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tv   WRAL News Noon  NBC  March 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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p lots of people gathered as sanders is expected to take the statement in mere moments. he is expected to cover a broad array of topics including college affordability and immigration reform. brian schrader live at the rally with what supporters have to say about sanders. >> reporter: about 2300 people can sit inside of memorial auditorium and there are more than that here. we can show you the overflow crowd. hundreds of people out here on the plaza in front of memorial auditorium at the duke energy center for the performing arts. just a few minutes ago, a representative from the campaign came out and said to stand out here over to the side and that apparently bernie sanders would come out and make an address to the overflow crowd here. secret service went down the front of the line there. front row checking everybody with hand held metal detectors. they are waiting to see what happens. they have a microphone set up there. not sure when the candidate is
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address the overflow crowd. certainly everyone inside is ready for that rally to begin. let's show you some video taken about 10:30 this morning. people standing here waiting for the doors to open. many people got here in the middle of the night to claim a spot if this first come, first served seating for the bernie sanders rally. many people said they just want to be part of the process. >> i just want to see him in person and hear him do his thing. i watched him on tv so many times. it will be amazing to be here in american and be a part of the like movement. >> reporter: lets he show you out here on the plaza. the lengths to which many of these attendees will go to try to get a climbs of bernie sanders. we have one person in the trees there. i'm not too far aw sos soon as i hear something, can i go up there and find out what is happening. this is such a tightly
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news poll showed that hillary clinton had ab. a 20 point lead in north carolina according to the poll. of course, he had a 20 point lead in michigan when he came from behind and had the upset victory there later this week. back to you. >> that is quite a crowd out there. the bernie sanders campaign creating quite a stir in raleigh today. senator sanders' visit comes on the heels of a visit from the democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. the theme of her speech was breaking down barriers, particularly in the area of public education. clinton also talked about taking on the powerful gun lobby. it appears ben carson and donald trump have buried the hatchet. after months of verbal sparring, carson has endorsed trump's white house bid.
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beach florida, carson described two donald trumps, the on-stage trump appear the private cerebral person who considers things carefully. those are the words of dr. carson. as peter alexander reports, the endorsement comes hours after a railroad subdued debate in miami. >> so far, can i not believe how civil it has been up here. >> reporter: instead of insults, a substantive battle over immigration, trade and foreign policy. following his controversial comment that islam hates the west, donald trump refused to back down when asked if he meant all muslims. >> i mean a lot of them. i don't want to be so politically correct. i like to solve problems. we have a serious, seer problem of hate. >> reporter: his challengers looking to capital lies. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct. i'm he interested in being correct. if you look at the challenges we face, we have to work together with muslims who do
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the answer is not simply to yell china bad, muslims bad. you have to understand the nature of the threats we are facing. >> reporter: trump at times striking a conciliatory tone. >> we are all in this together. >> i think i'm go to have the delegates, okay. >> reporter: even writing off marco rubio and john kasich's chances. >> there are two of us that can and two of us that can't. >> we have at this point beaten doneled in eight separate states. >> i listen autopsy watch ted and he is always saying i'm the only one that beat donald in sick contests and i beat him. but i beat him in 13 contests. he never mentions that. >> you have to earn the delegates in order to be picked ourselves. >> reporter: try telling that to trump. >> i beat hillary in many of the polls that have been taken. each week, i get better and better and i haven't even started on her yet. >> reporter: that is not really true.
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in all but three of more than 0 polls since last november. just days until super tuesday, cruz putting in an incredible shot. what an incredible country we have. >> politics. it has been an interesting campaign. use the my ballot feature on to research the races in your zip code. nancy reagan will be laid to rest in southern today. private funeral services will take place in simi valley. she will be buried next to her husband on the property. letter holt will broadcast live coverage of the nguyen rail starting at 2:00 on wral. james baker and tom protect awe
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the service will last about two hours. authorities are searching for answers in a death investigation in johnston county. two people found dead inside a home. a toddler was inside but not physically harmed. cullen browder is live at the scene with what he has learned about the case. >> reporter: unfortunately, many unanswered questions here on unity drive and newton grove in johnston county. i spoke with family members. they are dealing with not only loss but also this uncertainty which is just crushing right now about would did this and why. sheriffance deputies have been walking the property looking for evidence. they will only confirm that a man and woman were found dead here yesterday. they haven't confirmed officially the identities of the victims. we do suspect both were shot. now, investigators worked late into the night gathering evidence. we did speak with sheila avery who says her son, matt jones, was one of the victims. she tells us jones' fiancee
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because she couldn't reach him. that is when jones and another woman was found dead. avery says her son was a good father, a good son but he had two distinct personalities. >> he was good as he could be at times and at times, you just uldn't get along with him. but i don't know what happened here and this is driving me crazy. >> reporter: avery says she was actually set to baby sit jones' toddler but she was too sick. the child was found in the mobile home unhurt physically, she says. the toddler doesn't really know what happened and has been trying to call the father on the phone. if you look behind me, the family is gathered here. they are extremely emotional and they are dealing with not only the loss but the uncertainty, just not knowing what happened. we have reached out to the jobston county sheriff's office trying to get more answers. we are hoping to get an update
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back to you. >> cullen broward ore a sad and uncertain day in newton grove in johnston county. thank you. troopers are investigating a crash involving a school bus and a car in johnston county. this happened in the buffalo creek subdivision of zebulon on morgan parkway and percheron drive. two students were checked out by ems but there are no serious injuries. parents on the scene say the bus was from archer lodge middle school. hundreds of hispanic students are in raleigh today as part of an effort to encourage them to graduate high school and go on to college. the summit is taking place on nc state's campus. in the past 17 years, the event has reached over 12,000 students throughout north carolina sowcht some deserving teens will look like princesses for prom thanks to the generosity of others a two-day
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prom shop in i'm he can t provide free prom attire for students whose families cannot afford the expense. organizer started the program about five years ago and say each year, the need grows. it has been two years since malaysia airlines flight 307 crashed killing everyone on board. >> the plane has not been located. next at noon, where a possible piece of the plane was cently recore >> tn ck meff and went flying offer e of cl >>ing upa ng r talks about the ride of his life that brought him dangerously close to death. >> we'll also tell where you days of torrential rain is now being blamed for deadly mudslides. >> we've had beautiful weather this week. wouldn't you know it? just as we get to the weekend, it looks a little rainy. but if you need something to
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carolina museum a south african man says his son may have found part of missing mail asia airlines flht307 on a beach in mozambique. the boy found curved piece on december 30th. his mother contacted aviation authorities last week after another piece was found in mozambique. authorities say the number indicates it may belong to a boeing 777. the malaysia airlines flight that vanished while flying from kuala lumpur to beijing disappeared on march 8, 2014. marine raiders begin a lop distance march from florida to camp lejeune here in north carolina to hon heir those who died in the black hawk helicopter crashment aircraft went down march 10 of last year off the coast of florida near
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service members on board. marines. the tribute march spans 770 lejeune. six people are recovering from serious injuries following flying. it was all caught on video. watch this video that was store. losangeles police say that white car was traveling at a high rate of speed, slammed into the white suv waiting for the light to change. police say that chain reaction crash involved three other cars. charges are pending. a video clip showing an el paso teen in texas losing control of his long boards and sailing off a cliff recently went viral. fortunately, teen survived the the videunderss e dang is sp theaolthat oofthe est sc of hife godo the hiand
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the raleh'al ditoin thow ow rnanins ai mesh su ceno t ck thumndhue inoue. brian scw frthe show
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le ulnto hear be rorwe toar what g on dehewee so geina lo ac tsuse sofr rallde ng t n sprs aza a thly a oustg beie sanders speaki rial audorm wre now y r afew minutes big crd ou pe a weca e. is pacity th ri auditorium wbulf ahurepeople re morau. anbey artede, berners d dres. i to yoto i was able sn the crowd. it was packed out here on the plaza and everybody, as you can see in that picture, their rms were up trying to get a picture of sanders speaking. you can kind of see him there
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st a corep gg side ghnow lkab me and lianade is ancora reth hiarcln're. ourse, d cau waonwr. our raf e te cevng that nt onin wral. noh rolina moved the primarup this year a couple of months so it would have a bigger say in the presidential nomination contests. and with all the activity we've seep with the presidential campaigns here, this week on into next week, it look le that is exactly what has happened. back to you. >>t apars rtcana lcom r. ank you much. >>the naacp s rnoon cutuout an sotopos itve iam are sayhewiaddratn


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