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tv   WRA Ls 1230 Report  NBC  March 17, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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an baseball on. nondte honored, rlly, btuing tocu iyou lk rertfrha, is hiic onen coverageayal. e inwn n. looto disuch ntastic lofothe pope -- ther >>smfay osse ar meeet als ann
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spring is in the air. and if you're looking for fun things to do without spending too much, we have some fun ideas. joining us now with sweet deals and fun events for the entire family. yes. >> can we begin with pancakes? >> we can begin and end with pancakes, bill. that makes me happy. we have lots of deals today, starting with a celebration of st. patrick's day at ihop. they are offering a short stack of pancakes, which i think is three pancakes. but if you've ever been to ihop.
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whole plate. ask they're only a dollar. all day long, until 7:00 tonight. but you have to wear green to get the deal. be green. so as long as you're wearing green, i guess you're good to go. to italy. >> yes. we are moving on ri'sitice.on smathth a italn ic to y, wto cestof the ofisomnoonp. th cainand exevenhoitoi t ttcoldt? bul, 's fr ian e. ited by thi ab to ki-- >> ia buhelpilmatuth
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ev crc. th'snte famili eststhlly n rds. t iur 7: anthis month, thki , you'renglove this. ey'rto be budia me ji joson,pupu atever tha. of e sie llg . n fi th og. al jclk pe ayo cmi mi uon rih. tuome in1:00 m. isf r cel errona findgistti oblog anbasiwel in you erytto urgr inhalf.
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>>nc e adjeis dier rivesc. s e evy day --su students ne ths an sues ani ke rs th the succesthalowthey burung memes. epr: js do. l heisa natehimusic. ant someartwork.d they're aling ve ki and cr t henkh e teal >> at e h unmmit w arth gfe aboucultura >>eswahis stud studleara bi ag one m ggple.>>e ana d a t ofthta het.
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beactiith an xcintoat. rter:teacof , jego loveland leigh. nd je of rt fianfo e suerw n. learn about y's mbediocye d. toll our tersof ek, go to.c d archeaerounearhoing a a thday stjude dr's ch spit. t. j nochiser turnede th t everafrd their eatm e ruing :00 tonight. call 1-80011-98.makes ns ju on dawh we're
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ics dagood to know theye coing ostwwe, arbratinpaday. y hav noce i knit'sa ttleul e. bua, u et owe way. alwe ha turnhefoeb u lothat? >> iloitand the grs isrimegrasell. >>d we abrner heyel very atto be out bygrask thfo yoow, if u'en watching wl fongme, i've tten i ta a fes,n itwarm i dot doatthg gre esowhe makes th and los to in e un brry. iwa, but inm ps todath water. lks wh ic y? e is westpatrk, iyo di ows tufrglan--s ireland.
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certainly a ttol y.bu biblai that hugblirma, hward. ole lot thcouny turns coldfoe weeken coirrelytching althe wadoth issiva. we're lng at noal. r sardnday, moay an tsd afr ates torm . weet inland recontours thmile pant we. t llbedawevemperates no anthe mp ck uin th this ternoon, a tlcooltomoow d a high thekend. d-rd. r s ay. th swem gog ulout wintmod tuesmorning. e teeresdo freezing are no jok n't ise you. ur any ll all weekend. d l mi you' g to take th erin
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subwayeshat we d well, talk about a lucky dog. a german shepherd has a tale of survival that is hard to believe. 18 meengd -- 18-month-old luna fell from the fishing boat at night. and after days of searching by boat and by plane, she was presumed lost at sea. so they kind of gave up on her. but luna, man, she did not disappoint. she managed to swim to san
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there, she survived on fish, sea gulls, whatever rain water she could find. finally, she was spotted by naval conservationists who took her to the mainland. and a happy reunion with her family, as you might imagine. >> that is a resourceful dog. perhaps luna found some tuna and made it blue. a zoo is celebrating two treasured additions. check out this cute pair of rare white bengal tiger cubs. the cubs were born two months ago at the lima zoo. tigers are in good health and now weigh about 17 pounds each. they made their first public appearance yesterday. >> so cute. >> you know who else is cute? >> oh, gosh. >> our pet of the day. >> forest. like gump. >> yeah. forest over there. molly, tell us a little about forest. >> so this is forest. he's a 2-year-old australian shepherd mix. he's also a pretty smart dog, already learning some tricks. he's good with dogs and cats
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and he has a lot of energy. likes to go on runs and play outside and go for walks. and he's up to date on his shots. and he's already neutered. and he -- you can meet him this weekend. you check him out at hope an pals . org. and meet him and all the other dogs up for adoption. shirt. >> yes. oh, keep calm and rescue dogs. >> i haven't seen that. but i love that. >> thank you. i love it. >> all right. again, more information on hope they have not only information there about forest, but how you can help keep calm and rescue dogs. [ laughter ] >> are you pretty full over there now? >> yes. we're getting a lot of dogs in. the more people a -- dogs people adopted, the more dogs we can save from euthanasia. >> and that is so important. >> appreciate your great work, molly.
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>> i was going to call you out on that. thought you were going to have a full conversation with forest. >> he smoles some -- smells
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>> that's it for >> theresa: hey. >> brady: sorry. >> theresa: sorry. did i fall asleep? >> brady: yeah. you were exhausted. >> theresa: i just had the best dream. >> brady: oh, yeah? >> theresa: it was so real. >> brady: yeah? >> theresa: yeah. >> brady: you sure it was a dream? that's pretty. >> theresa: oh, my god. i said yes, right? i didn't just shriek? >> brady: you d ri, but then you did say yes. and then we got really busy on this couch, and then... well, then you fell asleep in my arms, sweetie. you remember this?


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