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tv   Today  NBC  March 20, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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whatom > grng. l-ou brawl, violenceak ad p crally yariz ne arst.or tan is >> wt was goughy ndasrs o your pic movemeasotn thent wh you m g toea inside olly. p' cn wa io c torab es ishe race s an wee theampaig isg. >rivisi prenba sorr i ba lertoda firy ng pre nrl 0 at ieaor wa foe. terrifying crash. a rac car drir walks away
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the auralian grand prix. >> and oh look how farit's gone! >> amazingly bothrivers doing okay this morning a being able to get out of those cars on their own. and t eags kisunday moing, ele numr hatched. all rem tgle' nee l camer tu tuns tention. l bie y,suay,arch 2t6. >> aro nws this i "ivro rza>> totohis ay morn mein. i'mines dydrer ericas enjin t mning da ov t sgs wreg up >>isheat o t ursraig.
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moments 3ashe wedc hatchstery. e inthell nakeme easutow wh >> you b ery? idi id. i'm getting -- was gting ups thr t ni opleng m off,en a brk,he d sn teg, erybys bnged appreatvebon rtasotteoo on tsag cnd uptinghese tt. ac t eles a r our top srysmorn d filh ot ve atrum nge' heang f onf m inhe es asn tson morng. gomorn reptehentinf mmdete, w ru a tedpent ot o tnt. that prostunch
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t m his oy tho w to pis and s itas wor it. thng is olenseen nowinevitableor o ps do trumpy. >> t isgug put tuxlanat. reporter: incson,ne otester ite h ouehd b saers attackeyan in the teunched and cked.what ioind? >> pte yr head. at toud put your oou hese p veme hothe pe mto d iny. m [ bep ] kit g i tf
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>>orhitrs ca lking m ke ay, bi tne an mul theng . the frontunnernwhi pingis t onimgratio ,sou h a g,igroemll imgrn. te k issue onre joe aai dovrwe rli h. orts growinate. millions in adoneyst uh beyo an rts of100 dp p camigedy the er porhmense caain momney nowticr >> rep toehind tcampaign >> reporte iutah cruz ver p, diultd, john tellingd he esiden nrcumstance
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>>ter: andrump suorr whoea arrest positionhica es the gs ons groer,er and m oaniz than >> ju. huodbc poli ct mediator othpr" ning toyou. sp the lasthr w variou pfent to atrumrall in you wednesday,k d t o t support for dd ioeere. buhe bnghe y, they makse announcentou protte they to g of the y. whningt sies? tnk y c'telput i itedcandac ignite mething.
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warnings aheopf t ll but, ynois t cdawhen hs rlieshi y c't h say, iis m. s hping tke t h aiencend en- iurha viroster who waoes ihe s vient ink i- thie s scatio thatak et the of ey,he c hlf isroblno -escale. ooad t ntest ontuesy, is dog weln ara,z d wah ccdi theew yor tit he wco nprilh, g leusingat wn they' t do dla t s trp. noukbo thisat theoryere a how rea wo? we the- you hit eon dnow howoi ey heot fed-
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whoreirg strategy st um butheat anydytsnify ar theres rea i t antiphy t ingt hasowed uz te cical timpvee. 's ttosy to totopp. 'sting idplac buseo m o the money ople sany sersndublicans t s- thinksruunectable asp,o oit. that's an-tampa g f the ound. >> reallre, k, eonfirmationateor cour nomee mri gadw, we mikek th tre whoas itheecon bdf e flica y, we sul g ta arg. is thishe o orsll v dea t ouowo
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he the r sor iowa he's the guychgee judicimmte c sede cfirm ie ces abepor -electn. ifrtngut a he s f vule i, th, cr iou merricketa ife politafe m onhe n nfmationeangont, rlan will net hein ck t y'l sor "me t s,nsi,he two-te gnoio wng k'sts. ba will cuba thi aernor an stiresi ncere is a l ohein ng thic itels i oat , >> rep goo e. ju arating the u. cuba,n a yoi nct u. he
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an t tsn stoi ihe s'reship,fferiffe thphewo clo neighbs caig oanar t e of ten hioric site house seo, of o full s with of ba's bes comere cold ife the rusted y,uthe 21tu i ving alee. hi s in am presidt o mang bri chr. bing c , sll boud, to inera' the nr 77tar. ghtsso
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chan cly unishingar takes conlift 's t a my of obamvert pva vest>>ceaksoas notrk iteor a new ch. ter: an ecedented, censorsp twoouriesived sce ca rio h wa shareason ba. ident omal t cuational team pla a bays aa w ruleha cll cubanor tml thouhao fect 10 o y reh tms i u busis areti jled io not. fing uliti of thema diac
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presidenres tohi cdr, uc wadsuth eer ideas ahedo at, ma ha don by e ti, cunffic t of the uemrgo. esidtbama graldeti buneeallchndba issart a charm ofnsivredees will mak reliope pernenteinelle. an mind, lester ht llro havana tonitbc ws we'reearnuc me bo t sritt aomng pl oyayn sei smo sty um. >>epr:hey, ood mog. an he, the i still a ftmergen
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wh he. you t fir time pee w scered. nondest graildi incrlee w ilat. now h sgrs dlockedup jt a to waou notowed a a oetlo oners. 'reg d aut isverehere.eol ohurshe was f f hisbrhe w was one ofhecimbers. eamnd friendsad their c pnenf ap thatel licedence t led here. andlam too hbeen acingo f ecutor talbout hisinin hid dve someheboers, sang hid planakt he k o uth of fra wre ar w ,g, saying tod at itll ? eermany, m thousan
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thatsaenou een even >>far, far irns inbelgiuke,yo >> t t wther n fiayf there in th misew y snowda so. rr bs. thimoing,e' g seaer around120 tonigh t our besthanc no soueastern mahutt thoou ellow ienalew rsey we ve wte w adso. we ati goi s som. it is nogo tt mu acss sthern masshu bk trhisland isndsheee ghertotals. i trms isafooyo see a spoyshs. intonit,ig roughenaln n rs. tinue theergheee t sill ,ecllrn la,hodeslndutasrnmaachu now,hirm atle he tstll hier total in
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isng tta eugho ea nantuck. th w s o hesn so cse toap a is helpse mxi we she tal inhrhe d foghasto nsel husetts. prid wil sno as ll n lg isld d 6 to bseis clor to seetixg ouoss d.on, 6o 8ch e track ise ttf urer,e' s ghalnterior masssoho id tr rhode land feall esrnt >> il irasin a marin was kihree heir tp camettac b ifi itapne whe fed roth
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iqi s. >>eis wpp his serv nhe rug crisis, urgg p t acks it e hav w eang u se tn hf thet mbers agra p aas1. miioowers,ackihem inessha 2hours.>> nrl two hig ba playeucky t alive tornihe ho bus t ole he sfn iia in thi snother driver cont of tca aer spil a drinkn hef. sheidespe tou er vel o vehicss 29 ppl wernus the tincng tyernd co ererriut evyonen boardexo oka
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ath,ng o o umin the area multipesnt fe aatchnce h tusary. amin bhve ao waaw >> bas nantchdnes oftoday. rdvy pu q t snte du bluedels. gsameroayeh t pu weeois in the mite t qukies ug. th h t wi eplingalhey be cneic bei an b newm fen and colleellene ittateost -5 eyept it close f ldd td t bu toe yourket. nog inne ne ancrs mus. > nooubt fs lin
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diht than pl i k. n dynase om >> is emadnes b ain time forfa s videoha w v othop pr tor telo ksour hear or o yogt a ain. reot ofeopl tvacolo fryed, ose nse tttoo all o th terr es, ir do theentucky crngne exehe v fte long lttw easily vno piccologipl thrgh rs lkchamp. thopho j on'tnoha i wou in siio tod f too ec a y
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with jmy. ywatcng, maybe k,ean inve ktuy pla ayewe. ay d i thi theco meyi. eoeealiow inrye e bhe . ot jtuys o t ody is invold g. >>ckfo. >> so c ohera ,no to theforecast w omearting toevop wh ts syst thaovyoee tes aosnoastern nth havhors or tou fl weavtl weat that realloe'tav ooherm goin tevophrough heis. est, wveth
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rn who lot of >>ck we ch owg on thk u,dy >ptn "dachec baberwohere we'l t eagcam. thtivahent ig aers.e whataladsi th ls. iikedto mreh myr c s by aivinwh'th m lyli.
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es in an etoen d i ma l . . . . . . anllgireacon chs g, rash, ify youe ofeatis as sere schaiatno ay any yourack,wiwimi u veptomof thyce h may lump orlling youck
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menekey h ms,whh d e. yr ut medic con and anci tarulicityh onur oli incroufor loblood su commonide ctcle us, di, ming, seappe,in e effes hyaty cae ey. wi tty, i k vat' youhelp improving your a1c and blood sugambers with a n-insulin ask your doctor about onceeekly trulicity. and clicto activate your wit we's oneear guartee onlants mes anne can he a autiful rden. finally,omethingn thisd aseautifs me. enjoy. now gerennialsnd green oil 4 fo$10 ate's. we're back with a live look
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mama eagle keeping a close eye on her babies this morning. here is the update. the second eaglet called dc 3. >> dc 1 was last season. >> right. >> dc 3. thank you for that perspective there, dylan. hatched around 7:00 this morning and everybody is captivated by this. >> we should dispatch you down to d.c. >> i'm not getting near that mama eagle. she will take my finger off. >> the first egg hatched friday. we showed you that egg. that is known as dc 2, mom and dad known as mr. president and the first lady, and have another baby, the aforementioned dc 1 that hatched last -- >> i don't like it. sounds too robotic. >> i think it will get a name eventually. >> look at that. look at that. >> so the second one that was born this morning not as strong as the first one that has been around for a couple of days, been eating fish. >> #eaglename. folks can send in --
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>> forget it. >> we really care. >> go ahead. >> we got to move on. >> i hope that -- >> #eaglename. there it is. >> still to come -- >> i'm going to submit dylan. >> no stopping a 14-year-old rock climber. soash baards a shwe saynecessy cox. ling whereou cann bocash b.. thhose ps chanvery femonths.. pl. time got th quicksr card fm capil one. ksilverns younlimi1.5% cback on eve purchas everye. esn't gemuch ser thhat. wh in yourallet?re's atle hey ad. ke car whatkes yoyou. no d moisturing bo wash lotion activturalsat. ed togr, theovide he noument r beaul althieoking . avee
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scared now. >> yeah, ye. good, dylan. >> now i don't know what to do. >> you're good. >> how do i get down? >> don't fall on her. >> the top of the wall. >> fall on the little girl. our trusted meteorologist dylan tests her rock climbing skills. if you look closely, you're doing that without a rope. >> it is called callboulderings. >> dylan will introduce us to the 14-year-old sensation breaking records for rock climbing around the world, or bouldering. >> yes. she's amazing. you got to see that. >> how is this the first day of spring? it is freezing outside? do we have a wonderful crowd on rockefeller plaza on this sunday, march 20th? >> a lovely crowd.
9:31 am
>> folks from brazil, from south carolina. >> a lot of birthdays this morning as well. >> frequent birthday stop. >> birthdays and hi, moms, the most popular posters. >> always got to say hi to mom. >> let's look at what is making headlines on this sunday morning, more violence at donald trump's rally with one arrest after the huge fight at a rally in tucson, arizona, saturday. meanwhile, new reports this morning of a 100 day stop trump campaign led by some republican leaders. >> mark zuckerberg took time out in beijing to sit down with china china's propaganda chief. it comes at a time when china holds a tight authority over internet use in the country. facebook and other social media outlets are banned there. lights out saturday night at some of this country's biggest landmarks, places like the empire state building, billboards in times square, the i've eiffel tower and others turned
9:32 am
honor of earth hour, an annual event that raises awareness about climate change. and silicon valley buzzing this weekend, holding its own version of comic con. this is the brain child of steve wozniak. olivia sterns talked to him about comic con and the battle with the federal government over their refusal to unlock iphone. >> welcome to comic con. >> reporter: superheroes, villains, even storm troopers all descending on silicon valley this weekend as comic con converges here for the first time ever. all thanks to this man. >> we're going to show up with technology that goes along with pop culture, enjoy the show. >> reporter: for steve wozniak, co-founder of apple, hosting the festival in his hometown, a dream come true. >> three days. >> get off my tail. >> what do you think is the technology that is going to
9:33 am
next five years? >> recently i've been playing with virtual reality and i think that's going to be the winner because it just takes you into new worlds. >> reporter: we couldn't ignore the real life controversy at apple, their refusal to help the fbi unlock the san bernardino shooters' iphone. >> what if there is something on that phone that could help possibly prevent another terrorist attack? how do you reconcile that with your views on civil liberty? >> this is not the way to think about life. all the bill of rights was against the what ifs. it said you have the fourth amendment, you are to have good strong evidence of what you'll find and that is really going on there before you can penetrate it. >> reporter: that debate over privacy versus security rages in the valley, the focus here at comic con is on fun. woz's partner in crime for the weekend, stan lee, creator of marvel comics. >> my favorite character probably of the comic characters
9:34 am
>> reporter: he says technology is finally catching up with him. >> the minute something happens that you read about in the paper, that a technical advancement, somebody will say, oh, i read that in one of stan's stories months ago. >> reporter: also at the show, celebs who play heroes on the screen. even william shatner. >> brainiacs here are -- got a lot of their imagination from science fiction. >> reporter: the woz himself a huge fan of captain kirk. you feel technology gives you super powers? >> absolutely. oh, my gosh what you do, that's what we did with computers from the personal computers on, you could do more than you ever could as a person. >> reporter: olivia sterns, nbc news, san jose. >> you know what craig is doing now? he's hanging out with this woman in a bathing suit, out on the plaza. >> anyone who wears that outfit deserves to be on television. >> at least you have something underneath.
9:35 am
>> first day of spring anyway. >> well, happy spring, speaking of, and it is going to be warm out in the southwest. temperatures actual little be running about 20 degrees above average. phoenix should make that to 92 degrees today. las vegas, about 88. pasadena, california, 78. even up across the northern rockies, and into the northern plains, temperatures running about 15 degrees above average. highs today well up into the 50s and 60s. we have rain that is going to basically hit the coast from seattle to portland down through medford, oregon, reading, california, where we could end up with one to three inches of rain. a storm making its way to new england, massachusetts to down east maine, that's where we see prap perhaps 6 to 8 inches, tonight into tomorrow morning.
9:36 am
commuting across new england . and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you. up next our sunday stories from a 14-year-old breaking barriers as she climbs her way to great heights to the woman behind a new tattoo movement that's making people of all ages feel cool again. >> i have four of them. no, i don't. we'll take you to this historic playhouse where many actors got their start.
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olou dmewo tcwithnd butsh shirsh wontions an nords a over t worl met with ashron ulrs i yorkhe s taug angtwo abou just 14ol shshi ihe ck c ithe wod. thewa, hav th ius >> ahe c al wld from tex to n.wh yth ieg clighe ias6. eopl cint sord and in tehecies in po clebode>>g ilmt l ing a pu. u he tbo how you' goi t eac >> rorte cheing fromheside hoa ddad. docl etim iclb. te she
9:41 am
arlo the cs a uo m than5t trounnd only brang you,ma wn osi >>avn soanti and somim ahi omethisimib, dhendelt it ss >>orhe lsge b 0 16 sies andha asthe emalever ea bd e'ne twi ve we, ambs sta i shape. es new oicsnn, wheromblu heir. tli, mreme -s exci >>epr:ecedt was time tivld try, who betrn aima shhe lacf. t me shou?
9:42 am
d yo g to thep. r:n ce mrn >> rr: a my coach dn't t h aex ah . yohan t thne >> rorter:on ea eporr: thi i'm edome, y c d it. te aer fre f just mo loop a reacheor t o the >> godylan. ep d't k o . 'rgood. epte ah but tdhrt back ou. i'just tmp d b. eporr:
9:43 am
ree couldte heking m waso s the er iolou t, it end da i got upto2. ta aook a was soec liingve ever>> m it dylan? >> the ss g arerapart. ioiroun . >> you'rll mpiv i a rsoncompetit >> ilhat he a mh utong fm3 tp t d he it wre exse. idy,shim n onl sheooo at she eang he l our, bing, s w swevet. w justeallndfu >>la bratytaoo. cl >> sak o whic w
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w, se p td m all right, 3:15. k, you better watch out boys, i'm on a hot streak today. what's that? wait. what's that? man, that's just the ice cream truck. you ain't got nothin. we got time. you don't got time. i've got time. no you don't. [arguing] look at that! ahhhhhh! we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse to bet on when we'll arrive. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. not only will we give you a one-hour arrival window, but our new tech tracker feature will alert you with the exact time we'll get there. you'll even have their name and picture. we're back on a sunday morning with a big resurgence in the number of people getting
9:47 am
but why? >> for many people, it is a hot accessory. it is a hot accessory to have, but some can't commit to putting ink on their bodies forever. enter tatly. a way for noncommittal folks like myself to jump on the tattoo bandwagon. bikers, hipsters, rebels. those are the people who get tattoos, right? well, they're not the only ones. >> i got hearts, i got flowers, snakes. i got a wristwatch. i got about 100. >> reporter: topaz is not your average 81-year-old. she just can't get enough ink. what do your friends say when you showed up all, like, tatted up? >> they said, you are insane. >> reporter: but topaz, all these tattoos are temporary. no longer just a must have at a kid's birthday party, celebrities everywhere are sporting fake ink, from the
9:48 am
and many of them are tattly tattoos. >> i reached out to my designer friends and illustrator friends and said why don't we just make some cool tattoos. i was blown away i'm selling temporary tattoos around the world. and not only to kids, but to grown-ups. >> reporter: tina's daughter inspired her to launch tattly when she didn't like the temporary tattoos she was bringing home in party goody bags. these are the companies that sell temporary tattoos. why has this one taken off? >> we're the first ones that licensed the designs from professional artists. that elevates the aesthetic and quality of the design. we look at skin as a new canvas. >> reporter: every time a tattly tattoo is sold, a cut goes to the artist. she's attracted major clients along the way. at the white house easter egg roll and everyone from sesame street to christie's auction
9:49 am
the tattly bandwagon. >> they want us to go through their collection, what can we turn into temporary tattoos. >> reporter: diane rocks a real tat but loves these. >> it is a way to change up your look. the ultimate accessory. it makes me feel awesome. i'm a buyingiker mom cool chick. >> our kids love them. when i have one on, they think it is absolutely hilarious that daddy has a tattoo. and that's the fun of it for me. >> reporter: so, i had to see if the hype was real. live today. i like live today. you should get every day a hustler. >> oh, yeah, right. right. >> reporter: look at that. >> cool. there we go. >> reporter: look at that. >> really nice. ready? here we go. that is so awesome.
9:50 am
>> i'm too much of a coward for a real tat. >> why? >> you know, pabin and needles and things like that, but these are pretty perfect. >> it is the count but i messed up. >> it looks real. >> i went with the black and white. yours looks real. >> you know friendship bracelets? i was trying to do that. this one is harder. >> you put it in the right spot. i have to do "nightly" tonight, so i decided i couldn't put one right here. >> pretty reasonable too so -- >> i don't know why anyone would put a pile of poo. >> i don't either. but it is smiling poo. >> at least it is smiling. still to come on "today," some of your favorite tv and movie stars. but first, these messages. eag unlimid cashk on puses. that's a win. t imagearnin twice.
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proteinith mi and a uch of setness foree neys to r youthrough ur day. another live look at mama eagle there. there she is. your name suggestions are flying in for the eaglets, pun intended there. we're going to show you some of the suggestions in a moment. but, first, our final sunday story this morning, this one about a gathering place for actors and theatergoers that withstood the test of time. >> the cleveland playhouse, which has seen numerous big names come through, is celebrating its centennial season this year. and erica tells us those who run it have big plans on the horizon. >> reporter: for more than 100 years, the cleveland playhouse has helped give the arts alive
9:55 am
introducing countless young dreamers to a future on the stage. >> you had a young joel gray at 9 years old making his professional debut at cleveland playhouse. you have paul newman who trained here. calista flockhart, alan alda. >> i discovered her -- >> i think when you belong at a theater with so much history, you feel a sense of belonging. you feel a part of the continuum. >> reporter: founded in 1915 by an eclectic group of artists, bohemians and business people, the cleveland playhouse has been more than 1300 productions. the lights never dimming, despite world wars and the great depression. if you had to describe the playhouse in a few words, what would it be? >> bold, thrilling, provocative, necessary. >> reporter: actor and director austin pendleton, whose parents met at the playhouse, performed here in the early days of his career. >> that kind of name value acquires something, it attracts actors.
9:56 am
with equality. >> reporter: winner for best theater, they have been known for provocative, relevant work. house. there is so much work that goes into each production. we see the agenter eractors on stage, but you have a production department, a costume how common is this? >> over the course of the season we employ over 100 different artists, technicians, crafts people. but it is pretty unique that we are able to consistently make the work right here for cleveland. >> reporter: the playhouse has also seemed up with case western reserve university to create one of the country's most well respected masters of fine arts programs. and each year thousands of young students across three states are introduced to the art through cph. >> we're 100 years old and we
9:57 am
we have so much more that we are anxious to do. >> reporter: ensuring this legacy will continue far beyond the centennial celebration. >> in cleveland a few weeks ago, that city, a city that has come back. >> i want to visit cleveland. i've never been. >> fantastic place. >> well, before we go, one more time, can we check on our eagle cam? >> the second egg has hatched. >> is this still live or is this from earlier? this is live. this is live. >> dc 3 hatched earlier this morning. mom has been taking good care of both of them. >> sitting on both of them, keeping them warm. >> can we get to the names? >> a slew of them coming. >> you guys, this is all thanks to the #eaglename. some suggestions so far. stars and stripes. i like the next one. >> cherry and blossom, the cherry blossom festival coming up down there in d.c. in a week or two. >> the last one, freedom and liberty and dylan. >> i'm pushing dylan.
9:58 am
>> or both of them dylan. male and female. >> we should. >> i like it. >> i think it is great. we should get on the phone and call somebody. whoever is in charge of that committee. >> i'll call mama eagle. >> one dylan and one dreyer. tune into "meet the press." one of chuck's guests, john kasich will join chuck. >> that will do it for us on this sunday morning. thank you so much for watching. have a fantastic day. going away to watch eagle cam or -- >> i missed the hatching of the second egg. i'm a little disappointed. i will check in on it today.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> enjoy first day of spring. this sunday. the republican establishment has tried persuasion. >> mr. trump is a con man, a fake. >> it's tried schoolyard tactics. >> and you know what they say about men with small hands. >> and still, donald trump keeps winning. but last night, more ugliness at a rally. [ shouting ] >> as trump warns of violence if he's denied the nomination. >> i think you'd have riots. >> but can he stopped? democrats cry foul. >> the senate will continue to observe the biden rule so that the american people have a voice in this momentous decision. >> why can't they do what


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