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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  March 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> the largest animal adoption event in the aspca history is under way. hundreds of animals are finding new homes. wral news at 4:00 starts now. another beautiful day but you better enjoy it while you can. i'm gerald owens. >> i'm deborah morgan in for lynda loveland. >> it looks like the majority of the rain may end up happening tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. a little adjustment in the arrival of the rain for this weekend. you will not see this this weekend. all of this blue, look how beautiful it is out there. this will be replaced by cloud cover, cooler temperatures and the potential for rain. we are looking good around here. we see a mass of rain off to the west. thunderstorms across the deep south. there is a cold front now carving its way through the mississippi valley. what this will do, all this moisture you see here will be pulled up our way. also, we are watching for an area of low pressure to develop
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move to the northeast. the northeast and england could be looking at a snow event. tomorrow morning, the clouds are building in. by 8:00 a.m., it is overcast, perhaps some sprinkles. the majority of the rain looks like it will come in the afternoon and here is midnight saturday. overnight saturday into sunday morning, we see widespread rain but sunday morning it begins to move out t look like we'll be left with just a lot of cloud cover during the day on sunday and very chilly temperatures but probably not a whole lot of rain. still the potential for cold air to stick around for early next week. we'll tell you more about it in a few minutes. >> thank you. new developments in a more than six-year wral investigation after years of inefficiencies. the agency that distributes
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cullen browder started this investigation in 2009. he joins us live to explain what has happened. >> reporter: we can say that there have been incremental changes over the years here at motor fleet. this is the garage right off of blue ridge road where they do a lot of the repairs. in recent months, the car rental moved over. it was back in 2009 during the prior administration we started looking at the motor fleet system. we found many state cars university sitting parked for months and yet agencies were spending millions on cars that really went nowhere. motor fleet has drastically reduced the number of vehicles over the years and is now looking at replacing the aging vehicles with smaller, more fuel efficient cars. >> we have a strong working relationship with a lot of these agencies. we are there to get them the
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done with an eye to make sure the taxpayers are still looked after. >> reporter: now, motor fleet ys that an improved relationship with the state agencies with a greater focus on serving their needs is really making a big difference. coming up at 6:00 tonight, we are going to sort of walk you through the political reaction over the years through some of the issues here at motor fleet and i can tell you change in government often takes a long time. >> thank you. right now, terror raids are under way in belgium and at least one fugitive is in custody. his fingerprints were found in an apartment earlier this week and today the missing suspect in the paris attacks was captured in brussels. >> reporter: abdeslam, the 26- year-old suspected terrorist who has been on the run since the paris ta beentun
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two guys who are wounded and one of them whs beenhit thkn is abdeslam. >> reporter: his fingerprints were found earlier this week when belgian authorities raided a brussels ent where e peon was lled. two others escaped. abdeslam is believed to er droppe otrsf one tacksi destioneand leas folwing atta rehoesknew rveillan video shows h n statnethian bo e r osats. ncthan succs de hbe ng. >> e nothisy break inthvestign nt to thius n ct
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have abdeslam, ofstenwo >> ts l an a siation. poer e grnd in brlsey'vexplionsearaid. france's pntay e says man stltipleop coe camps inspedby rrt propag. bbedfoop e univse offornmercca. fel storsahi opcontaineispropaganda thfbs aclyes to ar reig teisgroup. iciousieceil to ondo
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e volunteers feri helph icirl reco uia'rnor declarea aten >>thnu of phis ses in cisa r la re e se trsmd e t . rub s ar wh me in hen are yrtie and aler the st un uaou cas year, s rerted ntblheal or ss int g meo thn d amo usso nline s lk-s. shsaom pebeeyar d but eiug thbu not. is caworsen e of hiv anmae
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ovs ver seep thesebe. sn a cop th th wse inmmity me mim ms a thg. sodeologmi raonreds atgh. y tile mpissh ons orfeetandus scaly th nopain some pnoknowey e thagg anucatiol seion phis fth re prietd ntuesday d ey st sa voidx.>>nk. you caand servpaine rd l be evget carve te onli.
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h. o hsinnearly s werescued e animahan inke re00pele gather today to th eroinss ve thwaus is l en>> reporowd re inedible the is adoptitaking righ. thisd. veto e y y. thenen fell ad be ke the ho. hes fr t hosp after vingisp ppedin d got his is e cothat w e abt t eyre co nng un so ca g have endoed ienthe crd t hererly thisat about 6: ene tes en. lispent the ing throthwausloinfor e . was at hath
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eddi atio n wes lateth are ggeitail the inraiothe isenfolke adopheowhas comeom over mathemli thaey sawit wr and i why they a lk t d they ve reasons why cidetodopt becse'm homonall the tineeded a anion. why d u isone? whu g fo a l t wh ed by she ju caught shjust fo me so she me. >>reerimals have beentrd al eds and th ard theyre eradr thfo. througfos.just kalking. it i re e state fa hcaokd e l the y gere. there a th
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s ke beithd atgyat rd you're pick goball. l the alanve en adoedthisa ed fot love anfolkwhwa large mostpoantlneed fo specimaswe co re15 nashst he sanfd. be ba atangia g upate on no howemaims en opte he sofrlewhxt e shg d ad omre. arinst of inrestedinhe gierthk yo >> a lofhappy falia ng h d's stin woacwhur ss mayloanotr waas yck yam.
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ch is ek re refive on yo all thmoney spent on march madness brackets adds up to big bucks. the american gamisocin tite bon on ncaa games this year. abou40 million peop filled out 70 million brackets. the ncaa bets are mo than double the money people spend on sports gambling in nevada where itegald itmo$6 bi spt gaio hea siificant sh intituou 'scaa tournt chriclm tellwhit's shift thatuld leofor r:o ma e mebeing pl ad toe fithxt
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ke s take oday d idt two days thtont jus watch sketball for 14 straight hours each day. >> so yofeel hike you are -- like air part of the game. >> reporter: even advertise ares are now awe're that watching at work is the new norm. if not tuned in into streaming video at least checking scores online. >> people are going to take their time out of their day to watch the teams that they enjoy rooting for. >> reporter: time out that means productivity during march madness will again this year slip. >> a lot of people take off or even managers, vps, senior -- a lot of people are taking off watching the game. >> but analysts say efforts to suppress the madness could hurt employee morale and loyalty and say fighting it might backfire. a lot of businesses have just
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>> kind of a company kum tradition. we come out first day of the tournament, hang out, watch the game. kind of a tradition so we enjoy it. >> better yet, allow viewing at the office as another method to at least treat the madness. chris clackum, nbc news. >> duke is getting ready to play its next game in providence, rhode island. we'll have a report in the next half hour. a lot of big upsets yesterday so i don't know. >> it's march, right. >> they're already tearing up the brackets. >> we have to report it owe we have to have the tvs on to be able to watch. >> it is research. >> you can't avoid these games. >> not at all. great weather today too. >> it was even better than
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>> we had least 70 degrees out at rdu. tomorrow and sunday not going to look anything like today. we have the arrival of spring officially on sunday and it is the earliest arrival of spring since 1936. an unsettled weekend. both days look wet but saturday way be the wetter of the two. we could see some sprinkles around on sunday. it looks like the shifting of the rain would be saturday night. watching for a frost or freeze painly tuesday morning but it may just hover around 32. that would be a very, very light freeze so we may not have as much to worry about. we'll talk more about that in the coming days. it will be much cooler late week, next week. we are talking about temperatures being in the upper 107 by thursday and friday of next week. duke baseball about to take on unc at 6:00 tonightment the plays are already out at the field. this is the durham skycam
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i'll be live with weather starting at 4:00 that afternoon. hopefully we'll have some good weather for that event. 72 and looking good out at the airport. relative humidity, 23%. the air is very dry. the atmosphere will moisten up quickly overnight tonight and we do expect rain tomorrow. temperatures in the 60s locally. 68 at roxboro and south hill. what a beautiful day and the dew points are low. dew point 32 at the you're port. 30 at fayetteville. we briefly started with the clouds this morning. they moved out. we are looking at spectacular sunshine this afternoon. we have a few areas of mess to talk about. one, along the gulf coast for the stationary frontal boundary taking off thunderstorms, some of which could become severe with the potential for hail once again. and a couple of fronteddal boundaries moving through the upper great lakes and the ohio valley. this fronted will eventually sweep down to the south and east. all of this moisture will be picked up and brought our way
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we'll watch for an area of low pressure to develop off coast and move to the northeast. throw a lot of moisture back inland into the cold air. it is quite possible northeast could be looking at quite a bit of snow. we'll take a closer look at that coming up in the next half hour. here is the potential for severe weather this evening. the yellow is what we callen elevated risk. maybe an isolated tornado. the threat is very, very small for that. tomorrow, the threat for thunderstorms shifts to the east t would be georgia, alabama and northern florida that would have a marginal risk for severe weather. strong storms with damaging winds, perhaps some heavy rain but no severe weather. we talked about this yesterday. we will not see any severe weather out of this event this weekend. futurecast, clear this evening. overnight we'll see the clouds build. as we start tomorrow morning, we should begin with either an overcast or mostly cloudy skies. i think futurecast is really underdoing the amount of rain we'll see around here tomorrow afternoon and in the overnight
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our forecast by 8:00, feeling pretty good. 60 at that point. overnight hoes will be in the 40s. 48 in raleigh. -- overnight lows will be in the 40s. more cloud cover overnight. we'll have light winds. tomorrow more than, we wake one some sprinkles perhaps, cloudy skies, 50 by 8:00 a.m. 57 here in the triangle. 62 in goldsboro. let's check out the rainfall probability because this tells us the story about what we expect tomorrow afternoon. notice how the rainfall probabilities really ramp up. that is why we are talking about tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night to be quite wet and for sunday, the rainfall probability drop off once we tart the day and very little going on now during the afternoon. both days will be rather chilly but it's quick warm-up. 70s by wednesday. upper 70s to near 80 thursday and friday and flirting with freezing on tuesday morning. it may not be all that bad. >> it will feel bad but it
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>> just sleep late. >> thank you. we are bald eagle watch. coming up in what's trending,
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in washington, d.c. major league baseball player chris bryant played a joke on mesa community college. in a video produced by red bull, he posed as a european transfer student trying to earn a spot on the baseball team. he was quickly exposed after he hit home run after home run in batting practice. they said wait a minute. >> they thought they had it made. they're like yeah, we got this guy on our team. >> he signed autographs for the guys. it was a lot of fun. >> i guess they didn't recognize him. >> i guess if you are a rookie, maybe not one of the more popular players. >> probably thinking wow, this guy is great. >> i bet they're like we're going to have a great season. >> when i see a magic trick and i'm fascinated by it, i'm like wow look at that. take a look at this. this little guy had his mind
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magician throwed him a card trick at the zoo. he's like really, what happened? then when he shows the card again, he is like -- >> that is hilarious. i am just enthralled by this. where did the card go? >> and when the card comes back, he actually reaches out. >> that is amazing. i think my face looks like that too. >> he had his mind blown. >> he looks so bored and all of a sudden, the card disappeared. >> he was concentrating. >> whatever. >> the eyebrows go up. >> so they are paying attention to us. y. >> i love that. havea new baby to celebrate. one of the eggs in the bald eagle's nest, we as a nation, the bald eagle's nest at national arboretum, we have been watching this for days. one of the the eggs hatched this morning in washington, d.c. the eaglet this afternoon
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and its par end was attempting to feed it pieces of fish. i could just watch this all day. it is mesmerizing. we are waiting for the second egg to hatch. >> both of the eagles in the nest right now. >> helping feed the babies i don't that is a lot of meat. >> yes, it is. good protein. >> wake up. >> you can't stop watching that. nature in action. >> we'll have links to these videos on facebook. let us know if there is a topic we should include. coming up, how candidates are stepping up their efforts to defeat republican frontrunner, donald trump. >> how protesters are trying to stop the deportation of a high
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>> and a a durham high school student is scheduled to be deported to honduras sunday. immigration officials took william acosta into custody in january as part of an effort to target teenagers would recently crossed into texas from mexico. >> there is an effort under way to keep this student in the country. >> reporter: you can see that effort right here behind me. a number of protestors out here in downtown durham.
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for the exact reasons that you just described. i'll get out of the way so you can see the gathering out here behind me. they are in support of the 19- year-old student at riverside high in durham set to be deported sunday. the group has gathered on the steps outside the office of congressman gk butterfield. they are begging him to step in and keep acosta in the u.s. it was back in late january as you mentioned, the teenager was on his way to school when he was picked up by ice agents. he entered the united states as an unaccompanied minor. he is fighting his deportation back to honduras. accost, his family and friends feel, if he is deported he could be harmed or killed by gangs. educators from around the state are also in the group. friend, people that knew him from school, people that do not know this teenager at all are out here in support of him. they plan on keeping the pressure on. they only have a couple of days to try to keep this teenager
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coming una little later on our 6:00 news, you will hear from some of the people in this crowd. a man is recovering after accidentally setting himself on fire during a high school pep rally in florida. rickey charms says he has been eating fire for dozens years and has never had an accident until now. charles said he tried an ask sell ranted he hadn't used before. cell phone video captures the moment that everything went wrong. charles was rushed tohoitalsecond-dre to his hd,arm lf. he says he iay and atis wio . >>ketha all ies mi wishfansi'ment i'm ninto doing is my life. to e hoafter eathing dustthretiui. >>see poreleed on used anonrtcobain
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e mereke last ju. isperuby copioristh s rderd t n medowntoide id >>toe trl, thefoisftwest onanidahr grabs ne esday os ay anle the onners towards tin ore reports hill intoantrp something inmmrighnoea h not unat dlead or be isdeg naayers port g esidenoba mswhliitis t moatto close nk hiy clinton. ha pardvict grit throid tee pest wirewi hirtun ae decratic
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pelew telly can co o. rep s inng reicarlor titounsethr frtrr,d trp. heest way s ge uny tiet rt: eypuumt john kicep ashowins hheconssu nd uzhio a. heone e e erane re ifnycaatcl 50of thesy, wi te l.ian mobc >>8 des arupr abs. p h ugt that ma. am ng ibasund
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ced u. ngd with nelateip thth nati lea isrerning to cubaor p oma icit. >>a warninabt l oniccahat thsays ne totoyolf
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k it how ma epu'akmighspyo ketisnd 0 real>>you have a la, op itedik saythmp tog bu insidged.d lamp ik or a full a t of wall streete dow s&thpory f 16. heree osnumb doed ints. thsdaq ou e s&p dethy ne. a ly reveing in ing a loofn. itdoest ntain acme l x ise at ing machench thgete umsealght from stntmo than e ug first al ths ago butche who ida ba isng clt pluto.
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w horizon spacecraft theyhoplut as jagglines and ft slopsabel plo round os that pe s rrrmremathe et peave ace temperminu 30 illis wet not that couniofor and germ shatdisareat sea weeks ago.luas psudefter fag f thboat r r was rkg on. vylu nd off cot shghbauternewas outoen tu. s frieckdog ng foan amazinunio look at aiwain docota
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endo anwhate r past fivweeks.>> thit wa anshfound so esh wa >> in >> just credible. >> is movie e. coloooksen just for kids anymore. >>ment cog up, dr. alan mask explains the purpose of coloring books for adults. >> this scene is colored with nice greens and in reds and some pinks. we have pansies. these are our wral gardens. we were out there earlier this week because we had plenty of sunshine. this may not be the place you want to hang out this weekend because we have clouds, rain and cooler weather.
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seeing snow this weekend. we could for the stop watcng t le inlet up shingt, d. w showis picture. -- the litthe isom itedkeorshe s riosedt oks alst suea is delivecte e ttleaglet. >> the litbrr or has go >>s otherighxt im r.aingr
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>> tiscu. aneertacce thnguecte. e eawhat itar exrimentworkon a seccin fes worl rents ste prescriponro chil. eaore than dr need ge eatmr cial ing intodinethmaty ofdicine pare pant. >> cong bo en paofch'sliveras. whle cldha all th >> ror tto dereg be d'pl lo bks ws,marks ors isa hot
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ts. think ita thtimi needing kind ofbr d thk that wh cong do. dech from ever rnththwas ti w wekidsy ds greabefore you grab your son or daughter's coloring book, there is manage you should know. >> adult coloring books are raddically different from children's coloring books in that they are incredibly intricate and complicated. >> reporter: those small spaces require fore focus, concentration and dexterity. it is meant to help you focus and relax. remember, coloring shouldn't be stressful. you might think of relaxation as a time alone in a quiet dark room but it turns out there may be benefits to coloring with friends. >> there is a whole social aspect where people will gather and color. what is amazing is you can focus on coloring but yet you can be social and talking. >> >> reporter: no matter what
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coloring is personal to you. >> it is also a way to express your own creativity. also, get yourself some quality pencils. >> reporter: dr. alan mack. >> i like to doodle, not necessarily color but now, maybe i'll do that. >> i liked to color back in the day. >> you have colorful maps in there. >> i love drawing and getting creative. it is a relaxing thing even though our job can be stressful. theps. around here, nothing stressful about our weather today. looking oh, so fine but if you are a fa the cold weather, let's go out west and look at loveland, colorado and and unfortunately lynda is not here to talk about it. snow is finally falling in loveland. many people headed to the ski area there to enjoy the snow. they got more than two feet of snow in the last couple of days, which is more than the town had in the last two months.
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around for a couple of days as warmer weather is set to return in the next week. even our mountains are expecting a little bit of snow this weekend during the day on sunday. let's look at the numbers first and then we'll dive into what is happening nationwide. we should be in the 50s and 60s tomorrow. so jackets would be in order to the day on saturday and also on sunday. not quite as warm and not write at all over the weekend. so what is growing on. let's put the jet stream to the map and the storm system we are watching for the weekend is coming together. we have energy to the south and west an little pieces are moving along the gulf coast helping to develop these showers and storms. this is the main energy we'll watch for the weekend. it is an upper level low that will dive down to the south and east and deliver a cold front and help that area of low pressure develop off the coast, track to the northeast and bring a lot of moisture to north carolina and also to the northeast producing snow across new england. we'll look at the snow potential coming up. it is big thunderstorms with the potential for hail. snow falling across the plains. there are no winter weather
4:49 pm
there are some advisories in effect. freeze warnings and freeze watches for parts of missouri getting into oklahoma and also arkansas. the potential is for temperatures in the mid-20s about 30 in this region. the growing season is just starting and they are already getting freeze warning as cross the area. things are starting to bloom like they are around here so this is going to damage what has already started to blossom. there is some activity in denver. 27 their current temperature. and you jump out of the system and you head into the warm are air with 57 in atlanta. 72 out at rdu. this is futurecast. as we go through time, we expect the clouds to develop around here overnight. tomorrow more than, we anticipate waking up to either overcast or mostly cloudy skies. i believe futurecast is underdoing the coverage of rain we'll see around here during the afternoon tomorrow. we'll see the rain continue overnight saturday into sunday morning as you see here and then has that area of low pressure starts to crank up offshore and move to the northeast, we'll be left with
4:50 pm
verile rain. all that blue you see is snow that will occur and you are talking about philadelphia getting up to new york city and newark. let's take a look at the snowfall potential. our mountains could be looking at a little bit of snow. maybe between 3 and 6 inches in the higher elevations. up to the northeast, maybe up to 1/2 a foot. if you are heading up to the northeast, be prepared for some delays especially flying into the major cities. 60 for us this evening. 48 overnight. for the planner tomorrow, do not expect sunshine. do not expect it to be warm. expect some rain especially in the afternoon. temperatures will hover in the 50s t will be cooler on sunday, upper 40s to perhaps mid-50s with about 51 in the triangle with a smaller chance for rain. monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week look absolutely gorgeous.
4:51 pm
but next week ends warm. 708 thursday. 78 on friday. that morning low on tuesday we were worried about maybe seeing a harder freeze, maybe now just around 32 which would be a light freeze so things that are blooming may not be debbi jarvised. >> for the farmers, that is good news. unc and duke are getting ready for round two in the ncaa tournament. >> mandy mitchell is following
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4:54 pm
she will join us live south ate gaston county woman faces charges for keeping her children out of school for years. jennifer elam is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. her three children now ranging in age from 13 to 16 have not been to school for thannehbeyr y suggt wh happening neoor.
4:55 pm
pd thtds and se li e regur, ay orily. fflswog to e bain scho. > yod kevis an clean-up ow tehed ing tr. e cln morrowmorning f a dgrow hill. >>ttg frin poinisea ts toapps on your phone budrai your p'sw,heu ar jaa ho trip away from home you can use apps without losing data. this app gets information from the gps service called tom tom. one of of the biggest benefits is the way the app stores a lot of information and uses less memory on your device. the app is free to ios, android, windows phone and kindle. gone are the days of searching through the yellow
4:56 pm
but would you be surprised to know they are still in circulation. most end up in the recycling bin. a segment of the population still relies to them for information. a group that represents publishers says about 50% of people who use the books look up businesses. that includes people who may not be very tech savvy such as senior citizens being even low income individuals. the ncaa tournament continues and local teams had a day to practice and get ready for round two. >> we are discovering both unc and duke. mandy mitchell joins us now live. >> reporter: gerald, rather windy here in lovely providence. we are looking forward to getting back inside the arena where duke is working out. they are not only getting ready for a game tomorrow with yale
4:57 pm
it was 36 years ago today that he was hired to coach the blue devils. it turned out to be a great decision to both sides. to put into perspective just how long coach k has been at duke, we asked his player to picture the year 1980. >> i don't really remember the '90s. i was born in '95 so it seems like it was a really lop time ago. >> black and white definitely. for me, black and white. >> no, it wasn't black and white on march 18th, 1980. >> reporter: the name isn't as big a stumper 36 years and national championships late jordan i never would have realized all the great things that would happen for us as a program. but again, when you are with really good people in a good neighborhood like the acc, stuff happens and thank goodness most it was has been great stuff for us.
4:58 pm
has been a coach here if so long and if me only being a sophomore, i'm such a small part of that. ttswith a good hire. i don't think they knew how good a job they did when they hired him but it was a good hire. >> reporter: of course, coach k can try to add to that great resume he has built over the 36 years tomorrow when took takes on yale. tipoff is here in providence at approximately 2:40 tomorrow afternoon. guys, i don't know about you. i feel rather old when the guys on the basketball team are saying it was black and white back in 1908. >> black and white what? >> well, it is all relative, mandy. coach k look great after all these years. looks like he hasn't ageed a minute in 36 years. thank you. >> can you imagine duke without coach k? >> no. >> i just can't. north carolina will play providence tomorrow night around 9:40. the tarheels overcame a
4:59 pm
to beat florida gulf coast. carolina is 32-1 now maying ncaa tournament games in north carolina. >> in a neutral site game to have the crowd be heavily tilted in your favor kind of turns it into almost like a home game for us. so it is good to have our carolina faithful behind us and hopefully we give them something to cheer about like we did in the second half as opposed to the first half. >> kind after neutral site but still here in the triangle. later in sports, the tarheels discuss how they plan to use the way they played in the first half last night moving forward in the tournament. it was only a one-point game at half time. so close. >> ncaa tournaments. thank you for joining us here at 4:00. >> the news continues on wral at 5:00. right now on wral, an hours long raid in belgium leads to the arrest of a man wanted in connection to the november paris attack joz how north carolinians are helping people
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mississippi who have lost everything in devastating floods. >> it is adoption day here in sanford. your chance to get a pet just like this one that was rescued prosecute rt haven in hoke county. i'll have the story coming up. after a day like today, it is hearted to imagine rain and temperatures near freezing are coming soon. >> i'm deborah morgan. >> i'm gerald owens in for david crabtree. greg fishel is in the weather center to plain how soon the cold air will arrive. >> the good news is the rain and the freezing temperatures will not occur at the same time so we don't have to worry about that or anything like ice. just two days ago, it was 90 degrees in new bern and 88 in greenville. this weekend will be in stark contrast too that. here a look at the durham skycam. beautiful day today. nothing to complain about. hard to imagine that things are going to be so different tomorrow and sunday. as you can see here, most areas


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