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tv   WRAL News at 430 AM  NBC  November 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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excuse me, do you happen to have a secret passage? no, no, there's nothing there. we've been searching for five generations. i'm behind the fireplace! oh, i'm rich! i'm rich! oh! are you all right? i've heard of safety deposit vaults, but this is ridiculous. that's why you refused to sell our palazzo! oh, darling! why else would i keep you here? oh! signor! signor solol signor! is this... pardon, madam... is this what you have been looking for? my father.
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t you didn't get anything from my f fher. well, it looked valueless, and actually, i forgot all about it. luckily i found it this morning under his pillow. oh, my darling. arrivederci. ciao. mr. solo. yes, sir? mr. solo, about that photograph. we've tried to interpret the symbols result: scientifically, they're meaningless.. i see, sir, just something for the family album. i think not. so far, you've followed only one of the four winds. this may be the first piece of a jigsaw puzzle.
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in splendid array, the soldiers of the queen are marching proudly in london's oldest traditional pageant, the lord mayor's procession. i didn't get to see much of rome. you could at least show me carnaby. i'm sorry, sandy, not right now. i'm not gonna stay cooped up here. i'm gonna run away. this is london, this is where the action is. our orders are, where the action is, you ain't. what have we here? goodness. hey, look! here? -right there! that wasn't me, it was a young gentleman in the crowd. oh, daughter number two. oh, good. of the situation. here's a counselor. i like that fringe.
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i was on duty in the strand. rocession, and when the coach stood level with me, it stopped, and out of it stepped the accused. she was wearing a black and white, two-piece bathing costume. is that all? no, sir, it had a fringe. i approached the accused and said, "madam, your behavior, by riding in the lord mayor's coach and your attire, may well lead to a breach of the peace.
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caused my helmet to fall over my eyes. i duly warned the people behind me, and the accused said, "oh, darling. never mind them, pinch me." i said, "i shall, miss. imogen smythe, i arrest you for conduct which may well lead to a breach of the peace in that you are indececely exposed in a public place." and at the same time, sir, i unrolled my rain cape and that was so sweet of you, but that leather against me, well, i still have gooseflesh. you can step down, constable. sir. i said, "step down." as a matter of fact, you did everything beautifully,
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miss smythe. yes, darling? you mustn't call me that. it's contempt. well, it's not in my circles. what is your profession? i shake. shake? shake what? i shake me. oh, you know, the girls a-go-go. one aspect emerges clearly from this case. you appear to have courted arrest. i don't want to spend the rest of my life te. at the girls a-go-go shaking my fa... yes, all farther inquiries will be made. you're amounted for seven days. that's a dirty, rotten shame. oh, dear, well, does that mean that i have to be in jail?
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you've got to be joking! well, i couldn't raise sixpence at the moment. well, you'll be permitted to contact your friends. right here, , r, right here. hello, daisy! hey, what about this? beautiful. where have you been? out to tea. for five hours?
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come on, this way to the dressing room. well, here are all my worldly possessions. cooler than rome, isn't it, mr. solo? let me save you the trouble of searching the room. here. he could be right, you know, my things are in such a a ss.
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quiet! this doesn't concern you. go on playing. play!
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where'd you get thth? well, it's imogen's. it's got a chiropractor's phone number on the back. wewe, this business, you know we're always throwing our backs out or something.
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tell me, handsome, were you thrust against me completely against your will this time? not entirely. it's cold. oh. charming. are you all right? i think i found what you're looking for. what is it? ber three.
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both photographs seem to be identical, sir, except for the lettering in the background. apparently the answer lies in those figures. we might have to get all four photographs before it makes sense. i'm afraid so. by the way, sir, how d d miss imogen smythe make out? oh, admirably. it seems she's engaged to be married to a policeman. oh, god. if only it could go on like this forever. it can, forever. how?
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into my ski lodge and live happily ever after. isn't there something you want to ask me first? no. something i have to tell you. i i ould have told you before. i'm married. you are what? mamaied. i know, i know, i... i should have told you before, i know. i should have had the courage. you know, my wife, a helpless invalid, i can't divorce her. you're asking me to, oh no. no, yvonne. let's talk about it a little more practical. i find you, a secretary for my p pis office, here in a hotel you clearly cannot afford, wearing clothes that are obviously not paid for.. what kind of daughter you think i am?
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...and who would thoroughly enjoy having a charge account and all those enchanting, little shops down in the e wn, huh? and why not? you're such a pretty little thing. oh! sosoy i had you. better luck next girl. fraulein. fraulein! it's about your bill. it hasn't been paid, i know, but don'tt give up hope. no, no, no, no, actually, fraulein,
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well, what are you? santa claus or old nick in sheep's clothing? let me put it this way, yvonne. i knew your mother well. oh. but how grateful do you expect me to be? i want a very special photograph. fly to london. my half-sister, she goes in for that sort of thing. a pleasant thought, but listen. actually, it's a photograph of your stepfather, dr. true, that i'm after. a photograph of simon, worth 30,000 shillings? if it's the one with some figures in the background. if that's all you want, it's in my room. it's not,t, i've already looked. oh. it's in my bag, of course. i must have left it up... in h hr von kesser's ski lodge. let's go. you don't waste time, do you?
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suite 23, please. still no answer? oh, never mind.. no, no message. thank you. -yes, sir? -there's a small miion i wish you to undertake. certainly, herr. the young lady in suite 23, add her account to mine. that is impossible. what? i don't know how to put this. someone preceded you, sir. the bill has been paid. by whom? a complete stranger to me,
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cognac, and make that a double. that's what i need. why, are you worried about napoleon? well, how long does it take to searcrca room? well, it depends who's in it. the young lady in suite 23? you want to pay her bill as well? uh, well, if necessary, yes. i'm afraid you are the second gentleman who's too late. excuse me, i understand we may be companions in misfortune. perhaps you could tell me where i might find a miss yvonne.
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in the world, then we have a slight misunderstanding, and before you can say push, she drops me like a hot kartoffel. what? like a hot kartoffel. pota. oh. and imagine, just because i said i'm married. women are funny. hmhm women are funny. oh. nevertheless, perhaps you coulultell me where i might... thank you...find her. now, you l lk like a man of the world. haven't you used this old dodge before? thank you. after i came running back here ready to apologize and eveneno ask her to marry me, she takes up with the first ski tramp who pays her bilil you know who the tramp was? why would you ask me? ask the desk clerk, he's got the money.
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who was the man who paid that bill? i haven't the slightest idea. where are you going? never you mind. you stay put. and order anything you want... as long as it's ice cream. i know that man, he's dangerous. now, where did he go? come on, i've got to know. i've got to know! now, you heard the gentleman, tell him. that's an order! they went to your ski lodge. oh, i can't understand it. i'm sure i left it up here. this isn't only a trick to bring me here, hm? why would i do that? to give those uncle agents a chance to get the jump on me. what uncle agents? i had an argument with von kesser, and i left in a hurry without my bag. it has to be here someplace. it better be. remember, you've been paid for it already,
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how much further is it? almost there. wait! we must take cover. would you mind telling me what this is all about?
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. what is there? -stay down! -i've got to get to her. let me go. oh, please, i'm not lying. not lying? you are amanda's daughter. no, it has to be here someplala. how can it be? you've turned it over to uncle. i did, i did, i don't even know. darling. you want a fight? fight a man, you... all right, you, you model of chivalry. you want to save your girlfriend? name your pricic i'll pay any amount. -where is it? -what? my bag. bag? is that what you're looking for? where is it? i-i took it to the hotel.
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oh, , 's all right now. darling, it's all right, your carl is here now. my carl? you mean frau carl's carl. now, but don't you understand? there isn't any frau, i only said it becausus you know, a man in my position... your position? what about my position? fraulein, fraulein? is that your bag? oh, my bag, how silly of me. thank you. bitte sehr. did he get your bag? certainly not, i left it at the hotel. that's where sandy is. you... you're not married? no, of course not. don't you understand, yvonne?
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and not my interlocking directorate. hey, mr. solo, mr. kuryakin, here it is! if you fellows are still looking for it, our own private plane. you know, i've never even been on a plane before. mr. solo! welcome aboard, gentlemen.
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