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tv   WRA Ls 1230 Report  NBC  March 23, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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all belgians. but for nationals who are not able to get to their homeland, the pain is magnified by the feeling of helplessness. kathryn brown spoke to a professor who moved to the u.s. from belgium. >> that's the hardest part. not being able to be there for friends and family who are worried and scared and fortunately her family members are okay. she began getting text messages and phone calls at 4 a.m. yesterday. and she knew instantly that something horrible had happened. and she's been unable to turn away from the news. she is planning to go there in july. she's angry with the terrorists of course for the what they've done and what happened but also frustrated by the belgian government. >> they've been saying for
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and they couldn't prevent it. and now we're hearing -- there's only one airport in the country. it's a small country. why couldn't they -- it's such an obvious target. >> she's very familiar with the airport and has traveled through it a number of times. and seeing the pictures of the tiles blown away continues to give her chills. and she's in constant contact with her family and that helps give her some measure of comfort. i'm kathryn brown, wral news. the hash tag stop islam began to trend on twitter. some used it to promote an anti- muslim sentiment. a duke professor says turning others against muslims is what the terrorists want to have happen. the main objectives when
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first to provoke app overreaction against the entire muslim community. and to convince muslims frustrated by the overreaction to join their fight. >> sometimes we feel fragmented or disenfranchised. the intent would be to radicalize them. >> reporter: he cautions people to not view isis terrorists as an example of the entire muslim community. keep up with all of the developments on the bombings on fayetteville police have cracked a sexual assault case. police charged 35-year-old gentleman medical johnson -- jamell johnson. dna evidence linked johnson to the crime. he's currently serving a
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the district attorney intends to take the case of john livingston to the grand jury. livingston became combative. and she was shot three times. there's a hearing in the town where a massive spill from a duke energy -- two years ago thousands of tons of coal ash spilled into the dan river from the dan river steam station. the public can comment on duke energy's plans to build an on sight landfill to handle coal ash and other waste. currently, they are moving it to a landfill in virginia. the hearing will be held in eden town hall starting at 6:00. margaret spellings continues her get acquainted tour of chapel hill today.
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was once again met by student protesters upset over her choice as the assistant chief. students are coming up with solutions to global challenges. spellings is set to meet today with carolina's nobel prize winners, including the winner chemistry. surviving cancer is an incredible feat for anyone. and the impact it has later on life may depend on gender. the impact chemotherapy could have on dreams of parenthood. and do you know what's in your food? ahead we'll take a look at
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od sceerfray and- d >> chad: is thomas okay? >> abigail: yeah, he's asleep. [sighs]
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leave him, but you can keep an eye on him with this. it's just so hard for me to be so scared all the time, so freaked out. i just feel so vulnerable. >> chad: i know, and... hey, the police will find him soon enough. okay? i know it's hard. the guy traumatized you and traumatized a lot of people, but it--it just-- we have to do our best to stay positive. >> abigail: stay positive? what's there to be positive about? everywhere that i look, ben is there. the hotel, chicago. [sighs] here staring back at me on our wedding. i mean, it just doesn't make any sense. how could he be out there following me and no one can find him? >> chad: i know, i know. i don't understand it either. >> abigail: what i do understand is that he is some kind of evil genius.


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