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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  October 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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- thanks. how'd the job come in? - anonymous, to 911. all this blood, don't look like he was moved, huh? yeah, he got it right here. greg and james are gonna wanna be looking for a bum... with a good pair of black shoes. i'm guessing size 12. andy, this guy was carrying a piece. hey, bob. guy had this in his pack.
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mber plus the signature, mike kinnan. did d u take this jacket off this guy? my man don't need it anymore. you strip the shoes off him too? - nah, somebody beat me to those. - - stand and wait over there. black limousine, right there. he was driving it. would you say it was a short limo? what they call a town car? it was a stretch. three men got t t. there was an argument. the driver and two men from the back. couldn't tell you what they were arguing about. kept on m mway. wasn't any of my concern. last night. can't say what exact time. could you describe the passengers, the two men from the back?k? they were white. one was short. wore a cowboy hat. cowboy hat? i think it was a cowboy hat. - and the other one? - he w w taller. six foot. - anything else about the clothes they had on? - nope.
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um-- both white males, though. you sure on that? right. what's your name, , 'am? i don't mind telling you what i saw, but i really don't want my name broadcast over the radio. i understand it. just in case we have to find you again. i'll keep it in confidence, i promise. margaret norman. ththk you, ma'am.
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lieutenant fancy? corner office. lieutenant? yeah. i'm jill kirkendall. arthur fancy. i've heard nothing but good things. i'm looking forward to doing detective work again. - so, d.o.i. wasn't it for you? - i locked up my quota of building inspectors. well, the squad's out at a crime scene. i'll show you to your desk. you can introduce yourself around when they get back. excuse me, lieutenant. this man wants to speak to a detective. says somody's threatening to kill him. i'll talk to himlieu. poinmy desk out. yeah, okay. there you go. great. how are you doing, sir? i'm detective kirkendall. uh, look here. uh, somebody's making threats on my life... and i'm hoping you can do something about that. what's your name?
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- yeah. - i'm a scorpio. that's the first time in 20 years i ever said that to anybody. dude named bernard mays is looking to kill me. i went out with his sister for a minute, and out of the wild blue yonder... she pop up with a baby trying to put it on me. oh, hell no. i'm not falling for the rope-a-dope. do me a favor, aries. talk so i can understand you. brenda's saying i'm her kid's daddy. but her brother bernard's like, he's gonna throw me off a roof if i don't marryryhe girl. has he done you any harm physically in any way? not yet, but that's the type of dude that would follow through on some crazy-o-matic talk. truth is, aries, about all i can do is hold your hand and fix you some hot cocoa. ololdude say he's gonna throw me off aoof. is that legal? the best you can do is try for an order of protection. [sighs] that's a-- that's a hell of a way to die if you ain't'tven the one. i mean, i might understand if i was the one. i'm just-- i'm trying to stay happy-go-funky, you dig?
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oh, yes. that-- that might could do some good, detective. give him second thoughts about doing something stupid. you got an address for this bernard? he live uptown somewhere. got brenda's place, though. right here. on first avenue. all right, aries. i'll see what i can do. all right, thank you. i regret ever laying eyes on that big bitch, man. hey, boss. hey. uh, jill kirkendall. - yeah, huh? - so, what'd you get? and no weapon. we got an alarm out on the car. mwe're also gonna runs putsa pistol check.lo. medavoy, uh, he found this homeless woman. says the d.o.a. had a beef last night with two of the passengers he was driving. - savino. - how's it going? you got a few minutes for me?
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driving. so, how are you doing on the homicide in bobby's building? still a mystery, as much as i get to work on it. so, what? you wanna talk in there? yeah. - back in a second. - i could see why you wouldn't want this conversation... in front of your boss. hi, bobby simone. how's it going? hi, bobby. jill kirkendall. transferred in from department of investstations. we heard you were coming in. if you get a chance, good-looking bald guy with the mustache over there, that's my partner, andy sipowicz. sorry. bobby, i d d't know what your problem is on my case, but i am done babysitting over it. - what are you talking about? - you gonna plpl cherry with me now? - you're tracking mud all over my case and i want it to stop. - how am i tracking mud on it? henry coffield gave me the names of those shys, i turned 'em over to you. let's talk about that nut-job breeder sold the victim her dog. tell me about reaching out to him. i'm wrong calling the dog breeder. then what? then you put a hankie over the phone, tell him you're me and thanks for the help?
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you're acting wacky enough. my alibi's pretty good. what are you saying? you like these shys that henry owed? what, now we'r'ron the same team again? nick, come on. i overstepped. i'm sorry. what do you want me to do, jump out the window? i don't like the shys. they're a bunch of coked-up xxxxxxxs. nobody in my office sees 'em having stones to whack this girl... just showing henry they mean business. you figure they'd give him a good ass-kicking beforehand. my head's s my ass with this case. i'm nowhere. could i go hard at this henry? for what? maybe he's circling what he really is trying to say. maybe he just needs to get shook up. [sighs] yeah. all right. you want me to do it at your house? yeah. do it in my boss's officic i'll watch your car. hey, nick, i'm looking not to bump into you no more. yeah, i know.
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[doorbell chimes] - sheila kinnan? - what's happened? i'm detective simone. this is detective sipowicz. - what's happened to mike? - there's no easy way to tell you. would you like to sit down, mrs. kinnan? can i get you some water? how-- how was he killed? was he killed in the car?
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he car. they got out of the car and shot him. the limousine wawastolen. we're looking for it right now. fourteen years. fourteen years he lived through going into burning buildings. when did mike retire? he was injured in 1991. they forced him out. he hated driving. sometimes the men that he drove-- i knew that things upset him. kinnan, did you deal with the rentals for the limousine? no, i-i booked the rentals. yeah, last night was-- he drove mr. curry. he picked him up at his work at 8:00. i can give you theheddress. was this mr. curry a regular customer? he was a big tipper. he tipped my mike a hundred dollar bill every time.
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i got that impression from the things that mike didn't say. - here. - thank you. you know, my husband really loved being a fireman. he loved it so much he couldn't alk about it after head to stop. he couldn't even see his friends because they were still doing it, you know. now i'm not gonna have anybody to talk to. [sobbing]
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[bababcrying] [woman] who is it? police. brenda mays? you bernard mays? yeah. let's talk inside. what about? you know aries mitchell? what about him? what's your relationship with him? he goes with my sister. i want to talk to your sister too. she's taking care of her kid. you got a a rrant? you're good on police procedure, huh, bernard? three collars in three years. i thought this was abououaries mitchell. i'm here to let you know... that threatening people's lives is a serious matter.
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you've been threatening arars mitchell. aries? see, y'all don't evev know. he got my baby sister pregnant. then he tried to play her off like last week's garbaba. there's recourse other than threats and violence. go to social welfare. they can make him do the right thingngthat way you stay out of trouble. went running to the police. do you want a problem with me? because you're on the verge of a real problem. are you hearing me, bernard? i hear you. continues crying] is that baby all right? it's crying. i know. i want to see is that baby all right. back up. brenda? brenda? brenda? come on out.
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yeah, uh, he's just sleepy. what's his name? - he's just a week old. she hasn't named him yet. - no, huh? she'd like to name him after aries, if thatatunk would do what he's supposed to do. brenda, , ke i told bernard, there's a right way to get the father to do his duty. all right. you gonna remember those thinin we said? - yeah. - all right. have a good day. a mr. curry called from his car. he said he's parking. i t the boss. yeah. tective?
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noticed you had a frog. and here's another one. it's rubber. [squeaks] yeah. like the human-condom cutoffs i've got on for underwear. [fancy] i know. it's a comstat memeing, lillian. i gotta prepare my cases. no, i can't leave early. look, if i don't make it on time, then forge my signature. yeah, all right. [handset settles in cradle] parents' night at jennifer's school. the teachers lay the work out, and each parent's supposed to sign. - you got a comstat meeting in the morning, huh? - i told lillian to sign for me. so, we got this gugucoming up who hired the d.o.a.'s limo last night. the d.o.a.'s wife says this guy was a regular customer and that he's gayay did she think he was capable of violence? didn't get that hit. maybe he had some nasty friends.
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in the pokey. yeah, i'll come in. i'm being harassed by this p.a.a. and i gotta draw the line on it. she give me that. it's rubber. she's a rubber fanatic. tells me she's wearing condom undergarments and every other damn thing. - you tell her you're married? - don't take a backward step. are we talking physical advances, andy? she corners me allllhe time. yeah. all right, i'll talk to her. yeah, i feel you gotta step in. - all right. - [groans] can you be less oblique about what you need with me? at the moment, i just need to know your whereabouts last night. has some crime taken place? because i certainly wasn't involved. are you interested in cooperating here, mr. curry? just answer the questions that i'm putting to you, please. detective sipowicz, lawrence curry.
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mr. curry, we know a limousine picked you up at your office lala night at 8:00. where'd it take you? i went to have a few drinks at a bar befefe going home. i'm not supposed to be drinking. my wife doesn't know. - what bar? - i don't remember the name of it. -how long did you have the limo? -the driver dropped me at my home around midnight. now, i want to know what this is about. you by yourself in the limo? - is mike kinnan all right? - no, mike kinnan is n n all ght. mike kinnan is dead. - oh, no. oh, my god. - whwho you ut that? mr. curry, you were at a gay bar last night. isn't that right? did you pick anyone up? you understand that i'm married? cooperate and we will try to minimize the embarrassment. mike took me to a place in the village, the frolics.
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i picked him up around 10:00. we went with a friend of his i hadn't met... to a hotel on west 46th. - who was the friend? - billy. i don't know if either of them used real names. the three of you left the hotel together afterwards? you, luke and billy? mike took me home, i tipped him... and told him he should drive the boys the rest of the night. describe them physically, mr. curry. all right. okay. luke is around 5'6", very pale skin, facial hair? distinguisisng marks, tattoos? he's clean shaven, no tattoos. the other one did have a cut,
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se. jeez, you were expert enough to know that these boys weren't violent. i'm doing my b bt to help you! this is the worst moment of my life. can you understand that? - what else about the other one? - whatever you think of me, i'm able to recognize a good human just didi. hey, the boys that you put in that car with their beautiful bodies and ridiculous hat, those are thieves, mr. curry. they are hustlers who will hurt whoever they have to hurt to get over. you wanna get right with your conscience? concentrate on helping us find these xxxxxxxs! that's all i wanna hear coming from you. uh, geri? lieutenant. this is awkward. i need to talkp with detective sipowicz. l right.
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iate, making references to your undergarments and so forth. have you made those kind of references? i may have mentioned i was wearing a rubber undergarment. had detective sipowicz indicated he was uncomfortable with that kind of talk? he said he was married. i didn't take that as saying he was uncomfortable. well, what did you take that as? i thought he was indicating he wasn't interested in a serious type relationship. more of a fun type. but you understand now that he's not interested in that type of relationship? well, i think he could've told me that, but yes, i do. and i'm a little offended that he would expose me to this kind of embarrassmeme. uh-huh. if you're asking do i get the message, the answer is yes. all right.
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d.o.a.'s last fare gave us some guys to look for that worked out of a couple of gay bars. [fancy] you'll go out later on? [simone] yeah. jill. have you met andy sipowicz, bobby simone? i met bobby. hi, andy. how's it going? you were at d.o.i., huh? yeah, yeah. boss, you got a minute for me? yeah. thanks. mm-hmm. no callback from henry coffield? - no. - you wanna start working on this? what a little baby you are. what a little tattletale. that guy i talked to earlier, said he was getting threatened? yeah. what's it about? his ex-girlfriend's brother was hassling him... over not taking responsibility for ththgirlfriend's baby. - i went to talk to the brother, try to cool it out. - during a meal period?
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this girl just stood there. so, you think the baby's not hers? i'm wondering if i shouldn't be looking for reports of missing black newborns. well, you can do thaha jill. but you need to hear me on going out by yourself. it was a soft complaint. i didn't want us to have to take a case on it and get no clearance. understood. on the other hand, you go out by yourself during a meal period, some kind of beef gets filed, how do we back up your version of the story? you're rightht okay. reach out to missing persons. [chattering] ?? [dance] - talk to the bartender? - yeah.
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and if they don't, they will be here on the hustle. how's russell doing on her undercover? i guess okay. she don't talk to me much about it. hi. get the hell away from me. is that our boy there? right there. that's him. you see anyone else who looks like the other guy? [simone] the guy over there in the gray suit must've beenenaiting for him. they're getting ready to leave, andy. kid looks like he's packing on his left side. yeah, i caught that. come here. c ce here. relax! relax! - [simone] just like that, luke. - how do you know my name? he got hit in the head with a meteor when he was a kid, gave him strange mental powers.
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