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tv   WRAL News Saturday Morning  NBC  March 12, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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alba n it looks like if you start off the weekend with travel around north carolina, things will be quiet towards the coast. the beach forecast, we're expecting a mixture of sun and clouds today. temperatures should range in the upper 60s to 70s with a southwest breeze and a slight chance of a sprinkle. but it will be mainly dry. a better chance of showers or thunderstorms on the coast on sunday with partly cloudy skies. highs tomorrow mid-60s to mid-70s. over in the mountains, mostly cloudy skies, maybe a stray sprinkle or light shower, highs in the 70s and a pretty decent
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and maybe an isolated storm on monday. highs tomorrow in the upper 50s to upper s. for us, more clouds than sun, but a couple of bright spots. 68 at lunchtime. we'll top out around 74 and may see a couple isolated sprinkles. >> thank you. something coming into the news room. a series of traffic lights out. we have confirmed that wilmington and bluff, that downtown area is having traffic light issues we'll get more information about why. note to self if you're heading to that area. the same company that brought us normal barbie, that was what she was called in 2013, well, here comes normal ken.
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differ from the real ken doll. the legs and neck shorter, biceps smallers abouts, not as impressive. it will be crowd funded by an online campaign. is your w-2 in a stack of papers right now? the four reasons to get them done. a call to stop domestic violence.
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to he welcome back. have you filed your taxes yet? if not, the fbi says stop stalling you have to get on it. why the message is coming from that government agency. >> reporter: yes, doing your taxes is a pain. but don't put it off.
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some of the many victims of a growing tax scam aimed at stealing refunds. >> last year, when we filed our taxes, the irs flagged our account because someone filed a phoney return under my husband's social security number. >> the best way to keep it from happening to you, file it early. beat the scammers to the punch. plus, you get your refund sooner and considering roughly 2/3 of americans get a refund and the average is for about $2700, that part is good. even if you owe money, there are still some advantages to filing early. >> that way, you have plenty of time to figure out where the money will come from or to set up a payment schedule. this year, to have to pay by april 18th and you don't want to be late and incur penalties or fines >> another benefit, you may be
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college financial aide. early applicants often get more money. don't rush through it. check accuracy to prevent amending the return later. that could incur fines. >> another reminder for victims of tax scams, they're out there. you can get a special pin number that will protect you from future tax fraud. request it through another warning, scammers, e-mailing, tech -- texting, calling people. the irs want you to know, they do not call you when there's a problem, they contact you via mail first. >> it's scary.
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something to keep an eye on. >> we're keeping an eye on the weather. a couple of us have a stray sprinkle or two, north and east of the triangle area. we have this lapsing over the last hour and it's not widespread and they're very light and small spotty areas of sprinkles going on arnd the virginia border this morning. those are generally drifting east and northeast. there could be some redevelopment in spots throughout the day. a lot of us get through the bulk of the day without rain we mend a little bit here. you can see northeastern sections, northern parts of gnash county seeing patchy sprinkles moving through as well in addition to the ones near the border we have a lot of cloud cover. there's a couple of thin spots or breaks but a lot of us are seeing cloud cover. looking towards downtown.
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62 degrees with cloudy skies reported and east winds at 7 miles per hour. the dew point at 48, the pressure at 30.24-inches looking at the town by town temperatures and there's a little bit of a range, but not that much. upper 50s and low 60s in most spots. about 58 degrees in fayetteville and it's a mile morning to start the day. looks like a mild day overall. cloud cover thickening up through the course of the day yesterday there were some periods where we saw a fair amount of sunshine that got us into the low 80s. we made it to 80 degrees at the airport yesterday. first time we hit 80 since back in early october. we have more active weather to the west and southeast, you can see moisture flowing up on the east side of an upper-level low, that should kick out to the northeast and weakening but some
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into north carolina a little more so. we did have a cold front moving yesterday and last night. starting to dissipate. it looks like it will wash out and drift to the north as we go along. looking at the future cast model, you can see the fact that we see a lot of cloud cover, a couple of thin spots or breaks time. and a couple small sprinkles that could pop up. i wouldn't let that make you change your plans today we see a north to south range on temperatures to go along with that. overnight, variably cloudy skies, towards morning, there could be some low clouds and pockets of fog we have the system to our west getting closer. a better chance of hit and miss area of shower activity and maybe an isolated storm or two. the best during the second half of the day and into the evening. for today, looks like we'll have a high around 74 degrees.
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couple thinner, brighter spots 62 at 8:00. 68 at noon, and we'll be around 74 still at 5:00. overnight, down to 58 for a low. it looks like tomorrow's high reaches 74. could have some area of fog, about 60 and then a chance of rain going up to 40, maybe 50% as we get into the afternoon and evening hours and there's a slight chance of thunder we'll have a small chance of thunderstorms on monday especially during the afternoon or evening and one or two of those could be on the intense side something we'll watch closely. 77 is the high then and back into the 70s and low 80s with lots of sun on tuesday and wednesday and then some stronger cooling coming our way late next week and into the weekend after that. so 60s for highs on friday. >> even that, not bad. >> thank you so much. members of a fitness class
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they were working on would be tested when a man collapsed. >> a total of 15 minutes before the ambulance came. >> coming up, why a paramedic says two women did the best they could. a bystander, you might be grumpy after losing an hour of sleep tomorrow. that's happening tomorrow. that's your first reminder.
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of a trc alert. the are some traffic lits out in that area. as promised, let's to mike moss and talk about what could be acooldo for us. >> tt is right we're going tost er horle fronwilp ay lier atillng toe ldt e. 's hartingthweekd withemperatu 50to60 ap. 55hirn r gaerokg r thuppe and 60s u't orruveclou ru tw la g, the . k's raarts 0,stlysu
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anywhe fm upr 60s to upper to near 80 in southern most parts. it's kind oftemperature spread on e way. >> thank you. i want to get to some breaking news. police respoing a shooting call this morning out of rah rteveyare instigting is point, otils haenreleas , 'll u . on, sel nf a umaign in higo. ce d crd. aconbetwn the rs e esrs heioire ncellly la repuic cande 't se le, thathe topot.ent ta
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poli officers oothe ree ersi ca the cuty c tridtuallyt th rct d at s on e reasonndhis deon, en hepold a cocethey idthg se d wh wage e. ts ththanr in e trat'sbeenng on ar a t ofe pres ey op p frngw t's what the olfi suse when firs r it ed, in e 100 ditionos fight sety in a neighbor.
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surpriset emt be ki s civelere ken intoy. mong onta yowoma remeertly two years afr shrded e famiofa -o ord heof king. ken s a lit vigil rvascall ctiomeicen. ly fr they're th-yolnothonly inpies and memoes. he s ling fe toec her d feelli r wn
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ra outeen mest ce. t k s urieing toyo her-boyfriend sed inr ithuth othe ing foe spos dy. yer, falyanieon nt to elowhathaenedoratuld be the won gh chjo ves anwoo her ve>> weha mevioncsemirscea h lpmake oerpeople e mm>> we' tryhing clpfa
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is worngthecors on a ea d avwh ey sulvefuia olice toig wh twme 25d are the victims these arphosas hes a unboy. thgh wgoodfrndwith r s. ear-dapierceis acg es ildr. s mult geof onchild. $150,000bo
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mmy y soe to reeraldrto pch altain poshed me onal n said d r d anaroundmoonr tomeovhen the for lice ing it s r and havep y susp. e of th ariereano, the d rrpr diio expes itse dama crily minonptst pele co abh nionis lvony ow
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llarn we ondurhamin fegoongs >> do starlebawa tod ae me mornin:0m. e am park aurst rvbasi yowato geerea warm ose cal > watointh toghgah brks to ve nd's p his ckur
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pe uld be rpse yore wrid sh up.>> nara neng th change >>heres thin garth th spial hen'sadon' beevburein the le habo r reda regointo ar tn? 'lerre. e ad ha yo termception othe to, gar refrc ankistw ay it lsl ke prce opromnigh pvifromses oswho n'rd em.
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l 1:th methodi a us w e ryot i arwhat wi promp. >>tar els swept a stse lfleg up yow the ga . cameto thrizon nt tthchontch here again wr00 , 'll ge wrew> faic ast
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ey w the family of a man is holding a prayer vigil. a sheriff's deputy shot and killed him in 2014. the deputies say he came across mccall after the report of a suspicious person. the deputy not hurt. today's vigil begins at the public library. if someone near you -- it can double, triple sometimes the
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reporting a houston man owes his life to having the right people around him at the right time. >> i remember that song and i don't remember the end. >> it ended in sheer panic. his daughter watched as the room jumped into action. >> it was scary. i didn't know what was going on and finally we went over and looked in and there was my dad on the floor. i freaked out. >> reporter: as extraordinary circumstances would have it, a doctor was in the same class >> we did cpr a total of 15 minutes before the ambulance came. >> they had to keep his heart pumping manually until the ambulance came.
6:45 am
we were able to hook him up and shocked him once and he had a spontaneous pulse. >> see someone jump in. >> he owes him his life. >> it's a miracle that god places people where they should be. >> if you know cpr, you will use it on someone you love. a woman in louisiana is on a mission to bring comfort to children with cancer and over chronic diseases around the world. she is doing it all from her sewing machine, one stitch at a time. >> this is where allison green spends countless hours each week, sewing warm blankets for sick children. >> missouri, indiana, maryland. >> these homemade blankets travel across the united states,
6:46 am
small town known for its sweetwater melon, sugar town, louisiana. >> all the way to south africa. >> green has sewn more than 200 blankets for children with cancer and other illnesses. >> i have 61, i counted them this morning. >> 61 more blankets her son justin is a childhood cancer survivor >> your life changes overnight. what you knew the day before is totally different thnext day. >> two rounds of leukemia and five years total of chemo, she saw what a piece of home, a soft blanket, could mean in the hospital. >> that was his comfort he had with him. >> through the facebook page and word of mouth, she connects with
6:47 am
gift. >> she's been through it too and now exactly what we're going through. it's great. it's heart warming that people do stuff like that. >> reporter: the final piece of the puzzle is her favorite part, receiving pictures of the children with their blankets >> i feel like i have another child. it's just that one thing that we have in common. >> reporter: green says sometimes the magnitude of what the children are enduring becomes too much. >> it gets emotional. sometimes i do have to step back, take a couple days off. >> then there are reminders that make her get back behind her machine. >> thank you. >> that was brittany reporting. just hearing someone say thank you like that is so powerful. daylight savings time begins tomorrow this is your second reminder.
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turn your clocks ahead one hour sunday morning. sleep experts say losing that hour of sleep could have an effect on your health. when the body doesn't get enough sleep, the immune system suffers. it could lead to some diseases, possibly like breast cancer. it's a great time to change out the batteries in your smoke alarm and don't forget the carbon monoxide detectors every time on the scene of a fire, firefighters talk about how important it is to make sure you're up to date on the carbon monoxide and the fire alarms. we have a lot of reminders today. >> that is right. like you were talking about, we spring forward, we just changed to that back in november and going back out of it. let's look at radar, we have a couple of sprinkles mainly in
6:49 am
area and there are some breaks further south across the north, mainly cloudy skies and some light radar echoes drifting east and northeast and there's a little bit of redevelopment on the southwest side of that. a couple echoes start to pop up. for the next several hours, we'll have the chance over the northern half of the viewing area to see a stray sprinkle pop up. not a lot of coverage and nothing that will be heavy and the chances will be falling off midday into the afternoon we have some cloud cover in the north. this is a look at the skycam. the clouds 3,000 feet off of the ground. overcast with light winds. you can see the flag is not moving around that much. the temperatures include 62 at durham. here at the station, 57, we widen the view and we have 58 in fayetteville. rocky mountain around 6 0 degrees.
6:50 am
looking at satellite and radar, you can see areas of cloud cover moving across the region yesterday. we had some thin spots and areas of sun at times especially into the early afternoon. all that goes into the lower 80s we had a frontal system you can see here moving south across the region. it moves south of north carolina last night and it's kind of starting to waiver a little bit now and will dissipate during the day and washout somewhat and warmer air starts to move back to the north. that's a pattern that lasts midweek. we have low pressure to the west. that will move to the north. eventually, some of the moisture associated with it will be edging eastward and giving us a chance of showers and isolated storms later tomorrow and into monday >> as we look at the upper- level flow, you can see the system over texas i was talking about. it will be moving northeast and
6:51 am
after having some cooler air dipped into north carolina today, we'll have some warming between today and tomorrow in terms of the air temperature, however, we'll have a better chance of showers that should keep the temperatures not much different. getting into monday, we'll have a little bit of additional warm angry another upper-level trough approaching and later monday and monday evening, that could kick off a band of scattered showers and one or two thunderstorms, that should be out of here to the east by the time we get to tuesday. we'll see sunshine and going into wednesday, we'll warm up in the low 80s there is cooler air to the northwest that starts to filter in from that direction into the end of the week. for today, about 62 at 8:00 in the morning. 68 at lunchtime. 74 for the high. more clouds than sun. a slight chance of a sprinkle
6:52 am
a low of 58. tomorrow's high about 74. midday on, we'll increase the chance of hit and miss showers and thunderstorms. on monday, a high around 77 degrees and there is a marginal risk looking ahead to severe thunderstorm mostly with some hail or localized damaging winds. low-end risk but something to watch. a couple bright days tuesday and wednesday climbing into the 70s and low 80s and a cooling trend late in the week. we have jack here who is just over a year old and just finished dinner. he should be happy. log onto and type pets in the box. >> not complete until you get the sweet stuff. how can a stick or a metal rod help you find underground
6:53 am
>> the douser makes the rod turn but they're not aware that they're doing it because it's coming through your subconscious
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>> a man sharing the wht li annobut believe we need toife ac pce lohemen natiowhevery ilamgogtoolle, t attenewhaly althcareilbirtti er j ia buity. won ivual d paid ll time or,e for rest achil tit oponcarries mrdlone wereatat
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>>heou ilie us to help. ist hingmiinouneu fd maaftea crash injocoty ere the and dona tmp tabt cu copr hica stith us stev today i luckyy. won:surpri oh,ne you'veust a sandrs! n: tt's am thag! (sheks) n: oe job.k, w better than yeday. that verya little fd. andve, yeah? woman:still miing raion. woman:rey awesomfor tuesut tw is so l'really b it! cky r fe. withoudolla day,
6:59 am
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the images coming out of donald trump's rally after it was canceled hear what the presidential candidate said after several fights broke out. what we know about the victim and where troopers found the car we're in for a warm weekend. but will the skies be clear? will it be cooler? mike moss has the forecast we'll get to him in a bit. thank you for sticking with us it is 7:00 on this saturday. brian has the morn off and in d.c. covering the acc tournament. before we bet to mike, i want to
7:01 am
we have a traffic light situation from the southern raleigh area all the way to downtown we know of at least one traffic light out at wilmington and bluff we have been checking it with duke energy to find out how many people it's affecting it's nearly 7000 customers right now without power because of those outages. at this point, when we asked what the cause was, it's listed as animals damaging equipment. we're working to find out when the power is expected to be restored. as soon as we get that information, we'll get it to you. let's get to mike moss, it's going to be nice. >> the temperatures will be very mild through the weekend, just not as warm as the last couplele days we'll have a fair amount of cloud cover around today, but not much in the way of rain. let's look at what we have out there.
7:02 am
50s to low 60s. henderson about 59 and lewisburg 52. moving south, it's a touch cooler in places. clouds haven't been quite as extensive in those areas. 57 for fayetteville and 5 now for southern pines a degree cooler for sanford. here's satellite and radar, yesterday we saw some clouds increasing. today, a couple radar echoes over southern virginia, those are sprinkles and we may see some around the morning hours we'll be at 62 in the rally area with low clouds and a stray sprinkle or two. we'll have more clouds than sun in the afternoon, but a couple bright spots and should reach 74 in the raleigh area for a high. it will get warmer to the south
7:03 am
we have confirmed that one woman is dead after an accident out of johnston county. troopers confirm that had the woman drove off of the road past the intersection. the car ended up flipped over, in the creek, that was just before 1:00 this morning. investigators at this hour trying to figure out why the woman crashed. we're following breaking news, police responding to a shooting this morning out of raleigh. they're out of north raleigh boulevard we know one person was shot. who that person is, what the condition is and those questions are still unanswered as soon as investigators give us more information, we'll bring it to you. all right, lots of news developing overnight in election 2016 coverage. republican presidential
7:04 am
thinks he did the right thing. that's after he canceled a rally citing security concerns they engaged in some pretty heated moments. police presence was heavy, not only inside the campus but also outside. protesters filled into the streets near by, in this case, blocking traffic. mary shows us more the unrest. >> reporter: violence erupting before donald trump's rally. >> we were not going to let him come into our neighborhood. >> the crowds swelling outside and inside the event. some getting physical, throwing punches, police line up attempting to keep the peace as
7:05 am
one man after jumping on stage had to be forcefully removed as protesters clashed with supporters, the trump campaign postponed the rally. >> i felt it was safer, i don't want to see anybody get hurt. it was the right thing to do under the circumstances >> african selling the rally, he contributed it to economic problems pele were upset that they haven't been able to find jobs he does not condone violence and does not take responsibility and claims no one has been hurt at the rallies >> i think that it's a divided country. we have a very divided country and it's been that way for a long time and very sad to see. it's divided among different groups and frankly -- >> trump's campaign says that the rally will be rescheduled
7:06 am
to be announced. texas senator was also in illinois yesterday. he reflected on the riots that took place at the democratic national convention. that was back in 1968. cruz says he hopes people will avoid going down that road years later today in 2016 and says that the problem, is not just in the crowd. >> responsibility lies for protesters that took violence in their own hands. responsibility starts at the top. any candidate is responsible for the culture. >> he will host at the technical college, that's monday at 3:00 p.m. and democratic candidate hillary clinton will be also in north carolina. she will be over in charlotte for the event at 7:30 monday night. we learn that had her daughter
7:07 am
tomorrow to campaign for her mother. clinton's opponent, bernie sanders spent time yesterday, at least 4,000 people packed in the concert hall to hear the senator from vermont. sanders had to shout over the chanting crowd during his speech and outlined the stark contrast between his policies and clintons >> helping the middle class making sure that colleges are affordable for all of our people, that's a radical idea. i think some people have their priorities backwards. >> let's talk about the polls the wral news poll shows clinton 23 points ahead of sanders. sanders says north carolina could be another upset win for the campaign. the primary day for north
7:08 am
we will have complete coverage of tuesday's primary. polls are open at 6:30 in the morning to 7:30 p.m. after they close, results will be available on wral, and mobile. we'll have live team coverage of key races on wral news and the analysis of the outcome. the basketball team plays for the championship today. the tar heels swept the notre strong second half. wral. unc came out on top. you might have noticed my partner is away today. he's in washington d.c., along with the carolina fans attending the tournament and spoke with heels termed to avenge last year's loss to notre dame,
7:09 am
backs for notre dame's win last month. going into the game last night, tar heels, they were confident and feeling good. fans were surprised by the blowout. >> not even close. i thought it would be a close game. going into half time, i felt good about it. just seeing fights >> what was it like for you tonight to see the heels beat the fighting irish. >> it was great. i was surprised they won by as much as they did. i thought it would be a better game really. i'm happy. >> clarify, she is happy. fans return to the verizon center for the match tonight. you can watch the action again at 9 p.m. we will continue live coverage on wral news you get a tax refund sooner
7:10 am
that's not the only advantage. 5 on your side, details of beating the deadline. we saw the dog known as normal
7:12 am
him and what it takes to get we finished out the week. it will be mild today, not as warm as it was thanks to a front that drifted south. if you're traveling around and heading towards the coast, we'll have a mixture of clouds and sun along the coast today. only a slight chance of a sprinkle highs range from mid-60s to some upper 70s. warmest along the beaches, coolest in the north looks like tomorrow, temperatures range in coastal areas from mid-60s to mid-70s. the coolest readings tomorrow will be on the outer banks there could be a couple of intermittent showers or
7:13 am
afternoon or the evening. looks like in the mountains today, highs range from low 60s to low 70s and then a pretty good chance of sprinkles and showers on sunday in the mountains with highs in the 50s to 60s. around here, today, we'll see more clouds than sun and there could be an isolated sprinkle or two in the morning with 62 at 8:00 in the morning. 68 at lunchtime. topping out at 74 warmer in the south and staying cooler towards the virginia line. >> thank you. are your w2s sitting in a stack of paper somewhere? the four reasons why you need to get them to uncle sam asap. and a call to stop domestic
7:14 am
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how this family is trying to > edby n ne ai wreng about fohebrk. ler t? li i stliand it your s why meage is fri. ytais pa
7:17 am
somethe victs nd last fi xe thd unt le ph rnunr mysoci s>> way ept eng yo lerly.plusur annsughl3 of ans rendane er atod even ow y,e are st ad e. u hav tfiwh y se enle yoto il18th yodot wa to. reporter: aerit,
7:18 am
fina . early apftget ne doshth ecra to ent en e r, cotrr naan o nyremindtoda ightng cks.thinke ison le righno athinanmeonr- wi thgenellquiet. g asome ecipat cerg t he eayosesomeotspnkabnortrn
7:19 am
rpd coupofthras ti ssle e cks borolokein raa nkis g dimish through thrn hour ig on thugh ycraleigg jubout ercastskier 's m o e esallyrt ofew. rtr utu likely eangth d sune thy., wi a ho w pot at we hapssof2" anheg acsse on59, in mis
7:20 am
ha abo grs.ite d das usy thickengds thdawore. wmooubuthra rihe rln. we d fronl em to the rth thkisoroe d d a ha fronth thuge ne or an deer ptionthroprablyoing e in e at's o rson 're going e rinkti e is l xaatinstatan movirtt. l turod dacldsn, yban iskloro nd it shs onutcayou can ma hoere's sochese thclou d mabeso on casion ge gh hour w hpalycloudy ies, hea towamoow
7:21 am
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7:22 am
ngisoled untolaonndaythwe'll tc th day oro. qn esda dnesdaghs n the up70lo itberm once ain otr tal stlate thweol downby with d chance of a er>>ha vee e to syo puup wiee birds t. i w a t myrd. a ess cls keiennc be te when a >>a nus the lae cahy paystwo n be cp 'seren ou t le umpy
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
nkay north carolina will play in the final after cruising past notre dame it was a good meorabout 15 minutes let's say hello to the old market page. he sticks another one. the heels just playing some suffocating defense. they hold notre dame to 22, first half points. joe berry beats the buzzer at the break as north carolina ends on an 180 run to lead by 19. out of the locker room. more of the same for the tar
7:26 am
for 24 straight points. oxford isaiah has its first double double. who will they play? virginia, taking on miami in the game. has himself a day outstanding, once again they're in control much of the game. miami makes a late run. it will be virginia in the final today after the 73-68 win. they will play unc. coming up today, we will have four local teams playing for state championships you can g on for score updates, photo galleries and stories the guys have great preview stories that's high school the third round of the golf
7:27 am
tournament, this time at 9:00. enjoy your saturday. you can sing the national anthem for the durham bulls, it's a possibility. detail on the auditions and why you want to get there early and later, a very special guest talking about this. prom dresses. she'll explain the effort to help girls who need essentials
7:28 am
7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
e ek wa ce rarit an ra. ur rn e ve62inel win. a t us mo cldy fsoh u yoto su ifou're headg to s day rade slhte ofrior wiea an t ere ntafternoon,'ll rally ou ots, ghs e are bde pl in thas we'll be in e arthng waget eane
7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
raisawenouen me violenc is e rting yo isr rimeanto n't k quess >> repteend cod kie en d r bodyanotte rvg melpg her spose her bodytwo arr, friends don't l on at hpeneorwhatcove been eyr remeer unmaghso muc joto thlianrkkeatsaves ves wehameviolerica to heyope in unawre re an canhelphees beenrt wa n rt li wking
7:36 am
rertying avd whwould inful tr>>he bullokr w ood singhe good. audis onal emy anth begin 8: toannt 10:0a. thamons a ficorsrv >>d dring nethni rth brooksncn an pa ck. td to e try an peormeh. thasa t,live
7:37 am
a.>> thing. >> an 18 s sinc tage . hernth w music and so the li ielowac. trare big abouggnga nuoftsplssn rfd on t usy t thdient. ar isto, te annong rt, gah t s hiwifetocke road. idyou touurai uthfi di thin u lle risewereored pe wow
7:38 am
foreness ges. >>miss rwood ainshebo h s ia see it. al be >> ty ve boof them nd
7:39 am
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7:40 am
7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
heanwee w rmn. ocli eralw fr weinlittanyoghnow,ar the 's ta sengthst ance spled . thattretnto oxford and very isolated covfor the st a coles ut hil ilusin hathe stha clou erre ks ie clin so little be sks an clds tthe y ovl, us e mo cudy, butrewhe n e for meio. f62 he atst raleigh.
7:46 am
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7:47 am
nepl among rtth st henoast,coer w aswa asstn toy d rrow trine at ofthsprer ss. pr hn the afrntter chance ted ndat ou keepurbyonweuplel troughmith. aheawecoe oftw that tuesday andaand we're tsee a losunsne crea tees b the on wedaol st thursday shtime wt id r utat 7by 4:00 th ck d8:m. ter a w
7:48 am
to my, haa smal ceofmeows unlainda ers a alriskone of twcou rnst e'chfoth on ay. dawednesdabrg ups tocool withgh on. >> thaou sneeded cpulbelpa n li eotht me hrow yous whe geto a , i mb so remb id r c. s doing howork wahed om juo action. >>was sc
7:49 am
wer d ed itherwas my dad jufreakeextraordinary umce, doctweree cls. >>dicptal nurethbulae came >> tt dit veaned erwas nouts ly whwaiting cs. won yi r herate wn frome class wo>>bl m p to aeochim he d
7:50 am
>>t plpeleppthrit ti>> arst mingupouescuorlets, w cacopa e who atupl d fix ri t lieedto lt vision abthobst plad hemezo a natwhdgoing to cgebut atwhe quitre will ht of odobs sh,itwomerel and a li w pai.
7:51 am
isre a grasr op vs,bu lr caiesuc trdenloneowweanatth if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sders. i approve this message,
7:52 am
>>n an ssiomft to chthnilns ou thd. e'doin r se e stitme repors e cotls ssria,nd. teeshodeblkeacross e
7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
n't be p s long ur ha effec thbo ge eemueranineasks kike cce this is e inthard onidtors all eyes ll se tv a:0a.m. brn 's tsrtes30 4 ofomville metoic team movfil.yon inudts ho
7:56 am
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7:57 am
rwitwaatwe re taouthwer outas du telli thpower od thatwe n' y . >>reould pe reamg in. s loll bece that wehewi teeraturesinthmo dyie lucldsth y , ck 67.m. ofle pcomi tts scuellaboully hy. ly e taan is my, th're boboutd.l thco
7:58 am
lly hetie he >> goto and thank u r llg usabe day thyojog us
7:59 am
8:00 am
r newsct good morning. chaos and clashes. violence breaks out at a donald trump rally in chicago after a last-minute cancellation. protesters and supporters taking their fight into the streets and the candidate said he made the right move. >> i don't want to see anybody get hurt. >> chicago police making it clear he didn't have to cancel. his poepts also weighing in. >> there's only one presidential candidate who has violence at their events. >> it starts at the top. >> will tempers flare at trump's next event today? we're live. under water. days of endless rain sending floodwaters racing into neighborhoods. >> we got these people trapped in a house


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