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tv   WRAL News Saturday  NBC  March 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>>to rtronow,and ift te you'avun prim earltind a tha ok oter jo avrkme leig see lid arnd e builther so pple waedlos anour to vote. nelylliopeople heharey n agofearl r thim thatisse peent registed tetuday or be the p least two more candidate visits are scheduled. hillary clinton will return to north carolina and speak with voters in charlotte on monday. and texas senator ted cruz will also be back monday to host a rally at fayetteville technical community college. and then late this afternoon, we learned senator bernie sanders will hold a rally in charlotte. that event will be held at the pnc music pavilion.
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flooding and other storm damage continue to plague parts of the southeast. this is just outside of memphis where people have been told to collect their valuables and get to higher ground. rescue squads spent the morning rescuing people who did not heed those warnings. the rain has stopped for now. flooding has already proven deadly in louisiana where the waters killed three people overnight. deadly mud slides wreak havoc on brazil's financial center. just ahead, the search for survivors as the country continues to prepare for the olympics. and wild horses among the animals wiped out in a raging forest fire in chile. the race to get it under control. first, we check in with aimee wilmoth. >> the system is finally lifting to the north and east and could bring rain to our area. maybe even a few thunderstorms as we wrap up the weekend.
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noowerl fe >> construction lights may be to blame for a deadly tug boat accident in new york city. it ran into a barge early this morning. within minutes the boat was at the bottom of the hudson river. it killed a man in his 60s . two other people believed to be crew members are still missing. flooding and mud slides have killed people in sao paulo and others have died in the outskirts of the city.
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at one point, sao paulo international airport was temporarily shut down. and wild fires in central chile burned around 1800 acres of land. firefighters are still battling hot spots along with air support in some areas. the fire destroyed about 65% of a nature preserve outside the city of san filipe and killed some horses living nearby. much of the land was inhabited by trees more than 1,000 years old. six skiers are dead after an avalanche in the italian alps. they are looking for at least four others at monte nevoso. some members of the group were able to dig themselves out of the snow and ice. it is not clear what triggered the massive avalanche. back in our state, it was a gorgeous start to the weekend. check out this view capping off a beautiful prespring day here
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n itto titlsince >> north carolina will play for an acc tournament championship for the fifth time in the last
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virginia tonight in washington dc. jeff gravley has been court side for all of those games and will be there again tonight. he joins us live from the verizon center. >> reporter: well mandy, we kind of figured that north carolina and virginia could game. one versus two. but it is not often that the stars align to bring together championship game. regardless of who the opponent was going to be tonight, north carolina has its own agenda. since the calendar turned to march, north carolina has played three straight games of inspired basketball. >> it is all about we just want to win something. you know. it is about type we put in the work these past years. we put in everything where everybody was talking about we are not the team we can finish. now we are proving everybody wrong trying to get where we can get. >> reporter: the tar heels have been in this position before.
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game in the last six years. but no titles. >> we have to play with a lot of poise. last year, we were up. we had to run. and we just kind of collapsed afterthat. so we have to be able to play with poise and not allow things to rattle us. >> last year, we got to the same slot. we gave the lead away. this time, we are coming, you know, to finish out this time. >> reporter: twice, bryce johnson and marcus page have watched other teams celebrate and acc title. they have had to make their way through championship confetti that wasn't theirs. >> it really hurts when that confetti is falling and it is not you. last year, we had a chance to win. then having that slip away, understanding that you don't always get the chance again. >> i want to win it. that's all there is to it. i have been in this position twice and i haven't been successful either time. ain't to go out and help my team. i wand to be the next person
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>> reporter: north carolina won the regular season against duke. they are hoping to take some hardware back to north carolina this time. two out of the last three years, the champion has also won the acc tournament. >> jeff gravley, live for us in dc. you can see the acc championship game right here on wral. the pregame coverage starts at 8:30, tipoff actually at 9:00. we will have full coverage including jeff live post game reaction for you, right after the game tonight. cannot wait for that. four area basketball teams are playing for high school state championships in chapel hill today. we begin with the 1a boys. voyager academy, winston-salem prep. what a game for jay huff. he posts a triple double with rebounds. 10 blocks. colin faucet leads the team in scoring with 19 points.
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congratulations, win it is championship with the 69-56 final. the 4a girls millbrook in northwest millford. the wildcats trail 11-6 after one. the ladies loving the 3k crutchfield. jalisa dillard hit it is three. millbrook has a slight lead. they are up by five. we will tell you who wins coming up to night at 10:00 and after the basketball game. two more local teams. cary and stanford will be playing. we will have all the highlights on those guys do a great job of covering high school sports. the canes have gone to overtime in three straight games. they do it again this afternoon in buffalo. we will start this one in the
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all tied up at 1-1. jack scores to make it 2-1sabres. later in the third, victor tie this one back at 2-2. so we head to overtime yet again. but the time is ticking down on the clock. check this out as the clock ticks down. it is eichel again with one second left. ouch. he wins it right there. the canes do pick up a point, but they lose in overtime 3-2. that is not exactly the way you want to lose in the final second there, but quite a play by the sabres. >> a quick look at weather. still warm, but we could see a couple of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon an evening and then again on monday afternoon and evening. look at the highs in the mud to upper 70s through tuesday. nice and warm for a while. >> thanks aimee and thank you for joining us tonight.
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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on this saturday night, boiling point. tensions soar in an already chaotic republican race. secret service surrounding trump on stage today. taking no chances the day after a violent protest forced trump to cancel an event. words from trump's rivals wavering on their support should he win the nomination. deadly floods. seven states on high alert. rising waters ravage the south. rescuers rescueing to save families. captured. late word tonight a violent inmate is back in police custody after a manhunt spanning three states. food for thought. researchers say so-called ultra processed foods make up more than half of the american diet. pushing sugar levels and health concerns to


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