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tv   On the Record  NBC  November 19, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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let's go back in and try it again. come on. -hunter, captain wants to see all of us right now. -lord fraser is having a little problem with our holding lord rutherford. -that's putting it mildly. you're detaining an innocent man. look, i have nothingnggainst american police procedures, but it seems to me that you don't have onenehred of real evidence. -look, lord fraser, we do have good reason -you don't really think that tony rutherford is this lullaby killer? -look, all we're doing is questioning the m m. you have to admit, his behavior has been a bit suspicious. -this is preposterous. i've known this young man and his family for years. he's already had a great personal tragedy in the family. don't put him through this. -what about the personal tragedies of the families of those girls? -he has nothing to do with that. look, he's been extremely cooperative.
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but enough is enough. now, sergeant hunter, do you have any real evidence that even remotely links him with these murders? -no, i don't. -then captain devane, i must insist that you release him now. -your captain devane just mad an enormous mistake. mstances, i think he did the right thing. -this is wrong. -well, what do you expect him to do? the man doesn't have any warrants in england or in this country. -oh, that means nothing. -oh, susannah, you can't take a man's rights away because he talks to a prostitute.
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-how are we doing on everything else? -nothing. -oh, good. -good god, tony. this isn't at all like you, getting into such a mess. why would you even want to photograph a prostitute? -come now, a arew. i thought it would make a wonderful highlight for my book. -some highlight. frankly,y,t's a disgrace that so many young women f we do something to bolster our economy, they can ply their trade at home. -that is not funny. -come now, quit being so s sffy, andrew. -well, it's easy for you to say. if the british press get hold of this, it could be quite embarrassing. -i suppose it could. andrew, it was all an unfortunate coincidence, an innocent adventure. we've been friends a long time.
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-all right. but, tony, you must remember whilst you are here, you are not just an average tourist. you are a member of the house of lords, not some pink haired rock singer. . -of course. no more prostitutes, i promise. -so, uh, what are you going to phohograph next? -something quite innocent, i assure you. -good. -oh, absolutely brilliant. more violence. that's it. you can do even better. you've got 100,000 thousand adoring fans out there waiting to tear your clothes off versus 100,000
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excuse me, old chap.
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-the gentleman in the bar sent you these, miss. he thought you might be more c cfortable if you came in and had a drink with him. -well, where is he? -over there.
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-susannah, captain devane just got a phone call from lord rutherford. he wants to apologize to you fororetting the air out of your tire. that was right after he threatened this department with legal action if we don't leave him alone. -he can't do that. -yes, he can. it's called harassment. now, look, don't you think i want to go after this guy as much as you do? but we can't right now. we've got to leave him alone and that includes you. -this doesn't make sense. -i know that, but, look, if you don't do it, captain devane is going to call scotland yard now, what do you want to do? good. so, how wawachanging your first in america? -i didn't have a jack.
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[knocking] come in. -hello, avery. -hello. it was quite a surprise hearing from you. to tell you the truth, i thought-- i thought you'd be far too busy to take the time to look at the work of a rank amateur. -don't be silly. i'm always interested in good photography.
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i don't think i'll be disappointed at all. -now, watch your steps, folks. -got a jumper this morning, huh? -yeah. where are sergeants mccall and hunter? -up in thihiman's room, 1706.
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-so what have we got? -victim's name is avery thompson. he's a british citizen. he left a suicide note. as you can see here, he claims he killed the two girlrland then jumped out the window because he's afraid he'll kill again. -captain? photographs of both the victims. -well, now, this looks like this could be our boy, huh? -yeah, well, maybe. everything seems pretty convenient, doesn't it? -what's that supposed to mean? -well, i mean, just that.
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-even if thompson hadn't committed suicide, this stuff would have sent him straight to the gas chamber. this is the kind of evidence the da just dreams about. -what did your people find on avery? -he wasn't anywhere near the vicinity of m mt of the murders in england. -all right, so we have a copycat killer here. -the yard thinks so. they feel the real suspect is still in england. -what ababt you, susannah? -i think rutherford did it. if he wanted to throw us off the trail, he couldn'n'have found a better way of doing it. e. wait a minute. we've got thesee two . we've got all this evidence. i think this sounds just a little circumstantial. -he's got away with 25 murders in england and two here. i'm telling you, rutherford's our man. -look, susannah, we're not saying that he's not the guy. everything does point to him, but we don't have anything to go on right now. and besides, considering who he is,
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-i've been called back to london. -susannah? n. i want to apologize for my behavior. -oh, listen, t tt's not necessary. -susannah, you do great police work. we appreciate that. -thank you. -so what are you going to do after you get back? -well, as long as rutherford's here, there's nothing i can do. you both know i'm right about him,m,on't you? -look, we'll stay on him. -good. oh, there's something you can do for me. one day rutherford's going to take a bad step,
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i'd like to give it to my chief ininector so he'll know what a fool he is. -sure. -oh, and if you're ever in londnd, we'll do the town. -good. have a good trip. -thank you. -thank you. -thanks. bye bye. -i'm susannah foster, room 756. i think you've been preparing my bill. i've changed my mind. i've decided to stay one more day. thank you. -too busy to get at the truth? -and what does that mean, young lady? -a couple of days ago in captain devane's office, you mentioned something about a tragedy in lord rutherford's family. what was t tt about? -that's really none of your business, inspector. -i'm afraid it is. you must understand, i'm going to continue this investigation into lord rutherford no matter what it takes.
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-don't you realize there are lives at stake here? please, lord fraser, help me. tell me what happened. the boy was only 11 at the time. even you can realize it was quite painful for him. -why did he commit suicide? -i'd rather not say. tony's father was my friend. it was painful for me too. -i have to know. please? -tony's father discovered that lady rutherford was having an affair.
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-then he took his own life. now, i remember. the papers were full of stories about it when i was a child. -yes, those trashy tabloids made a scandal out of it. -she supposedly had a number of affairs, didn't she? the newspapers described her as a prostitute. was she? -lady rutherford was a lost, lonely woman. she was not a prostitute. -maybe her son thought she was. -planning a little trip, are we? -no, just looking at these pictures. i tell ya, whateter else tony rutherford is, he sure does know how to use a camera. -not a bad l le, huh? -is there some way to figure out if the pictures that we found in avery's room where actually taken with one of his
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have an obvious camera flaw, it's impossible. -so frustrating. there has to be e me way to connect this man. hey, didn't t rd fraser say that rutherford came into la from singapore? -that's right.
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-good evening, lord rutherford. -i have nothing to say to you. -i don't blame you. i feel quite badly about the way you've been treated. -do you? -yes, i do. you know we found the man who killed those girls? -yes. lord fraser told me the man took his own life. -yes. by to apologize. my behavior was extreme. i'm sorry. i was just trying to do my job. -i understand.
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i came all the way to los angeles. i'm not going to go home without at least one good night ououon the town. -i don't blame you. -los angeles is an exciting place. -the only problem is i don't know my way around very well. i was wondering, if you'u' free tonight, maybe we could have dinner and some drinks? i don't know anyone interesting in the city. out your work. unless you're busy, of course. -actually, i am free tonight. might be rather pleasant. -that's wonderful.
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-hey, look at this. read out from the computer at interpol. while our friend was photographing in singaporere a young british prostitute was killed. don't tell me, a broken neck and a music box in her right h hd? -"brahms' lullaby." -hey i used got a call f fm lord fraser. he had the strangest conversation with susannah foster. -w-wt do you mean? she should be long gone by now. -no, no. i called her hotel. she hasn't checked out yet. [knocking] -good evening. -come in.
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raph me. after all, i am a brit in a foreign land. -perhaps after dinner. -i ordered some champagne. maybe we could have a drink and order dinner in? that way we can really get to know each other.. shall we have a toast? -why not? -oh, you think you're very clever, don't you? -i have a feeling she liked to play this for you.
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it's beautiful, isn't it? -please. stop it. -sheheust have been a very exciting woman. -get away from me. -she loved you very much. -she was a tramp! -oh, come on now, be nice to your mother. -you're wrong! you have to die, mother. you have to die.
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-it'll be over soon. -let her go, ritherford! -no! no. don't you understand? she killed my father. she's a whore. she has to die. she has to die. no. no. -it's all right. it's ok now. it's going to be all right. it's all over. it's all over. -now, it's over.
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-professional hit. -this mental took a bullet directly to the heart. -bless me, father, for i have sinned. i killed a man, father. -well, we can't put a priest on the hot sese. if he got that information from a confession, that's out of bounds to us. -god forgave me. now i'm going to get the others. -can i be of any help? d. -innocent people are being gunned down. -do o u think i want people to die? -we're running out of time, father.


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