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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 22, 2016 12:38am-1:38am EDT

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consider appointing to the supreme court if he's elected president. though, you can get a speak peek at the list by checking out tv guide. [ laughter ] any one of them. democratic national committee head debbie wasserman schultz today denied accusations that she is taking sides in the primary election season. and said, quote, there is no shd edee sgest i'm favoring hillary clinton over bernie socialist, i mean bernie sanders, my apologies. [ light laughter ] bernie sanders, this weekend, gave a speech at the mexican border. actually, he was in vermont, but they could hear him at the mexican border. bernie sanders campaign has confirmed that he will not speak at a major pro-israel lobbying group conference this week making him the only presidential candidate to skip it. and if any candidate can get away with that, it's bernie from brooklyn. look at him. if israel were a person, that's
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what it would look like. [ laughter ] a massachusetts man who dressed as waldo was escorted by police out of boston's south station on sunday for acting disorderly. he apparently wouldn't stop yelling, "i'm right here you idiots. look at me!" starbucks announced today that they are introducing a new caramelized honey frappuccino to their menu. and then your dentist announced he's buying a new boat. [ light laughter ] a new study has found that using a standing desk might not be any healthier than sitting at one. so now you're just an idiot standing at your desk, carl! [ laughter ] you are not better than the rest of us, carl. according to a new survey, 1 in 12 people would rather break one
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of their arms than do their taxes, but that would make it tough to play his guitar. [ laughter ] i'll do it. i thought i had a willie nelson impression. i realized i don't. [ laughter ] "i'll break my arm." nope. still no. let me find it. on the road again there we go. "i'm going break my arm." [ laughter ] now i don't have it. [ laughter and applause ] and finally -- and finally, apple today unveiled a new iphone model that they have called the most powerful four inch device ever. "i've heard that before," said women. ladies and gentlemen, we have -- [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: -- a great show for you tonight. he is a fantastic actor. he's currently starring in broadway's "blackbird." jeff daniels is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] the fantastic jeff daniels. she's the star of a great show
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on tvland, "younger." sutton foster joins us this evening. [ cheers and applause ] and the author of fantastic new novel "the nest," cynthia d'aprix sweeney joins us on "late night." [ cheers and applause ] so looking forward to all of that. before we move on though, throughout the course of a presidential campaign, you hear a lot of ideas that sound good in theory. and it's an election year, which means republicans are once again calling for massive tax cuts that they say would spur economic growth. but how would those policies work in reality? well, over the last few years, we've gotten an answer in one state who's governor actually implemented those ideas. kansas. for more on how it turned out, it's time for "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ] now, when you hear kansas, you probably think "wizard of oz," college basketball or the state that based on its shape, looked like someone nibbled on colorado. [ laughter ] but, in the last few years, kansas has also become something of a laboratory for conservative
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economic policies under its governor sam brownback, who cut taxes for the wealthy and completely eliminated income taxes for small businesses. a plan he boldly described this way. >> on taxes you need to get your overall rates down and you need to get your social manipulation out of it, in my estimation to create growth. and, you know, we'll see how it works. we'll have a real, live experiment. >> seth: real live experiment is a terrible sales pitch for something. those words usually only show up in shady, classified ads. [ laughter ] nonetheless, brownback got his tax cuts. which he said were designed to show the rest of the country that these policies could work on a national level. brownback told the "wall street journal" in 2013, "my focus is create a red state model that allows the republican ticket to say, 'see, we've got a different way and it works.'" and not only did brownback say it would work, but that it would work fast. or as he put it -- >> a small business accelerator where you take the tax totally off your sub s's or llcs and
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llcs. so you really get your acceleration, it's like shooting adrenaline into the heart of growing the economy. >> seth: "a shot of adrenaline into the heart of the economy." like in "pulp fiction" with kansas as uma thurman and brownback as john travolta. [ laughter ] okay. so, how did that shot of adrenaline -- the kansas city -- the kansas tax cut, work out? >> kansas is broke, extremely broke. >> seth: that's right, job growth in kansas lagged behind the rest of the country. and while supporters predicted the plan would generate $323 million in new revenue, it actually produced a $688 million loss. kansas' budget problems were so bad, in fact, that they were forced to raise tax money in 2014 using a somewhat novel strategy. >> profiting from porn. the state of kansas will soon earn money from selling sex. >> it's no secret that sex sells. and right now, hundreds of adult toys are sitting in a kansas city warehouse and are up for auction online.
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d while the company, equip-bid, will get a commission, most of the money from the sale of the items will end up in the hands of the kansas government. >> seth: that's right, they auctioned off sex toys from an adult store that owed back taxes. and it turned out to be an unusually popular auction. >> on average, the company, equip-bid has about 1,500 people looking at a specific auction online. but ever since the company made a special pick up for a special customer, that number has jumped to 5,000 people who want to know what's inside these boxes. >> seth: dildos. [ laughter ] that's what's inside of those boxes. dildos. just boxes and boxes of dildos. and now, here are the jokes we thought of for the kansas dildo auction. [ laughter ] nothing like selling fake dicks to solve a problem created by a real one. [ laughter and applause ] selling the dildo's didn't solve the whole budget problem, just the tip.
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[ laughter ] it's hard to sell dildo's to people that are already [ bleep ]. and the worst one, "dildo, i anymore." so the budget situation in kansas was bad. policies just needed more time to work. and kansas voters gave him that time, electing him to a second term in 2014. that's how nice the people of kansas are. he was like, "i know we are not where we want to be, but just give me some more time." and they were like, "okay." and surely things have gotten bettern the years since. >> big budget woes for the state of kansas. the state faces a $279 million short fall for the budget-year which began in july and another $436 million gap for next fiscal year. >> seth: okay, so the experiment didn't work. it was worth a try. surely, now brownback raised taxes to cover the short fall. >> the governor wants to cut classroom funding for kansas schools by $127 million. >> balancing the budget on the
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backs of children. some say governor sam brownback's new budget hurts the youngest people in kansas. >> seth: by youngest people, surely you mean high schoolers, not younger than that, right? >> wednesday, governor sam brownback released plans to reduce $106 million in spending for the next fiscal year and proposed moving $50 million from the children's initiative fund designed to pay for programs such as head start, preschool, childcare assistance. >> seth: things are so bad for preschoolers in kansas, they're out of focus. [ laughter ] and then there's the job growth brownback promised. he set a goal of creating 25,000 new jobs a year into his second term. but in 2015, the state gained just 9,400 private sector jobs. and most of those jobs were packing and shipping those dildos. [ laughter ] perhaps the most damning part is a lot of kansas' business owners don't even want the tax cuts they are getting. last week, the topeka capital journal reported that business
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rsla] >>h: w back, erod and please, give it up for the 8g band over there. [ cheers and applause ] also, we're so happy to have him back, fred aenums the. lcome , ed [ chrs applaus >>d: th eth: f oexcing ana"na thursday. congra are season oasti oyo >> s is has.
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nasausds of urio t lky ane p 'e atinhe eg partscientishink it's po f ff orlife. these arplets thie thableon hosttad h ers he e siland. yoowt, alg,in lkg ve b here's aup gngro chooh kidsbo thnedierla a n d ng 're ryuckyve th herto ea welmeshow t foewts. w apau ] >> we're her >> are y rdyomrh this world? way asone's a lot gog lk tohe un new phymearf amle186 f
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ou'l onem 0 ght araw hiis st. w kthis woulde w i his. planetariedon't fout m er2 thepl b th but if you tal r yo [ laughter ] eth: d'ti n'thht. kler fth f 'use m a nastybo to none s maycky my the c whocks ou tal ' strahtra ht ts in ink sho - oh ye i bn ri pre i edo a mn stabhi e eyes [ laht ]h:n wodn en have
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i'm [ rs] h:el bac ev our fit esghis myinngfrom m,vie oendementanum anmb you can sem ia," a i thplayblir meth je diels. pplause et y? goo d.ittoave . h, it's to nkou your d offn oadw timfor i rely aree >>y, n n, this be wers, weapth eaie t sh:h. onan so on in an hour? yh. >> seth: oh, you't ghe day of
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about nghado yeere just an b rkgue u was hnythin el >> no,ou gotta wiyou go ouork evod et y s >> ynow,n nning rered th wasf e thinton id geomay row ttrun ha but no o wtw whouetor ke tt,a lackbird" yo ave n th e puinork, t like, b now yovedo with fo hayou , "newsrm"es wve dapler id the great. a t ohan'd come ea go. meould >>h: y t l.a. o thldw it. anke one aou d wgo, "a r. t's tw let's d yogo io ed et >> ald jea
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41 last atatns ee g. eep getting r an r. [ cheend e --inte 't realltht inckily, pa tr6. i'm la a 26r- it's gee le oe 'sht >> sh. beel omhe cras, y. >> alse fans ow, e unasl, notabout r. yo-time ner, a s-tom. you fd w h whole new world g inle thahase me f >> yead stomng instagram doing a conc f errk a or ansomee's lising?i d a. i s like, yeahi'ven do se si [ t laughter anthene, 'rkeoh, myos your shou etht about doing g in the
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laug yeahmaybsoday. i'd see, th whyre arent. io nys, would tantly hne -i mine bge. >>eth: oy,d. t thght ht too g 'e >>h: is it w sferrio te show we visl stl a perforr,ouon't back of an t -- >> ruirye laafy >>h:has nnggest, y >>ery coble. setely. u'm oadw m broadwaysodo lngin a azz hands en me's u. et t juutf fre jads ? - seth: ty' constantl--thmemas oing ti. tieese a jazz[ lauger ] weotta yo brothso a ayor >>es. sets -guductioof >>es sh: on brs? on i mbroa dk 5,, t
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>>ery good p y!d , theim playg r in the s b aserudngd wn e sh, thprerree, w d f ur lann yoasdy th? an, [ la thn'k ould ad idea. i k we bbr dw l. >> seth. >> and tt we m y thie mit be uncomle >>eth: so,uckidi't. thguy ayg nny s sick. wikcons that i would maut >> seth: ughter ] and en dure curtn callit woulde enreat guysa hho guys eoy the heoltime
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eres that chan "" r evody?la s -- beof, kn, e ar mbrayhoysw havbe ur in theas ich likeer sterakoupoteia w were rs t,wereefiny like gog or p that d tenty of opposi ochth. w "tughly deli a - etan sho e was upor the leales sort o fpotenty ayg e rt.then he hatoind ofack out. d of us go!"s ow and bou havad s of t >>y ou knowvals i feel n, tes for revils ilmorelsk. yes. rs andppuse a vciti. h. set you a ct mber. nn thorin"greir >>asot >>h:'rthfirs pele w's ancasnortf oral y f >>t's wavoritti et oka >>otrkh n-o, create"gilre uns,hi was o abfami.
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iewhth rshe as-- tme she nna ite a e. and s , y,an [ lit ]and p, shot -- i tog t in hollow ag t wi yb d i frd ou i mit bit. [ ught sets faas >>the supean omouchhehow e let >> seth:h. likha, ha! nono! seth:ndyo out, theye li wneo throh your bagse you'v nyro ea wh,ea as leam come i stieel ke'm 15-ldkn >>etell,hat'asc. hopays feelt way. set watulations 's reanttic. >> t you eth: ando ch ing . tnk. rspp utfo, er se fe "unger" march 23rd t
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[ rse sh: bk to "niy. r xtt vel "t newie avla ores start. se wo thownthia d'rix swne chrs appe ] et welo the show. sonatatns okur n. eth: intti nket i yowriting ction in >> d. et wt brto t siwrl? >> w be stg ctio w, rkg ancommunic frlae co and that gatn my k
1:28 am
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1:29 am
nk youfe lit dvort of waings as d bereinto ite your cafe lth inar yer opayining elw. yoviously had soe to ouit beforyod. h: du inat lp >>to gy - et ec ink t s had be aon-ftite , od thawo goings wte noerng was n the bo dnrys abting, e y ar dn't have w ot>> se. >> and then i at th tt st m aite eaalnv thi bed >> sett's a nice ne iyeah. yeah, itasom
1:30 am
lietth e rst in thght as i was t becae a fou dynal ings anstho i wonder iu lis. >> hthe. avth so, u we four el yes. ets >> s with love and atitt mys e ne ts teg. >>t. buwh theyoreriti t four sib >>l, dt teka s at>> eth: er ] iey ki was in gradoo eyi waite . d new i d nol. ag aut aboutau i kw ey d rrand wait oti sold. ghuger an c ge o themee. thucsting than ynddon't ke iiv
1:31 am
wh ypo iinad inatnshi aln/caolic viro broer d ster sethas thnoga gh h/caicke s ol aime. , >>ally, al red an weaens. i mily was ree urus ons,hestesliecuc hi d asw r, t s relymp so w out adbl.d s nto b fnc ndndt at pe a re cners havdr i wiows d i mbs ar gethhey k on ban
1:32 am
s e scin thevier te r d sechther erall th tng >>eth:s faas inodthe characters hey al tk in diploree eachth y [ ht you cyour -- 'cau there aar tharper cos r th ok and y cdit yo agent g s e turnanipt ov e read. s>>warealtshe pt o t m afanks. iting >> y an d bec he though fuilbookpeope to eveone haju entieeheil ug th ho go y >> sndo ink the ea weople wo it ank ilnot as i'm or m is worse thanhi m alone. >> ys it. ybnot e he brt yeah. gratio, eth: i c is t l. so wonderfu haou etnd thank ych r ing t >>hankouor hg . rse ] >>apeey, ybesbostes
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hello, jimmy john's! jimm's! mmy john! frfreslivery. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to jeff daniels, sutton foster, cynthia d'aprix sweeney. and of course the 8g band. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "carson daly." we'll see you tomorrow.
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