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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  November 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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i understand that's how you're feeling mr. hoyt, but my best look at a conviction's prosecuting the busboys... who actually did kill that graffiti artist. that is gonna guarantee i'm not gonna get my paintings. truth is, walter, looking to croak you how they were, that means they already destroyed the paintings-- getting rid of the evidence. try flipping one of the busboys again? - off what new leverage? - it's what we got, all right, cohen? meanwhile, we want guards with walter around the clock. i'm ducking a call from a steven monohan of council to jimmy liery? [fancy] yeah, i spoke to inspector wallace at o.c.c.b. we're going to void liery's arrest. folks ought to get your left and right hands introduced. i can get the one busboy in without his lawyer wrapped around him. - panetti. - keep mr. hoyt with you till the d.a.'s squad shows up. really bothers me to lose everything i worked for off trying to help.
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come on, walter. - turn liery loose. - yep. you gonna release him now? yeah. you can go. you lose the machine gun. must've been a real slow morning. sign for that. [takes deep breath] you said something before. someone slipped you a xxxxey?
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nah. you didn't say that? "i must be punchy. somebody slipped me a xxxxey." in your apartment? yeah. yeah, i said it. yeah? but nobody slipped me a xxxxey. just an expression. just an expression. done with the pokey, bobby? yeah. or we can go outside. i'll give you something to sue about. gone? mm-hmm.
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it could close in the next few days. bobby, just stay out of it. [sighs] yeah, i'm the worried ex-boyfriend... that doesn't realize that everything here is under control. ex, huh? thanks for letting me know. we're talking about a guy who drugged you, who could do anything else... and is in your head enough that you're doing stuff that could cost you your shield. what are you talking about? the bullet in that lady's wall, is that from your gun? but i'm asking you to let it sit. as my ex-boyfriend. [sighs] if i'm your boyfriend, will you let it sit? look, my thing is, i don't want something stupid to happen... before it has a chance to get straightened out, okay?
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r story. - it's god's truth. yeah? well, we know you're lying, and that makes you a murder suspect. what are you talking about? look, we not only know that someone fractured rutledge's skull-- we know whose prints came off that cold duck bottle, tommy. we were all three of us drinking from that bottle. how it looks now, tommy, you're gonna get charged with this homicide.
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ta get in front of that fast. what must've happened, neil must've fell on the stairs and hit his head, and come back up and lay down and died. the more crap you make up, the more i figure it's you that did it. nobody can walk even a step with a head injury like that. we got his prints. i'm ready to charge this guy. come on. - come on. get up. get up! - no, no, no! i'm gonna give you arnie! th-there was a big stink over money. he wanted to go to work, and arnie wanted to keep bingeing. so... we were gonna tie him up and rob him. it was arnie's idea. only arnie turns out to be scared of him, so he hits him with the cold duck bottle. it just knocked neil on his knees, and he didn't seem that out of it. so arnie just let go with this big swing, and it was just too much.
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yeah, you're a real hard-luck guy. come on. sit down, panetti. over here? getting ready for the big day? what? the trial? i just want to get my named cleared. that's it. frankie pisciotta buy you these clothes? no. i paid for 'em. rica, huh, jerry? is frank pisciotta a stand-up? yes. what the hell are you guys looking to do, make a crime of that too? [sipowicz] jerry, we're looking to take the dice out of your hands. where "a," you're found guilty, or either one night frankie puts four lines extra up his nose... and he decides that you and paul bellini'd look better in a ditch. it's not gonna happen.
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do these clothes look like frankie don't look out for us? all right, here's a little quiz for you, jerry. where are they now? you ready? where's sammy "the bull" gravano, present time? i wish i knew. gotti would send me a million bucks from prison. so, the answer to the category, "where are they now?" you don't know where the bull is. correct, jerry? correct is correct. whereas john gotti, you know his exact location. yeah, he's in the joint. t convicted, which you're eligible to get too. and gravano, that gave him up, he's sunbathing with some broad on a beach somewheres and nobody knows where the hell it is. jerry, you gotta ask yourself, are you ever gonna be safe from one day frank pisciotta deciding, "you know, there are two guys out there that can put me away... "just like the bull put gotti away.
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yeah, that's a situation that you don't need to buy no new wardrobes. this is a conspiracy, what you guys're doing. jerry! the bull did 18 murders he admits to, and he's kicking back on a beach... 'cause he had what the government wants more than they want him. you know how much more the government wants pisciotta than you, jerry? you know what kind of deal they'd give you in witness protection? otherwise, you roll the dice. does the jury convict you or wait for pisciotta to beat your head in? they'd write a deal out, theoretically? chapter and verse? a gravano-type deal. i'd tell you what i'd demand--
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- how could they say no? - he's got fistfuls of their short hairs in either hand.
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it's not the first time he's done this. he doesn't care if his mother's worrying. [scoffs] three months, we don't hear nothing. were you rough on him, mr. romero? we treat him good, like all our kids. i'm asking you. did you personally beat him a lot? i don't need no lectures from you, all right? i'm a taxpayer. i'm not on the street.
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me. let's go. - can i take the comic books? - yeah, you can have 'em. no, don't go bumming things, all right? they don't belong to you. that how you get along on the street, begging? he can have the comic books. what about my sleeping bags? can we go down to first and pick up my sleeping bags? no. forget your junk. you know, i said you can't take those. hey. let's go back outside a minute. you better not lay hands on me. mr. romero, i'm gonna be keeping in touch with marco, and if i find out you're knocking that kid around, i'm gonna come back and lock you up for child abuse. now, go back in there and take your kid home. - so, come on. - can i?
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[chattering] i'm jack palermo, counsel for frank pisciotta. mr. pisciotta's been asked to turn himself in. that'd be our case. this is a sick perversion on american justice. all right, frank. you hound working people till they give up their dear ones like nazi fascist germany. you get told how you look like hitler, frank? and a little bit bongo the chimp. all right, come on in here. greg, why don't you take mr. pisciotta to arrest processing? oh, yeah, sure. this way. where we going? we can take this route here. i got a message to bring him back. now, my squad, sipowicz, we're on this guy, we're off this guy or what?
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i've got some good news, but there's no point in xxxxing this guy off. - where's your coffee room? - over there. - did you find my paintings? - no. but, uh, one of them busboys, he's going for the homicide. why would he do that? he gets a deal for, uh-- for giving up pisciotta ordered the whack. it's a-- it's a nice package from witness protection. [clears throat] that's pisciotta getting taken to be booked. you won't get your work back or so forth. i'm gonna try more direct expression in my work. a long time, my painting's been inferential-- define things by what they're not. but my heart is so full now,
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depends on what happens next. yeah, i guess that's true generally. mr. hoyt'll be going to brooklyn. - brooklyn. - thanks. hey, gina. hey, james. how you doing? are you going to detective simone's promotion ceremony? yeah, in just a little bit. i, uh-- i felt bad for this kid's situation, case we worked today. - the boy who reported the body? - yeah, his real name's marco romero. he's, uh, involved with things on the street. kinda reminds me of the mistakes my brother made. has your brother straightened out? no, he, uh, passed away.
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not wanting to know what he was into. that's hard for parents. it's not exactly similar. this boy's father seems more like just a jerk. anyways, um, guess i'll head over to one police plaza. okay, james. yeah. i appreciate you letting me share this with you. excuse me. how's it going? all right, sarge. how are you? good. he wants to talk to you. yeah, huh? don't worry. he's a nice guy. commissioner, this is detective bobby simone.
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but i was upstate visiting frank lattimer. how's he doing? he's got a long way to go. all he talks about is coming back to the job. i'll have a good thought for him, sir. sit down. bobby, sometimes promotion to first grade is based on a specific case. my uncle got it for arresting willie sutton. is that right? but you're being recognized for a series of cases. your lieutenant specifically pointed out... the multiple homicides at the sixth street playground. commissioner, not to speak out of turn, uh-huh. andy sipowicz. i know of sipowicz, but this is your day. let's worry about you. maybe he'll get lucky down the road. yeah. i'm really glad we had an opportunity to talk a little. i appreciate what you do. that means a lot to me, commissioner. thank you.
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jimmy liery got murdered. shot outside patrick's bar. oh, yeah? mm-hmm. they collared his partner, a guy named habib. o.c.c.b. had the place up. they got the whole thing on tape. so, everybody's happy. jane wallace said o.c.c.b. had you and andy on tape too. going into patrick's early this afternoon. did you tell 'em liery was cooperating? did you and andy chat it up in front of the bartender, bobby? let him put it out? the guy who killed liery, whoever he is, he had a heart to do murder, diane. me and andy, we just had a conversation in a bar. hmm. excuse me, bobby. yeah. if i'm supposed to feel bad about liery's death,
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hey, andy. i got a sitter. thanks, man. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. [commissioner] to the rank of detectivefobo?nd grade, fobo. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery.
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congratulations. we have one promotion to a rank some people consider the most prestigious... and difficult to achieve in the department... and symbolic of its highest traditions and standards.
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congratulations. thank you. ladies and gentleman, this concludes our promotion ceremony. thank you for coming. [no audible dialogue]
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- hey. - hi. i'm so scared. about what? the wind used to scare me, snow coming out of the dark.
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ng me his pretty pet. after supper, i'd-i'd get out of there and walk back to school for the hockey game. my leather jacket wasn't warm enough, but i wouldn't wear anything covered up my figure. you want something warm now? i can make you some tea. - no. - no? why not? how did andy seem? what do you mean? he didn't ride you home? um, he seemed okay. why? what was the matter? matter? [scoffs] i got promoted, and he didn't.
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i realize, with liery, you were trying to help me. yeah. i cry for you every day. i don't know why i couldn't say yes. at the, um-- at the hockey rink, we all stood on the benches through the whole game. the boys had crushes on me and-- walking home, i-i--
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[sighs, sniffles] i couldn't put one on. i was afraid to cover up my figure. i thought-- i thought i was always just gonna be cold. [sighs] [sniffles] you make me warm, and i couldn't make you happy. i couldn't say yes. i wanted to, and i couldn't. it's okay, diane. i didn't know i could love anybody like this and then-- not to be able to say yes. [whistling] you want this? yeah.
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welcome to starbase 11, captain. the commodore's waiting to see you. he's curious why you suddenly changed course and came here. we received a subspace message asking us to divert here immediately.


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