. call it. show's over. >> do you ever gresdress lucy up? >> i don't.
10:07 am
like for halloween. we call her bat pig. >> if you do dress your dog up, you'll love hipster, a maltese terrier, this is his instagram account. 101,000 followers. his mom told the daily mail she spend s spends spends spends on his clothes. >> it is a guilty pleasure. part of me is, like, don't like that. stop liking that. the other part is, like, keep showing more pictures. this is amazing. >> madonna was on stage, not too long ago, i think, i don't know, a couple of days ago, but in australia. and she got up on stage and usually she -- >> are you a madonna fan? >> i love her music. she gets up there, and this is what she's dressed in. she was basically dressed like a clown. >> nice. >> pedaling around and doing the while thing on a tricycle. >> you got to push the boundaries.
10:08 am
you, there is something about her, because she seems like once you feel like you know her, she does something different. some people feel they have to be crazy to get noticed. do you ever do anything like wild on stage for you? >> the one time i did something with pat monahan, he sings a duet. so i on the last day of tour, he picks a girl out of the audience to come sing with him on the song called "bruises." i didn't know him well enough to do this. but i dressed up in a wig and a dress and had it set up that he call a different girl out is that you? >> that's horribly me. >> you're a hideous, hideous, hideous woman. >> i came out and sang, we sang the whole song together and it was really special. >> you look crazy. i heard one of your side talents is beat boxing. >> should we do this? it is not hard. >> do it by yourself so i can see.
10:09 am
the first thing is just pf and then k. >> gross. >> do it again. >> wait, i forgot. do it again. do it again. >> pretty good. >> when do you ever do that? does that ever happen? >> i do that all the time, actually. on the street performer as one of the ways i try to get people attention, they start walking by and i start beat boxing. >> which song is your favorite. >> it sounds promotionally, but my current song "good to be alive." this one -- when i get to play this live for any of the shows, it makes me so happy. >> and everybody knows the words. isn't that fun? >> fun to watch the progression of a song, like you have it, you know it is good, you play it live and people don't know it
10:10 am
and i want to play it live and -- >> everybody knows the words. i love that. who do you listen to, not you? who is your favorite artist to listen to if it is andy grammer. >> rachel platen is great. i grew up a lot with her and she's wonderful. there is this guy ben rector, crushes my heart. a good one. listen to that. >> speaking of heart crushing. john stamos has a girlfriend. we love john stamos on this show. this is the girl. so her name is caitlyn mchue. we're, like, who is caitlyn mchue. >> can someone get us on the dog? go back to the picture. >> he's dating this girl. her name is caitlyn mchue. we're trying to find out, if she's an actress or a model,
10:11 am
as women, we're interested in what age does he go for. we looked everywhere. we googled. we imdb'd, we couldn't find it. >> how old are you? >> 51. >> she did it. well done. >> now is the challenge. everywhere. i think he's in his 50s. okay. he's 52? one year older than me. so we reached out to the team to confirm her age. we heard from rumors that she graduated from high school in 2004. how old would that make her? >> quick math. >> what is it? >> 29, turning 30 according to our math wizards. 29 turning 30. you think that's okay? >> i don't know. once you get past -- once you get older, it is all kind of whatever. >> again, let's work on the dog. >> what is the age gap between you and your wife? >> she is 28.
10:12 am
i'm 32. >> not too bad at all. we're going to take a lite brea sachron cosba look athis . "t brothersen wwatoe bu wuse chn whaan. cusancan e less trclnsteful it hom cons you n see a....ore rbent, and you treme, that'srmthng a whethrmin. the seional neioas omne oil-infused formula softens. fanning brush reveals layers and layers of denser lashes. the full fan effect goes luscious! lash sensational luscious.
10:13 am
led chn andbushaked bea. >>theye totaeatingtheir tabl know. it awesome >>o-yah. blow i.
10:14 am
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10:15 am
, no, it flo. guys rze anyoncan use thame yorice" for free on progressm, lahivoly ckles ] i knowaltesi at?
10:16 am
treoou d vem. bo odot toit thector r. >> i'm reuouldhiout onromro grimsborts ner. y nd to ser t fi wt lu herhud.can yous easy t.she' wri a gre dress and e'lutelyges. isrg. . hi >> o >>ood g. >>oong t iave y w the her istillha lite posum ssdre f haened. >> d'twe out. as
10:17 am
biaser and iednod mr by hand >>ha nst teat enfeo a sge man. >> whout nopth? >> he'sprofes s qte- matetro him. wd h bali id n t get hand t no w to ebaroom cnwkrd ation. again, wt to >>ut aono mention urry nht before owg,hatave aol rrib te uitutrch i moe. younso
10:18 am
>> we ich idebyrick lp" w brotbe is the t cou u ts iaf t nohern ftb blas , a 1 ki, ain litf para. isherenyon ng yocns nd o - >> hme bo >> set bappe do tmpndth vie. n'eeople gacen j aro ur,airmy,, gl aura a lin er a whierribleinappeonum
10:19 am
>>hashayou? ,li acomean do liso me, y know, l o ltatreder i fs tent woring bespresent. tt's weopl fl w, eha o bepresident. 're runningarou y'r pr this ouent he set watc s anyo g spac he cou lbawhe? >>me o touch tif theyoedme ye h veryer. e rkre asll i swedime fm vi ha dythin hehe to y found abonod tmuca fri ge
10:20 am
scewe oimmy that icr- pasdoihinke. >> the picre ome iss oun ha the f is.>>ow tas fanta wh so d th, know, sau bha a bher ght.>> tomu thesotf la setia>> you nhis t i any o fo >>ns>> n g seet if y'r tr ppok t movie. . i yse. afr in eaning tdo,av gadts mht like. ye win back.
10:21 am
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10:22 am
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10:23 am
10:24 am
this is the one part of the show, the only part of the show where you need to think. it is called a brain teaser. will you do the honors? >> which letter of the alphabet is the only one that does not appear in any of the names of the 50 united states. >> which letter is not in any of the 50 united states. okay. >> i know the answer. >> you do? did you google it? >> the answer is coming up after the break. madeleine has food for thought where you can store common grocery items. and gadgets for cleaning right
10:25 am
hey the, canelp with aing? heri, wh at latesfer? ohdon't k thiri ca ght now,witch t&t foan ie and geone fr wow, is that rig yeah, it's basical. yes.that ie currt offer om at&t. okiri, youon't everyg. well, ow youed me call the at&thostwith theostest okayshut herown. it of
10:26 am
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10:27 am
10:28 am
10:30 am
e' b ohi tryay hie,si, songrd me reenobreak,e gav us er >> lr- me to dotn? h letr tlphabet they ot d n appear in of uates then y tz,ndou arizona.>> tn x -ha an - is q. >>zl b wer to keepup greritem to t frhengere some
10:31 am
ms he with id ee orpa. >> ts a gou have asket o oing to have y o an outoes the tdge or t . rit. th tone,o! >>ou btego ths t idges ee thas nt oveosit grammer. >> ,co >> t defyere. flr. is gth goen tter. >>
10:32 am
wantou t omh,ir w ve som vacm s l gthege. w bothotat >> none.oupe y he seven da e . congsecond, is infrerat whe yha w both wt freez andouthre on anout t i . it is se it g ughy. kethfrge. fresh. thindou put in pary. >>gh ok we . nutay t i thany- >> no nfrr. uaneep ututhe frr?very cha yo want t inhe at because it wta eshe is aoi
10:33 am
fok i. llt. >> se >> che goeinheidge. >>efinhe ge. eze ,t all y. nextveen. stdhu >> y k whatd? p m conmesn t >> tbe funny no, when y --'r ihe ai i i sdet kchupr ther i,nhe el you ithentil y opeit. and then in frge. >> c i t iiska temperatur wre yfa? u'reng at else? tomatoes youegh heoom ere. fs --to t aomaton e fr. >> i bee wrg.>>hen we flour, t eas bo gott gh n co >> ta >>tae.
10:34 am
u can s amoun ou >> this -- s ws >>heon ton >> sut i cor. -- tcoun >> ws ewi? >> inkisdy won, but ay itooe? ss the fer ro you nevere who g wyo >> tout the priz uan tonow whe yo bacooodm f ou geea n. e t play a fun game oeald"honey i'm dts to
10:35 am
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10:38 am
we're just nine days away from the start of spring when we throw open the windows, and welcome in the warm weather and start spring cleaning. >> here with the tech to help
10:39 am
more time in the sun is the steve greenburg. >> you'll love everything. >> steve greenburg is the name of the person who runs my label. >> a brother. a brother. this is a spin mop. what is cool about this, it has a device in there, put it in here, and then to wring it out, don't do anything, just do this and it automatically spins it out. >> that's so cool. >> you got a drymop. >> love. how much is that guy? >> this is $59. bed, bath & beyond spin cycle mop. >> this is a miracle. >> miraculous product. this is called spill fix. whenever you have spilling, anything from dog poop to oil to paint, put this stuff on it, it is made from coconut skin and you get -- work that in. it will work on carpet even and
10:40 am
>> you should have gloves on. >> it will clean my hands too. i'll have you touch. you'll see. it is clean after you finish. no oil feeling there. >> touch that. >> it is dry. >> so for dog poop. >> urine, paint, oil, you name it. it works. vomit, everything. >> how much is this guy? >> like $5.99. >> i can't believe i haven't heard of that already. >> and made from coconuts. and it is land fill safe and everything. over here, this -- whether you have a shower glass or condensation on your windows, this is a in squeegee. you squeegee up, like this, and it -- so you don't have water all over the place. it does it all in one. >> i love a squeegee. don't you? yeah. it makes you -- it is soothing, watching that. isn't it?
10:41 am
this is a two step process. i did this in my bathroom. untreated glass and treated glass. >> what do you mean treated? spray stuff on it. >> heavy cleaning and put the stuff on it, buff it off. and then it actually causes like a teflon shield. >> that's treated on that side. >> and this side, it goes right down. you see the difference how much one from the other. it is more dramatic at home. really does make a big difference. >> these look like smaller beads. >> easier to squeeze off the thing. very cool. i love it. it lasts for three years. >> all righty. >> this is called the flex dispensing scrubber. what is cool about this, it bends. when you're working on the tub or the -- it bends around the corner, you can get in there. >> $12.99.
10:42 am
>> you do? >> matt loves this. this is a uv light that kills germs. >> no. >> you can put it on your remote. put it on the kids' toys, use it on -- >> does it show you where the stains are -- >> not that. that's a different one. >> hoda, geez. >> this is just to kill whatever is there. and what is cool about it, you should look at uv light, when it turns up, it turns out. >> that really works? >> 50 bucks from squix. next, when you clean your grill, you shouldn't be using a wire grill. those wire pieces fleck off and get on the food and the barbecue can turn into -- this is grill stone, it is a porous stone. and then you just work it like this. and you clean your grill. >> okay. >> safer, no emergency room visit. grill stone. >> all right. last. >> one more. this is called clever scope flexible task light.
10:43 am
you can see behind -- you can wear it so if you're doing cleaning, you got it right there. last but not least, this is a hamper hoops. >> this is real. >> go. hit it. >> nice. >> no, my gosh. can i tell you, every kid -- this is great for kids. >> clean up their room. >> too far. >> go, go, go. hit it. >> yes! >> before you pack your bags for spring break, lilliana has looks for less. and we're going head to head. it is a fun game. our friend tim stack will talk about it right after this. i'ris bo wh was sidined wbloodclots iny lung was sus. fortely, mctor h galan. tment xarel. hey gu heinallymebodyan up to
10:44 am
anhelp rede the ri of dvt pe blclots. xare is prove touce thsk of ke peoplth afi not ed by art va prob r peopith af currenwell med on warfar, e's lid infoion on howelto and arin creinucing risk of roke. yoow, ied warfin, bue bloosting and diety restrins... n't ge startn that i didnave to tartedxarelt.nice p safeirst. lill bloodhinner t stoping xao without lking our doct, as tmay inse yousk bloodt or se. ile ta, you mabruisee easi and itay take nger f blng to st. xarelt may iase your riskbleedi if take ain menes. xao cause serus, d in rcases, fataeeding gelp rigway fo uncted bing, usual sing, or ting. if youe had al esthesia whil xarel, h for ba pain or anyve or le rel signor syms. not txarelto you han artial heart e bnormaeeding te your or bef planne medica dentaocedur re stag xare ,
10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:47 am
there e o ywenodecorruptiana rigged ecobubeeve weeeto lsi thlelace
10:48 am
n noamin c, t nderquhe will bert of every tize where gonoa , a aly. whe equal a ngag ai aancaerafr limela er time andranddr. a nation that deopals, bu lge so mofha ane. c cate rica wstouci anout unthnaay
10:49 am
>> i ady. ereh and'ryla wat caed'mooor ba itsga. ahrimorgin, on nd cairo evelilyam.>>er hs. shbo f of mov titl, honeyr gd iem >>ll pick a huhecrib moe. giget, isuriend o,ll y're losit ru s'm goingo- i g my esnu, ko >>'say. >> pkg. det to at >>,ahur. ok. a. itas honey gd or >> ay, y.
10:50 am
you. iow. iis p. on'tlo t. don' >>. okay ok his als . or c usewords? n tho words. >> bad . wt bauck wld be gd vae, bitoundhidomwn y >>bloo >>yeah, . >> wthat?
10:51 am
so t isls.>>on rembe okay. words. 's not -- wa what it? okay, it's not me, it's me -- me. >> no. >> you. >> it's not take, it's give >> good, good, good. >> it's not te, but it's ve >> okay, great. it's notood - >> 'sba >> youiv m lo wt i- no hy >> . >> you ge bad name.
10:52 am
>> movie. odluck. >>ol film. kss gl s krgl cis t g thhebe aus. hs not ad saa" t'it k're si u'ngelha your foronsi is songn u tt w ? isalleden. goinit he w it g thanksimtaro
10:53 am
10:54 am
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10:56 am
>> h eg lu forle. >> yever boyacerefo >>his iir. i hea amor, miss llia ateoneas a lillianaquez now a "tod"ho cobu >> tt is correc ngla>>ha>> gd for w weav a of t e youeedhe treling. ring b ishtroun therner thoee yourged fdougg e ishe tile. yonin t. rlines td luggage,utou , o y 2bus.
10:57 am
th nius. u p yourhthetheup hde io too t aab the it is called a itis ge >> thabablyha expe 5 ck e gh don knohod tha so e. his is spack this isli n forwon, g ta jeweygsgeus. eepsgaze ro it,nourcase, goo it geme eseoobarsss
10:58 am
d, beyo tnkondy me chec o hlbum agazines orovdelu." neek rita onen vyndfabi'soohave
10:59 am
anx mybuev t ou e e obstacs placaatn daming colnd oneeritalthrel be ight of evy ci ercee a li is p. ri ertea me othere e rend.a oupele o
11:00 am
and toand naayers. m iers.ger yoe. nnouncer l.">>r is aia r,maueenncm ate r lp. >>l: dteer ed car?>>nnou: and er- dr. phil: now you want to play the victim. >> announcer: desperate fo attention? >> s announced she was trans-gender. >> i have people that support me. >> dr. phil: you decided that sn't for you? >> dr. phil:et's do it >> have good sw,verybody. t se plalha ta bunt do l: i tbel coand pot yo


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