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tv   WRAL News at 430 AM  NBC  November 14, 2016 4:28am-5:00am EST

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has mr. filene arrived? killman's project. oh, yes, he is there to accomplish what you hav unable to accomplish. we have already extended the completion date twice, dr. killman. therers very little time, and there's no more money available. all right, then call off your meddler and leave the project to me. the project will be completed within 48 hours, doctor, or it will be abandoned and destroyed,
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is that perfectly clear, doctor? it will be completed. and you might inquire why mr. filene didinot report to central upon his arrival, as had been ordered. he's been o oered to report? is there anything wrong? no, no, everything is... fine. the elevator goes... up from here
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and down to the project area further underground. and where is your room, marnya? down the hall. dr. killman's? when he's not upstairs, he's at the p pject. well, i guess that's all, unless you think there's somemeing else that'll be of use to thrush central. thrush central, operation seven, please.
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it is meant only for your eyes. identify the subject as quickly as possible
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what are you doing in there? the question is, what are we doing? then, of course, you know.
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let's make one thing clear, i'm from thrush central,
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hm? there. now dr. killman won't be able to hear what either one of us have to say, nor will he know that i was in his room. and if i keep silent, what do i get in return? what do you get in return for abandoning your people? you complain about that? it's to your advantage, isn't it? not to yours? tell me, if you had the chance to do it over again... i don't have it to do over again. i don't trust anyone anymore. andreas.
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truly excellent. i must admit that i misjudged you, but you're producing remarkable results. at this rate, we'll be finished ahead of the deadline. uh, , . killman, there's just one thing. the men you are keeping locked up, i'd like them available for wowo immediately. oh, nonsense, there are only a few. we are doing magnificently without them. do you know where the prisoners are kept? i want to see the prisoners. it's against orders. i'm in charge here, or haven't you heard?
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good. now, the two of us might go unnoticed for a while. with luck, we can make it to killman in his lab. i'd like to have my hands around his neck right now. because of marnya? yeah, because of marnya, and other things. first thing's first, marius. we have more important business with him. psst. but there are no problems... you exceeded your authority when you contacted intelligence directly with a voice print. such communication is forbidden dr. killman. without clearance from central, we have dispatched another man, a specialist. he will be arriving soon, you will take your orders from him. you can't replace filene, he's...
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they're doingng very well. i can see that. everything was planned so perfectly, everything. it took years just to plot the construction so that even these fools could construct the machine. and now, with the moment so near... what's happened? they're sending another man. a specialist. to take my place? they didn't say. could you speed up the work? even a little. well, if you'd free the prisoners, it would help. they are ordered to come out. it's no use.
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it appears i am the only volunteer. what are you going to do to them? hm? oh. i don't know, my dear, perhaps i'll leave that to mr. filene. if he finishes the project on time, i shall owe him a favor. filene. he does not seem to be a very cruel man. as i am? oh, i did not mean that... of course you did, and of course, you're right. ah, but no matter, the prisoners will be filene's problem, except for one. well, after all, marius is the ringleader,
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n you accomplish by killing him? my dear, you actually sound as if you care. ah, but that cannot be, after all, you were the one who betrayed marius, and all your people. how's your history on natural disasters? try me. the year is 1566, china. ina, province of shaanxi, this is an earthquake machine. there must be @a alarm system in killman's lab. give me about 15 minutes to deactivate it, @and then neutralize killman, and then pull its teeth, all right? uh, could...
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tros. so naive. this, mr. solo, is useless on an island that has been electronically blacked out for communication, except for thrush. no, gentlemen, you will accompany me to thrush central
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what's the meaning of this? what are you doing? why didn't you report to me? these men are... you fool! that man has found a way to save the project. now, release him! they are both uncle agents. this one, in fact, is uncle's top agent. you allowed them to penetrate. the project is canceled, dr. killman. it will be destroyed, and all who remain on this island will be liquidated in exactly 12 hours. by whose authority? by authority of thrush central, where you are going now to stand trial. no, it's nearly completed! take them. take those two out and arrarae an accident. take him back to his cell and report to me here. and now, mister...
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mr. solo, you will resume your... i believe the word is "cover," and see to it that the work is brought to an immediate conclusion. i think not, dr. killman. then think again, mr. solo. the life of every human being on this island is in your hands. the people will work for you, there's still time to finish the project, if you cooperate. if not, i assure you, thrush won't hesitate to remove the civilization of irbos from the surface of the earth. and how many other civilizations will yououestroy with your machine? ng choice, isn't it, mr. solo? several hundred natives here versus how many thousands of people throughout tth earth. but it's also a matter of priorities. the people here have only hours toive; the others, perhaps weeks, maybe even months. my guess, mr. solo, is that you'll try to save the people here, worry about the rest of the world later.
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mr. solo, you'll be under the tightest security. the first untoward gesture, the first wrong move, and i assure you, your friend will be shot. will you have me shot, too? marnya. you neededll the slaves you can get. i think you know where you u long, marnya. with you? with me, and the promises i mama. i'm in a position to keep them now. marnya, not in the distant future. tomorrow! your promises. i release you from all of them. oh, marnya. go join your people, if they'll have you.
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i want to help my peoplpl attention, attention. the work is nearing completion. all those who have finished will be removed from the immediate area. when all work has been accomplished,
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go. this is dr. killman. the project is... the project has been abandoned. you will submit yourself to the orders of the specialist. that is our final decision. no, listen to me. the man is dead, there was an accident. you can proceed! the project is completed, do you understand? it's completed! and what of mr. solo and mr. petros?
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accept our congratulations, dr. killman. this is the voice of armageddon. i speak to every nation on earth. within the next few minutes, a seismic catastrophe will destroy one of the major cities of the world. there is nothing anyone can do to prevent this disaster. following the proof of the power of armageddon,
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that will specify the procedures whereby the government of their nations will be placed in our hands. i'm afraid so, mr. prime minister. i'm afraid so. they're using a communications satellite to jam the regular channels. the telecast is s ing received all over the world. we'll be in touch shortly. our instructions will be obeyed, or your cities will be destroyed by earthquake one by one. marius, no matter what happens,
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ya. you stay here. i'll try to get around to the other side. when i signal, you start firing towards the machine. this will be your only warning. this is the voice of armageddon. i congratulate you all. you have done well. mr. solo, my appreciation. the guards will now rereve all workers to the area of the prisoner cells. if there's any opposition, si silence it. mr. solo and mr. petros ought to be brought
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marnya! marius!
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it's not much to show for 30 years of your life.
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?? >> here's adventure. hehe's romance. here's o. henry's famous robin hood of the old west-- the cisco kid!


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