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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  March 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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betting in the distance. >>orte the result is that this is a city continent on edge. if you look at the punitive suicide bombers, at e ort, the pictures that have been circulating that apparently a othem, they are not wearing suicide vests, thoty we exo suerto , ey areshsuonlls f tm.the g rbehedid do t y th idit beatist kes thsc back heu.s. ry aman a h famire e atck, mormhuofcial saio fm we d in e rpt ha spizwee the vi iner r ign ioe wral's andlambke wi
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thethe hohinde,anthe nt hawe want su a om the accident wasby one o ell the around ni we knoth a toofheicmsthr- e mcneofliwnndern,ndobhe stofconwayalmbers class >> wlod e vidu armournie ng ret udtswe'r noiends,re he. ok hool uat t prenhe cge thdatiache metowns of the wh lled spendie gi hcools eimies. be bl pls hanot finali e use the wreck right no l unde
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tcu. just want to let you know we are waiting on an nbc special report from lester holt, in about four minutes from now, we will take that life. it will be about the terrorist attacks in brussels. president obama is heading to argentina next, his last public appearance on the island nation, a baseball game. >> wral's leyla santiago is in havana and tells us how the president spent the final day of this historic trip. >> reporter: deep in the united
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baseball has a way of bringing baseball together. for this game, it's bringing together more than just baseball fans, is bringing together two countries, two governments. >> it's surreal. >> reporter: chris archer is part of this moment in history, playing for the tampa bay rays in cuba. >> leading up to it there has been a lot of excitement just because we know what this means potentially beyond baseball. >> reporter: they are athletes just like us, he tells me. cuban baseball team captain played in north carolina during the 2015 friendship series between cuba and team usa. he said it was very nice, and realized the two teams had a lot in common. but, this game is different.
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e olwod is watching. >> what a sight. coming up at 6 pm, we will have a live report on president obama's address to the cuban people. mike is here now, to talk about the weather, much prettier today than yesterday. at least warmer. >> we made it up to the mid- 60s, tomorrow 70s, by thursday, 80 degrees. things up but a good pit we have video to share with you, a big storm hit there yesterday and will eventually make its way here. a powerful spring snowstorm brought fresh powder two parts of california. they are loving this. even though it made for horrible travel, the snow hit so hard crews turned to the big guns to keep roads clear. they used a toe plow, the only one in california which uses two plows, one in the front and once in the back to clear two lanes on the interstate. that's pretty neat. for the average driver in california, this comes as good news because the pack increases and during spring and summer when the temperatures warm, it melts and trickles into the reservoir.
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forecast, it is not snow but warming weather. we see temperatures warming into the 60s this afternoon, that trend will continue tomorrow with a jump up into the 70s. 66 now, 67 fayetteville, 70 in columbia and south carolina. take a look at the big picture, we put the jet stream on the map, we see a trough of low pressure to the west noting the ridge of high pressure. all this real estate here has temperatures that are rather warm. and the northern branch of the jet stream in canada is where the cold air is locked up. we are going to be in the warmer air for the coming days and eventually that storm system out west will make its way in. let's put the characters on the map. high pressure on this beginning to move out, more of a southerly flow tomorrow. the wind will race tomorrow and we expect temperatures to be in the 70s and then 80 by thursday, we are going to go to nbc news now with lester holt and a special report. this is an nbc news special report. here's lester holt. >> good afternoon, we are coming
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massive manhunt in the deadly terror attacks claimed by isis on the airport and metro in brussels, belgium. 31 people were killed, 250 injured including some americans. belgian police are on an all-out search for the suspect, a man in a black hat and white jacket who was reportedly spotted fleeing the brussels airport. he can be seen in this surveillance photo with two other men. belgian authorities believe these other two were a pair of suicide attackers who died when two suitcase bombs were detonated at the departure area. a third bomb was found at the scene and deactivated. about an hour after the blasts at the airport, another deadly explosion tore through the maalbeek metro station in central brussels near the headquarters of the european union. belgian police have carried out several raids so far reportedly seizing a nail-packed bomb,
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let's go to kelly from brussels. >> reporter: good evening, lester, a tense evening in brussels tonight as police continue the raids throughout the city and nationwide. they're asking the media not to report the details of any of these raids so as not to hinder the investigation. raids throughout the country as i mentioned one raid at least turning up a bomb packed with nails, some chemicals and an isis flag. meantime meantime, forensics teams are at the scenes of these two what are now crime scenes, the airport and metro station just about two blocks away from here, poring over the evidence collecting what they can. we're told that those searches could take hours. they're also asking for anyone who took pictures or video to help them with their investigation to send that into them. lester? >> we heard various descriptions of the security alert there. is the city in essentially in a lockdown right now? >> reporter: not quite in a
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as a matter of fact, some of the metro stations did re-open earlier this afternoon. people are allowed to go out and about. there are restaurants that are open. people are walking their dogs and such. not quite a lockdown. certainly a very tense city. >> thanks. our justice correspondent pete williams has the lest now on security concerns in the u.s. always after something like this, we see everything tighten up here. what are you seeing? >> lester, homeland security says tonight there's no specific or credible information of a bus brussels-style attack in the u.s. in brussels more people were killed in the bomb attack on the subway than the airport. rail security has been a focus in the u.s. tonight though there's no specific recommendation from federal authorities to step it up. cities nationwide are deploying more security on their subways and commuter trains. more bomb-sniffing dogs, more random checks of packages and nearly everywhere more visible
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computer rail terminals and on the trains themselves and at subways. the fbi is urging surveillance of terror suspects to step up their surveillance to make sure there are no copycat attacks in the u.s., lester. >> pete, as you were talking, we heard the cries of people who were on that subway train, a station that was hit in brussels. i want to go to tom costello in washington. tom spent many years living in belgium. also tom, we have come to think of brussels in the last year or so as ground zero in the war on terror in europe. tell us about your experience and the general experience of the area. >> well, i think it is at this hour, anyway, and it has been ever since the paris attacks because we know these attackers who are connected to the paris attacks, in fact, came from that molenbeek neighborhood a
4:49 pm
we have it in schaerbeek and hala and explosives and tactical raids, explosions rather and tactical raids have been heard and seen throughout the city tonight. this is very much a city on edge. it has been increasingly on edge ever since paris as we have been looking and hearing about the search for the suspect who's been on the loose and now bell belgians are seeing exactly what they feared, all-out major terrorist attack on their capital. >> i want to show you the scene at the white house. president obama has ordered flags flown at half-staff. we'll have all the latest developments this evening in a special one-our edition of "nbc nightly news." one hour in many of the markets. for now, i'm lester holt, nbc news, new york. back now entrie into news, everyone looking at surveillance photo from brussels, three men pushing luggage carts.
4:50 pm
heard earlier, the two men on the left side were wearing one club which may be too controlled detonation devices from security as they went to the airport. >> still a very active scene, you can see the memorial still continuing. we will continue coverage over the next two hours to let people know what is happening there in brussels, here at
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hava livereomshuntyheavy day n nd mure5:. . >>stanrm yo c lybad h wrs lo at the dostgi for de >>or trk, rriage, it dsnter you st i caavd it. >> ieryo wh thstre at ie key po >> reporhiis acabo igham and n' he says stress management uc ssbels sund heart >>auvainod essu hrtatif repe pd,catimateeanglike ckr
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g, ea ghking or bahats esiveki n baalth inclg bad art alth erproveno ev f thbest restre >> rt: tg. dir ay elecons, eiay atime. geend fi activitakyo feel goo dralth team. t pivy. >>tyigis hopublicetg nc ste en cthprt esending lk g, alling blanes in bof d ea ca ng b:0 arina neco . >>u anotherch ofr a he pi leigh. be to aamans. the bua
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k a yemotorion stryeenu rking acem on-erics is ngdu eari iin asll mbrary inou at ghanr is t for neee bry okrd by 50 yrsas brern t brary.dent athe f dayton chout okof thesin 17 ed bth aogy. heed o the boo a e aving ho tooine l t arge te feget is, yes,that $ held hbo a leof s erthe yearwilaes wlookt e victof ussels a, weti
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thatr 4:00 >>and s in bem.le takinver, yi to vevefrom a smbs. evnes niin tharnotas.tahi evne a yeit trsmesaw such a ininy n af isin nii'vid crtr iderah rg. ceaipe nd belgi as aho sechfosuecand ues abt thatck onsearch to thdiov naiduand islaate flag we have negham
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leing uslse a ha ofe ct>> foa ports go nbmoe gt rethank as a na wengreatta bloodsximaplosions med st rgetg deh aitrn stn in w a blow hearthn th aa isis ingredir in an trn ion brussels. twin terror attacks th left zens dead and ores ded. >>yone was in panic. we had to n. >> reporte president obama was briefed on the tragedy and pledgeed a global response. >>we stand in solidarity with


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