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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  November 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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four -- station-house thefts. lieutenant hunter has alerted us to a rash of these. contact him or me if you're missing anything, or if you have any clues. five -- lieutenant goldblume asks -- he doesn't want to take any more calls re -- repairmen for his house. six -- new undercover. belker is at monty's save shop, vis-?-vis cash-machine rip-offs across from there.e. seven -- uh, captain furillo will be in today. we're expecting him at 0800 hours. eight -- no funeral arrangements asasf this hour on joe coffey. as many of you know, his mother and his stepfather live in florida. they've been notified, and they're returning up here. last -- the coffey investigation. lieutenant buntz is in charge
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plus, division is helping out. current status is as follows -- no suspects in custody, and no eyewitnesses to the event. a suspect and vehicle description and other relevant data are on the board, everybody. please apprise yourself. pepele...uh, whenever a cop killer is on the loose, and a good friend is gone, things change for all l us. that this is a street robber who was interrupted in the act. let's not be getting paranoid that somebody's out there stalking us. just do your job. remain responsible as regards to the community and let's get the guy.
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sergeant bates? lucy? um...desk today. okay, lucy? whatever they want. whatever buntz wants. you need any time off, you need anybody to talk to... welcome back, captain. thank you. sorry the circumstances stink. any developments? rt matches bates' van descririion. no vehicle? not yet. frank? henry. glad to see you, friend. oh, lieutenant hunter, on those thefts, we'll be wanting all our spare manpower. oh, of course. the coffey matter. i'll help you, sir. i was thinking to keep an eye on the khaki officers, since they control access to the squad room. good enterprise, ballantine. you know, that melvin in particular. he seems the flaky type. damn!
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r? yeah, yeah, yeah -- abouou5' 10". caucasian -- right. no, not a light-skinned puerto rican -- caucasian! blue kind of work shirt, white high-tops. merril martin? come on, he ain't out of the joint yet. man: lieutenant buntz? line four. buntz. lucy, it's policy -- one i agree with. gonna give you these names. father richeson's in the chaplain's office -- very solid, very good man. and dr. gordon,, by reputation anyway, is top-notch. ff psychologist. so i guess it's take your pick -- believe in god or not, huh? something like that. or you could talk to both of them. captain, i got somebody sounds like our man -- white male, light hair, 5' 10", medium-to-slight build. according to my snitch, lives in his sro. guy's been k kcking down liquor stores up and down van buren. take larue and washington. yeah. bastard!
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armed robbery in progress, surplus store, corner of peebles drive and d 4th street. [ slow piano music plala ]
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looks like you stepped in something, chicky, huh? come on! hey, hey! okay, we got him. hey, hey! you kill a cop, , ddy? is that your thing, huh?! what the hell are you talking about?! you're under arrest -- suspicion robbery and mumuer!
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ou can't paint over t tre, where the machine is? no, no. that's all metal over there. it don't need paint, mr. gutbauau be a dead giveaway. the perp would get hinky. hinky? yeah, hinky -- nervous, unprerectable, subject to departure from his usual m.o. just go on your own business. everything's okay. i-i can't help but being a little nervous. don't worry about a thing, mr. g. anything goes down, i'm here. and i got the officer to help me out. just kidding. go away. uh...what kind of code do you use when you got to use the facilities? huh? what i'm saying is i could cover for you. i don't need any help. you're not dealing with untrained personnel here. i mean, i got college credits in poli science. you study english, too? yeah, so? how come you don't understand when i tell you to take off? and i got a brown belt in karate, sir. that's terrific. then i will shsht you if you don't leave me the hell alone. okay, okay, i get the message.
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got a customer for you in interrogation, miss davenport. dee wilson -- prostitution and controlled substance. thanks, sergeant. here -- rich turner. book him. rob one, murder of a shopkeeper and a cop. do you wantt a p.d., sport? p.d. or a lawyer? is that him? look familiar? i don't know. i think so, yeah. good. all right. let's move you away from him. we'll l t you a lineup. look, i'm gonna wash this guy's hands a minute, make sure we get a clean print. same with all the girls that work on jefferson. you check on marla, that got popped with me? she gonna walk with a $100 fine. because she's paying off judge hardin? paying off the judge, the bailiff, the lawyer. they all getting something off the working girl. do you have any proof of these allegations?
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the clerk's office. next to judge hardin's courtroom? i don't know! wherever the bailiff's at. he's the one. if i'm saying the truth, can i get out? possibly. i'll check into it. you see, with the laserscope,, we got to scrub you real good. aah! it's hot. coco on, soap down now, chick, 'cause if you were in mel's smoke shop and you left even a partial print, that laserscope is gonna lift it off anytytng. no, i don't think you're very polite. aah! it's hot! it hurts! not half as much as the electric chair. now why don't you get smart and tell me your story, huh? 'cause we alalady got a cop that puts you leaving the scene. and that gets you 80% strapped in already. leaving what scene?! mel's smoke shop, you diphead! what you want me to tell you?! i've never been in a smoke shop! i've been in the smoke shop! when, last night? no, not last night! come on now, chick. now we know that you didn't want to shoot a cop, right? that he surprised you, right?
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her story's this -- brown's law office told all their pros. clients not to come to them anymore -- to go to the public defender. but then the pimp gets a call, telling him to drop money through a mail slot in the law firm's building. money arrives before noon, girl gets off with a fine. if it checks out and she'll testify, she walks. i'll talk to her about testimony. how are you feeling? in the coffey shooting. buntz: captain? thank you. are we on top of this, norman? you heard bates i.d. the showup. plus, the guy's given a partial statement. he says he's been in mel's smokes. uh...conceivable we may lose thahaas coerced, but the guy's stupid, captain. i think we can nail him. we're trashing his place right now. i also got some people coming in for lineups. sounds good. keep me apprised. yeah. joyce's hooker says hardin's the judge,
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sounds like a match -- not a light sentencer, but real uneven. can we get access to his clerk's office? sure -- an administrative judge would let us in. today? give it a try. how's our coffey suspect? as soon as his attorney's through, we start the lineups. lieutenant? yeah? when do you want me for lineup? uh...about an hour, after his lawyer's done with him. we doing on the case? how much more we need? yeah, but besides me, weweoing okay? yeah, not bad. like what? like, he's talking, like we got witnesses for other lineups, other jobs. good, 'cause i don't think i can i.d. him. you already said it was him when we brought him in. i know i did. so now i'm not so sure. come on, now. you only saw him for a couple of seconds. now, uh, this showup was accidental,
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maybe. i don't think so. now it's the same description. he hits little stores, and he whacks people out. you got to come through. you want me to lie? i told you i am not sure! no, i don't want you to lie. i just, uh...[ sighs ] i just want to get the guy that iced your partner. and i don't? you think i want to let the guy go? i don't want him to walk. that's why i asked you. why don't you come up with some stuff?
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[ indistinct conversations in distance ] you bored? no! 'cause we got a 419 in progress over here. a what? broad in aisle two just boosted a crenshaw. it's up under her garment.
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ike bandits. hold it a minute, ma'am. you u t a problem? hey, let go of me! don't give me cause, ma'am. hey, manager! under detention. let go of me! i got her, mr. g. did you steal something? no! check the crenshaws in aisle three, mr. g. all right, all right. let go of her. do you have a melon under there, lady? ifif do, it's certainly gonna be a surprise to my old man, 'cause that's not what he planted six months ago! let's examine the facts, shall we? are you crazy?! you want a lawsuit ononour hands? that's right! a lawsuit for false harassment. now, there is no melon bulge here. now,w,m i right? i ought to call your agency. look, it was a judgment call, mr. g. the top melon was missing, she emerges from the aisle. a judgment call.
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five days, sir. a little less enthusiasm, okay? i was in a video arcade, you know, playing g e games. from when to when? i was loaded. i don't know. is that the extent of your alibi? what's wrong with it? nothing, but it would help if we could prove it. so go ask him. find the manager. maybe he saw me. do you know his name or have his description? i don't know it, okay? maybe i was in my room. maybe i was just loaded. mr. turner, i'm not asking for the world. a degree of consistency about your whereabouts would help. well, i don't know! [ sighs ] what about your statement to the police? you were in the smoke shop. i thought you said we'd get that tossed. i'm trying to clarify. so i'll cop to a coupll of rip-offs! what do you want me to say, i killed a cop?! no way in town, man! not a chanan! buntz: miss davenport? lineup's ready. we're gonna be running it in two or three parts.
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lient's been a busy little beaver. and so have you. i understand you tortured mr. turner with hot water. come on. hmm...your statement goes down the drain with your water. count on it. [ sighs ] sergeant bates? miss davenport. i'm really sorry about joe. thank you. lieutenant buntz just inforord me what sounded like a hitch in the lineup -- other witnesses. i i rtainly don't want to pressure you, but i know the extra care you want to take in getting the right perpetrator. would you be willing to talk to me this far? tell me, when you saw my client in booking earlier, was that accidental, or did lieutenant buntz -- totally accidental. in a lineup? aren't you afraid that seeing my client being brought in i don't want to discuss the case with you. excuse me. miss davenport, they're looking for you in lineup.
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ght. hey, don't let her get to you. about what? she was askiki you about what you saw, right? wrong! everybody has to butt in, tell me when t tsay something, when not to say it, when to go to lineup, do this, do that! bubuz: number three, step forward. turn to your right. turn to your left. all right, step back, number three. that's him. are you sure? positive. okayaythat's it. what about bates? uh, captain. [ buntz clears throat ] i've, uh, i've decided to let her sit for a while. we got enough to hold this yo-yo without her. and to tell you the truth, use a little more time to think it over, get rid of any possible doubts. i wasn't aware she e d any doubts. well, you know, captain, i mean...
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i mean, everybody has doubts about something, which doesn't necessarily mean anything. it's just that, well, you can't be 100% sure about anything. see what i'm saying? [ siren wails in distance ] lucy? captain. what are you doing? uh, just going through this stuff. recognize anything? you know, all i saw were those white high-tops and that blue jacket-shirt thing. lieutenant buntz says you're not sure of your i.d. it just keeps running around in my head. i think it's him. it probably is, know. i keep thinking maybe... maybe i was wrong. maybe ththe's a chance that i made a mistake. in that case -- like his eyes, you know, or his hair. it could have been longer. i just got that short look at him.
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it's just confusing. that's... lucy, if you can place him at the site, it certainly would be a big help. but if you can't, you can't. nobody wants you to go any further with this than you legitimately can go. i'm not so sure of that. take it from me, sergeant. yes, sir. with that undedetanding, i'd like you to take a look at him in the lineup. right. ? ? if you're on medicare, remember, the open enrollment period is here.e. the time to choose your medicare coverage begins october 15th and ends december 7thth so call unitedhealthcare to enroll...
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turn to your right. turn to your left.
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sorry. i'm just not sure. need me for anything else? [ door slams ] araryou planning on charging murder? you just stay tuned. the show ain't over. stan, i'm taking detective swain. probably be a couple hours. and, stan, put me on night tour, will you? good fishing, lieutenant? it's time to start using barbed hooks, sergeant. the brigade lost an entire gross of officer-in-charge forms less than an hour ago. oh? [ mumbling ] judas priest, in-house kleptomaniac... [ sniffling ] oh, sorry, lucy. sorry. [ clears throat ]
4:26 pm
[ clears throat ] i keep wanting to tell him things. well, why don't you just keep telling him? really, there's no harm. i guess that's what i'm doing. i...i keep hearing him telling me back, "luce, don't get jammed up. just do your job. do the best you can." sounds like him. excuse me. woman: is this judge reckamens? man: it's 217, down the hall. woman: thanks. yo, ronnie, how's he hananng, man? not too bad.
4:27 pm
hey, he looks familiar. ...and a motion to declare you ugly, trousdale. go back to p.r. -- all l you. pleasure doing business with you. [ speaking spanish ] i have today's winners. marla anderson, pam boston and one tiffany brewer. all of them good. thanks. bye! police. you're under arrest. jesus. hey, henry goldblume! you're under arrest. what you do? get a j j with "candid camera"? man, you serious? uh-huh. bribery. come on.
4:28 pm
807-rj6. [ sighs ] no. no? i said no. i keep thinking we're supposed to play poker with him. it's, like, caught halfway down my crawaw- renko, i don't even want to talk about it. daryl ann cried all night long. i had to...rock her in my arms till she went to sleep. i didn't sleep at all. me neither. robbery in progress. units to 123 decker. that's us, pal. 2202 in response. [ siren wails ] get out the way, man. get out of the way, pal!
4:29 pm
bobby hill? bobby hill? oh! lord! didn't you hear me -- no! i must have been in one of the apartments. [ door creaks ] did you hear that? he's here. freeze! renko, don't! stand up! put your hands over your head! turn around toward that wall right now! i'm gonna tell you something, pal. this ain't the day to be robbing people. if it wasn't for my partner,
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find anywhere else. my health is good. cancer treatment centers of america, you have people that really care. they are my family now. these people are saints. ha, they're saints. please call or visit today. the evolution of cancer care is here. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. officer: hey! don't open that can! hey, i'm talking to you! man: so what? it's against the law, so what. you get out of my way right now. i'm gonna knock you right on your can! you get away from me! eee-yah! man down! man down! backup! backup! all right, all right! that's enough. just step away. go on! thanks, mick. this here is my commanding officer, you know. he was violating a p.c. 117. when i approached the subject to request compliance, he became abusive. then when i attempted to enforce the code,
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stuff. so i give him a little bazoo. shh! you all right? yeah, i'm okay. all i did was try to defend myself. okay, okay! take a hike. and stay out of trouble! what's going on here? i'm gonna tell you something. you have got a ticking bomb here. meaning what? i'm not talking to you! you said to leave you alone. i went after the p.c. 117 myself. okay, so i underestimated the violence potential. i made a mistake. i'm sorry. g way, but have you ever stopped to think about... i don't know, maybe going into some other line of work? you don't mean... get out of law enforcement. yes! no, you don't understand. i have wanted to be a cop all my life. when i was a little kid, we used to have these 211's going down, and this cop used to roll on his wheels and kick the door down, and he'd pull my old man off my mom and tell me everything was gonna be okay. and, you know, i thought that guy was some kind of god.
4:35 pm
you're fired! hold on, mr. gutbaum. let's not go overboard. i wouldn't. i would! i want you to go down to your agency and tell them to send me somebody normal -- one of their ex-cons. you can't help me out on this one, big guy? this is a code three, then, mick. okay, we got a van. this look like the one? yeah. good. okay. buntz... sorry about what happened before. you know i'd do anything in the world to make this case. just go on down, huh? s.i.d. is looking for prints already. here's roy slay -- robbery and assault. stand right here! mario mangella, esquire. retained on behalf of trousdale and martinez. martinez don't want you, mr. mangella.
4:36 pm
well...he don't. brown sent a lawyer to me to prote himself! not me! you want a public defender? i want brown's butt here! are you claiming you had no idea there was anything in that envelope? no way, frankie. jesus, you can't be a lawyer with a bribery conviction on your sheet. but right now you and the bailiff are all we got. and he's not saying a thing. am i right? that's because brown has him all bottled up! you see? i would make a deal, but i can't! i don't know! now doesn't that prove something? not really. captain? attorney brown's in interrogation "b." there! you got someplace now. hang him out to dry! get him a bail he can make. and a fast arraignment. next bus. [ boom ]
4:37 pm
leapin' lizards! we got him! okay, lock and load, men. yeah, lieutenant? we've been in every building within three blocks of mel's smokes. i don't think there's a witness out there. it ain't gonna come off the neighborhood. it's gonna come off the trade -- some guy who walked in when the place was being robbed. okay, i'll be back at turner's crib. lieutenant, s.i.d., line three. [ man coughs ] ballantine! call the paramedics, britcher. so, we've caught the thief. you idiot! ballantine. don't "ballantine" me! your 21-blade swiss army knife? your 101st airborne lighter? i've got it! your ayn rand book -- i got that, too,
4:38 pm
why? oh! oh! because i suppose you've treated me like a son? you've treated me like a doormat! you've treated me like that ridiculous dog of yours! remember when you clawed me and tied me up, lieutenant? mr. great freedom fighter! when your dog was painted with zebra stripes -- you know what i thought? ha ha ha! ha ha...ha ha! i'm as disappointed as you are, i'm sure, captain. the kid had energy, a kind of simian intelligence. cut it, mr. brown. cut what? do you know why i quit representing prostitutes? precisely because of corruption. i can't afford corruption. my practice is too successful. or do you mean that you can't afford a close connection to it, so you shunt the girls off to the public defender -- look, i can believe that some people in my office have made phone calls, taken envelopes. but surely they don't need my cooperation. you can wire my office if you want. martinez says you're the one. what?
4:39 pm
martinez says it's you. i think it's him. if you don't have grounds to hold me, people, i have a full afternoon in part 17. don't make any mistakes, mr. brown. ballantine: how about when you went out with that man? that was good! and who stood up for you? who said he was beautiful? i wanted to puke! ballantine, come on. ballantine, ballantine! you don't even know my first name! everybody calls me jack! only you think of me as john because all you've called me for six years is ballantine! ballantine, that's not fair. the hell with you! the hell with the whole elite squad! lieutenant, what's holding up the lineups on turner? couple of witnesses still being brought in. move him to arraignment by 4:00 p.m., or i'm bringing habeas corpus. stan, i'm out to mel's smoke shop.
4:40 pm
some of the regular, after-work customers might come by. yeah, we're gonna, lucy. couple more hours. yeah. uh...deliveries? what about them? nobody makes deliveries 6:00 at night, luce. anything new? uh, i'll check. they were gonna dust the shelves. you i.d.'d the van? yeah, that's it. so now, uh, if we find a print on the steering wheel or something, then we're in business. look, uh, maybe i came down hard on you before. i know this whole situation got to be a stone crusher. yeah. well, i'm gonna go talk to the department shrink, ask him if he knows a hypnotist. you know how they help you re-create past scenes? anyway, i'm on my way to division. you know, driving to work this morning, i hear one of them ads for real estate school. usually i don't listen to them. i just tune them out.
4:41 pm
you gonna go to real estate school, renko? no, i didn't say i was gonna go. i just said i was listening. how much money you think you can make in real estate? ...late-model chevy, eastbound... 2202, corner of bailey and 112th street, will proceed to intercept. [ siren wails ] [ horn honks ] watch it, renko! freeze! i need an ambulance. it's just a head cut, fella. we'll swing by the emergency room, renko. you know what? i don't feel sorry for you at all, 'cause you stole a car, and you don't even know how to drive, do you? what the hell is this world coming to?! you're under arrest for grand theft auto. you have the right to remain silent. if you give up that right, anything you say can and will be held against you. woman: prep an o.r. for a gunshot wound. if i can figure the guy's a possible just hearing your description on the radio call,
4:42 pm
that we're under the impression there was a suspect in custody. we got one suspect -- a suspect. we heard that sergeant bates had identified him. where did you hear it from? there was talk about it. so it was a rumor. you don't act on rumor. that's not how things are done. all right, look. so we all make mistakes, huh? the important thing is we got another possible. wachtel will sign a warrant. we can swing by and pick it up.
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
i was gonna go to a hypnotist. so why'd you come to me? well...i don't know. i...i heard going to a hypnotist can queer the evidence or...i don't know. i was down here, and i...
4:45 pm
st dead and gone. if i told you something like that, would you believe me? i'm not sure. lucy, your partner joe enjoys an eternal life in christ. it doesn't really change anything, does it? nor does it rid us of grief or a sense of loss. no, no. thanks. you know, we've got this guy, and i really think that he killed joe, but...i wasn't a good cop. i didn't see what i should have seen, and now he's gonna get away. i don't know if you were a good cop or not, but if i were you, i wouldn't railroad anyone. my understanding is that there are times to trust your heart and times to trust your eyes. right. hey, sarge!
4:46 pm
ond? what do you got? i just came from turner's. this stuff look familiar? were they together? did it look like he could have worn it yesterday? we found it in a pillowcase in the back of a closet. okay, thanks. captain? i'd like to try the lineup again. by now its value as evidence is minimal. i know, but what else have we got? we have no gun, no other witness. we don't even have buntz's statement. have you had a change of heart? i think so. all right, have stan set it up. okay. i-i did see some sneakers from turner's apartment. they mustn't influence you in the lineup. no. right. what's going on? we're putting turner back in the lineup. we concede prior prejudicial effect. do you concede turner's being framed? a showup i.d. followed by a failed lineup. now a new lineup? this is vigilante atmosphere, captain.
4:47 pm
william hasselbach, g.l.a., suspicion murder. all right, sergeant, got a new candidate for you. just tossed his apartment. we found a cannon. that one look a little more like it? i don't know. [ voice breaking ] okay, i don't know! i don't know! no lineup, okay? i was wrong. i almost nailed maybe the wrong guy. now they got another guy! whom you recognize? lucy, i won't allow you on another lineup. it was so quick. it was just... i'm sorry, but it was... captain, new suspect with a gun.
4:48 pm
woman: uh...that's $7.50. is that gonna be cash or check? man: uh, that's cash. man: watch where you're going! police officer! you freeze, or you're dog meat! don't shoot! don't shoot! [ screams ] hey! hey!
4:49 pm
[ tires screech ] officer requesting assistance -- ambulance, uh, decker and third. are you crazy?! well, i seen you chasing him. so you ran him over and killed him?! he ain't dead. [ groans ] i hit him just right -- not too hard. what the hell are you doing here? i come back to get my check, and i seen you chasing this guy. so i figured maybe you could use a little help. he would have got away. don't i at least get a "thank you" here? a "thank you"? a "thank you"?! you're lucky i don't have you arrested for attempted manslaughter!
4:50 pm
justifiable assistance to a peace officer. you know, i got canned at the agency. oh, am i sorry to hear that! hey, every knock's a boost. am i right? you know what i'm gonna do? i'm gonna resubmit my application to the department. the police department? yeah. i figured maybe you could give me a reference. [ growls ] four detox programs for meth. seven arrests. how many convictions? oh, we're gonna add to that count, billy. [ laughs ] you guys! hey, hey, tell me. which one of you plays the good guy, and who plays the bad guy? aw, billy knows how it works. yeah, you know i do. it says here, uh, [ clears throat ] he wet his bed. they recommend rubber sheets. [ laughs ] hasselbach: that's funny, man. all right, i want a lawyer. i want the p.d.
4:51 pm
wrong suspect. you get an 18b dude. what's that? court-appointed shyster representing a loser like you where the hell's brown? huh? you let brown go, man. we had no probable cause to hold him. what about him ruining my life?! what about him lying? at least let me wear a wire against the man. jesus, you know he won't talk to you now. you should be ashamed of yourself. and you, frankie. shame on you pigs! jesus, we're continuing the investigation. we're going after judge hardin as well as brown. if i thought you were totally innocent, i'd tell you more. i don't need to know any more. okay, frankie? come right down to it -- they made us a bunch of little girls. believe me! i will deal with brown myself!
4:52 pm
it killed officer coffey. tell us again what you did last night. you went to the mayor's ball, you met cinderella. then the two of you must have gone to the ladies' room. enough already! you are wrong about me. i'm reading your sheet, little man. [ door opens ] your gun killed our cop, mr. hasselbach.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
there you are, ballantine. you're looking much better. ballan-- uh, j-jack... no one knows better than i that emergency action team duty exacts a toll. and i've decided that disciplinary action is not appropriate. and on a more personal note... i forgive you. you forgive me?! you're the one who's been driving me crazy in the first place! [ laughs ] come on, lieutenant! give me about 3 1/2 hours on the zen stealth of the true ninja! [ laughing ] and then... then they give warrior of the month to buntz!
4:55 pm
that was a moment of true happiness for me, lieutenant! classic projection of your own inadequacies. it is the ritualistic betrayal and slaying of the father figure. father figure? you? i doubt you could sire a worm! oh, ballantine. it all fits -- the endless preening, the incessant cleaning of the weapon. you have gone too far, ballantine. you're through. through?! we'll see who's through! you don't know what it's been like keeping it all in while you've ignored me and treated me like dirt! well, now the real jack ballantine is out of the box. a cat ready to pounce!
4:56 pm
lo at the other guy? no, but i heard mr. brown. he was screaming at him. into another lousy thing. what do you mean? you've had so many hard things in your life, and now you got to deal with another one. not this hard, luce. you're not alone. you aren't either, fabe.
4:57 pm
the ledge is about this wide. old coffey's inching up, and the guy says, "you grab me, i'll push you!" old coffey looks back at him and says, ush you!" and so, coffnay talks . so he's grabbing the broad's phone number
4:58 pm
and then he realizes that he left them in ignition. and he's locked out of his unit! and i just wanted to, uh, express my condolences. yeah. can i stand you folks to a round? no...thanks. yeah, i remember one bust just after he came on the job. coffey comes up to me. i don't even know him. and he's all serious, face all scrunched up. you know, like he used to get? and he tells me that i wrote up my arrest report wrong. i'm thinking to myself, oh, my god,
4:59 pm
it turns out that neal spelled his name wrong. he said, "it's coffey with a 'y.' not like what yous drink." yeah... -- captions by vitac --
5:00 pm
morning. what do we got? possible rape victim, locked herself in her bedroom. the mother asked for you. me? yeah. said she had her purse snatched a few years ago and you were real nice to her. uh, thelma morris. oh, yeah. i remember. call e.s.u.? yeah. on their way. the elevator's busted. you're gonna have to hoof it. give us a hint.


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