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tv   Today  NBC  March 15, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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assili t ea owski i bac and ready f her kyoa plhil w whenur versi alho comi up da" wh a natie morali istha f aockefe az wme " o a esdamoch5th, 20 h a big, boisterous crowd on the plaza. we le that. i'm willie ang with natalie and dylan in for al. tamron is on the campaignrail onassignment. dylan drew the jam. what did you go with? >> omething bad," miranda mix.
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tyla ts. t's aool khe sryhis rn 'sls aigtory ntidhinkinut otll o hs tt py footllhe n knet edd traum f nd t brain soed.t. leue ecu vic f a sff ef, anurin rois wagtncon nved t u.s hse o reentasn ener a ce he'str. mild say. mill, dohink ere a bweoo andrati diso >>rt researchws a retirfllayers , th a thas certnly lso a ons tha citat iheropot, and enestion to thatesri means wre d wo fro he
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>> that is easev eci t coecon. th sawsu b ne sas air studyead lastfo c. in87 or oay ew former gr greats,ho w commi .t there orest t nsdut t nt theaco c br t thecien ghe scego. ane diaosdeat bse havo g br>> asyf the n. >>hysian at the hng yedaysa we ve to be ableo sno seetor it tsthe phe uses som to f lehe t takeheir own fe >> ieel we're justartinto wusti fir
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ah. i thi wlly aowba effecn ro font it ds toskquon. hehilderd ba,hichven king since we've bee he ort do an i aarg. ,nk you - yridla a ge lo t f i d m of o s. hthr pto. ey wtlay wet a cnco nt? >> ih it iyeooally t time i w oldug plaighol layedooall e fall mmerpsnoing snd doingthin ioo so maneat tng a that h are hig schoa me oyt nd in e worlfrth weeie lea a b onea andng unis a thhisrnm sports >> geosadad,want to my copsw. kidsyon p
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ave t e's fa, willhaveons ques i i don'tkn. i thinkweno. hi thethort ts pnt . tnk thoug at thir anfodevel, iot a n'akeorn is bu t i areuch at -- i they're he retieloping noitsik >>t. dohoh ttre usinng eesearc i sti nere. >> gh >>e d kw thee equenc me iteally m a osqueson thla he los shn s cosi awe >teigh ho fl y're prin srele.
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may justin games. >>t't. soesheg healny dsues. thi areor tnk , andll ,y' okingtw. t le i gng verapp with whats foam. soly >>ro one oyave vif wkfar. >> da >> tre i a iln"id u i go vira the c of "halt a whi hsty, f of hhchoo kids. theyt waartf a rkopwhpr n' nllano e wle casfoine h wh ebody as wn thereatornd oamto" ra dtyle rapn e ga. ed the psident hd ards witdowo liob t yl head n s re
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t aoo at word syre sng rrd cotuonpo ire stylinar ay ing becausewa efore now fal pa ltrote the other a can t go,tyng dn li nasa i wanifn orars aea a ftpn ower myssns s is freetyli w j ne iso f sol the si i'm not don oh, m thel fi, ca b i'm t
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h wthnty ,hemicro hoo is at >>o good. at is arohe tside l govi ov tar. dtw tp.tsa, abe. the mar mk t giviheat. >>hi of theobace, nasa a a >>'s cli ut watc he'sonoi . agns qst lo. 'salthaik t pele world >> like yout. , a fm anoga > are yicairshen you >> he. ibem minute ty wa o orte rhtaway igurou wer.omasnet it
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soy, mom. sty. rry. broug this u yeveral >>llai >> wou y ke morco eid, ie dh wa like, ou're embarras e' l lotromth , she sh mht hoayoreor eup eeappaudustorsnd payincoff s idf t frch cof a c1.50 aofeles1.30 lle ieu some mayay eur bede >> there uldn save yrs50 nts?
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. he me y,us ce ee, ease. etar iv to beicoop there is ape probl there. anhe pcef c of >>t' all ie' h y t th > wveot ld animalkingdom. twng wan t show firsou seen t o? t thi t wheal wahi theirya lookesenea awhalheaters of th soca. n'heth? j let t bk into aye ang tng guy w tookheimprve, o lifet te amaphos fmsyey,ralia.hout olhe awo i
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tw pipes>> - gs >>keleat ke. w pat ke? >>t'togs in th. re get a gr sitn ofheir al what haveone fr"h greis>>atty c ieyard. do yohave mor sto y momeing rudthop? wldnd noin lit. >>sat e mog? >>do. s iheti. heed the fen' dpl of tsty. tow yrom the >> what'soi ooutside? l'sooher.
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ough to y be. tthered f pine earn d le miles c oan rle,time. a loohe tha yr l re >pne one oor humans jakrowi. >>avorhe >>l t us t
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mmmm.. mmm mm mmmmait . it le mak right.en ibecos a wichas mhty e. ero kemistak asimasunbu enou make &jth
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and exy ou aof w.bee wi nlike sm ito he o our ouhe we saidgh weovher.ouroo,an kraks it ficial. of,right? wlddeligh therdrsmaking ruro ereat whit w a 1s. >> pyederho
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pl od in yookre u'll fd t ve >> ye is l >>eeeere to no. whenie is whe u're s a t >> fhu ay y l d, towi re ieeleeots so y ctogether the >> patic. i tet' b3ea si w bray aseen t whk not aw inteie ortlereed m tnk i g bec lov bn a joy to . om is ait hd, yo remr jhe greaunhaes o
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whens er 'sn- isful . 'rinhoodti co mn, a op rndg to wed me ohithay ficily 'r iwsw. ye t i 54. d>> i autifthr. ihink house bore 's iimeay ti tnessg r ttudi . we have o of th ogina mirralls trew found ng iur eh t di
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he. true? hatum isue >>ow do y -- oh! you get dragged. >> that hurts to watch. >> very much many love with that man. it's my final surrender, is how i pictured it. >> are there splinters on the back of your legs? >> i will say, we did create all of that with the brilliant choreographe rehearsal hall, where everything was smooth and easy, we're like, is this going on stage? >> you do this eight times a week? my jaw is dropping. >> i will not be able to walk after the show is over. it's worth it. it's worth it. it's for the craft. >> it's all for the applause. we're going to play celebrity
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kimmy schmidt is coming out for a second season, right? >> i rece and we feel it's better than season one. >> one was amazing. >> everybody loves it. >> can't wait. >> we can't get enough of you or or ellie. she loves currently in previews and opens this thursday. jane will do a facebook chat with us right now. and playing celebrity fishbowl is coming up sargento people realespeople, thresspanng yrs. they don't bel in th opeicia. w errossed there's no substitute for a piece of rea heesle b every cass dese shr autici
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e're ktj kakosk kyib l. janeouawfi>>okay do love wa t.ou lketobiwatc karenrexas. i have beenbitchi"t ."e how. yind time bige ig? >> getosleep, ke up at1intn ch slep f u "t how wer. whyourit tv sh u've e d h,bum, w m you'veme. oo. faritetv sw.o h.
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w the curnt on bsens'm ye at is hestop on y pdpod? >> al >fis by t way >> 'm-- ruinp 'sng t, dee. n e >> do ouino?eno"isn,you' ik
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quitruulor cut atnin ckwe5%el andreat >>the eu of hitodier cionmonlive mileo. iz hor, ngp t 60po aberof t ly b is t ranasrbut eese acest -r det amou an io nglsheoferho the rds 's 72 hth
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bch bowie'anb>> cofhe eath. do a dance. little jig here. >> get on the right side of this. >> thank u. i'm a little dizzy. we've got a chance of stronger storms through eastern iowa, into northern illinois including chicago. wcd see isolad tornadoes but it is the threat of damagg nd gusts and larger hail. we have sr moving east but it's notoin olgsoll tmu 'rat o00s nd70 rothwestnd oro inho. co g ne0il hur. lngat now asrthennesota, cou hes ow. r e
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uldted tat uldrodupockts her t eca>>t et ykid tost fa e. gi wd nilsasath azin ot te ar hfoc ani o pho a me >e s ia ed otira " blne
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>>this he fi e, natial en diffe covt, igh om t hota th ty e. tworer cldn' weug one the along that's on over tod. >>atis t oar >> 2 effto pto asma speesasi can around t wol ths ut ,00,000 sciespt tw's aqum.we' hf fa o to heo boncrisi c em his t. autfulma t ne have herus t th afn right? >>roma af phenomen jpe cju eet a hirdsi e notard.
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>> seems ei ase c tno t be ned egreookeeat th z whov ben with hi. >> 'vbewatc hbo nd. y imagine whasne t overgh >> wow. >> letsk at tnext al> maady oncov olledpin a blri now. lddo if ery an icldt >he aal am th's cover al"n eogr top cors. >alre >> see he mes we mahru 'sittle hy esoll verlace. omere >> iave her like
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tholoious >> high pie. s ara ascinaticreature. t hing b hence tre coco ou fse road ig e cncnet eiiwarm >>o. y ir ta the s, wrerrabo ot ofdsal d ams. animals inafricaasareskec there areso pplend csu the hat. at ptoar i abuto pople to reiha e arethin ll a s. >> oor za e >> k. namsktes,ou bl a whitei iz >puh wn tre. will-- eht
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. thoseclshar >>theyabeha he's great ja f ru >> orsomethin right? he'sngou thee,d >>king at ried>> d. njoyg at ose you'rm h bo >> how thiseie fairyece t toorry a et rade and io ec ado ing, a ttwh a esed ple sry. allhestorie amaheern white ino, torals ow> stl poache right?or utiltec relef inreatisk. more weknore we his ishe'm c
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9:43 am
>> nice to be here, bright and early. >> this is a different take on the "passion" that we normally see on tv, especially around easter. what eu thinking about going into it? >> originally, it started in hollan ien for about six years. it's an interactive kind of live reenactment of east sty er told. everything from the last supper to the, of course, crucifixion. they called me up to play pontius pilot, which i'm not too sure about. i'll forever be known as the christ killer after this. but it's an interesting role. it's going to be a lot of fun. again, it's very interactive, and so there will be music, of course, and you know, along with the telling of this incredible story. >> the "passion," great, they want me to be jesus. no, pontius pilot.
9:44 am
>> wh is it like to do a live tv performance? you perform on stage, are used to this, but this is one of the shows, we've seen "grease live" so successful. "the wiz." you get one shot. what is it like? >> it's a bit like performing, doing a gig, you know. it's the same thing. obviously, arg a a le on tv globally. but you know, performance is all about the adrenaline rush. i'm sure there will be a cea eeohon the day. i'm really looking forward to it, and i'm glad they asked me. >> and we have -- i think we have some video of you in your recording session.
9:45 am
>> i love it, one of my favorite songs. how does music tie into this? it's newer songs in this very old story. >> right. well, both adam and mark did such a great job. adam has be producer. he did an incredible version of this. it w vy easy to sing to it. of course, it's a great song. i was very fond of that song, ever since tear ss for fears wrote and released it. from what i've seen so far, it's a natural, organic merging of the two elements. you have the gre story and then you have this great music, as well. >> we cannot wait to see it. by the way, this mannos sknows the nfl better than most. >> i don't, actually.
9:46 am
calling plays. the whole thing. seal, thank you. "the passion" airs sunday night on fox. great to see you. >> thank y very much. up next, seinfeld's patrick warburton brings the laughs back y knw to s wheelspinning. nice shorts, dad... they mak'e in alt siz iss wh pro. look athe nes.hhh. look athe heline -mm-mhh.. that he his those scoop delly hrt healthy kes eat mdust? too bad i alrefillp onns. bying sttoward a healy hear jaknowhe'll beeady the tus ahead. y, donget putp your kksnd. ike ll) ig) keg's rainran.and rt andet kellogg's bra winber. r fautinisagic all the ong reons. you y mudin rough rgies. y zyrtor pful allergy li. d zyrtecs diff clari. caustarts rking he f day ye it. zyrt no re .
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y,ebeow as ae in/off frndnenfld. cize tc tom"fil guy 'sng df oors who ck ho pagesand i dermie tgica fa in he oy kwi an busbrad nee do eno lhe so atache >> iv teen one g. >> goon loi y re. i"sefeld" agt o a m isiceo c i lt. fanstsgreat,errrent pre. it's tlive, u entohen, i ou idoheyan t to c t sho
9:51 am
hao s,iaivh year. mar tpioestar. a bofrefrind e ouusort t t o you tido you? ih brn ntoca f nbane at tag d,oa aradwhat'se ' a banue got 1gh fouki in >> h raliio t > >> ohesh and i, t ageim he toet o us d yv d > gatridshing ho
9:52 am
andlge ae ow awaomom e lo soh alws h ohose, ove ome, we n 'sd. l the whaour dog ou had tarau here. mas gthb taaneizin t snhe hvett veit in? > n ande giaenipes from >r >> pe how ch do >>20 a >> h. ain yooe, k. i rd e fasi er lok
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kaie giffo kotb ve fm rockelle azo, erybo idf marc hodaus acko k wn da had it. i wasviheas of"m bat greek >>ou >> thereas too mh es woulde g. ides mchre u us 's spanktu weeng to h som fu ghes"my" byi. mise ug sas irsere happ vi sethat nerapne hefo
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trdaen "eye the y.d fab r carpet,mo o ow ble rdeavewoof ourmen. ever one oore s,reidr the, a g. cockpydy 'reucadure. nd y mo wh . solute. k howre little - no we've de tment b oue meago. >>aj manhoodg t t - >> w since wreald. tig f ise ofthe bael >>very - bthons t t e bachelo and liful
10:02 am
's d. t'o cou trtedti do b ac whurn smuch iety of wea teak. >>ha tnn?>> 8:00 dn p i aw. ity. anyway,'shaed. tkibouthis . 28girl we'reown to na now sou note esor bween twadst jo -- andur. h loved themboth. at'she e. is mom adad.h, alketo h m and ths wth m and dandylluttst s lauth. s she'poed enet thed w thatoun b est well thheirvi
10:03 am
tit know go e fster - ld tam om ue . >>snha say sething t hing,you? rongve vel. >>irstan oth helico the fin is -j th a gdsign ,ns or j ,u' ny becom my ie a tt iefalloy inov i d id it thyo t i fnd itithomeb 't enowhat
10:04 am
m w lovehha ias you frie, tha you e lif . so, where d it g wrong? >> it never did. i'm about to o one knee a ask aan t marry me and i confused about that becau of jo-jo. becae that's how mh i love her. i was getting my heart broken and i still didn'tant to see himcry. >>. i thoughtto be >> aman sadorhe >> badreas. eer, by way, b sd l buteom it leig he'se yi tis elife. the cascratch. haed
10:05 am
t'ak l oueson i spifth. iovyou. topehe w you. wi mryme? ur? at? ye fir i'o luck. hegi. real lucky. haven'thi ty cute tenan ty theive afterho heyee rea swe genu t
10:06 am
ave aew ba -jee offiallythbachor howrt ag m her.'r tta fmi . h w sur t aer ow i l a wielovnigh kheoingoe rtf ex ries en' rllttac hi dt dque owou who or and she canthe lb. >> >> ynow ho? >>what? ou mpeon m rs w unnt wa u' . my pe, >> anda wreng tos u.
10:07 am
foard t e aui andan nd i we we cpa wi ben. tha qz ca te o bufeedat y sign? who do uoo i the >> whas yourgn? i didn't gt e. >> s sa >> et's see ehe o usre ibith hop >> iove theic re not gie th we s sw we'r f be here whey yo and w makehe peect . e ou w gw acer wou have along, h reship ionnk so. lde to likis we ay
10:08 am
d ws. ite is s name idestill.e fmee re cone y! ,n. divinaw- t l, hou? th l'dad, a ndf our 's is >>tl cce i do >>great. sgrea >> anunrsme t. tin ad b one otheatng i lobout e keeps lpg. he kws d bo ny at y up toithairy n? da qu keeverybody gut ther and getree so villahe
10:09 am
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10:10 am
allright.>>ivou ao, den.ute itiesf thow often dyol oen a ent!ct rtle e tl by here aessev liesaby aw s >> iav ahe ay. ovhien ilw . ien 15 t a tt opleeltren'to d. torevon. dn s yte youlws m hanft hebath w i - >> ? i bthrol. irrible. that rrib. >> wise ay aboth, littl white li >>boho 1 or 14 authy they doi .
10:11 am
rllain is he >> the t ytng s, ses. ainds ings. te ust. >> a magald iv ppy." o o those tt ikut horactic nd th'vh a , too.ou wtbe odagaze o ke tud couple hi i said tagaze and bo "live rwd. ah ten phoosg an goo happy >>'r gng r. atlanenive eme i wh wh esom ne per o b a vo - >>in i youe w ge i ay.
10:12 am
he g sdoats. >> advfliti >> tu can nd a recipe for mo anng... baby cousin's gonna love thatist sh my gosh and all right ingredie 're gonnmakeheame thisr. i wiarahere. , mo the st moments in l doways ce fromokbook. look w's joining happy east ey cfrom the hrt. low ps evday onh foor your er m t. there's a renjoyo get your fiber. try phillips' fiber go gmies pl enesupport. it fiber supplement that hesuppt gulaty d ud b vam hpenergy. mmm, these are good! ni worhis! thy side of fibe from ps'. what brand of makeup is betfor yo snthearingmakeupl? na ctics. ers,cors
10:13 am
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10:14 am
ted 20roduthe ifs t e cl it'sgoto be n' iyove er tatho ofebeltive tgu urust.amyo teci here in portnd oy rning, each y cuoms a ivth ceta.leusr, discover teaf. f aman venown american lage i s out lmufor yo es. anthat w ftve, abo wi the my friend kanyon asked me to help him explain how today's appointment will go. he was nodding his head and giggling a little bit.
10:15 am
th anne sad- hell hi mlain don't wo cd heanit. e? nnd a
10:16 am
fabu's de,tegn s u n - li how aut ier . od. ha m he m rese inhemephpon,he tf g. smuun to w mhtaveo you mhtave be. tsi >>,ut isn't lif ow l k've kn but iav an elatit it,ler sp lehear. >>net tbe, y ha ashort-mory, bu t l termmory, ow you remr
10:17 am
hat's a >>red i getnghe sens y, of havg bn lan uanth'm ngsomgp consou t i specific thain b >> e it. evhi s ofeng. >>novt's prettyhyic >> howy yeagat? d you -- >> tag wcana islas b of rebate an getnd hedg. ibir andd t air th flies toheos ctine la. hoht t int t . t yrinfthing. >>hys >>vebo tde not tgo the i a
10:18 am
cour, don'to s momo fme tel a at lized makin befy femes at l bbo estces. twincter ard. none of e mad bast ri s lupp h? was yourntaydot >>evod en aionoes e ney'e but jcasat e ll. gnk on ife ve nti. has disasart of he of it, . ut ty wo cp a n' bot get i ho weono cab dri to w gooo
10:19 am
it'srey f itheok ifnny,au realmoe, jessi ng ore the me b cney a harol heman. i'tut billy elly is st mve nnr. erm so rd we w be scend eonun oga and i wou srtgn mdleene,ch cting d tpl i thi tou g measured lgh 11in y just rnd . o funn g t d. n nd mor piece. theyboeoo were derstudi bro throughndadhe he cahe pn thalabas y. filng b
10:20 am
thonlif yr owt coappe by st seone hpeo u.>> wheere dg "s adev had arsa bofoerobbs mrsdyo th hane shent dowf ehoit a snedkl no >> i couldnk oi' gohe ham di t motit. m s een gd all life. rlly feel i have angels and, i mean, som a v hard nosed, you better get to this ando it. d i'm very disciplined.
10:21 am
>> it's veryunny the w you tell the story. one of our favorite ladies. you know that. iry, y vy . >>u >>. w t hav nershwoscar er>>elmirren on her we ge u re fr your ld & flu yo these the g. ty clps e your worst cold & flu symptoms... tm
10:22 am
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10:24 am
sargento, realese pe it's spring teaser today. >> yes. >> put your mind to work with a riddle. fil in the blank with one word to make two separate phrases. what >> you have a few minutes to think about it. >> oh. >> while he does all the cooking
10:25 am
>> and helen it's about time the taco...came out of its.unlee po dou givet pop. wi your cod unceback le o? nerogena hroboosr ge withyaroniid it plusskin cls wit intense hydration and it i pple hydrkin. dro os from nena ers sothing toidexplorg the rl ou you
10:26 am
10:27 am
taintor riosy. e ughi. reinvent sg. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone.
10:28 am
if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
10:29 am
it's booze day tuesday, also known as brain teaser tuesday. also known as spanky tuesday.
10:30 am
>> fill in the blank with one word to make two phrases. second-hand smoke detector. >> do you know who is smoking hot wherever she goes? >> dame helen mirren. i got to sit down with helen on the set of "eye in the sky" where she play ace general. take a look. >> three very high value individuals. the rules of engagement you're operating under is to capture, not a kill scenario. ma'am, i think it would be wise to refer up. >> are you or just debating with me? >> to refer up? >> uh-huh. >> i am telling you. >> oh. >> ooh. >> hello to you. >> she's cross about that. >> she is. now was this originally supposed to be that of a man? >> it was written for a man. >> how did it change things when
10:31 am
>> nothing changed on the page at all. i mean, it absolutely fell into place. i think the only thing that it slightly -- it made the moral dilemma that you see played out in the movie kind of more poignant, more potent if you like, it being a woman having to make those decisions. it's about a terrorist and the question is, do you capture, do you kill and how do you do it? >> the whole issue of drone warfare. it's so interesting that suddenly in the news and in the public awareness it's becoming this growing awareness of what drone warfare really is and how it's prosecuted, how it's managed. and this is this movie that's very much about that. and it's about the appalling sort of moral decisions that constantly have to be made in war. >> you're so multifaceted. i'm looking at you in this gorgeous dress and all i can
10:32 am
when kathie lee and i show you air, you're in a smoking hot bikini. we showed you the other day wearing a cool weather jacket, very hip. i look at your hand and i see a tattoo. right? >> i do have a tattoo. very verks old tattoo. i used to tell people i got it in prison before my sex change. >> so why did you get it? >> i got it because i was drunk, in america, on an indian reservation in minnesota and a girl did it for me. >> three xs? >> very painful. it's quite spiritual. it's equal and opposite. speaking to what we're talking about now, which is to see the people who are so different from you as basically being your equal, of equal value with yourself. s of what it means. >> you have a wonderful life outside of the movies, too. a delicious husband.
10:33 am
shooting right here in new york, shooting a movie with robert deniro. and i'm shooting parallel with will smith. the two of you at the end of the day -- you're shooting his stuff, you're doing your stuff. you get together at the end of the day, do you talk work or put work aside? >> how did it go, darling? did you get your day, i always say to taylor. the only time i pray to god is when taylor'shooting and i pray for the weather to be right. because if there isn't snow or it doesn't rain when it needs to rain, you know, the whole sc husband's schedule. but, no, it's fun. no, we just -- we don't go into details. did get your day? was it okay? were there problems? we share the difficulties. falling in love at 40, in that range, was that about the right timeframe? >> 38. >> 38.
10:34 am
i mean, falling in love at that age, 38? >> yeah. i guess. because, you know, don't have much life left, do i? i hope he's the love of my life. who knows. you never know what the future may bring. no, i mean -- no. i recognize the great thing about finding a partnership, say, a partnership later on is that you recognize it as such. you recognize the partnership level of this relationship as love and the lust and all the rest of it. >> thank you so much, just for, one, being part of our show, even when you don't know you're part of our show, and for inspiring people when you don't realize. we love her. >> i sai "eye in e sky" is in theaters
10:35 am
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yothink a 's eug o'tep hen things ggh?doyou wat of a is'onnat somelike m buly if have arain.(cinis wdbury buy be hbrdelicaemeggswhhers, nonnbett tn >> peeall don't ve single ni tonet yhednurd , cib oradiid ex goomorning! ern s tdi porkle sau di,imalized i ts bdy bunch reis?>> mom.hial wh . por ops,h? else >> alesauc >> porps appsa gee,hat's el >>rit.
10:40 am
oorn >>ple member th th. >> he av. hopslesa yourdther staurant sme th no br e ady?t d >>oupl bic tngs,lionio baamic en sa pper onin thekhothlv i ehd this t yoor f se on yes. amint tyebrtw tee mde>>n >> poon otwted. age gov them ey re llou ir? 'reaminomion. >>ll il
10:41 am
relyp av lsamic var is ecret . can youathi no rd. i'm jelagg. why? >>exy. s a tang his du t atal aom ck t'ha i was sa was qre. yn the rightac hasha gent theyme? >> tk rht intoandining.puhe them stm. fi tev minut youe good how igh >>eaea ho done, sae. eroehaomin sauc and a chny 's. atle unl. ve ahead the sks. rf ou ydd ihe ldd t unee
10:42 am
ilejuice? pp e. thyou. auigou too mu. >>ha, swee rawsur, eetns,e ci . x tup r. f abo starthis befysy simp ttng d -- wa iat t's m in lanla . >>hatmell so ? >> t g smells. 'reitat. dng >> oh,yssd it's g n day . it ryelus of multose side it we' go ahe a ghere h somell le roarr rkop apple sae, rr atlsan you do whenhingsik i donow st
10:43 am
at- h long did i ta th oerhi at t? u've g. >> delis. lit amazing,rili eat, ik h was inig hool >> trecis,o. actl aksotrkon'te let soonelseallthfun? sometis haphazard, bori fun. y ca sme leth a thefun. arni virof shin
10:44 am
tho fun. ash thwer ofough. it a why fanofpplefavoriesadil burge 's a b.. side a quesadilla. ge mey. ch .. co de gallo.
10:45 am
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10:46 am
baby cousin's gonna love thatn't she. my gosh . and gaer allheightedie 're makeheame thisr. i wiarah were. ow, mo the ppst ments in dot waysfromcookbook ok woini y ea. they com teart.
10:47 am
10:48 am
lmart. there artwicionsreng w.says it' to takellm binks l wt d my-- eak heks e e loles,make thepatheifaha enh catoll d pride ivlion.lly ke llhetobym pr you er i'bern sdeessa. >> l lily other se ue-lery ie tha aion. lledit rilrs,tempti told you mons at sy vote g. 'sinedlehis bo evolsro t mt w ie d.
10:49 am
pi wecam ager tli ic mbelingauthor, al paki is prn hn." yoen its raw khaug oferistovelsbetiyn. sh tel se thom i fna r >>ac nosheris er te andtu eovf p on icon, was involved seumultuou l storie ced cou hi s w know a inda thi makes bee o historil ctn, cra opensea juic donamily saga an see this beaif n. a l oeoe rd t book a we'd you
10:50 am
ade t to e gat at saying t en to t dramat, ts cf aractersndbackdr fu palace,ases rl hair r-th. yoavatiat' fromhistory, it. btldi ctn. you'telieve asou're filyasic - pataki is hu las name. io back to hungary, they still worship her. she capres the imagination. thoughtould really want to read ak or see a movie about this woman and not exists. i think i need to write the book. >> i'mo happy for you. >> are we goi to talk aut yoert?>> other >>owldshsweetie?
10:51 am
ems. ian't standit our bif husbd, da wasn gnggh inibleear his ow it' been yes bhe bolen r andom io teover >> undst you om ofer he air'sfe arnold's , peggy. >> she was a mink. soas sisi. these were sassy women. we know themen's stories,ut these are significant women. and the sisi sto was hungarian, the peggy story was fr upstate new york where the revolution story happened. when you find these wen a think, gosh, why don't i know abouther? >> exactly. i know benedict arnold story or the emperor's story. >> you cannot put this book down, i'm warning you. if you pick it up, hopefully it's for a nice, long weekend because you williss it the minute you leave it on the table. thayou. we love you, allison.
10:52 am
>> say hello toouom aforo. .we love it ngovelay to st y y?
10:53 am
. isamkersht t cra now,ovrwar d jobsha gny a ht ieto sp fr movinofs sit cturin w crit and t's veean ,thon sar panelald by thend of r firm. 'vtttes d st oe
10:55 am
oh, ye i he my t nd i . efee say good-by o thisnkye're aut toeivewe, ver y.t imive ay i . yav red thisze which de nechitys a ak s, lattes a mahi.
10:56 am
st i >>o? >> b itzel,reedsv onn.ersro jackleida. ovher. andnaowl fm lynn, huseokay holdon. ot -don. dirommi kota nd lshyd om ic. wo >>e wano, thou. u he ter ery fo cete rules onoo that h tonne butt. d tnow h wion, w has perforor . ane pele
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. >> announcer: today on an all-w r. phil." a negligentmom. >> dr. phil: your underage daughter is drivingithout a license. >> she's beenriving the car? >>yes. >> announcer: a dd beat da >> dr. phil: he owes you $20,000
11:00 am
>> i'm not goi dy that. >> dr. p i know. iounceraoi the finr- dhirl pa ai oare ttoms? t haen phi let hgo show,body. >> d aacha thing>>'ll count yo pry t a iol asd int heig fe, dr.l:iv [ches applse >> dr. phil: howre you? howre ya'll? u're notng to me.


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