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tv   Today  NBC  March 23, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EDT

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airport, on subway systems, and the casualty number is fluid. when you look at the pictures of that, that's the departure area at the airport. those are ceiling tiles that have fallen down after a couple of bombs detonated there. that's the kind of place, as we've been saying, where you wheel your luggage in to the ticket counter, think of like, any airport. i think that's why you look at these pictures, how horrific this is. anyone who's been to an airport can imagine what that fear must feel like when you're walking into an airport. these two blasts came four days after the capture to have main suspect in the paris attacks. >> europe's most wanted man for four months. >> people have been searching for this guy. and people couldn't figure out this guy and whether these attacks were ordered or inspired bysis or whatever.
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same thing. >> certainly doesn't matter to the victims, does it? >> no, it doesn't. you wake up and you feel weirdly afraid, just in your normal life. >> have you noticed on the times you've been to europe in the last decade, things have been changing for a long time? i noticed it in paris and london. i don't go that much. i do travel quite a bit. just even something as simple as the concierge saying you know what, where are you going? you'll say and say, don't go down that way. ways that concierges, just give you a map and say, have a nice day. it's been happening for a long time. and for whatever reason, now, they're finally saying, as the prime minister of france said, we are at war. yes, we are. we have been for a long, long time. >> and i think when you see right now, they're still
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injured, how many have perished in this. sometimes it's one image. a woman walking with her baby in the airport, and for some reason, an isolated image of this scared woman with her child completely crystal clear for every mom who's held her baby and then someone on the road. think about that. belgium's foreign minister said the suspect has been planning to restart something in brussels. not 100% sure whether it was in the works already or in reaction to the capture. >> but i thought they had been on high alert in brussels since the paris attacks. >> they were. they shut down the subways, remember, for the first time and people are like, what are they doing? why are they shutting the subways down? >> now it's back again. anyway, it's a hard thing to do a show like ours. we try to help you forget the world's problems. so we'll segue this today.
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saturation point. this is a nice story. it is world water day today and that's why we're drinking water. >> for the first time since the show's inception, pretty much. >> it's about appreciating what we take for granted here. that's the water we drink in and bathe in and we have exchanged our wine temporarily for the water. to bring awareness to those who do not access to clean water. and right here to say, i want to just pay a little bit of homage to a wonderful group called jars of clay. said 2 billion people worldwide drink unsafe water and every day, over 1,000 children die from illnesses caused by dirty water. this is supposed to make us happy. >> no, when you think about the number of people who die from that. it doesn't get attention every day. >> those friends of mine, jars
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called blood water. can you go to that? please. jars of clay raises funds to stop the hiv/aids virus and water crisis in africa. they're doing amazing things. the leader of the group was in africa and saw the peoe there leaning down with their faces in, like, just the dirt. and said, what are those people doing? >> what were they doing? >> looking for water. trying to find water. >> it changed his life. he started >> it's good for him doing that. the first time i saw the group was at your house. you were raising money for the organization. i got to tell you something. when they sang, they sound like angels. who are these guys, jars of clay. you said, you've never heard them? and they have, do we have a bit of that song?
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>> i've heard it. just spectacular. it's a big day for the gifford family in the fact that my first born, cody newton, is 26 years old today. that's going to make a lot of people out there feel very, very old. there he is a couple years ago. there's his sister cass. there he is at 2 years old, reading to him. it's just hard to believe he's 6'4" now. and there he was wearing his dad's jersey. so he is in oxford right now in england studying. i love you and can't wait until you're home. >> it must be hard. >> it's a big house, empty most of the time now. >> he'll be home soon. >> very soon. very soon! >> i like when you yell. we have a couple of tennis controversies too. they both make us mad. should we talk about the one from california first?
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>> let's do them in order. >> novak djokovic is in trouble. he says the way prize money distributed at matches should be changed he says. he thinks male tennis players should get more prize money than women tennis players. >> like they did for decades and decades? >> because the matches attract more spectators. first of all, he shouldn't say that. because a serena williams match i'm sure packs it as much. he's saying that if you have more of a box office, you deserve more money. no. you'd think for some, they probably do make less because they don't fill the stands. since 2007, there's been this equal prize money thing. that means that the australian open and wimbledon. everybody gets an equal purse.
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>> it took a long, long time. he's not the only person to get in trouble in the tennis world. >> this guy, the indian tournament director. was. was, remember was. he was asked a question. i don't know what the question was, but he was accused of making sexist comments this week. let's look at what he told the reporters. b austra that i 'tike. i ay>>hat oi 'tw.
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passover right around the quarter. you know what that means? lots of quality time with the family and friends. >> and things can get awkward really fast, like when a guest overstays his or her welcome. >> make them help. >> here to help you navigate all those sticky situations, mr. manners himself, thomas. thomas, we've got some questions for you. we'll start off by opening up the easter egg and reading the
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if your son or daughter brings a new significant other with them to easter or passover, how do you deal with the sleeping arrangements? especially if you're not comfortable with them in the same room? >> of course they're not sleeping in the same room. >> they're not. mostly, somebody on the younger side. if this is your 30-year-old son and his girlfriend or your 40-year-old son -- >> still not going to happen in my house, buddy. >> you're right there. it's your house, your rules. if it's something you're not comfortable with, they need to abide by that. if they need to, go to a hotel. >> that's why god made ramada inn. >> if a child is being greedy, are you allowed to discipline? >> if you're hosting an easter egg hunt and someone else's child is being greedy, can you discipline them? >> i cautious against disciplining anyone else's children.
2:43 am
would set ground rules up front. maybe set eggs the children can find to help the other children. this is an opportunity to teach your kids about sharing and being fair. if that doesn't happen, nonetheless, do a second hunt for the really little kids and have the bigger kids help the little kids find the eggs. >> i'd love to see that. you're a wonderful person. >> if you're hosting an easter party or seder, can you say -- can you invite only some neighbors and others, and if you get left over, can you say something the >> this doesn't have to be a block party. frankly, people have their own plans most likely. if there's someone you know going to be alone, i'd make a point to invite that person for sure. other people have plans and not likely to be offended. >> it is weird though.
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getting together, and you're the other one on the other side. >> just invite them over. >> don't let there be one odd man out. if there's a few you're not inviting, that should be fine. >> please read that. if you're hosting easter dinner or passover seder and your guests overstay their welcome, how can you tell them it's time to leave? >> for sure, you're going to put the end time of the party on the invitation. so we all put the start time but we forget the end time. it's up to you to go past the time. that's fine. but when it's not happening, people overstay their welcome you offer them a goody bag to leave. >> frank and i just went to bed. you're on your own. >> that works too.
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oh, good, one more. >> this is exciting. if you dislike some of the traditional food served, can you say something or do you have to eat it? >> this is going to be, so the key is if this is a religious principle for you to not eat something or you're a life long vegetarian vegetarian, you're not going to violate. but the host is aware why you're not eating it but don't make a fuss. or a special dish just for you. >> bring your own. >> that's a lifesaver. [ laughter ] >> thank you so much. happy holiday to you. how to add light at night without driving up your electricity bill. favorite home products that will change your life.
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with, going to have to wait. >> eryingsaming. it could be test cr th bst s cld. what it meae is loin up and being ed. ev 'st up blueies. how beaifulsat? >> thae bst o r that haen when s cesight er theocean, whe cin trning. >> watchgight sng the fro one se t othe >> the ter isust o theostmazing ings. it's amazi outhere. it m to youeaally d t ms yeay fromeather and how tt affect -day >> what are w gng tea wear,ryth g tost? m all t intonshe
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>> m o wn dr. llerdoay tat ftspehl iaew $180 million lawsuit. >> we work really and we really pride yourselves on that. >> arekim, kloe andou ofraud? and number three, what finally convinced harris force to return as indiana jones. did finally come up with an idea that you love? >> yeah. plus will he be passing t whip to chris. the "batman vs. superman" hype train can't be derailed. except by ben's own children. >> they don't want me to take the mask off. >> do you get brownie p with the chicks? now, hollywood from th


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