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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  March 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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january from the haven animal shelter in hope county that they stepped in and that they have been nursing the animals back to health. they broke the story of the raid and now join us live with more on the mega adoption. gilbert? >> hey, it is kind of quiet here right now. most of the animals were eating, a good thing. and if you are an animal lover that the address is 2215 nashville. i was here when the animals were taken by the sheriff's office, starting to be nursed back and look at them now, they are ready to be adopted. >> reporter: this is a massive operation. packed with about 300 dogs and a whole lot of loving. that several weeks ago they were in the outdoor shots in hope county.
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>> and today they are running up to the front of the cage and all over the responders when they go in that they will come out of their shells. they will begin to be the pets that they were. >> reporter: she has been here since day one a part of the team nursing the animals back to health. >> and of course a lot of diseases that we did have an older population of dogs that have gone very well. >> reporter: they are ready for aadoption. >> and people will come in and get checked in and fillout the small application. >> leave your money at home, it's no good here. hopefully that you won't have a hard time figuring out which one you want to take home. >> we have kittens and puppies
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we have them here. >> reporter: they got it here. again, i'll give you the address again, you'll need it tomorrow, saturday, and sunday. when you complete that adoption, they get to ring a bell kind of like you're here at the burger place. we've got dogs for you, what do you want? >> i'm seeing all the puppies. what about you? have you picked one out? >> yeah, whatever you want. >> you're getting the dogs parking all over again. >> that's what they pay me the big bucks for to get the dogs rallied up here. >> thank you, gilbert. federal regulators are shutting down. they found hermes and the bus
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physical addresses, they revoked the authority for all four companies. a new study today takes a look at traffic stops in durham. all right, we will go over some numbers here as they took six years of da. the big takeaway? black men were more likely to be pulled over in traffic stops by durham police from january of 2010 to october of 2015. that said the results suggest that the disproportionalty declined over those years. those numbers were announced at a news conference today that they discussed those numbers in what will happen now that the study is completed. one place calling attention is the unit focused on the drug and gang violence that will be
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44% higher for the day. but that is why it is important for us. and that they will try to address it and to look at it and that they will be looking at it and what they will do, the training that they received. and the community of durham and their expectation of their police department. >> reporter: and again that they are pointingout that they did see that in 2015 and that e e c haveeen thmaplain rec pot at
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du. serestorghg and ante hl d tos ge them in the area. eight parked ambulances were damaged. plus three others in the field. that they were so intense that it looked like snow. they tore roofs and dismantled the carport. more storms are possible this afternoon. >> reporter: the st. patrick's day parade proved to be historic. that th were lotoarde th quarter nt thtry i e st athfor ly 2,0 ophad rc . th pwill runninroe reetand at th
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wl e arthreat andamagwindwit the olated too,ju to assu yhae threis nocong rrng well the e th oth evt whataillge heit wie co apask eecsethemtoda it llprogss thd.asy phouis showinyou thattheywill be coecting water, heading back for the hives that they will use it to cool the hive or produce y that wi be looking forward to tasting e honey year. >> we will haveity the time is all said and done and the een water that they are drinng. >> they just mit. buwhere do they puthat
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s. senatnetethe ids wral isn't the only place getting into the st. patrick's day spirit with the green fountain that the fountain on the north lawn of the white house is also running green. first lady michelle obama first requested the fountain be dyed green seven years ago. since then it's become a tradition. president obama is spending the holiday with the irish prime minister. st. patrick's day wouldn't be complete without a well-
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time lapse video shows that the chicago river is being died green. first they dump 40 pounds of the environmentally friendly powder into the water that turns into a lively shade of green. and then they run up and down the river to stir it all up. they will turn completely green in about 45 minutes. depending on how the wind is blowing that it could stay that way for a few days. >> that is so cool to see it happens. boy, it will get stirred up. that is quite a site. on the st. patrick's day, they will return to a kiof villag
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founto have it>> rhtrial ghhere. ei muthd it whatail that . bin7 ersha diinth wel : rn inthwaily peopst lo thll t th ste viage for yeto come >>the city hasfo the sy wh e uet to oad d whatis chng prod ers.ews at0 st unc d e to ta yourt sifo >> repr: duke fanswi
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ey atr ah rnn. s thinho is wi pl ya no ps n 5 baor tha will in ti of the so know i ca e wahe llhem ttanat aree ow outher these games? >> we will see a lot more. it's a festive atmosphere. if ylook at it over my oulder, they're shooting some hoops in the background, fightingforthe rebound. we've got several food trucks that you casee some f e oke as mellanit ju


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