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captain's log, stardate 49904.2. after driving away breen privateers from the bajoran colony of free haven we are returning to deep space nine. i think i speak for the whole crew when i say it'll be good to be home. when i was leela dax, i went through the same thing. every night, i'd tuck in my son ahjess. two hours later, he'd crawl into bed with me. i didn't sleep through a night for weeks. weeks? molly's been doing this for two months already. she just needs a little attention. dax is right. i'd say she's jealous. she knows that keiko will have a baby soon. what makes you such an expert? the first in my class in pediatric medicine. i wouldn't sit there if i were you. why? did miles spill something again? it's worf's seat. he'll be here soon. just because worf lives on the defiant full time
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ays it does. he just likes that seat. prune juice, extra large. have a seat, commander. thank you. red alert! all senior staff, report to the bridge immediately.
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kira: concentrate on the fires in section 13. keep them away from the plasma conduits. has anyone seen my brother rom?! he told me he was working in an upper pylon today. he's fine. i saw him with one of the damage-control teams on level five. ah, what a relief. wait till i find him. i'll kill him-- for scaring me like this. major, here's a preliminary list of the stolen equipment. report, major. they beamed aboard from a civilian transport disabled communications and weapons set off an explosive device on upper-pylon three. this one's gone. spinal fracture and severe trauma to the cranial meninges. they raided the science lab, the reactor-control facility and several cargo bays. "microfusion initiators, photonic amplifiers e.p.s. power stabilizers." they were out of here and through the wormhole before we knew what hit us. how many casualties do we have?
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and over a hundred wounded. how long ago did the jem'hadar leave? 45 minutes. their ion trail hasn't decayed yet. we could follow them. i intend to do more than that. sisko to defiant, prepare for departure. i'll stay here and take care of the wounded. that includes you. the station's yours. tell starfleet to get some ships out here just in case this is a diversion. understood. constable, you're with us. sisko to defiant.
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what do you see, dax? ainter. the jem'hadar must be emitting a magneton pulse to cover their tracks. keep on them. i want that ship. i'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner. being at the edge of the wormhole makes deep space nine a tempting target. sometimes, i wish we could have the defiant standing guard over the station 26 hours a day. restricting the defiant to guard duty would be a serious mistake. you wouldn't say that if you had family living in the station.
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ot something. bearing 057 mark 009. red alert. on screen. worf: a jem'hadar warship. this cannot be the vessel we are looking for. major kira said the jem'hadar strike team that attacked the station used a transport ship. captain, that warship's in bad shape. looks like someone's used it for target practice. they're transmitting a broad-band distress signal. it could be a trap. seven life signs. you won't be reading them for long. the reactor's about to go critical. chief, have a security detail report to the transporter bay. odo, commander worf, you're with me. transporter protocol five. sisko to bridge.
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reinstate cloak. if you're looking for your weapons... they were removed in transport. even without weapons... we're more than a match for you. i would not be so certain of that. a klingon. and the traitor. the founders will be pleased. omet'iklan. control your men. these people saved our lives. and for that we shall take advantage of their mistake. you'll do nothing without my approval. my apologies, captain. i'm afraid the jem'hadar are sadly deficient in the social graces. two hours ago my station was attacked by a jem'hadar strike team. i know. they attacked us too. why would your own people attack you? tell them nothing. this is not their concern. your next allowance of white will be in two hours.
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you will be quiet and do as you're told. captain... you and i should talk... in private? if you have something to say, make it quick. captain benjamin sisko. i feel honored. your psychographic profile is required reading for vorta field supervisors. i probably know things about you you don't know yourself. if you're trying to impress me you can forget it. what would you say... if i offered to make you absolute ruler of the federation? no president no starfleet chief of staff-- just you. i'd say your psychographic profile of me isn't as good as you think. ( chuckling )
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-- trying to build a bridge between the dominion and the potential ally. after all, wouldn't it be much simpler if the dominion and the federation could reach some mutual beneficial understanding without resorting to the unpleasantness of military conflict? i want to know how to find the jem'hadar who attacked my station. if you want to build a bridge, why don't you start there? i can lead you to them. but... there's something i need in exchange. what's that? i want you to help me eliminate them. the jem'hadar that attacked your station are renegades. they've turned against the dominion. i'm seeing that they're punished. why do you need my help? you could send a fleet of jem'hadar warships after them. i'm afraid we don't have the time. captain... are you familiar with the iconians?
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what's important is how the iconians controlled that empire. the gateways. exactly. sophisticated transporters that allowed them to move instantaneously from planet to another, from one solar system to another without the use of starships. what does any of this have to do with me? dominion scientists recently discovered a gateway on one of our outlying worlds. we sent a team of scientists to restore it but their jem'hadar guards rebelled these... renegade jem'hadar stole some equipment from my station-- e.p.s. power stabilizers microprofusion initiators photonic amplifiers. i would say it's very possible they're going to use that equipment to help them complete the gateway. you... understand the nature of our dilemma.
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they'll become virtually invincible. our experts predict the renegades would gather support from other jem'hadar units, launch a general insurrection and effect a complete takeover of the dominion in less than a year. none of which is my problem. that's very short-sighted of you, captain. think about it. if the jem'hadar seize control of the dominion there'll be no stopping them. even shutting down the wormhole with the gateway they could put a million jem'hadar warriors on any federation planet instantaneously. would you care to see our projections of federation casualties? couldn't the founders just order them to surrender? from what i know, the jem'hadar have been genetically engineered to obey them. the founders' ability to control the jem'hadar
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overstated. otherwise, we never would have had to addict them to the white. sounds like the dominion isn't quite as stable as you'd like us to believe. the dominion has endured for 2,000 years and will continue to endure long after the federation has crumbled into dust. but we'll leave that to history. right now, we have a more pressing concern. the gateway must be destroyed. agreed?
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we're going to work with the jem'hadar to fight the jem'hadar. i don't relish this idea either but we don't have much choice. i was on the mission that discovered the iconian home world. we were forced to destroy the gateway we found there rather than let it fall into the romulans' hands. i'm sure that they don't want the jem'hadar to have it either. what are we supposed t tdo? give omet'iklan and his men their weapons back and then hope they don't point them at us? they won't get any weapons until we reach our target. how do we know these jem'hadar can be trusted? they must realize controlling the gateway would mean freedom for their people. according to weyoun they don't know anything about the gateway. they think this is a routine search-and-destroy mission--
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their base. you are asking us to lie to them about our mission. it is not honorable. there's a lot of things about this mission that bother me. lying to the jem'hadar is not on top of my list. if the jem'hadar find out that we've deceived them... they won't find out anything. well, they won't hear it from me. there'll be a joint briefing sessisi at 1900 hours. followed by a get-to-know-you buffet at 1930. and i forgot my dress uniform. ( door chimes ) enter. you requested my presence. it seems we're going to be working together. so i'm told. luckily for you the only thing i despise more than the federation is a jem'hadar soldier who breaks his vow of allegiance. i'm glad you see it that way.
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first, this is my ship and my command whicicmeans i give the orders, not you and not weyoun. and i'm holding you personally r rponsible for the actions of your me if i have a problem with them you're the one who's going to have to answer for it. that's as it should be. after all-- i'm the first. as far as i'm concererd on this mission, i'm the first. until the traitors are found and terminated. after that... we shall see. am i dismissed? for the time being. lligence the jem'hadar have established a base camp here. the structure's interior
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and interlocking chambers. our primary objective is to destroy the jem'hadar arms and supply cache in this chamber. the trick... will be getting there. we can't beam directly into the structure which means we'll have to fight oururay in. jem'hadar tactics dictate at least 27 soldiers are stationed insidedehe base camp at all times. nine will patrol the perimeter. and additional troops are deployed throughout the city. how many renegades are there altogether? 162 in the original garrison. we killed at least 12 during the initial rebellion. well, that still leaves 150. just between you and me, captain, i think we're a little outnumbered. wouldn't it be simpler to take out the base from orbit? a couple of quantum torpedoes should be enough to level the entire area. unfortunately, that's n n an option. the central structure is composed of solid neutronium. even a direct hihi from a quantum torpedo
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as it should be. it is our duty to punish those who would break their vow of loyalty. are you accusing me of something? it is not for us to accuse a god of betraying heaven. the gods themselves... will sit in judgment over you. i'm no god and neither are the founders. the sooner you realize that the better off you'll be. we've chosen a beam-in site here in this wooded area. that'll give us a chance to evaluate the situation before proceeding. our first objective will be to secure the main entrance to the ziggurat. neutralizing nine guards before one of them can raise an alarm will be difficult. it is as you said: the klingon will to fight pales in comparison to our own. yes.
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but the heart of a coward. if you would like to test my courage, i... all right, that's enough. one day the klingon empire will fall before the jem'hadar and when that day comes and piles of klingons lie dead at my feet i will think of you, standing here impotent and weak and i will laugh. i said that's enough! worf, let him go! second, release the klingon or i will kill you where you stand. now, the two of you, as you were. more fight than you can handle
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( grunts ) let's go. right behind you. worf! go. ready. wait. the room's not secure. where's the third guard? i do not see him. he's here somewhere. i know. we're supposed to be on our way out by now.
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out of time, commander. the third jem'hadar guard-- he is still here somewhere. look for a slight rippling effect. we know what we're looking for. we just can't find it. we're dead. omet'iklan: that's correct. the jem'hadar defense grid is now in operation. automated weapons systems have killed everyone in this room. your crew failed in their mission. so where's the other one? there was no third guard. you told me that jem'hadar soldiers always operate in teams of three. in battle, nothing is certain. you should have armed the explosives as soon as you were in posision. the room had to be secured. someone could have disarmed the explosives when we left. if you couldn't secure the room you should not plan on leaving it. you want us to blow the plple up while we're still in it? this is a waste of time. they'll never succeeeed as long as they value their lives more than victory. there's something to be said for soldiers who aren't afraid to die.
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ath. keep practicing. the two of you, with me. one of the reasons for these drills is to help our crews learn to work together. constantly showing contemem for my people isn't making it any easier. would you prefer i lied? what i'd like is for you to at least maintain the pretense that we're on the same side. captain, i underststd your concerns deck five, section one. the only way my troops can come to respect your crew is to fight alongside them-- mixed teams in every aspect of the mission. that's not practical. why not? are you questioning my decision? you fool. my men and i, we know all about the gateway. halt turbolift.
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e gateway? it doesn't matter how we know. the point is we know. you think you have to lie to us and use the white to ensure our loyalty. the fact is we are more loyal to the founders than the vorta ever will be. it is s e reason for our existence. it is the core... of our being. there's an entire company of jem'hadar down on vandros four who will disagree with you. and for that, they will die. mixed d ams it is. but let's get one thing straight. this isn't going to be a suicide mission. as far as i'm concerned everyone who goes in, comes back out-- starfleet and jem'hadar alike. your concern for life is touching. let's hope it doesn't stop us from a aieving...
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am i really that interesting? you'u' been standing there staring at me for the last two hours. you are part of my comomt team. i must learn to understand your behavior anticipate your actions. there must be something you'd rather do. maybe get some sleep? we don't sleep. how about getting something to eat? the white is the only thing we need. don't sleep... you don't eat. what do you do for relaxation? relaxation would only make us weak. well, you people are no fun at all. i'm glad i'm not a jem'hadar woman.
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hat do you do? in birthing chambers lay eggs? . we are able to fight within three days of our emergence. lucky you. so let me get this straighg. no sleep, no food... no women. no wonder you're so angry. after 30 or 40 years of that, i'd be angry too. no jem'hadar hahaever lived 30 years. how old are you? i am eight. i would have guessed at least 15. hmm. few jem'hadar live that long. if we reach 20 we are considered honored elders. how old are you?
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