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tv   WRAL News Saturday  NBC  March 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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wet nt fattevlelira. gngtt t nhashs h oferso the nonaea still ha a xtl ho keep thearandy. on to the next weather headline, the temperatures. it has been warm to the south where they were in the 70s, now in the 60. but only in the 40s up to the north. we'll talk about the first day of spring later. state house leaders say they are hoping to return to raleigh to overturn charlotte's controversial non- discrimination bathroom ordinance. the council passed the law
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choose the bathroom that aligns with their identity. leaders say they're considering a proposal that would ban local governments from passing non- discrimination ordinances or living wage ordinances. a man and woman are in custody after a barricade situation. they say the couple was arguing when the woman's father arrived. during the dispute the father was shot in the stomach. he was taken to wake med. we are working to find out more on his condition. we did speak to one neighbor who witnessed the ordeal. >> i was like nervous. i hope it wasn't too serious. but i saw multiple cop cars. it wasn't g. >> the woman eventually came out of the apartment on her own. both the woman and man were taken into custody. police haven't said if any charges will be filed. new evidence brought top investigators back to the scene
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shot and killed a 24-year-old man last month. candace sweat is live with the latest developments on the story. >> reporter: katherine, the reason this bullet hole in question is so important is because if it turns out to be from the officer's gun, that, of course, brings into question where the shooting actually happened. as it turns out, investigators say the bullet hole in the house is not related to the shooting death. the people inside the home will be included in the full investigation. derkz nkins was shot and killed by an officer on february 29th. at the time, officer twitty was
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a preliminary report said he struggled with denkins to make the arrest and in that process he was shot. a statement reads, we are grateful for the state's quick response to our request to check out this hole. holmes said they have not had the opportunity to see what the investigators saw when they examined that bullet hole inside the house, and they tell us they would still like to know the state's position on the family's request to actually sit down with officer twitty and question him face to face about the day he killed denkins. >> candace sweat, thank you. mass adoption event in sanford turned out to be wildly successful. all 524 adoptable cats and dogs went to loving homes. more than 770 people showed up to the final adoption event today. yesterday more than 2500 people showed up to find a potential pet.
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major ordering operation earlier this year. 12 people, all from the raleigh area, had a microphone, a stage, and 18 minutes to inspire a crowd today. they were selected to present a ted talk in raul lee. ted talks are videos of people sharing great ideas, and they've become an internet phenomenon. bryan mims was there and shares the story. >> give him a round of applause! >> reporter: we all yen for a good story and for a big idea and for our jaded eyes to be opened. we all yearn to be awed. >> what is jason's big idea? >> my big idea was about how to manufacture fascination. >> reporter: what jason means is, quit job hopping, thrill seeking, and alcohol drinking to find stimulation. >> what if there's a way to do that as a conscious day, moment by moment choice, as opposed to
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outside of us to be sparked. >> reporter: you can watch it in a few weeks on the ted talk youtube chapel. >> how cool is it to be a ted talk presenter? >> you have to bleep me out if i really told you how cal it is. it's amazing. as a speaker, it's something that's always been a dream to do. >> reporter: not just anybody can walk onto the ted stage and give a talk. hundreds of talkers applied to have the stage. they underwent a rigorous screening process, and then there were 12. kevin schneider organized this local ted talk. >> these talks, you never know where they might go. in these talks today, we feel they could go viral. that's the power of ted. it's the power of the internet. >> reporter: that's the power of good story telling. here, each story has a theme, something called wonderlust. >> it immediately brings up
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he energetic creatively imagining child. >> everybody has been brilliant. everybody can have an impact. don't be afraid to share it. >> reporter: wonderlust. no, it's not in the dictionary, but it should be. >> those are fascinating talks. if you've never seen one, you should check it out. ted stands for technology, entertainment, and design. today's speakers included a high school student, a radiologist, and a ceo. well, still ahead, we will check the tone in cuba just ahead of the presidential visit with a new warning from the cdc.
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say happened during a deadly emergency workers are continuing to search around a russian airport where a plane crash killed all 62 people on board. investigators say the plane circled the airport for two hours then crashed on landing. the cockpit voice recorder has been found intact. russian investigators have ruled out terrorism but continue to look at technical issues, severe weather, and human error as possible causes of the crash. well, the mood is hopeful in cuba. final preparations underway for president obama's visit. he arrives on the island tomorrow, seven months after the u.s. flag was raised above the u.s. embassy. cuban residents have been expressing hope for the future of u.s.-cuban relations and the possibility of lifting the trade embargo.
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majority vote in congress. wral's leyla santia is returning to cuba to cover the historic visit. just as president obama is set for that historic trip to cuba the cdc issue ising a travel warping concerning the zika virus. you could catch the virus by traveling to the country. it is now one of several cups in the caribbean and latin america with zika travel warnings. president obama says the virus so far has not been a travel in his travel plans and it likely won't be in the future. when air force one lands in cuba sunday it will be the first time a sitting u.s. president has entered the country in nearly nine years. coming up after days of enjoying sunshine and warmth, it felt good, the rain returns, with much cooler air. meteorologist aimee wilmoth
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keep umping on this saturday night, charged with murder. the dramatic new details tonight on how the suspect in the deadly paris bombing attacks was finally tracked down and captured as the french try to bring him back to face trial. deadly crash. searching for answers in russia after a boeing 737 crashes and breaks apart on landing in bad weather killing all 62 people on board. arizona battleground. ahead of tuesday's primary, we are out with the protesters who are blocking traffic and chaining themselves to cars in the ground war to try to stop trump. road less traveled. why so many teenagers are deciding to wait before getting a driver's license. putting off a rite of passage. "nightly news" begins now.


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