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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  November 4, 2016 7:30pm-7:47pm EDT

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starring andy griffith... with ronny howard.
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henry, dyou have to stand looking over my left shoulder like that? h? it bad l are yokiddin'? this is ridiculous. go, barney. it's your move. i think i'll just mp you he...
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's ey to s why losthat on laughter it'sau you st behd me and you jinxed me. could be maybe you was gett careless? ye? and whatadme careless? answer me that one. are you trying to make me out like a jinx or something? , maybe you e a jinx. hu you the horseshoe pitching la labor daycontest? hge witching a beautifugame. just beaiful. he wt to get hself drink of wat and you patted him on the back and kaoo virgil lost the contest. no ain't that right? that is right. now, wait a minute. it wouldn't be tha virgil was overconfident? no. facts is facts, henry. virgil was winning until you touched him and hexehim. now, listen... listen to me. this is just nonsense. a lot of just nonsense. i don't know about that
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oh, henry here just hexed me to losg checker game and now they'rtrng to make me out to ba jinx. and now well, like barney said, factis facts. i just happen to remember something. it was the opening day at the little league. you probably remember this, baey. uh, at happed? well, a foul ball went ie stds y ca and ht it and threw itack. well, the very next batter thomes up he knocks a fly out to mso and it goes through his fingers. uh, floyd,ould that have happened because your boy ain't a very good ballplayer? it was the only fly that my norman dropped in the whole game. well, i don't know but i believe it was the only fly that come to your norman in the whole game. it happened ter henry patted virgil on t back just like it happened afr he stood behind me. i don't haveplain fact is,? to stand arod here anli to all this bolna. barn fife, u're a sap!
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. who you callin' a sap?! well, i can't say as how i blame him. huh? what did you expt carrying on calling him a jinx? what's the matter with you? well, andy, he was there when all these things happened. so how do you account r that, huh? facts is facts, andy. kers... i know, i know. you were playing checkers and you conveniently blame the checker game and the ball game and everything on henry. you're all acting like a bunch of superitious y'uns. i lieve i'll just go tell him so. you ain't planning on a game of cards or checke? why? if you glosenr?! you're going to be somebody's pigeon. ( all laughing )
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hey, henry! shiff, ain't you afraid of getting yourself hexed? you ain't going to take themerious, are you? well, dad-burn it, andy how would you feel if they was to make out you was the town jinx? but ey was jt joking. yeah? oh, sure. you know there's no such thing as a jinx. they was just trying to get a big joke off on you. well, ain't funny to me. a bigger joke back at them. ah? how? y ter rrow's the oping day of fishing season, right? you come with barney and me in boat. me? that's right. they'll ing out theishinga other side otheir facee go 's gat idea, andy. yeah, that will show the it sury will.c but, u what your dety
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oh, doworry about him. once i explain it to him he'll ll for it. at's onehing about barney. ouxpin something to him he gets real sensible. henry beett in boa you actually invit to be in o bt? henry ett? in o at's right, barney. oh, brother! i thought i'd heard everything. but i didn't hear everything bure a hearing it now. eak right up objections? oh, what possible objections cld h ouid fac the u and i have won the ening day swkes psta but the portant thing is thelma lou and i werelanning to celebrate by having an intite dinner. oh, you were? that's rht. just her and me. we were going to have a little candlelight and wine. then we was going to listen
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in efft on her. outside of the fact that 'sn don't ject why should henry make a difference? he's ainx! it's as simple as that, andy. ohme on, barney. you don't really believe that sff. i do! anth h t bt how e going to win the sweepakes wh chance do wve to catchne trout? and withouany trout, how's thel and loue gointo have anntimate dinner we going to get to cole porter? you see, andy it just unls e whole evening. oh, ain't that awful? ain't that awful? a whole evening spoiled. now, don'tell me anymore 'll betanding here up to my ankles in a pude of trs. ohyou're funny, you e.
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barney: back rm, ope. hirn ey. hi, ope. what you doing? oh, getting read to gfishing tomorrow. byeadin' boo yeah, i'm studying to find something to give us gluck. this is an old book of my grandma's. it's just full hey, here's something. listen to this. "to insure good luck before a coming event a redheaded man. "in with r a boy will do." we ll, now.w. i don't reckon yocould fi rthan at crop ours. ifou d't min.. at ought to do some gd. we d all e ck we can. fhing why?
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well, henry bennett is going in our boat, ope anhenry bennett is a jinx. all the precautions he u can against a ji. barney? ming, . hovedy hi, pa ne. want to rub my head o- m a redhead.nt t? why don'u run out and play, ope? a youlking abou take prection againsjinx. where'd you learn that? ohhe pbably up you know how kids are. they're always picking things up. that's the way they are. i'll see you. could ite he picked up this parti cular m ghhe from you maybe? 's this?
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signmens portennds charm to ward ofbad luck. cahy littie, ain't it? now, barne y, to stop this nsense. now, that's why i asked henry bennett to come fishinwith us in the first place was totop isliness about him being a jinx. we're going to catch just as many fish as wever did. i want you to stop fretting. ? and rubbing opie's head. pat. i ain't even had a nibble yet, an. oh, we're going to djust fine. we ain't been here long enough. don't worry out it. ri bwhat are you doing?
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barney, it it a't going to hurt to try a few sayings. touch this rbit fo. come, fish, come come, fish, come. sam's athe gate with a froed cake. come, fish, come. sillfly away, buzzardr fly awayow way do south where the wis don'blow ruyour n give two winks and save us from this awful jinx. henry: andy! look at your line! quick! look at that pole ben you got a big one! andy, look! i can'lo busy. but, andy... look at the size of hi he is a big one. boy, he sure is. the biggest i'veeen t of this pond. boy, you reckon s will still call you a jinx? i reon not andy, will you hand me an oar??
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now, hers the ma ett to fish in the same boat with him. uh, what were you trying to do there,ndy? throw the fishing contest? i don't think that's a bit funny, floyd. oh, you mean you still don't think he's a jinx? weit. you saw the whole thing firsthand. ggt catch in years in your fingertips and you lose it.
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well, where do you lay it? at a lot of doors. now, i dropped my pole because our boat was sinking. well, why was that? because earl gilley was too blamed cheap and tried to save money on the caulking, that's why. boy, you insist on flying right in the face of scientific fact, don't you? ientic fact? there are mohec rays whh controdily m. no if a person containing negative or hexing qualities gets between you and tm rays into an unsuccessful motion and jinxes you. and that is a scient fact. and that is also the biggest crock of nothing i ever heard. it's guys like you that laughed at edison the wright brothers, buzz fluheart. buzz fluheart? he discovered the scientific fact i just was telling you. oh, for heaven's sakes, barney. heo, boys. what you got there?
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i'll take one, aunt bee. what's the door prize this year, aunt bee? a portable tv. oh, stepping up in class, huh? remember but last year it was just a transistor radio. witht an earplug. well, the bigger the prize, the more tickets we sell. say, that's cute. "bigger the prize..." hey, here comes henry bennett. quick, everybody. touch this rabbit's foot. touch it. touch it touch . everybody take your right hand put it over your head, touch your left earlobe. rney. close your eyes and listen to this: wi 'em, think 'em, 'nonymous rex prect us all from the man with the hex. nk 'em, think 'em, 'nonymous rex...
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uh... i'll tell you what they're doing, henry. ouide of behaving like a bunch of nuts they're protecting themselves from a jinx. i know, i know. and that's the reason i'm, uh... well, m leaving. yo wha i'm leaving mayberry. i mer to tell you th you can'be serious. oh, yes, i am. ain't no fun ling in a tn id you. fothatd to berything bad that ur fends happens in this to ?? is going to be blamed on me. and after what happened the fishing i ain't so sure but what they'd be right. well, uh ( cleanghroat)
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well, i ho you're all satisfied with your pickinat him and your scientififacts and l. well, andy, i didn't mean to hurt him. you hurt him badnough that he's leaving town. barney, somes you beat everything. golly,ndy, w was on having little joke. your joke went too far. you don't really believe henry's a jinx? . how about you fellas? how about you, barney? well... see? none of you believe it but you got henry to believe it and he's leaving town. and every one of you ought to be asmed youelves. what do you think we ought to do about it? i don't ow. do something. floyd: like what? hodo i know? well, maybe we could make it to him. yeah, maybe we could show h that his luck hachanged. ah? ye well, maybe something like you know, if he just won that tv
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g? wait a minute. there's a lot of ways henry might win. one way is by pure chance and then there's the fact that henry's overdo for some good luck. and there's one more way and i believe that's the way that i prefer. whatt?'s tha cheating. you mean, rig it so's he'd win? that's right andy, how can a respectable sheriff and an upstanding group of citens like us perpetrate such a thing? ll, if the upstanding group ofitizens aunt bee, there'll be a hat full of numbers there, right? uh-huh. and corresponding numbers in a fish bowl. now, suppose we had all the numbers in the hat and the fishbowl the same? well, that would mean everybody'd be a winner. it would, it would. supposing we got everybody to agree not to answer when the number's called. henry'd the oy one to speak up. he'd have to be the winner. that'sight yowant to do that? i think that's a pretty good idea.
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al? i'll get him there. sheriff taylor, i got to hand it to you. for fella orn to uold law and order decent living ( hoedown plays ) ?x oh, that was extra good. good. come on up here, aunt bee. good, sandy. don't your voice ever get tired? all right, everybody. and let's make a real close group up here around the stage here. auntee: now, folks, get your numbers ready for the big drawing for the beautiful portable tv set. come on, henry.
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no. wait a minute. it's therawing. you might win. u got as good a chance as anybody else. you took a number, didn't you? yeah. well, then, come on then. now,verybody set? andy: go ahead, aunt bee. andy, would you do the honors? well, i'roudo serve. everybody ready? there they are. there they are. there they are. whoop, whoop, whoop. i got winning number is numr 44.p, whoop. d the winner is... the lucky number's number 44 and the winner is stepping forward rit now and we see that it is, uh... everybody want to chk urar? why don't you look at your number?my number.
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folk henryenne's going to show us what number he pulled out of the hat. what'd you get, henry-- number 44? no. six anseven-eighths. ( clamoring ) let me see that. , andy, he pulled out the hat size. i told you, didn't i? now i' even jinxed myself.
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ieving that you're a jinx and luck of and everytng. ieving and, well, i don't know how you figure itx but the way i see it why, the luckiest thing a man can have is friendship. kindfriendip the folks here tried to show you tonight. with friends like that i don't hardly see hou cabe a loser eaki of which, speaki of which since henrwas ing to win thtv anyway les ard itto him unanimoly ( cheering ) all right, let me through. what say we just put the tv set in the squad car right now. rney, you can drive henry home. come on, henry, fld, l's go. y,ndy! huh? you want me to drive him home? in our squad car? at's right. well, me on, barne what you doing? i'm just looking for mething.
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hi, red!
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-i can't find it. -it's there. -i got it. i got it. -gabrielle, stop searching with your eyes. -all right, no eyes. -ah, found it. -i learned from the best. what in tartarus have you been carrying on these shoulders? -i wouldn't know. i try not to over-analyze my life, like some people. -some people say the unexamined life is not worth living.


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