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tv   NBC News Special 2016 Election Night  NBC  November 8, 2016 7:00pm-11:00pm EST

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here in the triangle. wrul knauss at 6:00 starts right now -- wral news at 6:00 starts right now. we are tracking breaking news at this hour. two appeals are under way right now to extend voting in durham county. one. those hearings is inside the state board of elections where a teleconference will begin at any minute. the other is in the where a hearing is under way. the battle over voting problems in durham has moved into the courts. we thank you for joining usment i'm david crabtree. >> i'm deborah morganment a jump is hearing an emergency lawsuit tonight filed by voting rights group democracy nc. this comes as we move into the final 90 minutes now of voting across north carolina. wral's julia sims has been monitoring the polls and joins us live with the latest
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relatively smooth election day here in north carolina. as you mentioned though, there is a late day lawsuit and an emergency court hearing. democracy nc and other groups filed a lawsuit late this affect against the state board of elects -- this afternoon against the state board of elections. they are asking a judge to keep all pictures open until 9:00 tonight. one picture ran out of supplies for about an hour and a half today that after a computer glitch force records. as for the rest of the state here in wake county as well as other counties in our viewing area, things have gone relatively smoothly. the state board and local boards of eelectrics, they don't keep a run tally of the number of voter but they say the 2700 precincts have seen steady voters all day long. we've seen lots of long lines but some people are telling us that they've been able to get
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within a matter of minutes. they do have a phone bank set up at the state board of elects headquarters in raleigh to handle any concerns or complaints. now, in addition to that lawsuit that is taking place in the wake county courthouse right now, the state board of elections is meeting themselves trying to decide what to do in durham rather than have force their hand. so the poll chose at 7:30 tonight and they expect this to be a very big turnout. >> thank you. no major problems at the polls in cumberland county after a court ruling late last week impacting about 3,000 voter. activists raised concerns about voters in three counties being removed from the rolls based on undeliverable mail. a judge ruled this those vote ares should be allowed to vote
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in raleigh, some polling places had long lines before the doors opened this morning. that includes pullen park precinct. in other areas, vote ares say they were able to breeze in and out casting their ballots in a matter of minutes. wral is covering all the races you want to hear about this evening as the results come in, you will see them scrolling along the bottom of the screen. can you also check results any time at we also have reporters live with the campaign from raleigh to >> hillary clinton and donald trump are watching the returns in manhattan only about a mile or so apart from each other. wral is there as well. cullen browder is covering the event with the trump campaign and kathryn brown is with the clinton campaign. she joins us live from new york city. >> reporter: deborah and david, it is getting busier and more crowded by the moment. take a look behind me. can you see the final finishing touches are being put on the statement right now. it looks like they are vacuuming it.
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chappaqua at her home about 45 minutes north of manhattan. she left there about 4:00 to head to a hotel here in midtown manhattan where she will watch results come in through the night with her family and some top advisors. in terms of precincts, i can tell you because of a been watching and listening to the news there and through my own experience, you are seeing the long lines at the precincts there. not the same thin here. people are walking in, voting and leaving. there difference between that battleground feeling of north carolina and very historically democratic new york. efforts continuing tonight to be focused on the swing states including north carolina. states like florida, pennsylvania, nevada. today, clinton's campaign manager told me the get out the vote will continue in earnest there in north carolina until polls close at 7:30. >> north carolina is the top of the swing state list.
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come down to a few hundred, maybe a few thousand votes. if anybody is unsure about whether it is time to go turn out, you could literally change history by turning out in this election. it is absolutely true. north carolina has always been the closest in all of the data that we've seen. turnout is very high across the board. >> reporter: so obviously a lot to wash tonight. we'll continue keeping you back to you guys. >> thank you. the gop nominee obviously spent a lot of time and effort drumming up support here in north carolina. >> tonight, donald trump is in new york city awaiting the results. cullen browder is outside the campaign headquarters in manhattan. >> reporter: manhattan is donald trump's home and yet he is not expected to win his home state of new york. instead, he needs the rest of the country. swing states in particular like
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states, as you said, we are on 53rd street. you can see times square behind me. right outside the hilton midtown, this is where donald trump's election night party will be held. now, donald trump made an interesting choice. this is a small venue which means that much of of the media has been pushed all around the hotel outside. now, again, the media is all over the place. we've got trying to drum up as much support as possible. new york is an international city. you don't know what you will find on the street. so many americans are tired of this election. we found some australians for trump who are loving it. >> it is just a glorious time to be alive. like with an election like this and candidates like this, of a
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the people i've met have been fantastic. >> reporter: so who knew? the australians interestingly mirror what the trump campaign has been talking about, the silent majority that they feel like is going to turn out on election day and they're hoping will turn the hilton midtown into a victory party tonight. >> that is what everybody is going to be watching. cullen browder, live in new york, thank you. if you thought they bought a lot of air time, you're right. we are talking about the presidential campaigns, particularly here in north carolina. we consulted with the media to find out how much was spent since the primary in june. 68,609 television spots have aired on broadcast television since june costing $34.3 million. that does not include cable. take a look at the numbers. hillary clinton spent the most, about $15.8 million on more than 41,000 ads. donald trump's campaign spent
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outside drupes bought the remaining 16,516 ads. you got all those numbers for $6 million. wow! whether it was the ads or campaign visits or something else entirely, north carolina voters turning out in force on this election day. right now, sky 5 is over this polling site in durham and at north carolina central where people are still coming and going and voting this evening with a little more than an hour to go before the close of the polls. >> our comprehensive coverage continues in three minutes. >> north carolina senate race in the national spotlight. coming up, we'll explain why we are drawing all the attention there as well. >> and we'll take you into our election headquarters with a look ahead at our plans for coverage well into the night and early morning. >> polling sites still open and polar air was certainly in
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i'm he here in wral's election headquarters where we'll be monitoring the national, state and local races for all of you through outthe evening and into the morning as needed. one race we'll be keeping a close watch on is the race for north carolina's seat in the u.s. senate. it is senior senator republican richard burr. burr vote today in his hometown of winston-salem. he is running for his third term and has said that, if he wins, this will be his last. running against him is democrat deborah ross of raleigh. ross voted early an spent much of her day here in raleigh greeting vote are at the polls. she is a former state lawmaker from wake county. the seat is also in the national spot height because polls show this to be an
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gain four to win control of chamber if hillary clinton is elected president, five if donald trump wins the office. it begins next at # 30:00 with fightly news with lester holt. then at 7:00, nbc news begins the coverage of decision night in america. lester along with savannah guthrie, chuck todd and to him brokaw will walk us through the evening as polls close and results begin pouring in of state and local races, watch us on wral 2. capitol bureau chief laura leslie and i will be speaking with pundits and experts about the return as they begin to come in. that begins at 7:30. it will run until 10:00 on wral #. you will find that over the air on channel 5.2 and on time warner cable on channel 1255. >> thank you. and while you and laura are on wral 2, i will be bring you
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wral. that is part of our extended coverage. it begins at 7:00 and continues well into the night including an hour-long edition of our 11:00 news. all of our coverage will be able have on and the wral app which is also available on roku, apple tv and amazon fire. you can find additional coverage on our social media accounts as well. coming up, we take you inside the last moments in the race for governor. >> returns of democratic candidate for governor. >> we'll have final thoughts on the campaigns as the votes are cast. >> it hooks like we could see
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our election coverage continues now with the look at the race for governor. >> republican p company bent pat mccrory is facing off against roy cooper, the at poll showed this to be an extremely tight race that could come down to the wire. let's start with ken smith spending the evening with roy cooper's campaign at the marriott city center in downtown raleigh. >> it is quiet here. >> reporter: the energy will start to build as supporters an surrogates start truckling in here. with less than an hour and a half away from the polls closing. democratic candidate for
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at polling place as cross the triangle. he started in raleigh and eventually ended up in durham. by late this afternoon, he visited nine polling places. he and his wife have three daughters. he was in the state house and the state senate. he also was our state attorney general elected in 2000. with this gubernatorial race a dead heat, a democratic party spokesman tells us this race was about contrasts. between roy cooper and pat mccorey is mccrory has been pushing the divisive social agenda with hb2 which has cost the state more than $600,000 and thousands of jobs. roy cooper wants to build an economy in north carolina that works for everyone. >> reporter: cooper will be watching the returns with his family. he will make his way here to the ballroom. the type of speech he gives
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governor mccrory is changing up his strategy. in 20 12-rbgs he watched return his home city of charlotte. >> tonight, he will be watching them here in the capital city. adam owens is live from the marriott crabtree in north raleigh. >> reporter: as you mentioned, this race is really close. some would say too close to call. governor mccrory early early today did his best to help his chances. he cast his open ballot earlier today. i've been talking with members of the governor's campaign. they tell me when the elect this is close, there things they focus on. a hard push to get every single supporter to the polls. but they are also keeping a close eye on unaffiliated voter. it can be hard to predict how they might go. however, mcchorey's camp thinks most will go their way and a little earlier this evening, they told me why. >> we'll be looking at those unaffiliated voters coming out in very large numbers in early voting and today we see the enthusiasm and the turnout way up. we think because of obamacare,
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i mentioned before, the governor's record on job creation, that we'll have i strong night tonight. >> we will be here through route the night with the mccrory campaign to find out if they were right. back to you. thank you. the weather certainly didn't stop anybody from going to the polls. >> it was incredibly lucky that i happened to pick the perfect time when this were just a few people there. i got a chance to talk to some folks and grab some coffee and >> any doughnuts for you. >> no, no doughnuts. >> really? >> no. >> it was nice. i went around 10:30. that was like the primo time. >> he this said at one time, there were like 2 other people there like early in the day. so definitely variety as you head on through the clock hours. so let's go ahead and check out some temperatures. earlier, it made it up into the upper 60s. now with the daylight saving time having expired, we cool
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daytime high. we are certainly seeing that tonight. already 10 hoe are than the official high at rdu. compared to 24 hours ago, temperatures just slightly milder than they were but no big deal. this morning, almost made it down to freezing. 33 at the raleigh-durham airport. i think we'll be able to eclipse the freezing mark easily as we head into this weekend especially sunday morning. you can see the big upper level low spinning out over the atlantic. no effect on our weather. justt up in here, if you look real carefully, there is a little curly cue here. this will continue to deaf southeastward and with cold air aloft and relatively mild air here at the surface, the stage will be set for the air to become a little bit on the unstable side tomorrow. no severe weather but certainly a chance of some shower activity. here is futurecast of what we think is going to happen. the clouds for the most part
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not nearly as cold as last night. here come the showers. you can see that as early as 9:00 in the morning from the triangle north and west, very possible we'll see some showers in the area. and then, with this upper level disturbance coming across the area, we may start to see more and more showers develop especially as we head to the north and east of raleigh. i would say this area in here, rocky mount, south hill, ahoskie, jackson, roanoke rapids, you are likely to tomorrow afternoon way continuing chance of patchy light rain. tomorrow night, everybody clears up. that sets the stage for a abeautiful day on thursday. pleasantly cool. a little bit below normal for this time of year. with all the sunshine, it will be pleasant for being outside.
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no rain expected overnight and no 33 tonight. 47 for the overnight low. and then tomorrow, it look like it will be variably cloudy, more clouds than sun. a chance of showers any time from mid-morning on into the afternoon off and on. it won't be a steady day long rain. as we head deeper into the afternoon, it is likely to be cloudier and wetter here and brighter and drier down here and the triangle area right in the middle where it always seems to be. as we look ahead toward and 68. a got solid shot of cool air coming -- a good solid shot of cool air coming in. a high of 33 on sunday morning. >> i love your excitement. i don't like the temperatures but i love your excitement. thank you. >> you excited about 30? >> absolutely. >> rally? >> why not? >> we're outnumbered. >> i am. i always am.
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hockey news for you to -- speaking of cold. the canes will be without one of their best players for a bit. i'll have the details on that.
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durham native kendall hip ton will miss the rest of the season for wake forest. he was supposed to be out only a few weeks with a knee sprain but it will be longer than that. he was helping them in the win against duke. wake is already bowl eligible so the feel is there is no
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they are headed to louisville on saturday. this is good news not rest of the acc. clemson will honor junior dehawn watson during saturday appear senior day festivities. that confirms what was expected that the star quarterback will be headed to the nfl a year early. tigers head coach says he is planning to honor a handful of juniors on saturday who are moving on because they deserve it. the nc state football program got to step back in time this past week as the former head coach dick sheridan made a visit to raleigh. ken medlin caught up with them to talk about the present and the past. >> reporter: a familiar sight in west raleigh, dick sheridan on the nc state sideline at carter finley stadium. >> i think everybody who has ever coached gets the itch. >> sheridan was there to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of his first team at state. >> it is such a fine group of
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they're doing and the bonns are still this. just natural to give each other a hug. >> reporter: that 1986 wolf pack team went 8-3-1. a stark contrast to the 3-8 team scherr dan took over. >> every job i hads with a rebuilding situation. --s with a rebuilding situation -- every job i had was a rebuilding situation. that inspired mere. >> he oversaw one of most es led him to resign in 19936789 always the coach. even that move had a purpose for dick sheridan. >> i knew that i couldn't coach the next season but i waited until nc state had no choice but to keep my staff. >> r. >> reporter: set would be sheridan's last head coaching job. not long after, he turned down his alma mater. >> south carolina did approach me but i was still dealing with that. it doesn't take long for them to for get about you.
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forgotten at state. as dick sheridan's name still brings cheers. ken medlin, wral sports, raleigh. >> the hurricanes will play an election night game in new jersey tonight. the canes lost to the devils on sunday night. they will be without one their best player tonight. bill peters says justin faulk is now week to week with what the team is calling an upper body injury. they are not sure how bad the injury is just yet. he is fourth on the team in points. >> record. late last night, he hit 13 three-pointers. he scored 46 point for the warriors. the previous record was 12 threes which curry tied last year. he was just throwing it up. he cooperate miss from anywhere on the court. >> he is off if a great start. >> fun to watch. >> thank you. what a night. it is all still ahead of us and we thank you for joining us. >> we'll leave you tonight way live look at democracy plaza.
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nbc nightly news is next kicking off our election night coverage. >> stay with wral and wral 2 throughout the evening for the results as they come into our newsroom and join us for our news at 10:00 on fox 50 and our expanded newscast at 11:00 on wral.
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good evening and thank you for joining us. a major night for the country and for north carolina. we have eight crews covering and throughout the next 2 1/2 hours and you'll see the results scrolling across the bottom of the screen for the entire evening to provide context to the results the polls just closed but with fixed wooden are a number of early voters have a lot going on. >> both in early votes and people who are waiting in line a lot of these sites. if you are in line at 7:30 pm
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regardless of how long it takes to get you through. we had sarah kruger out in durham covering voter issues let's see what she has to say. >> reporter: a computer glitch pretty much hit as soon as polls opened today and it created a headache trickle-down effect for the rest of the day. what it meant is that every polling site across the county switched to a paper check in process which created longer lines and a longer wait. and some places including this location here at bethesda did run out on paper forms so that made things a whole lot more difficult. this site is actually closed for a couple of hours. that led to the county board of
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groups all weighing in on what they believe should happen to fix it. this location where they are now will be open until 8:30 pm so one extra hour the state rolled that it is greed that should be extra time for people to vote here. seven other sites around the room were given extended times around the state if they were initially turned away. out here at this site doing we have not seen long lines but i do understand some of the places may have been a different story. you can see there is no line to vote and polls will be open here until 8:30 pm. looking at the presidential race some polls began closing at 6 pm both of the major
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>> reporter: this is the 10th part of the campaign were a lot of these polls close and to get exit polls coming in and i can tell you behind closed doors the trump campaign very anxious now is a lot of those numbers start to come in and they start to digest those numbers. we are at 53rd and six here in manhattan you can see times were behind me midtown which is where donald trump is holding his election night party. trump is known for his big rallies and venues but here in his home he shows what is really a small menu which has pushed a lot of people outside your into the streets and on the sidewalks. there is media all over the place and media from all over the world to cover election night in manhattan. we have been talking to trump
7:34 pm
confidence. they keep talking about the silent majority that they expect to turn out. >> they can't afford another four years of hillary clinton on top of barack obama destroying this country. you need to take the country back and i think the people that have been sitting back in the shadows are all coming out. >> there are record numbers of voters all around the country. >> reporter: again that is e supporters here as these numbers start coming in. they are going to start digesting those in figure out where they are going. interestingly this is donald trump's home, manhattan but is not expected to win his own state. this state is expected to go for hillary clinton and that is why he is counting on so many of the swing states like florida and like where you are in north carolina.
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also joining us from new york here is kathryn brown who is covering the clinton campaign. >> reporter: this has been getting busier and busier throughout the night . in the last half hour it has started getting very crowded behind me with people who are attending this event. we checked in with you about an hour ago people were still doing final preparations but right now ms nbc is up on the big jumbo prawn -- john it's hitting how hard north carolina is so important in this election. here's a spokeswoman for the clinton campaign and how closely are you watching north carolina and all of these swing states and how critical is this? >> obviously is going to be a close election and there is no bigger piece than north carolina which is why you saw. clinton make her final case, the last event of the campaign there in raleigh.
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is limited in north carolina so we care a lot about how many people showed up today and it looks like a whole bunch of them did. it is nice to be ending the campaign on a strong positive note. >> reporter: i have been talking to eight and staffers today but to me that the emotions are and what hillary herself is doing to go through these steps emotionally right now. >> election day is an odd one. there is very competitive. i have a former boss who says a campaign for climbing a hill and then you jump off and hope the voters catch you. hillary clinton is with her family which is a rarity on the campaign trail. and she will be here with us soon. she is watching returns nearby. and the rest of us are feeling good about all the hard work, we had 1 million people volunteer today to help elect
7:37 pm
network she has built and the work we have put in over this last year. in the end it is a little bit of gratitude and relief that we are seeing a finish line. >> thank you for joining us. what is the energy like in the room that? >> reporter: it is incredible . here early this morning and there were not too many people here but even at that point it right now you can just feel the energy in this room especially since people have started crowding in i don't get to it but on the floor on the other side of this convention center it is standing room only. have signs and buttons it is so rare you have hillary clinton and donald trump about 20
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it is such a huge moment for the city and everybody is talking about it. >> a lot has been made of where this is being held tonight. the crystal palace, a lot of glass and the metaphor of breaking through a glass ceiling should hillary clinton should be elected tonight. it is a remarkable room you are in right? >> absolutely. eight years ago she made the comment that she didn't break the glass ceiling but she made 18 million cracks in it the metaphorical glass ceiling tonight. this is called the crystal palace and it is made almost entirely of glass. it is the largest glass ceiling in new york city. so you have the biggest of the big here that she is really trying to symbolize breaking through and making a very historical night. she has picked a perfect spot
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kathryn we be talking to you live throughout the evening. hetty had the clinton campaign spokesman david mclennan from meredith college. david you heard him say no bigger piece in north carolina. how true is that? they tell every state you are important and how true is that really in this case? >> it is one of the most important states besides florida. if you look at the map what is donald trump go if he loses carolina? if he loses north carolina and florida he has to pick off a traditionally democratic state like michigan or wisconsin, increasingly difficult so i don't think the spokesperson was underselling north carolina's importance and all. >> but if you look at florida's 29 electoral vote and you look at north carolina's 15 . could
7:40 pm
there are scenarios in which ohio goes to trump and new hampshire coast to trump and north carolina and florida could be those two states that do tip one candidate or other over the 270. >> we have some early numbers coming in. these are preliminary numbers that were getting. anyone looking there at almost 2,000,000 votes we don't know how many of these are the early voting numbers per say and how many are early precincts beginning to call in. you can read a lot into this other than that the final vote total will be very high tonight. >> high turnouts favor
7:41 pm
up votes in wake county, the orange county donald trump will pile up votes in the west and rural parts of carolina. >> these numbers are 0% precincts reporting so these are the early votes. >> let's look at some of the early votes coming in in the gov.'s race. they are not mirroring exactly what we saw in the presidential race but awfully close. if these early voting would be a surprise would it not? that the republicans traditionally republicans are not favored in the state by early voters. >> let's ask david that question. >> typically republicans do well on election day and democrats do well in early voting. pretty close to the same of what we have seen.
7:42 pm
again with these early numbers that i hear. richard burr being the republican with more votes than anyone else. and that is what we had seen in our polling even when it showed hillary clinton and roy cooper as favorite the state richard burr seemed to pull ahead of his fellow republicans. >> he has 20 years of name recognition. that kind of difficult thing to overcome. >> one more question. we heard predictions earlier today that north carolina might not be called tonight. that it could be that close. if that were to happen that would be historic would it not? >> we have had individual races go a couple of days but for the presidency that has never
7:43 pm
carried to the next day. >> nothing compares 2008. this was an energetic group and they were ready for the campaign to be over. >> aren't we all? [laughter] >> we thank you for your insight. we will take a break and when we come back we have inside from people who have been looking at numbers in other parts of the country that could
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welcome back. have some early numbers in but nonetheless they are early. let's take a look at the latest. in the governance race we have all early voting numbers that we have seen. >> i tell people don't get too excited as you're watching things will change. >> have close to two thirds of the early votes. so we have another third to go. and that could give us an indication. of what the early vote looks like here. you have any other new numbers in the race for governor? i mean the race for president?
7:47 pm
we're covering the race for governor in downtown raleigh. >> reporter: folks in this room expect those numbers as we receive them in the gov.'s race here to be close all along the way. there is only been one person who is stepped up on the podium earlier tonight welcoming everyone here. and the two things that person said to the crowd is getting ready for a and they are also telling people to be ready for this race to receive national attention. they understand this is a big race and could be a long night. we're starting to see people after polls close start to crowd in to the party here. a lot has gone into this race. we're talking about an incumbent here, the governor
7:48 pm
this race. everyone expecting this to be very close. a lot has gone into this race. more than $30 million in tv commercials alone. 66,000 and more ads have run and there has been a lot of talk about hb two and education spending and the tone of this governors race him tone of the presidential race. it has been tense at times. we talked to people here who tell us since this is going to be so close the question is what will you be looking and when you look at the map of north carolina? and they say they hope unaffiliated voters could help them but that could be tricky,
7:49 pm
way. at this party, the republicans north carolina, they are predicting that those unaffiliated voters will go their way. they see it as they pushed out every possible supporter they could think of they know the competition has been doing the same so they will come down in some ways and in more recent history. around the state. hurricane of matthew was a chance for the governor to show leadership skills and put other parts of our state back together. little things like that can change perspective and maybe it did play a part. but weeks ago it was mccrory that was trailing cooper in this race.
7:50 pm
seeing the race is tightening. it is going to be interesting. there is a podium behind to see what kind of speech the governor will give tonight. is it going to be a concession speech or will he thanked the people in this crowd for another term? >> adam owens reporting line -- life. >> and we go to ken smith who is life in downtown ral >> there is a lot of nervous energy in this room at the marriott central because the returns are coming in and you can feel the energy in this room. people are huddled about television. joining me now is state representative who is also the director of quality and the spoke to the democratic spokesman earlier who said this
7:51 pm
the differences couldn't be stuck in this election. roy cooper stands for a traditional carolina values, pat mccrory has attacked the core values of north carolina whether it is hb to compete teacher pay, the environment and his failure on coal ash he is a failed leader and he has to go. moving forward what will be the strategy. if mccrory wins it could be the status quo but if cooper wins what is the strategy for equality? >> were confident in avoid cooper and they will also confident that we will be able to pick up a handful of legislative seats to break up the majority. with the new governor i already know a lot of republicans want this bill gone. i know it is hurting our economy every single day. new governor, your legislator,
7:52 pm
>> we haven't heard many publicly disavow hb2. how do you make that happen? >> i think if we had a call vote on it in the last session it would have been repealed. tim more and feel burger stymied that because they take the boat but roy cooper will be an actual governor who provides leadership over the actual issues unlike pat mccrory and he will come out and use his bully pulpit and make sure the legislator takes this as a priority and land -- when anti-equality candidate lose their races tonight there will be a different appetite in the next session. >> reporter: you talk about the nervous energy in this room at this point what you feel? >> i feel cautiously optimistic. we have done everything we wanted to.
7:53 pm
the human rights campaign are turning article disavow membership across the state. in a close race i guess that superior ground game will give us the superior edge to come out on top. >> how did you approach that ground gain? >> i knew that lgbt folks are hugely motivated and north carolina folks are opposed to it single car on the phones every single day to make sure that everybody who cares about equality and every person who cares about additional north carolina values of equality and economic austerity -- prosperity gets out and votes for roy cooper. >> reporter: thank you we appreciate your time. of course we know roy cooper is watching the returns with his family and at the appropriate time eventually he will come down and address the supporters
7:54 pm
candidates that based his platform on education. he talked about teacher pay increasing teacher pay and getting teachers the resources they needed and he talked about hb2 , repealing hb2 if he is elected governor. the nervous energy continues as we watch the returns of the marriott city center. >> ken sm numbers in. first in the race for president , these are early voting member. here at about 2.5 millions of it is 70% of the early voting numbers. you can see it is very close. in the race for governor. a little bit of separation. and the race for the u.s.
7:55 pm
expected to continue throughout the night. >> it will be interesting to see all the voting numbers and does it buck the trend we've seen. we have the latest of what is happening with a bit of a brew >> we knew from early this morning there were some problems in the dorm county precincts. initially having to do with things not working. some precincts had to shut down for some time . dorm board of elections asked to extend the voting election time at eight precincts. so at bethesda, and other
7:56 pm
and six other precincts were extended for various other bits of time. protection groups went to wake county to ask that all of dorm be allowed extra time. judge donald stevens heard it for an hour in court and then said i will voters who want to vote can get in line by 7:30 pm. and that is something they have been emphasizing throughout the day. if you are in line at 7:30 pm. stay in line and you will be allowed to vote. for voters in the eight darn precincts they will have asked her time to get in line but if you want to be sure that you will be able to vote tonight get in line before 7:30 pm. >> you think he will wait to see the state board election decided before he decided he was going to get involved?
7:57 pm
sides tonight and at one point he did say to folks who are bringing the lawsuit i don't have a ruling from the state board of elections to deal with. so what are you appealing? he was also skeptical saying darn county has a history of not being able to handle running elections correctly. they were taking notice of judicial problems they had seen before and at the end of the ni protection. others can get in line. >> and very quickly, every major election we hear of some voting problems or irregularities. statewide today so far has it been fairly common? >> relative to other elections what we're seeing here in the news room it's comparable or maybe less statewide to what
7:58 pm
i think a large part of that has to do that voters turned out early. and just spreading out the pain people spurted out during that early voting. and there's less of it showing up today. >> 6.9 eligible voters right? >> you have three voting during the early voting. and we're expecting another 2 million people to show up. >> are going to take a break when we come back you on --
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
welcome back to our extended campaign and election night coverage. we have our capital bureau chief laura leslie.
8:01 pm
returns and the congressional races we have been keeping an eye on. >> for the us house district you can see butterfield at 66% that is an early vote. a republican challenger and let's look at the house to. 54% to john mcneil's 46%. >> what an interesting race to look at because this is the one where he were changed for him. >> and this is the number they held for the past six years. >> were looking at early returns. >> so we are getting some today as well as our early votes. >> let's move on to the next race. david price expected to win easily tonight and so far he is doing so . >> that would be a huge upset
8:02 pm
holding a 56% over his democratic challenger . >> house district 7, david rouser seeking to return to washington for a healthy lead in these early numbers. richard hudson running against thomas mills. and diri cano. with a healthy lead. we continue to watch these throughout the night. longtime democratic incumbent david price. >> reporter: i am joined by representative price was been in congress for 28 years facing a challenge from republicans and
8:03 pm
you for taking a few minutes to talk with us. going into tonight. do you feel confident the democrats can take over the senate or the house will get control of both houses for the last couple of years? do you think we'll see a change tonight? >> i think so and i hope so. it's very important to win the senate. and then of course it's going to depend on through around the country. we pretty well know what those are. we have to eke out a win in some very tough races. >> north carolina with 13 congressional districts, only three are occupied by democrats. thanks to an extraordinary kind of jerry mentoring will make some headway with those races but nationwide the u.s. house is poised to gain a lot of
8:04 pm
you think there will be from 55 again -- hb2 against republicans. it's been a lightning bolt -- rodden. do think there will be a revolt? >> yes i think the republicans thought that would be politically smart to legislate discrimination in that mean spirited way. so it's terrible that they thought that. this has been a disgrace for our state and has reed the loss of sports tournaments, a lot of business locations and so on. you add that to voter suppression and you at that to denying half 1 million people medicaid coverage and what you have is right-wing republican rule that governor. mccrory has done nothing to stop and that explains a lot of the action behind the state level races here which i think is just as intense as the presidential campaign.
8:05 pm
to speak with us. we will continue monitoring the results that are coming in here at the democratic party tonight. >> thank you so much downtown at the rally democratic headquarters in looks like a lively scene. some new early voting zones for the senate race. five precincts reporting. very close at this point. 49% for richard burr republican to democrat's 48% and the libertarian 3%. >> and covering the birth campaign is candace sweatt. >> reporter: good evening, the senator says this campaign has been all about making sure he paints a different picture when you put him side-by-side against his opponent you want to make sure he comes across as
8:06 pm
ago says that will be the key to his success. all along senator. burr has attempted to paint his opponent is entirely too liberal and not aligning the values of north carolina voters. he says he is the best choice to represent north carolinians. and give you perspective on how competitive this race has become as of october 25 $22 million have been spent on broadcast advertising in this he says this race is largely about jobs, the economy as well as national security. on issues he was among members of the senate who declined to hear president. obama's nominations to the supreme court. that is a fact that deborah ross has blasted. they did half course on immigration. that is something we have known for quite some
8:07 pm
college debt is an area they differ. ross favors refinancing debt whereas burr plans on making it easier for students to save for college ahead of time. and he has said this will be his last time running. this will be his third try at the senate and again in the beginning this was a certain win for him but this has turned ou his supporters have finally started arriving here so it is certainly something everyone is watching here on the tv screens in this particular race is even being mentioned on national news. >> no question that is being watched very closely. >> amanda land is covering the
8:08 pm
the democratic party headquarters and joining me is the press secretary were in the hotel right now and she is going to be watching until there is something definitive. >> we think this is going to be a close race though. >> people are still voting. if you go to deborah's twitter handle where you can continue to cast your ballot. >> she has been in washington for 22 years. how has she been able to get so close to an incumbent? >> i think it's clear folks in north carolina are ready for a change. someone who shares their values. and what we've seen for senator.
8:09 pm
washington working for himself. he has increased his wealth more than 500% and taken more than $100,000 in trips for special interests and voted against a bill that would have cracked down on that kind of travel. folks know that deborah will stand for them and their needs first. she will make sure that north carolina has a center -- senator who is ready to work for them from day one. >> there were some parents that were pretty tough in this campaign. it looks ke excited. >> one of the issues during the debate was that deborah ross said that the consistent support for donald trump showed a lack of judgment. why is that so important? >> i think not only did it show a lack of judgment it shows he didn't have a lot for his record.
8:10 pm
working in washington for that sends a message to folks in north carolina that that senator. haven't been putting them first. >> reporter: finally a big issue for both of them at the supreme court. the republicans have blocked the nominee and said that seat will remain empty as long as a democratic president is putting up the nominee. she has said it's a sen.'s job to fill that spot. and obviously it's a big disagreement for them. >> senator. burr couldn't have made it more cl president he is going to do everything he can to block her nominees . irony is that run but he's not doing his job. deborah will be a wonderful senator and she will do her job from day one. >> when can we expect to see her tonight? >> she is here, watching returns with her family and i will keep you in the loop on that. >> again we are here the democratic headquarters in downtown raleigh. the crowd is getting very excited as they watch the returns.
8:11 pm
bringing you the latest. >> thank you . we have new numbers in the senate race. about 2.8 million votes so far in the vast majority of the early voting and we don't know from what part of the state but you are talking about less than 20,000 votes separating these early on. >> marcus host a front school of media and journalism. what has been surprising to you about these races? >> i think a few things we are seeing are different maps as far as we're conservative voters have come out in the polling. we look at suburban counties
8:12 pm
turning votes faster than north carolina. we'll see -- seeing trump underperforming but over performing in romney places like appalachia and along the coast is a different kind of conservative to what you might find here. earlier looking at a specific county, to wake county as far as similarities are concerned. what did you see? >> commercial county is a lot like our apex. and what they're finding is again that trump is performing five or six points under their romney performed in that kind of county. whereas if you look at some of
8:13 pm
more like al johnson county they are romney levels or higher. you think you're going to see different results even the metro area from what you would expect. >> and we kept hearing from the trump campaign that his supporters across the country were far more energized than hillary clinton's supporters? >> i think they are more energized and clearly hillary has a better organization financing that in turnout would suspect about their and probably gilbert county and east , he owns that he has been there numerous times wilmington, selma, they have bet the farm on that but clearly they are way behind in analytics and in organization turnout models. but we're seeing the african- american community is not
8:14 pm
transport -- transferred to hillary clinton. >> burr starts late there is no question about it. this is not a regular year. that's why it's so close. because this is not a regular year and she has effectively tried to make in the insider and she is running as an outsider. some of her ads have been very good. it pat mccrory court in the current fog? >> trump we haven't seen much of the blowback i don't think you've seen much of that. but they are all running their own individual races. this hb two -- hb2 hangover on mccrory. it's really going to affect the suburbs. there's no question. does it help them with
8:15 pm
carolina? probably. but at the end of the day it probably didn't need to be done and you saw the legislators they wanted to vote on that. because they knew it was killing them. >> we wanted to ask you, we've heard a lot about african- american turnout and early voting i've had friends asked me whether they think it's possible that the growing latina population cut into the overall percentage? we've heard a lot about what they think is going to be a latino wave in the desert southwest and florida. have you seen that? should you expected? >> we are seeing it. the question is how much is there in proportion to the african american vote? the latino population in north carolina is growing almost
8:16 pm
might make you a difference of one point african-americans are down 10% the cycle that's a loss of two or three points overall whereas in places like arizona or even georgia folks don't realize how much the population of latino growth has occurred. there's a states with no money that's the difference it makes up for it. we will see returns on a first- time voters. >> we heard a lot about the influx of people moving here from california and new york and we whole lot of population growth. is going to change the way our demographics play out tonight? >> yes. even like places here in the triangle. in places like indianapolis 5% of urban conservatives or conservatives in places like probably voting for kerry johnson. that's not a huge total when you lose 20,000 republican leading voters to libertarians in these type of markets that
8:17 pm
conservatives. and we don't pay enough attention to the asian american community in the metro area and showered they tend to be swing voters and are actually small pockets the committee shift a state like north carolina. >> the talk about the shifting democratics -- demographics. >> getting close [laughter] >> they're not demographics the republican party as we know it tonight just doesn't exist. >> win or lose, trump will be forced, there is a big populist swing in the republican party there will be brutal battles whether he wins or loses in a variety of things and i agree that this is the new north carolina. it is a purple state.
8:18 pm
the foreseeable future because of the people coming in here. and i look at this and of the republican party doesn't adapt they will shrink. there is no question. >> i don't think it's just a populist win. if you look at sanders success here in north carolina a lot of people have commented in terms of people who are anti-trade deals. >> they are the forgotten people. it was that's not enough to win an election. >> but whether or not trump wins those voters are still going to be forgotten people. >> it so interesting because we have heard everybody i've spoken with running statewide says i want to serve everyone in the state. i talked to deborah ross i said you could win with less than 60% of the vote which could mean a vigil majority voted against you.
8:19 pm
>> everyone says we can represent everyone but the bottom line is to the victor goes the spoils. no matter what. if you win you get the final say so of what goes on. and no one will ever win the whole vote. you cannot be pro-life and pro- choice and pro-environment and -- >> the trump voters are much more motivated to stick with him. mccrory, burr, not so much. >> future of the republican party. maybe not by 2020 maybe by 2024 there is a lot of potential for fiscally conservative more social moderate republican party between 18 and 35. they are more fiscally conservative than their parents they just don't like the hb2 policy . >> they're going to have to grow a face that looks more
8:20 pm
vote will be hispanic this time right? >> okay we will take a break. as we go to break let's look at the latest numbers we have. here in north carolina 12% of the precincts in that includes a hefty amount in those numbers of early voting. presidential numbers are tight as we expected. let's look at the race for governor. 12% in again. roy cooper with a 4% lead in for the u.s. senate. again >> i do want to remind you all 2014 k hagan coming out of the early vote appear to have a substantial lead and we set in the studio we watch that lead take down at the precincts came in so never count your
8:21 pm
8:22 pm
8:23 pm
welcome back to our continuing coverage of election 2000 welcome back to our continuing coverage of election 2016. taking a look at the state races. early numbers in the a lot of the precincts reporting. the two ran against each other for years ago. let's move on to the secretary marshall there with about an eight percentage point lead. also tonight in the race for treasurer falwell with a slim lead and in the race for atty. general. hotly contested race. and in the race for construction long-term incumbent
8:24 pm
the race for labor. former mayor trailing surely there who has held the position for a long time. steve very popular for use with people of both parties. and the race for the insurance commissioner incumbent with the lead an taking a look at this. interesting in these down ballot races . we saw blue leading and some red leading in some. back and forth. it seems to be races people actually pay attention to who is running. >> we have to qualified candidates and i think forest is a good candidate. linda coleman.
8:25 pm
democrats and republicans and people were serpentine going back and forth. >> north carolina ends our ticket splitting. >> now we have to fill in our bibles and it does make a difference versus people you just used to be able to put one of the topic photo straight ticket but what we're seeing and i think it's often misunderstood 10% or 20% voters are willing to cross parties for different candidates they know. and we're seeing that. >> i think that's healthier. >> longtime encumbrance. >> can we get some water for you >> perry and folks whose names have been out for a very long time. placing anything different in the patterns? >> i think based on where the vote is coming in so far.
8:26 pm
how close it was last time. you're exactly right in the dangers of overestimating the early returns because early vote tend to favor democrats and republicans as we know last time could of course them to win. >> but didn't we see more coming out early this year? >> trump is a force of nature and there's waited twice and finally went to another polling place. it was hard to actually vote. >> we don't know how that's going to play out but both of these candidates brought so many negatives into the race. you see one candidate keeping the boat suppressed more than
8:27 pm
>> i think we're seeing an election result so far that even when both candidates had favorability problems that result the data to turn out people on both sides. turnout is doing okay. for situation we've never had to candidates so close. >> have we have been negative campaigning since the race of 1800 we didn't have access to it really do now. >> you look back at jefferson and what was going on them and when people did not have to attach their name to anything that was printed nobody had to own the negativity they were putting out and we have it in social media today.
8:28 pm
-- that is the end of citizens united because she will make her own supreme court. >> but is that going to be interesting if citizens united goes away? because we looked at the numbers we've had today off super pacs. in the democratic candidates, the money spent favoring democrats by super pacs were stronger than the numbers favoring republicans in both the senate race and >> sure that's what you said. >> cooper doubled what mccrory spent on his own ads. >> we got down to the pacs. >> i did not have a broken out by parts. but what was amazing to me is believed the senate race something like 69,000. >> but democrats who have
8:29 pm
have gladly accepted that advertising for candidates that was made possible by citizens united. >> i think the you're right they benefited more this time but the coach said it out. >> so what will happen when citizens united goes away and there are no packets to help the democrats? >> the democrats yelled about it more than the republicans. >> hallelujah wouldn't that be refreshing? >> some facts do i'm a pr person at the end of the day there is a similar to those ads can do. if the product is not a product that people want. >> general pants don't work as well. i have to ask you. >> i must also have seen some incredibly well produced web ads. but these are ads that people
8:30 pm
they wasting the money? >> they are talking to voters because millennial's are looking at their iphone. >> so they are reading the tea leaves in their palm? [laughter] >> it's tailored to you. because it will adapt to what you search for. in your gmail account and it will give you this ad the best one to see the pedigree
8:31 pm
8:32 pm
what a night.
8:33 pm
have been closed for the most part the vast majority for a little over an hour. you're beginning to see some numbers come in. >> do we have a magic number? there we go. this has been called, no big surprise, david price reelected , congressman from the fourth district. he is the longest -- the dean of the north delegation right? >> and at the democratic headquarters we have been speaking with price tonight. >> reporter: spoke with a representative price also spoke with a couple of state representatives, a democrat, who represents the north and he's been in that office for two terms now and up against
8:34 pm
doing well in that race, protected in the lead at 60% over bill morris who is telling about 40% of the vote. he was preceded by deborah ross. and i talked with him about republican control of the state house of representatives. republicans have had control of the general. assembly for the last six years. it was a historic event back in 2010 when they took the house for the first time since the 1880s. i asked if he thought democrats can chip away at the gop's dominance. he doesn't think that the democrats will assume control of both the house and senate in
8:35 pm
tonight particularly because of house -- hb2 which he said has caused a lot of damage to the states image. we have seen many boycotts we've seen the pop musicians and boycotts sporting records, and he thinks republicans will suffer tonight because of the ill effects of it. here is what he had to talk to our candidates who are challenging incumbent republicans is the voters everywhere in the state from the coast to the mountains are very upset by house bill two. they are upset by the jobs's killing. the job said it is turning away and what it says about our states. >> reporter: democratic
8:36 pm
northern rally has been in the state representative for two terms running against bill morris and it looks like he is going to keep that seat from our projections thus far. it is a party atmosphere here right now we're seeing more and more people filter into the conference room at the marriott city center in raleigh and will continue talking with people and the candidates. monitoring the returns here in the watch party for the north carolina democrats. >> thank you brian. >> now will talk to the gop quarters which select the road. >> reporter: we are at the crabtree marriott and things are starting to pick up here at the gop camp. you can see supporters are here
8:37 pm
results as they come in minute by minute getting excited as the results come in in their favor. there are going to be about 1000 people here tonight and told the governor himself will be watching the results come in from the gov.'s mansion. were also keeping a close eye on several other counsel states i just checked the latest number for e showing that dan forest republican is leading by 50% over linda coleman at 46% the atty. general. josh stein 51% and buck newton at 48%. buck newton the republican, and the commissioner of labor incumbent sherry barry is a 53% and former mayor charles meeker at 46%. so we're continuing to track
8:38 pm
here gop supporters really keeping their fingers crossed tonight. i spoke with the chairman of the gop for the state and his not very optimistic. and i spoke to her family from apex we will be hearing from them soon. they are homeschoolers and their mom brought them here as an educational lessons so we will hear from them later. >> we want to take a look at her race here in wake county. this is a senate race car district 15 incumbent john alexander holding a 50% meet with 95% of the precincts reporting so only three or four
8:39 pm
>> a lot of money spent. >> take a look at this one. republican cameron in a close race with democrat susan arant evans and as a libertarian in the to 4%. only 4% of the precincts are still out in this race. and to do story regarding hb2 when she said there unintended consequences and she seemed to be the first republican to even acknowledge that directly and you said yes she did and she is in the district where people are really upset. >> she's also running about susan evans was long time county official and that is a tough district. the district 17 that is not an easy republican win.
8:40 pm
>> a professor from meredith college back with us if you're looking at these numbers begin to trickle in anything jump off the screen to you? >> if you look at something like the her race and a couple of other the pendleton house race will be tight, even some of the gov.'s race it's hard to see that hb2 has had an effect across the ballot. districts. so we thought months ago that would play a role and its bearing out right now. >> with 97% of precincts reporting cynthia boll holding about a man and 50 vote the right now. >> that is another one of those incumbents that is in an area of raleigh for folks are upset
8:41 pm
good campaign and that is and other swing state. the world of wake county applicants concerned about their seats at this point and you can talk a lot about whether it was overplayed on statewide level but it is certainly the case in urban areas where it was lost and turned out to be significant. >> you can ask what is hb2 down ballot? i think sometimes we overestimate a blanket rule but these are the kinds of districts were locally these neighborhoods that are coming out against this type of incumbent republican with trump and hb2 . >> i think this is district 14. >> the incumbent 89% of the precincts reporting their
8:42 pm
>> very tight race. and that is a little bit of a surprise. >> what about this one nelson dollar. longtime incumbent holding a 13 or 1400 vote lead. >> his districts a little bit safer. but it's difficult were talking about this democratic shifts earlier. wake county has seen of people coming in from other counties. or maybe they're not voting with their voting the other way. it's difficult to pin down from one election to the next. >> i'm glad you brought that up. the video from the last discussion we had about this when you take a quick break and looking at the numbers talking about north carolina or pockets
8:43 pm
this person talked about mike mcintyre the long-term long serving democrat from congressional seven. who lost two years ago but who was considered basically a blue dog democrat democrat with some conservative values. >> he county ac switching from blue to red tonight is blade which is mike mcintyre's old turf. and i think they are gone from the democratic party. they are more trump photos. that is something we should
8:44 pm
a lot of the house as well. a lot of the folks will lose in this election if they're going to get flipped a lot of those folks are already in the middle of the road to get elected in the swing districts sometimes the outcome of having these states split is you end up being even more polarized. >> on that note we're going to take a break. let's take a look at the latest numbers race in north carolina. 27% reporting and still the majority of these votes from early voting. 28, 48 48,000 votes separate the two.
8:45 pm
8:46 pm
storm and welcome back to take a look at this one. this is a race for the north
8:47 pm
incumbent is bob edwards and this is a race that is nonpartisan although there are partisan folks voting . >> yes is a republican in this case. >> and again it's only 32% but this goes against everything else i've seen tonight so far as far as the percentage. >> it's 32% of precincts. so there is a wider dispar >> curious how that might stack up if you add those boats together. did people pay attention enough on the ballot to vote in this race. >> you will probably have had in about three seconds . in the meantime let's look at the race for governor. a memo check in with our
8:48 pm
tight as we're expecting this to be throughout the evening. and pat mccrory at the headquarters of their gathering downtown at the maria . i think you are in north raleigh right? >> reporter: we are in crabtree. last month we are here tonight near crabtree valley mall have been told two different things. they were trying to rile up the crowd earlier telling them get ready and practice your victory cheer for later in the governor. will take this podium and at the same time they are told her this and this is a close race it could come down to the wire. it could be a long night. we have a podium with all the
8:49 pm
but nobody is standing behind it and the people in the room are starting to ask themselves how close the numbers are in this race here when will anybody take to that podium? how long will it take to decide this tonight? there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes and they were telling people to go to different rooms and keep out how these numbers are coming in and moment to moment. they refer to illegal room they have and these are all things that need to be considered in tight races. the crowd is really starting to grow and a lot of eyeballs on the big screens here. two very large screens. every single time there is an update or refresh or more precincts reporting depending on
8:50 pm
>> and votes here again are in it for the long haul. a lot of people in this room have worked hard on this campaign. and they remark adam, i can't tell you how tired i am. i've been working on moving all around the state. we've been talking to someone with the state republican party he's been running all over the state d effort they had faith in recent days in a close election that may make the difference that is really focused on those unaffiliated voters people that they weren't sure they had in their camp. if they can pull them in somehow it might make the difference and who knows what will ultimately know that tonight? we now know that voters in
8:51 pm
>> but it wasn't a runaway. >> so the transit tax will be going into effect. >> but not enough to overcome that. >> let's take a look at what's happening, a couple questions about the presidential race nationally. taking a look at the electoral map donald trump has won mississippi arkansas oklahoma tennessee kentucky indiana west virginia south carolina. but a lot of the states in the eastern corridor although hillary clinton is taken from massachusetts and connecticut and rhode island delaware there are still a lot of races in the east that are too close to call. virginia nodding it, florida, georgia. earlier we heard some reports
8:52 pm
florida panhandle voters hadn't turned out as they had been expected to for donald trump . >> think what we're seeing is so not great exits. florida had 90 exit polls and talking about this earlier as far as just being a different -- difficult science because so many people vote early the reliability of exits are good as they used to be and we're seeing that in places like florida with early voting and high absentee ballot ballots with military and overseas so what were seen tonight is trump and republicans doing better a couple of points that they than the thought that clinton and democrats doing better in places like ohio. so will the places that we thought were going to be difficult races to call a difficult races to call.
8:53 pm
because the polling in north carolina -- >> and in particular some of the polls were relying more on land lines and so many people thought that they should and that can impacted. >> that will scoot your results to older voters and sometimes more conservative voters. you get these young voters in his millennial and latinos becomes a maximum not seeing them . >> kent smith is joining us live from the democratic headquarters. take a ok moments ago. only about one third of the vote in so far still very close. >> unfortunately ken cannot hear us. that is the local reporter live when they are ready to go work on hear anything.
8:54 pm
all of our crews, most of them are in very loud environments. so that goes double for our photojournalists out there. >> and they are all doing amazing work. >> wanna go back to something you said in which the ticket was good polling this year. >> overall. you have to take them as a whole. we had our own poll which was trump +72 weeks before we had the yo at seven. both of those i said that's not going to happen. but a second pole in two weeks showing a tight race . >> the park and snow is if a poll is have a correct because taken a few days before the vote totals are released. >> early voting can be problematic to discover how
8:55 pm
the final day. >> with 10 see more accurate as you don't look at the polls in the last week or two but over the last month. now there are races where you want to see what happened in the last week but we had a lot of breaks this week. this is a good week for trump. but if you look at the results coming in tonight from the gov.'s race. it matches a lot of work cooper and mccrory were ever since july. there's a lot more consistency. >> tracking polls you are taking those averages a lot from real clear politics and other folks and showing exactly what you're talking about. >> right because you can see, you could watch change some of the things i like about real clear politics as they have away you can stretch and show the graph and sometimes you can see where gaps occurred. you can watch those numbers dip.
8:56 pm
pole, people outliers you do have to averages all out and i really like -- productively have great tracking polls in north carolina maybe after this election we were given how tight this state laws. they are the people that are calling every day and tracking. >> and asked a couple of people this in the course of the campaign because of said to me it appeared in state races this year that hb2 the defining issue it was a defining issue. and i meant the defining issue is the tipping point for a lot of people. was or anything else that resonated more deeply with people? >> i don't think so. dominated the headlines for about six months. everything from basketball tournaments leaving and it had some new tentacles that reached out to other issues that people cared
8:57 pm
legislature races it is that race could have changed a very close race into one not so close. >> and the numbers you saw disappear if there had been a shift with the mindset of hb2 if republican lawmakers or the governor has called it back into session and changed it significantly or appeal that it >> it would've made a difference . you can regroup data in a lot of different ways, it takes a different -- difference in 45% or 10% of voters really have a democrat and republican out here, it doesn't have to be a huge pocket will be live in such a purple state . >> on that note we will take a break and as we go to break
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
welcome back. take a look at the latest numbers behalf in the race for presen 41% reporting as we've mentioned all night many of these numbers were loaded in early with early voting. the numbers you are looking at their a very close race. and in the race for governor we have the latest numbers there. i know we have them. we will get them to you as soon as we can pop back up on the screen . and the race for the u.s. senate is like to look at both those numbers, were almost
9:01 pm
and it's awfully close . >> by 30,000 votes separating . >> and those senate race 42% reporting, richard burr up by five percentage points this turn time. we are lives in manhattan. >> it is extremely loud here they have the projections going on behind me through the network, just a moment ago they put up that cnn was projecting clinton had taken new york . so a huge cheer in this room here. it is filling up the space is behind me is a vip area there are not very many people in this narrow space. but on either side is full of supporters. and outside a picture taken from an apartment just two blocks north of here and you
9:02 pm
made almost entirely of glass. these lights are shining extremely brightly. and people are crowding the streets. and they're listening to an outdoor rally going on. and as for the mood in here. it is incredibly enthusiastic. we have been speaking with top clinton aides. here's what they had to tell me about her projections. >> she is prepared either way and so is our entire team. we are very optimistic and she is prepared to present her
9:03 pm
are united as a team. and focused on the fact that she will become the next president of the united states and at some point tonight we'll call her president-elect. >> so a lot of optimism here. we were told by the campaign manager that she was working on two speeches, a victory speech and a concession speech. right now she is in a hotel short distance from here. she is watching results me with her family. and waiting to see at some point we certainly expect her to come here. she is hoping to shatter the ultimate glass ceiling tonight. >> catherine brown reporting live. >> and in new york tonight we have, outside the party at trump tower. how are things where you are?
9:04 pm
atmosphere here at the hilton midtown where donald trump is holding his party tonight not quite as festive. a much smaller than you which donald trump shows but still we are hearing a hopeful nature from the trump supporters that we have been talking to. we take you inside . again just a smaller group, but they have been watching two states tonight. florida has been going back and forth and there is hope in the room that donald trump might be able to pull it off. >> is for north carolina i can tell you they were very encouraged that hillary clinton did not pull off more of the early vote. so still a long way to go and still a close race there in north carolina but the trump camp at this point certainly
9:05 pm
that they are seeing. >> we have been talking to a number of supporters they talk about this silent majority that they hoped would turn out there talking about change and tossing out the status quo. >> i think it's frustration. against corruption. new york is especially are sick of it these people have been in office their entire life. so nothing has gotten done . >> so again a talking about the race for president but for senate here in new york. chuck schumer the longtime new yorker us senator. >> as for new york donald trump really is not done much campaigning here because this is expected to go for hillary clinton. all of its 29 electoral votes.
9:06 pm
watching north carolina right now . >> you caught me looking at the computer here. there are nine states to close to call . >> north carolina is one of them, virginia, georgia, florida, ohio, pennsylvania and new hampshire. and maine. main splits but polls have closed their for a while. an coming up in north carolina. with 44% reporting. donald trump with a small feat. and we qualify this by saying a lot of these votes are early votes. anything you see and hear professor that catches your eye? >> i think we're still seeing the republican uptake. we have about 1 million votes left. republicans traditionally can win along the same day votes
9:07 pm
to 2012 in 2014 they could still net another 50 or 100,000 votes of that child. there are a bunch of big ifs. were waiting on some big counties in the winston-salem area but we still have a lot of republican counties and even though they are small counties the county is only going to give you some 1000s votes. but there are a few minutes for >> mecklenburg has been coming in. originally that was troublesome for mccrory but now we're getting into election day returns . he won mecklenburg county where he was from. he didn't need to win it this time. the early returns was troublesome.
9:08 pm
you are seeing he is well within range if enough of these same day votes a republican leaning like they think they might be. >> let's take a look at the government numbers that we have right now. 47% of these precincts showing. exceedingly tight right there. when we hear that in mexico -- mecklenburg county say to you? >> that says that the demographics of mecklenburg county there are a lot of suburban areas there are a lot of women men. hb two -- hb2 is important it in that area. but as we talked about it is an important issue. so i think it is key for pat mccrory to look to the more rural counties in north carolina and roy cooper keeps wanting
9:09 pm
is live at the democratic campaign in downtown raleigh. >> we have a full house here at the marriott city center in downtown raleigh. the place is virtually packed and i can tell you there is a sense of cautious optimism around many of the supporters here. many are here was told mr. cooper is watching the returns with his family as we speak at some point he will make his reuse of the ballroom at the marriott city center. short time ago the reelected one addressed the crowd talked about his willingness to reach across the aisle and get things done. he said he's going to be a new
9:10 pm
elected president and he made the commitment to north carolina to work with republicans to move in north carolina agenda forward. great cooper started really early this morning making the rounds of various polling places to charm and by the end of the day he listed nine polling places talking to volunteers. he who came from humble beginnings. growing up on a farm in nash county and spent some time in the state house as well has been atty. general. north carolina being elected in 2000. he felt that this was his year and his campaign director said crisscrossing the state here in his message is resonating with
9:11 pm
to see if it resonates with all- purpose across north carolina. >> very good. we're going to take a break and come back and talk with some new faces tonight with perspectives on what is happening in north carolina. as we go to break to say thank you to dr. david mcclelland from meredith college and dr. joe kotowski. we asked them to stick around for a little more insight they
9:12 pm
9:13 pm
welcome back to our
9:14 pm
along with our capital bureau chief laura leslie. they are looking specifically for this happening here in north carolina. all the legislative races so far we have called a couple of races the wake county. >> that was 53 versus 47. >> david price an easy winner. as far as the race for president in the race for governor in the us senate they are all very close right now. north carolina one of the nine states in the eastern corridor listed as too close to call. >> that is what the polls have been telling us for weeks. it has been 58.2. >> and now with us is that he gray with john ross foundation. and bruce thompson.
9:15 pm
>> what are you hearing from you inside folks. >> i think the big thing for us is when the early vote first came out and you haven't heard it in places like wake county. difficult places like charlotte and winston-salem. so we're hoping that is where she will make up the difference . >> amanda lamb whose of the democratic headquarters carrying the ross campaign for a quick update. >> were at the democratic headquarters. the crowd is starting to grow here. we spoke a few minutes ago that the campaign chairman for the deborah ross campaign . she is in the hotel. watching the returns right now.
9:16 pm
campaign director said she's not concerned thinks this is going to be a close race and a long night. it will be an important race because it will help determine who will make up congress. people are surprised it has been such a close race. the democratic challenger has been here and said that he has been there too long and has been ineffective. >> campaigning across the into late this afternoon. she's transferred herself into a hard-working candidate . >> she is without a doubt one of the smartest folks i have ever met. she is one of the most ethical people i have ever served. and i've served in the army for 25 years. but the deborah ross is as tough as anyone i ever served with . >> and that was where martin.
9:17 pm
glowing things to say about her. one of the big issues in this campaign is filling that supreme court seat. republicans made it clear they will not support obama's pick for that seat and that they won't pick any that the democrats made and ross says that is constructionist and a senator as part of their job should fill the seat. so that has been contention. >> people are optimistic it is still early in the evening there certainly not throwing in the towel on deborah ross at this point. >> let's go to kansas in winston salem . >> reporter: i can tell you right now that it feels like the confidence in this room is growing.
9:18 pm
which may seem a little premature but people are cheering and are starting to have more of a relaxed feel as they see that senator. burr has more of a relaxed feeling. he will not appear tonight until he knows for sure what the results are. to paint a picture of how important this has been all al million have been spent on board cost advertising just for this race so it paints a picture of how important this race is and how much is weighing on this race. we're going to try to bring you a little bit of video later on in our new cast -- newscast that the room is starting to fill up in the room is filled
9:19 pm
people are looking at the tablets and their phones. and again we have said throughout the night that these two candidates a very different candidates and pride themselves on where they stand. senator. burr issues of immigration. he said he would not support amnesty plans for amnesty for illegal immigrants. they also differ very much in the judicial system. they also differ on the pay for college. so they're painting very different pictures. this is senator. burr's third go at the senate. it is his last time running. we'll watch and see what's going on. people are confident this is a type race and you just heard amanda say that ross's camp is not growing in the town.
9:20 pm
of life shots becky from the life foundation was trying to get a word in. i want to come back to you and put the focus on the legislative races in wake county and in the surrounding counties. there is some very tight races. that seemed to be directly impacted by hb2. >> some question about but certainly so in maryland, the whole wake county delegation particularly the report republicans. if you click maryland alla have the tightest race so far. i don't think even half the precincts have reported in. chris malone, nelson doll seems to be gaining. >> terry pendleton was in trouble last time we saw.
9:21 pm
senate tightened up looking at john alexander and therefore it seems to have a steady lead. >> have medical percent of the precincts reporting here. with marilyn avila trailing at this point. maybe just a handful of precincts waiting. >> that is tighter than it was earlier. so depending on which precincts reporting. call. >> the numbers in the pendleton race coming up here. cynthia boll. we have not called it although were reporting 100% of the precincts. if those numbers hold who knows with his libertarian votes might have gone in this race. that this is a significant race here. >> it's a significant race for
9:22 pm
david it's also a significant race for the entire house. right now they have a supermajority. with these races and others across the state there is a likelihood they will loose the single majority and hold on to the republican majority and depending on who is the governor that could really have some interesting dynamics in 2017. >> and bruce before i get to you i've talked about this a lot tonight but it is so apparent. you're close to these folks . particularly these republican members of the house. was there ever a point where they are seeing the research come in. the pushback on house bill two. and saying what were we thinking? >> tamera barringer was one. >> gary pendleton was one. that said we need to rethink
9:23 pm
when it still past it had bipartisan support. republicans and democrats voted for that. but they said if we could do it again they would perhaps do something else. >> that are they saying that because they're losing? or because they think it's wrong? >> we should ask them tomorrow. >> i think there are a few 11th hour conversions. because you would never him as someone who would be moderate about that issue but you start reading your polls as it gets closer to election time and that's when it changes. >> is this a social issue gone too far? we've heard a lot about republican social issues and the always his predictions that this plant was going to trigger some folks using their seats.
9:24 pm
just talked about the democrats that voted for the bill. in the bill was designed with an attempt to try to get democrats to vote. and i think they went a little bit too far and it ended up punishing them in the end. >> and it looks put a lot of folks on the defense. and it's probably the reason why they are going to lose these seats. >> a few more on the governor's race. 62% of the precincts now reporting. pat mccrory has inched ahead. >> 14,000 votes. >> 38% of the votes to be counted. and we've mentioned this all night long we unloaded in early with early voting. we had 2.5 million votes here one hour ago. and we're at 3.6, 3.7 million
9:25 pm
grabowski was talking about the late voters received from republicans. kay hagan two years ago and how we saw that shift as the votes went in . >> it looked like she had a comfortable lead in 2014 and as the night went the leader got whittled away. >> i'm curious about the makeup this year of the election day we saw high turnouts in all of urban counties as well. normally the conventional wisdom is the democrats turn out early and republicans turnout on election day but we saw a higher turnout this time i'm wondering and wondering whether we'll see higher democrats on election day. that is the million-dollar question. >> i've just been told by a
9:26 pm
the numbers again? >> 522,000 to 3085 -- cooper took the one-stop voters mccrory taking -- okay here's what i'm told. for the one-stop voting. roy cooper took it by hundred thousand votes. dale voting it's about 130 140,000 votes. in mccrory's favor. so that could be the margin). 40,000 votes. it could be if you were to hold. >> but we're still waiting for stuff to come in from mecklenburg county. >> when i drove over tonight i came from the democratic party and there were still people voting in turn and in charlotte. the lines were long .
9:27 pm
it in that boiler room tonight? metaphorically. >> david i will be serious with you. it is at the same time one of the most frustrating but also most rewarding things that i've done in politics and give you a good example. we had five voters in mecklenburg county that showed up and voted at 7:29 pm judge shut the door and wouldn't let them in so we had to lawyers on the phone with the board of elections down there they opened it back up we went in nature they could vote. so there are things like that happening. there are mistakes that are happening and don was a mess today. and to try to work through that make sure that everybody who wanted to cost about could . >> good for you. no matter where you fall politically it is your constitutional right to be allowed to vote in the rules are if you're in line at the
9:28 pm
>> the credit goes to the rest of the team. i was just there. >> we need to take a break and will be back with more of our continued exclusive coverage. as we go to break let's take a look at the court of appeals. read them. see if you agree. your vote may be in there
9:29 pm
9:30 pm
's decision to thousand 16
9:31 pm
of north carolina now. bruce thompson and working the clinton campaign with us. so much to cover. we have 30 minutes (interesting note, the markets have been up the past couple of days particularly when fbi director came out and said we found nothing new this race being tight right now nationally has thou what is going on? >> it's all about stability. i think we entered the vote count tonight and people felt comfortable about secretary. clinton where she was going to be. a lot of states are too close to call. there is uncertainty and the chance that donald trump could pull it out. and that is where the instability comes in . he is
9:32 pm
that's where the market is reacting. >> are you surprised? as a person involved in the conflict in -- clinton campaign -- polls begin closing at 6 pm -- but the difference -- that she is not in a better position at this particular time? >> i might be the wrong person to ask. [laughter] >> i think you're the right person to ask. >> it frankly amazes me and one of the things that is always frustrated me is the stereotype people have come up with of hillary clinton. and i wish people could spend time with her. i wish you could see how she reacts to people one on one. i've worked with a lot of politicians and you get to know them. i've never met anyone as intelligent as compassionate
9:33 pm
state department, our nation, so it's frustrating to me that we weren't able to call this right out of the gate because i don't think there is a comparison. >> we need to go live to the democratic headquarters. >> reporter: good evening. it's certainly a party going on here tonight at marriott city center in raleigh. we have heard from representative. david price who addressed the crowd saying that north carolina is a progressive inclusiv make sure that the state continues to have the reputation and i was out roaming the crowd and we got a pretty good sized crowd here enjoying the evening and watching the results and i found one of the delegates for every clinton who went to philadelphia, brenda followed lifelong democrat so brenda give us a sense of how you are feeling. with results coming in
9:34 pm
>> i'm excited. i think it is going to get even more exciting as the results come in. north carolina is still coming in. the precinct for extending their lines today . we're excited about the victory that we're going to see. >> what you think we'll see on the state level? with state senate and house of representatives? had control for six years now. do you think we will see some erosion in their influence? in the state >> i think the constituents and citizens have decided that some of the bills that were passed was not what they want for their future so i think the voice of the vote that comes tonight will demonstrate that. so we may see a lot of changes. >> what bill could you be talking about? >> hb2 . i think they should have realized that some of that bill was something that a lot
9:35 pm
it will be at the voting box that will be the deciding factor. >> and the gov.'s race is a close race you can call it yet but do you think hb two -- hb2 could cause him his job tonight? >> ray -- roy cooper is a person who was there for the people. a future for the people in speaking to the electorate that won't change. >> so you are a delicate? how does one become a delegate? >> is a lengthy process you make an application that campaign that's you to see what you have done for the party and then you were approved . i was approved, iran and i'm thrilled to be a delicate for hillary. >> in 2012 in charlotte and was the delicate for barack obama. >> you are shining tonight. your hillary pins. you are glittering. thank you so much for talking
9:36 pm
and we will see how things transpire tonight at the marriott city center in raleigh. certainly a festive atmosphere and people watching the results nationally and here in north carolina. there are certainly some tight races going on. and we will be watching the results come in during the night. we will be here as late as we need to be. >> thank you very much. i know you have another commitment where you need to go but before you leave as you have watched what you have seen so far any major surprises? >> with the legislative races a lot of those were working on were in deep trouble. and adding those worst case scenarios. it does not look like it's going to play out there.
9:37 pm
those seats we were really watching seem to be safe with the incumbents. so it doesn't seem to be so far a bigger hit to the general. assembly . we will see how it plays out. >> thank you for being here tonight. holder fire right there. we're going live to the republican headquarters where understand a couple of democrats have come in. >> reporter: were following the big races but we're also getting some really interesting people as well as including some democrats crashing the republican party.
9:38 pm
brought you out here tonight? >> so often you get to go to parties people that a more congruent with your political end of the spectrum so we thought we would come and see how the other half lives. >> what you think so far? >> i think it's very interesting because you totally see a different group of people then we would see in a typical for our facebook circle follows politics, the types of events will go to if you want to bring everyone together it is important to cross those party lines and deal with the other side of the fence and see how they are feeling. it's been a good experience. unique and interesting. >> my guess is that you are in the minority as far as your political affiliation tonight but tim and bethany great to have you here tonight from darren. thank you for talking with us. enjoy your evening.
9:39 pm
tonight at the gop watch party and were watching the results come in and will have more for you throughout the night. >> thank you. with us here right now is bruce thompson and with the clinton campaign. we were just asking you about the state of florida for hillary clinton because there are so many states out there right now that are too close to votes out there that are too close to call. so it is a no surprise north carolina florida ohio pennsylvania we expected to be close. virginia was supposed to be leaning blue. georgia was a surprise it was supposed to be leaning red and now we have michigan and minnesota in the mix of too close to call. wow what you make of that? >> i don't think it's the map that everyone expected to see.
9:40 pm
the thing that is hard for us to judge is what is still out there? we have been talking about what is still out there in the north carolina . >> we have two counties in the east and the results in just get for that was -- -- gilford is strictly in mecklenburg a quarter strongholds those lost for so there are a lot of votes out there outstanding. >> and why in the world with those counties be so far behind? but you said traditionally they have been trouble spots here with the leadership -- or the organization that. >> the number of people, every state has counties that are just a little slower . >> you have different sized
9:41 pm
there were people still voting and still in line as late as 8:30 pm. >> come up with those numbers up again from the state and presidential race? 75% of the precincts and we don't have the mecklenburg county or triad. we still have about 4 million votes. earlier bruce was asking about the clinton campaign and the trump campaign. both in north carolina there are only 15 electoral votes here. 29 and far more in ohio and michigan. is that an indicator that it was just really closer than some of us thought it might be? >> absolutely. 15 electoral votes could make a difference . >> when everybody is putting them together you have to start
9:42 pm
that as we climb in a population we become part of the equation to get them to 270. >> were at the rally last night? >> i was. i took my daughters and my parents were with me also. >> lady gaga? >> lady gaga cleaned it up. i think she just pointed at your grandmother i said to my kids. i never expected >> we needed a laugh right now. nothing against her mom but that's good. professor is back with us. >> the voices in my head have been talking to me and what we're learning is we're looking at the data were getting in and the one-stop voting is apparently -- hillary clinton were in 30,000 votes apart . she lived in the early voting and 1.3 6 million but in today's voting so far as had
9:43 pm
trump is leading by 220,000. >> that is was expected on election day voting. particularly given that the trump and clinton campaign had an early voting strategy with lots of people on the ground trying to get people to come out. they needed a big there. >> so are you surprised attorney 35,000 -- >> extremely surprised that early voters were so close. >> i knew i think what happened is republicans are starting to use early voting. it used to be that republicans had the advantage in the absentee ballots and democrats had the advantage on the one- stop. efficacy both parties using that now. and the thing that surprises me is the margins we started hearing today in places like work -- week and mecklenburg think it's just another example
9:44 pm
>> do we have updated numbers on the senate race? >> it's what we call queuing the crickets [laughter]. >> they will come in just a moment here. here we are with 70% of the precincts reporting. richard burr is putting a little bit of distance in the although we still have 22% of the vote to come in. thousand votes. >> are looking at 300,000 votes there . there are votes left out there. >> i'm thinking most of those votes maybe democrat because our poll numbers earlier were telling us we have seen a big swing. a lot of these numbers are subject to what votes come in when and sometimes you will see
9:45 pm
libertarian vote tonight tracking in about 2% or 3% and in the senate race we have no idea a note of knowing how those votes would, but they are enough to drive campaigns crazy on me? >> yes it made me nervous as the returns started coming in the same gary johnson at such a low number. i thought he might be the place that the anti-trump vote went. vote for a democrat for president that they couldn't " they would vote for johnson that when he was hovering in the 2% to 3% range obviously folks ended up making a choice. >> when hillary clinton was here last night and earlier in the past two weeks did you sense with the excitement that we saw in the crowd that they would see bigger turnout for her and we
9:46 pm
>> i think i will reserve judgment on the and see where we are because there was the big push on the early vote . one thing that hurt us was in the first week of the early vote didn't have as many sites and decided to pick up in the second week but the ground game continued they were knocking doors and knocking doors when precincts were kept open an extra 45 minutes in some counties. >> i'm glad you mentioned that about knocking doors because every year dra my door . this year for the first time in wake county i hope week -- republican knock on my door. i had not seen a ground game with republicans ever enough to come by my house as i did this time. maybe taking a page from the democrats? they be just trying to shave off a tiny fraction. >> i had the opposite.
9:47 pm
>> maybe you live in a richer neighborhood than i do? [ >> it's south of town and in the suburbs and we actually had the human rights campaign campuses out the neighborhood this weekend which is a first. >> and some of these people knocking on doors also took time to talk with you about the importance of voting. these are people who are volunteers being paid nothing to be out there in a very engaged with what is happening. owens on the ground talking with dallas woodhouse the executive director of the state republican party crabtree. at the nc gop headquarters. >> we were talking to somebody earlier, a campaign official with state republican party who was telling me that this race as close as it has been with its changing and exchanging with a difference of a few
9:48 pm
almost feel a heartbeat. it gets sense in these moments that you can feel heartbeat in the room at times . were joined by dallas woodhouse and where are your emotions at right now? >> i'm more nervous than a nail and a hammer convention. the numbers look good for us. we do have some democrat counties left to come in. tom until the final republican counties came in at the end of the night. that's where we think we are headed and trump is coming north carolina. the governor's race is close. i believe we will when it. pat looks strong. we have over performed in order to counties we have needed. he is up. the early votes come in. and right now he is up with a lot left to go and that is a good sign.
9:49 pm
you're talking about following some of these counties. what happens behind the scenes? as you following every precinct? >> as returns come in we look at our model to see what number of votes we needed to win, whether we'll hire or lower. mostly we are higher everywhere we need to be. if you outliers and we have to monitor the situation in government. factor because we have people over there and there was nobody voting at the normal time the poll closed anyway so that's much of a factor but we'll see. we knew it was going to be close the governor searched by disbelief he will be the comeback -- the carolina comeback guy in a couple of hours. >> you and folks on the team
9:50 pm
right from the start you guys were expecting this would be close. what was it you are looking at ahead of tonight when these returns started coming in the told you this would be the case? >> franklin county. franklin county is predicted the winner of virtually every statewide race going back about 16 years. >> so that was one that was a heavy hitter in the calculation. >> looking pretty good there. we have to see what happens with mecklenburg and darren and a few of the urban places and see how we do. i feel good about it. >> will we have a winner tonight? because it is so close. >> if i knew that i would not be talking to you i would be playing poker chips in vegas.
9:51 pm
a nailbiter as he was referring to earlier. we are continuing to watch these numbers coming and you literally see the needle moving. emotionally in this room as another precinct or percentage of precincts comes in and the numbers pop up on the big board you can feel it emotionally. >> adam owens thank you at the republican headquarters. they r we will see thank you for david tennant who does a great job when he comes in to work for us. dr. joe lebowski is back with us. you've been crunching these numbers precincts that are coming in and not coming in bring us up to date . >> is starting to get difficult for the clinton campaign based on what is left. last i left you a city is likely were slowly going to have this
9:52 pm
almost 1,000,000 votes left but now we're getting to the point where she has to win 55% of the remaining vote to pick up 100,000 votes of those remaining and there are many votes you pick up from guilford. he might pick up five or 10 minutes could come down to places like down on mecklenburg if she is going to be able to pull it off but there are many conservative counties that are unaccounted for that aren't extra 2000 or 4000 nets on the other side. >> i think the race will be squeaker. there are enough votes from cooper to see the democratic counties were at worst even with what remains he is in the driver seat right now of 50,000 point -- votes.
9:53 pm
>> so mccrory has taken the lead for the small margin and it looks like 40,000 votes or so. a lot of those votes came in just now which is where some of the smaller ones are . in the race for the senate. i don't see at this point how ross campaign can make up enough. >> i just heard here we are taking a live shot of the clinton campaign headquarters where they hope to have a big celebration tonight. at the jacob k. javits convention center in new york. the new change dramatically from one hour ago. the huge that crowd is ..just holding on.
9:54 pm
in the pit of the stomach that i do right now. it is not what we expected. by the end of the night she is still going to be the president of the united states but i think it is going to take us a while to get there. and i was hoping that north carolina would be part of that 270 and still holding out that it will but it will be a long night. >> or deborah ross was here last week we talked about the campaign and she talked a lot about wanted to accomplish and senator. burr and as we were leaving we stopped at the elevator because she had staff with her and she said i have told my staff that no matter what happens this is been a great experience and are intended to lower the couple of other people that she seemed a little resigned at that moment. and i thought i used to something in your polling that
9:55 pm
true tonight she might've seen them. she didn't seem sad ornamenting she said it is deborah ross can very matter-of-fact . >> do think another way of looking at that when she was the only person in the race and people in washington was to try to recruit other people before she was no -- there was no way she would win and she became the democratic nominee d seen the state canada work and she left here and she may have just felt like i have put it on the table and now good to let the voters decide. and she is a pretty remarkable person. senator. burr is as well. >> that those numbers were pretty steady. there is one point where the two of them are very close but other than that he was running consistently three or four points ahead of her. so i don't think it's a big
9:56 pm
it will be a big surprise evidence of being a bigger margin of victory for as early polls are showing us. >> curious about other states producing anything out of florida michigan or ohio? >> last i looked at ohio trump had a healthy margin there. he's up almost 11 points right now. michigan is incredibly tight and his winning places even in -- places that obama won. >> what that the clinton campaign remains behind by a lot of votes with a small amount left. it's hard to predict. >> professor. great to have you here with us tonight . like to have you back at this table with laura and i on the record to take a look at what has happened as we on for this. bruce thompson good to have you here with us. all the best to you and thanks for your work that you are doing
9:57 pm
that is the most important thing the matter what happens. >> we will have a complete our news coming up on our sister station fox 50 and expanded news here tonight at 11 pm as we leave you tonight let's look at the latest numbers as we see, 83% now reporting in north carolina and donald trump up 83% of the race for governor
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
this is real fresh. uniform was right around the corner when this jumped off. well, they're saying they didn't see anything, but when uniform rolled up, this guy, a local dealer, was trying to wheel away. and she was standing there stunned with a bag of garbage in her hand. uniforms also spotted a black female running this way. we got a description, so we'll check it out. take the girl. i got him. i thought he was taking the week. hey.
10:01 pm
boss said it was okay to get back to work. what we got? uh, d.o.a.'s kenneth williams. possible witness. i'll take him. lead the way. um, hi. hey. i just needed to get back into it. we haven't spoken in three days. it's a rough time. what's your name? clifton shaw. what'd you see? nothing. this your regular spot? no. i was dozing. yeah, we toss that chair, we gonna find a stash? chump rolled up with a gun, looking to take out my boy todd and some dudes he was with. but todd got the jump on 'em-- and shot him? let me finish, please. he got the jump on 'em, wrestled 'em, and the gun went off in the scuffle. where'd todd go? no idea. and the buddies? no idea. how 'bout the d.o.a.'s gun? i didn't see. this wouldn't be you lying to protect your boy todd?
10:02 pm
ooh, don't scare me, now. hey, xxxxxxx-- todd's last name and where he lives. grady, and i don't know. what's he look like? black. tall, light-skinned dude with chin whiskers. your boy needs to chill his ass out. shut up, xxxxxxx. you didn't notice anyone sitting there? i was carrying out a bag of garbage when i heard the shot. you see who fired? i ducked down, and i didn't look up for, like, a minute, p showed up. greg and baldwin radioed. a guy saw a black male sprint around the corner. said he was todd grady. said that grady lives at 1203 ridge street. who's todd grady? it could be the shooter. [ knock on door ] hey, mr. grady, if you're there, we just want to talk to you.
10:03 pm
todd? todd grady? greg. gun! [ panting ] oh, my god. you're gonna be okay, kid. just hold on. 15th squad to central "k"-- go ahead, 15. have an ambulance respond forthwith at 1203 ridge. andy: medavoy, jones, you all right?! we're okay. what happened? who fired? both of us. bullet through the wall. this one of yours? i don't know. probably.
10:04 pm
10:05 pm
10:06 pm
prognosis going in was guarded, which could land on either side of the fence. anything on the cameras? no one saw it. what about the old lady? all she saw was us standing over the kid. with guns in our hands. she recognize him? theodore lawson. he lives in the building. how old? 13. woman on radio: 15th squad supervisor, on the air. tony: 15th squad supervisor. go ahead. connie and rita are scouring the building. we'll find this grady. what the hell was this guy doing pulling a gun on us? that's debatable. d.o.a. on oliver. call connie and rita. have 'em respond. 15th squad hospital to 15th squad base. woman: go ahead, 15th squad. woman over p.a.: wheelchair to cardiology checkout. wheelchair to cardiology checkout. kid died. they get a slug out of him? it's on its way to ballistics.
10:07 pm
i need your guns. [ clears throat ] head back down to squad. don't do a thing till you hear from me. and don't talk to anybody. the parents been contacted? the father. get going. dig up everything you can on this grady. i don't care what it takes. get him in. this is what we have so far... hey. who found him? occupant on his way to work. that's his puke. hey. uh, so you recognize him? any idea how long he's been here?
10:08 pm
i-is he really, uh... yeah, he is. uh, uh, i'm gonna be sick again. why don't you wait across the street? i heard about the shooting this morning-- 8-year-old kid? more like 13. [ sighs ] any wounds? a little cut on the back of his head. past that, nothing. i.d.? yeah, uh, frank malvoyn, queens. he's a little out of his neighborhood. is it true the kid got it through the wall? would you mind keeping an eye on him? sure. it's gonna be a long day. i need the chief of detectives on the phone. any word from ballistics? nothing yet. where is everybody?
10:09 pm
this is rev. harrison walker to see you. uh, first pentecostal on rivington, lieutenant. have you got a minute regarding this shooting? literally one minute. chief of d's as soon as you can. [ door closes ] father of theodore lawson, the boy who was killed today. please have a seat. we're early in the investigation, but it looks like the boy was an innocent bystander. shot through a wall? that's right. rumor is the bullet came from the gun of a white cop. that's not a rumor to float lightly, reverend. doesn't come from me. but i do need it to be confirmed or denied. this could become something it has no reason being. people want to know. so this isn't you looking to stir something up for publicity?
10:10 pm
i need to give them the facts. we don't know whose bullet it was yet. do you know how many bullets were fired? from my detectives? two apiece. and from the perpetrator? we're not sure. i have to take this, reverend. better if folks get information from me than rumors on the street. i'll keep you up to speed. yes? he's on the phone with the chief of d's. i--i didn't know you were back so soon. i was going stir-crazy. i got some info on todd grady. uh, sorry i didn't call you back the last couple days. i was just calling to offer my help. yeah, it turned out to be easier taking care of this stuff myself. uh... we should talk soon.
10:11 pm
for assault, but no outstanding warrants. where do we find him? on two of his collars, he was bailed out by a lashanda harris-- long sheet for pross and heroin. we showed her photo to the cop who was first on the scene. he saw her running off. p.o. said she gets her methadone on "d" in an hour. anything on kenneth williams? another citizen, just did a year for dealing. any connection between him and grady? none so far. where are you guys? d.o.a.'s frank malvoyn. pay stub in his pocket from lancer trucking. frank split off to see his girlfriend, helen calodner-- lives in park slope. no answer at her place, but a neighbor says the cops were there last night. she lives in brooklyn. he's dead on the low east side. that's 5 miles. the cops who responded to the girlfriend's place are on their way in. lieutenant, ballistics on three.
10:12 pm
greg, baldwin. it was jones' bullet. clark: son of a bitch. better him than medavoy. but, yeah, not for jones. anyone'd done the same.
10:13 pm
10:14 pm
10:15 pm
10:16 pm
10:17 pm
10:18 pm
whoa, whoa, whoa. where you going, lashanda? i can't lose my place in line. she'll be back. g ready for work. you weren't on the street with todd grady? hell, no. we got a witness puts you there--a cop. the line's moving. let's talk at the station house. todd owes me money. i went to get it. he wouldn't give it up. i split. talk about the shootout. i didn't see it. i swear. i heard it over my shoulder, looked back, saw something going down, and did not want to get involved, so i split. what'd you see going down? just todd and his little pile of idiots running out of the street.
10:19 pm
from the past. he's been in jail the last year. any reason he might have come by to try and rip todd off? only if somebody scooped out his brain and put a turd inside. explain that. todd's on his stoop, he's dealing. and if he's dealing, there's guns around. kenny would know that. also, since kenny got sprung, i heard he was clean. so what was kenny doing there? maybe same as me-- looking to get his money. so they got an old beef, todd and kenny? kenny was a dealer. todd took a piece of his turf without paying no tribute. they was gonna battle over it, but kenny got pinched. who was with todd? cost you 20 bucks. get in the car. dante kelly's the only one i know, okay? can i take care of myself now, please? i don't need your damn money. i'll take it anyway. rita: hey, thanks for coming in. was it baldwin jones shot that kid this morning?
10:20 pm
it's still pretty fresh. did you guys handle a job at 234 16th street last night, helen calodner's residence? domestic dispute, but nobody there, and nobody had seen 'em. them being? helen and her boyfriend frank. malvoyn. any details on the dispute? frank was drunk again, yelling, breaking furniture. but, again, no one was home. you get her callback number from the dispatcher? they're pretty busy. we should have checked up again. but this isn't the first time we've responded there. there a problem? frank malvoyn turned up d.o.a. in our precinct. he was a nasty drunk. well, during any of your visits to the girlfriend's place, you ever hear anything about frank having business in the lower east side? is that where he go it? oliver street-- it ever come up? sorry, no. never came up. hey, the job can't give him much for a mistake, right? jones, i mean. like i said, it's still pretty fresh. well, we're done, so thanks for your time.
10:21 pm
dy turn the corner. where was detective medavoy? behind me. i called to grady, who turned in the direction he came in. he went around the corner, then came back a second later with a gun. that's when you fired? two shots. and your partner? i think he also fired twice. what kind of gun the perp have on him? it looked like an automatic. your partner said revolver. all i saw was a gun. did you hit the perp? i don't know. there wasn't a blood trail. of course not. so that shot was simply errant? i fired twice. i didn't just spray the hall with bullets. still, you couldn't have been aiming for the wall. i've been thinking about this. when grady turned the corner, i followed his natural path. so you aimed to shoot through the wall? i'm saying, instinctively, i might have followed his trail. that'd be awfully james bond, shooting a guy through a wall. which i said i didn't try to do.
10:22 pm
it was an accident. how far from the perp where you when you fired? 25 feet. how's your vision? it's perfect. why? i need to know how certain you were that the perp had a gun in his hand. 100%. all right. is there some question? not from me. but you and your partner described different guns. the perp never fired, and the gun hasn't been recovered. he brought the gun up and aimed at me. dante kelly? possession collar, sales collars, warrant for parole violation. address over on stanton. we're gonna go sit on it. you both do a left-right sitting. you all right? how'd it go? what kind of gun you see in grady's hand? i thought it was a revolver.
10:23 pm
that's what they thought at first, but an hour ago, crime scene found a 9-millimeter casing in the gutter. maybe it was a 9. maybe we should have got our stories straight. i--i just didn't get that good a look at it. but you did see a gun. of course i did. i'll grab some water, and we'll head out. backing him up--that was the right thing to do. did i jam us up with the discrepancy on the gun? just be vague from now on. you're jones? yeah. can i help you? just putting a face with the name. tony: get going. what do you need, reverend?
10:24 pm
10:25 pm
10:26 pm
10:27 pm
10:28 pm
ieutenant, i want you to know that i am very pro-police. what's on your mind? when people shout "excessive force," i say, "spend a day in a cop's shoes, see what they see." we appreciate that. and people generally listen. but questions are coming up, and without answers, i'll lose my credibility. prior to being shot at by your detectives? the source for that was grady's drug-dealing associate. do you have evidence to refute it? not yet, but we will. it's also circulating that todd grady never fired a shot at your police. no, but he did aim a gun at 'em. i've heard that grady may never have had a gun on him at all. don't know who you got that from, but that's a lie. tell me that you can prove it. so far, all i have is the word of my detectives.
10:29 pm
if i have to stand in front of that wave, i need your word that detective jones didn't do wrong. you have it. again, thank you for your time. all the relatives go home? you been talking to anybody about what happened? like a shrink? anybody. not really. not ortiz? i've been handling things myself. our guy doesn't have dreads, but that's a shady-looking rasta. i got my eye on him. she's a decent girl, ortiz.
10:30 pm
with what, andy? huh? the unpaid bills he left or the questions from the insurance company? or how about the house i got to put on the market now because i can't step foot in it again? or should i have called her the day we found him, because after the m.e. took the body away, i had a hell of time trying to find someone to come over and clean the blood off the walls and floor. self-centered, spineless xxxxxxx. didn't think for a second what he was leaving behind. and, no, i can't share it with anybody, because the second i start talking about it, that's not a real rastaman. that xxxxxxx's wearing a wig. hey! where you going? hey! [ grunting ] get your hands up! don't shoot me! don't shoot me! man, i can't move! i'm stuck! what are you running for, dante?
10:31 pm
where were you this morning? look, man, i didn't shoot kenny williams. aah! come on, man! it hurts! now that you brought it up, how'd kenny wind up shot? talk to todd grady about that. since todd's not likely to be honest, why don't we get your side first? look, i got nothing to say until i see a lawyer. you want to know who killed kenny, talk to todd! now, please, get me out of here! [ laughs ] now, can you help me, please?! [ laughing ] aah! all right. [ laughing ] appreciate it. shut up. you all right?
10:32 pm
10:33 pm
10:34 pm
a grave injustice has been done to this man, jermaine lawson-- father of 13-year-old theodore lawson. mr. lawson believes that his son theodore left the apartment in order to buy medication... a turn for the worse. what's she doing here? and this guy? hey, am i gonna be on tv? shut your mouth. come on. mr. shaw saw todd grady robbed this morning prior to being fired upon by police. eleanor hewitt was on the scene seconds after the shooting and never saw todd grady with a gun. she poked her head out after he was gone. from these eyewitnesses, our only conclusion can be that theodore lawson,
10:35 pm
and excessive force. the reverend sold out. we'll get that old lady in, she'll recant everything. andy: and that xxxxhead in the wheelchair-- threaten him with perjury-- he'll fold. the news is gonna play this over every 10 minutes. we just got an anonymous call-- someone saying, "talk to the chinese girl. she saw it." who's this? we talked to a girl who works in a restaurant near the crime scene-- gave us a decent story. we need a credible account of what happened. talk to the girl. lean on her if you have to. and, lieutenant, there's people here for you. i.a.b. all right, get going, everyone. don't worry. yeah. take a seat, mrs. calodner. what's going on out front? it's a madhouse. sorry about that. let's get to why you're here.
10:36 pm
oh, my god. what did he do now? was he with you last night? part of it. tell us what happened. he came over drunk. then he hit my liquor, and he got more drunk. then he wanted to screw, and i told him to go to hell. it got him violent. did you call the police? he smashed the dinette, gave me a pop on the chin, so, yeah, i called the cops. where did he go then? with the cops. you were there when the police showed up? yeah, they calmed frank down, and they took him away. i asked them not to. i begged. frank's not so bad when he's sober, and he helps with my rent, so i begged. what did they look like-- the cops? a black fella and a white guy. what's the problem? we got two different stories here. are you sure this was last night? i might take a drink or two, but i got my facilities. am i in some kind of trouble? only if you're lying.
10:37 pm
they were just gonna take him somewhere to chill out. i swear to god. swear to god. is frank okay? [ sighing ] helen... we've got some bad news. miss lu... we need a minute. she needs to talk to us. you watch the register. come on. i already told you i didn't see anything. we got information says you did. i had my back turned, and then i ducked. clark: do you know todd grady? no. he deals drugs on that stoop every day, and you don't recognize him? we don't pay much attention to them. 'cause if you did, they'd firebomb you? we found out you got torched last year. just random. are you afraid if you talk, they'll do it again? i didn't see anything.
10:38 pm
a decent cop's career rests on it. i wish i could help you. if you don't help us, word on the street will be that you did. you'd tell them? that you cooperated with the police. they'll bomb us again. they can't if they're in jail. what's it gonna be? the one who was killed, he wasn't doing anything. the light-skinned guy with the goatee walked up, shot him, and ran. so todd grady killed him for no reason? and then he ran and pointed the gun at me. we'll do everything we can to keep you and your family out of it. helen calodner says you came to her place last night and left with her boyfriend, frank malvoyn.
10:39 pm
we hoped the case would clear without you having to. well, we did. oh, god. what happened last night? we got there, and she begged us not to lock him up. she was crying her eyes out. he smacked her. she was begging. it doesn't matter. it's a must arrest. [ sighs ] start with when you got to the apartment. malvoyn had busted her table. the woman had a bag of ice on her face, crying. he gave it up pretty easy, so it seemed like he was calming down. and 'cause she was begging us, we said-- we said we'd take care of it outside the system. where did you take him? henry and pike. four blocks from where we've been canvassing. did you ever put your hands on him? not at all. how did he hit his head? he was fine when we dropped him off. we had nothing to do with that. if you did, now's the time to get in front of it. when we put him on the street, he was fine. why did you lie before? we'd already put the job back as gone on arrival, and since we dropped him off healthy, we didn't think it was worth the hassle. if you'd been honest with us up front,
10:40 pm
henry and pike-- you sure? southwest corner. there's a bar there. you left an angry drunk in front of a bar. they were closed. are we looking at a major problem here? for now, worry about staying available. [ sighs ] [ hangs up receiver ] got your message. saw your news conference. yes. couldn't find it in you to fight the tide, huh? or did the camera lights draw you like a moth? but you don't have the patience to wait for them? we have a witness who saw todd grady do a cold-blooded murder this morning. i have one who says he was robbed. ours ain't a dope dealer with a cop bullet in his spine. this is a legit witness. grady and kenneth williams had an old beef. grady settled it and ran off with a gun in his hand. same gun he aimed at our colleague. same gun that we recovered out of a dumpster two blocks from grady's building with grady's prints on it.
10:41 pm
she came out after the fact. you backed the wrong horse, reverend. you want to make up for it? take us to todd grady. how would i know where he is? andy: find out. i know where his mother's staying. i'll see if she knows. then get moving. you lied to a holy man. [ scoffs ] i'll live. you following him, or are you sitting here talking? [ indistinct chattering ] what is this? let's go, todd. i didn't do nothing! did you follow me here? we'll talk about it at the station house.
10:42 pm
it's our turn now. out of the way. come on. i'll be right down there.
10:43 pm
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10:47 pm
did you put your hands on him? i shoved him out of the way, he fell on his ass. did his head hit the ground? maybe, but like i said, i'm stone sober, he's wasted, and he ran into me. what happened then? got up, called me an xxxxxxx again, and he walked away. was he bleeding from his head? no. maybe a little. i don't know what this guy is saying, but he assaulted me. he's dead, pete-- brain hemorrhage. from falling down? from being pushed. no. no, no, no. he ran into me. he wound up dead. i've been keeping clean. i've been working, paying my bills. i'm not out looking for trouble anymore. i never even hit the guy. i wasn't even drinking! i quit drinking! put that in, too.
10:48 pm
and you were alone all night. he wouldn't say nothing on account of we're friends. she's married, i'm married. you get it? this person saw you get attacked? her name.. could you just take my word for it? i mean, if her husband finds out... oh, my god. pete, you're looking at a manslaughter charge. that's prison time. her name. [ sighs ] lois carmichael. where can we find her? me. i got the people on my side, fellas. y'all gonna get bit. andy: people, huh? sit down. with kenneth williams this morning? i defendededyself. from kenny, who was living clean and holding down a job, on his way to see his sister and baby nephew a block away from where you walked up and shot him? he tried to rob me. well, our reliable, perfect-eyesight,
10:49 pm
let's start tallying up the scorecard here. killing kenny williams-- that's a big check on the negative side. another one's theodore lawson getting killed. you cops shot him. you were sprinting from a crime and pulled a gun on police? that means you killed him. two innocent guys dead in your path, and you pull a gun on cops? big checks against you. the thing to do now is start putting checks in the positive column-- things that will help you out at trial and fool a judge into thinking you gave a damn. do you want to hear how? williams had a long sheet. you had a prior beef. there's an argument that you thought he was still gunning for you. and raising that gun at cops-- it was the heat of the moment. you made a mistake. you feel awful about that innocent kid getting killed. i got the people on my side. no "the people" in here. just us... who got a witness. get inside. good luck at trial.
10:50 pm
just curious. how's it work if that kid wasn't so innocent? is that positive or negative? like he was involved? like he was holding my gun. like that was his job for me. that's the right direction. but we need to get the whole picture first from the streettto the . i'm on the stoop doing my thing. see kenny williams roll up. now, you say he's going to his sister's. ive me the piece."." he's a minor. he gets busted with it, it's a slap on the wrist. y'all got him shot in his communion suit with a bible in his hand. the kid was a thug. keep goin'. so i move up on kenny-- because, like, what they say in football, "the best defense is a good offense." sort of, yeah. so you dropped kenny? and hit the road, lawson behind me. we r r around the corner of my building, down the alley, sit cool a while. then when the sirens die down,
10:51 pm
who's holding it? lawson. but i turn the corner, there's your boys. i turn back, lawson got the gun out.. i grab it, figure, "flash it and slow them down," but they fast. they were probably under the impression that you might actually use it to kill them. yeah, i could see that. so...what i said-- positive or negative? clark: we'll put all that in the positive column, but you want to go big, you tell us where you're keeping the gun. two negative. maybe i won't do no time at all? you ready to come out, tally all this up? i owe you both an apology.
10:52 pm
bar where you dropped him off. we thought the bar was closed. it was closing. the patron was leaving, frank shoved him. the patron was drunk? sober. so we got frank malvoyn killed? is that where we're going? hard to deny you put the ball in motion. [ [ ghing ] oh, man. how many years you got on the job? six. three. you're not that green. if it's a must arrest, how could you not? u had a drunk, violent guy who smacked his girlfriend, and you drop him in front of a bar. that's your judgment? the guy who fought with malvoyn--is he locked up? the patron had a witness who corroborated that frank picked the fight. gonna go to the grand jury, and he'll probabab get a walk. that's good. and us? is this gonna cost us ououjobs? it depends how clear it is you screwed up. i think it's pretty clear we blew it. [ sighs ] if we kept your side out of it
10:53 pm
that wouldn't happen. beat it. [ sighs ] we owe you one. todd finish writing? yeah, they get him to central booking. i'i'gonna head down with them. [ sighs ] rough day. ended right. i appreciate you backing me up this morning. that's what i'm here for. i mean, about the gun. you never saw it, did you? i know you, baldwin. i didn't have to see it to know he had one.
10:54 pm
good night, counselor. goododight, greg. hey. hey. how you doing? i'm all right. do you know what time i'm due at the grand jury tomorrow? 9:00. and you have nothing to worry about. i know. you're not acting like it. i got an image in my head i can't get rid of. no, i'm not in the mood. you know, a cop's worst nightmare is killing an innocent person-- or worse-- killing a kid.d. if he was an innocent kid, he would have been in school. he had a gun on him. he was a criminal. criminal or not, 13-year-olds need luck to get right in life.
10:55 pm
i know. you're right.. come home with me. i'll make you dinner, we'll drink some wine.
10:56 pm
hey. hey. come on in. you cleaning up? yeah, i let the place slide last week. you can guess why. it's a lot to deal with, a funeral and familyly i could have helped out.
10:57 pm
help each other through things like this. john, what's going on? a lot, rita. you know that. but where do i fit in? or do i? i haven't thought about it. sure you have. i just can't share this. because you don't trust me? or because you don't love me anymore? 'cause, uh... this isn't just about your dad. it's been creeping up. i've had a lot going on recently. just like this. because this is how i handle things. not if you want to be with me. and i get the feeling you don't. i wish i felt the way that you want me to, but i just can't. then be straight with me and be honest. i'm not a kid. i can handle it. then maybe it's a good idea... .
10:58 pm
i'm sorry. i guess it's's relief to get it out. yeah. we gonna be okay at work? i'll do what you want. if--if that means transfer-- no. i'i'fine. we'll be fine. [ clears throat ]
10:59 pm
[ lock engages ] [ sighs deeply ]
11:00 pm
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