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tv   Today  NBC  November 1, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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jennifer, come to your supper! jennifer! no point in being a bad loser. stop this childish sulking and come to your supper. jennifer, do you hear me? yes, father, i hear you. i'm not hungry. nonsense, of course you are. not a decent chef west of cincinnati. i just to keep you from running off to san francisco after that-- what's his name-- uh, henri gaston. uh, armand, sir. comte armand de bois-neuf. ugh. sounds like a french stew-- greasy, indigestible... however, i do o pect you to conduct yourself like a lady of spirit and character. you have exactly five minutes to make yourself presentable and to develop an appetite. five minutes, jennifer. yes, father, five minutes. see, muhlenbach, nothing to it.
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that's how i build the missouri and eastern. ( brakes screech )
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flint: the wagon train was cutting a pie-shaped piece off the e rner of kansas, with california looking about as close as the moon. hawks was supposed to be bringing up a group of wagons that had fallen behind, but he was late for the rereezvous. after a week, they still weren't kicking dust over the horizon. so the major sent me back to find them... before trouble did. howdy, hawks. hey, mccullough, what's up? oh, major's getting lonesome for the rear wagons. wants to form up the whole outfit before we hit the platte. he sent me down to hurry them along. well, you can't push a bunch of greenhorns like this too fast. there's hardly one good haha in the whole lot of them. well, didn't you tell them to stay in line? tell them? told them a hundred times. i'll manage it. wooster's coming down with some of my gear on the supply wagon. send him on down, will you? yeah, sure. hey, flint... yeah? you know, they tell me rome wasn't built in a day.
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maybe you're right, but i'm gonna teach this one left from right in one minute. you are, huh? ( chucklkl ) anybody here? ( whistles ) e driving this rig? i beg your pardon. you u ard me. the driver. the man in charge. have we met? i doubt it. the name's mccullough. i'm in charge of this batch of wagons, more or less. how nice. there.e. well now, mr., uh, mccullough, was it? well what?
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to san francisco all alone? i am. you think those horses are gonna find their way by themselves? you think they'd get lost? here? besides, i was busy. yeah, i noticed. it's out of the qution, lady. u'll just vern b to tuk. don't be absurd. no sense in arguing. it's impossible. obviously, you don't know who i am. no. no, i'm afraid i iissed the debutante's cotillion this year. i'm jennifer-- jennifer smith. charmed. you still go back. look, jenny-- jennifer. j-e-double n-i-f-e-r. i loathe diminutives, don't you? the only way you can stay on the train, jenny, is to hire a professional driver. oh, are you applying for the position, mr. mccullough? i am not, but the big g tfits at the head of the wagon--
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fine. naturally, it'll have totoe cash in advance, though. naturally. oh, i--i left my money on the-- well, i left it. you see, this wagon-- naturally. you don't understand. i know--i'll pay you in san francisco. double wages. that's all right, isn't it? no, it isn't. then i'll just have to get along the best way i can. you're very kind, mr. mccullough, but i couldn't accept. rerely not. not from a stranger. well, looks like you've got everything under control. i have. all right. all right, you follow in behind mr. wooster here. everything he does, you do the same thing in the same way, if you can. you think you can handle that? i can handle anything. anything i want to, that is.
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if i can. mr. mccullough... yes, miss, uh, smith? thank you for not making it the other way around. what? if you were the one i had to imitate, i'm afraid i could never manage to be quite so ill-bred. good day. she's a looker, ain't she? ( chuckles ) yeah, charlie, she's a looker.
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? oh! i thought you weren't hungry? mmm. don't be silly, i'm ravenous. i was just sulking, that's all. oh? i hadn't noticed. it's good, charlie. thank you. well, i guess i'll turn in, though. good night. good night, miss smith. good night, mr. wooster. thanks for the blanket. oh, that's all right. i wouldn't have used it no-how. my beard keeps me warm. ( chuckles ) ( chuckles ) ( coyote howls ) what's that? coyote. you better get used to that sound. you're gonna be hearing it a lot between here and san francisco. theyeyound so lonesome. lonesome for something to eat...
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mr. mccullough... yep? you think i'm pretty dreadful, don't t u? that's right. willful, stubborn, spoiled. no argument. as far as you're concerned, i'm completelylyopeless. i guess so. so you'r'rgonna send me right back where i started from, aren't you? ( sighs )) nope. oh, don't think i wouldn't like to. but that river's still running pretty high. may not be fordable again for more than a week, and we haven't got the time to waste. can't leave you here, so-- so san francisco? if you make it. it is rather a long walk, isn't it? it's been done before. oh, uh, you can bunk in here.
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oh, but that's the supply wagon. i thought--i thought you-- i do, but there's plenty of room. besides, once we cross the platte, i'll be out scouting most the time. oh, one thing, though. just one? yeah. keep away from the horses-- either end. i haven't got time to be out looking after them. did it ever occur to you, mr. mccullough, that i wasn't born yesterday? frankly, no. they say that all frontiersmen are half-savages. do they? colette and i prefer coyotes to wolves. ( coyote howls ) well, suit yourself. well, it's been kind of a hard day. i guess i'll turn in. good night.
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( coyote howls ) ( sighs ) ( screeches ) ( coyote howls ) ( owl screeches )
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( panting ) ( coyote howls ) ( gasps ) i thought you preferred coyotes. --it's colette. she was-- oh? well, you can sleep here. ( coyote h hls ) well, go on. it's made up. oh, that dress of yours is gonna take a while to dry. here's some old stuff of mine that's kind of shrunk. you can puputhese on... in the morning. thanks.
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oh, didn't i tell you? oh, i never sleep in the wagon. it makes me feel kind of trapped, closed in. i thought i mentioned that. well, good night. mr. mccullough... yeah? i, uh... i... well? i'm sorry i misinterpreted. oh, don't be. don't misunderstand. it's'sot that i'm a saint. it's just that, well, i guess you're not my type. i'm too much of a lady? not enough of a woman. what if you had a medical emergency away from home? my chest hurts. i can't breathe. what you need is mobile help.
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th mobile help, you get help outside the home, with coverage nationwide on one of the largest cellular networks, at the press of a button. i couldn't dial 9-1-1 because i was out of it. i just pushed the button and when i woke up i was in the hospital. i don't have to worry about if i'm near help or if i even know where i am. i have mobile help. they know where i am. i have a number of heaeah issues. ey would not know what your issues are. mobile help has all of that on file so the emergency responders already know what my needs are. there are things i wouldn'n'do if i didn't have mobile help. mobile help is a life saver. literally and figuratively. with mobile help i feel safe, i feel secure, and i have my life back. call the number on your screen for a free full color brochure. we'll send you everything you need including this
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t button. you can also add the fall button that automatically detects falls and signals help even if you are unconscious and unable to press the button. there is no equipment to buy and no long-term contract. for a limited time, you will also receive a free emergency key bobo with your plan purchase. don't settle for a medical alert system that only works at home. mobile help has given me my life because i'm not restricted anymomo. i have freedom to live now. join the thousands of people help. and help keepepyou safe - coast to coast! junction city. ever been there, muhlenbach? uh, once, sir. population 93, i believe. ratherer rough element. there's a hotel? of sorts, sir.
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notify their chef. never mind, we'll bring our own. oh, i'm afraid not, sir. nonsense! he should go to the moon for what i pay him. well, the moon, mr. churchchl, but not kansas. what's the difference? indians, mr. churchill. chef's frightened to death of indiansns bah! should have let jennifer marry that frenchman. costing me a fortune-- rewards, posters, detectives mucking up my schedule. now she's mucking up my digestion. mmm. well, i don't believe it. usually don't find a mirage thth side of the south pass. all the women on the other wagons do all the cooking. you won't let me ride or drive, so... well, anyway, it's prairie stew. sit down, charlie. sure smells good. missssalverson gave me the recipe.
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of course, i added a few special ingredients of my own. well? well, it's, uh... unusual. yeah, that's it. it's unusual. it's the most unusual stew i ever ate. well, thank you. must be the herbs i found along the trail. herbs? mm-hmm, must have been herbs. looked like herbs. it's--it's fine, jenny. it's just that, well, i guess i'm not very hungry.y. me neither. must be the weather, charlie. yeah, that's it-- the weather.
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charlie. thank you. where you going? scientific research. what do you mean? well, they say coyotes will eat anything, right? right. they say it, but they can't prove it. we can. if this pot's empty in the mornini, we'll know they'll eat anything, huh? you know, i think she's got something there, flint. give me that water. ( jennifer screams ) indians! well, do something! don't just stand there! oh, indians scalp people! do they? they look like indians to me.
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ays, it ain't a raiding party. how can you tell? paint and women. oh? yeah. don't have paint and do have women. women slow them m wn a lot. you sound like him. those with the big hats-- those indians, too? no, they're bounty hunters. i like indians best. oh, come on, b by. come on, let's go. here, sweetheart. do you go. ( whining ) shh, shh, shh. well, that's a mighty long ride just to look for a missing girl. buy a lot of horse shoes with $5,000.0. yeah, i guess that's so. oh, you got a picture of her? man: yeah. jed. cut it from a st. jo paper. oh? well, haven't seen her.
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must be loco. must be. mind if we check the wagons? uh, no. no, help yourselves. man: thank you. come on, jed. uh, i like you boys to meet my sister. she decided to leave the plantation in virginia and move to california. sally jo... sally jo, honey... why, yes, flint, honey? i'd like you to meet jed prentice and tex hall. well now, i'm right pleased to make your acquaintance. seems that some railroad tycoon's daughter's run off to san francisco, and jed and tex here figure to beat the pinkerton men to the r well now, i'm sure they can do just that. yes, ma'am, if she's in the kansas territory, we'll sure find her. i'm impressed. truly, i am. yeah. you got folks in california, miss mccullough, ma'am? not folks, exactly. well, not yet, that is. you see, mama thought it was downright disgraceful--
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s-- betty lou and sarah ann, that is-- and they decided there was lots more eligible men in california and less competition for them at home, if you get my meaning. i guess so. thing is, from what i see, i don't see no need to go all that way. sally jo, i told you to stop flirting. i'm not flirting, flint, honey. i'm just speaking a simple truth. there you go bossing again. he's always bossing-- just because he's the oldest and the only boy. anyway, i'm sure these gentlemen wouldn't mistake my meaning. now, would you? why, sure, ma'amam i mean, no, ma'am. let's get out of here. i'll show you around. it's a waste of your time, though. a brat like that churchill girl would never last a minute on a tough outfit like this.
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( sighs ) sally jo... that's your name, isn't it? sally jo. i heard mccullough talking to them bounty hunters this evening. so? what i mean is, well, it's a long, long way to california, as the song says. thought you and me might as well be friends. i'm frankie palmer. friends it is then. i choose my own friends. oh, come now. you weren't nearly so stand-offish with them bounty hunters this evening, not by a long shot. well, you don't hit like a lady. now, do you kiss like one? ugh! you all right, jenny? quite. get back to your wagon, palmer. keep away from her.
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sally jo, i'm just looking after my little sister. ! so, the train went east, colette and i went west, and that's the who story. poor litite rich girl-- or spoilede ritl girl or stubborn little rich girl. well? you forgot the last line, didn't you? hmm? s always ended-- "and they lived happily ever aftft." that depends on you, doesn't it? why me? you get me safe to san francisco, and i'll double any reward my father offers. i shouldn't have said that, should i? you must love this fella armand an awful lot. maybe. maybe i'm just that stubborn.
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governesses, teachers, my father. maybe, just once, i wanted to to do things my way. just once. make sense? i guess so. flint... yeah? you're pulling out? sun up. didn't i telelyou? bebeuse of me? no, not because of you, jenny. i work here, remember? major adams wants me to scout camp sites about as far at ft. kearney. want company? sorry, i got enough hazards already. ( sighs ) i'll miss you. thanks.
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good-bye, jenny. save it for armand. tell him...
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hold up, mccullough. we gotta have a little talk, you and me. what's on your mind, palmer?
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all right, it's forgotten. the thing is, i was thinking we could be partners, you and me. how do you mean, partners? i know about the girl, you see. what do you know? she's no more your sister than i am. she's that missing heiress-- the one they're all hunting. she is? oh, come now, mccullough. i could handle this alone all right, but then... well, i don't want no trouble, you see. meaning what? we work together, and it goes smooth as silk. she trusts you. a sort of lamb to the slaughter, you might say. what about the reward? we split half and half. could be wrong, you know. ohohwe could be in times square, but we're not. now what do you say?
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flint, i knew you'd come back. get your things.. but last night you said-- forget what i said last night. just hurry. bring the dog. i don't understand. we'll cut soutut pick up the overland stage route somewhere near junction city. you'll be in california before this outfit gets to chimney rock. well, that's what you wanted, isn't it? yes. that's what i wanted. then hurry. wait a minute. my sinch is loose. i'll race you. come on! now, be careful! ( jennnner screams )
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oh, naturally. i've fallen dozens of times. ( both grunting ) oh! oh, i'm fine. ( chuckles ) still cold? a little. mm. that's better. now i'm warmer. so am i. have you ever thought about getting married? oh, yeah, i've thought about it. why didn't you? one reason or another-- wrong time, wrong place, wrong girl. you're really not such bad husband material, you know, except you do snore. i wonder if armand snores. probably. i hear that it's an old french custom. oh, that settles it. wedding's off. oh? well, it's out of the question. ow to say
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im anymore. oh? a girl can't be in love, really in love, with two men at once, can shsh i wouldn't know. well, you do think it's a gooooidea, don't you? which one? my not marrying armand. maybe i should marry you instead. marry me? why, you said that i was half a savage. well, who then? i'm open to suggestions. did anyone ever tell you that marriage was for grownups? i could be growing up.
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oh. how far is it to junction city? two or three days. oh, too close. maybe we should take the long way around. we already are. ( thunderclap ) better hold up here for a while. there's a storm coming up. yeah. don't look very friendly.. oh, that doesn't mean a thing. they just put that up to protect their claim. ners are the most hospitable men in the west. famous for it. i hope you're right.
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here. come on. all right, if you donon trust me, take the horse and wait over there by the rock. i forgot you drown easily. hello! anybody home? ( gunshot ) evening. you read? yeah. she ain't here! and you ain't staying. i'm just looking for some shelter. there's a storm coming. what's he saying? says there's a storm coming.
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( multiple gunshots ) co. most hospitable men in the whole west. famous for it. we better get out of here. for a resourceful frontiersman, mr. mccullough, you do give up easily. you think you can do any better? you mind if i try? go right ahead. i hope you know what you're doing. oh, quite. i don't suppose you hahaen to have a comb. oh, well, it's not quite like crashing the copely cotillion, is it? ( thunderclap ) ( sighs ) come on, baby. do you mind hooking me up? they didn't teach you this at finishing school, did they?
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( chuckles ) ( thunderclap ) ( raining ) hello! anybody home? it's a woman.. uh-uh. no woman this side of junction city. what is it then? mirage. you can't have a mirage in the rain. why can't you? mirage is water, ain't it? good evening. ( banging )
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looks like a womom. how sweet of you to notice. sounds like a woman. you're sweet, too. shall we go in? both: after you, ma'am. thank you. oh, dripping water. i still think it's a miragag- a she mirage! oh, excuse me. ( whistles ) ( flint whistles ) it's all right. we're together. huh? it's a he mirage! oh, little colette. she's all wet.
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ing. mccullough, u're sure a lucky man to have a wife can cook like that. you and your husband take the bed. i say you and your husband can take the bed. fred and me will bunk down in here. oh, how very generous of you. oh, you've been a perfect darling. mm! and you, too. coming, dear? yeah.
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ht. sweet dreams. oh, a real bed. i'd forgotten what one looked like. oh, i could sleep a month. flint... yeah? how long has it been since you said "i love you" to somebody? a while. please. you don't have to mean it. just say, "i love you, jenny." go on. i love you, jenny. sounds nice.
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hoist them! what's wrong? going somewhere, mr. mccullough? i was just going out to bed down my horse, if that's all right. maybe, maybe not. i don't understand. shh, she's sleeping. get over there. tie him up, fred. well now, wait a minute.
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fellas, you got me all-- all wrong. yeah? and you two want t t reward? no, don't need it. we ain't no bounty hunters, mccullough. it's her. she's a nice girl, mr. mccullough, if that's your name. a fine girl. and we don't aim to see no bounty hunter drag her into junction city like a criminal. i'm not a bounty hunter. reward's same as a bounty, seems to me. i'm on her side. taking her to junction city, weren't you? to put her on the stage for san francisco. ( chuckles ) if you don't believe me, ask her. her old man's in junction city. him and most of them pinkerton men, bounty hunters. i didn't know that. we've been on a wagon train. search him, fred.
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bossed by major seth adams. huh. gal acted like she trusted him. yeah, seemed kind of sweet on him to me. ( chuckles ) no telling with women. you swear you didn't bring her here by force? force? jenny? i'm pretty good, fellas, but i'm not that good. welllli reckon we got you all wrong, mccullough. better untie him, fred. thank you. well, that gall ain't safe here noways. nope, them buzzards come by here every day or so. if we could get her to mexico... suppose we said we had her and we lost her and she went to mexico. what then? ha! they'd chase her clear to chihuahua! if they believed us. yeah, which they won't. no, not without proof. we've got proof.
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they'll believe us. get the horses, fred. yeah. say, suppose she gets scared being here all alone. shh. women are like that.
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( whines ) ( horses riding off ) flint... flint? flint? flint?
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"therefore, i'm taking colette to junction city "and claiming the reward. "wait here for me. "all will work out for the best.
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you the one that saw the churchill girl headed for mexico? yeah, i'm the fella. thought you'd like to know you were wrong. is that so? got into town about an hour ago riding a mule. are you sure? i saw her myself. she signed this in person. what is it? your name flint mccullough? that's right. warrant for your arrest. what's the charge? abduction. this one is for kidnapping. assault and battery. unlawful transportation of a female person against her will. theft. question about it being grand or petit. item--one pet dog. well, i don't know what she's trying to prove, but i'm sure gonna find out. why, uh, i've got another one of these.
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let's go, boys. you got a visitor. mrmrmccullough. it's a one-man cell. i'm richard churchill. can't say that i blame you. had a chat with my daughter. seems to be a slight misunderstanding. that's a slight understatement. oh, these have been dropped. you're free to go. well, nice having met you. you're forgetting something. it's in the sum of $10,000. i thought the reward was $5,000. it was. i've lived with jennifer for over 20 years. what you went through was above and beyond the call of duty. well, let's just say it was a priceless experience. thought you'd do that.
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you ever lose? sometimes. not very often. i like you, mccullough. how about coming to work for me? sorry, mr. churchill, i'm not for sale. that's where you'r'rwrong, mccullough. i've learned two things in my life. one thing is that every man has his price. sometimes it's wealth, security, and position. sometimes it's honor, courage, and frereom. price is never the same, but every man's got one. welllli'll settle for getting out of here as soon as possible, from your daughter as possible. why don't you marry her? jenny? that's right. if i wanna commit suicide, i can think of less painful ways than that. don't tell me her faults. i'm her father. you, however, are in love with her. in love with her? mr. churchill, any man that would be in love with your daughter would have to be as lame-brained as she is. ( chuckles ) that's the second thing i've learned, mcmcllough. every man's a little lame-brained one way or another.
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good luck. i just got a message. it's all settled then. armand will arrive in junction city on friday. we travel east together. the wedding will be in boston. muhlenbach has drawn up a tentative guest list. you'd better look it over. oh, some other time. you don't seem very happy. it's your wedding, i just pay the bills. ( chuckles ) i'm just tired. i have a headache. due to your great passion for armand? why not? mccullough? oh, don't be absurd! he tore up the reward, you know. he d d? oh, naturally. wouldn't take a job, either.
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flint mccullough's perfectly self-sufficient. he doesn't need anyone, nor does he want anyone. people said that when i wanted to build a railroad. thought they didn't need it. what made them change their minds? i did. salesmanship. basis of the industrial revolution. sell ice to an eskimo, if you got time enough and you're good enough. flint is no eskimo. makes it easier. besides, he loves you. certainly not! don't think he knows it himself yet. oh, papa! papa, sometimes you're positively loveable! sometimes. ( chuckles ) hi, flint. hi.
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( gunshot ) ( whistle ) what are you doing here? i signed up for san francisco, remember? this time, broug two drivers just in case. i thought armand was on his way east. what's in 'frisco? he is. i'm not sure. it's what's between here and there that counts. meaning? enough time to sell ice to an eskimo. i'm no eskimo, jenny. that makes it easier. jenny, i'm gonna have to talk to you. there's plenty of time. byby we'll see you later. giddy up!
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