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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  March 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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go l ie wk cominutes haou>>urmeothiinuspe the jail.ecwarested accutions of sectee 's aokehepolice dar m ar retillions w worki t aner inin includin mcn unfter hsarst. pefillasked rcd to cusdy a releasede det e. it was avy rponsem rham's pedert aer early morning t victim, o of theirown. police say a bulletrazed officer r.s.
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after he got into a tussle. police say dan mcmilan was rested on lake village drive ere lives around 2.m he's accused of secret peeping less than a mile from his house, where neighbory his efe and twhildreilcet tabour l turnhuffedn a pole she reached int th wba oan,t cmred l tunefor iffing tu epr: withi t hoesrovi wro t incidt. in i wanshe nkn to gun or t eapo.thal iwohoursean sh >>elle, t remerasusctshot klehipo cruer pcerserupsed gto additial tin it
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>> rht, caof jesusuert silapehe ter a g onfter keto. acd outo p ast gng one. s s invere worki st r le l inurham. pittouetne vetmvit the trt en 2012 anonn. ase no eersse pse. a manha wkillg w a jon
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hait murder ith othew jones a icaaiou ion gob home w ar si.pectshaaris withss tthan hou r o >>ananjing fo people fai re et aonge recovering cod t inou daamoiivm aou jce cr to expinappe aman>> reporter:m, suppod b ntend rkamperiwithha ride bacn butth vms in
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punishme. is cewevoed inomilacs daht. clowi two rat werur t ridn >>heh he torgr iurhey belie wak co t coue asoleft car dentathem waked. >> io ms.oruminas very wk.ndth sheli to theornibe her heil fl o t rde ritestart and t fetyarfail t tuermi t wgnan a t alnctionin g agai eide's onted aa sncneby.e mser
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ar o >>is attnes hisli llt goo revee'reorobonewsegdi tum wefoue he bjecwhever to tontiing th mhene so i bkn. >> rer jior ss hisams concerns areh gors. tjuer speechles eyoun' belvetnd rhougs arayers tos,ohegomily. >> repter: n r s nior s whehe sncinappeunde aem a thrrg bd fjudg aille seend in theme range,cheans hld getanng f pbation some acve te,nd wports atei iaiion, and ahonyumin gooonav
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igma tnk y >> atoom i psident andcun ra ctrofoeriesfeetis. men cey, she u.reside i houldaveenunabt thi da is a nvaia betwe our oous. he predesokan d spoke new cer avndledg to forw wh norlizires b t tcos. pramsayste heaidiousfecr h aan l b tanl py. rrn include
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heham bls,es f the r mo p ca. or - i'm hto p os d a lherere bso at t haveim leo ve tsn versiondra wh t op tav suc grent t mea s go te a gat ence >>orw, yancheylantiagon-one ivi wircrnd somehe cubala whoay larhe durmad a staheywillt livha a aialonctd an ierlven ee lnched into tic s nauills whentor h thiefiled
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driv t leave carheeombative has .deo showufe p ik stha acr argethesistingrr and posion. and a pk morninlidit e dr of thep ed inigs urs t cin ev ak uenter line. th s a facr. >> lkingt somewhere 90 to100es aour, it'ik tting waloingha st. ushed thene t serin cn. apple ceo somriva.thinhe m o dpuithebi
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isisac in c mocooke omisoecmernd acy. issac l oanil not fm rns >>k ded a s ipa aolfulan he. angane isut allon, a going because oreased dend udosed aba steega elong cimed1 hf,d edand up3 s&p 5 c up.> ata s fm ralei unceedus
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at t ameage ie. >>e t more than 00on cg animredopeouyarng e 500nimals f homes bha whezati moves ono seara f o. ter:hiwareus anfucssfor thesp. we didhis for t ani anouf those le ng sport iouw, all s
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groucao nth carin t reens frhevein h c expecdos t the days it oy ttwsooned wralo e concns tma di un isshelterswharadyowd.i tooker d t >>en e >>r:hat hap these adoptionsk >> i kwom opon opele ten treoo w ihetion a that'sus t r. wene thedoio esl ndhey're suessful. spil bngwn s theyan s i country, be stieang rrceshi reporr:inon
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rs histters, plashey tangs'tor out.wehheee o theey amal control, andafnorca. theveheption event a s ns natur mashtefe 're not adopting tny ims not vereturn. r sta t repreon wreturned whilehe asp evwa goingn he e toopd.hasfoth
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ho ionthe beckers nk it7t nation, mns2 ents lea e rec aedneds e isillccmotelume andreait titharengeephe ited sta esanflid tac id mday heai a tause s are the ale sinit b ia wthe-- g y w co ty oecset was>> a ythat - y thioi roff t. iadgue. >>hi wnefs,hemist, and
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deould wea ieayou tsse a oood. >>leav t w ho mthin y'r fors.>>ean, imp lnlyha m ere eth'tov a al >>hedi c,eem . >>idit that ch >>nd piocall hav frt iouldn't lementise.stt of s camd we a,ic isre they takeer s th touapproprie. atrett she the mperures, trtar ho, is sitti7 i thwarm a w llay lon akg
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s very drynd a we t is rw an tralghles ta lk aroun the meightownd ty're prty ufo expe t day wher t aa thernoyperature ody pretty mucp se sndee adwean sehetus nerally he0s, in factthey are, jt mvaatio acrio l he'slitendadar moictem we alwir therday turd t lotcethan wug it be facodused g goreanng golf to pelehe cou i ul as bu. hee t
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aidthe a th rts branyre thatysmsay oor n, thtem is aachifi noran mik g t mut thysm a it mthuntryhiee an itay a our weaernow and futustin tht wrostis up tempures wilbedownnto0s mbt g air temp dtoeezioro th t thas there isdrewh t frostornd on a clr,t,he mp areotgrou l orw, wh al fshe, temperatur shoveve, veicyet intohe 60somorno eaar wedndanoth sd day r hh ndraetng up io the a bysdife' g ll clye h it,nd tt should be ver pleasurle
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fos 8:00hienin 48,easkies,ezynd e winwiti lyor ahiattoad cal ert 3then tomll ot ofuninend w it day lonnd mpurngp t 60s ght dermer t we wer ats even b we s day, 7 rs w ature loun, t o a r morch the way it rsoore kern elyn tayndhethha me sundno ndr, it'ong offers a lo of dails b woutdoweat it yet. we won't. >> okay. thank you. look at this, this is the live picture -- this is just erful. e esent d theirsty the, pedir nests.
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right now. isn't that an amazing picture. >> look at those little babies just having fun. >> we have been memorialized by this. >> can we just watch that for the rest of the show? >> okay. on to this story, a morning construction project, comes to a halt when the work site burns, what led to this fire, that story is next. >> and at 5:30, what you can do without leaving the house to
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e achasix tmsecormb onhe set 16, clg nd unc, a mii, just yi duys i icaliddyitchl f andar elve ce ayight >> a a.mplaysh an tarl-ia plsucarlier. iay il>> you'rellelng p daanha a davi northca rublica:3 after planneitde >>orag at
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nddeteiocent ct- . right now on wral, a fort bragg soldier tasked with protecting the country facing allegations he murder aid fellow soldier. the reason still unclear at this hour. tell low, i'm lynda loveland. >> and i'm gerald owens. suspect and the victim were part of the 82nd airborne division. gilbert has more. what have they been able to tell you? >> reporter: everyone is saying this is a terrible tragedy. i spoke with the neighbors in
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victim and his wife had a baby and say they've seen the suspect at the house as a friend. now everyone is trying to figure out how this terrible tragedy happened. bryan walker was stone faced as he stood in front of a cumberland county judge escorted in by extra security at a home in the lands end complex off morganton road. >> when officers arrived on scene, the victim was discovered on the floor of the living room with a single gunshot wound to the chest. >> reporter: that victim was 27-year-old miles. they were apparently friends in the unit and on social media. neighbors say this is a quiet community, and they're shocked by the shooting. tammy scarboro says she just saw him the day before he was killed. >> he was coming from work, and he had camouflage in his face. we always spoke, said hello, you know.


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