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tv   Today  NBC  November 17, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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and i guess the go meant it that way. everybody was so glad to geto, they'd forgotten about the mountains that we still had to c css. just can't be ignored, es can be pushed just so far. then you've got to do something about it. with as much of our equipment worn out as it was, i didn't h any choice. it had to be in top-notch shape for the big cl we were already behind schedule, but i couldndn take any chances. we'd have to make camp for a week
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this late in the year, a week was a long time to hole up, but it was little enough time to get the train ready. we'd need every minute of those seven days and the seven nights ahead of us. sent mccullough up ahead to see if he could find a pass that would let us make up some time, and i assignedjob to e, woman and child in the train. didn't i tell you it couldn't get worse.'d changa. everything's going fine. the major's being downright coop stopping the wagon train for repairs. that'll give us the time to do mfortable. you know me. i don't like to be rushed. time? what do you want time for? this is like taking candy from a baby.
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we're gonna take ey from that wagon daintytyike. i i ly hope that man weren't lyin' there was more than $1,000 cash in garner's wagon. a thousand dollars in good, hard yankee cash. it'll do a lot of things to my body and my soul. you know, that garner boy has it real nice. pretty little wife. ldn't miss the money. ( chuckles ) le wife. don't you go getting any ideas about that gal. you just concentrate on the money. i've seen a more pretty little girl. ( mutters ) here i am, sending little kids out to cut firewood, and there sifull-grown men doing nothing. well, they wouldn'tnte. they're not the type.
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haven't you two got jobs to do? 're not looking for none neither. listen, i told the both of you wheed up for this outfit that you'd have the same responsibility to this train as anybody else. well, , u see, ted garning us, e figure it's only right to do what he tells us to. ted garner's not running this train, i am. listen, let me tell you a couple of things, mister. oh, now, major, i didn't knore so short-handed. y, i'll give you my word that burke here'll do anything you want him to do. you go find darryl simpson oh, he will, will he? sure will. and get up in them hills and cut some firewood. seems to me you're mighgh generous with your partner's services, but i'm in no mood for jokes tonight. i'm m nna walkay from. when i look back, i want to see you over there at that pumping. yes, sir, major. i'm glad to volunteeppy to be. what are you trying to do, get us kicked out of here
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he way he gives orders. anybody's think he was the only one whoin the army. he didn't desert. if you were aiming to pump th you're going the wrong way. i knay i'm going. i'm just gonna wander t t t the garner wagon and chthe little new bride. i need a little ininiration befoto work. i'll come with if there's any money around, i'll smell it. thth's the only inspiration i want. uh-uh. get 'em straightened out? oh, i don't know. just seems like a doggone shame, pair oids lili them saddling with two birds like those. well, they needed a driver real quick. you know, and that's another thing. the very next morning, after garner's regular driver those two showed up looking for the job. if that sounds like i spicioususind,
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( clears throat ) oh! you startled me. sorry. i'm sure sorry, mrs. garner. uh, is your husband around? he's helping mr. clegg. oh. uh-huh. mm. that coffee i smell? would you like a cup? i sure would. i sure would. imagine the major will mind if i rest a spell. oh, you men have been working so hard, i'm sure hmind. ound that a man can do just so much work. hey. ghty fine coffee, miss. missus. this is mighty fine coffee for a young bride, missus. ( chuckles ) you know, that husband of yours is a lucky and two wagon loads of enough merchandise to make him
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ucky. he's brave, too, to risk everything on a trip like this. we hadn't thought of it as a risk. no. no, you wouldn't, at your age. 'cause you got your w full ahead of you. everything's all fine. you know, when i was his age.ff a real leader amongst men for such a young chap. hmm? ? oh, no, no. there's nothing much to wonder about. i came west when i was about your husband's age. i was in the first go i made a little, lost a lot. and then pretty soon i wasn't so young there were a lot like me. i wasn't alone. my father was in the first gold rush. he was killed out here. oh, now, that's too bad.
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peaceful. all you need's a rage. 'course, uh,t hurte if you've got some silver in your sock. ( chuckles ) yes, sir, mr. garner's gonna do all right. pretty wifif money in his sock... even if he hasn't he'll still do all right. well, thanks for the coffee. hanging around you for? he just needed a rest, so i gav a cup of coffee. i wishldn't encourage him. you're too trusting. i like him. i i ink he's nice. men are always nice to girls when they want something. u admit men find me alluring? now, what do you know about men? ised by a doting mothehe and an old maid aunt.
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i think i know about yoyo i guess you do. ma'am, lik fold it over here and then fold it towards one ananher. how's it look back there, bill? well, not so good. that mccaskell wagon r. all the spokes in every wheel are loose. they are, huh? ju'em in the creek. that's all we can do. you think we can mama it out in a week? we've got to. a few days this time of year makes a diff between lili and death to this whole outfit once we get up in that high country. keep 'em going, will you? right.
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whitey. you could've got yourself killed! shut up. we're getting out what are you talking about? you heard me. i we're getting ot of here right now. have you gone loco? you walk out on a deal like this? i something's come up. and don't forget, i'm still githe orders. we'll do all right. i'll think of something. well, i like this one. i don't want anything else. there's a whol of dough stashed in that there wagon. where will we find another stake like that? fs ) you're either taut or you're tight. we'll talk about this in the morningng good night. hey, that's a real old bible you got there. it's been in my familya long ti.
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you know, you told me your father was killed in the first gold rush. how'd he die? look tired, major. don't you think you ought to leep? your concern for h, mr. wooster, is really touching. i wasn't thinking about your health, but i know how gu get. ( grumbles ) malloy, you know gol' darn well we're fightin' time. why don't you stick to your job, will ya? yes, sir. gol' darn it. that fellow bothering you? it was the strangest thing. i was reading , and he cam and stae questions about it.
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it'sld one. and then all of a sudden he started asking me questions about my father, what i knem and where he was killed. george clampett, huh? that was my father. oh? he was a pretty famous man in california. he was head of the vigilantes and town marshal. t you told me that you never knew your father. no, he left for the gold fields a short time before i was born. he never did, huh? no, he was shot by a drunk. that's all we know from the letter we got. i only hope that the man that killed him got what he deserved. excuse me. bill, how about that clegg wagon? it's got a split tongue and it could usome ash saplings spare double tdown by the creek.
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breakfast, get bill dye to work on them. that broken leg of his won't keep him from using a draw all right. hey, bill, does t george clampett mean anything to you? hmm-mm. no. major, we had a roy clampett outfit with . oh, that was roy crawford, head! i guess it was. man: gold! gold! what in the blue bla-- gold! come on. gold! gold! what the devil's the matter with you, man? down there! it's gold! whitey burke found gold! give me a shovel. hey, that's my shovel! get back! i'll split your skull, you... gold! what do you want to do, start a stampede? looks like he alreadyjor. you couldn't keep your big mouth shut, could you? i didn't think-- that's the trouble where ncerned! nobody thinks!
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hold it! tim, what are you doing? there's gold, honey! we're rich, soon as we find it. back to your wagons! ( clamoring ) listen to me, you numbskulls!
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i'd like to have me some of that yellow stuff. why don't you go on down there with 'em? stay there till the snow gets up to that turkey neck of yours? hey, hawks, do you a man could haul a load of that gravel to sacramento and wash it out tting by the fire? s he couldn't. not a dad-blasted bit of work done on those wagon th. the only man in camp is bill dye. g. how you gonna get 'em back to work? how the devil do i know? i'm tired of yelling at them, th. let 'em cool off, and we can talk some sensem. would have to be a man like burke, wouldn't it? all the decent, deserving people in this train,
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no way. logot! a dollar a drink, boys! a dollar a drink! i just opened up a saloon! ha, ha, ha! hey. that one's on the house. n, radford, aren't you gonna stake a claim? no, you and i'll win . whoo-hoo! ted? ted! later, but ted-- i'm gonna dig you up a gold-plated coach white horses. what do you think, darryl? how about a little blackjack? if you only had some dancing girls. come on, darryl, old boy. ( laughing ) just like old times, ain't it, whitey? hey, whitey, remember rush creek tha
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ey? i saved your life that time. it wasn't the e either. whitey, let me see it again, will ya? huh? come on. let me see it. oh, look at it! look at it! ( sniffs ) you know it's got a smell to it. just look at that! liquor and women and frisco and all the food a man can eat! anything for gold. wouldn't you, malloy? still think we oug pull ? ut? what are you talking about? we got gold! you i've got , don't you? oh, whitey! we're partners. always have been. it's share and share alike. , besides, whitey, we can make a claim for twoth me . aw, wling. i'll cut you in. that's a good boy, whitey. now, go and stake your own claim.
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what's he think he's doing? what are you up to, malloy? that's my claim you're staking out. i don't see any stakes around here that ain't mine. i've bing here for a half hour. you're 15, 20 feet into my claim. listen. montgomery, you is claim, or i'll kill you legally. i was here first. the law doesn' who was here first. the law wants to know who staked out f malloy, you're a crook. get off my claim.
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oh, oh, natalie, mrs. garner, please. i didn't know it was you, please. i wouldn'td at you. i just had to make the mark... please, natalie. 't know... what kind of injun sign she got on you? she's none of your business, burke. she's a good-looking girl, but she's not your type. shut up, burke. when we get all that gold, you'll be able to buy them by the dozen. or maybe there's something else. no, that's right. i just like her looks. then ioing you a favor when i get rid of her husband. you can't do that! i mean, look... i mean, look, whitey, we don't need the thousand dollars. 'course not. just like we don't need those wagons of his anymore either. we'll sit here all winter anavel. garner ain't important anymore.
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most of 'em are down there trying to figure out how they're gonna spend ththat they think they're gonna make. some of 'em have alread out claims and started digging. you know a funny thing, bill? there's only two of 'em wh- malloy and burke. ouldn't know gold if they fell in it. twelve hours ago, all those fine p just farmers. ey wanted to do was stick a plowshare in the ground. now look at 'em. yeah. gold sick. some get over it, some don't.
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i'm gonna take this train on to california. m stay down there in those rocks for a couple of nights. when tcold enough and blistered enough on their hands-- yeah, and you won't be able to pry some of 'em loose. then we'll leave 'em stay here, by golly. we go on to california. and those that stay, they'll never make it through the winter. 'course th they'll freeze or they'll starve or... what's w the gol' darn fools will start fighting among themselves and killing ea off. and i'll have to remember the rest of i left 'em here. hey, what's this? you quitting mining? no, i'm gonna leave that up to ted. e way he's digging away, i know he's gonna be hungry as a bear, so i came over to fix him supper. that's good. ted st knows he's gonna find gold. he just wants things for me, major. that's all it is. ou know what he said to me?
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d six white horses. ( voice quavering )'s what h. now, now. here, here. everything's gonbe. ( sobbing ) ike he didn't even see me, like he didn't want me around. you know, a man's first sight of gold is sort of like snow blindness, i guess. and then he told me to leave him alone. mr. malloy came at me like an animal. he was screaming at me. don't you worry about that. you're a much more precious nugget than he'll ever find around here, and i'm sure he knows that. i'm sorry, major adams. here. don't you worry. i'm going down tand tal. you won't tell him that i cried.
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find anything, boy? no, but i will. how do you figure to get water up here? what do i need water for? you ever hearluice box or a rocker? you're never gonna get enough gold out of here to amount to anything without water. let me worry about that. your wife says your supper's ready. you ngue; we got ears. i got a wagon train full of people thatna be in bad trouble if i don't get 'em across them mountains bye the snow flies. well, then, why don't you just go on?
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what's gonna be in it for us? ind of thought that maybe... helping prevent another donner party might be enough reward for you. not for me, it won't. listen, i know enough about mining gold to know that there's no gold here ou the bottom of that dry stream bed. those folks up there are just wasting their time, and you know it as well as i do. that's their privilege. there's only room enough here for two claims, you already got them staked out.we. nobody's trying to take them away from you. you got your markers down here. go on in to sacramento and file on them and come back next spring and work 'em. maybe if i you and burke to leave, the rest of these folks will leave with us. maybe we don't want 'em to leave. maybe we got sort of fond of their company. maybe you've gotten of. fond of their too.
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if all these people stay here with you, it'll just be cle if any of you get out alive. i'll make it. you wouldn't as around. have got an awful lot of friends around here you see, we know alning gold, and these good folks are counting on us to teach them how. you want to try and take on the whole wagon train yourself, major? maybe. maybe i might. he's got all the answers,t? yeah, except h get his wandering sheep back in the wagon train. how many do yothi? oh, four or five wagons, when you come rightit. f them are walking out already. with four or five wagons, we can make it the winter fine... if we had the right wagon. and if it was just me eatin' them supplies. we'll have to pick and choose. take old darryl. there ain't enough supplies
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he's no good. naw. radford's a gambler. he'll take a chance. clegg, maybe. i was of ted garner. oh, forget about him. why worry about a thousand en you're sitting on a gulch full of gold? i was thinking of them two wagons. a whole grocery store. for the last time, the plans we had for garner are through! i'm getting tired oflling me! who found the gold? you want to me? it ain't worth fighting about. sure. it ain't worth fighting about. ah, at least we're better off than we were yesterday. six more of them came back last night. yeah, the sorriest six in the whole gol' darned train. what we need is men like montgomery g and radford. men that can do something.
10:35 am
i'd have just bet my life that clegg would be with us. ah, that one. ( scoffs ) all he'sted in is showing his wife how much money he can make for her. he stands a good chance getting himself killed out thing for gold. yeah, he sure does. but you know, bill, kids these days, they don't seem to hat death's anywheres near 'em. hmm. guess i was that way once too. well, you keep these people working the best you can. come on, charlie. good morning, mrs. garner.e you? fixing a little grub for the groom? if he insists on staying down there, i suppose he has to be fed. he'll be riding on to californee in full of nuggets. when, mr. burke? mm, takes time. you can't pick gold off trees, you know. maybe a month or so. mr. malloy doesn't think it'll be that easy.
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la he said that ted's claim wasn't much. there'd be some gold there, but not near enough. malloy doesn't know mining like i do. i've seen a lot worse claims than your husband's make a fortune. malloy's a funny guy. do you know about mr. malloy? oh, just about everythinge is? well, i kind of that he might know something about my father. what was your father's name? george clampett. george cl... i-i couldn't say. did you want me to help you with that? no, i can manage, thank you. lampett.
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? look at them greenhorns. digging in more gold than they'll ever find. that's rough. well, we'll up again after we... listen to me. listen to me! hey, take a look at this! ha, ha! take a look at that! let's see. oh, big as a housesog there wasn't much gold! take a look at that! ha, ha! now, you listen to me!
10:41 am
ou're gonna say, major. save your breath. if you knew what i say, you'd be back there working on your outfght th. i took a calculated risk holing up here for over a week. i know that there'sountry up in those mountains ahead, and i know how quickly those passes can fill up. you people all know what kind of shapeear , and you know what it's gonna take to fix it so we can go on. who wants to go on? anybod with any sense. anybody does that knows the difference between a calculated risk and plain suicide! i guess you people don't know whatmountains are like in the wintertime. well, i do! i've wintered out here before. anyone who makes his mind up to it can stick it out. i think burke's right. we stick together, we'll make out. you'll make out, all right. just like the donner party.
10:42 am
eat after you've eaten your and your harness! what's a little cold weather to a field full of gold? l still be there next spring. and those that want to come and dig it up are gonna have to move your cold bones out of the way before they can dig! w, let me tell you something, and i'm gonna tell you for the last time. i'm taking these wagons on to california, it doesn't make any difference t if you want to come along, now's the time to come and get ts fixed. asking us to walk away from a fortune! it's not like "maybe there's gold here." there is gold here. we've all found it. it'll still be there next spring. don't you understand? i've got no ax to grind. i didn't even stake a claim. i just hate to see people like you
10:43 am
and any of you that want along up your minds right now! let 'em go. it'll leave that much more for the rest of us. . burke here's got the prime claim. you've gotta work fast. there's enough gold around here for everybody. you stick around, and we'll show you how to dig it out. you make it sound easy. why shouldn't he? he's got them, him and malloy. most of it's mine, by rights. now and then everybody gets high-carded. maybe, but everybody minds a stacked deck.
10:44 am
that's all right. there's no hard feelings. you go on and work on your outfit. well, i'm glad to see you folks made up your minds. ted garner's staying. yeah, i figured he would. i won't let him. he's got to leave. you ain't gonna do a thing to stop him. if i have him out of here at gunpoint, he's leaving. he's not. yes, he is. you won't stop me. what'll you suppose young garner's bride will do to george clampett? you didn't think i'd find out, did you? well, i have found out, and what that means: it gives me the whip end. from now on, you'll take orderse, or else me and that girl will havettle tal. ook, whitey-- you offer garner whatever wha it is you have to leave, and i'll offer him gold to stay,
10:45 am
there is gold here. look at it. eight, 10, 20 dollars' worth, maybe. you dug for this? ll get better. burke'll teach me. just give me a a month? you don't major adams. i want you to go on with train. it'll only be for a month or so. and i have got a lifetime together. just g month to get all the gold i can. you know, what major adams says makes good sense. if i were you two,go with. whu go on, then? me? i got no wife.
10:46 am
listen, you asked your wife for one month. on't be out of here in a month. we have to dig a well. we have toume for wat. it'll be spring before we can wash gr even if we work day and night before the ground's frozen. boy, what can you ggold that's more important than what you've got right now. save your breath. i just want to tell yis! is it, malloy? or are you just an old man who missed his chance? now, you listen to me, ted. . you think once you got it, you got everything. well, you're wrong. gold beginning. it's the end. gold is... it's something d you-- you asked for one just one little month. and then maybe just one more try one vein runs out, so maybe there's another one just a little furthe a man'll give up his wife, everything.
10:47 am
and so you try to double it with cards, you're talking about yourself, aren't you? myself and thousands of others. don't let that happepepepen . you've guch to lose. you knew my father, didn't you? i knew georg. where? tell me about him. where'd you meet him? that was when he first came west. i read the letters heo mother. he had a good name in platte junction. he and ambitious. a lot like you, ted. he was always talking about his wife, how he was gonna send for her. he w if he hadn't been killed. yeah, sure, he would've. but thlot of "would've." i've seen that gold get inside a man, rot their souls until there's nothing left. it could happen to you. but don't let it kill you.
10:48 am
you do that, boy. you think about it. what you gote,? . it's raw gold. let's dig her. it goes on... hey, i thought i to keep off my claim. your claim? it's my claim, malloy. it's my claim. it's all marked nice and legal. protect it.
10:49 am
every man here saw him try to. heedy. there's no call to jump claims. every man's claim is rich enough. adams: if a couple of you knot heads are not too busy. come over and give me a hand with this fellow beeeds to death. i want to get him back to his wagon. malloy, if fellow dies, i'm gonna see you for it. you sey sure of that. i've never been so sure of anything in my life. you're never gonna live to see a jury,
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just consider yourself lucky, mister. you haven't seen mrs. garner today, have you? she went on down to the strike. she what? dad blast it. are you try again, ? i'm not gonna ride away and leaveo kids here with people like ma burke, i'll guarantee you that. certainly i'm gonna try again. sure, burke and me can teach you all you need to kt mining gold. now, look. you bring your wagons. the four of us will share and share alike. cuttin' old darryl out the way we did. why? what'd he have to offer? nothing. what do you care? you're getting your sh't you? yeah, i'm getting mine. fine. it's a deal. radford, how about you? oh, i take the hand that's dealt me and i play it out. that's the way to talk. shake. all right. let's get at it, huh?
10:53 am
we're do . maybn't get as many supplies as we wanted, but we all right. and as soon as we get r radford and clegg, we open up their wagon, find out what we got. now, if we ration careful right from the start... with garner's two wagons, well right. garner's going. is he? i had a talk with him. he must'veanged his mind. burke, i. that's right. we want it legal too. ike malloy said: appreciated your giving us a job when we needed it. he said that if we were gonna bring in a fu partner into our good gravel, he'd re you than anyone. i said what? ok so upset. i'm a pretty good cook. ted promised that he'd build us a cabin. you're leaving.
10:54 am
you're getting out of here, the both of you. mallsten, ya cut us out of our deal! malloy: you won't have any share if you're dead. now, will you get her out of here, garner? mr. malloy, what are you about? what are you saying? you gotta go! can't you understand me? i talked to you and talked to you before. don't you understand? drop it, burke! what's the matter with you? what's this all about? major, you've got to take that. i thought you wanted them to stay. shut up, malloy! yop, burke! go ahead, malloy.
10:55 am
'cause-- hush up, malloy! because if she stays here, we'll kill 'em! ( gunshot ) why? why? ge clampett. you're the girl's father? yeah. ma ever let her know. she thinks he was a fine man. she believed in him. that belief. that's the only... that's the only thing i can give her. ( chiseling )
10:56 am
just wdevil do you think you're doing here? this is gonna be hard for you to believe, major, but believe it or not, i'm looking for my watch. you lost your watch last year at salt lake city. so i did. yes, you did! go on, get out of here! adams narrating: i suppose someday people on other wagon trains will stumble onto this gold field again, ng these graves will wonder, r knowing unless they're told the story of hunter malloy. no one will ever know for sure because a was given to a dying man.
10:57 am
a father that she never knew. as we westward, we will face the prf today. with god's help, l meet those
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? rg ? ? wagon train ? ? rollin' on the prairie where there ain't no grass ? ? rollin' over mountains e ain't no pass ? ? sittin' on a board eye in the weather ? ? prayin' to the lord we stay together ? ? on the wagon train ?
10:59 am
? roll along ? ? pickin' up a passenger in every town ? ? wonderin' if he's gonna shoot you down ? ? lookin' for a pal ain't it a pity? ? ? lookin' for a gal needn't be pretty ? ? if she'll ? on the wagon train ? ? wagon, ho ? ta keep them on the run ? ? time to go ? ? and follow the sun ? ? roll along ? ? wagon train ? ? never had a cabin near a general s only had a wagon and a .44 ? ? sittin' on a board eye in the weather ? ? prayin' to the lord we stay together ? ? sid?
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[music] >> what if i want to married aen army george i already told you, i agree with your father. >> the army officer. i can see there is no point in arguing with you two. >> preparing a wedding? n you? >> you've got a lot to learn about me. >> i'll be riding into salem in a month. goodbye, darling. >> we've been through a lot together. as soon as her mother died, i don't know, it's not an easy thing to raise a daughter. >> you've done a first-rate job.


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