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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  March 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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busasabe -minrgco ca his 10th das rallfi th t hallanftleast 15 mostandiide e saromptu o too. highghhis ntratoe offoer seetate. claims n is be e orin lptofundher . at iving $1om wall street, lots of money from the drug companies,otof money fr the ill dustry. another candidate receiving 5 miion dividual continue buicks a$2apiece. >> er: ndas owd to day
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one about ro a r somain chto yteuzto no na nwe camp rall hed fonday fale chcacll spat 3:. llans ho art cte moeving. > nelymi le across ate alady aof rlfor ar s ofvote. rltindmo hatounl es> d mad ad, hon we don't kn ntin lefaly membs. cullen browder joinss li from newtonoverhe has en gheng nnfmaoneportell you
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heonundrivon co ineon ove. 4hours removed fromthe diovof is lehomehi d ye the cre resere. the crimene stil . dety beenre night lod lori e shiff' inigators e reallyt reinmh formation. infa, erf has t liy release meof e mae woman fo appaly st death.we'voken veryl ly meerofttth hadn he e -yealive e bilewas d along thr ma who hi ndyet been joneill 't knwhwas grig lyembe anoon
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>> that is, not owinotknhoed, whenwhitpened. r: j' 2-year-oldsos so d side home familyrs ddler blartl faerbuch not ha thild no cks mother, e, whomade thery ye ng up at:00,e'ave any das we are leto ge om johnston shf' veigorwell ine inal hon y> duri k coun. saetnovre emncwo beganabou thise ho. art
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cause and an autoled for the >>st mi injurifter a cras invoina scho buismocalled bus the uffacrhb zebulo . isarert sch thitalh ouju tea t un. waolnehit mopejuri rsonof jpor ro 00. puti hd injudr spectcl johnsttyarof educ inifts re fchd at act numbers and anhecenwe
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sonalost heg afbeing involved in nte spngcl. hdnda celiceay tmbo er was t -oa suted unk driv. thfa -yd ras li- thatju heg ndpame lance s nosly n virginia sainrivee id clan18yearte t t in gr ssg si the rerefoila ye ste brgealsonde bert dever's liceandr ys. hedisare e wa foballame.
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erheifof firsnarethftnolaid stbedean agann lifo. gimore. the reand e : a aysk rerare mafinaou oucllynd, oswho hebestma s thneher lefromollywo hi and stport rowi. rercr open priteld clr it beenaroundth, rule imab >>l onn y wn theano was e,e lod e of days epr:spokesp presential sa reager pld the s her
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thserve wallof mns, ble readings a ving es>> we gathrey nadaagan, a smrtand gracus n. orter:lle ling t laes ancehe90olbu reenbid heso-in- re s wh e zipped oconges t fa her hobel shtoldr daer be drngth shld foarto beingitr ieshe willowto xtlo r inast mames baweso astoy at out ncy, rd ag uld ha me est hed at im2009rt hood terrorisatck be rded thepuar in
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dememo fo shng vic. s present thme ininkilleen. >>e oft chies s reitceand o the wors projecof sp miioet d tre ic ndaty onad me a tral. expeule aldage e edofr milar ronyopar a s ed op or unti a reup it wikeemwhthat tve deon, toblic uscoce imrtt atey we ar the
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veto d warriooj wanto questionabs. beforet to at autifuafoo nt kn reag with agai ur litipersua uchirve d y. s lictesw frmillwherha. foerde, reblans, t . fontntg moand juterof w franed ent re94ar t jt beaufuok ha wiats g he no yonetoer. but thenpiur o emd stthe lovethfo otr. ntaufuthin
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y. tl th we going vi. that th that offifoghk u r wio a meou thinds. haec hatothe theleast e ia at yettil e ering out l has iway toinme u e the co scoong frthe west. ere isenere osphe.
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keasers in was the paewys dug you aea to pademoin do igctsts.e for a sp. anth ttocco rathalf mara on at .m. llki off at reng us dayltimegoin it will t fo . loudy, 60--:0 fo l t that wer mi tnk ok. s e nort in e c nament. faanplays e up
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ke yo inon j man woulpud at trp isngge what the naa r [ lenn of the w ontter other n smuch. s od a rn has 4 re olocpl th oil ana nt studynd
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e ofhose okel ma makes ibeer >>, team rtroftinac to tot inthmils. >>re off aidameeycarronto ampish bryan ns . cave >>ou ha they'rcited
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i know a toto themlier thasst in championsh m last sso haseethg vele junform ey caay h get rl ho ontit amisgown tr inwe cethchship thi>> r you do so brng wiidence. c go to toghme nuer one se. nofo fans sanento ro duket hahofor a duken usthey te other th wouldbeen ad woagnst thng irish stery. would dukeand c
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da salma milo avewe'lated imily inhest h weekend wi jusme deta look our adnes. e hre deen. oumeatpla ween wi clds ldpaing thgh. ju oler wel ca diy rd. studsk an ive, rysmrrow for su li bit better. eratur wil abe nof e ne --r torrolookinat tkycam, you all e cloucor.not a ba t u aftepe sofa able est.
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brinngs a le better ot ome pripio ok ther u. at le. phadelphwi 68. isrest see cloucover no in oworkeupth cl ere ul w sple to ary. they cld be arat nd time. riheafternoo still moy.ade into surnigh justt ofclco advanc suay moin he c sengy mo to the e chcehod be great oray what wesetorrow westopismoy :0 and be . she t weento y thcefor indoes coueinay ovfighlomi about coerwwoke tthmog whics 63
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ou iey mildarmayba ris. uppe-7 the gl# sohill. heyourdacast. ploue spnk we'll eck thinllprtoy nd a u ry inth starts tmpri te a ofan ch rain. wedv tonday, 77d in probies mo th ar theday nd. ant wegin cooln anend may xtekd i e we aat earlr ek ntinues wen d dapes iday toxtweend. >>love y rystilaheareauarvery ch to custereir fo meavbaedheac ahas ding, weplainesty
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what's trending. >> you guys don't strike me as your food. >> it never dawned on me to take pictures. >> a lot of people who do that. >> sometimes if it is really picture. picture in. >> post it. people are all about -- every once in a while, if it is something good or different. but apparently this new study came out and said if you take a it more. >> because you are taking a second to take the picture and even looking at the picture of your food. i know that sounds bizarre. it makes you pause for a second and enjoy what you are about to eat instead of just diving in face first. >> which you often do. you dive in face first, right? >> of course. if it looks that good. >> some restaurants don't want you doing that. >> a lot of restaurants don't. they don't like to you whip out your cameras. by taking a picture t make you
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this is what i'm eating. you enjoy it more. >> these restaurants do not mind video cameras coming in and taking all of these pictures. >> some of those look pretty good. >> now i'm hungry. thank as a lot. need to go have some fine dining this evening. if you want to do that, head to austin a lot of stuff going on. the south by southwest festival. it kicks off today. if you are a techie, love music, film. it is virtual reality. a three day event focus on the the new technology. it is the return of pee wee herman. >> he has that little laugh. >> i'll let do you it. >> i can't do it. >> and so on and so forth. a lot of stuff going o if you have a chance, go to austin.
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>> you have a smart phone? >> yes. >> and you use fingerprint security for yours. >> i do. >> do you realize how that can be hacked? >> seriously. >> take a look at that story. there is a special printer that is available now. your fingerprint can be scanned. believe me, if i knew how -- >> no, you wouldn't. >> it is another example of two things, how smart your phone may not be and secondly, those who want to steal from you are going to stay awake at night coming up with a way to do it. >> if we could get those people to work foand agnst us. >>et ck inat d't belong me. mang. fingerprintsecurityk. t po isoy lo at . ju . >> i
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trdi> will ve linkof esvidecson fa > il cousl mita tinnorw. he small towns with the exercise and why locals say they understand it is necessary. >> the naacp wants a tougher investigation into the man who punched another man at the donald trump rally in fayetteville. >> and investigators following several leads into a double
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as wrero s thrkloof avenwi frie, year-old pedro jl res. poce tl us at point nostha beede li e tiong seral peleiscaa w mourng, th drick mcoort c. >> bo ware had of fds eporr:e ctthcaseagai weta therrd to ustught asshe planful for n. shyshat ntno just heceasng yoformioanyone maha seeng,
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akine mmter . saietic li lto . t vto coe ttil > the suect, jmcaw nocharged asba ll as conduct.mbnd cntshers ofdeputies t mcta ra baess ng th u okwiome ofgraw's igo y age trsur:hat ontact r aatter of fon thnehbwho has be owth w tulyto th tn o d f wit boac netor. went otoeeea old would tao l iismpin a mobipa in nd
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eld, cresponse6 focused kithe from thedeg n. heptla occ d rc coitnoroundse ning but so of gu e to l deeye alexbytactionthing thneseen mmn . w jaski it is ok e thei us for ceraneastunders poan seold ou rememb w thegcounity vy lyhod into e rvmb -a nga r ch od m yodn't mon bu a snow ower in i. whyas youy on oveced luhe d, ft the ars aty, u can t a des six-inch,
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it's three-dr suof thda onur binch a diffsub day of tk, st thr dollars.thsweet onion chicken teriyaki, the ovensted chken, tendery br ere'rrese sub
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subwayesis whawe d there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren.
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but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. nine students were rushed to the hospital after a school bus dent if texas. officials in houston say the bus was rear ended by an suv this morning. emergency crews quickly areverend on scene and had to pull the students from the bus. firefighters say the students were not seriously hurt. investigators are trying to figure out exactly what caused that crash. france's air investigation agency is preparing to release a final investigation into the deadly german wings plane crash in the french alps. the report comes out sunday. it is expected to make recommendations to prevent a
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it also comes as germany debates a proposal loosening tight doctor-patient confidentiality laws. officials said the copilot intentionally steered the plane into the mountain side killing all 150 people on board. top u.s. infectious disease experts wants congress to help fund the expensive fight against zika. both the head of the cdc and the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases put forward that q they say the effects of zika appear to be worse that be anyone has thought. it can cause severe birth defects and different syndromes which cause paralysis. several emergency workers rushed to this beach in new york today where a small plane made an emergency landing. take a look at that. the pilot and opinion made the landing just before noon on long island. no one was hurt. can you see the plane end up quite close to the water.
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sunbathers owe the beach was clear for landing. what great thinking, flat, not many people around and they made it down safely. >> it was. rewarding just one employee could boost performance from the entire team. still ahead, why researchers at nc state are turning conventional wisdom on its head. >> a lot of warmth around the area this afternoon. still hanging on.
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moving by. conventional wisdom says rewarding entire teams helps boost performance from work. new research from nc state is challenging that. researchs are found rewarding individual workers can boost perform's for other workers and for the team overall. they say instead of causing resentment, which might happen with financial rewards, public recognition motivates the rest of the team to want to succeed. since each employee is changing behavior to match the top
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entire team improves. >> really? >> well, let's try that. >> chick-fil-a officially movement. the fast-food restaurant said it plans to begin using only cage-free eggs over next 10 years. the switch to cage-free falls in mind with chick-fil-a's commitment to serving 2019. the state farmer's market is welcoming the warm weather with its annual spring craft fair this weekend. dozens of vendors and artisans are selling everything from garden accessories to julie and soaps an candles. while you are there, there is always the marvelous produce, apples, tomatoes, strawberries already this time of year. the strip craft fair opened at 9:00 this more than and runs through sunday.
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in argentina crashed down today. the glacier crashed down. thousands watched the ice tunnel cave in today. the glacier sheds ice about every four years. >> tass not time lapse. >> no, its adjust live -- well live to tape. >> they are incredible anyway. >> you witness their hugeness. >> don't get too close. >> what are you laughing at now? you are going back to that thing. you want theory ward of employee of the month with the financial settlement. >> we can all try to live up to your excellence. we'll resent her. >> you are on the hunger games board. >> some cool tough to look at in argentine a we have cool video from oregon. take a look at this. bad weather hitting the west coast creating a lot of wind
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i don know if you would want to be out there in that. hurricane force winds hit the oregon coast causing high surf and even nothing down trees. win gusts there reached 88 miles per hour. i guess the birds can handle that. the national weather service tweeted stay off the beach. stay out of the ocean, seriously. so it is not a safe scene there. that is what they said, seriously. >> we were talk a moment ago about the cold front coming in. you can see it on the radar view. we see a lot of ground clutter. during the summertime and even in the spring when we show you the radar, we look the outflow boundaries coming out of thunderstorms. this is almost what looks like
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the actual cold front moving through wilson county, northern wake county, stretching back into northern sorning countly. it will slide down to the north and west. -- into northern orange county. let's check out the big picture, see what is going o the most impressive scene we've seen over the past few days is this system here over the southern plains and the lower mid-mississippi valley. it is weakening. it is becoming what we call a cutoff area of low pressure. it is cut off from the main jet stream. it will sit here overnight and then eventually this trough of low pressure will come in and kick it to the north and east. it is in the process of weakening. so the rain is not all that heavy like it was yesterday and the day before. you can't see all the big thunderstorms like we saw yesterday with all the reds and yellows showing up on the radar. and all this energy will be making its way to us. this system out here is what should approach by mop keeping rain in the forecast at least through that point and then tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week look like they'll end up being dry.
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that is where the upper level low is and deep moisture flowing in off the gulf of mexico. notice how the radar echos are starting to be squelched. we are not seeing bright reds and oranges that we saw eight hours ago. that means the flood risk is waning and will continue to die down as we go will you the next several hours. let's look at the watches and warnings. the dark shaded green counties are flash flood watches. the red ones are flash flood warnings. we can see fewer of them today than we saw the day before. we have no rain around here so we are not looking at any advisories. up to about 2 inches around northerliens an over parts of the mississippi valley from western tennessee down into the mississippi area. around here, we are talking about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch of rain. ate lot of cloud cover
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the low 58. 60 by 8:00 a.m. for tomorrow, we'll see a lot of cloud cover. it is dirty sky saturday. 66 at lunchtime. 71 and very small chance for rain. a little better chance for rain on sunday and into monday. tuesday is a spectacular day. the weekend will feel good. looking weekend. >> that's okay. veggie chips, fat-free yogurt, even fruit all sound like healthy options. still ahead, some can be more like junk food disguised as good for you. dr.mask will explain what to watch out for.
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plans to build there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders.
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>>amllgoard planila mentplan. compannoks rrent omgethe t d itwod toex il ed tyes to derad e rmto th tnt d vinm risk. ticisath a stl d pandg ths.ue to work t istianokgime >>a twus r problems at a toaz gir on th r. can e mecreatergneth masafe chge stery rn offis e yi t toll la to hethatertaken e
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>>odmslaasis often rd tkn allyodr yo laskeaks l th consion. eporr:espibeioth he wtimefall short maright arters, sk t theyreannvenient also edth prerva lof dium and ry wes y be tempted at-frestra t k like drsings e coundon'bechipto grgg strips. chthnuitl fu fru cotawa sth roitl valu
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med ti ntn ti fvos. dobeoolebyyos. meas ch asgrofsur singseg. al cckthnutrio nt seon ight savin ns is. mae inaran tuas undainp expertsay th hof p cod haveefcturth. th sbo geenp,the mune ufo ink e selike st caiss al ea chan o thebattin ur s ms xi dettors. fans of ontrill will gather inwilm th end. is third nventi caeturtree hillit ll be heorlocaed series. seof tshowacto plan to be there including chad michael murray, james lafferty,
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one tree hill aired for nine seasons an remains very popular. raleigh's st. patrick's day celebration will look a bit different. >> the sun should be out for tomorrow's parade. that is good news. the it ends at the raleigh convention centerment music and entertainment starts at noon. it should be a great day. the sun is out. >> love a parade. >> and everything green. thank you for joining us. >> our news continues at 5:00 with wral news. sit right now, two people found dead inside home with a toddler roaming around. what family members are telling us a day after this happened. >> an once rivals, now united. former gop presidential candidate ben carson throws his support behind the current frontrunner. >> and a cold front is dropping
5:00 pm
we'll let now weigh effect that front will have on our weekend weather coming up. good afternoon i'm david crabtree. >> i'm lynda loveland. >> deputies have the scene guarded in newton grove. cullen browder has more. >> reporter: the family members are very emotional not just because of their loss but also because they still don't know exactly what happened or who is responsible. the johnston county sheriff's office continues to have this crime scene secured and very little information is being released as they continue to investigate. no matter what happened here or why, this is a void left for loved ones. >> he did have family that loved him. this isn't right. >> reporter: family members say


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