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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  November 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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so if i wanna go upstairs, i'm gonna go upstairs. if i wanna stay right down here in front of your face, that's what i'm gonna do. any more?
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[knocking] police. can we talk? what did i do this time? your p pt office box is on a videotape we've been tracking, larry. mind if we come in and talk a minute? yeah. all right. she run away from her dad f fally? she's not here. what do you know about her and her father? she said they fought a lot. when was the last time you saw her? uh, couple days ago. i gave her a copyy of me she starred in. - we've seen your crush tape. - how'd you like it? michelle's cute in it, isn't she? obviously she didn't understand totally what the fetish is all about,
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tell us more about your relationship? our relationship was, i paid her $200 to squash earthworms. what's i iabout? has something happened to her? - yeah. - bad? michelle was murdered, larry. uh, talk to her boyfriend. i got his number right herer here, talk to him. he's the one, actually, i paid. he answered an ad i took out looking for models. will scheltema. that's his number. he's big into tattoos, body piercinin maybe some kind of illicit substances also. wewetill need you to come to the precinct. you got some more boxes we can take these tapes in? wait. why do you have to take e e videotapes? 'cause it's a murder investigation, larry. i don't think you can just take my tapes. i got maililrder customers. business is on hold for a while.
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i understand your client's concerns. we can't detail what items were recovered. nonono. no discussions of possible suspects. nothing like that. trish taylor-- her car was parked on essex... maybe 120 feet from the shooting. - she lives in long island city. - she knows about the homicides? watching about it on television when i showed up. just keeps saying why can't her car be on essex street... mm-hmm. mr. green, realizing how i do, what with you being a lawyer, you're probably all involved with this case emotionally. i won't take offense, you inferring i'm a crook. just end our little chat suggesting that you kiss my polish ass. aw, sleazebag shyster. he says tony moore had possession of substantial cash...
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and all of it had better be there. now, does that sound like tony's a courier for mob money to you? diane just brought in this girl from long island city. won't say why her car was parked on essex street last night. it's not enough you guys are crucifying zorzi professionally, you want to ruin his marriage too? hey, what is your problem now, sergeant? - don't try to be slick. - about what? nothin'. up yours. - in the coffee room. - did baumgartner see this girl coco in? - yeah. yeah, and it looked like he recognized her too. - did zorzi see her? no, he wasn't down there. she connected with zorzi? - it's worth a question. - mm-hmm.
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i'm detective simone. this is dedective sipowicz. you know, i can't understand this. why can't i park on essex street? uh, how is that a police matter? your car was identified last night at the scene of a double shooting. why were you parked there, you living so far away? why can't i park on essex street? you're in a grave situation. obstructing a homicide investigation-- that makes you complicit in the crime. i could go to prison? if you hold back information that you know to be relevant, yes, you will be locked up, because we're gonna do what we have to do... to find out the truth. why'd mike want your car there? - i don't know what you're talking about. - sure you do. - no. - why did he want it there?
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that's all he told me. and you did park it there like he asked? he said he needed to use the car to take care of some business. the next couple of minutes are really important minutes in your life, miss taylor. you have to be honest. [taylor] that's all he said. and he said that it was gonna be good-- that things were gonna be good for us once he took care of this, he was gonna leave his wife. [groans] when you picked up... your car from essex street, did mike leave anything in it? - no. - no? mike came back at 6:00 this morning, and he went into the trunk and he took out a briefcaca. i mean, he didn't even come into the house. he just-- i heard him drive e . he got out, he went in the trunk.
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[indistinct] this lying bastard zorzi. we gotta go pick him up. in the corner? yeah, thank you. andy. - you been outside, last little while? - no. why? you might want to check on your car. what happened to my car? - andy, i'll run it for the boss. - yeah. son of a bitch. i don't believe this. who's the yellow son of a bitch scratched up my car, huh? none of youse got the balls to stand up for what you did? don't mess with my car. mess with me. write "rat" on me.
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open your mouth? look, i understand you're xxxxxx off, but i didn't scratch up your car, - and i ain't taking no abuse. - who scratched "rat" on my car? andy, back away from me. or what? - or you'll find out what. - stay on the landing. stay where you are, bobby. back up. back up. sergeant, handle your people. cool out, andy. gutless hump scratched my car. i thought you were a decent guy. it wasn't me. andy, upstairs. you think we're looking to hurt your guy? come on. let's go. step back. move! screw you guys. everybody, shut your mouth. oh, that's right, baumgartner.
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- [man] tenant? - how you doin we got the warrant for officer zorzi's home. who'o'coming with us? - detectives sipowicz and simone, if that's all right. - yeah. fine. by the way, congratulations, detective-- making first grade. thanks. "the rat squad." hope that don't mean you're gonna want... to hold hands on the way over. [kirkendall] boss? yeah? greg and i got a hit on the alarm we put out on that dump job. d.o.a.'s boyfriend is in 3. how'd he turn up? he took a collar last night in the 27 for a traffic stop. they foundoke in his car. it's your catch. - how do you want to handle the interview? - i'd like to try him. if he has a problem with me, i'lllland off to greg.
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. thanks, harold. so where we going now? did you get high last night, will? look, what can i tell you guys to get out of this, huh? i mean, i can tell you who i score frfr. no. why don't you tell us about michelle? michelle? your girlfriend. oh. [sniffs] i mean, that i can tell you about. go ahead. all right. uh-- michelle was over my place last night, and, uh, she'd never sniffed coke before. ence that, you know? i mean, she hadn't really experienced much before she met me. but then she just flat-out refused.
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i remember getting really angry that she was refusing to do it. - i mean, like, really on the verge of anger. - then what happened? that's not a place i want to be at. you know, that kind of anger. - was the coke pushing you there? - i wouldn't letett happen. what i did was, i, uh, walked outside... and i walked around the block-- i don't know-- like, three or four times. and, uh, tested myself. made sure i'd cooled out. i don't know. must've been, like, 20 minutes or so... and i went back upstairs. like a half hour. and-- she was, uh, lying on the floor-- michelle-- with, uh... all these holes in her chest.
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you know that's not what happened. no, it is. that's exactly what must have happened. how'd her body get in that duduster? uh, well, with that, i-- see, i just kind of-- i don't know-- i kind of freaked out. you know, when i saw her i didn't know what to do, and, uh-- and so i took her and i put her in there. i mean, i know that that was wrong, but i didn't kill her. i mean, i swear i didn't kill her. you felt something for this girl? yeah. well, i'm looking at these photographs here-- what was done to her. do you want to go into court, they show these pictures,
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you do things. it's like a blackout almost. and it's like someone else did it. was it like that? yeah. it was. what did you stababer with, will? a screwdriver. i'm telling you, man, i don't remember doing it. like you'd do anything if it hadn't happened? yeah. you want to write it down for me? yeah, but i-- in a minute. okay.
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the expense is incredible, apart from just the pressure of that... and trying to find my own happiness. so i made this plan. tony was like a courier,r, and him knowing it was the mob's money, i knew there's no way he's gonna give it up to joeoeasquez, which meant i knew what i was gonna find when i came out of that store. you'd predetermined you were gonna kill joe vasquez-- and tony? and when i was inside the store, fter i shot t squez, i ran up, got his gun, and i shot tony twice with that. also part of the plan? you see, this plan just took hold in my mind. it was like an obsession. i spent months planning this. how you were g gna murder your friend, and lie to the people... - that you work with. - detective. tony used to torment me with that money he was moving.
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go ahead, feel it." but still, see, that's where it fell apart, because after i had executed my plan-- and gotten away with it-- the thing that really botheredede... - was what i'd done to my friend. - your friend tony. ayayay. detective sipowicz, i'm gonna ask yoyo to refrain... from this part of the questioning. yeah, sure. so, tony's dead, you shot vasquez. now what? llars, i'd be long gone, and you guys would be sitting here... scratching your balls. but smart like you are, you figure you'll get away with no one suspecting, right, zorzi? that's why i came up with the second robber getting away with the money. - yeah, your phantom puerto rican number two. - detective!
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i didn't figure was you finding out about trish. oh, yeah, that was a tough one. he didn't figure that we would canvass the plates... at the crime scene. sipowicz. that caught me by surprise. i should have never r t her be part of this. didn't figure we'd come up with trish, didn't think we'd tete down this phantom puerto rican number two-- which took us about 27 minutes, you murdering scumbag nitwit! will someone shut hihiup? i'm all right. i'm all right. - zorzi's going? - he's in there with i.a.b. - no remorse at all. - alalmy heart i thought you guys...
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so now it's you and us, right, b bmgartner? stand-up cops against the rat squad? you notice any strtres on my arms, sipowicz? you never gave a damn about zorzi. you're a mean drunk-- decides the shift agitating over zorzi is how you're gonna make people miserable. and you can shove those stripes up your ass. nothing worse than a reformed souse. before you get all disciplinary, sarge, to cup h h hands for you, and i was the witness. now my insides in an upheaval, ththnighttime too, not hitting this imbecile. hey. i been beeping russell the last cououe hours.
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hey, uh, i gotta take a rain check.. sure. sorry. i understand. i'm gonna look where her and me had coffee. yeah. let me go to that patrick's.
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diane. diane. me and andy-- weweeen looking all over for you. i'm sorry. don't be sorry. you're all right. something's wrong. okay. i'm okay. i haven't been drinking. that's good. something's wrong. [whimpering] come on. i'm gonna put some water on right now. i'm gonna make some tea, okay? i just want to sit down for a minute. you go ahead. do that. diane. what do you think's wrong? 'cause it's frightening. i don't know. i don't want a drink, but i feel... like i'm almost dizzy, and afraid, like things don't exactly look real--
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diane, i need you totory to take it easy for me a little bit. okay? i left because it was happening in the squad, but then it was happening while i was walking around. i'm glad you came over here, but i want you to try and take it easy, all right? i'm scaring you. no. not at all. i don't want to be like this forever. i can't stand it. hey. come here, come here, come here, come here. [sobs] what is it? hmm? can you think of what it is? i-i-- i think something happened. with liery-- when he drugged you that time. hmm? something happened, bobby. yeah, we're gonna get through it. okay? don't you doubt that i love you.
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no, diane, it was the job that put you through that. you didn't ask for what happened there. if i led him on. if i was a flirt. no, no. i just didn't want him to yell, so i must have flirted. this guy-- he broke bad with you, right? he broke bad with you-- liery? i didn't know that would happen. i was only 12. i didn't know that would happen, and i don't even think i flirted. oh, diane. i just-- i, uh-- [sniffles]
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i didn't want him to yell at me like mom and dougie. it's okay. i must have flirted, but i don't think i did. okay. it's out now. you know, you got it out. i had to keep a secret. i don't want to be this way. i can't stand if i'm gonnana. [sobbing] i'm gonna hold you. i'm gonna hold you. i want to hold tight to you. hold tight.
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the ceremony will be carried on all viewing screens, sir. there's a call for you from the bridge. kirk here. [spock] still no answer from earth outpost number 2, captain, d now number 3 has gone silent. maintain course to outpost 4. keep me informed.


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