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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  November 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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[sighs] maybe you need a conversation at o.c.c.b. - look to get off this. - i'm just reaching the guy. he's reaching you too. well, yeah-- yeah, he is. so-- oh, and they said it was gonna be all fun-- the job. don't try to laugh your feelings off, diane. all right. thanks, boss. yeah. you know, i pulled some kind of back muscle, twice up and down seven flights of stairs. yeah, but you got your exercise. today through friday. aw, sylvia's gonna hate this case. she's riding today? how you gonna file on these xxxx pots? hey, there's your pal.
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- whoop. wanna. - "whoop, wanna." big vocabulary breakthrough. whoop. wanna. whoop, wanna what, fred? what do you wanna whoop? w-wanna mama. you wanna mama? you got a mama, fred. whoop. oh, golly. where's your mama, fred? is your mom okay? whoop. whoop. golly, golly. [hooting] whoop, whoop. you got your phone number? ooh, golly. ooh. come here. let's call your mom. oh, golly. come here. sit down. oh, golly. hey. so how's it going? okay, i guess. yeah? that guy's pretty strange. guy with andy? seems like he's got some kind of private language. yeah, you'll get some of that-- people controlled from radio towers, time travelers. i guess he's pretty harmless. i think so. yeah. andy says he bit the heads off of his mother's birds,
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ling in okay? yeah. in general, yeah. yeah? 'cause, uh, i'm sure glad you're down here. i figured a rose was too much of a statement. an apple won't raise no eyebrows. thanks. - there's no answer. - whoop. whoop. all right, you wrote down your number, fred. is there anything else you want to write me? anything else you want to write about your mom? whoop. whoop. whoop. oh, golly. bobby, can you run what we got with sylvia? i gotta take a ride with fred. ooh! okay. you got that interview summary from that councilman's kid? - yeah. - detective, you've gotta help me. - what's wrong, mrs. morris? - i don't know where she went. i went to take out the garbage, i come back, and she was gone out the back stairs. does your daughter do that? no, she's never done that, and she's upset. - think she's gonna harm herself? - you gotta help me!
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[fred hoots] gina, keep an eye on him. come on. let's-- let's go. don't you move. [fred hooting] she wouldn't have wrote a note. she don't like writing. well, you won't give up any ideas where else she would be, mrs. morris. - not past that coffee house. - which she's not at. don't you take a tone with me. he's taking a tone 'cause you're doing nothing but break balls, mrs. morris-- which we know you're upset, but it don't make no sense to my partner, you having no idea for us to look for annette. look, if it's pride that's holding you back, mrs. morris, well, that's your business, but don't call us to help you... - and then don't cooperate. - [phone rings] where you at?
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oh, god. tell her to come down. tell her i love her. don't let her come to no harm. she's up on the roof by a woman who used to teach her kindergarten. two blocks down. oh, please don't let her come to no harm. [chattering] [siren wailing] you ought to stay inside here, mrs. morris, till we see where things are going. no, no. let me talk to her. [wailing] annette!
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liberty stands with you? liberty mutual insurance. so in terms of him seeing the cops from your office, you're satisfied you deflected suxxxxion? see you're real upset about the civilian got beaten. concern is if you're exposed with liery. i think that's all right, okay? i think that part's all right. how are things with bobby? the same. worse. this can't be helping. me being undercover isn't our problem. you said you didn't think he knew you loved him. what do you charge for these sessions?
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he wants to get married and he wants to start a family. well, it's not exactly as if you don't. right? you said this was about taking time with your mom and brother. - if i was telling the truth. - why wouldn't you be? maybe i just don't want to get married and have kids. maybe i'm not good enough for that kind of life. can we drop this? diane, if you don't know you're a good person, i've known you for seven years. i'm your friend. do you want me to find another way at this guy? - no. - that's today. okay. tomorrow you can say yes. yeah. thanks, jane.
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- whoop! - just a minute, fred. no, i'm not aware of any note, any mention of their names. i don't know that thi kit is necessary. councilman.uh hypocrite bastard's bringing his son... and the others up for a talking to. - issee did he take hisnos? mother's head off.ob, well, i'll talk to the sons of bitches. [sipowicz] what's nadine say about theo? he's fine. i just talked to her 20 minutes ago.
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[simone] this guy talks some kind of gibberish. andy thinks he was trying to get across something happened to his mother. - d.o.a.'s mother have anyone to be with her? - no. yeah, no "oh, golly," fred. we're gonna go see your mom. whoop. [sighs] come on, give me your keys. give me your keys, fred. [panting] whoop, wanna. don't break my shoes here, fred, all right? whoop, wanna. you're gonna make me lose my temper. whoop, wanna. golly, golly, golly. golly, golly, golly. golly, golly, golly. - that's where mama is? - golly, golly, golly.
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ooh. golly, golly. whoop. whoop. jeez. mom's dead, fred. did you kill her? whoop. did you do it like a-- like a mercy killing? whoop, wanna. you wanna kill mama? put her to sleep? stop her suffering? maybe put a pillow over her head? golly, wanna. uh-uh, wanna. now cut out the indian talk. i'll give you a smack. oh, boy. oh, golly. ooh. ooh. ooh.
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ooh. what is that? that nitroglycerin, fred? mama have a heart attack? mama went bad? you put perfume on, huh, fred? [sobbing] all right, i don't want you to short shrift with these kids, or pull any punches, what they nearly did here. they didn't "nearly" do anything, councilman.
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that even if annette morris hadn't killed herself, you wouldn't be indicted. which in no way should prevent your lesson... for the thin ice you just skated on... and your entire future careers. so whatever lessons... you're going to take from this won't come from the legal system, but from your own moral sense of what you did to this girl. pretty much voluntary on annette's part. you're all putting your penises in her mouth, while she was semiconscious, and ejaculating semen. you all feel that was something that she had somehow consented to. which in no way makes it less sad. and that she'd take her own life-- oh, no, absolutely not. no less sad at all.
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d because none of you exhibits the slightest moral sense... or quality of character which would bring you to confront... your disgraceful complicity in what happened to this girl on your own, and because it's clear that there is... no guidance forthcoming from anyone's parents-- whose father are you, councilman? i'm ted's father. well, you are obviously a cynic and an opportunist, and by my husband's account, a coward and a liar. and none of the other parents have even seen fit... h is why i am so confident that you boys... will leave this room to lead lives filled... with the disgusting and contemptible behavior, the selfish and empty viciousness... that you displayed so precociously... in the matter of this girl's death.
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hey, andy. hey. so i heard that wacko's mother was a d.o.a., huh? just put the kid back in bellevue. did he, uh, get off of that mumbo jumbo? his doc said the "wannas" were a good sign, whatever the hell reason is behind that. felt like i understood fred better than him.
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en's your next weigh-in? friday. you gonna bust my nuts about my weight now? gonna hit me while i'm down from exhaustion? i was just thinking maybe you'd see... some result from all your exercise, and it'd be like a good reinforcement. you wanna know a good reinforcement? a steak, baked potato with a big butter dollop. and replace my vegetables with another baked potato. oh, yeah, that-- who do i talk to? you talk to a detective. i was beaten up in the park, and i decided i wanna press charges. [gina] detective? excuse me. can i help you? good night. night. i was beaten by someone while i was roller-skating, and i decided i want to follow through on charges. come on back here.
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the park with jimmy liery... when he beat that guy up. yeah, all right. i did what i could for him. i'd never even seen him before in my life. he just started beating on me for no reason. excuse me. uh-- you probably want to take this gentleman's complaint... in the interview room, andy, huh? yeah, that's just what i want to do. all right, why don't we go on down the hall here and get a little exercise? nothin'. come on. mrs. morris. did you arrest them boys? not as yet, no. they're not gonna be arrested? i don't think the d.a. has made that final decision.
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well, those people do have deep pockets, and they don't like publicity. i told him it might have been my voice made her jump. why don't you come on and sit over here, all right? i'll get you something to drink. she left her doll someplace. do you know if she left it here? well, we were all in the coffee room before. let me go look for it. i told her to keep it at home. come on, come on. sit down with me for a second. maybe you should think about staying somewhere else tonight. she asked if she could live with the kindergarten teacher, and then after went up on the roof when she couldn't. i was there when mrs. beachum was telling you. i said that she shouldn't take it on herself. i mean, if anything, it was my voice and-- what those boys did to her.
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okay. we'll keep looking for it anduh, we'll keep you posted, mrs. morris. i'm so tired. elevator's busted. mrs. morris, i'd really like you to think if there's someone you could stay with. i was with her. poor woman. so what was this beef about in the park? jimmy went off on the guy for absolutely no reason. i got it stopped. i called 911. i'm sick about it. he makes me sick. night. night, greg. night. you know you gotta get off of this. i'm just getting to him. he's up to something bad.
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immy wouldn't? i don't need you criticizing me when i'm just looking for a friendly voice. how was i criticizing you, diane? i'm saying it's a way out. maybe you're just too close to see it. you know, you want to talk about your problems, but not no solutions. you can really sound like an old woman sometimes. oh, yeah, huh? well, you know what? here's an old woman telling you to kiss his ass. hi. hi. how you doing? lousy case. woman lost her daughter. that was her going down the stairs?
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two boys. their dad's got 'em this week. i'm doing four-bys so i don't miss them so much. god spare me ever knowing what that's like. - you want some coffee? - no, thanks. yeah, uh, i don't either. [chuckles] you got kids? no. not yet. [ringing] 15th squad.
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r there he is. no, not right now. remember that dave garroway? that's who he looks like when he makes that expression. you do not look like dave garroway, theo. you look like j. fred muggs. maury abrams asked me to try the suarez case. when did you xxxx him off? it's supposed to be a compliment. everybody in my office had their hands raised for that case.
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well, maybe if he's convicted he'll flip. sylvia, these guyspupae h and suarez signed on. nobody's gonna flip. when i was talking to those kids today... i got this empty feeling. i knew that nothing i said was gonna make any difference... to anyone in that room. and since i've been back, i'll be running a plea agreement past maury, or deciding whether or not we should take a case, back here, with theo-- like i'm in the wrong room. sylvia, if you wanna quit, i could make enough. i can get security work. no problem. but then i think, if nobody goes into that room with those kids-- me or the lieutenant or bobby-- there's just that clown councilman in there with them. then everybody gets what they deserve. [whimpers] ah. hey.
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earth-style distress signal--sos. i've answered it on all frequencies, sir. they don't reply. not a vessel, a ground source. the third planet in this solar system, according to my instruments. hundds of light years from earth, mr. spock. no colonies or vessels out this far. measuring the planet now, captain. it's spheroid-shaped. circumference-- 24,874 miles. mass--6 times 10 to the 21st power tons.


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