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tv   WRAL News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 19, 2016 6:00am-8:00am EST

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[???] narrator: faster than a speeding bullet... more powerful than a locomotive... able to leap tall buildings at a single bound... man: look! up in the sky! man 2: it's a bird! woman: it's a plane! man 3: it's superman! yes, it's superman, strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. superman, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands, and who, disguised as clark kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never-ending battle
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in the adventures of superman! [???] when do i get to pull this trigger? take it easy, shorty. you got nothing to draw a bead on till kent answers that telephone. how much time have we got, inspector? we better leave in five minutes if we expect to catch that plane. be ready in four. optimist. maybe them california lines are busy, and the boss can't get through. what's the matter? you trigger-happy? just got an itchy finger. [telephone rings] there she goes. get set.
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hello? hold it, shorty. that's the copper. we want kent. okay. it's for you, kent. long distance. thanks. hello, kent speaking. it's hollywood. all i see is the back of that copper. he'll move. kent, boss. hello, kent. luigi dinelli. it's dinelli! they tell me you and inspector henderson ere to work in the movies. that's right, dinelli. national studios bought that series of articles i wrote about you for the daily planet. "czar of the underworld," remember? i didn't like what them articles said in the paper, kent. i'm gonna like them less in the movies. well, now, that's too bad, luigi. what do you suggest? friends of mine tell me that picture shouldn't ought to be made. they say you and henderson should call off your trip. you tell your friends... the copper moved! come on, make with the trigger!
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you're telling me! ah, she must have jammed. well, open her up and fix it. the boss will keep him gabbing until he hears the shot. okay, okay. take it easy. and another thing, luigi. you better tell your friends czar of the underworld starts shooting tomorrow morning. and inspector henderson and i intend to be on hand for the occasion. and you can tell them for me, dinelli, that this picture will pack more wallop than a tommy gun. when you see the stuff we're putting into it, you won't be able to find a hole deep enough to crawl into. luigi? that was inspector henderson. well, how do you like that? and all i can see is that copper's back. i'm sorry, luigi, but i'm afraid we'll have to cut this short. we have to shove off for the airport. see you in sunny california! i'm warning you, kent. you and that copper won't leave california alive if you go ahead with that picture. it's too late to stop them now, luigi. they start shooting tomorrow morning. them friends of mine are liable to start shooting too. tell them to contact me any time after tomorrow at national studios. might be sooner than you think. now! [???]
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keep back, inspector! but they tried to plug you! skip it. come on, we're late. but, kent, that call was a plant to get you to the phone. this was an attempted murder! we haven't got time to worry about that now.
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man [over pa]: westbound from metropolis, chicago and kansas city now unloading at gate five. got a match, bud? so this is hollywood! not quite. hollywood's about 10 miles north of here. oh. let's get a cab. excuse me, are you inspector henderson?
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well, this is certainly rolling out the red carpet! yes, sir! i'll take your bags. thank you. right this way, gentlemen. you know, i'd like to meet a few of these movie stars before we pull out. i'd settle for five minutes with that luigi dinelli, myself. ke to repay him for that telephone call last night. he'll get paid once this movie comes out. what's wrong? why did we pull in here? the right rear tire's soft. gotta check it.
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ah, this is the life, boy! private car, chauffeur... chauffer, my eye. duck! it's a trap! [door closes] kent, where are you? stay down. don't move. we walked right into this one. don't worry, we'll walk right out again. just don't move. got your car around the back? all set. son.
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kent, how'd you do it? we were locked in here. one of the little tricks that superman taught me. you know, kent, sometimes i get a feeling you are superman. i may have to be to get this picture made. [???]
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i'd like it once again. you were late again with that pistol cue, dexter. let's go, dexter. we can't spend all day on this shot, you know. call a doctor! this man's dead! dead? get that rifle, kent. it's only loaded with blanks. that's what you think. [door opens] how many times must i tell you not to barge into my office without knocking? i know, chief, but this is important. don't call me "chief." yes, chief. i mean, yes, mr. white. okay, what is it? it just came in over the press wire. "hollywood. flash.
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"shot and killed on national studios set today "while filming crime expos? czar of the underworld. more to follow." let me see that. woman: yes, mr. white? get me clark kent or inspector henderson at the national studios in hollywood. a perfect setup for the scoop. my own reporter right there on the scene and what happens? i've got to get the news over the press wire. just wait till i get kent on the phone. just wait! when did that come in? just a few minutes ago. well, go out and see if there's any more. yes, sir. on number four, mr. white. okay. hello. hello? on number four, mr. white. hello! hello! hello? hello. is that you, henderson? yes, how are you, mr. white? i'm fit to be tied, that's how i am. where's kent? probably checking up on something. we've had a little trouble out here, you know. oh, really? how would i know? does anybody ever tell me anything? you tell kent for me that in case he's forgotten, he's still working for the daily planet and not the national studios!
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tory breaks and he's on the scene, i expect to get my information from him and not from a press service. if that hollywood stuff's gone to his head, you can tell him from me he can stay out there and not bother to come back! now, be reasonable. "be reasonable. be reasonable." great caesar's ghost! well, if you'll stop shouting for a minute and let me explain. go ahead, but make it good. well, we haven't had a chance to breathe since we got out here. and then this thing had to happen. what thing? well, alan dexter's murder. are you sure it was murder? no question about it. and kent didn't notify me. didn't even have the common decency no, i've got to get my information from a press service! mr. white-- what does that nincompoop think i pay his salary for? to keep me in the dark when a big story breaks? hasn't he any loyalty to me or to the paper? didn't it occur to him that we might be interested in getting that story before every other newspaper in the country got it? or doesn't he care? now, that's ridiculous. i told you th-- i don't care what you told me. all i know is kent was on the scene when it happened, and all i've got in this office is a news teletype report. did you hear me? a news teletype report
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i'm sorry, mr. white, but i have to attend a meeting with the head of the studio and the police chief. i'm not through yet. i'm not through by a long shot. you tell kent that if he thinks for one minute i'm gonna stand by while he-- hello? hello? hello, henderson. are you there? he hung up on me.
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n: is, uh--? is this dexter's trailer? that's right. i take it, gentlemen, that your verdict is murder. no question about it, mr. abner. dexter was shot through the heart by a live bullet someone slipped into the chamber of the automatic rifle. which means dinelli has a confederate right here in the studio. well, who is it? we checked every person on the stage. no suspects. evidently dinelli's playing for keeps. and so are we, mr. kent. he's not going to stop production on this picture.
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and we'll resume shooting in the morning. what about the actors and crew? will they go along, mr. carr? one hundred percent. abner: does that go for you and inspector henderson too? mr. abner, we came out here to do a job-- and we're staying until it's finished. good. thank you. i don't think there's anything more for me to say. i want to see you in my office, carr. mr. carr was telling me dexter lived right here in this trailer. that's right, mr. kent. he had it fixed up with all the latest improvements: running water, telephone, all the comforts of home. sounds great. say, do you think it'd be all right if i--? if i slept in here tonight? sure. if you really want to. now, why would anyone want to sleep alone in a place like that? you're welcome to keep me company if you want, inspector. with a complimentary suite at the mark stevens hotel? ha-ha! no, thank you. like to look at the inside of the trailer? yes, i would. thank you. now, what do you suppose he's up to? oh, reporters always gotta be snooping around. it's in their blood. buy you a beer, chief. you took the words right out of my mouth!
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send him in. hey, boss, i got news for you! yeah? i was just talking to frank. so what? they put another actor in dexter's place, and they're going ahead with the picture, starting tomorrow morning. what else? frank also told me to tell you clark kent's spending the night at the studio. he's gonna sleep in dexter's dressing room on stage 13. where's the copper staying? henderson? the mark stevens. tommy? yeah, boss? is frank still at the studio? no, but he'll be home in half an hour. ay. get in touch with him. yeah. tell him he's working tonight. okay, boss. frank dinelli, the brother of luigi. that's the one i want the information on. the los angeles police haven't got any more than what's right there. nothing since 1938? that's the year he got out of san quentin. he disappeared after that. he's probably had his face lifted, changed his name, started life all over again somewhere where nobody knew him. mm-hm.
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the trouble is we can never get the goods on him. he's too smart, even for the fbi. oh, they always slip up sooner or later, even the smartest of them. yes, i know. but dinelli's been getting away with murder for 20 years. i have a funny feeling tonight's the night. you still planning on going ahead with your plans to spend the night--? you still gonna spend the night in here? why not? well, if dexter's murderer is still around the studio, you might give him ideas. nothing like a well-baited hook to catch a big fish. yes, but you might be baiting that hook with your life, kent. don't worry. i intend to take every precaution to keep it. you reporters have certainly got a lot of nerve. sometimes we have to have it. what are you doing snooping around here at this time of night? well, i-- i was just lining up my camera angles for tomorrow morning's work. what are you pointing that gun at me for? oh. [laughs] better luck next time, chief. well, i always say you can't be too careful. i'm sorry, mr. carr. mm-hm. good night.
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well, can i drop you off somewhere? i'm just on my way home. no, i wanna have a quick talk with an old friend. well, maybe you're going in my direction. no, i'm gonna mosey along by myself, if you don't mind. this old friend of mine is allergic to uniforms, especially police uniforms. good night. good night. [???] man [over radio]: there have been no new developments in the mysterious murder of screen star alan dexter who was shot to death this morning while rehearsing a scene for the forthcoming motion-picture crime expos? czar of the underworld.
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but as yet have been unable to explain how the live bullet that killed dexter got into the automatic rifle fired by fellow actor on the movie set. good evening, dinelli. what's the idea? the window? i was in a hurry. i just took a shortcut. wise guy, huh? tommy, ollie, come in here! i was wondering when you'd do that. any more, luigi? your aim is bad, luigi. now, what are you gonna do with the empty gun? keep away from me! what do you want? i want you to come to the studio with me so i can show you how movies are made. no, i won't go.
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[knock at door] come in! this steak is so good, waiter, i think i'll have another. might as well, since the studio's paying for it.
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never happier in my life. so i see. well, after all, the studio's-- the studio's paying for it. i know, i know. [both laugh] well, is it any fault of mine if kent decides to stay away when all this is given to us for free? i hardly think kent's just twiddling his thumbs. what brought you out here? same business that brought you and kent, inspector. we could sure use you. this dinelli's a tough customer. i think we've got him where i want him. you've seen him already? returned the greetings he extended to you and kent this morning. ah, we can always count on you. inspector, how would you like to be on the kill tonight? the kill? yes, if you can tear yourself away from your dinner. oh, i've finished mine already. ng kent's. i see. well, here's the situation. i just left dinelli sound asleep in a trailer on stage 13 at the studio. dinelli in the trailer? how'd you do it? oh, a little artificial persuasion. yes, but where's kent? oh, he's around somewhere. the point is, if the murderer shows up to try any more funny business, i'd much rather dinelli be in that trailer than kent. no telling who it is in the dark. exactly. well, shall we--? shall we go?
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what's that noise? it's the motor on that car! open that trailer door! [motor stops] that little carbon-monoxide deal was meant for me. for you? i mean, for kent. i better take a look at dinelli. you better leave it open. it's all right. it's clear in there now. how is he? all right. he's out cold, but we got here just in time. what was that? it's our murderer! where? up there on that light platform! [gunshot] down, inspector!
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chief! yes. chief to you and all the rest of them. my real name is frank-- all right, inspector. put the cuffs on him! what do you know, luigi dinelli in custody! you got nothing on me! what for? murder, my friend. the murder of your own brother, frank dinelli. i didn't kill him! he was dying already. i only put him out of his misery. that's your story. it's possible you killed him to keep him from talking. what do i care if he talked? got nothing to do with me. i got nothing to be afraid of! what about the murder of alan dexter? okay, so frank put the live bullet in that rifle they were playing with on the movie set. it's got nothing to do with me! yes, it has. you were giving frank his orders. i'd like to see you prove that. we'll prove it.
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too bad he isn't here. oh, he's here.
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[???] narrator: faster than a speeding bullet. more powerful than a locomotive. able to leap tall buildings at a single bound. man: look! up in the sky! man 2: it's a bird! woman: it's a plane! man 3: it's superman! yes, it's superman, strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. superman, who can change the course of mighty rivers, bend steel in his bare hands, and who, disguised as clark kent, mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never-ending battle
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in the adventures of superman!
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operator: b-y, metropolis,
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i know. i know exactly how you feel. but we're under pressure here too. [intercom buzzes] just a minute, ed. yes? secretary [over intercom]: mr. garvin calling from lone pine on four, mr. white. okay. i'll get back to you later, ed. i got a long-distance call. right. hello? mr. white, this is garvin at lone pine. funny thing. i was meaning to call you, garvin. i've got a report here from the mill, says you've cut down your pulp delivery in half. aren't you working? we're working, mr. white, but i've lost a lot of men. that's what i'm calling about. well, you know what to do when you lose men. hire more. don't bother me with details like that. all i'm interested in is getting paper from the mill and if you don't ship them pulpwood, i can't get paper. but, mr. white-- i'm not interested in excuses. you know that. now, we sent you up there to get that wood cut and down to the mill. that's all we ask. and if you can't do it, we'll get someone who can. now, let's see, uh...
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ursday the 12th. i'll give you one week to step up production and meet your quota. if you can't do it by that time, you might just as well hand in your resignation. that's all. secretary [over intercom]: yes, mr. white. get me mcdermott at the paper mill. [???] [whimpers] i was watching you through the binoculars, oliviere. you ought to be ashamed of yourself. a canuck jack with an ax running away from a wolf. one wolf.
6:35 am
and he tell you that jacques oliviere is not afraid of any man or beast in all north wood. except a wolf, a timber wolf. oui, monsieur. but this is not a true wolf. this is a loup-garou. a werewolf. what makes you think so? i know. i track him for maybe 200, 300 yards in the soft sand by the brook. and, by gar, what you think? what? wolf tracks stop and change into track of woman. this track i do not follow. so you think a wolf turned into a woman, eh? i am sorry, monsieur garvin, but i can no longer stay here. ou are wise man, i think you will not stay also. c'est fini. adieu. this is garvin at lone pine. i want to put through a person-to-person call to perry white at the daily planet in metropolis.
6:36 am
now, wait a minute, garvin. do you mean to tell me that every man on the camp has quit? that's right. i paid the last one off just a few minutes ago. and all because of a lot of stupid nonsense about a werewolf? yes, sir. that's the most ridiculous thing i ever heard of. now, you listen to me, garvin. this sounds like dirty work. someone's out to get us because they know we're short of paper. all that balderdash about a werewolf is just a blind. i'll send someone up there to investigate. now, you just stand by until they get there. yes, sir. ot scared, are you? well, i don't know, mr. white. now, don't you worry about anything. you just wait until my people get there. okay? yes, sir. okay, garvin. goodbye. secretary [over intercom]: yes, mr. white. send clark kent, lois lane and jim olsen in here immediately.
6:37 am
lock it? yeah, lock it. now, what i have to say to you is strictly confidential. that particularly goes for you, olsen. yes, sir. i've just had a long-distance call from sam garvin out in oregon. he's the boss of the timber company from which we get most of our pulpwood. yes, doesn't the planet own that company? yes. bought it in '47. anyway, there seems to be some trouble out there. what kind of trouble? all kinds. forest fires, machinery breakdowns and a lot of wild tales about a werewolf that's scared all the lumberjacks off the job. golly. now, we can't run a newspaper without paper and we can't make paper without pulpwood. what do you want us to do? i want the three of you to take a trip up there and see what's going on. clark: what's garvin think? well, the connection wasn't very good, but i got the impression he's scared. and garvin's not an easy man to scare. he doesn't believe there is a werewolf, does he?
6:38 am
oh, come on, jim. that's just an old superstition, that people can change themselves into wolves and vice versa. now, they're holding three seats for you on consolidated flight 64. and your plane leaves in exactly... 53 and one-half minutes. but-- but i haven't a thing to wear. what woman ever did? now get going. yes, sir. okay, chief. oh, all right. [???]
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what? i said i'll feel better when we get past the bridge at devil's gorge. oh. too many things been happening around here. switches left open, fishplates pried up, rails split. why, this train has been close to wrecked five times in the past two weeks. then why does the engineer go so fast? wants to make camp before dark, likely. golly, if we had a wreck going at this speed-- we'd wind up right down in the bottom of the gorge. a walk? where? up front. get a better view. if you see that engineer, tell him we don't mind getting into camp after dark. [train horn blares] great scott!
6:40 am
what happened? golly! [train rumbles] great jumping judas! is it? what happened? the trestle over devil's gorge. it collapsed right after we passed over it. well, where? i don't see anything. neither do i. you can't see it now. it's around the bend. clark, do you know what just happened? what? gee, mr. kent. the trestle. it collapsed right after we passed over it. it did? don't you understand? we were almost killed! hmm. well, i like that. we-- we miss getting killed by the skin of our teeth and all you have to say is "hmm." well, what do you expect me to say?
6:41 am
i can't understand that business about the trestle. it's really very simple, mr. garvin. someone knew we were coming. someone who didn't want us to get here. whoever that someone is, he's playing for keeps. but we don't know that for sure. it could have been an old timber that rotted out. that's an teresting explanation, mr. garvin. one that would never have occurred to me. of course, i'm only guessing. have you ever seen this werewolf, mr. garvin, or this wolf-woman it's supposed to turn into? ter another. the last one pulled out yesterday, jacques oliviere. he said he'd trailed it and saw where the wolf tracks turn into a woman's track. you don't believe that, do you? i don't know what to think anymore, mr. kent. i'd better go and fix you folks a place to sleep. it's getting late. can i help you? no, thanks. i can make out. he looks honest enough, don't you think? you can't judge people by their looks. mr. garvin's playing it close to his vest. he isn't telling us everything he knows. maybe he will later.
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nothing fancy, but it's clean. this is where the timekeeper used to bunk, when we had a timekeeper. oh, i changed the sheets. i guess you'll be as comfortable here as anywhere else in camp. oh, don't do that. your next timekeeper may enjoy the art gallery. i doubt if there'll ever be any more timekeepers in this camp. jeepers, there'd better be or else the planet'll-- i'll take you boys over to the big bunkhouse. you can have your pick of any of the 112 bunks. they're all empty. sounds roomy enough. good night, lois. good night, miss lane. od night, jimmy. good night, clark. better lock your door tonight. i don't happen to believe in werewolves. [howling] what was that? a wolf. not the...werewolf? no. all wolves sound pretty much alike. but i-- i would bar the door if i were you, miss lane. yes, i-- i think maybe i will.
6:43 am
[???] [growling] [growling] [growling] [screams] [barks and growls] [lois screaming] i don't care what any of you say.
6:44 am
but, miss lane-- how many times do i have to tell you? he came in that window. i'll be right back. where do you think you're going? out to look around. you'll do nothing of the kind. if you folks don't need me anymore, i'll say good night. good night, mr. garvin. i think it'd be a good idea if we all turned in. oh, you do, do you? why is it, clark, every time trouble starts you want to sneak off someplace? the trouble's over now, isn't it? i'm not so sure. did you notice that garvin was fully dressed? he hadn't even been to bed. yes, i did. why? i don't know, lois. all right, clark, don't cooperate. but for once you're gonna stick around and be useful. w would you suggest that i stick around and be useful? well, you could help me move my things to that bunkhouse with you and jim. well, now, wait a minute, that's the men's bunkhouse. with 112 bunks, i'll have plenty of privacy. you and jim can sleep at one end and i'll sleep in the other. if you think i'm gonna stay in this shack alone here tonight, you're nuts. come on! okay. still worried about last night?
6:45 am
where are the others? in the cook shack eating breakfast. i'll fix yours whenever you want it. is there someplace around here where i could freshen up? yes. there's a spring about 50 yards down the trail. thank you. i'll be back in a few minutes. [screams] where's miss lane? she went down to the spring. what happened? i don't know. i thought i heard someone scream. so did i. it sounded like miss lane again. she's gone down there. come on-- mr. kent's already gone down there.
6:46 am
where is it? where is it? take it easy. everything's all right. the wolf. it was standing right there, snarling at me. there's no wolf there now. its tracks, there in the sand. those aren't wolf tracks. they're human. the earring. clark, i found a golden earring right here by the spring, and it's gone. what happened? everything's all right, jim. why don't you take miss lane back to the cook shack? clark, you're both coming back with me. lois, i'd rather stay here. look, clark, i've had just about as much as i can stand. all right. give me a hand, will you, jim? sure. well, i'm going out and look around. see if i can't pick up any clues. just be sure some of the clues don't pick you up, mr. kent. don't worry, mr. garvin. i'll be careful. let me finish my coffee and i'll go with you. no, lois. i want you and jim to stay here until i get back.
6:47 am
you start giving orders around here? no one's giving any orders, lois. i'm just asking you to wait here till i get back. and that goes for you too, jim. excuse me. all right, jim. are we mice or men? well, i don't know, miss lane. i mean, of course we're not mice, but maybe mr. kent's right. and mr. kent may be overwhelmed with the idea of his own importance too. don't forget, the chief sent us all out here to help clear up this mystery. well, if you're going, i'm going with you. have you got a gun or some kind of a pistol i could borrow? do you know anything about guns? lois: not much, but i-- sometimes guns can be more dangerous than other things. we can get a couple of clubs.
6:48 am
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6:52 am
[squeals] [squeals] come on. i think we can get out this way. hey, look out! [coughs] i can't take it, jim. i just can't.
6:53 am
[whimpers] you'll both be safe enough here for the time being. i'm going back to the fire. oh, no, you don't! quick, bobette, the wolf! [in french-canadian accent] no, jacques, i will not let him kill. but this man killed your father, steal all your timber. that's a lie, and you know it. are you old king dulac's daughter? oui, monsieur.
6:54 am
he tell me. your father died of pneumonia at the st. joseph's hospital in seattle. and all the money for this timberland was deposited in a seattle bank to your credit. i put it there myself. how could you do this? why did you try to wreck my outfit, oliviere? what did you expect to gain? this timber belong to bobette. she promised to marry me. then it belong to me! vite! vite! vite! vite! [wolf barks] [whimpers] [barks] [wolf whimpers] for that, i kill you too. [gunshot] it's superman. ce n'est pas possible. he was behind all this.
6:55 am
e buildings. that storm is too high. it'll never break in time. there's some lightning above those clouds. have you got any wire back at the camp? wire? what kind of wire? almost any kind. single or double-strand. there's a 5000-foot roll of telephone wire in the storehouse. that'll do fine. let's get it. yeah. but what about him? you better bring him along. you've both had a rough time of it, haven't you? mais oui. need any help? garvin [grunts]: no, i'll manage. there. that should do it. got the ends of the wires scraped yet? i still don't understand what your plan is. very simple. there's lightning above those clouds. if i can get the end of this wire up there and get a bolt to strike it-- you'll see. wish me luck.
6:56 am
[thunder crashes]
6:57 am
6:58 am
a very kind dog. he's been my pet since he was a little cub. he even looks a little like a dog, now that i know he's not a wild wolf. clark. hello. clark, do you realize what's happened? superman caught the guy that started the forest fire. not only that, he made it rain to put out the fire.
6:59 am
too bad you can't get him to stop it.
7:00 am
? batman ? man: a beautiful wednesday afternoon in gotham city, matinee day at this theater. in a moment, the playgoers will be coming out for a refreshing orange drink... but watch closely. there may be a drama that's not on the program. it's so superior to the sort of thing one usually sees. oh, yes, infinitely. and the leading man, my dear mrs. van climber -- such tremendous power, wouldn't you say? absolutely inspired, my dear penguin. it's a penetrating documentary on our times. it's a mirror of our clich?d minds, of our sadly weakened immoral fiber.
7:01 am
[ screaming ] hands up and you won't get hurt. i ain't kidding! do as he says, penguin. he's a desperate man! you... unhook that ruby pendant. throw it here. outrageous! it's monstrous! shh! he'll hear you! back away, everybody! back away! knave thief...surrender! wise guy, huh? take this! [ screaming ] jumpin' jeepers! a bulletproof umbrella! [ squawks ] [ gagging ]
7:02 am
miss starr... [ sighs ] ...may i? thank you. there. oh, how can i ever, ever thank you? what?! the penguin prevented a crime? that waddling, pompous master of foul play? it's true, commissioner. and who do you think the necklace belongs to? miss sophia starr. sophia starr? een of gotham city society? that's her. they left the theater hand in hand. ominous. most ominous. what do you think it means? since it involves the penguin, there's only one man who can answer that question, and answer it in time -- the caped crusader. [ beeping ] [ sighs ] all right, commissioner.
7:03 am
ne manor, where young dick grayson practices his putting under the watchful eye of his guardian, millionaire bruce wayne, and his doting aunt harriet... oh! missed that one! precision, dick. precision -- the key to...success in life as well as in sports. excuse me, sir, but there's a telephone call for you -- a certain mr. rime, sir. rime? yes, sir, a mr. k. rime, if you understand me. mr. k. rime with a red-hot line of investments for the wayne foundation. precisely, sir. dick, it's about time you started learning something about the elements of investment. we may be a while, aunt harriet. mr. k. rime might want us to visit him at the stock exchange. so long, aunt harriet. see you later. mercy me. what an unfortunate name for an investment counselor. k. rime -- sounds like crime. isn't that funny, alfred?
7:04 am
[ chuckles ] indeed, madam. yes, commissioner. a strange and troubling turn of events, batman. you have a competitor in crime-fighting -- the penguin. bad cess. we're on our way. the penguin. holy nick of time. lucky for us we just finished installing the bulletproof windshield in the batmobile. not so lucky for the penguin. to the batpoles. [ up-tempo music plays ] ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ?
7:05 am
? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na-na na ? ? batman ?
7:06 am
reech ] thanks, commissioner. we've got the picture. i'll call you back if batman has any ideas. what do you think, batman? has the penguin really gone straight? it's a tough one. when that bird turns snow-white, it could be merely a tricky whitewash job. right, but still, we've got to think of his record since he last left prison. clean as a whistle, it seems -- accepted in the best circles. not even a ticket for jaywalking. could it be that he is reformed? or only pretending to reform, stalking his next victim under the false colors of a crime-fighter. how the heck do we find out?
7:07 am
then that crook he caught must have been an accomplice, right? on the nose! call the commissioner. have him give that crook a grilling. we'll be there in time for the kill. all right, i'll ask you one more time. how long have you known the penguin? who? quit lying, you cheap hoodlum! he paid you to pull that job, didn't he? told ya to keep your mouth shut. promised to cut ya in on the big job later. hold it, chief o'hara. no rough stuff. it's our duty to abide by the rules. now, this lying is useless. besides, we have evidence. evidence? the bulletproof umbrella. why would the penguin have carried a bulletproof umbrella to a matinee unless he expected your machine-gun attack? who knows? ask him. a hard-baked cookie, this one. covered with armor-plate icing.
7:08 am
hey. what's the matter, sonny? scared of the dark? ahh! help! there's bats loose in here! aaaaahh! holy knockout drops! the miserable weakling fainted dead away. there's only one thing to do now. find penguin himself. put the blocks to him. excuse me, sir. yes, lieutenant? we have a report from the tail we put on the penguin. he just entered the gotham city millionaire's club. holy jackpot! that bird of prey loose among the golden geese. there's only one way to find out. chief o'hara, call the parking lot. have them clear all the exits for the batmobile. meanwhile, in the steam room of the superexclusive gotham millionaire's club,
7:09 am
take him out of here! watch out! watch out! quick, more steam! roger! that's got it! a snatch in the fog, eh? [ umbrella hissing ] alas, you sad, dimwitted ruffians. hey, the smoke screen! it's gone! cheese it! it's all right, reggie, my boy. you're safe now. you're with the penguin. put up your flippers, penguin. we've caught you -- kidnapping! one false move and you'll get the bat-a-rang! hello, my esteemed colleagues in crime-fighting. the droll deceivers -- the dynamic duo. batman, listen, you've got it all wrong. the penguin saved me from being kidnapped. saved you? i swear to you, old boy. some villains were trying to abduct me
7:10 am
but this delightful bird-like chap suddenly dispelled the steam and the criminals took to their heals. elementary, my dear reggie. my ubiquitous umbrella was fortunately loaded with colored dry ice, and when i discharged the jet, the vapor was instantly condensed. [ chuckling ] something fishy here. there sure is. he must have known about the supposed kidnapping, otherwise, why would he be carrying an umbrella loaded with dry ice? batman. what? this prematurely hot weather annoys me. being a penguinish kind of a bird, i hate hot weather. so what would be more natural that i should carry an umbrella loaded with dry ice? oh, yeah? if you hate the heat so much, what are you doing in a steam room? well, i ask you, is that an ethical question between crime-fighters -- competitors, you might say? you pompous, taunting creature! [ laughs ] well, i'm sorry, but i must fly. i'm very busy.
7:11 am
we have some arrangements to make. arrangements? for her jewels. i'm taking over their protection. allow me to give you my card. [ squawks ] adieu. come along, my dear boy. reggie: you saved my life, penguin. if there's anything i can do... "penguin protective agency, incorporated." holy leopard.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
the penguin -- in business as a private eye. hiring him to guard jewels is like trusting a leaf of lettuce to a rabbit. let's race back and give miss starr a wawaing. useless. she's smitten with him. she'd scoff at us. so what do we do, batman? we can't protect her, but we can save her jewels and at the same time set a trap.
7:16 am
treated in our reactor to leave radioactive traces of the thief. terrific. there's just one problem. to make copies -- how to know what the real ones look like. correct. can't ask to look atathem. that would tip penguin off. pick up the batphone. call alfred. tell him to wait for us in the batcave. alfred is going to be our secret, undercover agent. what? reggie rich gave you a check for ten thousand dollars indeed, and right in front of his very eyes. you know somethin', this playing at being a straight guy must have unhinged the penguin's mind. why, you birdbrain... what's ten thousand when i aim at millions? confidence! thatats what i am stealing from these dupes. confidence and pride in the penguin, and they will end up handing me their treasure on a silver plate. yeah, but i wonder. wonder what? i wonder what batman and robin's gonna have to say about that.
7:17 am
now and forever. no o oense, penguin, but we've heard you sing that song before. and it's always us who end up singing the anvil chorus in the pen. no, not this time, i have planted a seed in their mind. i have planted the erroneous idea that i am going to steal the jewels of sophia starr. you mean, you ain't? no, i'm not. i delight in the devious, i obviate the obvious. misreading my y tentions, they're going to lay a trap for me-- a trap, but one that springs! hey, hey! ? and batman and robin will never come back ? ? batman and robin will-- well, farewell, my fine frosted finks. you mind the store. i'i'going to see my shining star-- sophia starr. plot and counterplot! here's alfred carrying out a vital-but-risky chore in the guise of a man from floyd's insurance, limited.
7:18 am
you're sure there's nothing else you want? no, thank you. no. that will complete our records. bah. fiddlesticks. [ squawks ] beg pardon, pengy, darling? it offends me to the quick -- an insurance company worrying about the safety of your jewels while they're under my guardianship. one can never be too secure, can one, mr. penguin, with the world these days so full of predators? eat scott, alfred! have you forgotten?! batman told you to switch cigarette holders with the penguin! e with the tiny, superpowered transmitter inside! quick! before it's too late! create that diversion! good day, miss starr. great heavens! the anti-theft system built into my carrying case! it went off accidentally! that a fact? i can fix that. [ umbrella whirs ] there.
7:19 am
no trouble. [ squawks ] why, there's no end to your resourcefulness. thank you, my love. thank you. oh, pengy. [ chuckling ] [ crackling ] oh, look, the handle of your umbrella. whatat zounds! my secret radio detector! somebody has planted an electronic bug in this room! hwah? hehn? eh? eh? [ crackling continues ] heh? [ crackling rapidly ] heh? uh...huh. [ chuckles ] so, you switched cigarette holders, did you? [ crackling stops ] there. floyd's of dublin, huh?? i think not! out with it, you criminal! who are you working for?! it can happen n the best of us, mr. penguin, sir.
7:20 am
then the next, fate pulls the rug out from under us. ahh! pengy! good day, miss. oh, pengy! pengy, my poor darling! who cares about him. are you all right? vengeance. [ squawks ] failure, sir. failure. that's not true, alfred. of course not. the important thing was to get this picture of sophia's jewels. you got it. sure you did. f fake copies. thanks to you, we may be able to avert a gigantic robbery. robin, grab those fake jewels. we must strike before the penguin does. let's go! [ jet engine turns over ]
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
we're sure taking a chance, batman. are the soles of your boots slippery? heck no. i mean, when we put the fake jewels in miss starr's safe and take the real ones out, to take, robin. in our well-ordered society, protection of private property is essential. yes, you're right, batman. that's the keystone of all law and order. let's go, chum. the safe should be behind that picture.
7:24 am
get out the electric-eye looping unit. neutralize t t alarm. i'll listen for the tumblers. roger. perfect. tumblers are falling into place. penguin: caught you, you thieves! one move and you're a dead duo! holy bat-trap!
7:25 am
help! oh, thieves! they're gettin' out the window! let 'em go! they won't get far. oh, pengy, dear, are you all right? sophia, my dear, you call the police. i'll call the gotham city times. shocking...shocking! how can the responsible press print susu an item?! you can't blame the papers. things sure looked dark for batman when the lights went on. yes, but, still, how could a sane person think batman a criminal? how ungrateful the public is. [ telephone rings ] yes. put him on. it's the penguin. oh, good morning, commissioner. have you snared the costumed crooks yet? they're still at large, penguin.
7:26 am
and terrorize our party. your party? yes. by the way, you're invited. you might come if you feel like it. some of my influential friends are giving a g ga benefit for the ppa -- that's the penguin's protective agency. when we have taken over the gotham amusement pier, [ laughs ] should be amusing. you abominable avian! [ hangs up phone ] [ beeping ] yes, commissioner. gotham amusement pier -- tonight. penguin's tossing a party. you'd better not be there. if you're spotted, i'll have to arrest you. this is our only hope, r rin. we'll have to catch penguin in something crooked, then he won't be able to press that warrant for our arrest. i have an awful thought, batman.
7:27 am
raight? [ indistinct conversations, carnival music plays ] drat! what do you think, batman? he's with sophia starr, and she's wearing those priceless diamonds. yeah, i have a strange feeling it's'sime for the kill. [ duck calls ] gee, that cement-filled umbrella sure cooled them off. well done, my finks. well done. what now, penguin? string 'em up here -- back of the shooting gallery, directly behind the cutouts. right. now, one small little detail. our r brella popguns -- take out the pellets. introduce real bullets. [ laughs ] you, uh, challenge us, penguin?
7:28 am
knowing you gentlemen to be of sporting blood, i know that you will play this exquisite little game with me. if you will burst those two red balloons on the first round, i will donate $1,000 to your police benevolent fund. o'hara: that's too easy, penguin. much too easy. there must be a catch to it somewhere. no catch whatsoever. if you shoot those two red balloons, you will be doing gotham city a gigantic favor. do the city a big favor? what the devil? why not? give them the umbrella guns. all set, my hearties? we're set. now, on my instructions -- ready...
7:29 am
captions paid for by the u.s. department of education ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? na-na na-na na-na na-na na ?
7:30 am
? batman ? man: so far we have seen -- a peaceful matinee at a fashionable theater. stick 'em up! holy bombshell! the crook caught by the penguin! the loot restored can it be? that waddling master of foul play gone straight? grill at crook. make him admit he's a penenin stooge. useless -- the bird won't sing. in the steam room of the millionaire's club -- an attempted kidnap...
7:31 am
penguin set up in business -- riril to the dynamic duo. alfred the butler -- an undercover agent. caught in the act! a desperate escape. the penguin must be after those priceless jewels -- bait for a clever penguin trap... but penguin's too clever. e! illed umbrellas. what a catastrophe! strung up behind a shooting gallery. death at the unwitting hands of the police? wait! the wildest is yet to come!
7:32 am
? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ?
7:33 am
ow, gentlemen, at my instructions. ready... aim...! [ laughing ] what's so funny, penguin? oh, the irononof it! the exquisite humor! where's our check -- the thousand bucks for the police benevolent fund? yes, with my gratitude. you've earned it. holy hotfoot!! the bulletproof soles of our shoes sure saved our lives. the shock has luckily unjammed by bat-knife, too. i'll cut these ropes. we'll get out of here fast. you know, it's quite a recoil for a pop-gun. you're right, chief o'hara, i noticed that myself. now, let's toss the costumed corpses over the pier.
7:34 am
great blubbering whale oil! they've evaporated! slugged me when i wasn't lookin'. bat-arangs. curses, cucues. now we'll have to fight another round. gosh, batman. i still think we should have crashed in and caged that bird. on what charge? attempted murder. commissioner gordon and d ief o'hara fired the guns. ouch, yes! gitives. we're wanted by the law for burglary... besides, the penguin had legally rented that amusement pier. we're the tresspassers. holy, nightmare. in this game, penguin holds all the aces. he may be holding all the aces, but tomorrow morning we play the trump card. those masked menaces must be apprehended! i won't stand for r ! a civil tongue, penguin,
7:35 am
a civil tongue, is it? you watch out or i'll have you removed from your office! what?! my influential friends won't like this. they'll have you thrown back into the department of sanitation where you belong for harboring wanted criminals. an outrageous accusation! open your yap, penguin. make that charge agaga. i'm afraid penguin's right. my dear miss starr -- do you pretend you can't find these criminals, commissssner? what's the matter, commissioner? out of order? penguin, don't touch that phone! [ beeping ] yes, commissioner. quack, quack! i'm on the track! penguin! no answer, eh? hmm? the heat is on, batman. you'd better come in and give yourself up on that burglary charge. instantly, do you understand?! i'll see you, penguin. i'll be at your protective agency office in 25 minutes. did you hear that?!
7:36 am
i demand protection! the penguin is within his rights, chief o'hara. stakeout the area. arrest batman. yes, sir. [ laughs ] get on the mobile batphone. call commissioner gordon. roger. give him the following instructions -- to arms, my fine floppy finks! batman's on his way! [ roars ] well, the costumed crooks.
7:37 am
in! something's snapped! we don't care if we go up the river for a hundred years, we're getting g u first! quick, my finks -- self-defense. the dynamic duo has flipped their wigs! [ sirens wailing ] batman, listen! it's the police! let's get out of here! [ wailing continues ] [ jet engine turns over ]
7:38 am
surrender, batman! we're takin' ya in! get 'em, coppers! oh, frabjous day! callooh! callay! let's bag the batmobile.
7:39 am
penguin: let's see, now. how do you run this dratted thing? [ jet enenne sputters, turns over ] [ tires screeching ] i'll calalthe morgue. don't feel too sad, boys. you had to do it. there's nothin' so tragic as a good crime-fighter turned bad. - [narrator] what if you had a medical emergency away from home? - my chest hurts, i can't breathe.
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in view of their past services,
7:44 am
lons? yes, george, despite that fact. nothing can erase the memory of the deeds they performed fore they... became unhinged. george: tell me, commissioner, what do you think brought about this -- [ voice breaking ] batman and robin dead? what in the world is going to become of us? perhaps that's a better question than you realize, madam. oh, i wish bruce and dick were here. maybe they could console m m i doubt that very much, mrs. cooper. [ voice breaking ] i doubt it very y ch. thank you, commissioner. any time, george. hello, chief. george. for your signature, commissioner. it's a requisition slip for the ammo we used gettin' batman and robin in the big gunfight -- 297 rounds includin' tommy gun and pistol. strange, isn't it? isn't what strange? 297 rounds of blank ammunition.
7:45 am
[ ding ] [ tires screech ] [ sighs ] oh, what a thrill, pengy darling, driving in your birdmobile through gotham city on an anti-crime patrol. birdmobile?! what nerve! by whatever name, that tiny tv transmitter we built in the back of the fuel gauge is functioiong perfectly. let's just hope some foolish felon tries to start -- look! isn't that holdup? hand over that payroll or get ventilated! pengy, it is a holdup! u mean. waaah! aaaaahh! [ squawks ] oh, pengy, you routed him. oh, what a crime-fighter. what a man of action. [ squawks ] robin: holy mush! bet you a milkshake that so-called holdup penguin just foiled was another charade. gosh, batman, i think it's time we came back from the grave
7:46 am
g demise is our trump card... that, and letting him steal the batmobile. i'd sure like to try some of the other special gimmicks we installed. don't worry, robin. we'll have time... just as s on as the penguin reveals his plot. and i know it has something to do with sophia starr. sweet sophia. darling pengy. holy, romeo and juliet! sophia, look into my eyes. will you...? will you...? will you...? oh, yeye penguin. yes, yes... oh, yes.
7:47 am
a solid gold dinner service. check. a diamond studded electric can-opener. check. an oil well. check. an oil well? the deed's in the envelope, stupid. from the bride's uncle in texas. wow. [ door opens ] the guests are coming! everything set? yeah. the bomb we placed in the water pipes ought to go off right... [ explosion ] [ squawking ] perfect, eh? starr: good gracious, what happened?! oh, nothing to bother you, my little love. one of those drattedater pipes seems to have burst. luckily, we brought some water buckets... and umbrellas, too.
7:48 am
tic, penguin. is there anything you're not prepared for? i hope not, my sweet. i hope not. wh-- it seems to be rainin' in here. how do you do? man the buckets, my good man. [ indistinct conversations ] pass out the emergency umbrellas, dove. right away, mr. penguin. here you are, folks! take your umbrellas! woman: oh, he's going to give us umbrellas. the penguin and umbrellas? it spells trouble. well, sure'n i'm glad we're on the guest list. oh! yes! [ squawking ] oh!
7:49 am
display, and we have a charming buffet. open your umbrellas. it's raining heavily in here. watch the buckets! [ chuckling ] how do you do? how do you do? [ chuckles ] thank you. thank you. [ squawks ] [ fireworks exploding, whistling ] [ women screaming ] [ squawking ] great scott! the wedding presents! one of your criminals has dodo that!
7:50 am
if you want to see the crook who's behind this, look in the mirror! mirror...mirror. mirror, mirror, on the walal who's the fairest fink of all? [ gasps ] oh! pengy, they fainted! well, don't get upset. we'll get to the bottom of this. eagle eye, dove, come here. let's go. where to, boss? well, the criminals must be below. quick, to the elevator! we'll apprehend them, or we'll die in the attempt! yes! yes! oh! [ squawking ] ah, what a haul! what a criminal cornucopia! penguin, you're a genius! of course i'm a genius! it's too bad that our two costumed clowns aren't here to see my triumph. into our birdmobile.
7:51 am
pregnable hideaway. [ jet engine turns over ] [ tires screech ] [ chuckling ] ? what a brilliant bird am i ? ? what a brilliant bird am i ? a fortune in wedding gifts and still a bachelor. [ squawks ] what a dastardly, twisted plot. that penguin's some foul bird. but leaving that trusting girl at the altar! let's go get him, huh? right you are, robin. let's see how his course is coming in on the mobile batcycle bat-scanner. he's just passing gotham city limits. right. let's go. ? a virtue-less life is a life for me ? ? titwillow, titwillow, titwillow ? ? a virtue-less life is a life for me ?
7:52 am
we're gaining, batatn. bat-scanner says range -- 7-4-9-0. lucky for us he doesn't know how to actuate the super-speed afterburner. titi to jolt him with our gimmicks, huh? roger. we'll start by giving his two stooges a short, sweet voyage into space. here goes the remote-control ejector button. eagle eye! dove! thundering feathers! i must have accidentally hit some dratted button! now for some amusing fun with the doors. [ humming, squawks ] ergs! fouled-up, secondhand car!
7:53 am
come here you [grumbles] look! look at him, robin! that crooked bird's going crazy! be careful, batman. we don't want him to smash up the batmobile. good point, robin. i'll take over the steering now by remote control. [ tires screeching ] [ grumbling ] great moving icebergs! this filthy beast seems out of my control! what's the range now? 1-6-0-2. hold tight, penguin.
7:54 am
forget the scenic route, you black vulture. just get me back on the main road. look, batman! penguin's ugly thugs! let's rack 'em up, huh? do you see what i see, dove? what do ya see, eagle eye? i see ghosts on a batcycle. ghoststshuh? i don't think you crooks have the right spirit! the batmobile! let's get the controls! back from the grave, you tricksters, eh?
7:55 am
? we'll straighten you out! [ squawking g [ groaning ] case closed, batman? yes, excepepfor one detail. what's that? the batmobile.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
all the stolen gifts recovered. i wonder. what, miss starr? the love and affection i'd provide... it might be just the thing that would turn him into an honest, law-abiding citizen. great scott, miss starr, you mean y y'd still consider becoming that crooked bird's wife? why not? i'd make him a nest where he'd feel warm and protected and loved. it's a challenge to quicken any woman's heart. officer, bring in penguin. oh, my dear pengy. my poor little sick bird. it was mine, i tell you. it was all in my grip. this was my oil well. and this was my solid-gold dinner service. and this was my diamond-studded can opener. greedydyird, have you no conscience? this woman lovesesou, penguin. she's still willing to marry you. willing? the penguin? married and kept in a bath tub? i love you, pengy.
7:59 am
take me to prison! captions paid for by the u.s. department of education ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? batman ? ? na-na na-na na-na na-na na ?
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